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12:16 AM
@Jenayah Thanks for the heads up.
1:06 AM
@Mithrandir ok! :)
@Alex you're welcome eheh
1:19 AM
Q: Sci-fi anthology for kids of alien stories

Turtle_SenseiOne of the stories was about the aliens building an invisible structure and they play music that calls all the humans to it. The main character is pulled away from it and is angry even though he knows it's a garbage disposal. He's put into a prison with invisible furniture with a few other young ...

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3:10 AM
Q: In the alternate timeline of "Yesterday's Enterprise", had Data and Tasha Yar "done it"?

Dr SheldonIn the first season episode "The Naked Now", Tahsa Yar and Data have an (ahem) intimate moment. Although Tahsa expresses her desire to forget it at the end of that episode, other episodes refer to this special relationship between these characters ("Skin of Evil", "The Measure of a Man", "The Mo...

3:41 AM
Q: Need help finding a bookabout a teenage boy

Erin SimsA book about a teenage boy named Bart or Burt. He and his little sister( maybe more than one sibling) and their parents recently moved into a new house. BART/Burt used to be a bookworm and nerd but I’d now a high school football star. Strange things start happening in his home and he finds out t...

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11:20 AM
That Superman of Tokyo short does even stranger effects to one's brain than cheesy 60s-70s comics.
eyes Jenayah worriedly
In any case I'm still camping out waiting for that Asian Batman question to be eligible for bounty
I want this Pakistani Batman mystery solved!
It's eligible!
11:50 AM
Q: Do any current-day tech companies still exist in Ready Player One?

TheAshIn Ready Player One, two huge multinational conglomerates control the internet: GSS and IOI. But are any current-day tech companies still in existence? Do Google, Apple, Facebook, etc, still exist, or did IOI/GSS put them out of business?

maybe we'll know
<----- is a bit too fixated
Whenever you feel like it, @Zaphod.
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1:09 PM
Q: Seeking the title.of a book set on the snake river

KramI read a book in middle school set on the snake river, it was post-apocalyptic/post-cataclysm. The primary character escapes on a river barge, avoids danger, I think a cult and saves a young girl in the process.

1:22 PM
Is Zaphod dead?
And...it’s a miniseries
Sounds cool. Goes into Martian culture
Totally gonna read it
FWIW miniseries are often of better quality than regular ones
Did Shazam! ever start?
1:33 PM
there's more passion through it
Just look at the Mera one
or the last Raven
@CorvoAttano Comics or movie you mean?
What’s Raven?
@Jenayah they said it’d be an ongoing comic series
For future reference I don’t watch comic book movies really at all; only ever saw Wonder Woman
@CorvoAttano Raven, the empath goth-looking girl from the Teen Titans, recently got a miniseries aswell
@CorvoAttano some of them are quite good actually!
@Jenayah Marvel, you mean?
I’ve been meaning to watch The Dark Knight on Netflix
@Jenayah Codswallop, in my opinion.
@CorvoAttano uuuuhhh... Marvel movies are okayish with some popcorn, but they've slaughtered some comic arcs they were supposed to be based on
Worst example is Civil War
1:38 PM
Which movies did you like? DC ones?
Don't think that movie is even 1% reflective of the eponymous comics
@Alex eheh!
Everyone I know irl hates all of them (from the past decade or so) except maybe Wonder Woman
@CorvoAttano The Dark Knight is really good!
be right back
@Jenayah cool! I now have a reason to stop binge-watching The Office for a day
watch Batman Begins first though :)
And honestly TDKR is... meh
doesn't rise up to TDK
1:48 PM
Turns out they removed The Dark Knight from Netflix...
Just when I was about to watch it
2:04 PM
ow :/
Q: 70s-80s DC comic in which a demon devour a man in a Superman costume

Bjorn ErikssonCould you help me identify a DC comic I read in the early 1980's. I only read a few pages then but as far as I can remember this happen. Superman and another guy are facing a huge demonic creature that seems to be made of fire. They do not appear to be on Earth but in some other dimension. The s...

2:28 PM
Q: Old movie where a submarine is powered by a necklace crystal

HT 30624700As I was a kid, I watched this one movie where I have forgotten most of it, I want to watch that movie again and I am asking for your help. Here's what I remember in as much detail as possible. A man thought to be dead after an aircraft accident that crashes his plane into the sea was found aliv...

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3:47 PM
Q: Name of short stories about chimeras, as well as author, published in magazine

JaniettaI remember reading a series of short stories published in one of the main magazines in the late 70's or 80's. The stories were about a crashed colony, which had ended up on a planet with a lot of heavy metals, and were terraforming by using chimeras, formed by DNA recombining. The first story ref...

4:19 PM
Q: Series identification: Blue

XylvesterIt's an old animated series from either the 70's or early to mid 80's. It was shown on our cable TV, but I cannot find it on the list of shows on TCC... I am sure the title character was named Blue, in addition to being blue and I remember a line from the title song as "Blue, the future lies (or...

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5:51 PM
There's more info on that French 80s cartoon in English than in French
Q: Quozl world build?

Abraham RayHow would you fine people think the home world of the quozl be based upon the physical appearance of the quozl? I know that their home world is dangerously overpopulated, other than that I’m at a loss on the conditions of it.

I wonder why...
2 hours later…
7:29 PM
Q: Can half-goblins and part-goblins work at Gringotts?

Alex DownsYes, I know that full goblins work at Gringotts, but if, say, Professor Flitwick, who is part-goblin, hypothetically quit his job at Hogwarts and wanted to work at Gringotts, COULD he?

8:16 PM
Q: How does Sisko legally return Tosk to the Hunters?

CraigIn the episode Captive Pursuit, Tosk is arrested for attempting to tamper with a weapons locker. When the Hunters arrive, they demand Tosk be released to them to conclude the hunt. After agreeing to, essentially, consider the Alpha Quadrant out of bounds for their hunt, Sisko agrees to return Tos...

Q: Chindingu question

Abraham RayChindugo (I’m not sure of the spelling,sorry) is a Japanese term for a almost useless item(useful for a VERY specific use & useless for pretty much anything else) now my question is this: has a chindugo ever been used in movies or in a tv show?

1 hour later…
9:29 PM
Q: Chindogu in tv and movies

Abraham RayChindogu is the Chinese/Japanese unuseless gadget term( basically the chindogu is useful for one VERY specific use) almost useless for all other uses. Has any chindogu ever appeared in tv shows or movies for entertainment purposes? I put down the science fiction tag as I could not find another ta...

9:58 PM
@Alex dunno
Q: How do Star Trek viewscreens have depth perception?

RedCaioThis has bothered me ever since I noticed it; the viewscreen in The Next Generation maintains depth perception even when viewed from an angle when, I would imagine, such an angle should start to warp the image (like with TVs in real life). I simply shrugged all this off as out-of-universe "mov...

Q: Name of a short story where 10-year-olds battle each other gladiator style (not Battle Royale)?

Ari LinnI read this story in Russian in 1990s. It was a translated story. The name of the author escapes me, but I have a vague feeling it was some Anglophone or Hispanic name. The story is essentially about Earth (or possibly an Earth colony on another planet) being so scarce of resources that all kids ...

10:29 PM
@Jenayah Probably has to do with the comparative usefulness of English and French.
Which reminds me: I learned a new French word yesterday.
@Alex ma, there is no autocompletion for "Bleu l'enfant de la terre" on Google
@Alex which one?
@Jenayah jeunesse
youth :)
Makes me wonder if it's related to Jenayah
it's not
"Jenayah" is an username I thought at random several years ago upon signing up for a forum
Sounded nice
Learned afterwards that it was a Tunisian football coach
10:35 PM
@Jenayah It's also apparently a girl name.
@Alex I think you can take a good bunch of things and make baby names out of them
Or it means "A very beautiful smart girl".
never heard that
Urban Dictionary isn't exactly the most dependable resource....
@Jenayah Here's a better definition:
Comes with a Wikipedia page:
Jenayah merupakan satu perbuatan yang menyalahi undang-undang kerajaan sesuatu tempat. Orang yang melakukan perbuatan jenayah ini dinamakan penjenayah. Idea asas apa yang dikatakan jenayah ialah apa-apa yang boleh memberikan masalah atau kesusahan kepada orang lain. Sebagai contoh, semua orang bersetuju bahawa mencuri dan mencederakan/membunuh orang lain adalah perbuatan jenayah. Namun demikian, ada juga perkara-perkara yang dianggap jenayah di sesuatu negara mungkin tidak dianggap jenayah di negara yang lain. Sebagai contoh, bercium di khalayak ramai merupakan satu jenayah dari sisi undang-undang...
10:41 PM
@Jenayah The question mark might make it seem like the question is "who is the last man?", rather than "who is the last man" being a description of the character.
@Alex ah, not wrong
yeah feels better
"possibly" the last man
feels better
@Jenayah Much better!
10:56 PM
11:10 PM
Q: How many books did Gilderoy Lockhart write?

TheAshWe know Gideroy Lockhart wrote the multi-volume "Magical Me." But there are other books as well that he wrote, including one about pests. What is the total number of books that Gilderoy Lockhart wrote, counting each book of Magical Me as a unique title?

11:58 PM
Q: Is "Magical Me" a distinct work, or is it just the title for Gilderoy Lockharts' multivolume autobiographical works?

TheAshIn the comments to this question, there is a discussion whether Gilderoy Lockhart's "Magical Me" is a distinct work or merely the title of the full 10-or-so book collection. Which is correct?


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