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12:42 AM
Q: women in legirons

Carl RobertsWhat is this movie? The female warden was asking prison numbers to woman inmates They have legirons, shackles legcuffs or anklecuffs One woman says number correctly But the woman behind spits warden´s face when she ask prison number? Then a man liberates one inmate from her chains with the s...

12:58 AM
Q: Is there any such thing as pure-blood wizards in present day?

Conrad Bennish JrI saw this question: Which pure-blood supremacists were actually half-bloods? and I was gonna be a smart-alec and answer 'all of them' as there are no actual pure-bloods anymore. However I couldn't find anything to canonically back this up, so I can't be sure. There's the quote from Hagrid in T...

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2:17 AM
Q: Anyone know the title to this YA book series, main character named Thad

MorganHe was kept in a "boarding school" but really it was a place where they experimented on students. Thad had powers where he would get angry and lights who explode and he could communicate with this girl pretending to be a boy telepathically. Theres many books in the series, and they are very lon...

2:47 AM
Q: I can't remember the name of a tv show

VictoriaIt was a tv series about a man who's wife died. He got some babysitters but it didn't work out. Then, he asked the government for help and they took his kids and place them in different orphans. As he keeps working on recuperating his kid, took long to find the last one, the oldest, but he found ...

Q: Is there a preferred way to designate an episode of a TV show?

TaladrisThis is not an important question but I always wonder when I type a question or an episode of a TV show: how should one format the episode number of a TV show ? Here are some examples, among many possibilities: In the second episode of the third season,... In "Tabula Rasa",... In Season 3 epi...

3:36 AM
Q: futuristic prison escape movie

Nu'DaqIn this movie, convicts are forced to wear collars linked to other convicts (they don't know which ones) and if one prisoner moves too far from the other, both collars explode. Two prisoners figure out their collars are linked to each other and escape by staying close to each other. One was playe...

Q: Was the predator that fights Dutch a renegade?

riccs_0xI was recalling the events, and there were some points that lead me to think that. The Yautja seems to hunt in groups, at least most of the times. These predator was acting alone. The Yautja recovers the bodies of the deceased after losing a battle. The guy was left to be kicked by Dutch and no...

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5:26 AM
Hey, I'm a Generalist now. Cool!
@SQB Congrats.
2 hours later…
7:38 AM
Q: Why are there no (automatic) rear turrets on the X-Wing and Y-Wing?

SaltySub2Question says it all. I'm referring to Episode IV, V and VI in particular. In Episode I, II and III we see quite a number of manual turrets with Clone Troopers in them. Cheers.

Q: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Alastor Moody

Ken_To_2018What did Alastor Moody doing in book 6? He did survive the Battle of Department of Mysteries in Book 5, and he somehow disappeared in Book 6, and re-appeared again at the start of book 7.

7:53 AM
Q: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Professor Moody

Ken_To_2018What was Alastor Moody doing in book 6? He survived in Battle of Department of Mysteries at the end of book 5, somehow disappeared in Book 6, and rejoined the Battle of Seven Potters at the start of Book 7? Why?

@Marvin ?
@Mithrandir duuuuuuupe
second one is a tad bit better though
Even more dupe if @TheLethalCarrot rephrases both the same way :p
Give me a min and I will :P
Added the "Why?" which was on the duped Q too
8:11 AM
Q: What happened to Muradin in Rhuidean?

Mat CauthonIn The Shadow Rising, when Rand first sees Muradin, both of them were in the ter' angreal. And later, before his final vision, Muradin has already ripped out his eyes. Muradin had managed to veil himself; bloody sockets stared blindly above the black veil. The Aiel was chewing, and bloody fr...

8:28 AM
Wow there is an "exact dupe" closing?
Didn't know
My flag meant your comment was removed in the end... woops. However, it probably means you could remove this one now
FWIW, retracted my vote but left the comment above so that the questions are linked, since I think it's relevant. — Jenayah 21 hours ago
And turns out I was wrong, linked sections are removed on comment deletion
I must have missed a comment or link on a post before
Shouldn't the first question (the exact dupe) be deleted?
It doesn't add anything really
the one closed, yes
It can be, can't remember when it comes up for deletion
score of -3 and closed for 20k, after... 3? days and closed for 10k
8:44 AM
It should be rommba'd anyway right?
No, dupes don't get auto-deleted
Oh yeah... forgot that
@SQB Nice! That's among the harder badges to get. Congrats!
8:47 AM
And someone should talk to that user about their question titles.
That was fast :P
@SQB Someone already has, numerous times
@SQB @Jenayah mentioned it in a comment
Like another user who posts a lot of questions their titles are poor
@SQB Ed did some time ago also I think
8:49 AM
And not the first repost either:
Q: What happened with Umbridge during the Battle of Hogwarts?

Ken_To_2018Did Dolores Umbridge participate in Battle of Hogwarts? She did make an appearance in Book 7 when Harry Potter infiltrated the Ministry of Magic. However, after the trio successfully got the locket from Dolores, there is no mentioning of Umbridge from then onwards until the end of book. What h...

Q: Was Dolores Umbridge present at the Battle of Hogwarts?

Ken_To_2018Did Dolores Umbridge participate in the Battle of Hogwarts?

Nevermind, JBJ.
Because he was dead. He wasn’t captured, as far as I know, just killed outright. No magic can save you from that. Also, you have been asked this on pretty much all your questions now: please title your questions meaningfully. In particular, DO NOT title all your questions by a book name and a character name. That is not an adequate title. — Janus Bahs Jacquet Aug 29 at 1:11
Almost worth a mod warning, I'd say.
You've posted a lot of questions in the last few days, and on pretty much every question of yours I've seen you've been given the same feedback. If you want to continue to contribute to this community, please start taking that feedback on board. It's not fair to everybody else to expect them to fix these issues when you've been told multiple times already. "Book title - Character name" is not a suitable question title. Ask one question - or several extremely closely related questions - per post (just being about the same character is not "extremely closely related"). — Anthony Grist Aug 21 at 10:38
That is a bit harsh of a phrasing, still.
(even if it's true that they're rather "obvious" questions)
Please try phrasing your question title as an actual question. That would greatly improve your questions. So far, other users have edited it for you. Please try doing it yourself next time. — SQB 10 secs ago
The phrasing seems fine to me, if they ignore polite feedback you have to do something else
8:55 AM
Worth a meta post, perhaps? "What should be done when a user keeps posting questions without meaningful titles?"
@SQB aren't there questions ban where you have to salvage your previous QAs or stuff?
There's two new users who are similar with their titles, one has learnt (not great but getting better) just give them time
@TheLethalCarrot aye indeed
@Jenayah All down to downvoted/deleted/closed Qs compared to positive ones
@TheLethalCarrot ok
8:57 AM
That's the automatic process anyway
@Jenayah They probably have too many good question for the auto-bans to kick in.
You gotta have real problem coming up with reasonable questions to trip over those. And when that happens, you're usually beyond salvation.
@NapoleonWilson ok so just wait and see then
(Though, only the moderators can tell if he already has more deleted ones that the ones I can see.) ;-)
@NapoleonWilson I don't think so
@NapoleonWilson I got a Q ban on SO when I started out, came back from it though... if you put enough effort in it's easy to get out of it
9:07 AM
Guy generally posts at the hours I'm looking at the site and I don't remember another one ^^ might be wrong of course
@TheLethalCarrot lol really?
Yup was a new programmer and asked basic, no research Qs and didn't really know how they site worked
@TheLethalCarrot I sometimes get confused with the various mechanisms for question-banning. There's also the rate-limiting that gets worse with the quality of your posts but is ultimately temporary. And then there's the "we don't accept questions anymore" (or are they the same?). And I'm never quite sure which is the one moderators can see.
The one I got was the too many bad you're banned, try again in 6 months
If that is good, on your way again
Can't remember if I was rate limited before that
@NapoleonWilson pretty sure they both show up as "yes"
9:16 AM
Check the first revision of each of their questions.
It's all "Harry Potter — Name of Character"
Maybe he doesn't read comments and doesn't know that people have been criticizing his phrasing of questions.
"Harry Potter and the person whose questions about it have annoying titles." I can see why J. K. Rowling didn't publish that one.
@SQB yeah I know, what I meant is that I don't remember one of their Q being deleted
@Alex he replied to some of my comments, for what it's worth
@Jenayah Yeah but he hasn't ever posted a comment on a post that has one of the criticisms.
So maybe he hasn't seen those.
He only has 5 comments in total.
@Alex dunno
9:23 AM
Aug 31 at 23:22, by Jenayah
@Alex three minutes, actually, if my stalking of your network account yields the matching result :p
yesterday, by Jenayah
@SQB you have it the wrong way. You need to stalk their network profile, look if they already edited stuff or are likely to have, then check their badges, then decide if you put edit between brackets 👀
Just not really handy on mobile ;D
But yeah, go stalk
@Alex That...is something to work on in itself, though.
But granted, nothing that can be helped much.
@Jenayah I did. That's how I know he only has 5 comments (unless others were deleted).
@Alex as far as I know, the SE profile page displays every action you ever made on the site, except what you up- or down- voted (it displays the stats of casted votes though). Just have to find the right tab or tweak, but yeah, you can basically stalk someone. — Jenayah Aug 23 at 16:37
Sorry, just have to give you credit for my stalking ability.
Q: Where's Dansey House?

SQBIn The Laundry Files, the actual HQ of The Laundry is the perpetually under (re-)construction Dansey House. According to the author, Charles Stross, it's located [...] hypothetically, somewhere between Leicester Square and Charing Cross: the legacy of wartime spillover from Westminster [...] ...

Mwarf indeed I was about to ask you if you got it from that very comment
9:30 AM
@Jenayah Though the truth is that I knew how to see comments before that. You only enlightened me that I could see review actions also.
@NapoleonWilson Maybe leave a comment asking him to read comments...
@Alex that's very meta
Wow, did not think of that. This is so meta. But I guess it makes sense, in a way! — Jenayah Jul 15 at 3:19
Speaking of stalking comments...
(Can anyone tell what I'm reading currently?)
(I suppose Marvin is going to present a second Laundry Files question soon.)
9:45 AM
Q: Where's the New Annex?

SQBIn The Laundry Files, while the actual HQ of the Laundry — Dansey House — is perpetually under (re-)construction, the Laundry's temporary HQ is "the New Annex". According to the author, Charles Stross, it's located [...] above a department store somewhere unspecified in South London. Can we...

Ahah, same game soon with "what series' last season did I just watch?"
Changed my meta answer here....
A: Is there a preferred way to designate an episode of a TV show?

TheLethalCarrotGeneral Case I propose we use the following styles for episodes. In Text ... Season X Episode Y, "Episode Name", ... As Quote/Image Source <sub>_Show Name_, Season X Episode Y, "Episode Name"</sub> However, in both it should also be allowed to use SXEY and other collapsed formats for the ...

10:19 AM
I have an edit for it but can't do it until that one has gone through the queue
Aaaaand need to merge thingy
Merge thingy?
Same username editing the post
You're up for the merge your accounts comment :p
Oh yeah
Posted it
1 hour later…
11:51 AM
@SQB Is it a printed and bound book? Does it have (parts of) an inner colophon page at front or back, front or back cover or spine, dust jacket, inner title page, page headers that are the same in most of the book, binding debug information printed once per uncut sheet as printed in tiny print? If so, look for parts of biographical information there and then search library catalogs.
Otherwise, do you have preface or appendixes mentioning titles or names or references, table of contents, chapter titles? Search for those on the internet. Otherwise, where did you get the book? If library, can you try asking the library? If book store, ask them or try to find a receipt.
Or maybe read the title on the front cover.
@SQB Yes, I mentioned front cover with biographical information printed on it.
If it's not a printed book, then what is it and how are you reading it? Is it a CHM file in the windows help viewer (that's an ugly special case, it's not willing to tell you the file path easily, even though it clearly must know)?
But, except for old books that never had one, a front colophon page is better than a front cover, because the front cover can be empty if the book cover got replaced, or it can have fancy graphic design that makes it harder to read the title.
12:08 PM
Q: How could Cersei arrange for the King to raise Jaime to the King's Guard?

MTabbiIn the Game of Thrones History and Lore videos, Jaime says that Cersei told him 'she could arrange for the King to raise Jaime to the King's Guard'. How is this possible? What secret line did young Cersei have to King Aerys? I know she lived in King's Landing for a while, but that is still pret...

2 hours later…
2:02 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
2:14 PM
Q: Movie about a girl who's nudes get leaked

VGM_I'm looking for a movie that's about a girl who's nudes get leaked and then shes stalked by creeps from the internet. Her ex-boyfriend ODs and at the climax she is kidnapped by her friend and almost raped.

2:36 PM
Aw, they did it again
posted on September 04, 2018 by Jack B Nimble

IMDB’s description: With the powers given by the bite of a radioactive spider, a young man fights crime as a wall-crawling superhero. At the stroke of 10:45:00am, a doctor examining a patient suddenly walks out. Then a business man giving a presentation walks out. We see them in a car, and the business man takes ... Read more

Q: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Alastor Moody, Wormtail and Barty Crouch Jr

Ken_To_2018At the start of book 4, how was Alastor Moody captured? Why was he able to be captured by Wormtail and Barty Crouch Jr? After all... Alastor Moody was the most powerful auror, and single-handedly captured dozens of Death Eaters... Also, didn't he place protective enchantments around his own hom...

3:09 PM
@Jenayah My theory must be correct at this point.
@Alex that they don't see it? Because there was another theory, that they might not care
@Jenayah Yeah, that they don't see it.
Also, he's never made an edit, so might not know that he can edit his posts.
@Alex why would this theory be more correct than the other one? They're both very difficult to judge
@Jenayah With each additional infraction it gets harder to imagine that someone (who is otherwise posting fine content) is still deliberately doing what he has been asked many times to stop doing.
No proof, though.
@Marvin this could be del-voted (@The @SQB)
3:19 PM
That'll get roomba'd anyway...
@TheLethalCarrot Sure. Or it could be del-voted faster, as it's off-topic, low quality, and unsavory to boot. Your vote, your choice, though.
Well I mean it's off the homepage so no real rush in getting rid of it
thesffblog.com/2018/08/jacks-bad-movies-5-headed-shark-attack -- Oh! I missed this Jack's Bad Movies review.
Q: Where did the Noldor learn to fight?

QuatermainMelkor had no reason to suspect that Fëanor or his kin would have any ability as warriors: It may be that he feared him little, for he had as yet no proof of the swords of the Noldor And yet, fighting against the forces of Melkor, bred for war, The Noldor, outnumbered and taken at un...

3:35 PM
@Marvin Tulkas and Orome taught them, I would guess.
But yeah, it's strange. Where did they learn to fight before they left the Undying Lands? What did they fight? Did they even hunt big game?
Gets my upvote.
4:15 PM
@Mithrandir done.
@Gallifreyan with or without the moustache? :'D
@Jenayah He's got it shaved now
@Gallifreyan aaaw
4:24 PM
Should've had that mustache for U.N.C.L.E, not MI
@TheLethalCarrot forcing compliance?!
4:40 PM
Q: What can be done about (new) users who don't take feedback regarding community expectations/standards on board?

Anthony GristWe have a relatively new user (their profile currently says they've been a member for 16 days) who seems to be particularly interested in Harry Potter, and has asked a number of questions about the books under the harry-potter tag. However, there is a problem: Every single question is originally ...

4:52 PM
Q: What did Balin see in the Mirrormere?

QuatermainWe know from the Book of Mazarbul that shortly before the downfall of his newly established kingdom, Balin went to look in the Mirrormere. Is there any canonical reference to what he saw?

On a totally unrelated note, there are surprisingly very few story-id questions today.
@Jenayah Make one up. I wonder if anyone has done that before, and if people have caught on.
There doesn't seem to be a way to prove that a story doesn't exist.
@Alex that'd either be a recommendation thingy, or a plain lie. In both cases, no :p
@Alex well especially when OP can pick one, accept it and say "oh yeah, I remembered XYZ wrong!!"
@Jenayah I think we need a mountain troll here...
Hermione had become a bit more relaxed about breaking rules since Harry and Ron had saved her from the mountain troll
5:10 PM
@Alex if you provide a mountain troll that easy, you'll be on my list of possible Quirell reincarnations.
@Jenayah I've been accused of worse.
Q: When was Scrimgeour "punished for his oversight"?

SimpletonWhile reading this answer to a related question, I came across this excerpt from Pottermore. The new Minister, Rufus Scrimgeour, had more immediate problems pressing in on him than Dolores Umbridge. Scrimgeour was later punished for this oversight, because the fact that the Ministry had ...

5:36 PM
@Alex you could probably make a full-fletched answer out of these comments
@Jenayah It would go against my principles (at least for the last comment).
Plus, I don't think it would be fair for me to take your idea and make my own answer out of it if I hadn't thought of it myself.
Aug 24 at 20:39, by Alex
@Jenayah I've read a handful of articles (usually linked in answers here). I more object to it in principle.
@Alex there's not a monopoly of thought ;)
@Jenayah If I had independently thought of the structure of you answer and I also had additional proofs then I would probably post my own answer. But if you had not posted your answer I wouldn't have thought to answer the question this way (even with the additional proofs). Thus, it doesn't seem right for me to use your work/idea to make my own answer.
Out of curiosity, what would you have replied?
@Jenayah You mean how would I have answered the question? I wouldn't have. I would've just thought that it's a good question and I don't have an answer.
5:48 PM
@Alex oh, ok! I thought you had an example of a former minister being sacked or stuff - hey, that's a good question actually. Can a Minister be sacked?
Like, by a council or stuff, not just resigning because of poor image
What is this Wizengamot thing again?
@Jenayah Fudge was: “My dear Prime Minister, you can’t honestly think I’m still Minister of Magic after all this? I was sacked three days ago!
@Alex arf my bad
I thought he resigned
@Jenayah Well he does say in the very next sentence: The whole Wizarding community has been screaming for my resignation for a fortnight. So maybe it was some kind of combination.
@Alex oh, so it's blurry
The former question stands, then. Is there any legal confirmation he was sacked?
Answers would probably be Pottermore, though. I don't remember another Minister than Fudge, Scrimgeour or Kingsley.
Who was Minister during the pensieve memory with the Lestranges?
@Jenayah Not in the books, I don't think.
And according to the Death Eaters, Scrimgeour resigned.
5:58 PM
@Alex :roll_eyes:
@Jenayah I don't think it says. Crouch was presiding, as he was the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
@Alex ok
Q: What is the definition of "pure-blood"?

QuestionAuthorityBeing a "pure-blood" is an important aspect in the Harry Potter series, at least in the mind of some that consider themselves pure-bloods. In the question Is there any such thing as pure-blood wizards in present day?, there were some interesting answers. Bellatrix quoted a letter from Dumbledo...

Q: Was Walden Macnair made Executioner again in Deathly Hallows?

Alex DownsWe know that Macnair served as Executioner in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because he was the one sent to kill Buckbeak. We also know he was arrested at the end ofHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because he served as a Death Eater. But the Harry Potter Wiki says: the tak...

6:51 PM
Q: In "The One" (2001), why would they want to send Gabriel Yulaw to Hades Universe?

ClockworkDuring the movie, we learn that if either Gabriel Yulaw or Gabe Law dies, the other will become 'The One', which is why when Roedecker and Funsch decided to split into two, one would kill Yulaw, whilst the other would get ready to finish Gabe Law. Roedecker: (with a small bomb in his hand) W...

7:02 PM
I've just finished The Rhesus Chart. O my.
@TheLethalCarrot good job.
Q: Video games,Hozizon Zero Dawn

Guilherme WoolleyHorizon Zero Dawn : Secure com EVZD-XX1X011X Audio Datapoints: Elizabet Sobeck:Yes.if we’d had even one day less... This is a phase from an Audio Datapoint on the game,what’s is she referring to ?

1 hour later…
8:29 PM
Q: What is the genre of fantasy stories that take place in a science fiction universe?

T. C.There are some stories that superficially look like they belong squarely in the fantasy genre but contain hints (or even major revelations) that the world was a sci-fi setting all along. The characters belong to somewhat primitive cultures and are blissfully unaware (at least for part of the sto...

@Marvin I think this is the first time I've seen a question that asked to resolve a contradiction between answers to another question.
Q: Why did they switch colors during the production of the first Tron movie?

DavRob60I had heard about this color switch before, and here's a quote from Wikipedia article about Tron. The original script called for "good" programs to be colored yellow and "evil" programs (those loyal to Sark and the MCP) to be colored blue. Partway into production, this coloring scheme was cha...

9:17 PM
@Jenayah Does it matter? A minister like that almost always formally resigns before he's sacked. If he's not the head of the government (minister-president or prime minister), that's usually preceded by the head stating "I have my full confidence in <name of minister>." and various assurances that the current problem isn't serious.
@b_jonas well, can't say that's wrong
Then the head of government gets the resignation letter from his drawer that the minister had pre-signed and given him, adds a date, and announces that the minister has chosen to resign and that the head accepts the resignation, preferably with the head of the government immediately naming the succeeding minister.
When there's no title of any minister to put the blame on (the minister itself doesn't matter, only his position), then the head of the government resigns, which is a bit more hectic, but it's still surrounded by calm announcements that there is nothing wrong and the next government will form very soon and there won't be any hiccups from the change.
@b_jonas Does the Ministry of Magic have succession laws?
@Alex Probably. There's a whole building with apparently lots of bureaucracy. It would be strange of them not to have laws for that sort of stuff.
@b_jonas don't forget the "fall guy affair" that is suddenly brought up to the attention of whatever media and eclipses the rest
9:23 PM
But you'd have to ask Hermione.
@Jenayah What's a "fall guy affair"?
@b_jonas a diversion, where the government sacrifices a pawn to the media while blurry stuff happens in the background
We don't even know how the Minister appointing works. Fudge was elected five years prior to Order of the Phoenix but there's never talk of a new election. Does the term last for life?
Or throws a punchline to play a bit with the love/hate while a Minister resigns and tries to explain how screwed up the government he's leaving is.
@Jenayah The pawn is usually the minister. He's usually not the one who has anything to do with the problem, though you may find a few lucky exceptions depending on your political opinions.
So screwed-up, the guy announces his resignation on the radio rather before he makes it official.
9:27 PM
@Alex There should be some info when Scrimgeour takes the position, early HBP
A: How Is the Minister For Magic Chosen and What Qualifications Are Required To Hold Office?

David StrattonI can't answer all the points in your question, but the Minister for Magic is absolutely an elected official (First question), at least if you take Xenophelius Lovegood as a reliable source. Whether it's an election by the public, by Sr. Ministry officials, or even the Wizengamot is unclear. ...

@Mithrandir It just says that he succeeded Fudge.
And Dumbledore just says that he replaced Fudge.
@Jenayah So essentially, we know nothing.
> “My dear Prime Minister, you can’t honestly think I’m still Minister of Magic after all this? I
was sacked three days ago! The whole Wizarding community has been screaming for my
resignation for a fortnight. I’ve never known them so united in my whole term of office!” said
Fudge, with a brave attempt at a smile.
(Most people can agree that one of the healthcare ministers of Hungary was to blame for the worst healthcare reform of the republic ever, the dispute is just which minister that was.)
> “Sir, I saw in the Daily Prophet that Fudge has been sacked…”
“Correct,” said Dumbledore, now turning up a steep side street. “He has been replaced, as I am
sure you also saw, by Rufus Scrimgeour, who used to be Head of the Auror office.”
“Is he… Do you think he’s good?” asked Harry.
“An interesting question,” said Dumbledore. “He is able, certainly. A more decisive and forceful
personality than Cornelius.”
“Yes, but I meant —”
“I know what you meant. Rufus is a man of action and, having fought Dark wizards for most of
9:32 PM
@Jenayah Qualifications required? For a minister? AHAHAHAHAHAHA
@Mithrandir But those don't tell us how the Minister is chosen or how long it lasts.
@b_jonas funny title eh? :p
Ahem... he has to be a legal adult.
And not currently specifically forbidden from holding a government office by a decision of a court of law.
And if he claims to have qualifications on his public CV, they'd better be real, not lies in his CV or received in some dishonest way, or at least nobody else shall notice and reveal the problem during their term. That's a mistake at least three high position government officials have resigned to.
There was Schmitt Pál, president of the republic 2010--2012, who had a PhD dissertation, only someone figured that just like many typical people with a degree, his dissertation contained large unsourced copy-and-pasted sections. He had to resign of course, but the government cleverly tried to also use the case to get rid of a political opponent,
the university rector Tulassay Tivadar, who happened to be presiding the university that had been merged with the university that had issued the PhD degree 10 years ago, despite that that was way before the time of the then current rector and obviously nothing to do with him.
Never have I seen so much unnecessary pedantry over such a simple question. I’ve edited my question accordingly. Hopefully it’s now understandable even to a chair. — Conrad Bennish Jr 11 mins ago
9:48 PM
Q: If a Shinigami and a Human were to have a child, what would they be called

NinjaOff beatGamingSimply, you can call it a Shinigami/Human Hybrid, Half Shinigami, Half Human. But if it were to have a proper name. What would you call it?

It is worth noting that Schmitt delayed resigning from the position of president of republic until right after the university has decided to nullify his PhD title.
A second case was some major who plain lied about some language exam qualification he had in his cv, then tried to explain it saying that the ghost-writer of the cv he signed has made a simple error or something.
The whole president of the republic position doesn't seem to work out anyway. We should just have named Göncz Árpád president or king for life, with only nominal duties, leave the position vacant but unnecessary after he died, and establish a separate smaller but important position as the top-level commander of the armed forces.
@Alex Why doesn't this show my name if it's a reply?
Most of the other presidents didn't get into such ridiculous scandals as Schmitt Pál, but they didn't seem to help much either.
9:54 PM
@Alex Scratch that, apparently when the comment is a link it never shows the name.
Having a king for ceremonial positions can be nice if there's a suitable person, but it just sucks if we only have fillers.
At least we can be glad we avoid Torgyán becoming president of the republic. There was half a year when everyone was scared by that possibility.
I don't hate Torgyán, but we don't turn a clown to a king in real life, that's for fairy tales and fiction.
10:07 PM
There, said it.

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