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9:00 PM
@Skidsdev Oh, then your living in Sheffield isn't just a coincidence.
yeah same guy :P
@Adám oh jeez our original conversation on me applying to Dyalog was over a year ago
@Skidsdev You were applying to Dyalog?
Adám was trying to talk me into it june last year
now I'm applying to Dyalog :P
@Skidsdev Did you send your email already?
I did
I sent it about 4 hours ago
9:06 PM
Would he be the first that was previously a PPCG member?
@Zacharý First intern?
Boss: What are you doing on a chat room during work?
Adám: Oh, just recruiting new employees.
it's basically Adám's job to hang around in here and promote APL use, isn't it?
@Skidsdev OK. Before learning of your alternate identity I would have had a hard time answering the CXO when he'll inevitably ask me what I know about you. The more you tell about yourself and your experience, the better.
@Adám Oh, applying for an internship... never mind that.
9:08 PM
@Skidsdev It is one small part of my job. I do a whole lot more which just is less visible to PPCGers (obviously).
@Adám Right, I know that's not your only responsibility, I just know you've mentioned before that it is actually part of your job
@Zacharý Marinus was the first intern coming from PPCG. I'm not sure if he was the first to apply, though.
So ... some PPCGers may have been rejected?
he's not sure. try "could have failed" (ninjad)
may, edit-ed
9:11 PM
@Adám Well as you may or may not be aware to some degree, my most significant achievement in PPCG is probably the creation of Braingolf. I've also created LMBM and co-created brainflump with caird
@Zacharý I actually think we've never rejected any PPCGer who applied for internship. Unfortunately we had to turn J.Sallé down because of immigration policies. Apparently, we can only take EU and US citizens (and probably Greenlandic and Faeroese too) as it stands right now. Sad ⍨
Status on Brexit?
@Zacharý May or may not happen.
@Adám ⍨
is there a place with information re. dyalog internships?
9:15 PM
@Zacharý So far, Brexit has been good for Dyalog because most of our income is in Euros and Dollars while most of our expenses are in Pounds… I'm living in the UK as an EU citizen, but they've said everybody who's already here can stay. They just haven't said how that'll work as most aren't registered, so if I travel abroad, how do I prove I moved here before Brexit, when I return?
@Adám I believe given we've already invoked the article it now has to happen, just a matter of when and on what terms
So ... presumably UK + EU + US tehn
Oh no ... the Swiss and Norwegian ⍨
@Skidsdev Sure, but UK is eligible to apply for EU membership (and is obviously qualified to enter without further ado), so it could potentially join EU on 29 March 2019 at 11:01 p.m
@Adám that'd be comic
9:18 PM
which country is best at producing logic gates?
not sure whether the rest of the EU would accept it though
@ConorO'Brien NORway
@Zacharý Actually, replace "EU" with "EEA" in the above.
(European Economic Area, includes Iceland, Norway, Switzerland etc)
9:20 PM
Oh, forgot about Iceland >_<
@Adám now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time
I didn't know he was that young though
@quartata Same here.
@Zacharý Nope, they can only produce a single type. They make two in AND-OR-rra.
Andorra is two r's.
@quartata "that young" ... flash back
Well yeah
9:22 PM
grumble /s
I mean let's be generous here and say he started the first year of PPCG's existence, at 17 :P
@quartata He seems to have vanished after his internship was over. He never went back to his university either.
@Adám ...huh
dramatic music
We should never had let him go home. He was such a perfect fit in Dyalog, and did amazing work. We fear the worst. ⍨
9:26 PM
(also I probably should've asked this before applying but it's not an unpaid internship is it?)
@Skidsdev No, no. While not my department, I think it is fairly well-paid. You could ask H.PWiz if he's willing to speak about it.
I mean as long as it pays as much as my last job, which was a mid-level position with a low junior salary
Especially considering I have nearly no expenses, I would say its well paid. I don't really have anything to compare it to though
@H.PWiz What are you guys eating this week?
Adám: randomly talks about food
9:30 PM
Curry, probably
Seriously, though, I saw this topic of conversation before: what brought it up?
me unwittingly comparing Dyalog to a soup kitchen remarking on the amusing family dynamic at Dyalog
@Zacharý They have a Dyalog house in Bramley where people sometims stay for a little while while visiting HQ
@Zacharý I'm usually the cook at the Dyalog Towers, except when the CEO is around…
and/or Mayube asking for a job
9:33 PM
This is now The Dyalog Byte
@quartata reads "and/or/maybe"
@quartata, I was discussing the discussion of the food.
@Adám ah! I knew I was looking for a sitcom to compare it to! Fawlty Towers!
oh wow I'd watch that
Ah, that makes sense.
9:34 PM
I'm pretty sure that makes you John Cleese, Adam.
Just how it is now.
wouldn't the CEO be John Cleese?
The real question is who's Manuel?
@quartata Can you explain that to somebody as uneducated as me?
ancient British sitcom
Fawlty Towers is a british comedy from back in the day, starring John Cleese as "Basil Fawlty", the owner of the hotel
and the star of the show
@Skidsdev probably you, since you don't know any APL
9:36 PM
I'm not there yet though
@quartata Yes, Dyalog does have quite a family feeling to it. We're all there because we believe in the cause, and many are friends outside work hours too.
Hey Adam who's the youngest person you've had at Dyalog recently?
@quartata ಠ_ಠ Earlier today I saw Skidsdev asking Adám if Dyalog is hiring and thought Mhm, their identicon is surprisingly similar to Mayube's... Hmm, who is Skidsdev, they've got nearly 6k and I never noticed them?!... Turns out Skidsdev === Mayube lol
@Adám it's awesome lol
@Mr.Xcoder yeah
@Mr.Xcoder Mayube I am.. Mayube I'm not
9:38 PM
Stop confusing me! Yeah, mayube...
woulda really baffled you guys if I changed my picture, too
True, Wheat Wizard Skidsdev
@Skidsdev I generally don't ask peoples ages, but the three leftmost people are probably among the youngest:
@Adám Is the guy in the front marinus from PPCG?
@Adám Hard to tell, but given they're all post uni or late in their masters', assuming typical school progression I'd guess they're around my age, maybe a year or 2 older
@Adám Something something.. joke about people who use APL being "backwards"? :P
> Your search - apl keyboard cafepress - did not match any shopping results.
@Skidsdev I mean the stickers and mouse pad are of course fine, and the baby body suit is ok for when the baby looks at its chest, but the mugs… are you supposed to look down at the map over the edge of the cup while drinking?
"antiquated" ... do they know Dyalog exists?
@Mr.Xcoder He's only changed his name once ... I think
@Adám In the video, or interns that youve had so far?
9:57 PM
@Zacharý Interns∪Employees.
@Zacharý Who, Mayube or WW?
WW's done it a few times I think
I've only done it once
I've done it once too.
it ;)
Yeah W W has been Wheat Wizard, Einkorn Einchanter, some other shorter name, Hat Wizard, Cat Wizard, W W etc.
10:00 PM
@Mr.Xcoder MAYUBE.
In that case yeah :)
(All caps because WW is known for changing names frequently)
uh, no need to shout?
@Adám When adding the accent above a?
Same here: y => ý
10:01 PM
maybe I'll go with Mayube the Outgolfed
@EriktheOutgolfer The post above yours, and I had caps lock on by accident
@Mr.Xcoder No, I've always had that (well, since age 2 or so). I used to be NBZ. Oh, now I think of it, I think I was Nᴮᶻ for a little while too.
that's what is commonly called a ninja, yeah
@Adám three letter usernames...
@Zacharý Well, those particular three seemed to be unique to me (besides for being my actual initials at the time). I changed to Adám when I actually changed my first name IRL.
10:09 PM
@Adám why is it called Py'n'APL and not APL Py?
@Skidsdev Pu... oh, they both work.
@Skidsdev APLPy was taken.
wow, not even related to APL
"Applied Physics Laboratory" is a thing, no?
@Zacharý Right, there's a whole host of things called APL.
10:11 PM
APL can be used on .NET, right?
I remember you showing me some .NET WinForm stuff in APL in the past
@Skidsdev Also, it could easily be confused with APLPi, our Raspberry Pi support.
@Skidsdev Yep (but only under Windows, so far), Microsoft has Dyalog APL on their list of official .NET languages.
meaning Python and APL interaction can also be done over .NET, with IRONPython
@Skidsdev Yes, but that wouldn't be cross-platform.
fair enough
10:36 PM
@Adám the real quesion though, is is there an APL to JavaScript transpiler, or an APL compiler than supports Wasm?
@Skidsdev No, but ngn/apl is written in JS.
ngn/apl is in JS
but it's not a transpiler
I was hoping to use APL for frontend web-dev
(hoping with that question, not in general, I can think of plenty of other uses for APL)
try MiServer
@quartata Gosh, I'm becoming redundant here. Good thing, I guess.
@Skidsdev As an example of ^^ confreg.dyalog.com is full stack APL.
Unfortunately miserver.dyalog.com seems to be down right now. Boo!
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