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@xnor congrats
is it output-hacking? :P
i can see why you might think that given there's only 3 test cases, but it's actually more or less legit
12:44 AM
> more or less
Let me guess, doesn't work for 0 or something?
1:27 AM
@xnor my guess: generating functions
1:43 AM
@orlp generating functions?
@ASCII-only yes
(what do you mean)
it's not short enough but something like this
In mathematics, a generating function is a way of encoding an infinite sequence of numbers (an) by treating them as the coefficients of a power series. This formal power series is the generating function. Unlike an ordinary series, this formal series is allowed to diverge, meaning that the generating function is not always a true function and the "variable" is actually an indeterminate. Generating functions were first introduced by Abraham de Moivre in 1730, in order to solve the general linear recurrence problem. One can generalize to formal series in more than one indeterminate, to encode...
n=input();k=2**n;print k**-~n/~-(k*~-k)%k
that's 41 bytes
@ASCII-only bonus points if you figure it out :P
1:51 AM
@orlp wait, how did you get this
@ASCII-only that's the challenge to figure out :)
I already told you too
ah :|
generating functions :)
n=input();k=2**n;print k**n*k/(k*k-k-1)%k
@ASCII-only I'll be nice and give you the deobfuscated version
This might not be that interesting, but I finally got a good USB Wifi adapter for my laptop and have been basking in the ~100 Mbps wireless speeds I should have always had.
@orlp hmm. so it appears to basically be using the "solving for the generating function" part of this, where k^2-k-1 = (1-k-k^2)-1? i think? i still have no idea what's going on, will (probably) think about it more when i get home
2:35 AM
@feersum what do you mean by interact? Travis has debug mode which allows you to SSH
3:08 AM
Funky2 offers two methods of logical not ! and not, but with different operator precedence. I'm sure this will be useful somewhere.
@ATaco so like ruby
I don't know Ruby
@ATaco yes. except afaik ruby does it with and/or instead
the alphabetical ones being lower precedence than most operators
I could theoretically do that with Funky2, but i'm not sure at what precedence I'd put the symbol ones.
@ATaco normal precedence
i.e. just higher than =/+= etc
3:16 AM
Hmm, Well, I think I won't touch it just yet.
@orlp ok so this has 22 alphanumerics, i think? so we need to somehow simplify the formula to get rid of three :thinking:
4:05 AM
@Downgoat Like testing a GUI app.
You can run UI tests with Travis
Ha ha um, let's make that QA-ing the GUI app.
3 hours later…
6:47 AM
@WW I made a literal "bwah?" noise when I saw +500 in my rep notifier. I didn't even realise you'd put a bounty for my quine answer?
7:08 AM
Congrats, you definitely deserve it. Its definitely a hard task.
1 hour later…
8:20 AM
[Pyth]: What's wrong with this program? pyth.herokuapp.com/…
Looks like that the online interpreter has some missing libraries.
8:41 AM
TIL: Javascript is optimized for looping through arrays in ascending order, giving a 15-20% speed increase compared to descending order
@ASCII-only If only ↖^↖⊕⊗θ→↑⊗θ↗⊕θ‖BM↓↙⊗θ→↓⊗θ⟲C↑⁴J⁰¦⁰v worked, it's 8 bytes shorter than the best two solutions so far.
8:59 AM
CMC: Given a list of integers, output a truthy value if the product of any 2 integers in the list is greater than the sum of the list, otherwise output a falsey value (any 2 distinct values can be used)
@Mayube [1,1,3] true or false?
@Mayube Brachylog, 7 bytes: ⊇Ċ×>~+?
@Adám false, the highest product in that list is 1 x 3 = 3, whilst the sum is 1 + 1 + 3 = 5
10 bytes with a fork: ⟨{⊇Ċ×}>ᵈ+⟩
9:06 AM
Jelly, 7 bytes: ŒcP€Ṁ>S
@Neil :| oops
@user202729 interestingly enough, turns out for(i = x; i--;){} is slower than for(i = x; i > 0; i--){} by about 20%
@Neil hmm. actually i have no idea why i didn't implement rotatecopy for cardinal directions
9:53 AM
@Mayube well, depends on your engine obviously :P
10:12 AM
@ASCII-only hint
you know that $F(x) = \sum_{n=0}^\infty fib(n)x^n$
can you explain this?
>>> f=lambda x: x/(1 - x - x**2)
>>> f(0.001)
10:37 AM
@ASCII-only same results in chrome, firefox and node
@Mayube what about edge :P
and old FF, and Safari
Does Pyth have cumulative sum? Or cumulative reduce without starting point?
I can get .u+YNtQhQ, but it's too long;
And sM._Q is (probably) too slow.
@ASCII-only I'm on linux, i don't have access to edge
11:03 AM
@Mayube Doesn't that run 1 extra iteration..?
Yeah, because i-- returns what i was, not what i is set to, an additional execution of the loop happens.
@ATaco no, you iterate from 4 to 0 instead of 5 to 1
(that is, the value of i is different inside the loop, but the number of iterations is the same)
Both cases use i = x, but the first, i-- includes 0, the second, does not.
@ATaco but excludes the upper bound...
because it decrements before the loop body
You are correct, my bad.
Well, then it's probably just implementation issues, because Javascript.
@ATaco no... it's just optimization for certain cases
@ATaco you do not know how optimized JS is
11:15 AM
You are correct, I don't.
(if you want to find out, check out mozilla/google's js engine blog posts)
11:38 AM
I'm trying to make a progressive web app
Q: Implementing a stack

OMᗺI can't believe we don't have this already.. It's one of the most important data-structures in programming, yet still simple enough to implement it in a code-golf: Challenge Your task is to implement a stack that allows pushing and popping numbers, to test your implementation and keep I/O simpl...

btw how come ppcg still looks almost like half a year ago
12:02 PM
@lol wdym
12:34 PM
How can JS even be optimized
You can't guarantee i is an integer
Or if it is, that it is small enough that i - 1 != i
@feersum crazy people do crazy things.
Do people ever use asm.js idioms in hand-written Java Scripts?
unsigned long long long x;
It was worth a try...
1:28 PM
How does the Wolfram Language work on TIO? Is the language itself free to use?
@BetaDecay Dennis got contacted by wolfram or whatever to add it
Oh cool
Thanks Mr Wolfram
in talk.tryitonline.net, Oct 4 '17 at 23:20, by Dennis
@quartata They (specifically, Jesús Hernández from Wolfram Research) reached out via email.
Python can be so unhelpful sometimes
1:43 PM
List is mutable.
No, that behavior is very helpful. For example, to implement Dodos' call stack.
The list is shared for all calls of the function.
You can do s=(), but then it can't be pop.
s=s[:] works
(I hope you know why)
tio.run/… is even shorter.
Yeah, I've hit something like this before
Make the for loop 1line is even shorterer.
And convert ..if..else.. to ..and..or.. .
Less efficient, of course.
@user202729 Unfortunately if I did that, I would have the exact same code as another person's answer
1:47 PM
Anyone know Pyth here?
Not pingable.
@BetaDecay default values for function arguments are only evaluated once
and then return a reference to the same instance every time
since lists are mutable, you're just changing that same instance all the time
Q: Remove surrounding zeroes of a 2d array

alephalphaThis is a 2-dimensional version of this question. Given a non-empty 2-dimensional array/matrix containing only non-negative integers: $$ \begin{bmatrix} {\color{Red}0} & {\color{Red}0} & {\color{Red}0} & {\color{Red}0} & {\color{Red}0} \\ {\color{Red}0} & {\color{Red}0} & 0 & 1 & 0 \\ {\color{R...

def f(p,s=()):
 for i in p:
  if i:s+=i,
 return s
that works
1:52 PM
@user202729 Have I done it right? tio.run/##y00syUjNTSzJTE78/z/N1jMtOiC/…
That still doesn't help
Why? It says body&.
Note the &.
Now Positive....
I've just realised what I did wrong
2:33 PM
@user202729 Kenny probably does
3:06 PM
[Pyth] Is it possible to make pf (preceding function) a composition of multiple functions?
@BetaDecay your code might work if you pad 0s around the input with ArrayPad.
But it's almost uniform, not completely equal.
Not sure about that.
Funny post:
A: What are some useful, undocumented Mathematica functions?

rm -rfThe following simulates Mathematica's behaviour after using it for more than 24 hrs. MathLink`CallFrontEnd[FrontEnd`UndocumentedCrashFrontEndPacket[]] Works as advertised! :D

3:42 PM
@JungHwanMin It worked!
3:52 PM
Glad it helped :)
I can't find anything in this new Steam redesign
oh ok it gets better as soon as you shrink theh group chats tab down to nothing
4:06 PM
I bought overcooked yesterday and played with my little sister for 5 hours straight
Game is great
@Pavel +1
@DJMcMayhem Do you know if it has online multiplayer? I haven't checked yet.
If you like that, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is really good too and pretty similar
Question: does something look different about comment editing? I don't feel like it used to show both the comment AND the text in the edit box. Maybe that's just me...
@Pavel uhhh, not sure. I think it does?
4:08 PM
@DJMcMayhem That's a fun game!
@DJMcMayhem Actually, it was part of a bundle with Overcooked, and it was on sale so it was only like 99 cents more than Overcooked yesterday, so I have it too. Haven't played it yet though.
Oh, and it's completely different, but Ultimate Chicken Horse is like my favorite party game
ultimate chicken horse is sadistic
@Pavel Was that the bundle with battle block theatre?
@DJMcMayhem I think Quiplash 2 is one of my favorites. It's part of Jackbox 3
4:10 PM
@DJMcMayhem No, Battle Block Theatre is by Behemoth and is in a bundle with Castle Crashers
I'm celebrating my birthday tommorow, so I went out and bought a bunch of games, extra controllers, board games, donuts, etc.
Axis & Alies, Eldritch Horror, Terra Mystica, 3 more Munchkin expansions
I would buy a VR headset just for keep talking and nobody explodes
it looks so good
You don't need VR for that
It's great fun just with a monitor
...you don't?
4:14 PM
I thought the whole point was the haptics
@Pavel You know who I'd be in the first one: Switzerland, so I don't have to participate :p
@quartata It is really good on Vive though
@DJMcMayhem Hah, I actually had all those anyway. I actually just mean this one: store.steampowered.com/bundle/1788/Overcooked_Gourmet_Edition
@quartata The whole point is yelling at each other for being terrible at decoding morse code
Jul 17 at 20:39, by quartata
listen, youre going to have a bad time if you try to be an English major on my feed here
4:16 PM
Linguistics Major > English Major.
@DJMcMayhem I watched Sark play it with the Oculus Rift + haptics
Well, I'm going to try to implement reshape now.
4:56 PM
1 hour later…
6:12 PM
Hey @user202729 do you mind deleteing your comment? Thanks
@BetaDecay You could also just flag as No Longer Needed
There isn't a flag button on the mobile site... :/
Oh, thanks @DJMcMayhem
It's what I'm here for ;P
6:43 PM
ok. so i just found out that, this entire time,, weve been having a bit of a Cultural Disconnect over the word "ant". it means something completely different
it really puts some of these tweets in a different light. i thought they were black comedy
literally dark comedy
it's not slang for antilope
it's its own thing
apparently it means some kind of extinct bug
so that makes me look like a right fool...
Q: Largest Left-Truncatable Prime in Base \$b\$ (A103443)

Bob KruegerIntroduction Numberphile recently posted a video about truncatable primes, and the concept seems like it would make a good base for a number of good code golf exercises. I explain the concepts below, but watch the video only if you want ideas about an algorithmic process for finding them. A lef...

7:08 PM
Q: Computing time sheets

AnushTime sheets In a work place you often have to complete time sheets. This task is write code to help this. Input Two times in the 12 hour clock signifying the start and end of the day separated by a space. A third number represents the number of minutes taken for lunch. For example 9:14 5:12 ...

and μ are finally implemented.
McAfee is at it again: rya.nc/bitfi-wallet.html
can you tell the difference, honestly
But for real what's the point of a hardware wallet if you don't need the hardware lmao
7:24 PM
That sounds like the plot to a comedy sketch someone would write about him.
to be fair he's been writing that comedy sketch all by himself
all I did, was embody a bit of that
cross reference: him claiming he really did get poisoned
The new Steam chat interface shows game metadata e.g. what map someone's playing on
That's kinda nice
So, rich presence?
I'm pretty sure the new steam chat interface is literally discord
@mınxomaτ I'm not a security expert, but reading up on how bitfi works and the FAQ sounds horrifically insecure.
It sounds like your wallet is literally just your password
> The phrase is user created in such a way that it is impossible to guess but is also easy to commit to memory. For example, a possible phrase can be “10 Scary Things My Doctor Is Not Telling Me” or “WhyDoesShakespeareLoveMonero”.

> The wallet asks that you also enter a second anchor such as a phone number, social security number, or email address or “salt”. This ensures that no two users can ever end up with the same phrase.
Mhmm. Sure. Absolutely no one is going to have password1. And since when do users pick their own salt?
@DJMcMayhem Well, the hardware is irrelevant, but serves to lock you in the $50 coin preloading, which is where this scam makes it's money.
7:41 PM
@DJMcMayhem I wonder the number of people with password1 and 867-5309
@AdmBorkBork It took me 6 minutes to realize that wasn't an arbitrary sequence of numbers...
I don't get it
7:56 PM
That reminds me of a question that's been bugging me recently (but not enough to go over to Music and write a question) -- can you name a band where the drummer is a/the lead singer?
OK, so I haven't updated Docker in a while and it turns out that was a good thing:
@AdmBorkBork Mumford and Sons, Death from above 1979, Phil Collins, Underoath,
I'm going to check the changelog to see when they added that because I definitely have never seen it
And if I did I would instantly die
That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's more
I recently discovered The Chemical Brothers and I like the music but I'm not sure what genre it's classified as
(I know very little about music)
7:59 PM
@DJMcMayhem Oh, duh, didn't even think of Collins
The Eagles apparently. TIL
The Eagles suck anyway. Fight me.
@Pavel Primarily big beat as the genre
@dzaima: Can you check to see if A←2⋄(A) + (A 2) works for your APL clone? I found a bug in it (which is now fixed), and want to make sure yours doesn't have the same thing.
@Zacharý It does return {4, 4}
@AdmBorkBork Times of Grace, I think
8:05 PM
I had to do another step move: () was moved out of the enclosure step to right after multiline statements (as a consequence (...⋄...) is not possible anymore)
@AdmBorkBork I don't think I've even heard of that term before
The lumineers? Does that count?
@Pavel Prodigy, Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim ... others in the genre
@AdmBorkBork Oh, an obvious one: Foo Fighters (but just for the first album)
Ooh, I've heard of Crystal Method
Intrestingly enough, searching "Crystal Metho" on spotify finds them, but "Crystal Method" does not..?
8:09 PM
@DJMcMayhem Good grief, I am very forgetful of some obvious ones.
@Pavel Might be under "The" Crystal Method?
The member timeline for FF is hilarious lol
@AdmBorkBork That does work, but I was just pointing out that Spotify's search algortighm is dumb
I was trying to find a song called "Cobol" the other day. It was the very last result.
I've never used Spotify. I either listen to Pandora or my own collection.
I still buy CDs and rip them myself, lol.
8:24 PM
It's ugly user-side code, but I got closures to work.
> -&0
y tho
Is that not just 0
@quartata why do you keep oneboxing "Image not found"?
because Twitter is blocked where ever you are
What happened to docker on mac
@Pavel That makes - a nilad (AKA, boxing it so functions can return functions), and the 0 is only there because syntax.
Correction: I got boxing and unboxing of functions to work.
8:34 PM
In Dyalog at least, -&0 is just 0, so that's what I was going off of
@Pavel That's spawn.
It still evaluates to 0
Multithreading (if that ever gets implemented) will probably be handled by
Multithreading is hard.
Earlier this week, I spent about 20 hours trying to fix a bug that ended up being because of multithreading getting things in the wrong order.
I literally just moved one line to the end of a function to fix it, but that took 20 hours of work to find.
posted on July 27, 2018 by Jared K

Golf a regex that matches syntactically valid programs in the language of your choice. 1: Pick a programming language, P, that meets these requirements: P is known to be Turing-Complete. P has a freely available and working compiler or interpreter. 2: Create a regular expression, R, such that: R matches any string that is a syntactically valid program of P. R rejects any string that

posted on July 27, 2018 by Bob Krueger

Looking for feedback on my first question. Title: Largest Left-Truncatable Prime in Base \$b\$ (A103443) Introduction Numberphile recently posted a video about truncatable primes, and the concept seems like it would make a good base for a number of good code golf exercises. I explain the concepts below, but watch the video only if you want ideas about an algorithmic process for finding th

8:48 PM
That was weird
9:22 PM
@AdmBorkBork what are CDs...?
I have, uh, heard this term once or twice, and it apparently refers to some half-silver flat donuts with a very small hole
Oh come on
CDs still exist
I use them to make Linux install media
I haven't seen someone handle a CD in a long time
Last time I used a CD was my Linux before this one. This time, I realized no working computer in the house has a CD drive, so flash drive it was.
I have a USB optical drive I use with my laptop
I also have a physical copy or Rainbow Six Siege I bought last year, that was on a cd
(Well, 3 of them)
3 copies, or was it spread across 3 cds?
9:33 PM
3 cds
It's a big game
Mind you, I still had to wait 2 hours for updates since I bought the game over a year after its launch
f/⍵ and f\⍵ are now implemented in RAD. I think I'm going to get it on TIO before August.
@Pavel ._.
You could just ask Dennis about it now and then ask him to pull later
No, I want RAD to be usable as a language first. A lot of important atoms are still unimplemented.
10:26 PM
? and ⍺~⍵ are done.
1 hour later…
11:31 PM
Apparently, [1] can be interpreted as a string in D. What the heck?!

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