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12:02 AM
Does anyone know how my SQL query can take longer the less data I put into it? It's driving me mad
when timing sql statements, you should always run explain
it gives you how the query is actually being executed
I did! It still doesn't make any sense
what does it say
Nothing out of the ordinary. Most of the columns are indexed, so the row count is ~17000
It takes 30 seconds to do 1 years worth of data, but takes 2 seconds to do 3 years worth of data. :(
Size 24 submission ...
12:26 AM
@JoKing Try running the queries without caching and check the times
Q: Exact Partial Sum of Harmonic Series

pizzapants184Challenge Given a positive integer N, output the sum of the first N reciprocals as an exact fraction, which is represented as a pair of integers in a consistent order representing numerator and denominator. Rules Output must be exact. Output should be as a pair of integers in a consistent ord...

12:49 AM
@Mego It already had no-cache
Hmm... Even with really bad indexing, it shouldn't take 15x to process 1/3 of the data
Yeah, we're changing the query anyway, but we can't figure out why it was behaving like that. Maybe it's some weird behaviour with a left join or something
I wouldn't think that the parameters would drastically change the execution plan, but you never know :P
1:08 AM
@quartata that steam (blackberry) name was from a long discussion about cinderblocks with my sister
specifically how much these ones on a construction site looked like oddly shaped tums
like the antacid pill
quote, I posted this in the discord as well:
> "[...] I like the strawberry flavored ones, and even the cherry ones, but not the blackberry flavored ones."
> "riker, you like blackblerry cinderblocks?"
> "no, tums"
I didn't know people were supposed to like tums
2:12 AM
i am writing the worst C of all time and none of you can stop me,
2:25 AM
@quartata Example?
void update_tweet_list(void)
    PGresult *result = PQexec(conn, "SELECT link from latestImage LIMIT 1;");

    if (PQntuples(result) > 0)
        int urlLength = PQgetlength(result, 0, 0);

        while (atomic_flag_test_and_set(&inImageRequest)) usleep(0);

        if (!latestImage.p)
            latestImage.p = malloc(urlLength);
        else if (urlLength > latestImage.len)
this is probably the least deliberately-bad function of it
i decline to show the part where i deliberately globally store a pointer to a buffer allocated on the stack
(and yes it still works, the lifetimes line up)
the perfect complement to tweets that don't work is code that just works..
consider this your sneak peek
and yes, i dont care that PQgetvalue is in network order. so what. i dont read it anyways,
and yes, i dont care that my SQL is incoherently cased. take that trolls. the ultimate bamboozle.
from looks better lower-case, it's true
Doesn't look bad to me...
its pretty bad
of course theres some context missing but
3:05 AM
What exactly are you trying to do?
3:44 AM
Q: Compose two Brainfuck programs

l4m2Given 2 brainfuck code snippets A and B, output some brainfuck code C which has the same behavior as running B with the input of As result. Note that C must work for any input that match the following assumptions, as if it were given to A. You can assume: Finite input. both A and B halt. EOF i...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Conor O'BrienMinimal Centrosymmetrization matrix code-golf array-manipulation Topically related. Objective: Given a matrix of positive integers \$M\$, output the smallest centrosymmetric matrix which contains \$M\$. A centrosymmetric matrix is a square matrix that is symmetric about its center. This means...

4 hours later…
7:54 AM
Q: atomic-code-golf tag wiki is misleading

Peter TaylorToday I corrected someone who thought that scoring by counting the number of calls to a given function at runtime is atomic-code-golf. Said person pointed me at a quote from the tag wiki: Atomic code golf asks you to solve a task using only a limited set of operations, with as few of these op...

8:44 AM
hello, back to ppcg after a looong break and a different username
9:06 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user202729Drawing a convex polyiamond A subtask of Drawing convex polyiamonds. A polyiamond is a polygon made from equilateral triangles. For example: (example in ASCII art) * / \ *---* Or: *---* / \ / \ *---*---* \ / * (with lines drawn between the triangles for clarity) While the first ...

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10:12 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

workoverflowQuiet QR Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to infiltrate the top secret HQ of the Big Bad Evil Guy (TM) and extract information on their latest evil scheme saved in the file Plan.txt. The target PC is isolated from any and all network connections, and you can't physically connec...

@gnu-nobody Who were you?
wait i thought i changed my username
1 hour later…
11:20 AM
Q: Regarding threads in c++

Sam DaveWrite a program that takes two numbers as input. First number m should be between range 0 - 10000 and second number n should be greater than one and less than m. Divide the range between n different threads such that each thread will try to find the number m within its given range. Each thread will...

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12:46 PM
How do I print a bytestring in Python 3 without getting a silly "b" and quote marks around it?
Q: Suppress/ print without b' prefix for bytes in Python 3

sdaauJust posting this so I can search for it later, as it always seems to stump me: $ python3.2 Python 3.2 (r32:88445, Oct 20 2012, 14:09:50) [GCC 4.5.2] on linux2 Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information. >>> import curses >>> print(curses.version) b'2.2' >>> print(str...

I should not have to wastefully convert to a string. Plus the answer is wrong for bytes >= 0x80.
@feersum I don't know if that's really possible with any one built-in, as a bytes object is not a string at all, it's really an array of integers in a string-like format
Which happens to be exactly what files are made of.
1:06 PM
@feersum um, not exactly, open(file).read() returns a str
that is, unless you read the file as bytes
if you have 'rb' but you want a Unicoed str instead, just remove the argument
1:27 PM
Abstract classes in C# confuse me but I like them.
Abstract classes no-longer confuse me.
@feersum sys.stdout.buffer.write
Or you could just do os.write(1, <bytes>) heh
1:53 PM
Do any email services have a feature like forwarding a notification that you have an email (like with the subject/sender) without forwarding the actual contents?
2:24 PM
@ATaco Are they different from Java's in any way? iirc no.
I never looked into Java's
2:53 PM
Progress on Funky2.0 is going well.
Swapped the token language for an OOP tokenizer, which is working much nicer.
3:05 PM
RAD's rewrite uses a hacky regex tokenizer ... I had to memoize a parameterless function in order to have the speed be even bearable.
3:22 PM
@Zacharý If you memoize a parameterless function isn't that just a constant value
@Pavel Yeah, but I don't want a massive regex constant in my code, nor do I want main to handle that either. That was my solution to the problem.
Maybe you could stick the regex in a seperate data file, then load that?
@Pavel really Zacharý shouldn't even be using regex there (it's 55kb for checking if x is a number in any base iirc)
also the tokenizer's O(n²) so it's obviously gonna be horribly slow
3:39 PM
@dzaima Yeah, I took the naive approach, that hopefully will be fixed later.
Q: Explaining a challenge only with test cases and examples

Luis felipe De jesus MunozI have a slightly problem. I want to post a challenge (to the sandbox) about building a matrix with X pattern. The problem is that I don't know how to explain it using technical words or mathematical expressions. If I post what is needed to do in the challenge and provide multiple input -> out...

3:57 PM
OK so like a year later I think I know why my Ruby install never worked
I was building something with OpenSSL and noticed that I only have static libraries for ssl and crypto
Not sure how it ended up like that
oh cool, and it was made with the nasty messed up OS X version of ar
My ar came with Perl and I'm not sure why
4:33 PM
@WW your new avi has some very unfortunate implications
I think he's referring to that tongue...
hm .?
think about it
Well, at least it's not as disturbing as the last two.
4:37 PM
@quartata I don't get it either
@Pavel maybe when you,re older
4:50 PM
This version of OpenSSL is 32 bit!!
To top it all...
1 hour later…
6:04 PM
Can anyone here write Android apps? It'd be great to have an app which simply pushed a notification to your phone every time a new message appears in your stackexchange inbox. Then, when you click on the notification it opens the link in the browser
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Luis felipe De jesus MunozI don't know how to name this challenge Given 2 inputs C = columns and rows, S = starting point draw a matrix as follow: Input 3, 2 1 2 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 Explanation I don't know how to explain this, I will need your help for this, Instead I'll show the steps of how to do it (the lo...

The current SE app is crud
I use the SE app for notifications and the mobile site for reading them
Hm I suppose I could start doing that
Although for some reason the app stopped notifying me and I don't know how to fix it
6:14 PM
do you have notifications enabled for it? ;-)
Also, I haven't used the app in ages. I forgot how terrible it really is. Especially for moderation-related actions
um, maybe that's the reason then?
like, Clean Master or similar detecting you haven't used the app in ages and then you selecting it for a data cleanup
I doubt it since I'm still logged in and my settings are still there
then how did it "stop notifying" you?
I have no idea. But it did
6:25 PM
Plus it crashes when you try to read the sandbox :/
for me it just fails to load it
(Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 64GB 4GB Global Edition)
@DJMcMayhem ah, Quiet Hours?
Oh, wow, it fails to load now huh
It used to crash
@EriktheOutgolfer off
like, the SE app's Quiet Hours, not your phone's, right?
hm, do you allow notifications?
but you said you checked the settings
Both are off. I allow notifications. That app has notifications enabled (in both the app's settings and mine)
6:31 PM
then I'm out, maybe try clearing data or reinstalling
dunno what DJ does with the data :P
@DJMcMayhem Same here.
Interesting. When did you first notice it stopped?
Now that you mentioned it. :P
I think it has been going on for a while though.
@DJMcMayhem um, what is your model? not that I can help with it :P
Google pixel (1)
6:48 PM
wait isn't that too old
Too old? It's not that old
well, over a year :P
I have a OnePlus 6, so it's not the age.
Notifications still work on my OnePlus 3T. (as of yesterday, at least)
it does notify me, although I only recently installed the app
7:02 PM
<sarcasm> have you tried turning it off then back on again? </sarcasm>
For once WW's name and picture are (somewhat, relatively) decent.
3 hours ago, by quartata
@WW your new avi has some very unfortunate implications
@Pavel Yeah hence the (somewhat, relatively). Much less disturbing than the last 2
@Zacharý I will forever read that phrase in an Irish accent
7:09 PM
@DJMcMayhem why?
That would sound better in "Irish".
ive definitely soured on the IT Crowd considering recent events
7:17 PM
creator turned out to be Extremely Bad
although it wasn't too much of a surprise I suppose
@quartata define "Extremely Bad"?
TERF aligned
Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist
._. wat
7:25 PM
@quartata I think you should describe it again in vaguer terms
it's pretty specific actually
I think he actually wants you to describe it more vaguely
like, more generally
so it's like when you have a group of things getting treated badly, but you want to get extremely angry about how only a certain group of that group are Real and that the other people need to be kicked out in order to preserve the ideals that were enforced by the group that's treating you badly
is that general enough,
7:32 PM
This is pretty cool: github.com/browsh-org/browsh
@Pavel you said to make it general
Oh yeah I saw that on HN the other week
those are your words
@quartata When did I say that
I don't know you people all look the same
Good enough
Just trying to be general
@Pavel It's too bad setting up the server looks like a pain
Maybe with something like xvfb
7:36 PM
I'm trying to find good names for internal names of atoms: since I have both the monadic-function and dyadic-function cases lumped into one function, I'm seriously considering just naming them by their hex codes.
But I know atom2B is not a good name for +
Pyth usually names them after the most-common usage, even if they're overloaded
It makes the transpiled code look a little weird...
@Zacharý Why not use the unicode names?
Yeah pretty sure all the APL glyphs already have cute names anyways
@Adám That's actually a good idea!
As opposed to "squiggle, squiggle with slight upward slant, squiggle with eyes on top, ..."
7:42 PM
lol @ squiggle with eyes on top ⍨
@Zacharý I name all of mine with three letters add(), mul(), rsh(), etc - this way they line up nicely in the dispatch table
@ngn rsh?
The QFTASM interpreter does that too
@Adám reshape
I think the ~ with a diaeresis is called a selfie
7:42 PM
⍨: Always watching, never satisfied.
@Pavel Only when the derived function is called monadically, I think
"squiggle with engagement ring..."
@quartata What it that? If squiggle is ~ and engagement ring is
7:44 PM
⍥: Minimalist Yoshi
@Zacharý Oh it's reflex? Hahaha
Selfie is pretty good name then
@quartata Officially the symbol is called tilde diaeresis, and the operator is called commute.
@Adám Or maybe .
It's the equivalent of J's ~ correct?
7:45 PM
@quartata Yes. But APL's ~ is J's -.
⍫: Iceberg ('cause it looks like an inverted pyramid and waves)
@Pavel But icebergs float the other way.
Do they?
Upside down iceberg.
global warming iceberg
7:47 PM
@Zacharý bergice.
oh snap
CMQ: What's your favourite APL character?
@Adám ⍨ naturally
Does it have to be used in Dyalog?
@Zacharý I'll say no. What do you have in mind?
@J.Sallé Yeah, me too. I use it so much (in code, that is) that my colleagues notice.
7:50 PM
@Adám You mentioned once that you dislike using parens, does that have to do with it?
Or maybe because it's used a crap-ton in golfing
@Pavel Now I want to know his reaction to lisp.
Think I like best
@Pavel I'd assume so
@Pavel Yes. That, and I like trains too, where FunctionA-FunctionB-Array isn't allowed, so you have to do Array FunctionB⍨ FunctionA.
7:52 PM
@Adám insert obligatory reference ("I like trains")
@quartata It certainly provides solutions :-)
What's ?
@Zacharý the correct answer to that is "Who doesn't?"
@Adam ba dum tsss
Solves a system of linear equations when used dyadically, and matrix inverse monadically
7:53 PM
@Pavel Monadic is matrix inversion. Dyadic ^ (back-ninja'd)
@Zacharý My appreciation for Lisp's syntax is contained in the following parenthesis: (​).
(curated by Doorknob)
@Adám The one good thing about lisp is its unbeatable consistency in syntax, and that's about it.
oh dear one of the replies reminded me that ColdFusion exists
do people still use it
@quartata wut?
@Zacharý reminds me of this
7:58 PM
@mınxomaτ Ugh.
@ngn Blocked in the UK.
@Adám ...
There are two PHP RFC for uniqueid. One of them wants to get rid of it, the other proposes to 'improve the uniqueness' ...
@Adám use a Greek proxy, it's not blocked here
I'm only going to use part of the unicode name: APLFunctionalSymbolZilde is way too long
@Adám facepalm Probably due to stupid tv licensing... it's "Are you being served?" - an old British sitcom. In this scene an elderly employee says he doesn't want to be a senior clothes salesman, he just wants to work as a junior in the toys department and play with trains.
8:04 PM
@Zacharý Sure, I meant the unique part. All the special APL symbols begin with APL Functional Symbol
@ngn Yeah, it says that it is BBC that has blocked it in the UK only.
Yeah, I could kinda guess that, since I won't be distinguishing ⍺ and <insert-greek-symbol-here>
@Adám They don't even know about DMCA complaints...psst.
Well: greek letters can be used as identifiers in D. I'm wondering if I should actually abuse that ... nah.
@Zacharý It would only give you ⍺∊⍳⍴⍵ anyway, and then what would you do with ⍷⍸?
@ngn I love Are You Being Served?
8:15 PM
@Adám is not ε. is not in the APL section of unicode. Also, if you look at the first 32 symbols of the code page (excluding /\n), you'd understand why I'm considering that.
@Zacharý Will you be using ε instead of or in addition to ?
@quartata i like your tnb posts better than your twitter
@Adám In addition to , ⍺ε⍵ is probably going to be ⍺∊⍳⍴⍵
@Zacharý Will and ϵ be the same?
@Zacharý Why that particular definition?
@Adám Yes, aliases exist, the only ones that exist right now are APL -> Greek, Newline -> , and a #xx hex escape alias. But more will be added, I remember being frustrated with and differences between GNU and Dyalog a while back.
8:19 PM
@Zacharý Maybe you should add all the aliases listed by NARS?
@Adám Whether indexing will give an εrror, and it looks like
@Zacharý But are you not doing wrap-around indexing?
@Riker is there a difference
only difference is on twitter i can Swear more..
And here, you capitalize random words
i do that there too
8:21 PM
@Adám Well, not error, but whether a loop starts.
not random
Yet not even the right ones.
its about how you hear it
that seems to matter a lot to you. hearing. I dont understand it myself
its very complicated
8:23 PM
There's a lot more quote marks on twitter
@Pavel my phone is very old. it doesn't have smart quotes. only dumb quotes on my dumbphone
@Zacharý Wait, GNU uses a different ∊?
@quartata "dumb"? Those are the good quotes!
8:29 PM
When you really think about it, it's amazing that we can hear at all.
hearing is rough. everything echoes. too loud to be useful.
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
Oh god not . I for some reason cannot stand that symbol
@AdmBorkBork more difficult than it sounds...
@Zacharý this is just a box for me
@quartata Less than or equal, but the lower line is slanted instead of horizontal
8:32 PM
My problem with it: IT'S NO DIFFERENT THAN ≤!
oh yeah your just want to reach through the screen and adjust it, so its not crooked
Wait ... wtf is "⍷" an APL symbol (epsilon underbar) but "∊" isn't?
quartata owning the starboard today
its a old feeling...
*its, *an
8:37 PM
only when it sounds like a vowel. and who knows what it sounds like.
ive studied this language extensively, its never that simple
how do you pronounce old then
I don't know
I can't even hear myself think it
*Only *vowel, *I've, *; *it's *simple. *How *then? *know. *it.
8:39 PM
listen, youre going to have a bad time if you try to be an English major on my feed here
@Zacharý There are two "element of" characters in unicode - U+2208 ("element of") and U+220A ("small element of"). For historical reasons Dyalog uses the small one.
@ngn Yet got into the APL section...
I know the deal that there's two 's, but they're both math operators.
uh, is used in Dyalog
@quartata I would never be an English major; there's too much composition, literature, and fiction.
@EriktheOutgolfer I'm talking about the APL section of the Miscellaneous and Technical block.
@Zacharý Well, it is less than or slanted equal. I wonder what slanted equality is…
8:44 PM
@Zacharý well, some APL chars happen to be generally used maths symbols
so you find them in other sections
@Adám Sounds like JavaScript
Some doubles are more equal than others
@quartata It's just Number in JavaScript. :P
@ngn Wonder if is to what is to and is to + and is to × etc.
8:51 PM
Is the Miscellaneous and Technical block the union of miscellaneous and technical symbols or the intersection?
it would be really weird if it's the intersection
I think it would be pretty great.
But in the propositional logic<->set operations equivalence AND corresponds to insersection :)
They should have named it Miscellaneous∪Technical block or Miscellaneous∩Technical block for clarity. Why should Unicode be restricted to ASCII‽
@Adám afaik, the only reason for choosing "small element of" was that it looked better in some default font at the time they implemented it
@Adám It would have "n-ary"
8:55 PM
Imagine, bootstrapping Unicode in order to read the Unicode specification so you can implement Unicode.
@Adám as for ^, it's on most modern keyboards, so it's easy for a newbie to make a mistake typing it instead of , so they decided to support both
@ngn Yeah, I get that one, but why does Dyalog support as | but no other homoglyphs?
@Adám ._.
I'll probably not be supporting the stupid homoglyphs that correspond to an ASCII character.
@Zacharý So you won't support ?
@Adám because it's available on most keyboard layouts
8:59 PM
@ngn What keyboard layout has ?
@Adám Not counting that one, because ^ is already used for float-exponential literals in bases >= 15
@Adám that's the correct char, the other one is the alias :)
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