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5:25 AM
@SQB Wow! The rare double actually, spotted in the wild!
@b_jonas Hey! I know that discussion. For me, it's .
I still think the solution should be to tag questions about a work with the author as well, unless that adds very little (example: and ).
@Edlothiad I do the same, same brand even, different model though.
It's the future. Either that or socks that say Monday, Tuesday, etc...
I hate it when I need socks and can't find the right ones (to supplement the ones I already have). Pollutes my socks drawer.
Black socks all identical that can't be messed up and can't be seen when wearing
Only issue is when you get a blister the shoe tears it up instead of the sock cozy-ing it up
2 hours later…
7:34 AM
@Jenayah Just FYI, when you see spam posts (promotional ads) like this, please flag as spam as well as (or even instead of) reviewing in the queue. Six spam flags will automatically delete a post and also impose some penalties on the user - which were needed in this case because they went on to post more spam later.
7:52 AM
@Randal'Thor duly noted! TBH I raised an unhelpful spam flag earlier this day (guy promoting his think group), but apparently it was no spam so I guess I wanted to take things a little bit slower on the flagging, ahah :)
@Jenayah Link?
@Mithrandir this question I don't see the answer anymore, but you should since you're 10+k
yeah, that seems like a normal NaA
Not really spam but certainly not an answer
It is spam he's promoting a service.
7:56 AM
I would say it's borderline though just cos it has no links or anything actual
He's still promoting a service..?
@Edlothiad Not undisclosed promotion though, to be pedantic.
That's what I was gonna say
> And we'r all sad but truly awesome ..I suggest a meet of minds at my Think Tank HQ anyone near Birmingham, UK
Can mods dispute the spam flag instead of declining it?
7:57 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Technically, yes
@TheLethalCarrot dunno, basing myself on this I would've said it was a spam, but no problem if it isn't :)
Or mark it helpful but not impose penalties etc.
@Randal'Thor So disclosed promotion? So spam?
Seems to be a well-meaning user, not a troll or spambot. Helpful spam flags can carry heavy penalties, such as blocking the user's IP or docking them 100 rep.
@Jenayah I wasn't the mod handling that flag, but I probably would've done the same. Usually flags raised in good faith are marked helpful even if we don't take the precise action they recommend, but with spam flags we have to be careful because of all those penalties.
@Jenayah I certainly would have marked it helpful if I was a moderator and it didn't impose penalties and handled it but it is more of an edge case cos of no links or address etc., disclosed affiliation and they appear to be well meaning
7:59 AM
It is borderline though :-)
Hey! I like calling things borderline
Step away!
Ok, wait a moment, I want to get my facts straight for a Harry Potter answer.
@Jenayah From that post:
> A post should be marked as spam only if it advertises a product, service, or similar and is unsolicited or lacks disclosure. [...]

> Lacks disclosure means that the author is clearly affiliated with the product but does not disclose their affiliation. Note that a simple “my” may suffice. However, the disclosure must happen in the post itself; the author’s username or profile do not count.
@Randal'Thor @TheLethalCarrot I'm not debating the declining though, I still have things to learn, no problem :) but yeah now I see more clearly why it's precisely unclear!
cc @Edlothiad ^^
8:01 AM
When was Hagrid first sent to the Azkaban prison? It can't have been right after Moaning Myrtle killed and he was expelled from Hogwarts, because at that time, Professor Dumbledore has convinced Headmaster Dippet to keep Hagrid in Hogwarts as a gamekeeper.
@b_jonas in The Chamber of Secrets
@Jenayah No problem! Nobody is scolding you for raising the flag, just explaining about the spam system :-)
What Rand said
@Mithrandir No, CoS.
@Randal'Thor Strange, either you flag spam or you don't flag spam...
8:02 AM
@TheLethalCarrot "You're no fun any more."
I should just stay quiet, I'm apparently mixing everything up today
@Edlothiad Law of the excluded middle?
I think he was sent to Azkaban in Chamber of Secrets, because the Ministry wanted to do something when the Chamber was opened, and he was the suspect the last time.
But wasn't that already the second time?
@Randal'Thor Though I know I personally would have thought about it for a while before deciding between spam and NaA/LQP
8:03 AM
@Randal'Thor can I be programmer-pedantic? "only if it advertises a product, service, or similar and is unsolicited or lacks disclosure" It advertises a service and is kind of unsolicited, hence no need to go further in the OR condition :p
@Jenayah For me, pedantry is always welcome :-D
@Randal'Thor yeay, go pedantics! :D
Well, almost always. <--- being pedantic again
> “Look at it from my point of view,” said Fudge, fidgeting with his bowler. “I’m under a lot of pressure. Got to be seen to be doing something. If it turns out it wasn’t Hagrid, he’ll be back and no more said. But I’ve got to take him. Got to. Wouldn’t be doing my duty —”
“Take me?” said Hagrid, who was trembling. “Take me where?”
“For a short stretch only,” said Fudge, not meeting Hagrid’s eyes. “Not a punishment, Hagrid, more a precaution. If someone else is caught, you’ll be let out with a full apology —”
@Randal'Thor Wasn't is almost always you "went pedantic" at me over?
8:04 AM
A: What did Aragorn do with his sword between the battles of Pelennor Fields and Morannon?

Rand al'ThorHe was speaking figuratively. Obviously he didn't plan to keep his sword actually unsheathed, for reasons of safety on several different levels, for the many days it would obviously take until he reached the last battle. I've wondered about this exact same thing (hey, I'm a pedant too!) and sat...

Or was that usually always which still says a the same thing really
@Mithrandir Goddammit Fudge. Such an official.
hang on, there's also a OOTP quote relevant
@TheLethalCarrot Almost always is fine. Usually always ... well, either it's usually or it's always - make up your mind.
They seem synonymous to me but what do I know
8:07 AM
Q: Why was Hagrid sent to Azkaban?

BiscuitBakerI've just finished re-reading Chamber of Secrets and this stuck with me. Once it becomes clear that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened again and the attacks have resumed, The Ministry of Magic arrive and send Hagrid straight to Azkaban. I just can't get my head around why. Even if Hagrid had...

But was that the first time? Was he never in Azkaban before?
@b_jonas Why would he have been? As you said, seems like he didn't go there the first time the Chamber was opened.
Also, his reaction in CoS makes it look like he's not an experienced Azkabanier.
@TheLethalCarrot Propose a tag synonym then :-P
@Randal'Thor can you send a kid to Azkaban?
@Randal'Thor Because he asks "Not Azkaban", as if he had already been there. I guess I'm confusing this with one of the later books, when he's threatened with Azkaban again and he's very afraid because by that time he is experienced.
@b_jonas or he just say this because Azkaban is the only British prison and has kind of a, er, reputation
@Jenayah Does a dog ride a bicycle?
8:10 AM
@Edlothiad Do bears bear? Do bees be?
@Jenayah Who knows. Apparently you can send a kid to the Forbidden Forest, and let them play around with deadly spells for years.
@Jenayah Yes, that's probably it.
@Randal'Thor True that.
@Jenayah Bear what though?
Does the square fit in the woods?
8:11 AM
@Edlothiad was quoting that:
@b_jonas this from Prisoner:
> He, Harry, had broken wizard law just like Sirius Black. Was inflating
Aunt Marge bad enough to land him in Azkaban? Harry
didn’t know anything about the wizard prison, though everyone
he’d ever heard speak of it did so in the same fearful tone. Hagrid,
the Hogwarts gamekeeper, had spent two months there only last
year. Harry wouldn’t soon forget the look of terror on Hagrid’s face
when he had been told where he was going, and Hagrid was one of
the bravest people Harry knew.
and this is probably the most telling, @b_jonas:
> "An' them dementors make me feel ruddy terrible an' all," said Hagrid, with a shudder. "Gotta walk past 'em ev'ry time I want a drink in The Three Broomsticks. 'S like bein' back in Azkaban -"
He fell silent, gulping his tea. Harry, Ron, and Hermione watched him breathlessly. They had never heard Hagrid talk about his brief spell in Azkaban before. After a pause, Hermione said timidly, "Is it awful in there, Hagrid?"
"Yeh've no idea," said Hagrid quietly. "Never bin anywhere like it. Thought I was goin' mad. Kep' goin' over horrible stuff in me mind... the day I got expelled from Hogwarts
pretty conclusively shows that's the only time he's been in there, IMO
Agreed, good find
@Jenayah I would've flagged it as spam.
@Mithrandir Ah, thank you.
8:18 AM
@Randal'Thor 4/7
@SQB I'm not sure what you meant by that?
@Mithrandir is that some kind of computer-generated parody? It's funny though
yes, it is
Fed the 7 Harry Potter books and... this is what came out.
8:23 AM
@Jenayah I would've flagged that answer (the Think Tank) as spam as well.
> as he dipped Hermione in hot sauce. The Death Eaters were dead now, and Harry was hungrier than he had ever been.
@SQB no no I meant you chat post I replied to, the one with the double thingy
@Mithrandir The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed!
Ok, I needed to know this for my latest answer (which is also a bit late for the question, but whatever).
@Randal'Thor yes, i'm trying to find that
8:25 AM
@Jenayah that was me replying to myself, noting that I had said "actually" twice in that line, actually.
@Mithrandir That is... weird.
@SQB It looked like "the rare double, actually" rather than "the rare 'double actually'" :-D
19 hours ago, by SQB
@Jenayah I've actually been looking for that for ages, actually.
@b_jonas Can I reply to myself on this chat? The interface doesn't easily allow it.
Oh, I can. Great.
8:26 AM
I just need to copy the number manually, rather than clicking the reply link.
@Randal'Thor I can't help it if you're comma-dyslexic.
You just have to press colon and type out the message number as far as I'm aware
Of course it's a bit useless, because it's hard to find answers to a chat.
@Edlothiad Yeah.
...or, if you have SOX, it adds a convenient button.
@Mithrandir ahah. Reminds me of a poorly-reviewed French book I read some time ago, which described a beautiful young gal withe usual adjectives... until you get to the point of "an Oriental princess with long black eyes falling on her hips, long and shiny black hair[...]"
8:27 AM
I have socks, I'm wearing them right now
They provide a comfortable layer between my skin and my shoes
@Mithrandir Some of us don't have sox. One account is enough.
@SQB oooh ok, I thought it waslike, a special edition of Ragebol or something
@Edlothiad which of course can be obtained from the permalink that hides under the dropdown on the front of any comment (clarification for newbs).
@Randal'Thor I know you have socks, but not SOX :P
@SQB Yeppers
8:28 AM
Is SOX not da cool way of sayin it?
@TheLethalCarrot fam?
Isn't "sox" American English for socks?
@Mithrandir SOX working again?
Nah I can hover over the down arrow and it shows up at the bottom
@Edlothiad Shoes or socks?
8:29 AM
@Randal'Thor no, sox.
@SQB mostly, although still no menu available on the main sites
@SQB SOX works for me, just can't see the options menu
@SQB :-D
Q: Stack Overflow Extras (SOX)

ᔕᖺᘎᕊ SOX v2.2.0 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) is a project that stemmed from the Stack Overflow Optional Features (SOOF) project. The SOX userscript adds a bunch of optional features to all sites in the Stack Exchange network. These can be toggled on or off from an easy to use control panel (see s...

@Mithrandir ah, cool.
May need to reinstall that, then.
8:30 AM
Well I have it installed at home and it doesn't work cos I installed it after the menu stopped working
Not sure if that's been fixed or not though
@Randal'Thor I know not of what you speak...
It has not. I had the setting set before it stopped working.
Aye me too at work
@Edlothiad I should have waited 2 minutes.
@Randal'Thor Patience is a virtue.
8:32 AM
And having patients is virtuous?
@Edlothiad You're telling me.
Again, it doesn't matter, because I can just as well just link to my older chat lines, or one-box them, and either way chat search is stupid and doesn't even let me search for chat line numbers appearing in a chat room unless they appear in plain text (links don't count).
Chat search is very annoying.
I think it's still buggy for non-ascii words.
That is correct.
...I can't even search for Tauremornalómë
@Randal'Thor Yes, that was the direction of this communication.
oh dear. another time when Pottermore ruins stuff with its stupid extra content that they just can't stop posting. scifi.stackexchange.com/q/160866/4918
8:41 AM
Just to clarify for those who may be wondering where I'm going with this: I'm going somewhere, I said I'd write a better "genre definition" and I will. I just was stupid enough to post that at thebeginning of a work week, so it takes longer than I said earlier - but well, it's not really urgent anyway. In the meantime, if anyone's up to post more info on that matter, always good to have a discussion! :) (poke @SQB)
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/157789/4918 nice story-id answer by Fuzzy Boots: it tells how he located the answer
@Jenayah No worries, post anytime. Real life always comes first of course.
Looking through list of questions... nope, don't click on those two Steven Universe questions, the new activity is probably spoilers for new episodes I haven't seen yet.
@b_jonas I like it when people do that :) He did the same for the Itlian movie that came up yesterday, I think! I try to do that too when I'm not answering out of memory of a work I read/watched...
@b_jonas He almost always does his google search. He's certainly been doing it since at least November '16: scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/146162/…
8:45 AM
Of his last 5 answers, 2 show the google search (unless I misread)
@Jenayah I never do such story-id answers. I only answer if I've read or seen the work, or (very rarely) if I recall the same story mentioned in another post here, usually another story-id.
That's why I have so few story-id answers.
@Edlothiad You'd think from reading the question and then seeing the answer there that I was asking the question even though I'd known the book, but I couldn't for the life of me find the book, even though I knew exactly what the cover looked like and what the title was :/
I try to include the search when I didn't just remember it.
@b_jonas I give it a shot sometimes, mostly when the asker is looking for something French-related, since I have a better "global idea" of where and how to search then.
@TheLethalCarrot Wait no one told me that..?
8:48 AM
in The Screening Room, Dec 6 '17 at 13:47, by Mithrandir
tsk tsk, who needs a real life
Of course you need real life. Petting puppies is infinitely better in real life than on-screen, and petting puppies is life!
> and yet assassinating chicken will not broaden our question.
It's okay, we don't like too broad questions anyway!
You can continue assassinating chickens.
@Mithrandir no, but we like chicken wings. So agreed with Mith, kill 'em.
9:06 AM
@Edlothiad It was on my to do list but y'know real life got in the way
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/191636/4918 great, more support from supplementary novels (Star Wars)
@b_jonas While good, those works should really only be referenced when the question is tagged with
@Edlothiad Why?
9:13 AM
Otherwise it's effectively answering a question with fan-fiction.
Because the Extended Universe/Legends is not canon.
It used to be, didn't it?
I don't see the relevance of that?
It used to be a level of canon.
Never was it on par with, say, the films.
Is there a Meta post or something referrencing what's cannon in those big universes?
It would be the same as answering a HP question with evidence from HP:MOR.
(Marvel/DC/Star Wars etc)
9:15 AM
A meta post isn't really needed, they maintain their own canons
If something isn't addressed directly in the films, and is in a work that was at some point considered canon (of a sort)...
If it's none canon it's none canon. Answering with it is fine but you should really state it isn't canon information
Ok, I'm probably just not familiar enough with the non-film works (and I'm already not really involved when it comes to movies, so that's saying something :p )
Sure, a disclaimer is fine. But completely not posting is different.
Well it comes down to if it really is worth posting it or not
Especially if there is already a canon answer
9:18 AM
@Mithrandir If it's not addressed directly in the films, then you can go to the canon books, if it's not answered there then you'll have to do your best to use evidence from your canon sources to come up with an answer, if none can be made then it's a we don't know
There is no difference (from a canon point of view) between Legends works and Harry Potter fan-fiction.
Agree to disagree? ;)
I mean you can disagree with fact then, lol
Well Legends works are helpful to a point but certainly not canon material
Maybe HP fan-fiction was an extreme case. Lets go with "featured on Pottermore"
These kids of questions about real technology usually get closed, but I think we could overlook this one and leave it open scifi.stackexchange.com/q/33521/4918
9:21 AM
Or non-JKR writing on Pottermore
Oh I understand your point
@Edlothiad Are we still slaves to that stupid statement by Disney?
"This isn't addressed in the films or the currently canon books, but this Legends book says this..."
Although that's "more canonical" given it's written by staff she employs as opposed to random authors
9:22 AM
@Mithrandir "This isn't addressed in the books or any writings by JKR, but this fan-fiction suggests this..."
There's effectively 0 difference.
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/172019/4918 Where's the TVTropes link for this story-id question? It's so generic.
I was wondering about the cannon status of things for DC following this (on-point) comment by Valorum, actually
@Edlothiad Incorrect; one is nonsense, the other was at a time canon.
@b_jonas I don't see why you've linked that considering it has no VTC's on it but it looks borderline off topic to me
Sorry, I didn't mean to restart that flamewar about star wars.
9:23 AM
I don't understand how you're saying it was "at a time canon"
It was never canon.
Fanfiction is completely different from a licensed work
There was always canon, and then there was the EU
Isn't this SciFi.SE? I thought using all available information to answer something was the entire point here. Sure, the answerer might want to clarify that it is from whatever secondary canon, but holding off on its very existence just because people failed to tag the question properly would be...a little odd.
It had a level in canon, one that is not longer accepted, still discussed, but it does not answer the canon works.
@NapoleonWilson And why might that be?
@Edlothiad And I'm saying that the EU - licensed works - are an acceptable fallback source.
9:24 AM
@Mithrandir They're not though, as explicitly stated by the people that own the property.
@Jenayah I mean, I don't see the link as a comment or answer to that story-id.
"These are your canon works, these are legends works. Legends is non-sense, read at your own pleasure"
@b_jonas Less TVTropes links are better though right? :P
@b_jonas oh! Well, you have it now, post it ahah :)
9:26 AM
Q: Should we replace the star-wars-eu tag with a star-wars-legends tag?

NullIn April 2014 Disney re-branded the Star Wars Expanded Universe as "Legends". In light of this, should we replace star-wars-eu with star-wars-legends? This has been mentioned before (e.g. here) in the context of adding star-wars-legends but not in the context of replacing the existing star-wars-e...

@Jenayah NOOOO! See above haha
@Edlothiad "These are Legends works, licenced works in the Star Wars expanded universe. While not canon like the films, they might provide an answer to your question, and were once considered secondary canon by Lucasfilm."
@TheLethalCarrot why not? A little bit of chaos never hurts :)
We even had an "eu" tag before, so even before Disney made things legends we weren't answering questions with eu unless specifically stated.
Meh, this feels like one of these edge-case things that get to be taken as super strict 100% clear definition for the sake of an argument. So...use whatever you like to answer your questions. ;-)
9:27 AM
@Mithrandir You might find an answer in fan-fiction, but I'd be aware of how much you trust it.
@Jenayah Some people just want to watch the world burn
@Edlothiad *sigh* There is a difference between straight up fanfiction and a licensed work.
@NapoleonWilson So we should just discard the idea of canon and answer questions with whatever we like? Seems like a dangerous game
Ah there's the classic "*sigh*"
@Jenayah ok
9:28 AM
Can we stop using "sigh" now please? I don't see how it's helpful to any discussion
@Mithrandir Ex-licensed work. Which is stated, in your quote, as not being canon.
@Edlothiad No, you can just choose not to use whatever you deem 100% fan-fiction if you don't want to if you want to have this argument. That's all really.
Nah, doesn't need it. I was careless. "One kid doesn't fit in life because his brain isn't assimilating the knowledge. At the end he finds where the books are created, and he goes on to write the books." is specific enough. It is Profession all over again.
Not licensed in the canon works either, licensed in the "extended universe".
Use whatever you want but if you're basing an answer on Legends material note that it has limited availability to hold water; not much more so than fan-fiction
9:31 AM
@NapoleonWilson Or we could formulate rather simple to grasp rules for "canonicity" that ensure we only receive quality sourced answers. Something we as a site pride ourselves on and work hard to uphold.
Well, apparently that definition is super simple indeed, so...go ahead.
I'm starting to think Profession comes up more often than The Last Question, which contradicts what the FAQ at asimovonline.com/asimov_FAQ.html#others7 says.
@NapoleonWilson I mean it is. Canon is canon, Legends is legends.
Canon is canon, Legends is Legends, fanfiction is nonsense.
Note how our leading site expert in even says said answers are now "obsolete" and no longer valid with regards to canon works.
A: How should we handle "obsolete" answers to old questions (e.g. pre-Disney canon Star Wars questions)?

ValorumThe best way to deal with the arrival of new canon information is to post new answers that offer answers from the new canon and allow those answers to (eventually) rise up above the older answers. Over time the newer (and arguably righter) answer will gain more upvotes and hopefully surpass the...

9:34 AM
@b_jonas could search through scifi.stackexchange.com/…; if you really want :P
@Mithrandir Sure, 100% agreed. But when a question specifies canon, then legends is just as nonsensical, unfortunately.
@Edlothiad Sure.
@Mithrandir That's too broad, a lot of people look for stories printed in compilations edited by Asimov. But I think at some point I did search specifically for story-id questions with Profession, to identify which one we should mark dupes to.
> You can make clear in the text of your question that you're asking about Legends material as opposed to Disney canon, perhaps with a link or citation to the particular work you're referring to or asking about. We also have a star-wars-legends tag, whose tag wiki info says:
I think there's something about that in chat, but it's back in the blighted room, so I won't look.
@Edlothiad well maybe the right course of action is asking the poster to describe what s/he considers to be cannon? Especially if s/he' s new?
@Jenayah I'm going to disagree here, especially from the PoV of Star Wars, where canon is strictly defined.
@Jenayah Always assume the works canon levels unless specified otherwise imo
@Jenayah What Valorum is effectively asking here is the "different" canons of DC and Marvel (comics, MCU, DCEU, animated series, etc.). Being able to judge which your interested in may lead to a different answer.
Well then someone can maybe edit the post by replacing "canon" with another word meaning "what I include in my vision of cannon"
9:38 AM
I.e. "I'm looking for canon answers but Legends is fine if not"
I'm not disagreeing as to that Legends isn't canon. I'm disagreeing as to whether or not it's at a higher level than fanfiction for use in answers.
Q: What's the original version of "The Majestic Tale" (of a Madman in a Box)?

MarioI recently watched a few classic Doctor Who episodes from the 80's and earlier during Twitch's streaming event and at one point I was rather surprised to hear music in background that appeared to be an earlier version of the later Series 6 track **The Majestic Tale (of a Madman in a Box): ...

@Jenayah Great endless debate. Next discuss what to do if someone asks a Harry Potter question without specifically referencing the books or the movies, eg. my question scifi.stackexchange.com/q/114772/4918 "When do children raised in a wizard family get their wand?", what do you do if someone posts a movie-based answer?
It isn't in a question asking for canon.
@Edlothiad Honestly, I was mainly looking for the why anyway. Injustice certainly doesn't provide it, but all other works are fine as long ad they're DC-tagged in my book (ie no fanfiction)
9:40 AM
> material that used to be considered some level or other of canon is a lot higher up the pecking order than that
And informing Valorum of such would've let him answer it
@NapoleonWilson With reference to using the legends tag, however.
@Edlothiad Didn't I? Damn, I thought I did!
@Edlothiad Oh, sure, of course.
You might've, I didn't read more than one comment
Ooh possibly sarcasm, ballsy move.
@Edlothiad this well I kinda did, put probably not clear enough.
9:43 AM
@Jenayah Ye so either you say "everything" or "this comic arc only" or "Rebirth/new 52 only" etc.
@Edlothiad What does this message refers to?
@Edlothiad I'll probably edit that sometime today/this week then
@Jenayah Oh nonsensical garbage
Oh actually the question seemsto have a deleted answer that I didn't see
@Jenayah Aye, so Marvel and DC have a generic canon, with different subsets of canon (like the MCU etc....)
(according to my "activity" board, it had some action by a Darrius Beleiu user but since I don't see that, I guess it was deleted)
@Edlothiad I know that :)
9:46 AM
@Jenayah It was deleted
> Assuming that you had a magical lantern wouldn’t it be reasonable that that lantern would take care of your clothes for you? You might also ask if the ring or lantern changes your current clothes into your suit right?? Not an answer just a few contemplative questions to think about. :)
That was the answer, deleted by users for not being helpful
Oh, indeed
thanks for copying the text so I could read it :)
No problemo
I think that's legal
I think it's a case by case thing
And as it's a deleted, by other users, answer to her question you should be fine
10:06 AM
Just a question (which probaly exists somewhere in main Meta, but I'm feeling lazy): when a new user has his/her post deleted, but said post was still commented by a "read the tour/this is going to be deleted because of xyz/etc", can they still see the comment?
@Jenayah I think I asked that in chat.
They can see a mod comment if it was posted after deletion
May 14 at 20:49, by b_jonas
Then there's answers to story-id saying "yes, that's the movie I was thinking of, thank you", which should be converted to green checkmarks. For those, should I leave a comment and flag for "not an answer"? Will the poster then still see the comment for the deleted answer, and see the inbox notification for the comment?
That one was about a deleted answer to his own question.
@b_jonas In that case I would personally flag for mod attention, it's beyond normal users control now
And also comment asking them to accept the answer and potentially leave a comment on the "accepted" answer saying the OP accepted this in a "now/potentially" deleted answer
@TheLethalCarrot As in I believe the comment is shown in their inbox too
I'm not sure I understand, there was an answer which contained the title but was deleted?
Even if it's low quality, those ones tend to stick around (with downvotes though) for story-id rather than deletion, no?
10:11 AM
In that case I believe there was an answer where the OP accepted one of the other answers as correct but it was deleted
@Jenayah Depends who sees them cos they are technically NaA
Oh you mean poster deleted his own answer?
@TheLethalCarrot true
Well I don't know that case but I think b_jonas means deleted by community
community as in several users or community as in the "not a real person"?
Story id policy makes most normal situations tricky anyway haha
Several users
Or rather what normal users can do if it wasn't a real case
ok ok!
10:15 AM
I personally would flag for mod attention and leave a comment on the accepted answer in case it get's deleted before the mod see's it
Mods can convert the answer to a comment so skips a few steps too
Though, if the answer is deleted the flag get's marked as helpful even if it's not been actioned (which seems like a bug to me but there you go)
Basically the situation is that someone identified the book correctly and the OP writes an answer saying "WOO THANKS THAT'S THE BOOK I WAS LOOKING FOR! OMG I LOVE YOU" etc. and they're seen.
The best course of action is to flag for a moderator to convert it to a comment. Leave a comment under the thank you post saying they can click the green check mark and writing a comment under the answer that correctly identified it saying "This was stated as being correctly identified in an answer below"
23 hours ago, by Edlothiad
Yep, as said above.
@Edlothiad alright!
@TheLethalCarrot Not as eloquently ;)
@Edlothiad Maybe I'm not as eloquent as you...
10:26 AM
I'm uber eloquent
11:00 AM
Early sighting of Darth Vader:
I feel a question coming on: was this the first appearance of Darth Vader in a video clip?
That's borderline on topic right?
Not even borderline.
Is it on-topic?
Should be on topic.
There's nothing sff-nal about it and I thought a recent meta addressed that?
11:02 AM
Q: What is the first mention of Star Wars in a hit song?

SQB Jaws was never my scene And I don't like Star Wars "Bicycle Race" (1978) by Queen In the 1978 song "Bicycle Race" by Queen, off their album Jazz, the films Star Wars and Jaws are mentioned. When it comes to Star Wars, was this the first hit song to do so? If not, what was the first h...

It is about Vader himself rather than actors weddings though
I'm aware of the existing questions.
There's a question about when was Star Wars mentioned in a hit song for the first time, so yours should be on topic, I reckon.
@TheLethalCarrot This is true
@Edlothiad Hence why I said borderline on topic
11:03 AM
Ow, nicked by mobile connection ahah
I'm acknowledging that that was about weddings and not big V
@SQB Most likely ANH promotional material.
Unless you meant music video, then probably the music video to the earliest song.
@Edlothiad music video indeed.
@SQB one which doesn't necessarily refer to the character, but throw its image at random? (Even if the lyrics are probably referencing it then...)
11:14 AM
Does the Bicycle race video feature Darth Vader?
It's not exactly safe for work for me to watch, I think, hence the question :)
@Jenayah No. Just Queen and a number of fat-bottomed girls.
If so, we're looking for a pre-1978 clip which may have thrown a (recent) movie image at random - did they do that frequently back in the day? Have to admit that I don't watch clips, generally speaking
11:55 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I'm pretty sure there was a meta about this type of question and we decided they're on-topic.
This is why we have tags for both and : they're at least half about SFF, but different halves.
@Jenayah I know that when a mod leaves a comment either after deletion or within some hours before deletion, that comment will still show up in the poster's inbox. Not sure how or if that applies to non-mod commenters (who can't comment after deletion).
@Edlothiad Yeah, the one who knows bugger-all about Star Wars ;-)
Hey, loong time no see!
@Randal'Thor How loong have you been waiting for this occasion to get this pun in?
12:23 PM
@Loong (Inadvertently?) casting the UK as the bad guys.
1 hour later…
1:40 PM
Ooh. accio-quote.org/articles/2010/0405-whitehouse-eggroll.html this JKR interview says "Am I thinking about making a spin off of Harry Potter? Like Neville Longbottom and the ... Cup of Doom or something?" I bet that quickly invented title has been reused in multiple fanfics by now.
@b_jonas I don't dare look.
It's funnier than Harry Potter and the{ Green Flame Torch, Mountain of Fantasy, Fortress of Shadows, Forest of Shadows, Graveyard of Memories, Pyramids of Furmat, Pillar of Storgé, Toenail of Icklibõgg} (all titles that J. K. Rowling had specifically denied on her webpage would be the titles of the sixth or seventh Harry Potter book)
@b_jonas ...all fan-fiction by now, I suppose?
@SQB I would guess. I don't read many HP fanfics.
I've only read HP:MoR.
Which was amusing for the first couple of chapters, but grew old after a while. I skipped some of the middle bits to the grand finale.
1:44 PM
Perhaps I should start a question "What books did J. K. Rowling say she wouldn't write?"
@SQB I've read all of it quickly, after it was finished, and enjoyed it.
i was confused there for a moment
> Hungarian does not have gender-specific pronouns and lacks grammatical gender [...]
Gender neutrality in genderless language is the use of wording in those languages that avoids referring specifically to the male or female gender. This is typically achieved by using gender-exclusive words ("human being", "person", "businessperson", "people", "businesspeople", and so on) instead of gender-specific ones ("man", "chairwoman," "businessman", "caveman") when one speaks of people whose gender is unknown, ambiguous, or contextually unimportant. == Austronesian languages == === Malay === As an Austronesian language, Malay is fundamentally gender-neutral. The third-person singu...
/me recalls @b_jonas being Hungarian.
Am I correct?
Do we have JKR have denied as titles of Fantastic Beasts sequels yet?
@SQB Correct, and yes, I often make mistake with pronoun genders in Engslih, and readers are often annoyed by them to varying degrees.
Oh. The part of that interview about the "Potter" name is also nice.
1:53 PM
I see :) I thought the use of "he" there might imply JKR was saying someone else (like Newt Scamander) wouldn't be writing certain books
@Randal'Thor Well I did say on topic haha
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