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9:04 PM
trying to look for anything better and failing, so I'm gonna get a move on
Red: QUID (2)
definitely LONDON
Sid encourages; GPR snores
sounds good
Anything else that might fit?
Bank, maybe?
Probably not as strong as the other 2, though...
9:05 PM
there are other words related to money
yes, like bank
but I like your first two better
But would QUID be the best clue for LONDON and POUND, or would it be more likely for LONDON and BANK?
POUND seems almost too close to QUID
quid gives me the impression the person wanted to clue the actual money itself
which is why I like pound a lot here
I think you're right. If it were LONDON and BANK, and not POUND, then it would probably be PENCE or something like that.
So definitely POUND, and then LONDON, or BANK? I'm leaning toward LONDON.
Good to go with POUND?
9:08 PM
POUND is red.
What do you think for the second one?
I'm not entirely sure, quid is too British to ignore, but I don't know if that was just because of pound
I still like london better
Hi dcfyj, you'll be joining team red!
9:09 PM
LONDON is red.
RED: ManyPinkHats, ffao, GentlePurpleRain, dcfyj
Hi Mithrandir, you'll be joining team red!
RED: ManyPinkHats, ffao, GentlePurpleRain, dcfyj, Mithrandir
Blue: Cocytus (5)
9:09 PM
Our team just doubled!
I sure don't know what a "Cocytus" is...
me neither
here's to hoping blue also does not
It's a that's not my team
9:11 PM
yup, no idea what is a cocytus
But apparently describes 5 of the words on the board...
I don't know what that is.
maybe a plant of some sort
that sound like a plant word
hm, let's try joining...
Hi Erik the Outgolfer, you'll be joining team blue!
BLUE: John Dvorak, Sid, thecoder16, Joey Dionne, Erik the Outgolfer
9:11 PM
oh, bad luck :/
you know what is a cocytus? :P
@Erik, they were down one person, so it was inevitable you'd end up on Blue.
yeah, I was just impatient :P
Word sounds familiar, but thankfully I don't need to know it
Even knowing what it is I have no idea what John's aiming at...
9:12 PM
@thecoder16 Do you know what a Cocytus is?
oh shoot i forgot about this
and I'm a human, not an owl :P
that's a ancient greek river isn't it
9:14 PM
a river?
@thecoder16 Okay.
somebody's slow...
River.... Bank then?
9:15 PM
I'm so tempted to google it right now, but that might give us an unfair advantage.
@Erik, just scroll up
yeah, let's not
@GentlePurpleRain I'll try to use what I know to our advantage, naturally, although I have no idea what John's aiming for :P
@GentlePurpleRain I'm lazy :P also, it's supposed to work
It's Mithrandir's fault.
9:16 PM
I think it maybe doesn't work if the board hasn't changed since the last time.
@EriktheOutgolfer pretty sure it doesn't if it's exactly the same as the last one
then the meta post should be edited :P
You can always permalink it in another tab if you don't like scrolling.
also, why
9:17 PM
look, i can't put everything about the bot in a meta post that's supposed to have the rules for the game :P
Is anyone going to make a guess, here?
That would be nice
I'd go with bank if it's a river
Assuming thecoder is correct, I see nothing on this board that suggests "Ancient Greek River" to me
but that's the only one that maybe know what it is
9:18 PM
sorry im only half here
if it's blue, maybe it's right, if not we know it's not a river then
hm, if I ignore the river part, two Greek-originating words I can see are COMIC and THEATER
9:19 PM
not even red
(Because this game was going nowhere)
at least it's not red or black
9:19 PM
I'm disappointed
Okay, MPH. Knock our socks off!
9:19 PM
You don't have to pass; you've already ended your turn.
I've been told one to do it so i'm doing it all the time now :P
hm, so that's why !board twice doesn't work
@dcfyj Oh, didn't actually notice that SOCK was in there!
I hadn't either lol, good unintended pun :)
9:21 PM
Sid's advice to MPH applies to everybody else as well :P
24 mins ago, by Sid
@ManyPinkHats Yup. GPR expects an awesome clue. No pressure. :P
the last part
Red: Scrubs (2)
sock is tentative
hospital, yeah
9:23 PM
Snow scrub?
possibly circle as well
Italics indicate a work, such as a TV show or book.
Scrubbing in circles
Right. It's a TV show.
9:23 PM
@dcfyj wax on, wax off
I don't know much about it, except that it's in a hospital.
it's a comedy I think
It's a sitcom, so maybe COMIC?
I don't watch TV...
9:24 PM
@JohnDvorak any other clue?
I only have tentative ones
@EriktheOutgolfer it's red turn.
I only have tentative ones as well
I mean, do you have it ready?
a hospital sitcom sounds good for comic+hospital, for what it's worth
9:25 PM
COMIC would be my best guess, I think.
good for comic then?
COMIC is red
9:25 PM
good :)
I guess nothing outstanding then
We've been 2/2 both times.
I have to run. Can someone ping me when the game is over (so I can see the outcome?)
@GentlePurpleRain sure
9:26 PM
RED: ManyPinkHats, ffao, dcfyj, Mithrandir
googles Cocytus
9:27 PM
Actually I think I know something cocytus was cluing...
btw, it's our turn @John!
Blue: Cold(3)
hm, DEGREE immediately comes to mind
snow too
9:28 PM
what for the third?
dunno :P
9:29 PM
a word!
Do people wear socks when it is cold?
maybe SOCK? a cold sock isn't fun
nah, they make you cold :P
they wear them to get hot
and they're pretty often a problem...let's not go into details as to why
9:30 PM
Dryers like to eat them
maybe a cold box?
ah, you're a so good ninja against me
I was just going to say BOX too
good with box Sid?
I am off to sleep. Same request as GPR for me too.
9:32 PM
!leave then ;)
Have a nice day.
BLUE: John Dvorak, thecoder16, Joey Dionne, Erik the Outgolfer
BOX is black.
9:32 PM
oh no
or night, or whatever other timezone you may be in
@ManyPinkHats AHAHA
@sid @GentlePurpleRain
9:33 PM
Another game, and it seems I do SM. Going second.

Black: BOX

Box kills any sort of geometry clue for circle/degree/figure. Goshdarnit. Well, maybe...

Spiderman? Comic is red.

Cocytus is the ninth CIRCLE of hell, in Dante's Inferno (a NOVEL I believe). Plenty of SNOW and ice there. Very few DEGREEs, though that's stretching it a bit. I can't see any plausible misplays. Unless the clue fails to connect entirely, that is. Oh and you definitely need SOCKs there.

POUND and LONDON both work with QUID, but any more than 2 and they might guess MILLIONAIRE(yellow)
unfortunately, cluing SKYSCRAPER for CRANE+GIANT risks NOVEL because of the previous round
SCRUBS was a hospital comedy show?
I can't see any good 3s. I really really want a 3 but I can't see one.
pretty much any large aquatic creature would get SHARK+GIANT. (Heh, giant SQUID would connect with QUID earlier.) Should I go for WHALE recognizable-but-not-shark or MEGALODON definitely-shark-if-you-know-it?
oh, so that's what is the Cocytus
9:34 PM
Cocytus or Kokytos (Ancient Greek: Κωκυτός, literally "lamentation") is a river in the underworld in Greek mythology. Cocytus flows into the river Acheron, on the other side of which lies Hades, The Underworld, the mythological abode of the dead. There are five rivers encircling Hades: the Styx, Phlegethon, Lethe, Acheron and Cocytus. == In literature == The Cocytus river was one of the rivers that surrounded Hades. Cocytus, along with the other rivers related to the underworld, was a common topic for ancient authors. Of the ancient authors, Cocytus was mentioned by Dante, Virgil, Homer, Cicero...
I love the quid + squid combo
new game?
9:36 PM
um, which color is usually luckier?
I only thought of QUID SQUID after I'd already clued QUID, but now I'm wondering: if I had thought of it earlier, would there have been a way to combine them, and would it have worked?
@ManyPinkHats I don't think clues like that are generally allowed.
9:37 PM
> You are not allowed to clue based on position (or spelling? - we haven't come to a consensus yet) No spelling clues allowed
black is the absence of color, not a color! :P
I recognize that "QUID SQUID" wouldn't have been allowed, but could there have been some way to combine them in a legal clue?
and no, don't say yellow please
I can still play
you mean, if quid were a word on the board?
9:38 PM
BTW, quick guide to waving: O/ is "I can SM", o/ is "I can play but not SM", and 0/ is "I can play and can SM if needed, but prefer not to SM"
ooo, nice to know
would be nice to make them more, eh, official
9:39 PM
um, 0/ is in code formatting and the others aren't?
@EriktheOutgolfer intentional
get that dot in the 0
FFAO hasn't SM'd last game
that's not a dot for me...
also, does 0 really look much like O?
It's pretty similar
in before Brainfuck clone
9:41 PM
seems like i'll SM
@ffao, want to be the other SM?
I'll try not to lose this time, but no promises
it's ok, you're playing against me :P
Playing against MPH was no guarantee for me that my team wouldn't guess an ice box :P
9:43 PM
we did guess the box, that's who assassinated us :(
!newgame Joey, ffao, John, Erik, ManyPinkHats, Mithrandir, dcfyj
at least we got 2 good ones before that black :P
RED: Joey, dcfyj, Mithrandir, John
BLUE: ffao, Erik, ManyPinkHats
oh, blue :(
RED spymaster only, please click on this link to see the seed: https://onetimesecret.com/secret/mo3s8inqlc14yts2z7cwiwegsf29gac
BLUE spymaster only, please click on this link to see the seed: https://onetimesecret.com/secret/du10sjtpmy7mf1smy1uj7w5his3j630

Please save the seed somewhere! As a last resort if any of you happens to forget the seed, you can type !recall to get a new link.
BLUE goes first!
9:44 PM
@JoeyDionne that's if you consider Cocytus a good clue :P
it's a good one when you know what it is :P
ffao, time to shine
9:46 PM
my first clue in my first game as SM, I clued Dover and nobody knew what it was, and first word guesse was black
so it didn't went all that bad here :P
Could have gotten an ice box on round one if my team did know what Cocytus is :D
i want to know what cocytus is
was i wrong?
it's a river in the greek hell
you can google it, it's not been clued right now :P
yeah that's what i thought
9:48 PM
but being clued as the 9th circle of hell
Lowest circle of Dante's Inferno
cold hell
well i didn't know that
so you were right and wrong ^^
first clue?
hold on, it's our turn :P
9:50 PM
blue first so waiting for FFAO
why is everyone capitalizing ffao?
BLUE: Bond, 2
no idea
9:51 PM
John insists on doing it, I guess people took it from him
um, CONTRACT is maybe the most obvious there
SPY jumps out to me, given James Bond
reflex capitalizing because of hexadecimal ^^'
then it would be FFA0
9:51 PM
or 0xffa0
contract is red
red's turn
yikes :(
or we could have discussed, but sure
9:52 PM
i'm ok with this
air, gas, fire
gas and fire for sure
and I can see the fourth, which is [REDACTED]
AIR, GAS, and FIRE all seem accurate to me.
9:55 PM
death, maybe?
Yeah, was just thinking that too.
I would do gas, fire, air, death in that order
sound good?
go for it
gas is red
9:56 PM
fire is red
air is red
death is red
9:56 PM
good clue :)
oh wait, there are 5 guesses
so, ffao must now try again a little bit better than "bond" :P
Just got a major thunderstorm outside my window, BTW
There's no need to call board if it's not your turn yet :)
9:58 PM
I thought it was, but then I remembered the bot doesn't know what clues we're talking about :P
because, well, it requires a bit of linking, AI and human cognition to connect clues to words

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