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9:18 AM
Speaking of xkcd, a convincing demonstration of why local installs are a bad idea.
6 hours later…
2:59 PM
@FaheemMitha As with everything, it's only a bad idea if you are mixing and matching absolutely everything.
@Kusalananda Or, in other words, all things in moderation?
Regardless, I'm not a fan of local installs if they can be avoided.
Of course, sometimes packaging small things is just too much trouble.
@FaheemMitha By "local" I assume you mean "private", because running only "remote" commands can be a bit slow.
Salutations to you @Kusalananda @FaheemMitha
And @Jesse_b
3:22 PM
@Kusalananda No, by local installs, I mean an install that isn't a "proper" binary package from the distribution install.
3:48 PM
@PrabhjotSingh Apparently it's infectious.
@FaheemMitha what?
Hi all :)
@FaheemMitha prefers "Hi" :-P
Is it contagious.
4:01 PM
@PrabhjotSingh Apparently.
@FaheemMitha hi
@PrabhjotSingh Hey. How are you doing?
Deeply moved by your discussion about art last night
@PrabhjotSingh Discussion? What discussion?
Your discussion a out movie stuff and are
4:03 PM
Oh, you mean arguing with jesse about whether you could meaningfully consider something to be bad?
And art
I think you and Jesse both are right
@PrabhjotSingh I don't see how we could both be right. We had opposing viewpoints.
@Kusalananda So, hard at work answering questions?
At first I thought Jesse is right.
But today I think you were right
Hmm. Sounds like you've given thought to it. Possibly more than either of us.
@FaheemMitha when I was reading lady Chatterley's lover, a friend of mine said this is crap
4:08 PM
@FaheemMitha Just trying to stay hydrated today. Answering the easy questions. The temperature just dropped to +30.5 here. It's awful.
A student studying in 9th standard can write this
Here this is 44, Sir. And I don't have an a/c.
@PrabhjotSingh Lawrence was very controversial in his time. I suppose in some circles he still his.
Fortunately for him, he got significant support early in his career, from influential people.
Though that's neither here nor there.
But I love this piece
@Kusalananda We're holding fairly steady at 33/35 C here. But the rains will be coming soon.
@PrabhjotSingh What piece?
My father said why don't you read madam Bovary.
Lady Chatterley's lover
4:10 PM
Actually, Lawrence doesn't seem to have been a people person, exactly.
@PrabhjotSingh Oh, ok.
@PrabhjotSingh That's like the most famous novel in modern fiction. Well, top 10, at least. Probably worth reading.
Well, in the original French, at least.
@FaheemMitha even not all of Manto s stories can be put under art.
Personally I love Lawrence's.
@PrabhjotSingh I don't follow. "Manto s"?
@PrabhjotSingh Should I know who Manto is?
Oh, a Pakistan writer?
Urdu? Hmm. Never heard of him.
Syaday Manto was a Punjabi and Urdu writer
Some of his stories are very fine piece of art but some are disaster.
@PrabhjotSingh Ok. Can you read Urdu, then?
Yes I can read Urdu
@PrabhjotSingh That's good. Always better to read things in the original. If possible.
But not as easily as Panjabi
4:16 PM
I tried to learn to read Urdu once. I was able to read basic stuff. But it's hard. There is a lot of idiomatic stuff.
And the script isn't that easy to read, either.
You must buy Urdu ki pehli kitab a d exercise it.
Script is not tough either.
Also, that right to left thing isn't easy. Unless you are used to it.
One difficult thing is pronunciation
Urdu is like English
@PrabhjotSingh I didn't find it easy. It looks good, though.
You add one letter whole pronunciation changes
4:19 PM
@PrabhjotSingh Yes, not phonetic. Like English and unlike Devanagari.
Today I find d c language tough. But believe me three years later this would not be that difficult.
You can just type unicode in directly, and TeX will handle it. So, really, there isn't anything TeX specific there.
@FaheemMitha you like co
You like satire
@PrabhjotSingh I do?
@PrabhjotSingh Note - you can edit messages in chat.
There is a.
There is a book "Urdu ki aakhiri Kitab"
4:25 PM
@PrabhjotSingh Ok. But not really looking to study Urdu right now. Thanks for the pointer, though.
@PrabhjotSingh How do you edit messages in chat?
I don't know
4:51 PM
Anyone know anything about this?
Q: How to prevent root login from GNOME 3 login screen (Arch Linux)?

Paranoid PandaI am running an up-to-date installation of Arch Linux and GNOME 3.28. For security reasons I don't allow root login in the consoles. I have done this by configuring /etc/securetty. However, it worries me that in the GUI I can still login into the root account from the GNOME GDM login screen. Is...

@PrabhjotSingh I mean, where you asking how to edit messages in chat?
If so, left click on the little downward pointing arrow at the beginning of the message.
You'll see a little menu pop up. This includes an edit option for 2 minutes.
Ok I try this
One disclosure @FaheemMitha
I haven't read Madam Bovary though suggested by my father
@ParanoidPanda You can not disallow root from logging in when they have physical access. With physical access, one can easily reboot the machine into single user mode and acquire root access that way.
@PrabhjotSingh Ok.
4:56 PM
@ParanoidPanda Well, I'm assuming there are things you can do with the tty settings as well, but I'm not sure how they work on Linux.
@Kusalananda: You can't actually just reboot it and login as root or anything like that in fact. It's all configured so that you can't do that. And the /etc/securetty thing I mentioned in the question disables root login in the specified TTYs, it's just in the actual GNOME login screen that this is still possible.
And it's kind of bad practice I think to allow a root GUI login, especially when it is disabled elsewhere, there really should be a way of preventing this otherwise it's just silly.
@ParanoidPanda Did you see "https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/4/html/S‌​ecurity_Guide/s2-wstation-privileges-noroot.html"
It's RHEL, but Arch may do something similar.
@Kusalananda: 404 Error, page not found.
I don't know, Arch is really a do-it-yourself system, they barely change anything from the upstream, in fact that's practically the point of them. So the system you make is really what you make of it. So this would all probably be upstream GNOME stuff, and not downstream Arch related.
5:03 PM
@ParanoidPanda Huh? I have it open in two tabs. In one it works, and in the other I get a 404. Weird.
But I can't read your page so I don't know what it says there.
I'll try again!
I get to it this time (with your actual link)!
How strange.
5:13 PM
@Kusalananda: OK, well, I have made the changes it specifies with the auth [user_unknown=ignore success=ok ignore=ignore default=bad] pam_securetty.so setting. So I will restart now and let you know!
5:32 PM
@Kusalananda: It worked! Great! Thanks!
Please post that as an answer then.
6:11 PM
@ParanoidPanda I will not do that as I have no equivalent system to test on. I hate giving out "blind" answers... But you could write it up as an answer to your own question!
@ParanoidPanda It's also far too hot here, so I can't really think straight... :-)
@Kusalananda You could buy an A/C.
2 hours later…
8:27 PM
@Kusalananda: Ok, I'll do that, but as it does work on my system, and you did find it, there's no real reason not to just point at that and say to try it. Let me know if you change your mind. But ok, I'll answer it. :)
@ParanoidPanda I will not change my mind ;-)
@Kusalananda: Ok, I'll credit you in the answer then. ;)
There we go:
A: How to prevent root login from GNOME 3 login screen (Arch Linux)?

Paranoid PandaThis can be achieved as stated here by adding the following line: auth [user_unknown=ignore success=ok ignore=ignore default=bad] pam_securetty.so To these files (some may not already exist and have to be created): /etc/pam.d/gdm /etc/pam.d/gdm-autologin /etc/pam.d/gdm-fingerprint /etc/pam.d/...

@Kusalananda: Thanks! :)
8:42 PM
@ParanoidPanda Looks good, as far as I can see. Take care. I'm going to bed.
@Kusalananda: Great! Thanks again and goodnight (hope the bedbugs don't bite)! ;-)

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