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12:14 AM
gah, in notation hell
I have a nonsymmetric matrix that is making everything look bad
Research stuff?
Thesis work, generalizing some well known stuff
I just realized the book I'm looking at is making the same error
Folland actually does it correctly but it looks even worse
I want to have a bilinear form $$\mathcal B(u,v)=\int A(\nabla u,\nabla v)$$
but it turns out that integrand needs to be $A^{ij}_{\mu\nu} \nabla_i u^\nu \nabla_j v^\mu$
$\nu$ and $\mu$ are switched
I think $i$ and $j$ should be as well
but the functional is dual to the equation so one of them has to be backwards in the non-self-adjoint case :P
Index notation: just because it works, doesn’t mean it isn’t an arse
12:24 AM
trying to do this index free would probably be worse
well now all my indices are wrong :-)
It’s stuff like that which makes me wish diagrammatic methods were actually useful
I mean, in some places they are eg Feynman diagrams
nah, I have everything straight, it's just the order of the indices that's wrong
a good reader wouldn't mind, but my OCD is going off now
12:31 AM
it's morally correct
@Semiclassical I'm actually doing this wrongly because I'm writing down estimates without really defining my problem first
I’m having to actively suppress that impulse as I’m finishing this writing
Gotta get it in working order tonight
I want to write down the most general second order PDE on a Riemannian vector bundle (what I mean by that isn't clear) and try to get existence and regularity
What would be the cause of sore throat and a little fatigue?
@SirCumference aids
I'm praying I'm not sick right before finals
12:33 AM
@Semiclassical dissertation or paper?
@0celo7 ಠ_ಠ
@SirCumference i know your secret
Which is mostly just me jamming the papers I contributed together
12:34 AM
He is secret?
I sorta despise it but to hell with it
I'm trying to take some old notes I wrote and vastly generalize them to stick in the thesis
Writing down the problem is an obstacle
Once I have a chance next week I’ll probably go back and do more format tweaks
Sir secret cumference
But I need the working version tonight
12:36 AM
I can work with equations $$\nabla_i(A^{\mu ij}_\nu \nabla_j u^\nu+b^{\mu i}_\nu u^\nu)+c^{\mu i}_\nu \nabla_i u^\nu+d^\mu_\nu u^\nu=f^\mu -\nabla_i F^{\mu i}$$
Which basically means: remove some stuff in the last chapter which is a distraction, move some stuff into footnotes, and write a conclusion
is a conclusion really necessary?
It’s a bit perfunctory
right now I can only work with $u$ a section of some tensor subbundle, but I think this should generalize
the problem is writing down some invariant equation
@skull I doubt it
12:39 AM
basically I need the most general thing possible that lets me integrate by parts globally
and this makes sense to me as long as I have an orientation
I really don't want to have to deal with orientability though, it gives me a headache
I think the tack I’ll take with the conclusion is “if I were to go back to these projects, here’s what else I might explore”
I can spitball that pretty easily
Huh, I was just looking at the conference that’ll be here next week talking about holography stuff
And one of the speakers is Verlinde
I have to admit I know nothing about holography
Number of bosons in a photon vector field equals the number of fermions in the dimensions division algebras exist, obviously
12:49 AM
That was a really hard question to answer... It blended so many different things together...
A: Ion Wind Thruster? What is the theory behind it?

G. BergeronYour two questions concern entirely different devices/approaches to electric propulsion. Also, ion thrusters as used on satellites have little to do with those two approaches. With regard to question 1: You seem to have in mind the conventional setup in a ducted jet engine. This is not the case...

@G.Bergeron You should be happy, there's more algebraic topology in my thesis
How did I do?
Which department is hosting it? @Semiclassical
@0celo7 Ha!
12:50 AM
sounds cool
@G.Bergeron relative de Rham cohomology on manifolds with boundary
The conference is on “Holographic quantum matter”
because why not at this point
@0celo7 relative?
@G.Bergeron basically with forms supported away from the boundary
12:51 AM
To me, stupidly, holography is Stokes theorem, apparently that's really wrong
there's gonna be a commutative diagram
@0celo7 So like compact support in the variety \ boundary?
no, not compact support
I said it wrong
you just assume they're zero on the boundary
The \ meant setminus...
but ok
@0celo7 yay!
12:54 AM
I know, and that's not right
that would be compact cohomology of the interior
which is another thing
the challenge is to generalize the Hodge theorem to a manifold with boundary. I think I discovered a proof of this by accident
@0celo7 I'm just not sure what a 2-form being non-zero on a 1D boundary really means, without additional structure and/or embeddings...
um, it's a thing defined on the manifold
so it's zero on the boundary
Hmm, on further inspection it looks like Verlinde won’t be talking about entropic gravity
So less unusual
@0celo7 Yeah, so how come assuming it to be zero there introduces any additional constraints?
@G.Bergeron it's a Dirichlet boundary condition for the Poisson equation
1:01 AM
@0celo7 Ah right, so by Hodge theorem, you mean the decomposition one, right?
I have the proof of the usual one written up. Currently doing it for boundaries. It's not a new theorem but this seems to be a nice proof
@G.Bergeron admittedly I don't have a good application in this mind that's easy
Howdy folks. Stupid question: can't I write v=int(2t-6)dt?i.imgur.com/9cgDhQ5.png
@0celo7 So to you cohomology is all about harmonic solutions and Poisson solutions? :p
@G.Bergeron of course
it's an analysis thesis :P
@JoeStavitsky yeah
@0celo7 Yeah well in my diff geo course the Laplace operator was defined as $\Delta = \delta d + d \delta$. You can cast everything in differential equations, but we mostly worked abstractly by using the inner product $(\alpha,\beta) = \int_M \alpha \wedge * \beta$.
1:18 AM
My proof of the hodge theorem is one sentence because it's a very specialized form of a very general result
@0celo7 Is it something along the line of poisson solutions = harmonic + special part?
@G.Bergeron ok so why the heck is this wrong please? i.imgur.com/esVKlJQ.jpg
Actually, I'm looking at those notes and he did introduced some elliptical analysis notions to do the proof...
@0celo7 Like weak solutions, regularity theorem and then using the scalar product above...
The version you'd see in something like Gilkey or Lawson-Michelson is that any elliptic self-adjoint operator $L:\Gamma(E)\to \Gamma(E)$, where $E$ is a Hermitian vector bundle on a closed Riemannian manifold satisfies $\Gamma(L)=\im L\oplus \ker L$
@G.Bergeron someone actually proved all of that in a geometry course?
@0celo7 Yeah well it was my graduate diff geometry class, for some theorems, he cited Warner. In general some proofs he just sketched, but it was in depth enough to my satisfaction, like the deRham isomorphism theorem, but he could only introduce the Atiyah-Singer theorem and didn't have the time to fully prove it...
1:24 AM
lol Atiyah-Singer would take a month to prove
I'm vastly generalizing what Warner does.
I strongly dislike his approach as well.
I really liked that class starting from analysis in R^n and gradually accelerating the pace up to Atiyah-Singer
@0celo7 Of Warner or of doing only sketches of some proofs?
The approach is $\Psi$DO without $\Psi$DO and there's no good reason for it
@0celo7 Yeah well the professor had to off-load some proofs in order to cover so much material in only one semester
I understand that
But Warner's proof isn't good imo
The second order Garding inequality rubs me the wrong way
I'm doing my proof with a first order Garding inequality
This is more in line with the classical Morrey proof
And is has the advantage of allowing for boundary conditions
You know after introducing the basics rigorously, it then went on to talk about Riemannian geometry & Hodge theory, integration and Stokes theorem, de Rham cohomology and a bit of singular homology which required some homological algebra so he could prove Mayer-Vietoris and deRham's thm... Finally, Hodge thm, some stuff about Green's operator, connections on vector bundles, Chern's classes and its link with Hodge theory, finishing with Atiyah-Singer.
@0celo7 He only referenced a theorem on Cauchy subsequence existence in n-forms and the regularity one: For $\alpha \in \Omega^k(M)$ and $l$ a weak solution of $\Delta \omega = \alpha \implies \exists \omega$ s.t. $l(\beta) = (\omega,\beta), \forall \beta \in \Omega^k(M)$.
@JoeStavitsky $dv = a dt$ does NOT imply $\int v dv = \int a dt$...
1:39 AM
@G.Bergeron the cauchy one is the strange one
it's not typical
it's a combination of a second order Garding inequality and the Rellich theorem
@G.Bergeron, but I thought thats what the book says? How else then to compute velovity from accceleration?
I know the proof pretty well
@JoeStavitsky You did not fix the constant of integration, you did not evaluate your expressions at the given times, etc. etc. Was I grading this, I would probably have given zero on the basis of mathematical inconsistency, but also because you didn't actually answered the question.
@0celo7 I haven't looked it up to be honest... Garding inequality and Rellich theorem does not really ring any bells for me...
read my thesis when it's done
@G.Bergeron Yea I got as far as the missing constants and missing evaluation, but what is the correct derivation of v from a?
1:42 AM
@JoeStavitsky It's $\int dv = \int a dt$ But you actually did the computation right, just not what you wrote...
no extre v
ok ty
@0celo7 Fair enough, as long as you're gentle at the beginning.
ty all and good night
@G.Bergeron I treat epsilons like topologists treat tubes
I am substantially less careful in this chapter because the stuff is already well understood I'm just doing a generalization
@0celo7 Fair enough, it's just that elliptical analysis is getting far from my specialisation, I use algebra in physical contexts...
@0celo7 That's the thing with being in mathematical physics: mathematicians think you're never rigorous enough and physicist say you're shoveling clouds... (that last expression has been literally translated from french, so I hope it invoke the same imagery...)
1:46 AM
I'm a mathematician
with PDE you can sometimes play very loose because you eventually get really good at inequalities
and the engineers probably think you're shovelling sh*t
@skull Yes, but then when I help my engineer friends after reading the first equation of a book (that's then converted in the rest of it in useable rule-of-thumbs) they appreciate that shit makes plant grows...
@skull Also, if you entirely remove the difficulties coming from the math from, say, electronics, the topic becomes vastly more approachable (I do that as a hobby).
2:42 AM
Oh now SE wants to mess with the UI?!? What's up with companies fucking around with UI constantly?
Please somebody see my question on main site
3:00 AM
@user187604 You're question is highly unclear... What exactly is the motion, why does gravity suddenly appears, etc. But the point is that in the frame of the ball there is only the tension and the (pseudo/false) centrifugal force, while in the frame of a static observer, there is only the tension, always applied orthogonal to its motion
3:38 AM
Am I crazy to think this is asking way too much of me?
A: Homework questions physics

SeanTo summarize the myriad of homework meta questions that dmckee linked to, as well as to editorialize a little, I think the issue that most of us have is with no-effort homework questions. There is a help page on the main Physics.SE site that includes an explanation of what's considered on topic....

4:11 AM
Q: Entropy : subjective lack of knowledge that leads to objective conclusions

StarBucKThere is something I really don't get about entropy. Let's consider a newtonian system (not quantum mechanics here). We can compute the entropy of a system via the formula $S=-\sum_l Pl Log(P_l)$ where $P_l$ is the probability to find the system studies in the configuration $l$. If we work at ...

It is cool that information has a more physical effect as some experiment shows. It makes it much easier to understand information entropy
4:39 AM
Last night dream:
Grabbing the computational chemistry book to read again as I ponder about the correlation between the electron density of the molecules and the reactivity, Slereah (represented as some boy with short hair) and
I compare the contents with me saying the chinese one has less content than the english one. Slereah then checked and said they are exactly the same and nothing is missing (the back cover of the chinese one which is thinner, has the words sobereva.com written on it). I then checked again, and confirmed that indeed nothing is missing
4:58 AM
These binary materials sure give interesting electronics
2 hours later…
6:53 AM
Last night I dreamt of visiting Beijing again.
I do wish I am there now.
7:10 AM
News update:
Q: Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

Nicol BolasThe Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming blog post says: Too many people experience Stack Overflow as a hostile or elitist place, especially newer coders, women, people of color, and others in marginalized groups. There have been accusations of elitism against SO since time immemorial. Basic...

To be honest I didn't read the original blog post very carefully, but I agree with the sentiment that it shouldn't be mixing up reaction to poor questions and reaction to posts from specific groups.
It is frustrating when OPs are lazy i.e. they haven't bothered to do even basic Googling before asking their question, and I dont think I'm the only one who feels this way. But I have never seen sexism or racism on the PSE and I would be horrified if I did.
Well, not deliberate sexism or racism anyway.
7:26 AM
I heard deliberate racism, specially nazism, was a big part of the reason why Chris White left.
could be a tag to discuss on meta
7:48 AM
@skull nope
We have had a few trolls discuss Nazism in the chat room, but they were never serious users and they have been swiftly banned. Chris White left for personal reasons that are his own business.
yeah, probably a rumour started by those trolls
the owners of the math room wrote up these guidelines for that room
I think I showed you them before, no? @JohnRennie
when you first became room owner iirc
I'll have a scan through the Meta to see if we have a similar post. If not I'll suggest we make one.
thank you, sir
8:10 AM
I've been in the cloud via ssh for 10 hours straight. I think I need to sleep now
8:33 AM
LOL there is indeed a video of some crackpot on youtube, claiming "stackexchange sucks", but in my opinion that rather speaks for stackexchange and not against it. Facts are more important than feelings.
@JohnRennie I think it's sloppy SJWness on the original blogpost's part to say "uhhh if you disagree, IMPLICIT BIAS TESTS"
It's very very controversial that the IATs have any correlation whatsoever with racist behavior.
How should one even know about the gender or the color of someone asking a stupid question? That blog post is a real Buzzfeed article, a pity one can not downvote it
That's accurate I'd say
(To be clear, I meant the adjective of it being a buzzfeed article is accurate) For what it's worth I agree with the premise of the blogpost. I think SO and many of the SE sites have developed an active culture of hostility. I don't see this too much in MSE, but PSE definitely has this.
Now, it's completely imaginable that a large part of that hostility comes from trying to regulate effortless and homework questions.
8:59 AM
It would rather be sexist and racist to encourage stupid questions just because the one asking could be a woman or a person of color. Only a real SJW would do that.
I think one should be careful about making a statement on, at least publicly, whether a question is "stupid" or not. If a question is unsuitable for the site, or doesn't put enough effort in it, obviously homework-help, the community would point that out regardless of whatever associations of the asker, and downvote it to oblivion/flag for closure.
It's also possible that the judgement of the community on the question's unsuitedness is not accurate (I have come upon many many questions on MSE which are great questions that got closed for no reason)
a funny quote about stupid questions: youtube.com/watch?v=uYT-ObGFly0
But yes, privately I think some questions are just downright stupid :D
The same goes for some blog posts [:
@СимонТыран It's funny (psst: and true), but pointing that out publicly (eg, in a comment below the post) is also totally not suitable for the site, IMO.
9:05 AM
@BalarkaSen Reminder: Off-topic is not the same as downvote-worthy is not the same as a stupid or bad question. These things overlap but they are not the same.
@ACuriousMind Yeah I was making a general case. This is true.
I think a major section of the blogpost ponders on the hostility of the community that comes from being "technical": If you ask a question, it'll either be upvoted/answered, downvoted/flagged, get some comments pointing you the backdoor. That's just a downside of being a Q&A site and not a forum.
This is a large source of perceived hostility, I think: Many think of downvotes and closures as aggression, as hostile actions against the author of the post. And, well, in a certain sense they are - they're usually not meant to be, it's not their primary purpose to upset the author, but of course they'll always bear some connotation of "the author of this question did something wrong".
The right solution to that is to put more attention to the chats: where people can come to seek discussion and not just answers.
I just don't get how the author of the Buzzfeed article correlates that with gender and color
@ACuriousMind I think we have similar things in mind, just from different angles.
9:12 AM
@BalarkaSen Nonononono - chat's don't become top Google hits, they are ephemeral and as horrible to search as the fora of old and their moderation and curation does not scale to the size of something of SO
Meta would be the place for that I assume
@СимонТыран Neither do we, so we say it's obviously a false correlation and convince ourselves that it's obviously SJW-inclined from the various sentences present in the blog, and move on to extract the constructive part of the blog.
Ok then first rule: never downvote my posts [:
@ACuriousMind I don't see why one would need to search discussions. That's the (primary) purpose of the chat.
To move extended discussion in the comments to somewhere
And any such discussion gets linked in the comments below the answers anyway
But...we already do that. So what do you mean by focusing more attention on chat?
9:15 AM
Maybe I don't understand your point
@BalarkaSen I was just thinking I don't understand yours :P
@ACuriousMind Only a nominal fraction of the community knows and actively uses the chat, which itself is filled with moderation bugs of various sorts. We should (1) popularize the chat as a place for discussion more actively (2) put more attention moderating it.
That's all my point was
does SAP have built-in employee internet chat rooms?
@BalarkaSen Well, my point was that even getting rid of all the buga chat currently has, that doesn't scale. Get 200 people (a significantly larger but still tiny fraction of the PSE user base) talking in here and it'll move so swiftly it becomes useless. So you have to do lots of rooms dedicated to specific topics. Each room then probably with their own room owners, and people who oversee who gets to be a room owner, and then moderators moderating what the room owners can't...
That just doesn't work, I think.
Hm, perhaps true.
9:32 AM
Maybe we can just make STEM less appealing
We'll get less questions
@ACuriousMind I thought about this for a bit: I am not sure if this is entirely a fault of the downvoting mechanic. I mean, most anybody perceives a criticism of their question or answer as, however little in proportion, hostile. If a professional mathematician posts a paper in a journal and it gets bashed by the reviewer hard, they'd probably go "damn, this fellow is an ass"
@BalarkaSen I did not claim this problem is solvable ;P
the insult to the injury comes when people take it too "personally"
Best we can all do about downvoting/closure being perceived as hostile is not to additionally leave snarky or rude comments on people's questions, and make an effort to explain to well-meaning new users what exactly they did wrong.
9:35 AM
But yeah just this discussion should be enough to justify how complicated the problem of hostility that's being raised is, and how much dilution the blogpost does to it.
@skull The point is any sufficiently personal curiosity, from which questions and answers originate, have to have personal connotations with it.
@ACuriousMind That's the more constructive approach, but I suspect many will disagree on it (a careful tutorial/walkthrough on what the OP did wrong) being a crucial part of a Q&A site - which, tbh, it's not.
It's a crucial part of a community, though
I think SE's trying to balance between those two ships at this point.
@BalarkaSen True enough
@skull You're not going to come across as less hostile by saying people are just taking it too personally :P
@ACuriousMind Don't take what skull says personally, bruh
::runs for cover::
But I agree, on the more serious note.
@Slereah This.
STEM are for broke ass people like us
Don't take this personally, but your question shows me you're not very bright :P
9:44 AM
I think people seriously seriously undervalue relativistic quantum mechanics and it's power
@bolbteppa its only use is for practical applications
I am getting so into these dirty waters I want to view particle physics as starting from Fermi's theory of beta decay :(
and then tinker with it to get it right instead of some magic Lagrangian
@JohnRennie Morning. You around?
But seriously, it offers an explanation for charge renormalization with the Dirac sea and electrostatic repulsion, how are you supposed to understand it without this?
It's very weird using a differential equation to get a qft scattering amplitude, way way easier
9:51 AM
@bolbteppa I'd agree with that all right
how goes the quantum computing site?
There are many paths to QFT
Except the Royal Road, as Euclid would say
but there is a royal roads university
I assume they don't teach geometry there
In fairness few places do (yee-olde/royal Euclidean) geometry anymore
10:00 AM
We learned euclidian geometry in elementary school
And I assume you learn it in some uni math modules
Synthetic geometry or axiom systems or whatever
@Blue Hi
Sorry for the slow response. I'm playing wit a new PC :-)
'it is said that Abraham Lincoln memorized the first six books of Euclid'
The axiomatization proclamation
@JohnRennie Hi! :D Could you check this C question I asked on SO? I seem to stuck with an issue that apparently shouldn't be too difficult to handle. But I just can't seem to think of any way around. If you wish, you could answer it there too (so that I can upvote/accept)
@skull Slowly gaining momentum - we're up to an average of 4.4 questions per day from maybe 3.6-3.8 a week or two ago. This is normal for beta sites, so it's fairly promising. We've got a few experts, although it would be nice to have more expert level questions
10:04 AM
@JohnRennie Hah. New laptop again ? :P
So when will a quantum computer run DOOM
@Blue no, a PC this time. I want a PC to use for remote working i.e. I shove it in a corner somewhere and RDP into it when I'm away from home.
By the way, my main problem with that program is the runtime. In its current form it takes hours to execute
So if you have any ideas to reduce the complexity etc. let me know
10:06 AM
@JohnRennie Oh nice. It's been a long time since I used a PC
Desktop i.e.
@Slereah here
The way I'd probably approach this is:
- initialise the array with 0 and -1, where -1 means black
- start at the top left and find the first -1
- change this to 1 and search for all connected cells and set them to 1 too
- carry on through the array, find the next -1 cell and this time set it and connected cells to 2
- then 3, you get the idea
@Slereah While people like claiming things like 10 years, it'll probably be a few decades yet :P
@JohnRennie Ah, finding connected cells is not the problem. My program already does that
10:10 AM
(a reasonable estimate would actually be about 30 years)
I'm sorry that I didn't add comment lines
My program labels all black cells belonging to the same cluster with the same number. Say 1, 2, 3 and so on. Anyhow, take your time. It's nothing urgent but would be helpful to find an efficient solution
@Blue I bought a cheap low spec Dell Optiplex 7010 because I reckon I can buy a replacement mofo i7 CPU for it cheaply. Hopefully I'll end up with a cheap but seriously powerful little PC.
@Blue By the time I got to the end of that "introduction" I had forgotton this was an SO question and was surprised to see a code block :P
I suggest you trim down the intro considerably, or at least put the actual question in front of it
@ACuriousMind Ah, you're right. Trying!
10:14 AM
Such a big intro is probably not necessary
@Blue why wouldn't you write out the cluster size data once per run, then process it separately after you've done all your runs?
@JohnRennie Wow. That would be a great combination. For Desktops using assembled components is a good idea
If you do that you always have the raw data in case you decide later to do a more sophisticated analysis.
So you only need one LxL array.
@JohnRennie Well, umm I was thinking of that but there are some issues. Say for p = 80 and L = 100 the largest cluster size could be 8000 (say) while in the second run it could be 8500. I could output all of that into a data file but then using Gnuplot to make an averaged graph would be another pain. For Gnuplot what is suited is i) some x-axis values (possible cluster sizes) ii) corresponding y -axis values (number of clusters of each size for a given p).
But if all the runs produce a different set of x-axis values I'm not sure how to use Gnuplot for that
10:21 AM
Have your first program write out the raw data, then write a separate second one to crunch the data into a form GNUPlot can handle.
@JohnRennie Ah. Using the "read files" technique in C? Interesting. I could use the r+ or w+ mode for that
For example you might need to experiment with different size bins. Once you have the raw data in a file you can run your analysis app with different bin sizes to see what works well.
@Blue Huh?
Oh, you mean open the file for append and write each fresh set of data to the end of it?
@JohnRennie Well, not "append". I just need to access the output files in r+ mode and calculated the required averaged data and create another set of output files in the desired format in the w+ mode (containing the averaged data which Gnuplot can later be used to plot)
I'm referring to
Q: Difference between r+ and w+ in fopen()

yaylitzisIn fopen("myfile", "r+") what is the difference between the "r+" and "w+" open mode? I read this: "r" Open a text file for reading. "w" Open a text file for writing, truncating an an existing file to zero length, or creating the file if it does not exist. "r+" Open a text file for up...

10:26 AM
@JohnRennie Anyhow, I think your idea is good. I should definitely try that
This is the new PC. Cute little thing isn't it? :-)
That's probably the tiniest CPU I've ever seen
If I can get one cheaply I'll cram a 3.4GHZ quad core i7 into that!
Haha. Cool
10:31 AM
It's a Dell ultra small form factor case. They are remarkably small.
your laptops are going to be jealous ;P
@Blue yes, open the file with "r+" then use fseek to move to the end of the file before writing the new data. That way you'll append the new data each time.
Check out my sweet rig
I have a friend who collects old PCs.
Is it me
10:37 AM
Old as in Commodore 64s, BBC micros, Sinclair QLs etc
Or are we not friends
I have (at least) two friends who collect old PCs :-)
Nice save
indeed, the parenthetical statement was done with mathematian like skill
10:54 AM
Old and Middle English

Proposed Q&A site for students of the predecessors of English: Old English, the language of Beowulf, and Middle English, the language of Chaucer in the Canterbury Tales. Accepts questions about learning, translation, and tales in this language.

Currently in definition.

11:16 AM
how's the sore throat? @SirCumference
@skull 100x worse D:
Now a stuffed nose
How does one get a sour throat
Goddammit all
Drink a lot of lemon juice?
Why does this happen to me when I need to study for finals
11:17 AM
fatigue weakens your immune system
@Slereah apoptosis
makin' a roast for lunch
I'm having :: drum roll :: beefburgers!
in your new place?
Followed by stem ginger icecream
Then some sweeties, but I haven't decided what sweeties yet
11:22 AM
I get the new place in one month
And I move there mid june
You're an old man, get one of those old man candy
Like a werthers or some hard candy
There's a local shop does a sweet called mint crumbles.
I think they are icing sugar that has been pressed into a ball, presumably under some considerable pressure. They are firm but crumble in your mouth when the saliva touches them.
And as they crumble they release a terrific burst of peppermint oil.
Those are my current favourite sweet. And since they crumble in the mouth even we toothless old wrecks can eat them.
toothless already?
I've lost two teeth so far. Not too bad I suppose.
@JohnRennie I had ginger and lemongrass candy floss once - it was the final course of a mind blowing meal
@Mithrandir24601 Wow, where was that? In China?
11:34 AM
@JohnRennie Nope, in Nottingham :) Horrifically expensive, but the best meal I ever had, not (just) in terms of sum of the parts, but everything I ate then was the best of that thing I've ever ate :)
@Mithrandir24601 what kind of meat dish, if there was one?
@skull Beef done up in some way. I really should have taken photos
(or at least, from what I remember, it was beef :P)
2 hours later…
1:42 PM
Good evening dear people !
1:54 PM
Deer people you say
Dire people you say?
Aa... You guys can help me a bit?
1:58 PM
Ouch !
Anyways, I will leave my question here. Any help would be appreciated.
"Whats the definition of information in physics? Mathematically and Physically."
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