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12:16 AM
@ASCII-only I don't suppose this is the bug you noticed?
12:34 AM
Have two PPCG-ers every met each other by chance, without knowing each other beforehand?
like IRL or on another site?
And has SE changed their site? Every time I go off of the tab for a tiny bit, it has to load up again.
12:50 AM
@Zacharý Does it count if I knew then before they joined PPCG?
@DJMcMayhem Were you the cause of them joining PPCG?
Might as well... since there doesn't seem to be that many code golfers ...
Then yes :P
1:06 AM
iirc wheat wizard and 0 ' both go to RPI
@Riker More than that, they're roommates
in Contact, 2 mins ago, by 0 '
okay, its been a while since I've played civ
in Contact, 2 mins ago, by user56656
No it hasn't you played civ yesterday
I think I believe you
@DJMcMayhem ...
Did they know each other beforehand ?!
@Zacharý I have no clue, ask them
would a good challenge have a user remake an/a array/list start at 1 without using list manipulation
1:17 AM
I met them on GitHub and then convinced than both to join
NVM then. I'm talking about something as weird as if someone had Dennis as a professor, that kind of coincidental stuff.
@MagicOctopusUrn Not anymore! :D
At least, not by that particular attack.
@ConorO'Brien do you know of shorter way to flatten array than: [].concat(...a)
1:34 AM
I think that's the shortest we've found
speaking of JS
class Counter extends HTMLElement {
  #xValue = 0;

  get #x() { return this.#xValue; }
  set #x(value) {
    this.#xValue = value;
I have no idea why people thought this would be a remotely decent syntax for private fields
seems alright to me, what don't you like about it?
it looks like shit, I gotta agree
2:04 AM
@ETHproductions it's really awkward and forced to be using # imo
why does JS even need this though
In JS ?
^^^ all JS people now just write code as 1000 undocumented functions across 10,000 different files and 100,000 different modules anyway
and call it 'functional'
that's procedural lol
JS is actually becoming more like C, except only the bad parts
There are so many good proposals going through the TC39 process
I just don't know if we need all of them
2:06 AM
just write everything with typedarrays and you're good to go
though people are now just pumping all sorts of things into JS at this point
@ETHproductions the only one we need is the shared memory one
you can try to build something decent on top of a horrible crappy language
and try to maintain backwards compatibility
I, for one, am a fan of arbitrary-precision integers
but yeah, it's gonna look like the above
2:07 AM
@Downgoat yeah, that's the only issue, JS is still ugly from the core, and no amount of backwards-compatible syntatic sugar or feature additions is gonna fix that
> disallow mixed operations between BigInts and Numbers
(bigints are infectious in dynamically typed languages for a reason)
Numeric separators are simple and seem like a good, if slightly unnecessary, addition
we should really just be spending all efforts on getting WASM up and running so we can write website in VSL
you don't need WASM for that
emscripten is the shit
WASM will never be in good enough shape for frontend work imo
There's even a proposal for shebangs now
2:11 AM
@quartata emscripten seems to be having trouble compiling raw LLVM files rather than ones emitted by clang
I can't get it to compile the VSL-outputted LLVM files
...are you using the Clang WASM backend then?
wow, I'm surprised that works for you
@quartata I'm using LLVM's WASM backend
most people run their stuff through emscripten first, then do JS->WASM
if anyone can compile this using Emscripten and have it work let me know: gist.github.com/vihanb/7a987045a89a67db3095093a360acee9
@quartata afaik there is no JS -> WASM compiler?
sorry, meant asm.js
2:14 AM
can you link me to this compiler?
it's part of emscripten now
this was the old one: github.com/WebAssembly/binaryen
actually hold up
oh binaryen
private is a reserved word already, no?
binaryen as s2wasm which we use to avoid going through asmjs
ok I think when you get emsdk that's still what it uses for the second pass
2:18 AM
we're having trouble with malloc() but lemme see if I can whack emscripten enough until this works
@Downgoat yeah but until maybe like a few months ago it barely worked, I'm referring to asm2wasm
@ETHproductions D has that, and yeah, it seems pretty useless (unless you have infinite-precision)
thanks C++ for helpful error messages as always
that's not a compiler error
The _ was agreed to as part of Stage 1 acceptance.

The following examples show numeric separators as they appear in other programming languages:

    _ (Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, Rust, Julia, Ada, C#)
    ' (C++)
I'm pretty sure Python doesn't have that...
2:20 AM
@quartata but at least clang could tell be what is the triple for which they are no targets
even VSL does that
it has nothing to do with clang
it's because you're using an old-ass emscripten
get emsdk, get incoming. make sure there aren't any other ones in your path
@Zacharý it does
Which versions?!
@quartata The version I'm using was released yesterday today
@Zacharý always as far as I know
2:23 AM
@Downgoat something is out of date
Huh, must be post 3.5.2
@Zacharý I mean, it makes larger numbers clearer, though how much that's worth can be debated
But we'd never use that... we're code golfers :p
well you can't judge every feature on how useful it is for golfing :P
2:25 AM
@Zacharý If a feature of a language exists, it will at some point be exploited on PPCG.
It might not be for straight code-golf, but maybe restricted source?
@Zacharý you were right, it was in PEP 515 and implemented in 3.6
Not sure why I remember it...
And it seems useless in general.
@quartata Did you ever use Coconut? Coconut supported it for a long while.
@Pavel <s>code bowling?</s>
@Pavel nah it's probably because perl has had it for decades
2:28 AM
I feel like Perl is the most awesome and most terrible language at the same time
damn emscripten making my computer hotter than microwave wow
it does that
dunno why
Do I need to use Emscripten's own LLVM fork? Because LLVM seems to have no asmjs-unknown-emscripten triple
Secretly mining some cryptocurrency?
@Downgoat it... Should come with emscripten?
like I'm pretty sure fastcomp gets installed with the rest of the emsdk
2:33 AM
@Pavel somewhat same ... but the "most terrible language" is way more strong than the other portion: burn it with fire
But you can do so many awesome things with it
Java has digit separators? Since when?
I think that was a Java 7 feature
@quartata it comes with its own binaries but VSL uses the C++ LLVM API to generate LLVM IR
I know you can do awesome things with Perl: creation of new operators, grammars, etc...
But it's also Perl. Burn it with fire
2:35 AM
I don't see any lib/ folder which I can link with either
2:49 AM
hastebin.com/orurapijix.php is this a good challenge?
3:05 AM
@Downgoat it should be the shortest
tho it doesn't completely flatten an array
or replace a.map with a instanceof Array for greater reliability
3:24 AM
Q: Make Arrays/Lists start at one

KuanHulioIntroduction For as long as programmers have been programming and as long as English teachers have been teaching, there's a controversy over the datasets called Arrays and Lists (or hashes). Arrays have almost always had their first index at 0. Which, for the programmer, is understandable becau...

@DJMcMayhem how long did this take to make?
i'd just like to tell you: that time was well invested
@Riker it’s from a couple years ago
Sep 2 '16 at 23:41, by Downgoat
user image
@NewMainPosts So... shift to the right?
4 hours later…
7:52 AM
@Riker I saw that a while ago, it is amazing:)
8:26 AM
Q: How to use this function?

Mayank Singh RajputThere is a function which is suggested by one of the user here. But i am little confused in using this function. Please tell me how to use this function like what should be the syntax or if i need to add more data. Here is the function. ``` processData <- function (data) { row.has.na <- apply(d...

1 hour later…
9:33 AM
jsfiddle is going to start requiring an email adress :/
9:57 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

someoneParse a C++14 integer literal codegolf According to http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/integer_literal, integer literals consist of a decimal/hex/octal/binary literal and a optional integer suffix, that is obviously completely unnecessary and wastes precious bytes and is not used in this ...

@KuanHulio Why don't you just sandbox...
10:33 AM
Why does Jelly ɗ behave like a fork? tio.run/##y0rNyan8/99IQVvn8PST0xWM//8HAA
While I expect abcɗ to compute (x a (x b y)) c y.
10:51 AM
... Dyadic chain special case.
That's what happens if I don't read the tutorial carefully.
11:09 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LembikBinning in time The task in this challenge is to put elements of an array into time bins. The input will be a non-decreasing array of positive integers, and an integer which represents the size of each bin. Let us start with an example. We call the input array A and the output array O. `A = [1...

challenge posted
@Lembik Why do you post your challenge to the sandbox when you leave it there for only five minutes?
@Laikoni I just really used it to visualise it
I am quite confident about it as it is similar to a previous challenge I posted
I hope those are not famous last words!
11:25 AM
Q: Binning in time

LembikThe task in this challenge is to put elements of an array into time bins. The input will be a non-decreasing array of positive integers representing the time of events, and an integer which represents the size of each bin. Let us start with an example. We call the input array A and the output ar...

That's 16 minutes between the (delayed) notifications. That's also ~1000 seconds.
1 hour later…
12:54 PM
Q: How long would it take to compile the newest version of GCC if

geohIt's the post-apocalyptic age. The fight between robots and human race has stopped. We won.. You are the only programmer left alive, and to rebuild the civilization you need the newest version of GCC. You found the copy in a quantum storage device, however, all the binaries of all available comp...

@TheLethalCarrot the parser has been redone, so everything is 103% less hacky, and it's been rewritten in node, so I haven't ported it to the website yet. I'll try to make Carrot all ready for when you come back :P
1:09 PM
Hey! Kritixi's back!
(Or at least I see him again!)
I've been here for a while :P
Okay Mr Rock, I'm just oblivious, stop being so critical...
anyways, hi, I haven't seen you in the apl room
School and stuff
Stats eats time like candy
and it's "Mr Quacking Cow" now
1:15 PM
I'll always either think of you as A) doxed or B) Critical Rock
You're profile picture says Critical Rock still, no?
the picture is the same as before, but I chose "Kritixi" randomly, I didn't intend it to mean critical or anything similar
(but now I know what to change my name to after being done with my current name >_>)
Ah, so it's just nonsense?
@Cowsquack Critical Rock (en anglais), right?
@Zacharý it's supposed to be a name, not nonsense :P
maybe that
Sorry for the pointless French, got a letter that I made it into the French Honor's Society yesterday.
what is that
1:21 PM
Basically: I did good in my French classes
I'm mostly doing that so Le Dix Neuvième Byte can stay alive ...
That seems like a good thing to put on my essay
Critical Quacking Cows
@Cowsquack Ah nice one :)
What is WW's username now?
1:34 PM
THought that wasn't him because of a different profile pic, but should've known by the cat
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenDigit Occurrences code-golfnumberinteger Input: An list of integers (which will never contain a zero) Output: An list of the same size with counts based on the following: If the current item is negative: Look at all items before this item, and count how many times the digits occurred in th...

That is a cat? ...
A creepy cat, but a cat nonetheless.
2:01 PM
I thought it was a cartoon Batman o_O
2:11 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Soaku This question is really trivial. Is it welcome here? This question might depend a lot on compression. Any idea to improve it is welcome. Maybe I should change the winning criteria? Wa dan't naad athar vawels. code-golf string Could you read the title? Or... Caald yaa raad tha tat...

2:40 PM
Poll: I'm working on a new iteration of Japt, which is based on similar concepts, but a majority of how it works has been completely redone. What should I name it?
I'm bad with name
that's why I linked a strawpoll with some options ;P
I'll consider that though
In the same vein as Jaqt: Japu.
Why does everyone want to go back to Japu?!?
T'paj ... sounds Klingon
2:44 PM
@ETHproductions if you know some german: "Neinpt"
That's clever
heh, I do get it
@El'endiaStarman is that a meme or something I'm unaware of?
@ETHproductions Jinapt
2:47 PM
@Zacharý I was quoting Finn in Star Wars Episode 8: The Force Awakens.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdmBorkBorkAlphabet Histogram code-golf ascii-art counting Given an input sentence consisting of words [a-z]+ and spaces , output an ASCII-art histogram of the letter distribution of the input sentence. The histogram must be laid out horizontally (i.e., the letter key along the bottom in alphabetical ord...

The only difference is that it's Jakku, not Japu.
@El'endiaStarman isn't The Force Awakens episode 7?
@ETHproductions Yeesh, you're right. I even almost put 9 and then "fixed" it to 8.
2:49 PM
I was confused for a second because I vaguely recognized the line, but I haven't seen episode 8 yet...
Well, it's movie #8 chronologically if you include Rogue One...? :P
That reminds me, I still haven't watched The Last Jedi yet :/
@ETHproductions Yes
@El'endiaStarman I'd count Rogue One (and Solo once it comes out) as a separate branch off the main stories
At least in terms of numbering, if not in terms of canon/chronology
@DJMcMayhem I would too. I'm just making up an excuse for my mistake. :P
CMP: Star Wars movies in order from best to worst?
2:51 PM
not sure if it was clear in my first message, but there's a strawpoll for the new Japt name
Machete order or riot
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oi, that's a hard question
I'll think it over
@AdmBorkBork That's more of a "best order to watch Star Wars movies" than it is "order of Star Wars movies from best to worst".
For me: Return, New Hope, Empire, Rouge One, Force Awakens, Clones, Revenge, Menace
@cairdcoinheringaahing Personal opinion: 2 < 1 < 8 < 3 < 4 < RO < 5 < 7 < 6
2:53 PM
@El'endiaStarman True enough. I posted it at "almost" the same time as the CMP, not in response to the CMP, but I can see how that's confusing.
Maybe 3 and 8 could swap though
I got the order backwards, whoops
@DJMcMayhem Force Awakens that high? Interesting
@cairdcoinheringaahing Rouge one :P
@El'endiaStarman For what it's worth, a few years ago before Force Awakens came out, my friends and I did a binge session of Machete order all in one day. It actually makes a lot of sense to watch the movies that way, and fills in a lot of the details between Empire and RotJ from a story-arc perspective. I really enjoyed it.
@DJMcMayhem Ah, close enough :P
Plus, I can't correct it now :/
2:59 PM
@AdmBorkBork Yeah, I've read about Machete order. It's pretty neat.
Machete order is incredible
Haven't actually done it yet, but the concept is fantastic
It's a lot to do in one day. We started shortly after lunch, and counting breaks in between movies and for dinner, it was almost 2:00am when we finished.
I wonder how the new trilogy and side-stories would best fit in. I know he addressed that and just said the order they came out in, but I wonder if there was a way to fit them all in
I've only seen Force Awakens once, and haven't seen Last Jedi or Rogue One, so /shrug?
Why not? Just uninterested? Purism?
3:07 PM
Force Awakens was kinda "meh" for me after the hype, and I just haven't been interested enough to pick them up on disc. (Yes, I still use disc, haha).
Even if you have no interest in the new trilogy, Rogue One is definitely worth watching. It's a good precursor to A New Hope
I'm actually looking forward to our binge watching of MCU before Infinity War. ... we may have to do that over a couple of weekends, though.
Oi, that's a long one
@flawr I actually don't get this, could you explain please?
I actually still haven't seen a couple (Thor 1/2, CA 1)
3:11 PM
@DJMcMayhem got something for you to nuke if you want to burn some spam.
@ETHproductions apt -> inapt
I just visited an other beta site and waited a while 'till the theme loads... But it never did, since it's not PPCG.
Ah, thanks
3:12 PM
glad to hear it :)
you can thank SmokeDetector for that one
it found it
@DJMcMayhem Yeah, we're going to do just the movies, not the TV series or shorts, but that alone is like 18 movies or somesuch.
Related to naming golfing languages: I don't think there's a language with the empty name yet
It would be impossible to find.
Yeah, I was going to say, for good reason :P
yesterday, by Adám
@ASCII-only Sure you can:
3:28 PM
@ETHproductions There is, but there's no interpreter nor docs available yet
well... user202729 mentioned it
@ETHproductions Best part: It would instantly win output the language name challenges :P
Ha, exactly
Alternate aliases: "null", "Ø", etc.
In Jelly, is “ supposed to have auto-terminated at the end of a line, or the end of the program?
End of program, since newlines can occur in the string
3:40 PM
Q: Binary Fibonacci

Nathan WoodChallenge You need to generate a program that takes in a number, calculates the Fibonacci sequence in binary, concatenates it and converts it back to decimal, and then outputs the decimal. For example 1 -> [0] -> 0 to dec outputs 0 3 -> [0, 1, 1] -> 011 to dec outputs 3 4 -> [0, 1, 1, 10] -> 0...

3:54 PM
NMP -- Blarg. I don't feel like writing a binary-to-bigint converter in PowerShell. Bummer. :-/
Is there a short equivalent in Jelly to APL's ?
What does it do in APL?
Drop the first n elements if n>=0, and drop the last n elements if n<=0
Specifically, the n<=0 portion
Oh, never mind, my code is working >_<
That's good, because I can't really come up with anything.
4:11 PM
Now, can anyone golf this down?
TNB link effect ... I think
TNB link effect?
I don't know if that would qualify, as I got an upvote instead of a bunch of visitors to a room
does Jelly have regex?
Sadly no.
At least I don't think.
It was removed for fear of jelly becoming too powerful :P
4:17 PM
And anyway, if there's a regex, there's a retina
I notice many of the existing answers to that challenge are invalidated by the new (well 2 days old) test case (the one with spaces)
are they covered, or does someone need to comment on all such answers to ask the answerer to fix it?
I only caught one, and it seemed to be newer than the test case: no excuse there.
what about the older answers?
4:36 PM
I got it tied with my APL answer...
4:55 PM
Woah. A MathOverflow post that I can just barely understand (or at least compared to others): mathoverflow.net/questions/296593/matrix-trace-norm#296614
5:05 PM
> no special letters or symbols
=> for >= ?! WTF?
isnt it the original c syntax
Someone should shoot that person with an => for having such weird restrictions :p
UN: has $5.4 billion budget
UN: misspells 'total'
@Downgoat p4ssw0rd'); DROP TABLE passwords;--
5:10 PM
@Downgoat ?
either that ^^ or only ascii support
TIL that french for IPA is API... LOL
french for CUT is TUC so the official abbreviation is UTC
Isn't FIFA the same way or something?
@betseg That is ascii...
5:44 PM
Suggestions for a name for the language in this challenge?
Any feedback for the challenge itself is also appreciated
@cairdcoinheringaahing Challanguage >
Also, seems like it might end up going into behemoth (polyglot) territory of ridiculousness... but that's just my opinion
Don't make a behemoth that will continue forever ...
5:52 PM
It can't continue for ever
It'll be limited when the final score is 19 minimum
Won't the inputs make it smaller than that?
What inputs?
Oh. It's still 18 I think: #1 and #4
Ah yeah.
Makes no real difference though
Because Hello World has no inputs, and some of the other challenges do: the null program can depend on input, further lowering the byte count
5:57 PM
Hmm, should I make the programs adhere to the standard loopholes, to prevent said behaviour?
when are you planning to post the challenge?
SO, the minimum score is 20 - 1 (for the two hello worlds) - 1 (for integer input) - 1 (for array input) - 1 (for string input?) - 3 (if some of the other no-inputers are quines)
Also, I'd prefer sum 1 to N over print sign
But it doesn't matter too much to me either way
Well, it's still at most 20-1-3=16
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