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12:13 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

AporiaWhat minimal safeguards would this voting/electoral system require to be reasonably safe from manipulation? The question below is the eventual result of the thinking that went into this meta question that I asked a little while back: Would a question about a potential voting system be on-topic...

1:13 AM
Wooo! After about 2 years on SE, I finally posted my first question :P
@Mithrandir24601 haha, where?
Q: Purpose of using Fidelity in Randomised Benchmarking

Mithrandir24601Often, when comparing two density matrices, $\rho$ and $\sigma$ (such as when $\rho$ is an experimental implementation of an ideal $\sigma$), the closeness of these two states is given by the quantum state fidelity $$F = tr\left(\sqrt{\sqrt{\rho}\sigma\sqrt{\rho}}\right),$$ with infidelity define...

6 hours later…
6:48 AM
Hello all.
2 hours later…
8:41 AM
@Mithrandir24601 Congratulations :D
@JDługosz Good morning
How's your novel going?
@Secespitus Thanks! :) Still no answers, but it's at least getting reasonably well upvoted :)
9:19 AM
@Secespitus It's terrible — still have trouble plotting “conflict”. But I've not worked on it for a while. A new idea though…
A YA/NE novel about a girl who has extreme hypertrichosis. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertrichosis
@JDługosz Ah, the "werewolf" disease. I would think that your target audience is quite narrow with such a protagonist. Would this be a realistic setting dealing with the insecurities of the person?
Basically, it runs in her family. But she had IVF gene editing to repair chromosome 8, but it didn't turn out as expected. Free from any related health issues, but she has a full coat of fur like the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrus_Gonsalvus family. She tells people: it must be everyone else who's walking around with a defective chrom8, and this is the way Homo s. Is really supposed to look.
@Secespitus yes, but she’s not at all insecure. In 8th grade she made up her mind to be that way and promote herself as a celebrity.
Sounds like a good role-model-book (instead of the kind of self-help-book I initially thought of) for people who may be dealing with such insecurities. You will have a lot of "conflict" potential there when dealing with the "average beauty ideals" if you want to make her a celebrity.
She surprises the school guidance counselor with her list of career ideas: superhero vigilante; suoervillian; reality TV star; circus performer; …› he assumes she’s not taking the assignment seriously until she shows up for their meeting!
I need more ideas of what she lists, along with pros/cons. Some of them are indeed tounge-in-cheek, others are realistic (for her). She shows the councilor photos and explains how she has cousins already famous circus performers in Russia, and it is kind of the family business. She’s already a skilled acrobat.
@Secespitus yea; in high school she sucessfully becomes a trend setter and develops a significant online presence. Besides, when she says “…if you call me [referring to baby pictures] a plush toy, I'll rip your throat out.”in deadpan with a sweet voice, it disuades bullying.
9:40 AM
@JDługosz She should paint her nails blood-red to increase the anti-bullying presence.
Also need a reverse beauty and the beast situation when she starts college, the main timeline in the story. 19 and can’t get a date other than crazys? She's learned that anyone who seems attracted to her is not someone she wants to have around, so how can a genuine friend get past that?
@JDługosz When someone she would want to have around, but who would not want to be around her initially ends up in a Project team with her and has to spend time with her he sees past the fur?
@JDługosz Hair shampoo model
@Secespitus yes indeed. BTW she has a combo of nails and claws: thumb and index finger are normal tails, little finger is true claw, others show a progression in intermediate form.
@Secespitus I didn't understand that line.
@JDługosz "The beauty beast"
She also has crowns on her canine teeth that are prominent. I saw that on TV where people get vampire teeth from the dentist.
I’ll have to post some scenes soon.
Oh BTW I've joined LinkedIn. Would be happy to connect with people I know here.
9:53 AM
@JDługosz I don't have LinkedIn.
@JDługosz I'd love to read them.
10:09 AM
@JDługosz find me :) (unless you don't want to know me that is)
Also, good friday everyone, how are you?
@dot_Sp0T Looking forward to the weekend. You?
@Secespitus looking forward to playing more Surviving Mars
@dot_Sp0T I haven't heard of that game. What kind of game is it?
also think I finally managed to get the Q i've been working on for the last two or so months into a state I can sandbox it
@Secespitus basically city building on mars; from the devs that made Tropico
@dot_Sp0T Haven't heard that name either... I will check it in the evening. City building games can be fun.
@dot_Sp0T That's a lot of work for a Sandbox draft
10:13 AM
@Secespitus school's taking its toll sadly
@dot_Sp0T Damn schools - they never know when to stop.
@Secespitus you tell them!
@dot_Sp0T It's time someone stands up against this horror that's been infecting our nation! Down with schools!
10:34 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

dot_Sp0TTrain-World: The shatterpated machniations of Spoorcaneers - Tossing & Turning engineering ...and while I'm at it: You've another 37 seconds to finish up and get back here before I gotta throw her in reverse... Acting Navvy on the Marube @83kph and ~4km distance from a forthcoming train ...

@Secespitus NO . SCHOOL . FOR . SUMMER
@dot_Sp0T I've tried playing the nitpicker a bit in the Sandbox.
@Secespitus I was counting on it
dang either I'm getting worse at typing, OR chrome activated its dreaded auto correct again
1 hour later…
11:47 AM
auto-correct + fictional languages/names = MY SUFFERING!!
12:14 PM
I don't want to work, do I really have to?
what work is it?
The kind that gives you a paycheck at the end of the month but keeps you from playing videogames
ah well thats a good example of the phrase "bittersweet"
but it's no symphony
12:19 PM
Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
ah sorry i hadnt heard of it
it's alright, you're young
in answer to your question, yes you have to, unfortunatly
1 hour later…
1:33 PM
@Mithrandir24601 Sorry, my mistake. It is in fact Friday! I was apparently a bit premature.
@dot_Sp0T Keeps you from playing video games? What about at night? Sleep is for the weak.
1:52 PM
@AndyD273 but sleep is guud..
also sleep keeps me from going mad
2:07 PM
Morning wubbers
morning james
@James @AndyD273 Episode 5 is live!
@James Happy Friday.
I'll post episode 6 in a few weeks.
Hey @HDE226868
2:13 PM
@Green Nice!
@Green Hey! How goes it?
@HDE226868 Busy as F but doing well. I've started scheming. :conspiratorial look:
@Green What's the scheming about?
@AndyD273 How to charge (and have people happily pay) $1000/hr for my services.
@Green I could get on board with that. Getting paid, not the paying part.
2:17 PM
@AndyD273 I was reading up on how consultants sometimes charge for their work. Some charge based on the value of the service provided. So, if I make a product for you that saves you $100M/year, I'm going to ask for 5% of that as payment for services.
But if you are providing services that people need, and the people with the need have that kind of money...
Yeah, sounds about right
target rich people
@ajnatorixzersolar Corporations
@AndyD273 Yeah, exactly. I suspect that at those payment tiers, a lot of it has to do with status. Do you have high enough status to charge that much? If you do, they'll gladly pay it.
@AndyD273 Aren't they both the same thing?
@Green Not exactly. Legally corporations are people, except when they do something wrong, and suddenly you conveniently can't arrest them. People are not usually corporations.
2:21 PM
i thought corperations were a name a group used so you couldnt pin it down on one of them.
@ajnatorixzersolar That's what I meant.
Corporate personhood is the legal notion that a corporation, separately from its associated human beings (like owners, managers, or employees), has at least some of the legal rights and responsibilities enjoyed by natural persons (physical humans). For example, corporations have the right to enter into contracts with other parties and to sue or be sued in court in the same way as natural persons or unincorporated associations of persons. In a U.S. historical context, the phrase 'Corporate Personhood' refers to the ongoing legal debate over the extent to which rights traditionally associated with...
@ajnatorixzersolar Just arrest the board. They had to vote, they are responsible.
@Green Not our best work but just wait til 6, that was awesome.
sound like a good solution but im guessing, like everything else in the law, its not that simple?
@James Yeah, the episode notes for 6 are very extensive already.
2:25 PM
I am excited for the next recording session too.
can i ask what this "episode 5" may be?
@ajnatorixzersolar monkeylords.com/podcast
@ajnatorixzersolar you had to ask, didn't you?
@dot_Sp0T sorry im curious
@dot_Sp0T That's an easy way to find things out when you don't know
2:30 PM
@dot_Sp0T it's been a while. How goes it?
@Green goes very well, aside from trying to make the day go by faster so I can clock off :)
(does that expression work?)
just a thought, how would catering in a school-like institute work in a medieval/fantasy setting?
@dot_Sp0T yes. Clock out also works
@dot_Sp0T (it's a little unusual but I got what you meant.)
@Green iirc it's just past the first coffee break over at your place innit?
2:32 PM
@ajnatorixzersolar Any reason to think it would work any differently than catering in a modern setting?
@ajnatorixzersolar What kind of catering?
@dot_Sp0T I don't take coffee breaks but sure, it's time for the mid-morning break.
@Green because of the technology and/or standards (health, expectations...)
@ajnatorixzersolar You'll have a kitchen staff in a kitchen with a larder/pantry for storing food.
@ajnatorixzersolar Oh well, yeah. that stuff will change.
2:34 PM
@AndyD273 basicly school dinners for Uni
@ajnatorixzersolar The basic mechanics will stay the same but the ovens will look different. People won't care about food temperatures (where as now they do.)
it feels strange talking about "school" as they're immortal elementals (so adult at 60)
catering as in people bringing food to you..?
Okay gentles! I'm off for a bit. have a good day if I don't see you again.
@dot_Sp0T more its available on-site and there is space you can use
2:36 PM
@Green cheetos o/
Infinite Typewriters, Episode 5: monkeylords.com/2018/03/14/Season0Episode5.html
@James ^^ star this please.
@ajnatorixzersolar I guess it would be like any kind of banquet. You have all the courtiers/students around tables, maybe a head table for royalty/faculty, and servant/wait staff to bring all the food out
@AndyD273 thanks :)
@ajnatorixzersolar well considering that there were quite a bunch of them you might even be able to find information by reading up on them :)
@dot_Sp0T any one in particular?
2:43 PM
@ajnatorixzersolar the subject seems interesting enough so I might spend an hour or two later today to read up on it - if you're not curious enough I can ping you later in case I find something
@dot_Sp0T im curious just rubbish at research
@ajnatorixzersolar research is fun, just google what you want to learn about and from there on start scouring the result-pages 3-11
@dot_Sp0T why 3-11?
because the first 2 pages are mostly plugs by google and questions on other Q&A portals and newspaper/-portal articles ;; at least in my experience
right. and anything past 11 is irrrelevant?
2:48 PM
google starts getting weird after page 6
the classic
I wonder if anyone ever wrote a tool to always start google results with the last page
if it gets weird at pg 6 then i dread to think what hell lies at the end
1 hour later…
3:59 PM
@ajnatorixzersolar Hey on your catering question, you would have to have a full time kitchen staff, as well as a larder/pantry. Cool storage was limited to root cellars, unless you are in a cold climate where you can just put stuff outside. The other consideration is that if you want anything fresh your school is going to either have to be in a big city or grow their own food/manage their own livestock.
4:10 PM
@James thanks :)
1 hour later…
5:35 PM
You smell of elderberries @James !!!
6:07 PM
@James Or buy from surrounding farms. That actually makes more sense than living in a city. However, it seems like having some kind of agricultural program would be useful for a school when everything depends on agriculture.
how do you guys do your podcast? (just been listening to them)
It could owned land like a monastery.
@dot_Sp0T I will fart in your general direction.
@ajnatorixzersolar We use google hangouts and each record our own tracks then we send them to Green who waves his magic wands to smash them together.
at least that is how I understand it works.
i thought it wasnt all you guys in the same room (difference in sound) soim guessing there is a fair amound of planning and scripting?
@ajnatorixzersolar Uh, not really any scripting, we settle on a topic for each episode but thats about it.
I think @Green takes some of the longer pauses while we are thinking out of the audio though... thats probably better than listening to us all go "uhhhhhh"
6:17 PM
sounds like winging it (if it is its done well)
@ajnatorixzersolar That we will take as a compliment...and admittedly some episodes are better than others. Episode 6 (not posted yet) should be pretty awesome.
@James yarrrr
@ajnatorixzersolar Winging it is probably accurate enough. But we do sometimes talk about the topic pre-show to get some of the general ideas worked out ahead of time, and then let them evolve when we do the actual recording
it seems to work well
6:39 PM
@dot_Sp0T Your father was a hamster.
you empty-headed animal food-trough
You know I am pretty sure that I would never rewatch that movie if it weren't for this chatroom...it seems to come up like once a month and then I have to go watch it...the coconuts bit is brilliant.
in theory we could synchronise watching these shows on netflix using this: netflixparty.com
would be some experience I wager
I don't think Monty Python is on netflix?
That being said, a world wide WB watch party could actually be interesting
The hard part being finding a time that isn't super inconvenient for most of the people
It's hard enough finding a time slot that works for us for recording
and we're only 1 time zone different at most
@dot_Sp0T That's kinda awesome.
6:51 PM
@AndyD273 and true synchronisation would be made even more difficult by any connection issues
True. It looks like they only have text chat... Having voice chat could be really cool with the right people, or really irritating with my mother.
its fine if you have a mute button
7:11 PM
@AndyD273 they at least have the Scott Pilgrim movie
@James I absolutely do. It makes us sound smarter and helps keep the flow of conversation going. I don't think listeners need to wait while our introverted minds come up with the next idea.
All three of us have verbal pauses. No one needs to hear those.
@James It is magic, even to me.
@ajnatorixzersolar Quite a few of the best ideas come from when something just clicks in someone's head in the course of conversation. You can't script that kind of experimentation.
7:46 PM
@Green That's one of the reasons why it's too bad there isn't a video record of it anywhere... Half the fun is seeing one of you two get all excited when a new idea pops up.
@AndyD273 All lies, I sit perfectly calm and cool the whole time. I've never bounced and clapped silently with a stupid grin on my face.
@James Very true. But it is a very excited eyebrow raise.
@AndyD273 True, but the 10x costs to getting video processed kind of outweighs that.
2 hours later…
9:51 PM
Q: Questions with multiple answers but still flagged as off topic, too broad, or down voted

LenNot to be confused with: Why are questions with multiple answers off-topic? We've all seen questions that have been flagged as off topic, too broad, etc. or have been voted with negatives numbers. And yet as supposedly poor as those questions are, often they still get lots of members giving answ...

1 hour later…
11:02 PM
@AndyD273 They tried it in Mos Eisley. It seemed to work out all right.

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