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1:12 AM
How would you describe code-golf to someone who has never heard of it before in around 300 characters or less
@quartata lol come on
wait wait back it up it's just a joke
it was obligatory though, he opened the door
Dec 30 '15 at 20:53, by PhiNotPi
Great minds waste time alike?
a bit more precise
1:33 AM
I was summoned?
not especially
but hey while you're here
Can you do some clean up tasks for the QFT GH org? (Or just give me admin and I'll do them)
@quartata One admin privilege coming right up.
Ok, I'll still need you to merge something though
Now go to settings -> transfer
And I'll be out of your hair
1:51 AM
@quartata I get "QuestForTetris/Cogol already exists"
@PhiNotPi actually hold up
If I delete it and transfer that one the stars will go away
I could contact GitHub support instead and have them spin off the fork into a standalone
That would keep the star count
Don't know if you care
I like stars
Well all right
Request sent
I mean it doesn't matter too much, but that's the most stars I've ever gotten.
Git history is a little wonky now (different commit hashes) but eh oh well
We can revert that rebase trivially, its not like it matters anyways
I renamed the write-up repo and got rid of the circuit simulator, so that just leaves cleaning up the big QFT repo
QFT repo for the scripts + computer image, Tetris repo for the Tetris ROM + Cogol source
3:02 AM
@quartata okay
3:21 AM
@PhiNotPi star cubically and I'll star cogol :P
1 hour later…
4:36 AM
If I suspend a proccess with <C-z>, can I resume it with bg but redirect it's output to /dev/null only until I resume it with fg again?
4:51 AM
@Downgoat :O is that tags in v2
5:17 AM
@Pavel No, that's part of the new home page - newbie-friendly intro
Too unfriendly...
5:38 AM
So I'd like a reversed version of this, transforming the cubie-scheme to the Cubically-scheme. I don't think it's different enough for a separate challenge, and people don't like reversed challenges (see this versus the reversed challenge).
What should I do? Should I add some bonuses or something if an answer contains two programs, one transforming Cubically-scheme to cubie-scheme? Or just make another challenge?
6:22 AM
... puzzles are not really suited for this site. Once someone has figured out the transformation, everyone else would end up using it.
(in the structured nonsense challenge, it's the permutation)
I just spent an hour doing with the ImageMagick comandline what would have take around a minute in Gimp
2 hours later…
8:02 AM
day 3 of the Seed Quine project: I am starting to doubt my sanity
I think I will start keeping a journal of my endeavour
8:13 AM
@Unihedron What is even your plan?
to create a quine in Seed
Well yeah, but how?
that is the right question to ask, I don't have an answer yet, but I hope to get there
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

jakekimds ΨSummary: Your program will be given a natural number X as input. Your program must output the smallest number for which all integers from 1 to X is divisible by the number. (Basically LCM(1, 2, ..., X-1, X)) Rules: The input will always be a natural number (Integer greater than 0). Your progr...

1 hour later…
10:34 AM
Q: Rotating summation

Stewie GriffinTake a square matrix containing positive integers as input, and calculate the "rotated sum" of the matrix. Rotated sum: Take the sum of the original matrix and the same matrix rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Suppose the matrix is: 2 5 8 3 12 8 6 6 10 then the rotated sum...

11:11 AM
@Pavel You can't redirect a process once you've started it
11:21 AM
@Mr.Xcoder duh, you ninja'd me by deleting your answer, btw you can replace ÐĿ with 3С to make it valid (still an alternative approach to Leaky's)
Wait what does 3 do?
Pff :)
and I'd assume something similar with your Pyth answer
@Mr.Xcoder oh, and don't forget to update your explanation :P
I did
one can't say my internet speed is the fastest in the world
My Pyth one, on the other hand, (I think) cannot be fixed that easily
11:28 AM
hm, yeah, Pyth makes repeating an arbitrary number of times hard
I wonder how I didn't see +/ -> S
F is the only thing that comes close but to use that you need to make a lambda with L and then use yF
Also I would need something like .u...3 and perhaps even Q at the end. Additionally, I'd have to use N instead of implicit variable, so my answer would become ~13 bytes
maybe the fact that it's a 3D list you're applying +/ to instead of a 2D one and got a mental "overflow"...
Probably, yeah.
11:31 AM
@Mr.Xcoder .u? huh I don't think that will help you much over e.g. V
in both cases you'd need to assign to variables
Yeah. I used .uC_. I would need .uC_N3 to make it repeat 3 times and maybe even Q at the end to make it valid
Yeah, tested. I need Q too
no I don't think that will work...why would you cumulative reduce over [0, 1, 2] with Q as starting value?
oh wait...ah yeah I see what you're trying to do
It does work. For each in [0,1,2] (i.e 3 times), it is going to start from Q, reverse it and transpose it
Uhm huh I just realised both Leaky's and the J answers does that too
yeah since it's cumulative reduce you ignore Y and focus on N
Strange but it works
11:39 AM
nah, not strange at all, just a bit imaginative
I feel like my Python answer is going to be outgolfed immediately... Edit: I think I will outgolf myself :P
11:54 AM
@Mr.Xcoder lol you're this close to rediscovering my answer
@LeakyNun I know, that's why I didn't undelete mine.
@NewMainPosts Why are the only upvoted answers mine o.o? (Can't complain, though :P)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J843136028Comparing Lists Based on their Maximum Given two different lists of numbers (not necessarily integers), return the list that has the highest maximum (e.g. [4, 2], [3, 3, 1] -> [4, 2]). If they both have the same maximum, return the list that contains more instances of this maximum (e.g. [4, 4, ...

1 hour later…
1:15 PM
Q: Same Name, Lame!

Jo KingWrite a function or program that, when given a list of names, outputs or returns a list where duplicates of given names have a unique shortened version of their surname. Input: A list of names, where a name is defined by a given name and a last name separated by a space. Names are non-empty st...

1:32 PM
@Dennis Good to know, thank you!
sees your solution... wonders what -2 does it there :p Clever!
@Mr.Xcoder Knowing Dennis, it performs magic incomprehensible for the rest of us :P
No, this time not really
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I genuinely have no clue what it does :P
It basically helps him iterate 3 times, because he then uses multiplication with lists, so -2, -1, 0 all yield falsy results
And 1*x conveniently returns x.
1:36 PM
Yeah I noticed, that's quite handy
Will definitely keep that trick in mind, you should perhaps post it to "Tips for golfing in Python". Although it is quite specific, it can be really helpful when performing a task n times
ಠ_ಠ What's wrong with for i in range(n): ?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Very, very ungolfy :P
Aside from not being golfy
Ninja'd :/
Aside, exec"..."*n is typically shorter
Python golfs are ridiculous sometimes. Someone once suggested I use ~0 instead of -1 when replacing the -1s with a variable. ಠ_ಠ
1:42 PM
I use ~0 all the time on Anagol
Because I, for some reason, dislike -1 :P
It makes too much sense :P Golfs must also be as confusing as possible :P
Yuppe, and ! (:p)
One advantage of ~0 is that you'll never confuse it with a literal. It took me way too long to remember that -1 is two tokens.
1:44 PM
- and 1 are separate tokens. -1 isn't the number -1, but unary minus applied to 1.
If I put a character-cutting suggestion on someone elses' answer and they don't adapt it after a reasonable timespan (e.g. a week) is it fine for me to outgolf them even when my answer's difference is that minimal?
Making suggestions is entirely optional in the first place.
So far I only make new answers when there are big differences but not just simple tricks, so I'm curious.
1:46 PM
Even duplicate solutions are allowed, unless evidently copied.
> Attackers might be trying to steal your information from meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards).
The lack of HTTP updates in chat links is really annoying
@cairdcoinheringaahing from the linked's discussion's linked discussion: "Maybe Luis wouldn't have solved the challenge at all if it wasn't for my post" I think this is exactly why I don't like posting code that uses almost identical approaches that someone else uses, since I probably wouldn't have the motivation to try any challenge at all if I already see code in my language submitted.
Oh but don't feel reluctant about posting your own solution, even if it is (at first) longer than a solution that already exists.
CMP: Do you / Did you participate on Anarchy Golf too?
@Mr.Xcoder No
Doesn't have support for Jelly?
1:55 PM
Is this on topic and clear enough?
@cairdcoinheringaahing It does not have support for Jelly currently.
I tried to read it but still can't understand...
I VTC'ed
Same here, I have no clue what it's asking :?
> Write a program in any language that, given input in a suitable format, outputs whether or not that input is a valid output from the C program above.
No Idea what that is supposed to mean.
reading the bullet points
1:58 PM
wasn't there a ><>-based language called Gol><> or something? I can't find such esolang page
Markdown fail :P
@Mr.Xcoder cheers!
2:00 PM
@Dennis I used this to beat my friends in a "count infinitely" challenge. It was even shorter than befunge!
The name on TIO links to the GitHub repo btw.
@Unihedron How do you do that? I don't know Gol><>...
befunge: 1-:. Gol><>: M:N
Looks like I understood the post.
Q: Identify Valid Int Representations

DjzinThe "representaton" of a type is the seqence of bytes that makes up the type in memory. So for example, on my machine, (little-endian, with 32-bit int) the integer 12345 has the (decimal) representation 57,48,0,0. On a big-endian machine, it would be 0,0,48,57. The C programming language allows ...

(right here)
Can some of you read it again and point out some unclear parts?
2:02 PM
What is a "valid output"?
Also, wouldn't none of the test cases be one, since the output has a \n?
A possible output for some endian-ness, int size and byte size.
^^ too :P
@Unihedron Nice. So, from -1 going down?
@Dennis yeah, counting up was done on every golfing site, so we did the opposite
Removed printf \n.
2:05 PM
it's a small private code golf event, so we went with challenges that were as far off from stuff that could be looked up as possible
There is also this interpreter available BTW
’Ṅß ties in Jelly.
Also ‘Ṅß for going upwards
4 mins ago, by user202729
Can some of you read it again and point out some unclear parts?
2:07 PM
@user202729 I still don't understand, like, anything
Do you understand 2's complement and 1's complement notation?
@Dennis In the explanation of this answer, I think you've added in an extra = in the code yielding 12. Am I correct, or am I missing something?
Yeah, that's a typo.
Or an oversight. It still works with the extra =, so I probably golfed it and failed to update the explanation.
That'll happen with 40+ explanations in one post...
@Dennis But... You have it in the code too
I'm not following.
2:11 PM
9 mins ago, by user202729
Can some of you read it again and point out some unclear parts?
(or is it clear now?)
Oh no nevermind, sorry
I do love reading through Dennis' more impressive Jelly answers (like that one or this one), just to experience the "Oh. My. God. How on earth does that work???" :P
Now I wonder how I never saw Hyperprogramming: N+N, N×N, N^N all in one
I felt that myself a couple of times
This is more relate able :P
@Unihedron 0c 38 (two bytes) in Sesos.
2:17 PM
> 24 chars, undefined bytes (it's complicated)
Well, it is.
How many languages use the 'it's complicated' encoding on TIO?
At least two.
@cairdcoinheringaahing ಠ_ಠ
If you don't mind me asking, why is it complicated?
Dec 17 '17 at 16:03, by user202729
Looks like TIO has at least 3 code page for counting bytes: UTF8, SBCS, and it's complicated. I've just know of the last one...
For 7, each byte can only be 0~7, and therefore only 3 bits.
2:19 PM
Oh ;-;
@user202729 Not quite, because 7 has two different modes.
@Dennis bloody genius
@Dennis +1 for "is safe for work" :P
Hm ok
2:33 PM
Jelly is great. -____- is (weirdly) equal to 3 :P
Because we absolutely need unary minus to work on strings.
Somehow Perl is worse than ... JavaScript?
They're both insane, but in subtly different ways.
Naturally, in both languages, "\t\r\n \v\f" == 0 and 0 == "0" return 1 / true.
But guess what happens for "\t\r\n \v\f" == "0".
Wait, whitespace is equal to 0?
This is just reinforcing my theory that Python is better than basically all other languages :P
2:45 PM
@Dennis It returns False?
In JavaScript, it does. Which makes sense (the strings aren't equal) but also doesn't (fails the transitive property == should have).
In Perl, it doesn't. Which simultaneously makes and doesn't make sense for the same reasons.
3:42 PM
My first language is on TIO :D
How come your first language isn’t a natlang?
Pain-Flak only Flak
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ English is a natlang.
So's German.
And Lojban. (I think.)
3:44 PM
I speak pain-flak so does that count?
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ No. It's too sane to be a natlang.
have you looked at pain-flak?? How is it sane
@Dennis i need you to post your hello world program so I can bounty it
that pushes 1 to the stack
it is not even stack clean
prints hello world
@wizzwizz4 facepalm
@Zacharý Ok. Lojban makes too much sense to be a natlang.
But at least it's not an esolang.
@wizzwizz4 slightly less of a facepalm.
' as /h/? . as the glottal stop?
3:54 PM
@Zacharý We can pretend.
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ uhhhhhh yeah it is
Unless you changed more that I don't know about
you are right
how does dennis and DJ know more about my language then i do :PP
Dennis ... he's just Dennis.
Started on the post for showcase :P
@wizzwizz4 What would be the closest equivalent of Lojban with computer languages?
3:57 PM
@Zacharý In my experience, probably Python.
From another point of view, Perl.
@wizzwizz4 Why Python or Perl?
@Zacharý Python because it's understandable by non-programmers.
Perl because it's not.
@wizzwizz4 In that case: APL.
rip leprechauns
4:02 PM
Sad :()
:() is the official tacoscript sad emoji
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ Do they all have to start with : and end with )?
well i gotta go bye o/
Oh, and y as <insert-schwa-here>? Lojban's orthography is weird.
4:18 PM
A: "Hello, World!"

DennisPain-Flak, 152 bytes )))))}{}{)))}{))(}{((((])][][][([(])()()([((]][[()()()(])}{][][)][(][([())(]][][][][][[))(]][[)][][)][][][][))(}{}{))))(}{)}{)}{))()()()((((((((((((}><{ This is a trivial modification of @HeebyJeebyMan's “Hello, World!” in Brain-Flak. They also discovered a slightly differ...

4:30 PM
Any bilingual Windows users here?
(Perhaps that's too specific to match anybody.)
...? Why?
I'm thinking of changing my Windows language to one I want to learn. In Windows 10, will this break anything?
@wizzwizz4 I'm bilingual with English as my 2nd language, and I've set windows to english. Though I'm guessing you're the other way around :p
@dzaima Yes.
I'm boring.
But I am consistent with my claims about myself.
@wizzwizz4 I've had problems with the keyboard language order affecting language is some apps, but past that (I've set the top 2 keyboard layouts to English (regular & APL)), not much more.
4:43 PM
CMP: What do people think about having a feed for the Hello World challenge? It allows people to see the new languages being introduced.
@wizzwizz4 Huh?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Probably a better place to put it.
@cairdcoinheringaahing not in tnb, it would get annoying
5:05 PM
@totallyhuman There's a ticker feed system.
How often is a post made to Hello World?
If it's less often than a challenge is posted, I think TNB could cope.
5:23 PM
@wizzwizz4 I think it's all or nothing. Either every feed is a ticker or every feed is a post
@cairdcoinheringaahing I actually think that's a really cool idea. I'm in favor
Of course it should be asked on meta first
@DJMcMayhem I'm fairly certain that setting is per feed.
Oh. Huh
Yeah, you're right
that was really bad, sorry
5:30 PM
You could even say it was politics.
@DJMcMayhem I thought you meant that feeds in a room should be all or nothing in your opinion! :-/
I agree with that
Inconsistency is also annoying :P
5:47 PM
@totallyhuman I don't.
I starred it.
I like how I can see deleted messages cause I'm an RO lol
@DJMcMayhem I thought that only mods could do that. TIL.
My password is
6:15 PM
@wizzwizz4 Hmm. I tried that, but it said it was invalid :P
6:27 PM
My password is •••••••.
It worked! :-)
Should I sandbox a help-me-golf-this-code question before posting it?
6:48 PM
@DLosc Probably...
@DLosc I wouldn't, as it's the sandbox for proposed challenges, but I'm not sure a tips question really constitues a challenge
If you have to ask, put it in the sandbox.
(especially as there's no objective winning criterion)
If you don't have to ask, PUT IT IN THE SANDBOX.
@wizzwizz4 Although that may be true for challenges, he's not talking about a challenge...
6:50 PM
@FlipTack I thought questions were challenges... just with no winning criterion and an exception.
But classifying them separately sounds like a good idea.
I can see it both ways, which is why I asked. Pro: it's always good to get feedback. Con: it's not a challenge, and there's no spec to be ironed out. I'm trying to do X, here's my best attempt, is there something shorter?
@wizzwizz4 That would be language-specific challenges, which are different.
@DLosc Tips for golfing in... questions.
Those aren't challenges, because there is no task to be solved.
/me puts on pedant hat
/me likewise
6:54 PM
@DLosc There is a task to be solved.
@DLosc I don't think there'd be any useful feedback in the sandbox - what could people say?
Namely, "how can I effectively golf in this language?"
@wizzwizz4 Too broad, close-hammer. ;)
Or, rather, "provide challenge-independent language-specific golfing techniques."
@DLosc The question body is narrower. :-p
The distinction is between questions that ask for golfing to be done, and questions that ask about golfing.
Now, there is a fine line between a "help-me-golf-this" tips question and a language-specific challenge, but one difference is that a HMGT question must show what the OP has already tried.
6:57 PM
@DLosc Shouldn't the questions about golfing have a tag, or a subtag of that?
Well, that's what the tag is, right?
/me removes pedantry hat because it has obviously run out of power
Why won't this hat work?!
It's not Winter Bash anymore. ;)
7:47 PM
How often does the first half of the name of this community get represented? (Programming Puzzles)
@Zacharý In questions asked, more than the second.
Is that because it's a catch-all?
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