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12:36 AM
Q: Why did Miguel hurry to tell Coco about Hector?

Luis MasuelliAs I understand, one condition has to be met, by dead people, in order to not disappear: to have at least one alive person that remembers you. There is one person that disappears due to being forgotten, and then Hector explains Miguel that there must be at least one alive person that remembers y...

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1:43 AM
Q: How did Voldemort, Bellatrix, and Lucius manage to keep their wands?

Jakepr26Voldemort was ripped from his body, Bellatrix and Lucius were given a life sentences in Azkaban. Why did they still have their original wands after beinging restored? Wouldn’t Voldemort’s wand have been destroyed or at least lost among the wreckage of the Potter home? Why wouldn’t Bellatrix’s and...

1:53 AM
Google designed a doodle on the occasion of Fearless Nadia's 110h birthday. She was the heroine of the first Indian sequel movie
Q: What is the first Bollywood film to have a sequel/prequel?

Ankit SharmaWhat is the first Bollywood film to have a sequel or prequel ? The oldest I found is Nigahen: Nagina Part II from 1989. But I think there should be more that are older than this.

2:22 AM
This user rolled back all the useful edits movies.stackexchange.com/posts/84553/revisions
@NogShine not all of them. they kept the tag atleast
@NogShine I am rolling it back
3:12 AM
Q: Why did Harry and Hermione have to worry about being seen?

naturalIt is evident in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that Harry and Hermione used a time turner to save innocent lives. They were stealthy going through the grounds when they travelled back, as to avoid being seen. But when Harry uses the patronus charm on the dementors, the other Harry sa...

3:30 AM
@AJ Rolled back again.
@nogshine And I've been inconvenienced twice now. I have more that 115K reputation points on the math stack exchange. — Mark Viola 23 mins ago
but not here on movies.
@Catija Thanks for stepping in. Hope it's not rolled back again.
@NogShine and it's only 6 questions there, the rest are answers
@NogShine I've also flagged it for the mods.
4:00 AM
And it's rolled back again...
@AnkitSharma you around?
@Catija well not exactly
You were saying...
@Catija yeh i know, i jinxed it
4:19 AM
@Catija what happen ?
@AnkitSharma Rollback war. See flags.
Give me few minutes
Also, I think the word that they want is "unexplainedly" or "without explaination"... but what it says now (unexplainable) is just wrong.
inexplicably looks fine to me
Thanks :D I don't understand the attitude at all. :/
4:28 AM
me neither
Oh, wait.. yeah I do... a PhD... :/ (joking)... sort of... I work with a lot of them... it's not an uncommon trait.
and he lives in The Woodlands...
I hope he don't engage more like this
Uff it's 10 already and I am not ready for office
How long did you put on it? an hour? I'm going to bed. Have a great day. :D Hope you can get to work on time.
@Catija 7 days for now but I will wait for his response and might remove it fully too if he start behaving
@Catija I mostly get late so nothing new :D, anyway good night
5:03 AM
Q: How and where does Katniss Everdeen get her arrows from?

naturalIn all the movies I've seen in the Hunger Games, I have never seen her quiver empty. Even during the games most of the time when she should have been out of arrows, but she always somehow has a constant supply of them. Where and how does she get her arrows from?

5:43 AM
lol, someone doesn't like @NogShine and @steelersquirrel
that or @Riker just doesn't get any false flag love
@Memor-X Oh! the flags are my messages then. lol
I didn't say anything offensive or rude.
@NogShine lol, i know
Well, Riker is a mod.
6:00 AM
@AJ not from just looking at the chat room since they're not blue
@NogShine You didn't say anything, but you discussed. And you know we don't talk about that topic.
Dec 24 '17 at 14:25, by Nog Shine
Anyway.. moving on..
"Yevaddanta Yevaddanta" is a nice song from Baahubali. ;)
*Bahubali 1 .
I want to know where did they get Sanskrit chants.
6:11 AM
Yes, it is a great song.
It is the Shiva Tandava stotram which is believed to be sung by Ravana.
Well, he was a great devotee of Shiva
@NogShine I have starred it, so I will check it later.
The song in the movie skipped first stanza.
It starts with the second one.
6:25 AM
Q: Wondering about the criteria for downvoting

LivrecacheI imagine there is a good answer on this site, but I am going to ask my question here anyway. This question has been downvoted, but I am not sure why. It seems to me to be a fairly sensible query, but I am clearly missing something. (I just want to be sure that I doing the right thing, if I do ...

@AJ Do you know that he carried a golden Shiva wherever he travelled?
That's the info I learned yesterday.
@NogShine Yep
Should we close one by one IDs manually or will there be an automated process? I'm seeing some of them in the review queues. Even the good ones.
I was going to propose Tron Legacy, but then the OP said it was a really good movie ... which rules Tron Legacy right out! ;-) — Grimm The Opiner Oct 10 '17 at 14:49
7:19 AM
@Memor-X Meh. Don't worry. Ankit, AJ and I all have the same fan ;)
So, we should welcome Nog Shine to our club? ;)
Hehehe! Sure! Welcome to the club @NogShine! ;)
We have a secret handshake and everything! ;)
and cookies and coffee ;)
Of course!
@steelersquirrel lol. Thanks ;)
7:26 AM
Lunch time \o/
@NogShine automatic, I am only closing new ones
@AJ I will prefer ginger tea for my throat
@AnkitSharma Awwwwww! Are you getting sick? :'(
@AnkitSharma There are old ones and good ID's in the review queue.
8:08 AM
@steelersquirrel Little cold, no big deal
@NogShine whoever doing it just waiting there efforts in something which will be handled sooner or later automatically
@AnkitSharma :'(
8:26 AM
@AJ and I want something to cure my mouth ulcer.
@NogShine for mouth ulcer, dip a cotton bud in glycerin and apply on it. Repeat this for 4-5 times and wash your mouth.
Thanks. I used glycerine in the past too.
My Goonies question that I was going to ask got ruined by being easily searchable. Curse you, google! ;)
Yeah. I understand. This stopped me from asking several questions.
Dammit, Nog Shine! Stop changing your avatar! :P
8:39 AM
I moved my chat profile back to Movies. It was linked to SFF for a few days.
I really like Peter Dinklage's acting and character in GoT.
Does SFF still have an active chat?
Quill and Tankard.
Is that the GoT chat?
I haven't been to SFF chat in...I can't even remember. I haven't been to SFF in forever. Well, I asked a question during WB over there. I used to read their meta because it was just entertaining, but I haven't in a while.
8:45 AM
Identifying songs or music is off-topic. — A J 4 mins ago
@AJ As if identifying movies and TV shows is on-topic. :P
I only asked 3 questions on SFF. Nothing more.
LOL. I post that in the current question context and I have a list of comments to post. :P Should I go like any question about identification of anything is off-topic? ;)
Maybe now that ID is off topic, we can better define what trivia is here and maybe be a bit more lenient on trivia questions. They seem to do really well over at SFF and it might help the site to not look like it's so stringent on stuff. I don't know. Just a thought.
Q: End-scenes music in Combien tu m'aimes (2004)

trejder"Combien tu m'aimes" (2004) is full of classical music. I'm particularly interested in exactly what song or music theme is played in second-to-the-last scene in the movie? In the last scene of the movie, two main characters are sitting each other and talking. In the previous one, main character'...

@AJ That's what I did when there was a sound track ID. I chose ID reason to close and others chose trivia
@steelersquirrel I thought of changing my name too but didn't. I remember you saying that you couldn't ping Sinister when i changed my name to Nog Shine.
@NogShine Oh, right!
8:58 AM
@steelersquirrel Sure. But let this ID matter sattle
Oct 27 '17 at 2:28, by steelersquirrel
@AJ OMG! Hahahaha! Wuuuut? @NogShine is Sinister?!
@AJ Well, of course!
@NogShine Hehehe!
1 hour later…
10:18 AM
OMG! The Golden Globes were on lastnight! Wuuuuut?
Q: Animated short about a bunny and a chick getting in trouble

RainI just watched part of an animated short which features a white bunny and a yellow chick and is unusual in that they speak gibberish and little speech bubbles with pictures of objects appear on top of the characters to tell the audience what they are talking about. The animation is the same sort ...

@steelersquirrel Hahaha, yeah, it's always weird to read about it afterwards like it was some huge event, but realise there was absolutely no media coverage to announce it would happen :P
@Tinkeringbell HELLO STRANGER!!!
@Tinkeringbell back with snowy pic
10:21 AM
@steelersquirrel Heya!
@Tinkeringbell How were your holidays?
@AnkitSharma Yeah ;) I might upload a stormy one soon, I made some great pics at the beach last wednesday ;)
@MovieReel free flag @Tinkeringbell
@steelersquirrel laaaaaaazy, lots of food, netflix and crochet ;)
Did you have some too? how were they?
@Tinkeringbell wow, sound fun
10:23 AM
@AnkitSharma Yeah, I always love the beach when windspeeds are above 100 km/h
@Tinkeringbell Sounds relaxing! Mine were good! Very hectic...I'm glad that everything is back to normal now :)
@steelersquirrel I'm sad that everything is back to normal :P
@Tinkeringbell I love the beach when it's stormy!!!
I could have lasted another 3 weeks or something
hmm, I miss not being able to pop on a bike to go to the beach on a windy day
10:25 AM
OMG! That would be so cool! I absolutely love the beach!
@JarkoDubbeldam Haha, I wouldn't have reached the beach on a bike last wednesday, I would have been blown backwards ;)
why 10 thousand O.o
Is amazon high on weed
Time it so you arrive there before the wind really picks up
and get a free ride back
@steelersquirrel Fun side of a small country! We live on the eastern side of it, but we can be at the western side/beach in an hour and a half :P
@Tinkeringbell Oh, cool!
10:26 AM
but not by bike lol
Ugh. Late for my rounds. Be back later :)
@Tinkeringbell Strand Nulde doesn't count right?
@Tinkeringbell I love beaches too , on 26th I had holiday and wanted to go on a beach on that long weekend but plan got failed :(
@JarkoDubbeldam That's beach, but not sea. And I always think of 'meisje van Nulde' when that name comes up... Somehow, I find it a bit weird to go swimming there :P
But where did you go? Scheveningen? Katwijk?
10:31 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Zandvoort
too far north for me to have been there
First to Schiphol, watch some airplanes land ;) They were wobbling all over the landing site
ah cool
I am jealous now
Q: Why is 11 am + 1 hour == 12:00 pm?

Yuki InoueOne hour after 11:00 am is 12:00 pm. I find this to be very strange. Why isn't it 12:00 am? More descriptively, I thought we can think of the am/pm part as time unit representing higher amount than the numerical part. If so, it would be representing 12 hours time unit, and it switches after ...

10:36 AM
Don't use am/pm, problem solved.
I use 00:00 AM and 12:00 PM. That's computer and railways standard.
@JarkoDubbeldam English is a very confusing language. ;)
Pahar (Hindi/Nepali: पहर, پہر), which is more commonly pronounced peher, is a traditional unit of time used in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. One pahar nominally equals three hours, and there are eight pahars in a day. In India, the measure is primarily used in North India and Urdu speaking communities throughout the Deccan in Southern India. == Etymology == Pahar/pehar/peher is derived from Sanskrit word prahar which is an ancient unit of time in India. The word pahar/peher has the same root as the Hindustani word pehra (meaning to stand guard) and pehredar (literally guard/watchman)....
Hungary still has the best notation imo
We used to follow this time system.
all in order from big to small
10:45 AM
which means that the string representation of those date-times automatically sort in chronological order
in Charcoal HQ, 39 mins ago, by A J
I once worked on a project that was developed by some another developer not from my organization. That developer had saved dates in that format without any separator just for comparison purposes. ;)
@JarkoDubbeldam yep ^^
That's why comparison worked
Q: End-scenes music in Combien tu m'aimes (2004)

trejder"Combien tu m'aimes" (2004) is full of classical music. I'm particularly interested in exactly what song or music theme is played in second-to-the-last scene in the movie? In the last scene of the movie, two main characters are sitting each other and talking. In the previous one, main character'...

@JarkoDubbeldam Free flag. Just flag it for off-topic=>trivia
@AJ that's still a bad idea though. Something something integer overflow.
For dates it's fine. Datetime... nope
@JarkoDubbeldam that person used for date comparison only.
That should be fine for another century
11:09 AM
Q: Why was there a robot in Rocky IV?

RahulIn Rocky IV (1985), Balboa gifts Paulie a talking and moving robot which could do following things: Talk and act like humans. Patch up to phone lines in house. Voice modulation according to needs. Paulie teaches it to talk in girl's voice. Provide household service. It's almost like an com...

2 hours later…
1:25 PM
Q: Editing a summary with quote markup

Johnny BonesLet me start by saying, this is not accusatory. I honestly don't know the answer, so I'm asking. I posted an answer to a question, and included a general summary of the article I linked, just in case "link rot" ever sets in. The question is here: Why was there a robot in Rocky IV? It was edi...

1:52 PM
@AJ I have wired one only
2:17 PM
Y'all are welcome to come and trash trash talk football here:

 The Clubhouse

General discussion for sports.stackexchange.com
Whoa, that came out of nothing. ;-)
I hope you mean American Football, though. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Not really. I pinged him in there last night to celebrate a certain Coach Gruden coaching his team next year ;)
I see.
Hopefully that room will come to life during the World Cup @NapoleonWilson
@skullpatrol I don't recall any other NFL fans over there besides you, Ed and myself. I can't even heckle Ed about the horrible season his Broncos had this year! ;)
Yeah, there are only a few that I know of.
Btw, I replied to your message in the club house but forgot to ping you @steelersquirrel
@skullpatrol Oh, okay :)
@AJ I hate this kind of jokes
2:54 PM
:42154049 Ok. What's the next word after "ha dilli se hun.."? Try to say that word and that player's name. ;)
@AJ got that already
3:13 PM
@AJ not like it's going to do anything to me >_>
but huh idk what that was I was asleep
anyway g'morning all
3:30 PM
3:49 PM
Q: What does "too look out for something" mean in the following context

Dmitriy EsarevFrom the movie Blade runner 2049. In the movie the main character K tells a story from his childhood. He tells he had a toy, a wooden horse, and some bullies tried to take it away from him. But K managed to hide the horse, so it was never found. After that K's superior he told this story said: ...

Q: Black Mirror - clever writing or me being cynical

Tim B JamesIn the Black Mirror episode titled "Black Museum" (Season 4, Episode 6), when the character Nish is introduced to Rolo, he says "Nice accent, you from Australia?" To which she replies; "Nah, I'm from Britain". As soon as she said this, my first thought was "Dam, that is bad. No one wo...

4:19 PM
@AnkitSharma ID is no longer a thing, room description is off
You're blue. You can edit it.
room topic changed to The Screening Room: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - General discussion for movies.stackexchange.com [mod-rage] [sarcasm-at-its-finest] [sardonic]
I'm malicious mean and scary
What O.o
4:34 PM
@Mithrandir /shrug i'm not gonna fix his room without at least asking first
5:13 PM
Q: Cloning movie telecast in Antwerp TV in 1995/96

user60816Reason I am requesting help is, it was a terrific clone movie. I would like to purchase the DVD if any. Excellent story line. The protagonist is named Benjamin, and almost half-way through the movie only his mother tells him that the doctor "gave" him to her. There are bizarre happenings, with "s...

2 hours later…
6:46 PM
So silent today
7:28 PM
almost like it is awkward
7:38 PM
Q: What happened exactly at the end of Shot Caller?

SandMasterI don't understand why Money didn't simply tell the Beast after he was asked "How could have Shotgun inform the police when he was already dead at 5 PM and Herman sent the coordinates only 1 hour before.." that the police took Shotgun's phone and that is how they knew when and where the thing is ...

Holy moly Naruto did sexy jutsu even on Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
I understood about 3 words in that sentence, and only one that isn't a filler word.
sexy jutsu is a ninja technique of disusing as a semi nude sexy person to distract enemy from the next blow which main character in Naruto used for final villain
Oh my.
It's not as sexual as it sound but as ridiculous as it sound
It was part of main characters immaturity but shouldn't have been used after that character's whole growth
7:56 PM
Sure sure.
Q: Jiro dreams of sushi: song identification

SimonI'm not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I'm looking for identification of a song I heard in a movie In Jiro Dreams of Sushi there is a scene about 23 minutes in when hes on the train and a piece of music is played in the background. Ive managed to extract and isolate the audio, w...

Does the Google girl actually have a name or is she just called "Google"?
8:43 PM
Q: Why did master Oogway vanish with peach leaves?

anonymousWhy did master Oogway vanish along with a whirl wind of peach tree leaves in Kung Fu Panda (2008)?

9:22 PM
Q: Influences on Woody Allen’s “Wonder Wheel”

user159691I recently watched Woody Allen’s latest movie, Wonder Wheel. I loved the movie and my first impression was a possible influence by Tennessee Williams's works, especially regarding the main character Ginny. Does anyone agree on this? Did other users notice Tennessee Williams' style in depicti...

10:09 PM
@AnkitSharma well actually it is. like for the audience it's not but in world it's obvious the people can see through the smoke
wasn't expecting to hear that happening in Shippuden
though the fact it's used on Kaguya *imagines Kaguya's children being Chakra babies have 2 mothers*
@NapoleonWilson google-senpai
or if your older than her, google-chan
She sounds older than me.
So...how do they get the original Kina Lillet in 2008 when that's not produced anymore for decades?
A convenient anachronism.
@NapoleonWilson you'd be surprised at how insane people can get in wanting to keep old things preserved. either the original writer sold a copy to someone else or someone was able to work it out, with SCIENCE!
@Memor-X Writer?
@NapoleonWilson writer of the recipe

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