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12:02 AM
@Shalvenay danke
12:28 AM
So, this is a thing I want to incorporate into a campaign some time:
Last month, archaeologists discovered a 300-pound sphinx buried under the California coast for generations. It’s not exactly a relic of an ancient civilization, though -- it was a set piece from director Cecil B. DeMille’s 1923 film “The Ten Commandments”
Because dude there's a whole fake Egypt buried in California.
It's captured my imagination for a long time.
What if it was buried for a reason? That would be a cool game idea
Unlike IRL where I am sure they were just not interested in cleaning it up
Hey, @BESW - I mentioned that I was looking for some feedback on an answer I wrote about Polynesian mythology, and nitsua60 suggested that you might be able/willing to help. If you'd be willing, I'd appreciate it :) scifi.stackexchange.com/a/176307/33591
(Also, hey - new avatar!)
@Mithrandir There's a reason. 'Tis the season.
I just need to preserve this one for the ages:
hey there @Mithrandir
@Miniman's got jon skeet beat on the WB leaderboard.
(They've got the same number of hats, but miniman's rarest hat is rarer than jon's.)
12:41 AM
@Shalvenay hi!
@Mithrandir how're things going?
@Mithrandir Well, first off I'd suggest not relying on Wikipedia for Pasifika information. Especially with the Moana material there's a TON of stuff written in the past two years about how it correlates, or fails to correlate, with existing traditions. That'll also get you a better sense of adherence or deviation to themes and respect for the culture, which is more important and doesn't actually have much to do with matching notes point-by-point.
@nitsua60 You know, it never occurred to me to look at the network-wide leaderboard.
@nitsua60 oh I thought you were preserving that because it is the best hat avatar combo that anyone will ever have XD :P
@BESW scribbles note that Wikipedia is not a good source
12:43 AM
May 18 at 4:06, by BESW
There are some good links to scholarship in this article.
May 18 at 4:02, by BESW
The themes of Moana are largely Disney and NOT Polynesian or Pasifika. Moana's personal journey is very Disney Princess; the depiction of a volcano as evil or bad or corrupted is downright offensive; Māui's portrayal is... well, Māui can be found in the stories and faiths of many different cultures and he's always a bit different, but it's hard to see the film's version in any of them. He's usually physically unimpressive but extremely clever, almost a trickster character.
@Miniman I was linked there from an interesting catija-monica colloquy on a meta.se question. Then I was curious how far down one had to go to get to rpgse. (I.e., to you.)
@nitsua60 Now I feel like I have to get more hats to represent us...
@Miniman Run a search--assuming you've also searched at some point each of the last two days, that should get you a hat.
[rummages for link]
There's a good example in Māui...
@nitsua60 Way ahead of you...although only thanks to trogdor.
I would've missed yesterday if he hadn't asked about it.
@Miniman "way ahead of you." Sure, rub it in.
@nitsua60 Well, clearly you need a competitive push to spur you along XD
@Miniman What I need is two more +3 answers and some edits to older posts. Sounds like time to read another decade's Dragon magazines....
It's not that what you're saying in the answer is inaccurate; but it's incomplete and largely irrelephant, because they kept a lot of the details but lost the heart and core of the thing.
@nitsua60 I still need to come up with a self-answered question to post at 7pm.
12:49 AM
@BESW hmm. Okay, I'll have to do some more research.
Look for articles written by Polynesians.
@Miniman Oh, that's a hat? A few hours back I had an idea for a self-answer, but it's slipped my mind. (Another in the style of "difference b/w spellcasting and pact magic." One I feel like trips up plenty of people and needs some explaining.)
@nitsua60 That's this year's BESW hat. The 7pm is a separate one, but no reason not to go for both in one go.
@nitsua60 there's a hat for posting a self-answer and having both with a score of 3+.
There's a second hat for posting on the hour.
@Mithrandir Teresia Teaiwa collected some discussions here‌​.
12:51 AM
@Miniman when did I do this thing?
(Incidentally, I got both from the post I linked.)
@Mithrandir We usually use links for that sort of thing
@BESW ah, thanks
@trogdor In NAB, literally just now.
May 18 at 4:06, by BESW
There are some good links to scholarship in this article.
12:52 AM
@nitsua60 it's not a secret hat? Or is that a general rule for all hats?
I'm just messing with you.
@Miniman why were you talking about yesterday then?
@nitsua60 ...it's 3AM, I'm going to miss things :P
@trogdor From SE's POV, yesterday was an hour ago.
@Mithrandir Moana's relationship to Polynesia is a very active discussion in Pasifika communities, and has been before Disney first announced the project. There's a LOT of work done on it.
12:53 AM
Which is how I knew you didn't have the hat - it'd only been 2 days, not 3.
@Miniman I though t it was 2 hours ago
That is what my vote timer said
At 8 in the morning it told me I had to wait an hour to vote again
Also, @Mithrandir, you'll find references to Disney's panel of Polynesian experts. This was their attempt to head off claims of appropriation at the pass, and very few Polynesian academics bought into it.
So I thought that was an accurate timer for day roll over
There's a strong underlying question about who owns stories and who has the right to tell them, which Western copyright culture doesn't understand at all.
@BESW I just assumed that through merger and acquisition, Disney owned all the stories by now?
12:56 AM
Seems like this is a lot more complicated than I expected going in...
@nitsua60 eww I hope not
Welcome to indigenous scholarship!
@trogdor I'm combining what I know of their portfolio with the notion that there are only 3/4/6/36 stories humans tell (depending on whom you ask).
@nitsua60 Disney has bought the legal privilege of deciding who can tell the stories without litigation. That's different from owning stories.
@nitsua60 Pretty sure there's only one.
12:59 AM
@Miniman There... can be only one?
@nitsua60 It's Hero's Journey, in case you were wondering.
One story to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them...
@Miniman That book is literally closer to my hand than is my glass of water.
There are actually 8.2trillion stories
Eeew Campbell.
1:00 AM
Just not all of them are amusing enough to tell
@BESW I think it's Joseph?
"If you're vague enough about the details and say that it's okay if you ignore anything that doesn't fit the theory, then any story will match my model!"
Hero's journey is stupid
So reductionist
Like, straight up Moana is not a Polynesian story because it's resting on Hero's Journey tropes, and Polynesian stories don't buy into the epistemological assumptions about community and individuals which the Hero's Journey presupposes.
You can crack all the racist coconut jokes you want, it won't make a Disney Princess story any more Pasifika.
What epistemological assumptions do Polynesian stories make that make them incompatible with the hero's journey?
in particular
1:05 AM
So I get that the princess story isn't Pasifika, and that the coconuts are schlock, but (he asks, hesitantly) what's racist about the coconuts?
I'd assume that obviously your referring to Polynesian mythology, given that once they interacted with other civilizations they could easily use archetypal story structures they saw in their stories within their own style.
1:39 AM
@Skyler No, Pasifika peoples retain their own identity and worldview influenced by but not overshadowed by the other cultures that have been imposed on them.
The Disney Princess story is based on ways an individual interacts with her community--their sense of place and story and time, their obligation and what is due them, how they connect to the people and spaces around them--that doesn't sit comfortably in a Pasifika culture.
May 18 at 4:18, by BESW
...There was an unfortunate obesession with coconuts though. That's kind of a stereotype; coconut is important in the Pacific, but taro would realistically be the crop they were most worried about losing.
@BESW Unless Pasifika is denoting one of those tribes that maintains technological isolation I think they've taken influences from the modern world, just like every other civilization. That's just the nature of the internet
@Skyler That's what I said.
There's a difference between a Western story type told by Pasifika peoples, and a story about Pasifika peoples that treats them as Westerners.
oh ok so they are a pre-industrial civilization
then are a people in a modern nation/state/part of state?
1:45 AM
That doesn't matter.
I guess I'm just haven't seen anything mentioned yet that actually denotes what is different about their worldview. (I also misread a little something you said earlier so it makes more sense now)
Then I suggest you read the articles I've linked above and have Polynesians tell you about their worldview.
I'm not Polynesian, nor am I any sort of indigenous Pasifika.
But I'd trust that you might be able to give a quick summary so that I can read those articles with an eye for the useful details
I don't trust myself to do that.
@user2813274 A Wizard could also cast Slow on it, neutralizing his multiattack. Assuming a DC of 15 at that level, the dragon would have a 55% chance to fail on each saving throw. If the dragon is inside the keep at all, you could cast Shatter multiple times to bring it down on them, too.
unless you want to keep the keep (badumtss) intact
1:53 AM
Q: Why can't magic sit with a more specific tag?

the dark wandererSo, we have a magic tag. It's a fine tag, and there's nothing majorly wrong with it. Part of its usage advice in the tag wiki, though, says: Questions that merit more specific tags should not also use magic. Instead: Questions about the interpretation, use, or interactions of specif...

@BESW why would that be the case if you don't mind me asking
Epistemology is about the process of knowing: how we know things and what we value knowing. It positions us in the world. I do not understand the Polynesian epistemology enough to express it clearly and concisely: most people can't even verbalize their own epistemologies, just like a fish has a hard time explaining "wet."
When you harvest taro, you cut off part of the corm and leave it in the field so a new plant grows.
A Western epistemology would tend to say that the moment of cutting off the corm is the most important moment because the next harvest relies on you: the present is significant because the future turns on it.
I'd argue you don't really know most things if you can't start to verbalize/write about it, so I can see the sentiment for what you said but I think a self-defeating way to orient ones actions. Worst case scenario is that as I'm fumbling around trying to understand a view someone helps me adjust what I think of it.
A Pasifika epistemology is likely to say that present moment is the least important thing. It is created by the generations of past harvesters, and it is an obligation to the future harvesters. The focus is not on you and how the community depends on you, the focus is on the community stretching back and forward that you depend on.
Pasifika cultures "walk backward into the future." The present is the least important part of time, a moving blip defined by what came before and moving into what will be.
They're collectivist and communal.
like that's a decent overview right there
1:59 AM
In Narrative and Freedom: The Shadows of Time, Gary Saul shows that Soviet Russia sustained itself by positioning its people in a story.
The story was one of Soviet grandeur, earned by the suffering and hardship of its people.
That's actually quite a bit more universal than just the Soviet Union. I mean the American Dream is just that with a different set of archetypes.
hey there @daze413
The suffering of the people was not something which would create the future glory of their nation: it was a harbinger of that glory.
Very work will set you free of the central planners
How do you know that the Soviet Union will triumph? the suffering of her people tells me she will triumph.
2:02 AM
in the USSR
That's an epistemological argument which relies on valuing certain ways of knowing.
unfortunately from the standpoint of that narrative, the lack of factual grounding of that narrative caused it to basically fall down as facts started to peter in and undermine it
We all live in stories and make choices according to our beliefs about what kind of story it is and what our role in it is.
yea, faith in religion was basically like a set of presuppositions to align someone towards creating that narrative, and then the national identity was an archetypal extraction of what they collectively expressed
Narrative and Freedom isn't easy to read--it's a bit self-important--but it's a good analysis of the concept through the lens of Russian literature.
2:06 AM
hey there @Ben
I found it a good companion piece to bring together the Erast Fandorin novels and Tower of Secrets.
@BESW Ah, gotcha. So coconuts racist in the same sense that a black professional in Georgia could be forgiven for thinking "really, nightly news? You staged your intro set-piece in a cotton field? Cotton?"
@nitsua60 Yeah.
@nitsua60 See also the Kakamora.
@nitsua60 well, add in a black reporter in that field
2:09 AM
@nitsua60 "what, you couldn't find a spare city block in Atlanta, GA?"
You will more quickly see the problem after that addition
@BESW "Oh, and now you've got anthropomorphic cotton balls singing field-songs? I've got an MBA, jackass!"
Hooo boy
To turn a page, I'm about to reincarnate Starmas =)
Yeah that about does it there
2:11 AM
@nitsua60 Yeeeah. Or more accurately, if you portrayed leprechauns as anthropomorphic potatoes.
Dec 25 '16 at 0:17, by nitsua60
I'm doing something something I hope doesn't annoy: picking a half-dozen of my favorite quotes from he year-in-chat and re-linking them, hoping to stir up some year-end smiles =)
out of curiosity, has anybody here seen a taro in person and tried some?
@Skyler yes.
2:12 AM
whats it like?
Kinda like a sweet potato.
What I had was best described as "mashed starchy root"?
But it depends on the kind of taro and how it's prepared.
@Skyler I have tried some cooked. It was OK, but not as nice as a sweet potato
Some people say it's kinda like a sweet vanilla potato.
2:13 AM
I don't recall a flavor hitting me so much as as the texture and... weight? of it.
@Skyler yep, also ditto on the sweet potatoe thing
That was my impression from looking at the plant. It reminded me of actual yams
And it soaks up flavors so you can prepare it to taste like all sorts of things.
Although the ones I tried were just sirya sweet potato ish
rather than sweet potatoes
2:14 AM
@BESW yeah, mine was in an Asian dish with pork and some sort of brown sauce, but this was quite a few years ago
Just the closest food I could personally use to describe it
A couple years ago I was hired to make a conference logo showing taro. I'd always taken it for granted before.
And of course you can eat the whole plant, not just the corm.
oof this is making me hungry
I have not eaten the whole thing
I need to go to lunch break now XD
Taro stems are kinda like okra.
2:16 AM
btw guys, anybody ever try to make a custard like thing with bananas
I want to make something like a banana creme pie but instead the bananas are the creme and I top it with sliced apples
The leaves are kinda... spinach-y?
Sounds reasonable.
Okay, here comes the brief deluge:
May 31 at 18:09, by Yuuki
The King Solomon Ruling: If you disagree with the DM, you and the DM take opposite ends of your character sheet and pull.
Jan 15 at 16:31, by RollingFeles
I stil think that rpg.se and this chat in particular are the most heartwarming place in whole SE.
Sep 6 at 14:39, by Yuuki
> I refer to thirty minute increments as "samurai" because Seven Samurai is more or less 3.5 hours long.
Jan 21 at 1:34, by fectin
Reading through something on meta, I came to a comment which made me think "wow, that's a really good point!" Went to upvote, and apparently I thought it was a really good point last time I read it too.
Jul 25 at 8:16, by BESW
There's no trouble with gender and relationships in gaming except what the individuals bring to the table.
Mar 28 at 19:03, by Karelzarath
Better than a Rug of Mothering. "Put your cloak on or you'll catch your death." "You need to eat more, you're wasting away." "Do you have clean underwear on?" "That shopkeeper was nice. You should marry him."
Dec 8 '15 at 14:40, by Magician
How is "do owlbears lay eggs?" a question worth 2500 views and 27 upvotes? I blame you all.
Jan 9 at 2:10, by Miniman
Mental note: include the phrase "boy howdy did we try" in all future posts to get a free upvote from @nitsua60
Star shower concludes. There it is: some of my favorites from a year in [chat].
(Last year we kept this to roughly one person's submissions per day, and I think it went pretty well.)
hmm, i just learned that grapefruit seed extract can make water kind of taste like a cold tea
@Skyler what kinda bananas are you working with?
im trying to finish off my fruits before I visit family for 3 weeks
2:29 AM
no, no, must not star every quote! Must only star the first line
I want to avoid doing much in the way of adding sugar and such
@daze413 I find it more useful to go back to the transcript and star the original, personally. That way we don't have the quoting of the thing being starred, but the thing itself.
@nitsua60 but I already starred those from when they were actually sent XD
@daze413 ah, so it's like a meta-star on that comment about upvotes on meta?
Nah, I just wanted to bookmark your round up of favourite quotes.
there, I think I starred the right one this time
2:36 AM
I'll tell ya, though: it's been in interesting half-year moderating this motley crew =)
hey there @Nyoze
New detective!
@Nyoze how're things going?
@BESW sends BESW to go investigate the mystery of the burning school bus
@Shalvenay it was on fire, mystery solved. Takes hat off
2:47 AM
Things are going good. working on my PVP Pathfinder character at the moment.
And working, always working lol
I want a familiar for +4 to Initiative.
Question is... do I sacrifice 2 str and 2 feats, or 3 feats?
@Nyoze ah, is now not a good time for our dungeon run?
We'll get there one day, I promise!
Okay, so. I figured out the feats I'll be dropping. If I dump 2 str and 2 feates for Eldritch Heritage, I'll keep Weapon Spec, which gives me +1 on damage rolls.
2 Str gives me +1 on attack rolls and damage rolls, so... 3 feats it is!
hey again @Asteria
hay hay @Shalvenay
@daze413 but how'd it catch on fire while just toodling down the road?
@Asteria how're things going?
2:57 AM
@Shalvenay Good! setting up a cheat sheet for this weekends game. whats up with chu
@Asteria not a whole lot, wish to pick up where we left off in Discord btw, or have you not made any more progress?
@Shalvenay I've gotten through another chunk, but haven't had any new epiphanies. T'would just be repeating what I said before, but with more examples
@Asteria ah. how far are you?
@Shalvenay start of the spar with Sh. 39? I think
@Asteria got it
#10 actually
3:03 AM
@Shalvenay welp. #10 then :P
3:19 AM
does anyone here use phone apps for initiative rolling and tracking?
@daze413 do you need apple or android?
@Shalvenay if they're like the jeepneys here, where the fuel filler is literally right next to the passenger seat, without any safety stuff except a strip of plastic in the fuel cap to make it airtight...
@daze413 thank gosh no.
@Asteria nah, was just kinda gauging (poorly) how prevalent an initiative app's usage would be.
@Shalvenay I can fuel your sense of relief.
@daze413 Ah. Well one of the groups I play in uses several apps, one being an initiative app.
3:35 AM
@Asteria -- my food's here. I'll check in with you when I get back, k?
@Shalvenay sounds good
3:52 AM
hey there @Adam
@Asteria back
4:23 AM
hey there @WrongOnTheInternet
@Miniman @daze413 hopefully tonight we return to our adventures! lol
@Ben -- btw, Papayaman is having a sleepover @ his $work so those adventures are on hiatus for now
If not, I want to try and nut out a good portion of my Monsters for the Diablo Dungeon
@Shalvenay Unfortunately I'll have to write myself off for anything else at this point, sorry. It's hard for me to commit to anything during the day
@Ben yeah, it's not a worry for now at least. we'll see what happens later on
@Shalvenay wb
4:28 AM
@Asteria thx
It seems that EVERYTHING wants to happen all at once at this time of year. Christmas, looking at moving, more work to make sure that next year starts off clean... ugh
@Asteria made any more progress?
@Ben that is true
@Shalvenay mhm, nearing the end now I believe.
@Asteria ah.
(the last few fights are where some of the serious bloodshed occurs)
@Shalvenay i'll have to find it, but theres a specific example that I wanted to point out. Once I find it again I'll shoot it on Discord
4:37 AM
@Asteria okiedokie
hey there @Abby
In other news, I have been informed that Starfinder has flopped a bit?
5:03 AM
@Ben I will be a bit late because rain and traffic but I should be good for tonight :D
5:37 AM
@daze413 not worried about keeping the keep intact atm.. Thanks for the suggestions
@daze413 Oh, btw. Another friend suggested that the "Butcher's hook" ability should be nerfed a bit - yanking PCs over 30ft in a single turn is a bit much, so instead he suggested making it so that the distance they are moved by this ability, is equal to the amount they fail a DC15 str check. So, if they get a 14, they are only moved 1 ft
6:12 AM
@Ben There's precedent in allowing the hook to pull you in 30 feet. The Roper, for example, can use its Reel ability to pull in a grappled target 25 feet (no save, as long as you got hit by its tendrils, you can be pulled in)
6:36 AM
The only thing is that this monster is meant to only be CR2. The Roper is (correct me if I'm wrong) CR5? @daze
7:30 AM
@Ben That's true. What made your friend suggest that? Did you playtest it with them?
8:07 AM
No, he's got over 30 years of DMing experience in more systems than I've even heard of. Lol. DMing is very much his life
9:05 AM
Aaaaaah so many great comments to choose from for Starmas.
[develops sorting algorithms]
I think that is,... a bit much
2 hours later…
11:10 AM
@doppelgreener [wave] Do we get a Greener tomorrow?
11:22 AM
@BESW obligatory daily avatar inquiry
@BESW lazy excuse for laziness, contrived reason to demand more information
Goldie Vance is an awesome comic series from Boom! Studios. She's the teenage daughter of a Miami resort owner in the 1960s.
She works at her dad's resort as a valet, but whenever something weird happens in the resort, she's on the case whether anyone wants her to be or not!
....and whether it's an actual case or not.
@BESW Hi, yes!
There's not really any speculative fiction elements, though sometimes she really hopes there are. But it's set during the space race and the cold war, so there's a lot of adventure and intrigue potential for her to speculate about.
@doppelgreener Hi, yey!
11:29 AM
@eimyr Thanks for the Linux screenshot steps!
@doppelgreener no worries, also I have no idea how to do it on KDE
@BESW that's cool
I don't read a lot of comics that don't have some kind of speculative element, but Goldie Vance is most excellent.
@doppelgreener If there is a Dog Eat Dog game being run online on UK evening time as a one shot, should I let you know and have hopes of your participation?
11:54 AM
@eimyr come to think of it though, the kinds of people who are using Linux are probably not the kinds of people who need to be told how to take a screenshot
@eimyr Not at the moment, my schedule's being difficult to wrangle.
@doppelgreener True, but there are people who use Ubuntu because they are temporarily forced to...
@doppelgreener I meant January or later, I'm not playing anything until next year either
@doppelgreener "Schedule Wrangling" is one of the biggest events at the Intern Rodeo.
12:13 PM
@eimyr I just asked a question that's been sitting with me since our Dogs in the Vineyard game, and I'm pretty happy with the title I got to use for it.
Hmm. It being a Forge game, I'd probably lean heavily into group intent.
That's what we were going with as well, I think.
Dogs in the Vineyard's rules are really hostile to scanning and identification. It took me a whole five minutes of scanning back and forth through the PDF before I could find anything describing the stages of escalation....
As a layout designer.... yes.
Forge games are pretty obviously not spending much money on layout design.
This one isn't. In other games if there is a mechanic I need to use, there is a heading for it. If there is a list or table of things (escalation types, action types, etc) there is a heading and an obvious bulleted list or table.
@UrsulaV there are not enough stories featuring were-chinchillas.
12:25 PM
DitV's manual seems written exclusively for the "sit down and read through the book to learn how the game works" mode of reading, but not the "flit through the pages mid-game to check on how to do this one thing" mode of reading. (Which posed me significant difficulty handling the game when we played.)
@Grampian Hi! You'll need 20+ rep to type in chat, but you're welcome to hang out until then.
I found My Life With Master to be pretty hostile to quick reference, too.
1:11 PM
I would love to see an answer to this by you, @BESW.
Severe delays on the Central line due to a youthquake. Severe delays on all other lines due to no one knowing what a youthquake is.
Even 280 characters aren't enough to update you on everything that's going on right now, but we'll try: - wasps reciting poetry at Aldgate - angry wizard scaring the trains at Pimlico - Marylebone has disappeared (again) - the Oyster God has risen - points failure at Harlesden
Posted shortly after Big Ben was stopped for maintenance:
Due to the Ceasing Of The Bongs, time no longer exists in London. For the latest travel information, please consult your runes. Good luck.
topical hatmas doggo
it was 20 points to get into [chat], right?
@Trish yup
9 more to go for poor pfifo.
because while I kind of know how to deal with that kind of SL problem player, it is not a nice and kind solution: put them on the bench :/
2:37 PM
@nitsua60 And YOU get a hat!!
2:58 PM
Boom. A hundred users getting that hat really helped us jump in the site-rankings. We're ahead of meta.SE! (For the moment.)
2 hours later…
4:30 PM
@nitsua60 We're 8th overall. Not bad
@GreySage And I poked around--a bunch of the sites behind us have already snagged "you get a hat," so it's not like they'll be making a hundred-hat jump.
Is there a chat room or something for people looking for a playgroup? Or is there not really anything on Stack for that?
@PeterCooperJr. Not really (to my knowledge), but sometimes people look for players here
Occasionally people will post here (and we'll pin it to the starboard at right) if they're looking for (a) player(s).
@PeterCooperJr. Is there a game in particular, or just looking to get your game on?
4:44 PM
There's also The Back Room where live play sometimes happens.
Mainly looking for D&D 5E, though anything in the fantasy-swords-and-sorcery genre would be fun.
And the challenge is I'm mainly looking for something offline
Any chance you live in the Northeast US? I've got something interesting starting up tomorrow, 5e.
Where I live is far enough away from big cities (I'm about an hour and a half outside Boston) that there's not a lot in the way of game stores or other obvious gatherings.
But not so rural that I think there are no gamers nearby
@PeterCooperJr. On the off-chance you're an hour and a half directly west, we might be getting warmer =)
Heh. I did a reddit post but haven't had any bites yet, really. reddit.com/r/lfg/comments/7jjnf3/…
And wasn't sure if there was an obvious spot here to try to check out as well. But I guess it's here.
4:49 PM
I don't suppose you want a two-hour commute to play with my group for a four-week blitz?
If it's for a limited time rather than a long-term commitment, I just might be able to swing that. Might. Where?
I'm right where I-84 meets I-90, so it's fairly reasonable for me to get anywhere. It has the advantage that within an hour or so I can get to Springfield, Hartford, Worcester, Providence, and the outer reaches of Boston. And has the disadvantage that getting anywhere is an hour away.
I'm dropping an e-mail to the address I found on the site linked in your profile.
Great. Thanks.
I'm old-fashioned and still prefer email as a means of communication, anyway.
@PeterCooperJr. Yeah, I grew up two towns south of Hartford, and my parents are in Shrewsbury. I know that stretch well =)
hmmm, is there a way to put scrollable code into an answer?
4:56 PM
I thought that if a code block was long enough it would scroll it, but I may be confusing Stack with Jira
because I work on that SL question and want to quote a complete sim rule set...
@Trish I have seen it on SO, but I don't know how
@Trish looks like it's automatic: if your code-block is long enough SE puts it in a window. See stackoverflow.com/a/47723443/7317818, for example.
BTW manually formatting code blocks like that is amazingly awful.
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6:10 PM
Guys has any of you played fallen london before?
6:36 PM
I am thinking of running a FATE game in that setting.
7:10 PM
@MaikoChikyu Yes.
I've also played a little bit of Sunless Sea.
@MaikoChikyu Well, the key will be that your players should start with a death. Because that's basically what ties people to the Neath.
I think dying only prevents you from leaving Neath. You don't have to die to stay in Neath.
@MaikoChikyu That's what I meant.
The place has enough Lovecraftian horror that anyone with the ability to leave is almost definitely to going to try.
Got it. So how should i start them after that? Currently i am thinking of having them search lodgings and then find jobs.
So if you want to keep your players in the Neath, the easiest way for them to die before or as part of the story.
You could always give them the option of starting out with a job.
Also how dare you call tentacle people Lovecraftian horror. They are lovely creatures that may or may not be interested in turning you into a tentacle person.
Jokes aside i want to start them new to the Neath as none of my friends are familiar with the setting.
7:15 PM
Eh, the Rubbery Men are perhaps the least Lovecraftian things in the Neath. They're basically normal people that are bit rubbery-er than normal.
What were you referring to when you said Lovecraftian things?
Bee creatures pretending to be devils?
@MaikoChikyu Well, basically everything.
The Masters perhaps the most.
@BESW well, but from your description it seems like the main character is really good at pretending there is one XD
Mr. Apples is pretty nice. Not gonna pretend i want to see what's under his hood through.
So i should kill them as soon as they arrive at Neath and then?
@MaikoChikyu You could have some players start out as having already lived in the Neath for a short period of time.
It's not like two or even three weeks is nearly enough to be familiar with the place.
7:22 PM
You have a point
I'd suggest that you give each player a selection of options and then maybe give them a tidbit of Neath knowledge depending on what they choose.
Good idea
Like anyone who decides that they've been under for awhile knows not to cross the Masters.
Your right. I mean i wouldn't want my players to attack the masters upon seeing them and then hopefully end up in prison
8:20 PM
Neat cards I made to summarise each of the skills in the Fate Core game I'm GMing #FateCore @EvilHatOfficial
I love it
8:39 PM
@MaikoChikyu Talk to @Magician: he's worked on Sunless Fate mechanics.
I found an unofficial Fallen London rulebook.
Why do rogues like leather armor? Because it's made out of hide.
What's hide armor made out of?
(should have seen that coming)
8:51 PM
owl falling off the branch
> I was play testing the second shot at Mystic. Noticed the ability to get proficiency in any tool and thought it'd be a great option for a Guild Artisan build.
The DM gave me some freedom over the guild he'd be joining. I figured that someone with his abilities would need a guild that isn't specialised. So I named it the All Trades guild.
When it came to naming the character, following Gnomish tradition, I gave him a "human" nickname. Jack.

"Hello. I'm Jack, of All Trades."

But he was only level 1 and thus not yet famous, so you might not know Jack.
That was weird. I clicked see all but i still saw the same text.
@MaikoChikyu full text behaves strangely.
> A sea monster swam up the river to London and terrorized the town until Dwarvish adventurers made it into sausage.
> It was the Beast of the Thames, it was the wurst of the Thames.
> A fighter was invited to a big gala, but turned down at the door because of the sword at his hip.
> The fighter protested, "But it's my +1!"
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