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7:05 PM
I am kind of amused that literally all of the answers in the meta about today's potential troll post currently have a score of 0
Q: How do I deal with someone who makes more of my disabilities than I do?

The Snark KnightI am taking a class and the instructor knows I am hearing impaired. The only accommodation I need is to sit in the front and to the left of the classroom and I can do the rest on my own. Between reading lips and sitting close enough, I never have a problem except in very rare instances. The ...

@TheTinyMan I'm writing the one that will take off right now! :P
@Tinkeringbell Oh, these have taken off, they've just gone through all manner of ups and downs too. xD
Taken off like a yo-yo!
@TheSnarkKnight now that you're here, quick question.... do troll questions get deleted as R/A over at TWP, or just 3 delete votes?
(If you don't know, I might drop in to the chat there and see if I can catch a mod)
7:18 PM
@Tinkeringbell it depends, we both flag AND vote to delete. Whichever goes through first is what happens. We had to get VERY aggressive for a while.
@Catija Hey, you put a hat on it! I read about that being able over at Movies, but I couldn't do it... is it special fun reserved for mods?
@TheSnarkKnight Kay, thanks. I know enough ;)
@Tinkeringbell YW, just to go into more detail.... If we find a troll, we first flag it then VTC/Down-vote so we can get it closed and to -3, then we delete if a mod hasn't handled it.
@TheSnarkKnight Do you mod flag or r/a flag?
that's the important point I'd like to know :D
7:23 PM
@Tinkeringbell If you like it then you shoulda put a hat on it? ;)
The next hit single
@LLF Definitely :P
@Catija Hey, how do you get that hat?
The top hat? Or the one on the Community user?
top hat
> Silencium
answer a question that has never been commented on; your answer gets no comments and scores 7+
7:25 PM
@Catija That's not even possible here at IPS :P
@Catija that's impossible
I actually got it on IPS.
No way! :P really? Which one?
Hats are hard to get this year...
(And you didn't secretly delete all comments? :P )
7:26 PM
I've only written one answer, so it had to have been: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/8057/…
@Catija Nice, you just beat the commenters to it :)
@Tinkeringbell Nope.
Are you going to participate in the 'craft-a-hat-challenge' @Catija? I was thinking I might...
First comments didn't come for about... five hours after the post was made, I answered it quickly, got +7 and then the comments started. Worked out well.
NAA und VLQ flags send a post to the same queue, ja?
7:28 PM
@Tinkeringbell I'm an A&C mod... it's sort of required.
But I don't know how gentle the people will be :P
@Catija That's why I was thinking you might too :D
Durn, I have three answers that almost qualify for that! One just has one comment... The other two are not highly voted enough! xD
@Videonauth yeah, i noticed. although i wasn't seriously angry. there were two ppl going at each other, and i was probably the only other one here at the time. had to say "shut up you two!" meh.
@Tinkeringbell if it's clearly R/A, we flag it R/A, if not, mod-flag, VTC, and delete
7:44 PM
@TheSnarkKnight Thanks again :D I've linked that into my meta answer, hope you don't mind :D
@Tinkeringbell sure :D go ahead
Answers that are very clearly lacking in explanation (so no explanation of 'how to do that' and 'why that works' aren't necessarily NAA. Leave a comment explaining what's wrong, downvote and flag as Very Low Quality — Tinkeringbell 1 hour ago
Yeah? what about that??
I've been doing that for weeks now...
Since both VLQ and NAA flags send a post to the same Low Quality Post queue, does this really matter? Food for thought? Reviewers aren't shown what flags were raised.
like a charm
@NVZ Leave a comment and I'll address it later in an answer... I'm to busy on another meta right now ;)
That's why I mentioned the 'comment' part though
A comment saying 'this needs more work' or 'this is not an answer'....
Should make it clear ;-)
Waaah.... I'm struggling to finish my answer...

One of the downsides to deleting things fast is that if the question was genuine, the OP doesn't really have any means of communicating with us anymore, since comments get locked.

One of the downsides of leaving troll posts undeleted will be that the post is still there for everyone to see and comment on...

Anybody have any help for me on that problem?
8:01 PM
... The question from two days ago was on the site, closed and downvoted for over 24 hours. Did it hurt anything in that state?
Being below -4 kept it off the front page and being closed kept it from being answered. It had comments asking for clarification and pointing out the content issues...
@Catija I dunno really... My problem with the ones we deleted today was that that second one was getting a lot of comments after it was closed, some of them quite rude. How many comments did you have to delete on that one from 2 days ago(if I may ask?)
What benefit is gained from deleting it within a few minutes of it being posted... other than (apparently) confusing the OP?
@Catija I think I've found my solution, thanks!
@Catija it takes the fun away from the trolls
Three. None of which were rude.
8:03 PM
and mods can always contact the OP
@Catija Usually if closed with a comment about improvement needed, I'll wait a day to see if they edit. But if it's really rubbish, I'll delete - remember they can edit and undelete
@Tinkeringbell There was only one comment deleted off of either of the attempts today... it was really bad but that's not really "a lot of comments after it was closed".
@RoryAlsop I have no problem with that... that's what I did! But the push I'm getting on meta is that it needs to be deleted immediately and without any sort of attempt to ask for clarity.
@Catija I didn't say it got a lot of comments... just that I was afraid such things might.
Because I saw 1 ;)
And, I'm sorry... But I really don't like that.
> My problem with the ones we deleted today was that that second one was getting a lot of comments after it was closed, some of them quite rude.
@Catija I'm writing an apology right now... just a second please, I'm just wrapping it up ;)
@Catija Oops, my mistake. My meta answer says 1 ;)
8:07 PM
@Tinkeringbell No problem :D
@Tinkeringbell wrapping what up?
or rapping?
@NVZ wrapping up the writing of a meta answer. Now, if you'd have just left me alone I would have been finished by now :P
@Tinkeringbell snap back to reality. oh, there goes gravity. let's rap it up then.
@Tinkeringbell Never gonna give you up // Never gonna let you down.
A: Sense & Sensibility, or, are we Elinor or are we Marianne?

TinkeringbellI want to chime in as well, because I casted the first close vote on the first question AND raised the issue in chat. I don't know for sure, but I think that at that time, there were some discussions all mingling together. The first thread that I picked out is the use of rude/abusive flags. ...

Done :D
8:22 PM
@Tinkeringbell casted=cast. Casted is a very old word. Why use it?
@Tinkeringbell 5 min read shows my script. but it must have been a 50 min write, aye?
@Sid Because I read old fashioned English books a lot?
You can edit it if you like ;)
@NVZ 1,5 hour comes first
Try arguing with yourself in the mean time too, and it's easily 2 :P
@Sid the more important question is.. why not use it?
Anyways, I promised mom some company. I'll be back later ;)
Just don't go nuts in the comments! :P
@Tinkeringbell nuts is my first name.
Nuts VZ
mystery solved, heh
@Tinkeringbell which means it must have had 6 flags -- not necessarily.
From dear old Barrie England:
A: Can "casted" be the past tense of "cast"?

Barrie EnglandThe Oxford English Dictionary records casted as being used as the past tense of cast from the Middle English period to the sixteenth century. The latest citation showing its use is dated 1526. If it is making a comeback, I haven’t heard or seen it, but that may be because it is not widespread in ...

8:37 PM
@Catija only if it's really bad
@NVZ Because it's not 1526 anymore?
Or if you are on a small site where it may take a year to close
@Sid perhaps it's not 1526 now. but who in 2017 doesn't like some vintage things? reminds me of stranger things, the show. ah, i love it so much.
anyway, it's past 2 AM here. I should try to get some sleep now. Goodbye.
@Sid Indian time?
8:42 PM
@RoryAlsop That's... subjective, though... I personally don't think it was "really bad"
@NVZ Please, as someone who worked in casting, Don't say "casted".
@Tinkeringbell Looks really good.
@Catija sure, i'm not saying it. i just didn't care that much. lol
@Catija the hats fit perfectly for your kid. nice.
Thanks :D I'm excited about it.
i seem to be stuck with just the one hat.. bah
donate hats to the poor (me) please. :P
@NVZ Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get another. I, however, likely won't. I don't do enough of the stuff (or can't, in a couple cases) that the hats require. :) Oh well, I like my Cosmic Brain
I also need a head to wear the hat i suppose.
8:56 PM
@Catija Thanks, it took a lot of time. It's nice to see no-one is bashing it until now ;)
@NVZ Meh, you're V is wearing it just fine :D
@NVZ, about the 6 flags, that's the amount needed according to meta.se to get something deleted by the community user... why not necessarily?
I have got to be pretty close to the 150 on three sites one...
look at that
i have a new face
@NVZ No you dont :P
Not yet :P
Ah, there you are, 11
her acting is so amazing. never seen a child actor so great.
just watching a small scene inside a music video brought me to tears.
So, don't shoot me, but what is Stranger Things about? Never seen it.
9:04 PM
me.. tears. not a good match.. but still it was deep.
watch till the end if you love millie bobby brown.. :)
@LLF It's one of the best pastiches of the 80s hollywood ...
@NVZ It has been added toward the top of my "to watch" list. Currently, the only things higher are the movie Revenant and Sword Art Online.
@LLF it's like a good mix of all these amazing 80s movies: editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/… It's not a parody, or copycat. It's a pastiche.. I donno how to express it clearer.
@NVZ Sold, you just bumped it to the #1 spot.
So it brings in a lot of nostalgia to some adults who loved the 80s. and kids and teens love it for its main actors are kids.
the story proceeds with the kids overcoming hurdles not despite being kids, but exactly because they're kids. and adults fail to overcome these adventures the way the kids do within the story..
Ooooh, I like the sounds of this. Might end up a new favorite show for me...
9:12 PM
@LLF yeah but keep in mind to not let your expectations too high, because not everyone would have the same experience watching it.
I never have high expectations for shows. :) Might be why Steven Universe was able to so easily blow me away...
i usually am not into cult-films like star wars or lord of the rings, but i somehow am one of stranger things. lol
10:05 PM
@Tinkeringbell Wow, you weren't kidding about preparing an epic answer to that meta. :-) It's a good one!
10:17 PM
Q: Friends with a couple that broke up. I can't choose a side

Raven DevThe Enemies of My Friends are Still My Friends... I am stuck between two sides, I am close friends with a family that broke apart and I am not sure how to help or even if I should. It's bothering me quite a bit and I'm not the one going through the drama of the split. I don't want to pick sides...

10:29 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Sigh. I hate it when I really want to answer a question but it's not in the proper SE format. :-p
11:04 PM
@NVZ I'm not sure if I'd count Star Wars and LOTR (y'know, only the biggest sci-fi and biggest fantasy films that I can think of) as cult exactly...
11:33 PM
@Mithrandir24601 stranger things is also not cult its #1 on imdb's most popular tv shows list xD imdb.com/search/title?title_type=tv_series
@JesseBarnett Ah, OK - I don't really watch a lot of TV, so don't keep track of that sort of thing :P Sounds like something I should watch then :)
not that i didnt love it xD i have even met millie bobby brown
Q: How to invite a coworker I'm romantically interested in to a dinner party without sounding like I have an agenda?

sillygilzThere is a nice new guy at my job who I have been getting to know more lately and I think he might like me. He sits at the desk next to mine so we often talk when we are alone in the room. We share interests in fitness and healthy lifestyle and I have a vegan recipe blog. He is not vegan but he...

^good to see a female -> male romantic tagged question
getting more and more rare heyy xD
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