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1:36 AM
@JourneymanGeek I've got multiple confirmations - 1709 breaks Toaster :(
@Bob :(
2:40 AM
> The campaign goes gang-busters:
If we get a million backers then Dave will have a heart attack and this could delay things significantly whilst he's in hospital recovering.
3:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek I can totally see that happening :P
1 hour later…
4:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek would you be able to test Growl-y stuff sometime?
@Bob I'd need to upgrade
testing it isn't really an issue.
though I'm probably switching over to using riot/synapse at some point
it's grown far beyond its origins :S
5:15 AM
@Bob I'm also surprised no one's particularly picked up on that, though its probably cause modern growl isn't FOSS
but I suppose my needs are super strange ;p
5:27 AM
that's a lot of spare parts ;p
also dude totally needs an electric screwdriver ;p
6:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek It isn't?
@Bob the mainline growl went commercial at some point I think
Most of the linux/windows tools are designed for the dialect of gntp before that
6:17 AM
and amusingly
the reason I originally used gfw was... easy, functional, tools which didn't need much hacking ;p
6:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
@Bob I really could go the riot/synapse route
unless it dies too ;p
@JourneymanGeek Oh, at this point I'm committed to fixing this, even if you don't use it :P
I've not set up notifications again on this box ._.
If you do use it... bonus!
kinda amusingly cause I might redo this again once qbitorrent-nox does rss
6:31 AM
(pls read in Dave voice)
also ehhhh
debating a wipe and rebuild or new box in about 6 months if all goes well
@allquixotic Where do you get your Windows code-signing certificate now?
7:34 AM
So... I did some more intensive experiments with lowering GPU power target to save energy and increase efficiency while gaming. bwdraco.blogspot.com/2017/12/how-to-save-energy-on-gaming.html
Your thoughts?
I just FGITWed an answer.
(oh added on later...)
but it seems so simple I am sure I missed something
@JourneymanGeek ha... perfect answer, ruined by a broken button. :P
sorry I forget to tell that my power button is damaged. — Vahn 2 mins ago
@MichaelFrank Oh, I have a possible solution there.
8:15 AM
8:32 AM
Corrected some numerical errors in the quantitative efficiency section of the blog post.
> 86 GFLOPS per watt
Just mind-boggling how efficient GPUs are these days...
8:49 AM
lets see the full extent of the craziness that happened last week...
gets popcorn
@Burgi explosion in 5... 4... 3...
weird... network freaked out then....
193 unread emails
9:08 AM
soooooo working from home because car screwed
most clients in feature freeze because christmas
10:04 AM
is there really a road called "avenue of the americas"?
the BETWEEN command in sql, is it inclusive?
10:28 AM
The SQL BETWEEN Operator
The BETWEEN operator selects values within a given range. The values can be numbers, text, or dates.

The BETWEEN operator is inclusive: begin and end values are included.
yeah i was being silly and forgot google existed
thanks though :)
Interesting how 'fix the power button' did not get mentioned. :)
@Hennes He really just needs to run his bot in a VM, it should just keep going without even realising it's not a real mouse.
Or he clearly needs a VPS.
or ....
11:32 AM
/me needs another VPS
simply to act as a SSH gateway to my home machines
/me looks at bob.... got any spare linux vm's?
11:44 AM
@djsmiley2k wouldn't even need its own vm, just an account.
Sixth Avenue – officially Avenue of the Americas, although this name is seldom used by New Yorkers – is a major thoroughfare in New York City's borough of Manhattan, on which traffic runs northbound, or "uptown". It is commercial for much of its length. Sixth Avenue begins four blocks below Canal Street, at Franklin Street in TriBeCa, where the northbound Church Street divides into Sixth Avenue to the left and the local continuation of Church Street to the right, which then ends at Canal Street. From this beginning, Sixth Avenue traverses SoHo and Greenwich Village, roughly divides Chelsea from...
its an impressive sounding name
> I am widely credited as the inventor of the <blink> tag. For those of you who are relatively new to the Web, the <blink> tag is an HTML command that causes text to blink, and many, many people find its behavior to be extremely annoying. I won't deny the invention, but there is a bit more to the story than is widely known.
@JourneymanGeek well, yeah
infact, i can give someone else an account and they can setup an SSH tunnel for me ;D
12:09 PM
Ah lol. We're I not on my phone....
I have a 108 GB text archive (.tar.gz) here
I need to find and extract one specific file from it
what do
@djsmiley2k yea?
I'm workiung rightn ow
I'll figure out what I need and let you know/ ;)
@Bob cry?
@djsmiley2k uh... assuming no uptime requirements? I can chuck you a container, gonna need a bit though. oh, and your public key.
it's up almost all the time but occasional restarts for updates
If only there was a site...
usually when you're asleep anyway :D
12:12 PM
@Bob oh that's no issue
Q: How to extract specific file(s) from tar.gz

Ankit VashisthaHow can we extract specific files from a large tar.gz file? I found the process of extracting files from a tar in this question but, when I tried the mentioned command there, I got the error: $ tar --extract --file={test.tar.gz} {extract11} tar: {test.tar.gz}: Cannot open: No such file or direct...

@djsmiley2k ha, it's more the 108-GB-probably-1TB-uncompressed issue :P
oh can you remove the gunzip compression but leave as tar?
/me isn't sure if there's a option for gunzip to tell you the size of a file
My only advice is 'try?' ;D
@djsmiley2k I have like 100 GB free space on this server
so, yea, gonna have to do it in memory
12:14 PM
as a stream
so I'm vnc'd onto a laptop, that's vpn'd into work, to rdp to my desktop
I wonder why my numpad doesn't work :D
Also I could setup synergy
so I don't need to VNC to the laptop
12:54 PM
@djsmiley2k You got a public key? :P
yeah sure, sec
got it
oh wow
just realised something awesome - because my backups push into google drive....
I can search my IRC logs, from gDrive
So I found this site that compares the cost of living between cities: expatistan.com/cost-of-living
> Cost of living in New York City (United States) is 83% more expensive than in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Of course, it doesn't disclose average earning.
> Cost of living in London (United Kingdom) is 72% more expensive than in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
> Cost of living in Calgary (Canada) is 21% more expensive than in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Rio de Janeiro must be a lovely place, I am sure.
1:03 PM
Oh, it is, for tourism.
Perhaps I should say it with a little more dark sarcasm: If a person working in the United States gets access to zero-cost teleportation technology, he'd best live in Rio de Janeiro.
If I am not mistaken, there is a statue of Jesus overlooking Rio.
@FleetCommand Did you mean: working remotely?
I have two acquaintances who work remotely for US companies and they make mad money (for local standards, at least)
Something like 20 times minimum wage
Working remotely and having no commute costs.
@ThatBrazilianGuy yeah, I had an interview for Cisco
if I g ot the job, they pay a London wage, no matter in the UK where you live
As a junior, i'd be on 2x what I'm on now
1:08 PM
And I dreamt I had four interviews for Microsoft, Google, Intel and K***.com
Call it a nightmare if you are so inclined
The one who makes 20 times min wage is a Happiness Engineer for Automattic (owner of WordPress), and (don't ever tell him I said so), the position is basically a fancier version of customer tech support.
The other one is on the dev team of WooCommerce and I can't even begin to imagine how much he earns.
i turned my adblocker off for a few minutes...
1:14 PM
@Burgi you now blind?
have people stopped dying or something?
They lost their shinigami eyes
basically a site wasn't loading properly, i disabled the adblocker just to check it wasn't weirdness from that
nah, if you die and no one notices, no funeral costs \o/
1:16 PM
turns out the site is just bad
@djsmiley2k Yeah, but the chemical deep cleaning bill, on the other hand...
thats for the next tenents to pay ;D
> "That's Australia for you. If the spiders and snakes don't get you, the cockies will."
place that contacted me last week decided not to go past the phone interview :(
did you ask for too much money?
1:30 PM
@JourneymanGeek did you ask if you could wear short-sleeved shirts?
@tereško eh. slightly less than median for a degree holder, but made it clear I was flexible
@Burgi no.
Did they give any reasoning?
very standard form letter
tl;dr you wait for them to offer the first amount
at least according to this guy
1:41 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy heh I tried to do that
"I'd like 3000 sgd, but I'd be willing to adjust based off your pay scales"
@JourneymanGeek read the article I linked, it's worth a read
he sounds like an arse
"why are all these top amazing companies rejecting me?????? I AM GOD!"
@Burgi I'd rather the company make the first move cause 1) it means they're looking at the person first 2) If the offer's higher than what you wanted, score!, and 3) if its fairly low, you at least have the option to negotiate up
the "1." does not work, if hiring is done by separate HR department with no input from the team-leads
1:55 PM
@tereško hence I tend to ask around the average for graduates
I mean, I'd be shooting myself in the foot presumably if I went for "body shop warm body" levels of pay, no?
@JourneymanGeek its easier to find a job if you have one, even a low-end one
@Burgi presumably
Well, I could apply the next time my old employer does, and go for whatever
but eh. :(
i am surprised that given the large number of international banks etc headquartered there that there isn't anything
they outsource stuff to the indians
what about doing personal/small business contract tech support?
2:01 PM
I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses, but I have noooo idea where to start there. as hard as it is for people to believe, I'm an introvert
I should probably also stop feeling shit for myself and do some cert-class things
set yourself up as a registered company and plaster every single small business in the phonebook with a flyer listing a few basic prices
@djsmiley2k you should be able to connect now. djsmiley.su.floofyfox.com:22232
you should also have sudo but you might want to passwd yourself first :P
@Burgi I don't want to sound like...
i know i know
2:04 PM
but I'm kinda not really thinking that's a route I want to go
it was just an idea
I'm in also in a bit of a funk so, I guess the first thing is to actually get motivated
Also can't really talk to anyone at home without the topic turning to my brother's mess or religion so...
ya, First I suppose I need to get my head back in the game
or win a lottery
@JourneymanGeek :(
@Bob eh, these things happen i guess?
this was just annoying cause it was very close to an ideal job for the next few years
2:29 PM
@Bob as djsmiley2k?
@djsmiley2k whoops. username is tim
ah nice one
dunno if you want to change it; it was the one on your key comment
yeah that's cool
you don't seem to be accepting that key.
permissions I'm guessing...
one sec
that was the one thing I couldn't test :P
hm, permissions should be right
I just added my own key and that worked...
@djsmiley2k What's the error?
2:34 PM
oddly there isn't one, other than it asking for password
I turned off password auth
@djsmiley2k You sure you're connecting to port 22232?
22 might be hitting the host
ah ffs
I did -P (which is port for rsync) instead of -p
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDPj2WGWK8J3MgaYzb0E11aiccF0m7b1G/RY8dDXXhd1vdNRCER‌​CzKvelWUrbdmT1Pf1ANQ8bVGAx4JAmbxRkaiUhZ1qntRk4BOPKC8eZwt6vcMbXEOeGKzm70oQKm0lrPoV‌​vkO26zEAxxhOJ5izj2oMTqbVZiUM+ECE85a7ValLLGcbqjXbTz3Ihu29LjwNRbB+fihlD6K9wgNzM66Je‌​86/hsn+x7S97Yo5jWRC3ptu8p5Z5pt5xbBQxIKWo3TlANriQXUY1Ad4kNZUKERC+hKmJH1wY8beqd9pIq‌​rbFMTToeXYwypwfvh1wbAc+w5pImEnomjlaMLWTSdJ+dGW1F9 tim@MushaV3
That's the key I gave you, right?
/me looks at his box carefully
wait a moment wtf
they different XD
(don't forget to remind whoever deletes it to edit, purge then delete ;p)
2:38 PM
@djsmiley2k ...no?
@JourneymanGeek meh, public keys
yeah don't ask
@Bob stiiiil
so, the private key on one maschine works
yet |I have a diff priv key on another machine (whoops?)
2048 MD5:8d:d0:ad:9e:b4:97:2f:f0:19:72:23:84:7f:b0:47:00 tim@server (RSA)
@djsmiley2k That's the fingerprint
so I copy the correct one over, and iut STILL doesn 't work, but it works on the original machine. somethjing very odd going on ;D
2:39 PM
do you want me to add that other one too?
Nah, I just nuked it
oh, you're in?
now both machines work, I'm just wondering where on earth I got the other key from ;D
maybe a really old one i restored
oh, almost forgot to set quotas :P
2:52 PM
@Burgi you need progress meetings to discuss the progress of your progress meetings
yo dawg?
the monitor question I answered HNQed
i saw that
its bloody stupid
just unplug the screen
When I answered it I didn't know the switch was broken
ooo ooo linky?
now i'm interested
2:56 PM
@djsmiley2k I've added some CPU/RAM/disk limits so you don't accidentally kill everything else, lemme know if you need more
Cats once wee'd in my monitor
A: My monitor's power button is broken - how do I black out the display without unplugging it?

Journeyman GeekJust turn off the monitor. Seriously! Assuming your other power settings don't shut down the PC (set it to never go to sleep), your task should still be running in the background. My system's also set to turn the monitors off automatically after 10 minutes You might also be able to use a ...

> there has been no progress beyond what we discussed this morning because i've in your stupid meetings and updating your stupid progress spreadsheets/emails
wait you had a meeting this morning about this?!
"The meetings will continue until progress improves!"
3:07 PM
Have you tried turning the meeting off and on?
3:25 PM
stop bad mouthing progress meetings
per that chart it is clear i must place solar panels on my schnauzer
@XKCD Missing (is it inside?)
as per my washing machine, tumble drier and bookcases all not working correctly :(
My schnauzer spends most of the day outside playing fetch with himself
3:47 PM
Technically it is more soccer then fetch, he pushes the ball around the yard in one direction then changes direction.
4:37 PM
@pipe when the backup is an HDD that lies in the front pocket of the laptop case or in the first drawer under the desktop computer, that may very well be a second attack vector for the very same threat. As for the solutions, most (BitLocker, FileVault, VeraCrypt, etc.) can handle both full disk and external backup encryption. — zakinster 30 mins ago
I just...
@XKCD only car engines get hot to touch...
flawed XKCD
does not fit observed evidence
you've never accidently touched a hot car roof?
no, i'm usually crippled by the huge electric shock
5:01 PM
what does "20x5 Email Support" mean?
20 hours, mon to fri
so no support for 4 hours a day... I'd guess midnight to 4am? XD
the 20 is odd.... they should specify exactly when they support
never burnt yourself with a seatbelt?
i got it from here: vwo.com/pricing/#web-testing
@djsmiley2k yeah but that's inside the glassbox
wow that site is terrible
@Burgi fair enuf, but I've been burnt by doors, handles, etc
its a great tool
Hmmm, is there a good tool to setup for 'remotely' accessing a windows laptop, at some point in the future, easily?
I was thinking I could setup a vpn server again but.... I want something almost instant right now.
5:11 PM
Be more specific
There are lots of tools that describe that
well the laptop will only be 10 minutes away, so it's not exactly hard for me to get to it. Hmmm
Laptop is for mother in law ;) -- may request 'help' with something randomly in the future.
Ideally I won't need to go there to fix whatever it is.
Something free, that doesn't require me to run a server for it, that'd give me access at a moments notice
@Burgi yeah, that makes sense I guess
you can put the quick support client on the desktop and get her to text you the login details when needed
sounds good.
As they are going from Vista to win 10...
they might be a bit confused
5:15 PM
you can do a headless install iirc but it sort of freaks normals out
the QS client is the easy middle ground
yup that's fine
I can do that,
@XKCD So according to this, hte mars explorer should not have solar panels!
@ThatBrazilianGuy i said it was a silly comic
@ThatBrazilianGuy it's got a nuke on board.... so
5:32 PM
@djsmiley2k you are thinking of curiosity
Well the solutions Microsoft has for deployment of system images isn't free
5:46 PM
now, how do i make a windows system image/backup again P:/
@Ramhound True... if you're trying to deploy from a central server and have it boot a netboot image from that server....
But you can create the system images and deployment steps for free on another Windows-based system, then use a USB or CD image to boot the computer, connect to the "server" and deploy the image
fuck it, i'm going home
6:01 PM
@CanadianLuke - The laptop is remote.
Kurtis Beavers on December 04, 2017

This post is part of a series on how we’re making Channels, the thinking behind the product, and insight into the process. We’ve got smart people working on smart solutions, and continue looking to the community and alpha/beta testers as we iterate toward launch. Read “Why Channels”, the first post in the series for more background info.

Working on Channels has been like any remodeling project: You start out excited, then you pull down the wood paneling and suddenly realize you’ve got rewiring to do — solving one issue leads to even more. …

@Ramhound How remote? Can you access the server via SMB?
win 10, and the options for domain / workgroup are grey'd out?!
Are you logged in as a local administrator, or a member of the Administrators group? @djsmiley2k
it was the homegroups thing
6:14 PM
Cool idea, great implementation... But that kind of thing would piss me off, as the NetAdmin
Can anyone explain the reason that edit was approved (other then the fact 2 users approved it)
faffing windows
@Ramhound Hmmm, should of been a comment or new answer imo.
Well the edit added in the bounty text. The bounty is fine, the edit, shouldn't have been approved IMO
6:30 PM
windows backup is so annoying at times
i wonder if I've got a clonezilla disk lying about.
@djsmiley2k What's wrong now?
@CanadianLuke can't backup to the network drive, can't b ackjup to the usb stick
usb stick because I presume it's too small
network drive? because fu samba that's why.
Also when did F5 stop doing refreshes in chrome :/
I mean, if it let me write a backup to thje local drive, I'd move it myself! :P
Hey, guys. Has anyone here been able to update PowerShell help recently?
Alright... I'll take that as a "No". Thanks anyway, guys. BTW, what's new?
6:48 PM
@djsmiley2k I backup to a Samba share...
What do you have for your share declaration and [global] section?
Samba share? That's Linux for SMB, right?
The Samba team actually has ties to Microsoft's research team too. Cool history there
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