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12:24 AM
@seth are you still around?
12:45 AM
nvm then gues it has time till tomorrow, going to sleep now
1:38 AM
@Videonauth I am now :)
4 hours later…
5:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL-only title, bad NS for domain in body, bad NS for domain in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, +4 more: x4up.org/testo-rev/ by mbjfwkdwv on askubuntu.com
2 hours later…
8:08 AM
I believe RoVo is completely right with his comment on this question: https://askubuntu.com/review/close/773921

> I don't think it's a duplicate. Although its closely related and some answers might be helpful, this one is about viewing and not editing. The accepted answer is not helpful for viewing.

I think this question should not be closed as a duplicate to the other question.
@Dan I agree. Viewing a file and editing a file are not the same thing, and the distinction only becomes more important when the file is very large. Your Leave Open review removed the post from the close queue, though it does still have four close votes, which will age away if no fifth vote is cast. If the question is closed, then I'll vote to reopen it.
Oh I didn't know the review can end while the close votes persist. That's a bit weird I thnk...
Well, if it didn't, then Leave Open would have no effect (it would be the same as clicking Skip) and many questions would be wrongly closed. When a question gets enough Leave Open reviews, it is removed from the Close Votes review queue.
8:49 AM
@EliahKagan But I mean why does it still have 4 close votes? Why didn't they wither away after the question was removed from the Close Votes queue?
I think I'll ask this in meta, it sounds like a good question there.
close votes age away regardless of what happens to them
(even if the question is closed by them, they still age away)
it would be bad if removing the post from the queue destroyed the close votes
@Zanna actually that doesn't make sense, because the votes are cleared if the post is closed and then reopened
this question might be closeable as a bug report, but it has 3 votes for "not about Ubuntu" so I can't vote to close...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Vegetables For Fat Loss Loss by karishydoriyas on askubuntu.com
maybe we should have new meta questions sent here
@Zanna That'd be nice I think. Can it be done based on tags?
9:22 AM
I believe so. But I wouldn't mind getting all of them
@Zanna Normally I would say you could go ahead and vote to close it as a bug report, because when multiple off-topic sub-reasons are selected, the users who voted for each one are shown. In this case, however, I think it should actually be closed and reopened by a moderator and then people can vote to close it as a bug report if they think it is one (which I think it is, but perhaps it's intended behavior and the question should be answered about how to reconfigure it).
Aside from deliberate abuse, closing Firefox questions as "Not about Ubuntu" is the maximally brazen misuse of "off-topic," because not only is Firefox part of Ubuntu, but the packages are different from Firefox on other OSes and they are even officially maintained by Canonical (i.e., firefox is in the "main" repository).
It would take a Herculean effort to even articulate a policy that would support considering Firefox questions as "Not about Ubuntu" while still allowing anything to be posted. It's not merely that such a closure is against the existing policies; it's against virtually any imaginable policy.
hahaha yeah
hmm... When someone posts a really short answer while you are in the process of writing your long answer, and then after you post your answer, they gradually expand their answer edit by edit, it's kind of dispiriting to watch your answer becoming gradually redundant XD
@EliahKagan Well, I voted Leave Open. The reason it's in the queue appears to be completely unrelated to any reason to actual close it. I can still vote to close it later.
@Zanna Did this happen recently or is that a hypothetical musing? :)
it happened right now
I'm curious about what question it has happened on. You don't have to say, though.
9:34 AM
@EliahKagan I also voted Leave Open
oh... well it was that question
Why did you delete your answer? Was there something wrong with it?
I think dessert expanded their answer to the point where my answer doesn't add anything and says the same things less well
9:54 AM
I don't agree. Your answer uses the term "character class," which is an important term for readers to know. It covers ranges, which are a very important use of character classes. It gives a clear example at the start, which also serves the goal of prominently correcting the incorrect claim in the question that the other answer corrects effectively but less accessibly through its bolded "single character" phrasing.
Your find commands use -not, which isn't objectively better than ! (-not is more readable, but ! is POSIX) but is different and it's useful for people to know about it. I would recommend that you remove the unnecessary -and operators, as well as the parentheses which are unnecessary with or without the -ands and which are likely to mislead readers into thinking that an implicit or explicit -and between predicates binds more tightly than !/-not, which isn't the case.
But aside from that I would consider your answer to be good. My opinion is that if you undelete it then it will help people, especially if you refactor your find command, though perhaps even if you didn't. If you want to show parentheses or otherwise be different from the other answer, you could use -not followed by \(, then a sequence of tests separated with -or, followed by \).
ahh it should be like find -type f -not \( -iname "*.gif" -or -iname "*.csv" -or -iname "*.mp3" \) I think
I think my critique of the other answer may also apply to yours. As long as you're editing, you may want to mention -maxdepth, even if you don't include it in the main command you suggest to use.
yeah, good point :)
Do you want to delete symlinks?
Well, it probably doesn't need further complication. :)
oh... well... I guess OP probably wants to delete symlinks unless they have those extensions
10:11 AM
Assuming they want to delete even symlinks that point to directories -- which they probably do, since that's what rm will do -- you could use -not -type d instead of -type f. In the context of that answer, you could even just make -type d the first parenthesized disjunct. I don't know if you want to bother with that or not.
oh yeah, that would be more efficient :)
Well, in terms of readability. It shouldn't make a difference for performance.
Here's one:
Q: How to use 17.10 with Unity

Ionică BizăuIs there any hope to bring back Unity on Ubuntu 17.10? Personally, I (still) don't like Gnome. The main reason I like Unity is for the top bar integration (and the Alt suggestions). I just couldn't find any good extensions for Gnome to do that. I upgraded from 16.10 to 17.04 and then 17.10 (...

Same as proposed duplicate, solves the issue for OP:
thanks, voted
@Zanna But one answer to the new question is slightly better-looking (with screenshot). Maybe merging would be a better idea?
10:24 AM
we can merge after closure if it's beneficial
We can dupe in the other direction, though.
But I've added my close vote.
I mean, if you think a merge is a good idea, you need to flag the post for mod attention and write a message to explain. If they post has already been closed as a dupe, that makes the moderator's task a bit easier because they can see that the community agrees that the questions are the same (not to say all duplicate closures are correct :/ )
@Zanna I see. Not absolutely necessary here too. Answer by @Videonauth (older question) covers everything, only here the answerer added a screenshot after being requested by OP.
I don't agree with closing/merging in the other direction because I prefer the earlier question. The later question is a bit confusing to read, because at first glance it looks like OP already tried the answer and it didn't work for them
Well I think it's a good case for merging the newer to the older.
> The answer there has the strength of showing what packages are usually pulled in as dependencies, while the answer here has the strength of showing just the command -- which may be clearer to novices -- as well as a screenshot showing how to actually start a Unity session once it's installed and a link for further information. They complement one another well.
10:30 AM
the screenshot is helpful on this question especially, because it addresses OP's real problem - they didn't know how to log in to unity after installing it
@EliahKagan Is what I can write in my custom mod flag to request the merge!
@Zanna Well I think that's appropriate and valuable in the original question, too.
yes. Its presence on the old question will prevent the problem in this new question from arising for other people, hopefully :)
Although... as written, including the edit, the question we're closing is arguably not even a duplicate.
Still, I think the closure and merging are correct.
Anyway I will definitely hold off flagging until it is actually closed.
yeah I thought the same. we could edit the Q&A to make it not a dupe. It could have a title like (but better than) "installed unity, how do I get into it?"
and the answer could say "you ran this command... and the output shows you don't need to do anything further. All you need to do is blah blah screenshot"
Well if you think that should be done and closure should be averted... you might want to act soon. :)
10:38 AM
I think the situation is OK. I don't really want to edit so aggressively. Maybe a slight edit to the title or body of the other question could help people with the new problem find their answer in the old one
Just to clarify OP said they ran sudo apt install unity after I proposed the dupe. Their initial version was almost identical.
yeah, that's what I understood
11:03 AM
@Zanna How about a ticker feed?
Have you been to Unix & Linux chat?
once or twice, but I haven't spent any length of time there
An overlay box appears on the upper left of the chat, which contains links. New links are added as new questions are posted. The box contains a prominent dismiss links at the lower-right corner that, when clicked, makes it go away. It reappears after some amount of time, so usually it is not annoying. User script allow users to prevent it from appearing at all, if that's what they want.
oh nice!
that would work well I think :)
need to go afk. Hopefully will be back in an hour or so
Well the argument against it, for here, is that meta is slow.
k ttyl
So it might rarely contain more than a single link. But the pro side is that it may fit the typical Downboat workflow better, where checking meta and checking previous chat messages are separate. Also, it would make this room different from AUGR, which sounds like a silly and trivial reason, but I think there's an objective--though admittedly small--benefit to people in both rooms to not have the last chat message in both rooms, shown in the sidebar, get replaced by the same link to meta.
11:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, +1 more: Acne Themes Care Methods by sandraindree on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body, link at end of body: Des Tonnes Mp3 Télécharge by fdgfdewrewser on askubuntu.com
12:16 PM
@EliahKagan I don't think it matters that it won't contain much. How often does it refresh?
I don't know. My hope is that this can be customized per room.
The box is small when there's not much in it, though, so I think you're right.
I think there are two different rates that are relevant: how often does the box reappear, and how often are its contents changed.
Here's the feed info for /dev/chat (the Unix & Linux main room): chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/26/dev-chat?tab=feeds
Here's the feed info for this room, which we have the power to edit ourselves, as room owners: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/3877/…
So there has to be an RSS or Atom feed for it. But that exists for each site, right?
Let's see...
Eliah Kagan has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Let's see how it goes. We can always take it away or make it post as messages instead of with the ticker.
It just appeared for me, showing five meta questions. Personally, I like it.
12:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: Delta Mass Pro nutrients requirements by tfgmdrkhz on askubuntu.com
1:04 PM
can anyone explain me this comment ? askubuntu.com/questions/975001/…
what do i miss , what screenshot of the login screen? ?????
@EliahKagan I like it too :)
so he stole my screen shot ?
hod now you guys got me confused, it looked like my answer i made on another question lol
1:50 PM
somehow this answer seems to be an answer but it is confusing --> askubuntu.com/questions/572120/…
it starts with, qote ""Of course one will want both pulseaudio and jack running if they got to the point where they need jack as most browser media players don't know jack! ..unfortunately. ""
so you want pulse and jack running an they got to the point ... and here it gets if i read this right confusing. you want jack beacuse most prowsers and media dont know jack ....
2 hours later…
3:34 PM
NAA: askubuntu.com/a/974934/522934 i already included the information given into the question so you can safely hit it with delete
4:24 PM
is this to broad or opinion based? askubuntu.com/review/first-posts/774462
5:19 PM
hmm too broad I guess
can't believe that was "No Actions Needed"-ed. It blatantly needs action
yeah i skipped it because being stuck on the review of one question is counterproductive
The odds of this closed question, which appears to be asking how to stalk people through the phone system but which is VLQ even aside from that, turning into anything that would be reopened or otherwise useful are pretty much zero. I think this is a good use case for 20k delete votes.
5:37 PM
@EliahKagan well I hoped terdon would delete it, this was why i asked him about this question
he did
but if the community can do it... :)
yeah i wish i could have cast directly a delete vote on it :)
6:14 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How I can change the GDM login screen wallpaper? by Arch Linux on askubuntu.com
2 hours later…
8:32 PM
No repro‌​, I guess (see the OP's deleted answer).
8:47 PM
is there an answer in here?
Arguably the question could be interpreted as asking, in part, for how to work around the problem it describes.
Should that sub-conversation about your globbing and find answer be moved to the Island (next time messages are moved)? I am unsure. Improving posts on the site is totally on-topic for this room, especially in cases where deletion or undeletion is involved... but that was about a recent post of yours and not something encountered through browsing or reviewing. Was it "overly long" enough to warrant moving? I'm unsure. :)

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