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12:05 AM
Is the site slow for anybody else? My browser is taking forever loading assets from cdn.prom.sstatic.net ...
@ChrisWRea Yep.
I'm really happy right now: I'm only 56 rep away from 2k, I just asked my first question on EL&U that wasn't closed, and I just got my first Nice Question badge. W00t!
@TimothyMuellerHarder Nice. I've got a ways to go for 2K, but at the moment I'm more interested in creating a handful more posts to get 2 votes each :-) My daughter would love a new iPod :-D
I'm also interested in this promo to understand how something like this might work over at money SE, if we ever get out of beta that is!
I don't think we'll be giving away money, though :-) Perhaps some books, tax software, .. dunno. Anyway I think the promo here has been mostly successful.
@ChrisWRea Haha, that'd be interesting. Ship out a box of $100 bills to the winner.
(Like that'd make it through the mail.)
@ChrisWRea I'm pretty confident I'll make level 2, but right now I'm really worried that there'll be more than 25 of us!
12:21 AM
I think the box of money would make it through the mail just fine, as long as it were camouflaged as something unwanted, say, "BlackBerry PlayBook".
nice one
12:40 AM
AHH acko.net Scroll a few inches down, then back up to the top. Repeat.
And it was ALL IN CSS
1 hour later…
1:59 AM
@TimothyMuellerHarder he did a good writeup too on how some of it was done
3 hours later…
4:58 AM
@TimothyMuellerHarder That is amazingly awesomely cool!!!
(except it crashed mobile Safari)
@DanielL Hey!
And @JasonSalaz Hey!
Hello everyone.
5:14 AM
@Mahnax Hello!
Good evening.
How's things?
Ok. I'm finishing up some work on a music lecture.
Kinda my big paper for the semester
Also going through my old posts and checking up on them
I'm getting up early tomorrow to finish off my lab reports and leave the weekend free.
And my answer got 4 upvotes, yay.
5:16 AM
Lucky...I had a bit too much work this week and won't be able to work tomorrow :-(
Wait, what?
@Mahnax Which one?
A: Which model of Macintosh has the longest battery life?

MahnaxAccording to Apple's website, the 13" MacBook Air and all of the MacBook Pros have 7 hours of battery life. This means that there are seven laptops for you to choose from: Four 13" computers, two 15", and one 17". The possibility of getting more than 7 hours exists, because this number is determi...

Just had to give the simple, from-Apple answer.
I believe it has 5 upvotes now :-)
I don't participate here much these days.
5:18 AM
Yah. Good answer, so it deserved an upvote.
Or any days, for that matter.
Hello @AdamEberbach.
Yeah, I'm not very active these days.
Which will change this summer.
@AdamEberbach Hello!
Actually, I am not answering much on EL&U either.
As the site gets more popular, I find myself being a mini-mod more than anything.
We get pretty crappy questions a lot now.
@Mahnax Me too. Sorta....
5:20 AM
@daviesgeek Well, you guys have lots of mods.
you've been a stack overflow user I think? Your icon is familiar
@Mahnax How many do you have?
@daviesgeek Three, but one of them hasn't been on the site since August (disputes with Jeff, Jeff actually insulted him to his face) and the other two have an 80/20% split between flags that they handle.
@AdamEberbach Who?
You :-)
@Mahnax :-)
5:21 AM
My contributions to Stack Overflow were garbage...
@daviesgeek So we have one truly active mod.
@Mahnax Me too. For the most part
I look back at my questions and think, "Wow, I was stupid 4-6 months ago."
@Mahnax Exactly what I do.
I guess that's a good thing
I suppose that is a very good thing.
5:23 AM
I'm a much better programmer now, even though I haven't touched anything other than HTML, JS, and CSS for months.
no more iOS for you then?
@Mahnax Same here
Python and Obj-C took a backseat once school got busy.
@AdamEberbach Maybe this summer.
I built a decent-looking, functional app, and then Xcode 4 brought in a bunch of changes and it stopped working.
What do you write them in?
The iPhone apps?
5:25 AM
Ah. I see.
Or some combination of that and other C-related thingies.
bed time
Gbye @Mahnax and @AdamEberbach !
Good night!
5:28 AM
see you
where in the world are you? Friday afternoon here in Australia
GMT -8 for daviesgeek.
It's 10:30 PM Thursday night there.
I'm GMT -7.
yeah I should learn to use @mahnax. USA then?
@AdamEberbach He is, I'm in Canada.
oh very nice, sensible place. I thought BC was a lot like home really.
Oh, I'm in Alberta.
BC is really nice though.
5:32 AM
Do any one know how to install libsvm?
I finally asked my second question on the site.
Q: How do I truly flush Safari's Cache?

Andrew LarssonThere have been countless times where I'll be editing HTML on a Mac, then I'll upload a file to my server through FTP, and I'll navigate to the website in Safari. One thing that I didn't like was that Safari had already cached the webpage (the old version), so it would display the old version. I ...

@gomathi I don't even know what svm is, though I am staring at the website
@AndrewLarsson Were you clicking "empty cache"?
Or "Reset Safari"?
@AdamEberbach That's ok
5:36 AM
@Mahnax I've tried everything.
Those two seem like they would work.
Tried that, and it doesn't work.
@AndrewLarsson Huh.
I can do nothin' for ya, son.
Well, I can give you an upvote.
I have a strange feeling it's happening on a lower level.
Heh, use Firefox?
5:37 AM
Upvotes are always helpful.
@AndrewLarsson Given. +1 for you, sir.
That's what I end up doing if I don't have the patience for a reboot.
I can help there also
Using Firefox, that is.
Well, the work day is over. Time to go watch my son's basketball match. See you!
5:42 AM
Bye! Thanks!
5:56 AM
I just made it to Level 2! Yes!
Also, Mathias is great at answering questions. I've had that problem so often, and I'm finally glad to have some more light shed on it.
6:18 AM
I'm heading off to bed. Goodnight guys!
@IanC I believe you just made it to Level 3! Congrats!
@DanielL @MrDaniel needs at least 11 upvotes while I need 23. So, if anybody likes both answers, please vote up the question, then my answer, then go to your wife/girlfriend and tell her you love her, then go and upvote MrDaniels question. :) (and let's not forget that there are even more question further down...)
@AndrewLarsson Good night!
6:43 AM
@AndrewLarsson Why thank you, kind Sir! :)
hm, now 8 people in level 3
and there will probably be a few more by the time the contest ends
there's going to be a lot of disappointment when only 5 iPads are given out
7:06 AM
Yeah. The next time the bar will have to be significantly higher.
Btw, I was just thinking that by not requiring 35 posts with two-votes - one might lower the amount of low quality posts the next time.
when the contest is over, I'm planning on consolidating my feelings on how it operated and posting them to meta.AD
maybe you might want to do the same
I'll definitely follow the discussion and try to participate (I want participate more in meta in general). It just takes me a lot of effort to express my thoughts in long english paragraphs :)
7:46 AM
@Hippo Nice edits!
@MathiasBynens: Ehehe. Thanks, I guess Diago wrote that in a hurry. :)
I've hardly used the Mac App Store. So does Diago mean that even if I copy the executable, it just won't run on another machine unless I actually log-in to the App Store?
Here's the link to the answer, in case others in the room want to take a look: apple.stackexchange.com/a/46750/3791
8:03 AM
making custom ring/text tones on android is a freaking joke
there's 3 locations, at least
and if you do all of them, they all work!
hahahahahha oh god this is garbage
8:47 AM
@JasonSalaz Android is off-topic here. ;)
9:05 AM
Is there a way of talking to a Mod privtely on here? I have a question that I don't want to splurge into the open (yet)
Can they create a limited chat room?
@stuffe I wanted to do this aswell. Is this about a post?
You can flag something.
Or you could make a private room for yourself and myself.
@JasonSalaz That's what I've done yesterday.
@JasonSalaz Is it private, meaning that nobody else can see the chat?
I don't know if regular users can create private rooms, they are not by defualt.
I can make a private room and grant explicit access. Other folks, no idea.
Ok, can you create one for the two of us now?
9:12 AM
Get a room, you two!
/me runs
Gah, is the CDN down again? Update: Seems to work again now…
@MathiasBynens What's CDN?
apple.stackexchange.com is down again for me when JavaScript is enabled.
@gentmatt The Content Delivery Network that serves all the special promo assets (JavaScript, images, etc.)
Ah. Thanks!
@gentmatt It’s been on and off for me for the past 5 minutes.
9:27 AM
You're not still monitoring the entrants?!
@stuffe You were saying this the other day too… What are you talking about? This is just about the apple.stackexchange.com website.
I’m not monitoring anything, just trying to browse Ask Different.
We're back online.
@stuffe I’m not sure how you could “monitor entrants” using a CDN that only serves static assets as CSS, JS and images. What am I missing?
Checking the competition entry pages I mean ;)
@stuffe Nah, just checking Ask Different, looking for new questions to answer.
1 hour later…
10:36 AM
@gentmatt but did? See screen shot...
Did you get voted down?
@gentmatt I deleted an answer to a question (PhotoStream on windows....turns out it is possible...) but it only had +1 + -1 = 0 on it.
Well, you're fine. You won't get kicked out of Level 3. That requires more severe reasons.
Yus! only two more +2 Q&As to level 2!
@gentmatt oh it was a clean climb to victory, good sir. :)
i might have to take a break for a few days...the Q/A pace of the last few days to push from L2 to L3 really burned me out.
10:49 AM
Only four more days...
@gentmatt I thought the competition ended on April 1st?
@Michiel "The contest lasts for 3 weeks, from Friday 3/16/2012 at 0:00 until Monday 4/2/2012 at 23:59 UTC. "
@gentmatt I see, thanks :)
A: Does the 'unibody' design of the MB/MBP actually help increase the strength of the MBP/MB?

gentmattYes - unibody design offers more strength at the same weight. The idea of unibody design is not very new and not limited to manufacturing processes of the modern industry. E.g. you can find unibody-like designs in furniture quite often. An example is crafting a chair out of once piece of food -...

It's a shame that I'm not quoting any sources. But I wrote this all off my own knowledge...
@gentmatt "is crafting a chair out of once piece of food" -- your furniture is edible? :)
10:55 AM
I'm sure if poked around Apple's web site you could find some marketing press to back up what you wrote.
I've already made some research, but not on Apple's website. There seems to be little documentations or definitions on 'unibody' design - probably because the whole process is even more complicated and diversified.
@gentmatt see if you can find something talking about rigidity and uniframe construction.
11:20 AM
ohhhhh...snazzy new back/forward arrows in Chrome 18...
and font rendering has changed. the fonts on AD, especially the question titles and vote count text, look quite different. Smaller. Bolder.
11:33 AM
@IanC more like Safari's rendering?
@jmlumpkin I never use Safari...can't comment.
2 hours later…
1:11 PM
@gentmatt Are you sure that bug is fixed? I managed to reproduce the issue in Chrome 19 Canary…
2 hours later…
2:48 PM
@MathiasBynens Yes. I have not experienced this bug even once. I've been using Chrome 18 already yesterday.
@IanC At first, I did not like this implementation. But now I actually think that this is better.
@IanC The font rendering looks pretty bad for the badges of my extensions:
The numbers are harder to read now :(
Hmm, the @AskDifferent account on Twitter is sharing user links, helping contest entrants get shares… Not sure how I feel about that twitter.com/stackapple/status/185739657777135616
I know I didn’t get any @AskDifferent retweets.
3:22 PM
I don't think those will. I thought the URL was unique to you (i.e. it contains identifying information that says *you* shared it) so if you and i both share a question it can distinguish between clicks that came from the URL I shared and clicks that came from the URL your shared.

The twitter account woudl have its own unique identifier.
@IanC The tweet I linked to points to goo.gl/q01yJ, which redirects to apple.stackexchange.com/q/46077/11610?stw=1. 11610 is Michiel’s user ID: apple.stackexchange.com/users/11610/michiel So every click counts towards his share count.
I just don’t think the official @AskDifferent account should favor one user over another, that’s all.
3:53 PM
@MathiasBynens that's not great, but that twitter stream is really low volume, no?
I was just reading this on StackOverflow, did they reverse this? Or did this never make it to the SE sites?
Q: Downvote. Taking back. How does my rep change?

OlmarI've seen this question on meta but it seems old (2009) and does not answer my curiosity. That question refers to Jon Skeets reputation tracker which does not seem to work now. My question. I downvoted some posts. About 3 hours later I took it back. I know that a downvote cost one point. I thoug...

As, it says in May '11 they made it neutral
A: Should downvotes on questions be "free"?

wafflesCompleted, all question downvotes now are "free" for the downvoter. We did not perform a global recalc. If you would like your old question downvotes to be free, perform a self-recalc at: http://stackoverflow.com/reputation We will be monitoring voting patterns over the next few weeks and eva...

@jmlumpkin What do you mean?
All I know is that you can downvote any question for free and that answer downvotes cost 1 rep from the downvoter and 2 from the answer owner.
We all know that the 6 iPads are already accounted for, but I predict that only 20 of the iPods will be claimed.
4:19 PM
@IanC Yeah, but does that matter? It’s the principle.
I agree, it felt a bit awkward when @stackapple retweeted one of my links I was sharing for the contest
I liked it, but I realized that it gave me an unfair advantage
Nathan Greenstein on March 30, 2012

The iPad does many things very well. Its amazing display, battery life, and surprisingly good speaker make it very fun and easy to use. It has quickly become my favorite device for having fun, relaxing, and using with other people. I prefer the iPad over my iPhone and Mac for casual web browsing, viewing videos and photos, reading books and magazines, playing causal games, reading news and articles, and participating in social media. These are the things that the iPad really excels at. It does them better, or just as well and more conveniently, than any other device. …

4:41 PM
“did not google, thanks for doing it for me while I type my password”
Q: Appstore, turn off password for free apps download?

cqmis there a way to turn off the password requirement when downloading free content from the appstore? I just find it slightly annoying when other app marketplaces don't have that compulsory requirement did not google, thanks for doing it for me while I type my password

5:17 PM
@AndrewLarsson gah, i read wrong. I forgot the whole 'question' part there.
5:30 PM
@daviesgeek I finally got to Level 2!
@AndrewLarsson You did! Congrats!! I'm getting there...
@daviesgeek Oh, and I just hit the quadruple digits in reputation, too. I'll see what I can do to help getting you to Level 2.
Why didn't I get this privilege yet? "1000 - Show total up and down vote counts." Does it take a while for it to give it to you? All the other privileges seemed to be instant.
You need to click on the total votes of a post.
Oh, okay. Let me try that...
5:40 PM
Awesome! I like that.
5:56 PM
@AndrewLarsson Really!! Awesome!!!!!
@AndrewLarsson I use that (no exaggeration) all the time
Q: What different Stack Exchange apps are available for the iPad?

daviesgeekI am looking for iOS apps for the Stack Exchange network that support the iPad. This is very similar to this question, but the difference is that I'm looking for apps that run on the iPad (not in 2x mode). What different apps exist for browsing the Stack Exchange network on the iPad?

What are you guys thinking about this^? Community wiki, or not?
I think it sounds more like a CW question.
Unless you're looking for just one app.
Ok, I shall make it so
@AndrewLarsson Not necessarily
(I apologize if I don't answer, as I am chatting on an iPad :-( it has a tendency to unload the chat page)
6:42 PM
@AdamDavis im assuming the un-accept is for you changing the question on a particular query?
Q: What advanced calendar scheduling can Siri do?

Adam DavisI just found out that Siri can do complex calendar schedules, such as scheduling something for every three days. The calendar app has a very limited interface for complex scheduling, so I'm wondering what other calendar scheduling I can do with Siri that I can't do with the regular calendar inte...

Its actually rather easy to do in iCal itself, at least on a computer, not iOS. I will test this question when I get home.
@MathiasBynens Nor should it behave any different to how it always did, just because there's a contest on, it's probably just a habit to click the twitter icon to share tho, and they should likely remove the personalised link, but linking to the Q is fine I say.
@stuffe Of course there’s nothing wrong with linking to questions. It’s the personalized link that makes it unfair to other users who haven’t completed their share goals yet.
Agreed, I'm inclined to go with "oops, hadn;t thought of that" on behalf of the person (Lauren?) that does the clicking tho. I'm not concerned even with it left in tho, this contest is heading to vote counts, not share counts.
That user has 17 shares already. Call it 16 without this one, likely yo get the 4 required regardless of help
7:02 PM
@gentmatt Yes I did beat you! Ha! ;-)
7:20 PM
@daviesgeek The purpose of voting is, to a large extent, to make certain comments unnecessary. We don't say "I like this"; we upvote. Similarly, we don't say "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful"; we downvote.
With a new user, a comment explaining a downvote might be helpful. If an established user asks a question that can be answered by typing "Stack Exchange" into the search bar in iTunes in less time than it takes to post a question on Ask Different, you don't need a comment to explain the lack of research effort.
Now if you were asking for feature comparisons, or what people recommend, or something else along those lines, that would be another story, and if you were asking for a Mac app, that would be another story, but asking about the existence of a non-jailbroken iOS app related to a keyword that is guaranteed to be in the app description is trivial to solve -- either it's in the app store or it isn't.
Hi @IanC and @stuffe
"Yo", and I do believe you 'merkens like to say.
I haven't met such an American off the television screen, but I'm sure they exist.
7:39 PM
I have met many an American who I could understand fine, even though they could not understand me, as though I was talking French.
Although the Hispanic minimum wagers I encountered doing restaurant work in California were almost unintelligable to me
7:54 PM
hey @DanielL
A: Why is the iPhone's default landscape orientation 'upside down'?

stuffeThis can only be answered with conjecture really, but I would say that as most people are right handed, and therefore hold their phone in their right hand, then it is simply far easier to rotate 90 degrees the the left into Landscape (and indeed back again) that to do it the other way around with...

we need moar questions that allow for video demonstrations!
@stuffe I actually like having the volume buttons under my thumb. If it was on top I couldn't change the volume quite so readily.
Anyone have a moment to weigh in on something Mac related over on the Ubuntu meta? - meta.askubuntu.com/questions/2867/… ecome-a-mac-question (I will be very grateful if someone with recent Mac experience could weigh in. :P)
Duplicate alert!
Q: How do I startup my MacBook Air without the boot chime?

David FauxWhen I start up my MacBook Air, it makes a loud startup sound unless I muted the computer prior to shutting down last time. However, I cannot guarantee that I had muted the computer last time before shut down because I share this Air with others. How do I start up my Mac silently?

@DanielL I see. Now were you the one that downvoted?
@gentmatt I thought so.
@jrg Good question.
8:20 PM
@daviesgeek Now for the question I need to ask you... do you have an answer? ;)
@jrg Working on it...
@jrg I'm not creating an account just to answer.
That was a joke, I didn't actually expect you to bother writing an answer @daviesgeek. :P
But I would say that all of those example answers are not necessarily red flags to me
It'll be a bit...
8:22 PM
@stuffe Fair enough. :)
Migration from Ubunto to Mac would very likely result in an abandoned question, as the user is highly unlikely to follow it.
@stuffe Exactly...
Well, it doesn't make sense to do that anyway, since most of them (and this is true in general) are crap to begin with.
Basically, for any of those scenarios, switch the word "mac" for another brand, and it still fits. If the user is using Ubuntu, it's ontopic, regardless of their hardware choice
@jrg I'll still post one, unless you don't want it ;-)
8:25 PM
A: At what point does an Ask Ubuntu question become a Mac question?

gentmattOn-Topic Is the problem directly related to the Ubuntu OS? Does an answer require tweaking in Ubuntu only? Off-Topic Is the problem directly related to the Mac OS? Does an answer require tweaking in Mac OSX only? Using these requirements I'd answer your points like this... "I'm using HFS...

@gentmatt Oohh, excellent answer there.
There's only a small percentage of questions relating to Ubuntu that are Ask Different questions
No problem. Defining the requirements made the answers quite simple :)
I thought bootcamp was the dual-boot system/bootloader combo thingy?
Yeah, but it only really works with Windows, as such.
It's 2 things, a boot loader configuration tool to allow adding a windows partition to the EFI boot options, and a full set of Windows drivers for your mac hardware within windows.
It's not like Grub, it's very very specific and tailored, and it's not the actual boot loader, just the tool to insert the partition into the boot loader (EFI firmware) lists
8:30 PM
Guy @stuffe is right!
That makes sense. Thanks for explaining it to me. :)
Man, even comedy YouTube answers are failing to pull the votes in. Times are tough in AD today :)
@jrg How's my answer?
If you don't like it, tell me. :-)
I like it. :)
Anything you feel is missing? Questions? (since it's not my main active site, I'd like feedback from someone who's there)
8:46 PM
Nope, none here. I really do appreciate you and @gentmatt for taking the time to write answers though. Thanks!
@jrg Yah. No problem. Thanks for posting it.
@jrg No problem. I'm glad that I could help out!
A: At what point does an Ask Ubuntu question become a Mac question?

stuffeHere's a simple migration test. Would is still be considered on-topic if there was no other specific Mac related site to migrate to. Just because there is a Mac site, doesn't mean we need (or want) to have all Mac questions. If the migration results in a stranded question that is never answere...

Couldn't resist. It's another 101 points to my 10k mod tools ;)
What, are you trying to get 10k mod tools on all sites? ;)
(No, but I had to justify the time I spent somehow....!)
9:04 PM
I got throttled (for 9 hours) so I haven't had time to further debug/refine my program, but I did develop a script that would use the SE API to find out what the total of the highest scoring 35 non-closed posts for the people in level 3
this is my data:
@KyleCronin Those results terrify me.
Take it down!
we're coming for you, @jtbandes :)
it's actually surprising just how close it is
I wish editing could count for the contest. Because honestly, I could probably just smoke all of you guys in terms of edits. Answers and questions? No way. :P
9:08 PM
@jrg @CajunLuke is the edit king
@KyleCronin You should have never published this!
I'm really*really* not happy to see that.
The next few days will be like a war ....
do you guys want me to take it down?
9:11 PM
Now that it's out...
@KyleCronin Yes.
I believe that this will take off the pressure.
ok, I had no idea
Holy crap, @daviesgeek: 1.1K edits?
It will promote exactly the rivalry and tactial crap we have been tryingto avoid.
9:12 PM
@stuffe That's exactly what I'm thinking.
it's not as though it's secret though - anyone with the inclination can get the data from the API
@stuffe Interesting. For the Ubuntu contest, we decided that it didn't matter - that those who cared would go find it anyway, and those who didn't wouldn't care.
(and therefore wouldn't look)
Yeah, but one mans fun poking around and keeping the results to themselves is one thing, having everyone see it without trying is another.
@KyleCronin Not secret, but not something that most people would take the effort to look up.
I suppose
9:13 PM
@jrg You had a contest? I had no idea, how did it pan out? And were the prizes of equivalent value?
@stuffe Its ongoing.. No they aren't, until the Ubuntu TV ships we won't have anything close to equal value.
So granted, the stakes are a little lot higher with you guys, but still. Figured it was worth pointing out. :)
that doesn't seem to be a SE-run contest, is that something you guys cooked up?
@jrg So edits don't count for that?
We cooked it up, then had SE back the prizes.
@KyleCronin Even mods are human ;)
9:28 PM
@jrg > "PRIZES! We have three prizes for this. The two runners up will get a lovely Ubuntu mug and mouse. The winner gets an epic Ubuntu wall light."
Yeah, I can't see a fight breaking out with the guy who comes 4th. ;)
@stuffe Somewhere there are also normal swag packages that we're shipping to some folks iirc. (I don't have my notes in front of me)
Yours is a fun thing. This thing started fun, but it's morphed into a whole other thing.
damn. i wanted to seee that.
(AU tshirt, stickers, pen, sharpie, the normal "Yay you rock" consolation gift. :P)
ipads are serious business.
9:30 PM
That has quite possibly totally BORKED my weekend
c'mon someone tell me what it said!
questions: does the contest stop after the 35 answered questions or if I keep answering new quesitons, accumulating more votes, do those also count?
dm me through twitter if you want.
handles in my user profile.
The top 35 voted posts count (unless they were part of a closed question).
What did it say?
@IanC its your 35 best
9:38 PM
Well.... the race for the iPad is close.
well, close from 2nd place down.... ;)
@stuffe cool.
i'm content. whatever happens happens. i gave it a good run.
The contest still runs three full days. That's a long time where a lot can still change.
on top of this contest works been insane this week.
yea, it's been at 15 hour day already for me and itll quite possibly be >24 hours when the dust has settled on this project. so i'm probably done. i am where i am in the standings now.
upside: i'm almost at 10k.
you have all impressed me with your knowledge this week, that's for sure. you made me want to be a better answer-er. :)
@jrg Yup. :-)
9:47 PM
@daviesgeek You're nuts. I don't even edit that much. You and Jorge Castro (the resident Ubuntu master editor) should compare notes or something. ;)
@jrg Yes, but many of my early edits were simple and minor edits.
@daviesgeek Nothing wrong with simple edits.
Dang! Jorge Castro=10702 edits!!!
Heck, I approve more edits that amount to a single typo in the title + a tag addition than I do any other type of edit.
You approve those?
I reject them :)
9:49 PM
Yah. Mine were exactly that type, but without the tag change
Too minor.
@stuffe What?!?!!?!?!?!?!
Unless the questions is already at the very top of the pile
Well, I traditionally go and click the "Improve button" and then make a bigger edit, but yes. :)
Boy, I'm going to keep an eye on the suggested edits queue. :-P
9:49 PM
races over there now
@stuffe Nothing there. I already checked :-)
@jrg Nice recommendation for a case BTW
I saw the question and was going to post the exact same thing.
@daviesgeek Ah yes, thank you. I like that case a lot. :)
Wow there are a lot of Lion can't do X questions on here. :P
@jrg Yah, my Dad bought it for his iPod touch. I personally don't like it, since it makes it really big, like the size of an iPhone. That being said, I love the protection it offers
Yup, Jorge makes the same types of edits I got reprimanded for....Sorta...
He gets away with it since he is Ubuntu Man. For lack of a better term. :p
Yah. Since I'm a relatively new user, I can't and won't
9:54 PM
(seriously, he edits almost every single thing that gets posted on the site. I don't think he has a life.)
Sounds like what I used to do :-)
@stuffe Did you star this??? Or was that you, @jrg ?
You are 2K+ though, which is (from my point of view) a license to edit as you see fit. However, I will say that I'm A. rebellious when it comes to things like that, and B. very unorthodox when it comes to SE stuff in general. :)
@daviesgeek Wasn't me.
@jrg Yah. I keep those types of edits limited.
@daviesgeek Not guilty
Yeah, thats minor. :)
9:57 PM
/me is wondering who starred that...
@jrg Yes, I am somewhat as well (rebellious)
For that, edit #2 isn't minor imho, #3 is just because he came back and realized how he was doing a mass edit of like 10 posts, and he missed that. :P
Oh, I didn't notice #3. Whoops!
goes to check the suggested edits queue to make sure that @stuffe doesn't reject any good edits
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