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12:23 AM
@Rubio oh yeah that is likely the case
Don't let me stop you from giving one. :)
uh... still not sure what kinds of hints to give. It's not a particularly obscure word, and the wordplay doesn't involve anything weird or nonstandard. What types of hints would people want?
Most often, hints are either a letter, or a bit of info about (say) some set of words that group together in the wordplay. i.e. Machine (breaks, core) collects rust ...
or even e.g. "collects is not an indicator"
Having no idea how this parses, cuz I've tried a lot of things to no avail, I've no idea what would be a useful hint and what would be a dead giveaway, so we're a bit at your mercy :)
12:54 AM
ok, how about this: There are a total of three indicators.
I should be able to post one in a minute or so.
1:23 AM
@Apep Could you explain the CCCC?
Machine = robot; breaks = insertion indicator; core = core; collects = insertion indicator; rust, assisants head (first letter indicator); back = support/corroborate
CCCC: Deceptive crime to start fire, begin vandalizing, and upset unending noise. (3, 7)
1:45 AM
Slight gripe with Doorknob's in that "... rust, assistant heads back" would be better
agreed but that's pretty minor
2:02 AM
Hmm probably not that minor though, e.g. with just "head" you normally wouldn't consider first letter for "rust" as part of it
2:17 AM
@Apep T[o] + AXE ("fire" an employee) + VA[ndalizing] (alternatively V[andalizing] A[nd]) + (NOIS[e])* = TAX EVASION
@Sp3000 Correct.
I was hoping people would think of red herring from the enumeration and noise=ring.
CCCC: Cult collecting last of gossip about spirit (7)
"upset unending noise" was a dead ringer for -SION for me :P
The next CCCC should have "upset unending noise" that doesn't resolve to -SION.
it took me about 100 ms between reading "upset unending noise" and parsing it to -SION
if it didn't, it would have been quite evil indeed
jots down a note
2:27 AM
@Sp3000 ah, true
@Sp3000 S(P_)ECT+RE?
2:44 AM
CCCC: Drink to be from a typical amount (8)
3:16 AM
BE+[-A]VERAGE? But "from a" to subtract from "typical amount" seems odd.
And "to" only works if it's [wordplay] to [definition].
@Apep the intention was {A->BE}VERAGE (which was admittedly awkwardly worded)
@Deusovi oh, okay
ah "to be", "from a"
oh, that... unintentionally works :P
(Heya Deus, how was games night? :P)
3:25 AM
It was pretty good. Still a bit annoyed I missed your crossword though.
(Speaking of which, is there anything else hidden in it?)
ooh wait
I see a starred clue
CCCC: Menacing goal: "upset unending noise" (11)
@Deusovi I seem to have "can't post a puzzle unless it has a single word or phrase answer" syndrome
that's a good syndrome to have
pff. nice clue for 67-across
"Phi or Sigma, e.g."
you knew exactly what you were doing with that clue
3:41 AM
What are you talking about, that is just an innocuous reference to the Greek alphabet. Obviously.
At one point I had THETA in the grid, for which the clue would have involved, well... this
hm, I'm trying to find the "characters that can be blackened". best I've found is the S in CLUCKS/ENCAGES, which obviously isn't very likely. so far I haven't found any that are consistent with their clues after blackening a letter, even if the crossing entry isn't a real word anymore
@ffao, any ideas?
4:01 AM
your double sense of blackened feels too good to be wrong
but I've been staring at the crossword for a while and nothing yet
I've also considered changing letters into squares containing the entire word BLACK (e.g. [W]HOLE --> BLACK HOLE or [S]LIGHT --> BLACKLIGHT), but haven't found any words in the grid that would let me do that
4:51 AM
well, if it is something like that, the grid is just too big for me to go through all squares and see if they can be black or something else
I did have a look just to make sure anyway
taking a break for now
4 hours later…
8:42 AM
Q: Rebus Puzzle: Can you Guess this Famous Company!

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9:47 AM
Q: Rebus - Guess the name of this Bollywood movie?

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9:59 AM
Correction: easy if you're from India
Haha yes.
hello everyone :)
waves, rolls over and goes back to bed even though it's 1PM
I dislike fast days.
It often feels like 75% of the Internet is from India and the remaining 75% from USA.
@Mithrandir hey, read some mysteries related to Stoicism :P
nice one!
With so much population and no strict rules like that of China, Indians are all over the internet.
10:05 AM
Like... the philosophy of just rolling with it?
yeah, kinda...
@Mithrandir I zapped 'em.
@GarethMcCaughan 👍
This is scary. I actually kinda like the Great Chinese Firewall now...
10:09 AM
I have not been active on SE much so I didn't know you were a protem Mod on Literature.SE
that's amazing. I should take part in September challenge...
@ABcDexter heh. Didn't notice the blue? ;P
@ABcDexter please do!
Was appointed... February 22.
11:05 AM
Q: MS Excel Die Hard

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2 hours later…
1:01 PM
Q: Can she go in or not?

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1:15 PM
So I played Hanabi for the first time today, that was fun
5 hours later…
6:21 PM
Q: Use a button instead of a wave

A.D.This recipe does not make any sense but each step has its own by-product. Add a letter and you'll have the shortest and the most ambiguous answer. Add a letter and you'll have 47 machine-guns. Add a letter and you'll have a software that goes beyond. Add a letter and you'll be splitting logs. A...

6:38 PM
should that Excel puzzle be moved to PPCG ?
@Rubio puzzling.stackexchange.com/users/41084/jaguars-vs-ravens-live recreated with same credentials after being nuked
@BeastlyGerbil @sousben has offered an edit to your answer that is probably correct.
aaaah right
any idea for 3?
and the title seems to indicate an alternate answer...
6:57 PM
I think it's a play on words with 'Radio button'
oooh solved 3
i assumed it was ACK but didn't dig too deeply
yeah it is
@Sp3000 Ooh, nice! Yeah, Hanabi's a really interesting game.
7:10 PM
@sousben maybe - but I think it will probably be more like 'something to do with buttons - shack' as it sort of indicates it should be instead of radio. It might not actually be part of the puzzle though, I've asked for confirmation on whether it is or not...
7:23 PM
should we maybe.... get rid of this...?
7:38 PM
Hanabi gets more interesting after the first time, when you start metagaming
The problem with that game is that it's frequently unwinnable
@BeastlyGerbil why... just ... why....
Yeah... it went a bit off track....
problem with HNQ
8:10 PM
@sousben you were right
@BeastlyGerbil yeah, I saw, sometimes we try to give more meaning to some clues than what was intended
2 hours later…
10:36 PM
@ffao Indeed on our second game we were already getting taught conventions our friends used and it was clear how much more it helped. One of my friends claims a really good success rate with 5 people though, but I'm guessing strategies and difficulty vary with the number of players?

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