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1:44 AM
@Robusto Congratulations!
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2:57 AM
@Mitch OK, so I'm thinking since most of the life on earth is domesticated animals (80%? more?) and these animals are for the most part clueless about survival in the wild, things will be looking up for a while for those who pray on them, although a lot of them will die in enclosed areas, to the benefit of worms and insects and rats.
Then after the feast is over, the huge number of predators (wolves, cats, etc) will gradually turn to other species (if they can run after them, 'cause they must have gotten quite fat by then) and then finally to each other.
In the final round, I would bet on mmm cats. Or those who work collectively, like wolves, or rather hyenas. Yeah, frigging hyenas.
Monkeys have little chance against large predators swarming the place. I don't have much idea about raccoons.
And finally since noöne comes even close to us in enslaving other species, I reckon the rule of the rulers will gradually moderate and diminish and some sort of new equilibrium will be reached.
And if monkeys have saved their asses from extinction by then, they may eventually evolve into smarter beings and run the earth again.
So yeah, let's everyone stop having any more children and take a short leave and come back later and see how the story went.
And why I'm leaving the sea and the plant kingdom entirely out of the scenario is because I have no idea what I'm talking about.
(Correction: pray --> prey. Haha.)
3:59 AM
@Færd Counted how?
> Estimates for the global biomass of species and higher level groups are not always consistent across the literature. Apart from bacteria, the total global biomass has been estimated at about 560 billion tonnes C.[1] Most of this biomass is found on land, with only 5 to 10 billion tonnes C found in the oceans.[1] On land, there is about 1,000 times more plant biomass (phytomass) than animal biomass (zoomass). About 18% of this plant biomass is eaten by the land animals.[15] However, in the ocean, the animal biomass is nearly 30 times larger than the plant biomass.[16] Most ocean plant biom
4:31 AM
@Cerberus I don't know. Let's say vertebrates only. Others are just too dumb to compete with them. We might as well let plants in if we're willing to include worms.
@Cerberus That's so interesting. I totally underestimated those earthworms.
Where are the swine?
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10:32 AM
Q: Word for describing something extremely valuable?

essansI'm looking for one single word that would describe something as valuable (or invaluable) as life or the ability to breathe any help?

10:46 AM
Q: Looking for a suitable word for the blank in the mentioned context

Sasan Irrespective of all such debates on the limitations for rationally, one may consider a decision rational when it satisfy condition X. ______ in this paper a decision is considered rational when it satisfy condition X. What is the best choice for the blank above? The first sentence talks ...

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12:58 PM
@Færd I don't know!
There are quite a few swine.
1:52 PM
2:02 PM
@WillHunting hi
@WillHunting Hi.
So, instead of deleting your account, you're now using two accounts.
@Cerberus better idea
How times have changed.
@Cerberus it looks more polluted now
2:12 PM
@Cerberus What? I only have one account at any one time.
I saw the Jasper account only a few days ago.
You must be mistaken. I change various things about the account, but I never have more than one.
Well, I changed the username, that is all.
And I changed the pictures, that is all.
And you know that I only speak the truth!
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3:23 PM
Okay, then it must have been a very recent change.
4:05 PM
Q: Adjective for "with the same name" / "same-way called"

EduardI'm looking for an adjective that is similar to eponymous as in: He is playing a role of Terminator in the eponymous movie. But it should be possible to use this adjective as a substitute for the phrase "with the same name" as in: Shengen area got its name from the ______ village locate...

@Cerberus You were cute when you were a kid.
What happened?
he is still cute
@Mitch How do they keep themselves so clean?
@Cerberus Lots of reasons.
4:45 PM
@Mitch That's what happens when a three-headed dragon mates with a she-wolf.
5:26 PM
What does "she wept,at once, with a sudden wild abandonment" mean?
I want to understand the "wild abandonment" part
@Abcd Your exact question on Yahoo Answers: answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070831000752AAbLY4R
@Ahmed Thanks :)
5:45 PM
@Abcd also, the usual idiom for this is 'with wild abandon', meaning figuratively she abandoned all restraint, she gave up an inhibition and cried a lot.
@Mitch Okay, thanks.
De nada
@tchrist Don't get my mother into this.
Besides, she is no she-wolf.
@Ahmed But unusual ones!
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive body detected: What does the phrase "laying pipe" mean? by Dennis on english.SE
@Cerberus Well, people go for fake internet badges all the time. It is only human nature, not "usual" I guess. That's just a cynic in me talking, perhaps they really wanted to help build the main site and make money for SE?
Who knows.
5:58 PM
"All the time"?
Either way it was quite impressive.
How many such accounts are you aware of on ELU?
I didn't paste the link of that user so I really have no idea.
Q: What would you call pair of numbers that sum up to a particular number?

Soha Farhin PineWhen I was in KG, I'd to study lists like these ones— 0+5=5 || 5-0=5 1+4=5 || 6-1=5 2+3=5 || 7-2=5 3+2=5 || 8-3=5 4+1=5 || 9-4=5 5+0=5 || . . . My (non-native) math teacher at that time labeled them as something like "Addition X table" or "Subtraction ...

*"usual" "unusual" (sorry typo above)
and edit time is ova!
6:12 PM
@Feeds @WillHunting Perhaps you know the answer to this question, if such a word exists?
6:42 PM
@Tonepoet No such word in common use I know of. It's really weird to even have this kind of word request. Too specific and useless to have such a word.
7:09 PM
I think there are very few other accounts with so high number of flags and votes, and yet without any real posts.
If any.
7:22 PM
@Cerberus Weirdness is spice of life.
Ah, so you confess to its weirdness.
@Cerberus You are good at debating an issue Cerberus, I'll give you that. :P
Well, it is weird I guess, but the motive doesn't seem weird.
For example, it is only natural to make accounts on different SE sites and take "fanatic" badges from different sites. I have seen people do it.
You just have to make one click for 100 days and a fake gold badge appears.
It is dumb. But doable.
SE rep points are convertible directly to frequent flyer miles which are then exchangeable to bitcoin
But that last step you have to kill the first person that blinks their high beams at you
@Ahmed Gracias.
7:32 PM
oh, you are welcome.
That's a lot of clicks.
And the flags need to be helpful, too.
They're not just random clicks.
Clicks = revenue for the site
@Tonepoet But every time people ask for some mathematical term, some user will come along and give a technical term that is actually wrong, lol.
I hear.
And the person gets the fake badge, everybody wins, but in a stupid way.
@Mitch What about people who live in places like Somalia?
We should think of them too, right? They are humans.
@Ahmed Sigh, It is really more like everybody loses.
@WillHunting I am guessing the Math Stack Exchange websites are not much better in this regard.
7:37 PM
@Tonepoet Eh, the person who makes the money always wins. But how do you mean?
@Ahmed Since when was money ever involved?
Also, that is not strictly true. The method of making money has an opportunity cost. If you make minimum wage working at McDonalds, when you could be making a six digit salary as a Lawyer, Doctor or Rocket Scientist, that's not quite winning, even though you are being paid. Well, that is, unless flipping leather strips is a much more personally satisfying activitiy, but that is another matter entirely. The point is, you can make money and still lose. =P
Q: Looking for word describing a person who is always really quick at looking things up

James313I was wondering if there is a word to describe a person who always is really quick at looking things up on etc. his phone. E.g when you just can't remember the characters name in the film you just saw and this guy quickly pulls his phone out and looks it up. I am looking for an adjective to fi...

@Tonepoet Ah okay, I wasn't sure of their business model. It is mostly venture funding it seems.
1 hour later…
8:47 PM
Q: searching for word defining something deep, elemental, symbolic, essential

Michael Patrick...they do talk but they talk slowly and quietly and not very often and say, not only what is SIGNIFICANT (???), but what is PRIME (???).

9:18 PM
When I listen to a song on Youtube it sounds fine and when I play the same downloaded song on VLC it sounds meh and kind of sucks. Although my VLC settings are default.
And my headphones are pretty good as well. Dunno what's wrong.
9:48 PM
@Tonepoet At least they don't give the wrong term if you post it there, lol. But I don't think this question is even suitable to be posted there. Very often, some users on Eng ask the asker to post there when all they want is a non-technical everyday word for some common thing. One should really not post on Math either.
@Tonepoet If I want the number of fingers on my hand, and the answer is five, I don't post it on Math just because it involves numbers. It still fits Eng SE better than Math.
@Tonepoet As usual, there is an answer with 2 upvotes which does not answer the question, and as usual there is a comment saying it should be on Math, both of which I disagree, LOL.
@Tonepoet And the above is one of the reasons I no longer like this site. =D
10:07 PM
@Ahmed Did you download the same version of the song, from youtube itself? If so, tell me how it sucks and how it is different. Also, what operating system are you using?
1 hour later…
11:15 PM
@WillHunting Eh, why would mathematicians know anything about hands? I'd ask on a biology website. =P

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