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7:15 PM
@jaberg To echo Daniel. Again??? Wow!! Lucky!!
@daviesgeek It's not luck.It's spending too much time here. ;)
Yup. That's why it sometimes takes me awhile to climb up.
(because I don't spend as much time here as some of you) :-)
I'm only about 5% here
Yah. Me too.
@daviesgeek It's a byproduct of working from home (and a slow week.) When I'm out and about I'm not here. If I'm sitting at my desk, I manage to convince myself that AD is work related.
One of my answers is being bird-dogged. I posted. He posted a longer—but no more accurate—answer. (Close enough that it may have been a near-simutaneous effort). So I posted a screen shot. He came back with two screenshots. I took the only course of action I could, I gave him an upvote effort. :)
7:21 PM
@jaberg For me it's not. Which is the point.
err for his effort.
20 "lost" points so far—when will this day end? ;)
in 4 1/2 hours
Make that 30.
@JasonSalaz Ouch
at least it's end-of-day UTC time and not US time zone end-of-day
7:26 PM
I think the answer is for me to head to the Hack Factory. Crack open a malty beverage. Fire up the grill (because there's a fresh bottle of Matouk's in my go-bag waiting to be poured onto something). And start on my project for this evening—some simple sewing in some heavy nylon "climbing" tubing.
What is this Hack Factory to which you often refer?
@DanielL The Hack Factory is the TC Maker clubhouse.
So it's physical hacking?
@AndrewLarsson Physical. Computer. Electronic.
We have a metal shop, a wood/fabrication shop, an electronics lab and an "art" studio.
7:34 PM
Hardware, and not software. Got it.
Sounds cool.
We're in the process of getting our IP lab up and running—we're going to teach a course in building network infrastructure and then teach another on hacking into it.
Oh, so software, too. Sounds even better!
@jaberg :-)
@AndrewLarsson DC 612, the local DefCon chapter meets in our space for about half their meetings. And we have a bunch of people coding for Arduino projects. Not a ton of pure hacking on software, but it happens.
Mostly these days we sit around and watch metal being made into chips by our new (to us) Bridgeport mill. It's become a spectator sport.
A: How do we keep the exciting promotion from reducing the quality of the site?

LaurenThanks for posting this, it definitely warrants a discussion. Whenever we run a promotion, the goal (in addition to rewarding you for all the hard work you do) is to increase activity on the site by attracting new users or getting current users more engaged. Anything that increases activity car...

At least we're on the radar. Great response from @Lauren.
7:53 PM
@stuffe option-equals works too, though it's less programmy...
is the "raffle for a new iPad (16 GB Wi-Fi version)" the same raffle as the tier 1 raffle, so you get two entries, or is it another raffle entirely?
@TimothyMuellerHarder it's the same raffle as for level 1
8:13 PM
I need to see if there's a DefCon group near me...
@Lauren And does that mean you would get a second entry?
Gah! I keep looking at other people's user pages and thinking the progress bars are mine! DX
@JasonSalaz @DanielL Who declined my flag??
@JasonSalaz hi.
Does it really specifically matter?
The answer was too large for a comment. Very little other choice.
@JasonSalaz I'm trying to learn to flag better, so yes
@JasonSalaz Ah. I see.
8:17 PM
(At least, I think we're talking about the same flag...)
@JasonSalaz This one
So, going back a topic. No, it does not matter who declined your flag. I understand and agree that you'd like a reason why. But ask for that. Calling out an individual leads to a witch hunt.
Ok. Sorry. I probably asked in the wrong way.
And yes, that answer is 681 characters. I'm sure I need not remind you how large comments can be.
@JasonSalaz True
8:21 PM
@TimothyMuellerHarder no, you just get the one entry. The extra thing you get for completing Level 2 is an iPod Touch
@Lauren "What do you get? A 4th Generation, 8GB iPod touch*! Also, entered in a raffle for a new iPad (16 GB Wi-Fi version)."
yep. You're entered into a raffle for both Levels 1 and 2, and for Level 2 you get an iPod Touch
as well
sorry if that wasn't clear, I got questions about it from a couple people
A: The new iPad is here - ask different and win one!

bmikeI am really excited at how well worded and thought through this contest is. I appreciate the explanation about how the raffle will work and what might happen if more people qualify than prizes are available. I personally dislike open ended raffles where you don't know how long or how many items a...

Also: if we meet the criteria for a level, then drop back down and don't meet them again by the time the contest ends, do we still qualify?
8:25 PM
you mean if, for example, your post gets down voted and you don't meet the minimum score?
I don't think that's happened yet, but I think that whatever the score is at the end of the contest is what matters
OK, just wanted to clarify.
@balpha wrote the code though so let me check with him to give you a definitive answer
sounds good.
(And as Duke Ellington said, "If it sounds good, it is good.")
(Though I think he may have been referring to something else.)
8:28 PM
Also, now that I've explained (which I hadn't thought I would need to do) what Bowtie and Flurry are, does anyone know the answer to this?
Q: Is there a Bowtie theme that looks like a Flurry icon?

Timothy Mueller-HarderI have a number of Flurry icons on my desktop linked to applications I use frequently. I envision an almost identical looking icon, but instead of an icon and filename, it displays the album art and track name of the currently playing song using Bowtie. Is there such a theme in existence? If not...

fyi balpha works from Germany so he's probably off the clock now but I'll give you an answer asap
Where's my damn rubber hose over IP?
Firewalls are annoying sometimes, but very useful:
A: Can I block ports in Hotspot mode?

Andrew LarssonAdd the http://repo.insanelyi.com/ repository in Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. Then install the MobileTerminal (NEW) and the network-cmds packages from that repository. Then you can go into the terminal app you just got and run ipfw. This will let you write to your firewall tables. If yo...

Personally, they give me grief, but it's usually because I'm doing something Apple didn't want me to do.
@AndrewLarsson :-)
8:44 PM
@daviesgeek ;-)
9:01 PM
I had 1/1 shares yesterday, but now I have 0/1 shares. Does anyone know what could cause this? All I did was post a link to a question on Facebook and Twitter.
And I guess 5 of my friends/followers clicked on it, but now I have no shares...
Tell me about it.
@AndrewLarsson Hey Andrew, there's this guy I heard about who had his share quota for Use Different set, but then it went back down to zero. Weird, huh?
@AndrewLarsson Yah, I heard about the same thing. It's weird...
Which user? I want to see his profile.
Oh, nevermind, Use Different is Level 1.
@daviesgeek Nice.
@AndrewLarsson :-)
@daviesgeek high fives
@TimothyMuellerHarder high fives back
Is it ironic that the tags under Ask Different oneboxes look like Windows XP buttons?
9:13 PM
Oh, yeah, they do.
awkwardly raises hand for a high five, but nobody gives him one
@AndrewLarsson awkwardly fist bumps high five hand
@TimothyMuellerHarder Maybe they should just make the tags really shiny.
@AndrewLarsson or expensive.
9:17 PM
Feature request: make the tags like this:
It now costs 5 rep to include a tag on your question.
Wrong image. :-)
@AndrewLarsson hee hee
There we go.
I like that.
Would that go on AD meta?
9:18 PM
Already posting it. :-)
dang :/
I will upvote instantly. :)
@TimothyMuellerHarder Can you find a picture of Windows XP buttons?
(for the meta post)
I'll look around.
I kinda need it to make my point
daviesgeek, California, United States
4.9k 3 13 37
Found one. Cropping and uploading now
9:24 PM
Will take that
The button itself is fitting, methinks :)
@daviesgeek Oh, if you hadn't noticed: your badge counts for silver and bronze are "13" and "37" :)
though it's a bit of a stretch
@TimothyMuellerHarder I know.
Q: Can we make the the tags look like the buttons in Lion?

daviesgeekIn chat today, Timothy mentioned that the tags in oneboxes look a lot like the buttons in Windows XP: Compare to Windows XP button: Can we make the oneboxes and the tags on the main site look like the buttons from Lion? Like this: I personally think that this will add more personality and O...

@TimothyMuellerHarder Wait. How's it a stretch?
9:26 PM
Thanks for the upvote
@daviesgeek Oh, I dunno. Just it's not as explicit as "1337"... like finding "hidden inappropriate images" in Disney movies that don't even really exist
(the images, not the movies)
@TimothyMuellerHarder Ah. I see.
@AndrewLarsson Thanks
@TimothyMuellerHarder Once a mission is completed, it won't be revoked automatically if the criteria aren't met anymore. We can revoke them manually, but we'll only do that if the mission was achieved only because of serial upvoting or similar issues, but not just because some downvote got you below the threshold again. Chances are that another upvote is going to come in anyway :)
9:33 PM
@TimothyMuellerHarder How's the new button?
@balpha OK, thanks for clarifying that!
@daviesgeek Sorry?
Oh, I see. Nice!
Look at the meta question
33 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
Oh, I see. Nice!
Sorry for posting .5 seconds too soon, haha
32 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
33 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
Oh, I see. Nice!
6 secs ago, by daviesgeek
32 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
33 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
Oh, I see. Nice!
Oh, no you don't.
9:35 PM
Hi guys
10 secs ago, by daviesgeek
6 secs ago, by daviesgeek
32 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
33 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
Oh, I see. Nice!
@stuffe Hey!
20 secs ago, by daviesgeek
6 secs ago, by daviesgeek
32 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
33 secs ago, by Timothy Mueller-Harder
Oh, I see. Nice!
@stuffe You're back so soon?
So soon? Been away 4 hours.
More GIMP votes today. It's the GIMP that keeps on giving ;)
9:40 PM
GIMP? Like the terribly-designed open-source image editor?
Yeah, and reputation printing machine
A: Is There A Free Photoshop Alternative for Mac OS X?

stuffeGIMP is widely recognised as a quality free alternative to Photoshop in many regards. ...but it's not considered to be particularly successful in it's approach to embracing Mac OS X application design ;) If you want something that isn't necessarily free but is at least inexpensive, then there...

@stuffe Wow.
@gentmatt Touchè
A: How significant is the new iPad's heat issue?

stuffe 34 °C - The commonly accepted average human skin temperature. 33.6 °C - The maximum temperature of your iPad 3 when you thrash it's brains out. A problem? You decide... You can start by asking if you ever worried about burning yourself when you touched yourself. Have you ever got worried a...

@AndrewLarsson That thing is so popular I may have to replace @Jabergs terribly cute niece (I think) with my cuter daughter - only that would mean downloading GIMP...
@stuffe Haha
Ha! Another upvote since posting that!
9:53 PM
I share in your opinion of GIMP, BTW.
(But then, I own Photoshop, so what can I say.)
@stuffe Wasn't me... wistles
(yeah it was me)
@AndrewLarsson Vote on good man!
Don't you just love it when someone comments how helpful your answer is but doesn't upvote it? And by love, I mean get annoyed by.
Actually, just realised that as I am on Mountain Lion, it won't even work anyway because there is no X11 ;)
No X11 on Mountain Lion?!?
What is the world coming to?
9:58 PM
@DanielL Yes, the much piss taken "your'e so very very great!" comments did not result in an accept!
@DanielL It's coming to the 21st Century :)
21st century? Meh. Been there. Not so great.
@TimothyMuellerHarder I found an answer to that question you were working on an answer to a few months ago:
A: Keyboard shortcuts for dynamic menu items (Keynote)

Daniel LCreate a new service in Automator. The service takes no input in Keynote.app. The service has a single action: Do AppleScript. The script (in all its one-line beauty) is: tell application "Keynote" to tell current slide of the front slideshow to set skipped to not skipped Save the service as...

@stuffe These people have enough rep to comment, but they don't know how to upvote?
@DanielL Clever!
I've lost the "very very great" answer - it was about speech recognition I think.
Found it
A: What app/feature/software is this microphone image from?

stuffeThis is the Mac OS X built in voice input mechanism. To turn it off, visit preferences - it's possible to turn it on via a keyboard shortcut which may explain it's random appearance. Speech Recognition Speakable Items, built into OS X and located in the Speech pane of System Prefe...

"You are so very great. Thank you so much for your help on this"
"Man you guys are helpful here. Thanks!"
"Thanks SO much!"
All comments from the OP.
No accept...
C'est la vie!
@stuffe I hate it when that happens. Or when you tell them that something doesn't exist (and you even give them an alternative), but they don't mark you as the right answer.
10:03 PM
We know he was grateful at least :)
That's a bugbear, the refusal to accept "no" as an answer.
Would it be bad for me to give a polite nudge in the right direction?
@TimothyMuellerHarder It doesn't solve the general problem of assigning shortcuts to dynamic menu items, but in this case, it does just fine.
Nah, leave it, brand new user, I suspect he won't be back, all his rep comes from that question more or less, an example of someone who has a specific one time need, came, got his answer (within minutes) and rode into the sunset
I've always wondered if we were allowed to put a comment on a question and ask them to pick an answer.
And that's OK.
I don't mind, the Rep is a bonus, a little fun and a good way to judge nothing but spare time spent. The gratification is in knowing you helped, and in this case his comments were far more pleasing than 15 rep ever will be
10:31 PM
Think the competition rush is over (for now), bag to the usual paucity of questions I care to answer.
@stuffe I disagree.
just seems quiet tonight
ebb and flow
Don't ebb too much; I still need 13 more posts!
10:48 PM
A: Is there a window tiling app that snaps to other windows' edges rather than predefined screen areas?

stuffeTake a look at this Wiki question, and see if any of the answers meet your needs. In particular, this one looks interesting: Zooom/2 - "Magnetism. If you like snapping windows the the edges of the screen or other windows (as in many X window managers), you will love this."

@TimothyMuellerHarder I'm working on your question right now ;-)
I'm not sure how detailed you want me to get, but I'll do my best.
@AndrewLarsson Thanks; @stuffe's suggestion of Zooom/2 (and a preexisting wiki I hadn't noticed my question was pretty much duplicating) will probably do the trick, but other answers would be welcome. :)
not duplicate, you had a specific requirement.
11:10 PM
@TimothyMuellerHarder I'd give you some sources, but I couldn't think of any off the top of my head. I'll probably go back and add some soon.
A: Apply jailbreak tweaks to a non-jailbroken device using Phone Disk, etc

Andrew LarssonNo, you cannot, and for a number of reasons. Most (when I say most, I mean all but a few) JailBreak tweaks modify files in / or /System. This is a separate partition and cannot be accessed unless you're Apple or you're JailBroken. Another thing is that tweaks are .deb files, and you'll need a Deb...

I'm going home. Bye @all.
@daviesgeek ping
> The retina display was introduced with the iPhone 4 in 2010. During the keynote, Steve Jobs said:
> At a distance of 10" to the human eye (or retina), a pixel density of 300PPI is the maximum that an eye can distinguish.
> Based on this statement, a retina display is a display that has a pixel density more that 330PPI.
300, or 330? Or 326? I'll approve it if you make which is correct consistent
oh, someone just approved it....
that you @bmike? Spotted you sneaking in there
11:30 PM
Does anyone know a general way to solve the problem of attaching a shortcut key to dynamic menu items? My solution here works when the application in question is scriptable (actually, that made it quite easy), but the OP's general case problem is quite annoying.
A: Keyboard shortcuts for dynamic menu items (Keynote)

Daniel LCreate a new service in Automator. The service takes no input in Keynote.app. The service has a single action: Do AppleScript. The script (in all its one-line beauty) is: tell application "Keynote" to tell current slide of the front slideshow to set skipped to not skipped Save the service as...

(and yes, @stuffe, I one-boxed, following your directions) :-)
If I were needing that info, I would probably ask you ;)
commentary, please, not direction :)
I'm not in charge yet.
You will know when I am as you will receive your lovely hat (tm)
@jmlumpkin: you there?
This whole Ask Different process has made me very aware of the ways Mac OS X is extensible and the ways it frustratingly is not.
@stuffe Yes?
@stuffe The tag wiki wasn't accepted. The excerpt was, but not the actual wiki.
@stuffe Typo.
Well, someone beat me to it.
11:43 PM
@stuffe The tag wiki wasn't accepted though. Can you still see it?
@Senseful I am now
do you mind updating your answer on the Twitter question?
to something like this:
It's using the global Twitter account which is set up in the Settings app.

To sign out of that account, do the following:

1. Go to **Settings**
2. Choose **Twitter**
3. Tap your account name
4. Choose **Delete Account**.

This doesn't delete your Twitter account, it just logs you out from that account on your device.
Just so the answer seems more confident. Since it is the right answer, afterall
Oh no problem. as in, the formatting?
At what time does the system roll over to the next day? As in, I know its not 12am eastern
yeah, and maybe also getting rid of the distinction between deleting/signing out, since in this case it is essentially the same thing.
As in, say that 'signing out would be deleting the account'
11:50 PM
yeah, pretty much. Thanks!
I already referred people to that question, so they might as well get the answer they are looking for
@daviesgeek No
@Senseful how about this
A: How do I sign out of a Twitter account on the iPhone?

jmlumpkinThe only way to sign out of an account is to actually delete it, according to the UI. This is tied into the Twitter integration that was part of iOS 5. To sign out of the account, you need to: Go to Settings Choose Twitter Tap on the account you want to sign out of. Tap Delete Account This ...

@jmlumpkin GMT baby :)
@jmlumpkin, that's perfect. Thank you
@stuffe wait, as in, it happened 56 minutes ago?
for the first time ever I was about to hit my daily cap, and I have a new question to ask
11:57 PM
in 3 mins
Ohh, DST
2 mins
rep cap is 200 minus accepts and bounty
Hello @XabierDomínguez
Oh, accepts on you from other people?
Hi, just having a look... first time her
Not a native English speaker even.
@jmlumpkin You have 45 points of accepts, so your total for rep cap purposes is 150, not 195
so 50 away from teh cap, not 5
@XabierDomínguez welcome

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