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12:58 AM
funny thing is, I've done all those OS, other than 10 enterprise
1:25 AM
hm, the cleaners are late
and I'm stuck outside the office
1:41 AM
1 hour later…
3:03 AM
Hm... My keyboard seems stuck on UK D:
3:23 AM
list of OSes I've installed successfully on *something* and actually used it for more than a "huh, that was interesting" or an experiment:
OpenSUSE (starting around 10.2, up to semi-recent stuff)
Ubuntu (nearly all versions since 7.04, but definitely every Server LTS at least once, plus Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu at least twice or thrice each)
Debian (several versions, but mostly wheezy, squeeze and jessie)
SmartOS (twice, dedis, used in production for nearly a year for my primary dedi)
OpenSolaris (once on a laptop - it was bad; a few brief forays on servers)
Oh, and I ran Hurd for about three weeks after Richard Stallman gave a lecture at my university. I got tired of it not supporting basic things like USB and went back to Linux.
3:51 AM
I've had experience with Gentoo, completing an installation from stage 3 onto a Hyper-V virtual machine. I got tired of the high maintenance requirements, as package updates were both time-consuming and very demanding of system resources.
I've used Ubuntu, Kali, Knoppix, and Fedora as well (the latter was an "administration nightmare") due to its instability.
Once Astaroth is a reality (and it's only a matter of time at this point), I'll probably spend more time exploring different operating systems through virtualization. 32 GB of RAM and 6 cores should offer plenty of headroom.
4:08 AM
Good morning!
I've used every major release of Windows since 98, DOS, every LTS Ubuntu since 2013, the last two LTS Ubuntu servers, every release of Kali, CentOS (briefly), the last four or five MacOS/OSX releases (for short periods of time), Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian (again, very briefly), every release of iOS since version 2, every Android version since Gingerbread.
Backbox OS, tried several distros of GNU/Linux live because I used to get them with a magazine, most versions of raspbian, other OSs for Raspberry Pi
I remember seeing a Linux magazine as a kid, and telling my Dad we should put it on our computer because "it was free"...
4:24 AM
Lol. Windows from 3.11 to 10. Didn't vista long.mandriva suse Ubuntu centos and Fedora, qnx ,syllable, haiku....
Had a experimental VMware esxi box I never quite got running, os x on a thinkpad alongside Gentoo and windows XP....
5:15 AM
Ugh. People are dumb. We had a dying bird outside work. We were keeping an eye on it, called the local rescue and.... The cleaner threw it into a large bag of trash :(
5:35 AM
ūüź¶ RIP
@Avery I have been dying to ever since you told me about it -_-
5:52 AM
Ok wow
It's free for 90 days, after which it doesn't stop working
@Rahul2001 any particular reason? :P
@Bob Windows 10 without metro crap! What could be better!?
@Rahul2001 ...it's actually quite horrible
I'll take the "metro crap" tyvm
@Bob huh?
Edge > IE11
5:55 AM
@Bob Meh, I'll install some other browser
Why else is it horrible?
It's halfway to a server OS, basically. Literally. Server2016 is 10LTSB with a couple extras.
I don't think you even have Calculator.
It's also stupid to use in 99.9% of environments.
Oh, it still has the older Calculator. Interesting.
@Bob just wondering
But what's wrong with using non-server versions of Windows as servers?
As in, if you don't want IIS
@Ramhound moved that google in german post
go answer. And next time , eh, its fine to answer if you know it will be moved IMO
latest citation needed is killing me ;p
6:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek that was amazing
Not something to watch while drinking anything
6:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek lol yeah
1 hour later…
8:15 AM
@Rahul2001 I tried it
It's fairly good
Nearly half the size of windows 10
No crapware
No metro
Very small amount of telemetry that you can disable
@Avery *jealous seething*
8:27 AM
Lol. Downloaded. Will try on a VM
@JourneymanGeek wha. Now I have to too.
8:50 AM
@tereŇ°ko hello
3 hours ago, by Rahul2001
But what's wrong with using non-server versions of Windows as servers?
whee, activated the ltsb
9:30 AM
ooh, vamt is cool
@Rahul2001 similar to using server versions on daily use, there's a difference on security
and reliability
server versions are much, much more locked up, and are much more reliable (because of that). While the latter is good for all, the former is why it's not used as commonly by normal users.
@Avery I have a VM with VAMT on it. It's somewhat useful :P
Playing around with KMS recently though.
@Avery Not more locked up... not at all.
It's just optimised differently.
yup, that's a better way to put it.
(iirc you can mostly-kinda switch optimisations but idk how complete it is)
some features are not available due to that, though.
Server hands out bigger time slices (quanta) at a time, so it's less responsive
But higher throughput
@Avery Yea, it is missing the UWP layer
Which is actually kinda annoying tbh
9:39 AM
you can enable it though
*grumbles about IE11*
but why would you
@Avery Hm? Last I checked, there's no way to get Edge on LTSB
I got it on WS2012R2 before, but not sure about ltsb
@Bob firefox/chromium > edge, imo.
@Avery Not possible on LTSB, AFAICT
@Avery Edge > IE11
9:40 AM
@Bob yes
Talking default browsers specifically
I mean, I usually use Firefox anyway. But I'm not gonna install that on a server...
I have no dislike of UWP, as a platform. It's pretty solid.
And most default UWP apps in 10 are fine.
That said, old 8-era metro apps were mostly pretty bad
And there's a lot of shitty UWP apps available... but there's a lot of shitty win32 apps available too, so *shrug* just don't use the shitty ones
@Bob I used to be an early adopter of UWP as a developer
@Avery There it's kinda situational... it's not bad in itself but it is restrictive in what you can do
it was fairly good
but it caused irreversible effects on me. I'm not going back to it.
10:01 AM
this will be painful.
@Avery why do you have 577 keys :S
I have like 4 msdn subscriptions
I've only claimed like 3 keys :P
10:43 AM
Either there are realllly big raindrops hitting my roof... or there's something in it. :|
10:55 AM
Heh. I went hipster and use Vivaldi now .....
How do you know if someone uses Vivaldi?
They will tell you?
eh, it's ok
I still want the sync functionality :D
I traded off efficient use of vertical space on my ff+ oneliner setup for the sidebar option so I can neatly dock chat in Mobile mode
But eh whatever browser floats your goat.
let me try it
11:03 AM
@tereŇ°ko was toying with running my own for ff at some point
to be fair, real hipsters are proud of their complete lack of technical skill .. and you need at least some, to be aware that such browser even exists
Hi everyone. If someone is potentially linking an illegal download. How should that be flagged?
@tereŇ°ko eh. Maaaaybe
@Seth custom flag explaining what you want a mod to know.
@Seth yeah, for mods, as "really dumb"
teach your kids how to correctly spread warez
@jokerdino yeah, not my kind.
11:09 AM
Well it is also, surprisingly not a common occurrence, so no real need for a custom flag
@jokerdino try messing with config, before you write it off
@tereŇ°ko that is something I would find handy if I webdeved, since the ui is all js
Thanks Journeyman. :)
lol, this web panel is funny
11:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek right, vivaldi.
@tereŇ°ko sorry I don't get you. Most of the mods I've encountered are quite capable. As Journeyman said it's not that often that a download link is included in a link at all.
@jokerdino I actually love thst
I was wondering how I could be even more edgy.
gobble gobble
@Seth what I meant is that people, who dont know how to safely spread illegal goods, but still try, are dumb
11:13 AM
Fork k-meleon?
.. or arrogant
brb installing vivaldi through pacaur‚ĄĘ on my Arch‚ĄĘ Linux‚ĄĘ setup with zsh‚ĄĘ on tmux‚ĄĘ using Terminator‚ĄĘ by authenticating with my Yubikey‚ĄĘ 4‚ĄĘ Nano‚ĄĘ
@tereŇ°ko or both and or clueless. But that is a judgement call.
@Avery oooooh I could use my yubikey u2f on it ..
u2f pam is not the best
it's intended for 2fa
@tereŇ°ko it feels fast, at least
11:14 AM
I use Yubico otp as it is capable of being used as the sole factor
I have used it for a quite a long time as my "secundary browser"
@Avery have one. Is disappoint
@JourneymanGeek what do you use it for?
@jokerdino chat sidebars
11:16 AM
I usually pin my chat tabs.
Likewise to keep an eye on mail at work
distraction free chatting
Chat is a distraction
chat is an external brain
I can totally keep track of my hardware purchases by searching chat
11:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek eh, Firefox UI is JS + CSS + XUL, and the XUL part is fairly minimal (it's parsed into a DOM similar to HTML)
It's trivial to change Firefox L&F via CSS. Behaviour can be changed by reaching into the JS guts (though no longer by addon as of 57 :( )
I like vivaldi.
@JourneymanGeek well, I spend most of my time in PHP chat, which is really good for keeping track of latest news and getting general advice ... then again, SO's php chat room is something of an oddity, since it contains like like half of the active core contributors
just need to find a way to disable the tab color thingy
@Bob this chain thing is weird
@Rahul2001 hm?
11:29 AM
Still, I now get a grade A in SSL test
weird how?
@Bob incorrect order apparently
disabled tab color.
I kinda like that. Donno why
11:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek what tabs?
@Rahul2001 fix it
Ah right. Vivaldi
you can manually reorder the PEM in a text editor :P
most likely your webserver is reading it incorrectly
@Bob the thing is... I don't know what the correct order is
@Rahul2001 ...the opposite of the current one?
1, 2, 3 => 3, 2, 1
11:39 AM
@Bob I think there are 3 in total?
Ah right
Okay, will try
@Bob got a simple http server set up now, using JS to redirect http to https. Not the best solution, but it'll have to do till I can get a decent software
@Rahul2001 nginx is free...
at the very least, use a proper 301 redirect -_-
@Bob will install :p
I'm sick of this
So now I'll just take your advice
12:02 PM
@Rahul2001 only now? You should have taken bobs advice since the day you were born
I created a monster
@NotDog realise that now ;p
a CSS for the chat
but like... very crazy
works across both mobile and pc versions, maintains similar look
still needs changes here and there, but it's usable.
yeah I made some more changes and am very happy with the result.
12:19 PM
@Avery I find that unreadable cf black text/white bg
what is unreadable?
like, which part?
@Avery the text
white on black?
I had been using these types of userstyles for a long time
I find it much more readable tbh
is better for me
I mean, whatever floats your boat.
12:27 PM
and toats your moat
I use white on black for coding, but I really like like SE's default CSS for chat
A: Which is easier on the eyes: dark-on-light or light-on-dark?

DerekThe science of readability is by no means new, and some of the best research comes from advertising works in the early 80s. This information is still relevant today. First up is this quote from a paper titled ‚ÄúImproving the legibility of visual display units through contrast reversal‚ÄĚ. In presen...

> People with astigmatism (aproximately 50% of the population) find it harder to read white text on black than black text on white. Part of this has to do with light levels: with a bright display (white background) the iris closes a bit more, decreasing the effect of the "deformed" lens; with a dark display (black background) the iris opens to receive more light and the deformation of the lens creates a much fuzzier focus at the eye.
I like light on dark but its one of those personal preference things
@JourneymanGeek ^^^ Do you suffer from astigmatism?
@DavidPostill not as far as I know
12:30 PM
I have high eye pressure
or w/e the scientific term for that is
I have really bad eyesight, including mild astigmatism.
When I was in my teens my eyes changed from perfect to crap over a few weeks. I thought I was going blind :(
I have astigmatism too
I do prefer light on dark though
@Avery Ocular Hypertension
I like light on dark especially as it saves phone battery
depends on screen
12:38 PM
I have my phone light on dark. But I hardly use my phone and I use my laptop 12+ hours /day
@Bob Is Edge UWP?
@Avery You forgot to brag about your kernel modules and bootloader
Right, I've got the best modules, absolutely tremendous.
And unfortunately no libreboot because I don't run a pc from 1453.
screenshot there is not that visible, so s.ave.zone/592.png
It's minimalist. Maybe painfully so.
12:55 PM
I just use porkchat (DO NOT GOOGLE IT, Ask @fredley for the link in bridge.)
@djsmiley2k lol. I just googled it :)
@NotDog Yea. Or at least tied to the Store. No Edge on LTSB or Server.
Q: Porkchat: A Chrome extension with lots of chat tweaks!

fredley Install Install from the Chrome Web Store About Porkchat is a Chrome extension that bundles together a lot of scripts I have written for Stack Exchange chat over the years. It is fully configurable - each individual script can be enabled/disabled from the options page. Included Scripts ...

ISO finally downloaded
@Avery I use that
1:00 PM
@jokerdino I wanted to see the talking pigs ;)
@DavidPostill rahul ban pls
@Avery ISO downloaded! I only had to try 7 times! And took just 4 hours! #internetinIndia
@Rahul2001 nice!
It's not the talking pigs you should be afraid of ;D
1:17 PM
pl0x help
I really like how extensible vivaldi is
i tryin to stream video partial content from server
but chrome requesting peices all over the place
th best playback i get is 100x fast forwarded
then http connection closd
@Avery I've configured keyboard shortcuts to fit my needs perfectly
@Tobiq uhm. Use VLC
@Avery Talking to yourself again? ;)
1:20 PM
vlc for what??
@Tobiq ^
im streamin webserver to browser...
Well, use VLC
vlc can stream.
@DavidPostill yup
1:22 PM
im streaming from web-server to chrome
@Tobiq well, stream from web-server to VLC
Leave web server as it is
Open VLC
yeah im doing that
i realise how i can use vlc
i know how to open stream in vlc
@Tobiq cool.
1:23 PM
Let us know if it worked
@Tobiq nw
1:46 PM
i cri
it stops requesting
half way through
the file
stop. Hitting. Enter
@Tobiq both chrome and vlc are following the standards.
your webserver or your video, however, likely doesn't.
they trying to find the meta data?
I have no idea what you're asking me right now
1:54 PM
How could my webserver not be? It's streaming the content normally
allowing VLC and chrome to jump through the file
@Tobiq Uhmm
see, the problem is, "normally" is defined by standards.
Just because an implementation works half the time doesn't mean it follows standards
And as you just said, it is not working
And if the standard is not terrible, everything that also follows it will work.
im doing everythine like ranges
and partial response headers etc
1:55 PM
1) Check your network
Check if your network is working well, is what I mean
Can't really be clearer than that :|
@Avery video standards generally aren't terrible, but your stuff still doesn't work. So check which parts are following the standards properly and what are not, and try to replace the bits that are not.

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