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12:00 AM
dunno why. I'm glad I didn't spend too much time into it.
I got it!
Q: Where are the Silean Nebula and Hades Nexus?

StephenThis nebula has been identified on side quests (I put all priority missions on standby ... ironically) so that I don't miss out on any content. Is this a case of a galaxy just not being available until the main plot line catches up? How far do I have to progress to open these up?

Q: What are the effects of promoting a MP character?

StephenWhat are the rewards for promoting a level 20 character in multiplayer? Presumably promoting directly means that the player will be unplayable, is it worth doing it early or is it better to wait until I have a couple of capable character options?

Q: Has anyone else noticed springy controls in Battlefield 3 (PS3)?

SimpleCoderPlaying Battlefield 3 on my PS3, the controls feel very springy. When I, for example, quickly rotate right with the left analog stick, my character also rotates a bit to the left when the analog stick is released. It's subtle, but incredibly annoying. I didn't have this problem with BFBC2, and I'...

@RonanForman Ok...
Hehe, I wonder if you drop a .gb file in it if it will save it forever! :D
@John Also I forgot about that forest run.
12:01 AM
@RonanForman Heheh. I did ask you before linking to it.
Really? When?
Don't try and find a link though.
@RavenDreamer oh my god
what are those goggles?
and where can I get them?
@BenBrocka umbra visor, I think?
12:03 AM
@RonanForman Why not?
@RavenDreamer I think the caption "And not a single fuck was given that day" works better.
@John Because it will take ages.
G'evening all.
G'evening one.
@Stephen You duped again.
12:05 AM
I know, sorry :( I have been trying hard not to.
With this level of traffic it's hard not to.
I'll go sit in the corner with my Dunce Cap of Duped Wonderfulness +2
It's okay @Stephan I've done it 3 times already (though one wasn't my fault)
@Ktesh It's bound to happen I suppose. Take a Dunce Cap of Duped Wonderfulness +2 out of petty cash (I can hand them out all night, they're duped)
Duping? HAX
12:08 AM
throws monitor
@RonanForman exactly
okay, in the chat "who is here" on the right hand side, is anyone else seeing that fbueckert get's their own row to themselves?
or am I just borked?
I see it as well.
Is filled with nostalgia
:( Why don't I get my own row to myself??
12:12 AM
If you refresh it will be fixed.
@RavenDreamer Still about?
Watching Adam Sandler shake a small chubby kid.
@Wipqozn ... hmm that sounds like a lot of effort... That's like two whole keystrokes
I don't produce stuff the way most people do, I'm pretty ADD. I've just touched up the last one a bit for you to show to whoever they are.
Same link?
12:13 AM
@RavenDreamer "Don't you ever say that"
@RavenDreamer Yeah, but it's not done uploading yet.
Do you still have the old one?
not offhand. I could find it, though.
I'd like you to compare them.
If that's alright.
Oh, I see what you mean.
Oh well.
okay, I'm not very far in ME3, but this question seems vague to me? Is it not actually vague and about something that I will understand later (no spoilers plz)
@RavenDreamer You still have Musagi?
The project files would take much less time to upload.
12:16 AM
@ktash Very vague ... every conversation in the game, is it ok to always pick "Investigate"?
Yeah, I do, @Gnome.
Right, well here's the new one: dl.dropbox.com/u/29281634/testTrack.wav
@Stephen That's what I thought
@RavenDreamer And here's the project file for the older one: dl.dropbox.com/u/29281634/songsketch.smu
fell off a cliff, n this is the result
12:19 AM
@TylerShads BSOD!
Q: Is there a finite amount of money in ME3?

WimpeyThere was a finite amount of money in ME2, making it impossible to buy every single upgrade in one play through. How does this work in ME3? Can I earn enough money to buy every single thing in game, or do I need to play the game multiple times before I can have all upgrades?

@TylerShads I'd say that's pretty critical mission failure.
Critical Mission Failure. Abort, Retry, Fail?
@TylerShads What happens if you press 'resume'?
it's more like reload
12:21 AM
@GnomeSlice You get to rewind, like in Prince of Persia
spinning shepard, as it turns out
@TylerShads Apparently there IS falling damage
oh #$*@
I didn't expect to read a ME3 fan ending that made me cry tears of manly sadness.
Q: Is there any way to give my squad mates armor?

StephenKeeping my squad mates alive is very high on my priority list. I have seen how weapons and weapon mods work with squad mates (dead simply, in fact). Is there a similar ability to give my used armor to them (after I have it fabreezed of course)?

Q: How can you romance Diana Allers as MaleShep?

ShurikenIn this post I saw you can romance Diana Allers. How can you do it? I have done some missions but can't speak with her, and there aren't any options besides getting her out of the Normandy.

Q: Do different nationalities have different default levels of morale?

commandoI'm currently playing a campaign as Sweden, and I'm, of course, taking over the world. I've already taken care of much of the Danish, and I'm used to seeing the enemy units flee once their numbers have been reduced significantly. However, with the Poles, it seems like a completely different story...

Q: Is it possible to edit my galactic readiness?

ryansworld10I don't have access to the online features of the game, thus making it quite hard and time consuming to get the 5000 EFS required for the best ending. Is there any way I can modify my galactic readiness without playing online? (eg. external tools) As a sidenote, I hate EA for forcefully includi...

Q: Can Investigating have negative effects?

BlemSo far I have been going through all possibilities when I can choose Investigate when talking to characters. Can this have a negative effect at any point or should I just go for it?

Q: Is there a finite amount of money in ME3?

WimpeyThere was a finite amount of money in ME2, making it impossible to buy every single upgrade in one play through. How does this work in ME3? Can I earn enough money to buy every single thing in game, or do I need to play the game multiple times before I can have all upgrades?

12:27 AM
@TylerShads I hope you didn't mind that I hijacked those images for this answer
Good God, it's already 9.28 Mb.
@DaveMcClelland hilarious, I approve
@GnomeSlice export as MP3
@RavenDreamer I don't think Musagi does that, and It's not far enough along for me to worry about doing that to the .wav before uploading yet.
I have 4/4 8 vote questions or answers. If I get another will it simply count towards my +5 totals?
12:31 AM
@Stephen your +8's also count as +5's, yes.
@RavenDreamer Thanks, cool beans. While I had originally though (from 3/25) that getting to 25 +5'
grr... +5's was hopeless, I'm up to 9 now and starting to see a glimmer of hope
@ArdaXi: Did John get offended or something?
@James Wanted to say I really like the video. I had left before you posted it yesterday so I didn't get to it right away, but I liked it a lot.
Paralyzed by indecision. :(
anyone want to play multiplayer?
12:40 AM
@DaveMcClelland Sure.
@RavenDreamer @LessPopMoreFizz @FallenAngelEyes
@Wipqozn I meant ME3 MP
@DaveMcClelland OOOOOHHH!
You didn't specify you see.
@Wipqozn I'm sorry, I assumed the mass influx of @Lazers posts would imply the game I'm asking about
Mass Effect ending predicted by The Sims 3!
@DaveMcClelland There was one Empire Total War question
12:42 AM
@DaveMcClelland Sorry, gonna pass for now :(
@FallenAngelEyes Boo
@Wipqozn Oh, right. Forgive me
@DaveMcClelland Never.
@Wipqozn :(
@Fabian Are you still around?
Surprised no one has posted a Mass Effect 3 ITG as a joke.
@Sterno Anyone who gets the joke would hate themselves for doing it
Also, this is a game rec question:
Q: A mario kart clone for PC?

OleI'm looking for a mario kart clone for the PC, along the lines of super tux kart - but it has to have multiplayer support too Google searches doesn't turn up anything useful, so I figured I would try and post here, thanks in advance!

12:49 AM
@Sterno So tempted to do it
I'm not sure, but I think this guy has a question
Q: in mass effect 3 if i didn't give ashley the gift after she awake?

crouch in mass effect 3 if i didn't give ashley the gift after she awake 1) will i have another chance to give her the gift? 2) if i bought the wrong gift will be another chance to buy the right one and give it to her? 3) if i didn't give it to her is that would change any thing to bad? or that...

Oh, too bad, the 317 question marks didn't appear in the preview
@Sterno in all blockquote even.
I tried to fix it but I'm not sure if it's salvagable
Q: What happens if I don't give Ashley a gift right when she wakes up?

crouchWhat happens if I don't give Ashley the gift right after she wakes up? Will I have another chance to give her the gift? If I bought the wrong gift will there be another chance to buy the right one and give it to her? If I didn't give it to her would that cause anything bad?

Q: How do I get to the Upper Level to Disable the Venting of the Hangar?

k0pernikusI am about to attack Cerbereus headquarter. EDI tells me to access a console in the upper level, but I don't see how I to get there. And since it's time-critical I already got a few mission over due to this. How do I access the console on the upper level?

Oooh yay. It appears that Wine 1.4 fixed LoL.
Oh my goodness. The music to Link's Awakening is wonderful.
1:12 AM
wow, mild spoilers, but doing the 'rewrite' of the heretics boosted not only my geth forces, but impvoed a bunch of quarian forces if you can save them both
ronnie for president
@MarkTrapp pro president
@YiJiang Prosident
Q: Why are characters flashing during conversations?

ryansworld10During the conversation with the Illusive Man at his base, Shepard's character model keeps flashing. What is causing this, and is it possible to fix? I am playing on the PC with all graphics on max. My GPU is a Radeon HD 6870.

1:36 AM
@GnomeSlice asdf?
@Sterno oh that was the many pro guy i heard about?
@Stephen HERESY!
1:49 AM
It probably says something bad about me that I like the music in Purgatory.
@Sterno Is that like singing in the shower?
Steam lot all of my non-steam shortcuts from the list. Now I'm going to forget to play some of my games.
Q: What is the significance of the Blasto 6 Movie Poster?

StephenOn the citadel, between the priority missions, I've noticed that there is a movie poster in the apartments area of the commons which can be activated. None of the other posters give me this option, and this one spits out dialogue. It didn't trigger a journal entry or anything else that I can te...

Q: Are there any powers that don't actually work on Multiplayer? Or is it a glitch?

Dylan IpWhile playing Mass Effect 3 on PS3 (I have a copy for PC too), I noticed that Adrenaline rush and Cloak don't really work for me on MP.

I'm just 3 solar days from retirement.
Fuuuuuuuu @TimStone
Suddenly I wish I had a copy of Lethal Weapon on DVD.
Because I suddenly want to do a line by line Blasto 6 vs. Lethal Weapon side by side./
1:53 AM
Oh hey, grats General @yx.
Now, will @Sterno reach Admiral, or @BenBrocka reach General first?
Tough call, tough call.
@TimStone Awesome, a little burning at the stake would warm me up right now.
@yx Congrats!
Garrus just called James a poledancer
@BenBrocka Yup.
2:03 AM
Garrus is so awesome
Ha, I love that one of my dialog options is to just tell the Reporter to GTFO my ship at any time
Oi, 11 fish to tame one cat
I feel bad whenever one of my ME3 answers hits +5 at this point. :(
Like I took one away from somebody else.
That...I never expected that.
Vote thief!
@LessPopMoreFizz "medigel efficiency upgrade" from chakwas
no idea wtf that is
2:15 AM
@agent86 the other doc has that mission too
@Mana Well, it is... but it was... a rocky road getting there.
it just adds another medigel slot
as if anyone uses medigel
@BenBrocka Yes, but Michel gives a different reward.
@BenBrocka I do. Sometimes.
Mainly I use it for free XP.
exactly, as XP it's great
@BenBrocka I use one every once in a while.
I've used like... 4 to date.
2:17 AM
I mean the differences in quests
I used one because my moron squadmates died
then they died again and I stopped caring
"you're also getting a new partner" "are you engaging in reproductive behavior with this one?"
@Mana It's funny because no one laughed at his kevin bacon joke.
and the elcor who goes "badassery, funny" before quipping
@RedriderX Glad you liked it :)
"Oh hey, I have an audio log from your dead partner! Welllll...bye!"
2:27 AM
Hooray! Edit privs.
Now just 989 reps to go to close all the things.
400 for me!
600 rep yesterday put me pretty close
Woah, 600? Bounty, or just an extremely large amount of accepts?
Ah, bit of both :)
@BenBrocka Thats a lot of rep from one day.
@TimStone Oh no! Tim is catching up!
250 from bounty, + 200 from votes plus like 10 accepts I think
2:30 AM
Quick someone ask an OpenTTD question
@YiJiang Mwuahah
@YiJiang I've been thinking about playing that again actually.
I figured I'd take a break from Meta. ;)
I never played it much to begin with, would like to devote more time to it.
That is not what I expected Jeff Atwood to look like.
2:33 AM
@RavenDreamer you've never seen a picture of him before?
@RavenDreamer You had to add a video to that Quad answer, didn't you?
@Wipqozn Only his Gravatar. (Which, incidentally, doubles as TVTropes' "High Octane Nightmare Fuel" icon)
@LessPop_MoreFizz What can I say? Krogan Testicles crack me up.
@RavenDreamer ah Is ee
Well I was surprised the first time I seen him a picture of him as well.
I expected him to look pretty much like this:
(the one with a cane beating the youngin's)
2:35 AM
> You are too aesthetically displeasing to die
@YiJiang I'm gonna need to buy Lethal Weapon on DVD and make this, aren't I.
If it hasn't surfaced on the internet by the time I get home from Pittsburgh, I'll do it.
Add the voices over the relevant Lethal Weapon clips, you mean?
@RavenDreamer I was more thinking a scene/scene comparison.
But I like your version too.
Does anybody else get suddenly excited when they wander the Normandy to talk to everyone and notice a crew member isn't where they should be?
It's like... Oooh, yay! Fun conversation on the next deck!
I like it less when I get 8 emails from my entire crew all wanting to hang out with me.
Are Turians male only or something?
2:39 AM
Much more excited than when I hook a left off the Crew Deck elevator and there's always that crew member walking by who you can action to salute.
@BenBrocka seems that way, though garrus talks about his sister
@BenBrocka Turian Females are just tough to tell apart from Turian males.
Plus, strictly heirarchical society, probably very regimented gender roles, etc.
@TimStone He's always in my way. Least the asshole can do is salute me.
@BenBrocka Not enough dev time to justify female models / it wouldn't be different enough.
yeah I was thinking it might be a case where the females are all back home or something
@LessPop_MoreFizz They have no head things.
2:41 AM
@TimStone lol, I noticed him too
@LessPop_MoreFizz It flat out says that all Turians have mandatory military service.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well, there is conversation in Mass Effect 2 where Garrus talks about battling with the female soldier and him having position, and her having leverage...
@TimStone true.
Q: How many detonations can I get from a single warp?

Raven DreamerDoes triggering a biotic combo remove warp? I was playing some Multiplayer tonight with my Asari Adept, and sometimes it felt like I could chain Throw and trigger a detonation each time, and other times I was unable to trigger it more than once per warp. Hopefully, someone out there has a more d...

Q: Do huge enemies (like Harvesters) suffer headshots?

Bruce ConnorShould I bother aiming for the head with big enemies, like Atlas and Harvesters? Do headshots affect them?

Q: What does the 'man in the hole with two arrows' icon in the top left do?

JegschemeschIn Dota 2, in the top bar, the fifth icon from the left is a man in a hole. Clicking it seems to do nothing. What is it supposed to do?

I think I really want to see Javik.
2:47 AM
hmmm, Zaeed sounds just like the guy who voices the Panther king in Conker's bad fur day
^ Female Turian
@RavenDreamer He is a delightfully racist asshole.
Gruber is funny sometimes. Links to this contest with the caption "Second Prize: Three Xyboard Tablets".
@RavenDreamer trolololol
2:52 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz if your species went extinct 50,000 years ago you'd be bitchy too
@TylerShads I got very confused since I had already watched this.
@RavenDreamer an extra w/ javik yelling at her in the end of the vid
@TylerShads No, I mean I actually had that exact video open in another tab.
@TylerShads Ahahaha
2:55 AM
Javik seems almost worth the $10
I find it toubling that Chrome is taking up more mem than ME3 right now
@BenBrocka you mean the 1 line edit of a .bin file
@BenBrocka He seems worth the $70 for the game + dlc
it's a bit trickier on PS3
I had no intention of buying it
but JAvik alone is making me consider it :P
@BenBrocka see you got ps3, so you're doing it wrong
2:56 AM
well, the game actually works, and I don't own origin. Sounds like I'm doing it right
@BenBrocka lolololol
Is anyone in a position to grab me a screenshot of an Atlas from behind?

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