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1:55 AM
@Randal'Thor , if this is my refuge, as long as it's not an interruption, hello again!
Recent attempt to confound this language, which by now is my native:
"Physics alone determines that jump height is generally independent of body size, down to smaller than a mouse, where limiting factors become the fluid properties of air resistance and viscosity, not the kinetic factors of gravity and musculoskeletal physiology."
(... hi boboquack. Your sometimes-Quixotic optimism has been mirrored by an admirer...)
(...preferably described as "rhetorical optimism"...)
2:26 AM
(yes, looking at that monstrous sentence again, "deteremine(s)" would've been better and "musculoskeletology" should be a word.)
Strange, that question got downvoted while the original question (of which that's a dupe) is pretty well-received.
I just wanted to make people think again. All those downvotes represent cycles.
It's easier to take when foreseen. This time it was. Other times not.
Kind of like dropping a clue.
On purpose, that is.
in Codenames, May 26 at 12:44, by Rubio
The biggest perk is I now have someone assigned to let me out in the mornings. It was so hit and miss before.
2:35 AM
There should be a post like this here.
That's a goodie!!
And so is that!!
Wish I had written that Math-SE-addiction post. But I have a comeback for the let-me-out-in-the-mornings one.
Sometimes I scratch on the door until someone opens it. Other times I just scratch.
Signed, Itchy.
The comment is (a very little) funnier in context.
(looking, surreptitiously as possible, chatroom links have a way of splatting down in the middle of it all)
You made that up on the fly, @Rubio! I assumed it was a Stephen Wright quote, or some such.
Well served, in either case.
Now do Emo Philips. Please?
"I was pulled over the other day, and what i should've said, was ...'
2:57 AM
It's an ongoing riff on the ongoing rumor, with (it should be said) some anecdotal support, that I am in fact a dog
(clicking lke crazy)
Mar 24 at 17:53, by Rubio
user image
^ the post that started it all.
My vestigial tail is wagging
(And even that doesn't completely give away what I've evolved to.)
(Admittedly, it is between micellular and mitochondrial, alphabetically at least.)
Editor wouldn't let me correct that claim. Nature neither. Every part is false.
I hope you're at least as surreal in meatspace as you are here.
3:13 AM
Answer will arrive in meatspacetime, sooner or later, here or there, no matter how you slice it.
Or maybe it already did.
One good thing about matter. It don't after all.
I do have a favorite song that begins with barking. (Who doesn't?)
And the same good thing about music. When it hits you feel no pain.
3:41 AM
Here's another with a lot barking, while your browser allows it:
Dogs barking isn't always the best criterion for what makes for a good song. (Point or counterpoint?)
Point well taken.
And catlovers cringe:
but you can definitely get good stuff with dogs barking
If that's a self-video, ffao, I respect you more than ever.
If not, even more.
(Actually, what a fun scatter of elements!)
3:53 AM
I'm never gonna kiss a dog or a cat, or a human, again.
Why did I waste my time sharing that video?
*because I can*
(just looked up "salad days." It was meant much more exaltingly)
btw, is this still not accepted intentionally? puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/51303/a-mo-roman-sampler
Q: He forgot his own password

ForkliftAvid puzzling stackexchange lurker Mr. Mnemonic (first name NOT Johnny, I promise) is having trouble remembering his login credentials. Knowing that he can be incredibly forgetful, he created a password clue device for himself that allows him to regenerate his forgotten password simply by looking...

You've got a handful of questions with relatively recent, apparently good answers, that are unaccepted.
3:58 AM
The Mo-Roman sampler is tied up in a custody battle.
I bountied it in an effort to get stack reader to acknowledge the intended answer to part 1.
Sounds messy and unfortunate. :)
Maybe I missed where it was resolved. Maybe I should just edit it and let it go.
It seems complete, or at least complete-ish enough
What other Ps are you mentioning, Rubio? I don't want to leave loose ends.
@Rubio , I know. But there is a precedent, set by Beastly Gerbil, for tidying up answers.
Q: Day and night of the two timers

humn            Make a non - 24 - hour day /  night cycle            with the most daylight and fewest pieces Specifically, devise schedules and an arrangement for two electromechanical 24 - hour light timers to control the flow of power from an outlet to a light bulb. The challenge is to obtain t...

I guess the others have been dealt with to one extent or another, as I'm no longer tracking them
4:04 AM
^ The Day and night of the two timers is the one puzzle that brought me to this desolate world.
I will not rest until it is solved adequately.
Took me half a year in real life and another two years to formulate it as a puzzle.
It seems convoluted. hehe
Until then, the sun will not rise nor set.
I finally stopped tracking the 3 timer variant as it didn't appear to have an answer. The original version seems to have an answer, just not clear that it isn't the answer
I would/should like another try to make them clearer.
They are exquisitely precise, just impossibly conveyable.
Once I realized that nobody other than ___ growers were familiar with old-timey light timers, . . . .
4:16 AM
Solutions exist, in my own ascii notation, but i was hoping that someone would come up with a parallel or better.
I've posed reckless puzzles as well, but those (that and it's 3-timered spawn) have been hammered out beyond ambiguity.
I don't mind waiting, though, and wish that more of my puzzles were yet unsolved.
(In other words, out of new ideas for now. Got some stale ones that might work out. Actually, two potentials that just require a loooot of work.)
Thank you for trying to keep me(us?) honest, Rubio.
(off to enjoy a more'n-half-moon walk for dinner - aooooooooooooooooooo)
4:46 AM
Almost out the door, @Rubio, did I say I wished that more of my puzzles were yet unsolved? (No) Thanks to you!
(now really out)
2 hours later…
6:49 AM
Q: Words and symbols

Amitabh Ghosh As a word moves through a symbol (either left to right or top to bottom in a straight line), it changes according to a definite rule. Each of the four symbols has a different rule. Insert the missing words into the empty boxes. **This is just my assumption. I might be totally wrong.** 'White ...

7:35 AM
In the interest of puzzles and mysteries.
Step 1. Soma Cube:
The Soma cube is a solid dissection puzzle invented by Piet Hein in 1936 during a lecture on quantum mechanics conducted by Werner Heisenberg. Seven pieces made out of unit cubes must be assembled into a 3×3×3 cube. The pieces can also be used to make a variety of other 3D shapes. The pieces of the Soma cube consist of all possible combinations of three or four unit cubes, joined at their faces, such that at least one inside corner is formed. There is one combination of three cubes that satisfies this condition, and six combinations of four cubes that satisfy this condition, of which two are mirror...
Step 2. Twin Mystery, from the same source:
Twin Mytery
To many people artists seem
undisciplined and lawless.
Such laziness, with such great gifts,
seems little short of crime.
One mystery is how they make
the things they make so flawless;
another, what they're doing with
their energy and time.
(from Piet Hein)
8:17 AM
Hello everyone, this is bit puzzling.
Anybody heard of this country
easter egg?
Didn't get?
It's a joke, looks like.
8:54 AM
9:32 AM
Q: Try to find the hidden letters!

jeyejowTry to find the hidden letters! Tips: ▲ 1: (1/2)π^2 2: (2πr) + 2r 3: (2πr) + 4r

1 hour later…
10:50 AM
@humn Yo ho homn and a bottle of rumn. How goes it?
@humn Main meta is a vicious and unforgiving place. You need to know the mores (sometimes by way of harsh lessons) before you can hope to post effectively.
1 hour later…
12:03 PM
@Rubio You are a dog though
@L.K. You mean you've never been to the great country of Fruit Salad?
12:25 PM
@dcfyj It's dangerous there. I hear they shoot fralads.
True, true
Not the Frauleins
Trying to cheat to the max with C4 but it ain't helping
It's approaching the longest lasting record
12:54 PM
Q: A Riddle of Considerable Magnitude

Hugh Meyers I am a quite enormous space And ten of me's the farthest place. Two of those may place the bait And ten times more stands tall and straight. The answer is a single English word.

1:28 PM
Q: A Riddle at the Frontier

rand al'thor I am a quite enormous key, To a mystery you'll never see. If many of me left eyeless bait, Then I am lower, long and straight. What am I?

Hey, I just thought of a way to stop Deus and Gareth from getting so many answers! When you post a puzzle, put the answer in a comment and then delete it. Mods can see deleted comments, so it wouldn't be fair for them to answer it then :->
(Also GPR and Rubio, of course, but their ninja skills aren't so advanced anyway.)
#EvilSchemes :-D
Beautiful idea
But we need to talk about this clear dupe you've created
@Randal'Thor Who says we look at all deleted comments before our answers?
@n_palum Well, star it then :-P
@Deusovi We're just going to accuse you of doing it anyway
@Randal'Thor That's so much effort though
1:31 PM
@n_palum I thought of [answer to my riddle] as a possible answer to Hugh's, but couldn't make it fit, so I turned it into a riddle of my own.
@Deusovi You can't prove you didn't!
@Randal'Thor Still heavy on the sarcasm over here ;)
Although yours does use What am I and not the tag
Let's look at the other side of this.
Rand is just mad that Deus and Gareth are closing on him :P
Any day now... :P
Logs into the Rubio sock account to ban you both
All you have to do to get elected on this site is get loads of rep quick or be named after an unusual weather phenomenon.
1:41 PM
I'll brb, going to get some water for that burn
gee, it's almost as if your rep is some way of quantifying your reputation, and people liking you may contribute to you being elected
Oehm is a wizard
In my election, I think the winning candidates were something like #5 and #6 by rep.
Among the candidates, that is, not among all the users on the site.
@n_palum I'm a wizard.
Well so is Harry but that's just details
1:46 PM
I think the purpose of introducing the "candidate score" was to discourage people from voting just based on rep.
@Randal'Thor But you can get up to 20 candidate score based off rep so that's still a big influence
@Randal'Thor ...and base them on badges instead?
@n_palum Yeah, it's still a factor. Which is fair enough - someone with hardly any rep probably has little site experience and no experience with high-rep tools.
So... @Rand "Vast" isn't the answer to your riddle, I presume.
But at least now people have other kinds of meaningless numbers to point at.
Which brings me to my favourite SE comment of all time:
It's not useless if it contributes to a badge. There's more to life than just points. For instance, there are other kinds of points. — Engineer Toast Jun 4 '15 at 19:10
@Sid Should it be?
Oh, nice!
Just saw the answer to Hugh's.
Nope, not "vast" for mine.
1:53 PM
Yeah, saw that, didn't do anything about it.
2:14 PM
There, I didn't think that riddle would last long.
2:34 PM
Q: Don't Look For the Answer Locally

Hugh Meyers A floating, changing form of loveliness. A scale of heat and oh, so deafening- No wonder it can be bewildering. Beneath it all is gloom and misery But fortified it stands ideally. The answer is a single English word.

Q: Who lies and who tells the truth?

J.DoeSix PLK secret agents are arrested and interrogated for several days. An agent tells the truth when all his statements are true, otherwise he lies. A report is drawn up containing the following conclusions: If agent $3$ tells the truth and agent $4$ lies then the agent $5$ tells the truth. If a...

1 hour later…
3:34 PM
nice tag badge
and 12 away from a silver riddle too
What are you referring to?
Those are some very specific prerequisites
It sounds complicated. Basically get at least 100 upvotes on 20 answers for that tag
silver is 400 from 80, gold is 1000 from 200 (IIRC)
@MikeQ There are bronze/silver/gold tag badges for every sufficiently popular tag (every tag with at least 100 questions).
You need score/answers of 100/20, 400/80, 1000/200.
3:42 PM
only rand has gold :P
It's a way of indicating that someone is an expert in a particular topic.
If you have a gold tag badge, you get instant unilateral close-vote powers for duplicates in that tag.
Or they've just been here a while
(A power which has only ever been used twice on this site, and both questions were subsequently deleted.)
1 hour later…
4:54 PM
imgur.com/tWq3D7l Quite puzzling :P
That's cool
huh. thats pretty cool
Theres problem some mathematics behind it around the circumferences of the shapes
I've noticed though that alignment happens every 2 times the outermost dot completes a circuit
It's fun to watch
@n_palum Ooh, that's inspired me to ask another question on Literature.
They're all piling up now, and I only post one a day :-/
How's that inspired you
5:03 PM
How broad is Literature?
Actually, it could be either Literature or Science Fiction & Fantasy.
@n_palum You'll see ;-)
@Randal'Thor I have to say Literature seems to be slowing down :(
I see a question about a Monty Python song
Going the other way, there's also a post on Literature which is going to inspire my next question here.
Oh okay, I was like... it only seemed like the Monty Python bit
5:06 PM
@BeastlyGerbil It's gone up slightly in the last week or so, after something of a lull in May (maybe the topic challenge wasn't interesting enough?)
https://literature.stackexchange.com/site-analytics oh never mind, you can't see that page yet
4 hours later…
8:40 PM
Q: Filling a bucket of water with pi litres

JajaThere are 2 buckets- one has a volume of 4 litres and the other of 3 litres. You can fill the buckets with water and pour it out as you wish. Your goal is to have exactly 22/7 litres of water (pi approximation) in one of the buckets. How do you achieve that?

9:18 PM
Which PSE mod is around? @Rubio, "talked 31s ago", you're it.
Can you create as a synonym for ?
gimme a few, but yes
I can never remember what the tag is called, and have to go and look up an old post to find the tag name in order to add it to a new question.
Chuck on a few more synonyms as well if you can think of anything else people might try in the tag box :-)
Why is this meta question for:
Q: It's tag cleanup time! Complain about tags for free meta points!

DeusoviIntro A while back, we talked about the -puzzle tags.. It seems like general consensus was that we should get rid of the suffixes, since they were redundant and no longer necessary - they originated from back when Puzzling was focused on questions about puzzles rather than puzzles themselves. Pl...

10:06 PM
@manshu We used it for people to suggest tags that were unnecessary.
10:58 PM
Anyone got any ideas on the current CC? Only indicator word I can see is "in", and I can see very few possible 8 letter def words for either carving or strike...
(unless "carving" can be an anagram/reduction indicator or something?? THAT* or tHAt?)
I was hoping carving was the def, something like FIGURINE or RUSHMORE
Yeah, that makes the most sense (so you can have X in a Y for the cryptic)
Carving could be an indicator, dunno what it'd do though. (thatisaw)* doesn't give anything
But only words I could come up with were FIGURINE, LIKENESS, NOTCHING, SLASHING...
L(I+KEN)ESS seems awfully close from that list
11:04 PM
requiring LESS == a strike... ?
but I KEN is good (hadn't thought of ken that way)
I'm thinking as in to strike something out
I guess so... feels a bit stretched...
Yeah... hence "awfully close" :/ hmm
Lol.. need coffee. Just got myself stuck in a google definition loop for a minute there
searched "define less" to see if there was a less common usage, then kept clicking "more" links to expand alternative defs
...except that the "more" links were the antonyms taking me to "define more"
(KEN <-> saw also feels like a tense mismatch to me)
11:08 PM
that's true also
@Alconja Clearly you haven't learned the mores of Google searching.
Google thought you were a moron and decided to teach you a lesson.
I'd think of a pun in response, but I'll refer you to my earlier statement: "need coffee"
That's fine, I'll wait for you to cough.
11:15 PM
Nope. Not letting that one count.
Maybe you're in a coffin then?
Alconja is a vampire! That explains why you're acting like it's early morning when it's actually midnight ;-)
Closer to the mark. :)
But yeah no other great C4 ideas :P

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