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4:02 PM
@Phoenix node.js
@ASCII-only You could probably have started a node.js process from python and piped things into it so you don't have to port anything.
@Phoenix 2 interpreted languages = so much overhead
Someone sent me a bunch of suggestions on how to make my code shorter, and I no longer know what it does: tio.run/##KypNqvz/XyXeNr24NElDX0/…
@Phoenix Why does that output alot of semicolons?
Are ruby flags +3 or +1 bytes?
> I no longer know what it does
4:06 PM
Depends if you normally need a flag to run Ruby
Iirc there's a -e or something that lets you run code from a command line argument?
So if you can use that it's only +1 for another flag
@programmer5000 Although I think that it's because they just aren't ever removed from the input.
@programmer5000 Note how long ago I posted that message, and how long ago the first answer was. I was 15 seconds earlier than the first answer btw because it probably won't show up :P
I like how my net rep change today is positive somehow
You haven't been serially downvoted enough today
4:14 PM
I have been -100'd though for bounty
I basically understand how it works, but I have no idea how gsub is being used on its own like that.
Just noticed that the redesign userscript adds a cool 404 page
I've found myself spending all day at work thinking of cool trivial challenges to post :P
the scrolling on this webpage makes me angry: hhs.gov/ohrp/regulations-and-policy/belmont-report/index.html
4:25 PM
That's weird, was chat just down for you?
It was for me
Chat went down earlier for me as well.
Woah, PPCG has 3 4(!) questions in the HNQ
:D Yay
4:33 PM
...i see none
PPCG is probably the best community for HNQ for its size
Worldbuilding is comparable but is alot bigger
Oh you're looking there
Hey Mayube is on TNA (edit: Top Network Askers)
4:37 PM
Top Network Askers
So are you
ooo actually?
ehh i'm far down lol
Yeah, a few PPCG peeps are
Why is "TNA?" starred? Please unstar
4:38 PM
22 hours ago, by Hyper Neutrino
Whoever is starring all these messages, please stop. You're going to run out soon because you only get 20 stars per room per day
Maybe if I get around to asking a question I can be on there
lol you have 0 questions wow
I can't think of any good ideas :|
@HyperNeutrino Okay Dokay
wait ro can unstar
4:40 PM
Yup. I've done it several dozen times in the last two days
right :I
I abused stars once I laughed to myself, then unstared
CMC: Alternate the case of the input
4:42 PM
For example, the input "Hello world" should give either "hElLo wOrLd", or "HeLlO WoRlD"
@DJMcMayhem Jelly, 2 bytes: Œs (misinterpreted)
sorry i lied
Does that not work?
4:43 PM
@TuxCopter WHAT. That makes no sense. Choose your own WEBSITE packages!? I would die. No PPCG.
No, it swaps the case of everything
V, 5 bytes: Vuòl~
@TuxCopter ...bing is in the lowest package instead of google... What fresh hell is that?
Q: Validate 2Col syntax!

MayubeAs a couple of people may have noticed lately, I've largely abandoned development of Braingolf because it's boring and uninspired, and moved on to 2Col which is a little more interesting, and not designed to be a golfing language. The defining feature of 2Col is that every line of code must be e...

@BetaDecay Hey I like bing. I mean I get paid to use bing :D
4:45 PM
@HyperNeutrino then what do you suppose "alternate the case of the input" to mean?
@BetaDecay The problem is more that this thing is breaking net neutrality
@Christopher If I got paid to use a shitty search engine, I would like it too. :P
@EriktheOutgolfer Every character has opposite case of the characters on either side of it
4:45 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer It should alternate irrespective of the case of the input.
@TuxCopter Meh, net neutrality, schmet neutrality, it's actually usability that's troubling me
oh then Hyper's solution indeed doesn't work
But I assume Jelly can lowercase the input in one byte, right?
@DJMcMayhem Look up Microsoft rewards :P
4:46 PM
That's what V does, just slightly more verbose
I have made ~15 bucks
Lowercase all, swap every other
it has a 2-byte builtin Œl
should it start with lower or upper case?
either is fine
Either one is fine
4:47 PM
@BetaDecay seriously, an ISP having a data plan like just for facebook isn't a problem?
@DJMcMayhem dilemma :/
The V answer can be trivially modified to start with either one: Just swap the l and the ~
Jelly starting with lower, 8 bytes: ŒlŒuJḤ$¦
4:48 PM
I thought my dad stole my burrito. I almost attacked him but noticed he didn't take my burrito.
Jelly starting with upper, 8 bytes: ŒuŒlJḤ$¦
@TuxCopter That's where the usability fails
@DJMcMayhem can I assume the input will only contain letters?
CMC: Swap the case of a number :D
4:50 PM
I want to say no so that my V answer is more competitive :P
How about just letters and spaces
Actually, that gives me an idea for a different (harder) CMC
Given a string, alternate the case of the letters but ignore all the non-letters
@DJMcMayhem then it would make my Jelly solution longer :(
So "Hello world" --> "HeLlO wOrLd"
might it include weird non-alphanumeric and non-whitespace
For the new CMC, it can contain any printable ASCII
4:52 PM
Another test case: "#include <iostream>" --> "#InClUdE <iOsTrEaM>"
This one can start with upper or lower
So there's no restriction on starting case?
CMC: a-z <-> A-Z, ! <-> ¡, ? <-> ¿
@BetaDecay can we assume that input will not contain null bytes
4:57 PM
Also I am emitted by you.
@HyperNeutrino you're emitted to him too
Antineutrinos travel backwards in time
wait what
4:59 PM
So they get emitted to something
Dunno, ask Feynman, it's his theory
@BetaDecay I meant emitted from something to something else
5:00 PM
Also can we assume that the input will not contain null bytes
@HyperNeutrino = very common typo it's worthless to fix
@HyperNeutrino Yes
damn caret reply
5:00 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer lol heh
I find it convenient
welp rip got to go now
bye! o/
o/ ??
Waving person o/
5:02 PM
waving hand alongside head
Both arms up: \o/
and left arm up: \o
/ \
it appears crappy on the starboard
Yeah, just starred than unstarred
5:08 PM
is it ok if i place a bounty on my own question?
Of course
im adding it to URL wardialer then
@KuanHulio you will lose most of your rep that way...
not worth it
only have 84 rep
Hey, does anyone know what the SE app for Android is like now? I always used to prefer the mobile site
5:09 PM
I'm thinking about posting that CMC to main. Should I say First letter can be upper or lower or should I make it start with one or the other?
And should it have to be consistent?
@BetaDecay Still garbage. I only have it for push notifications.
Good to know
Hey @Dennis, someone mass downvoted me overnight on my quine submissions, all of the quines from RosettaCode and three of my own...
It would be great if someone produced a PPCG-specific app... Something along the lines of the userscript... Anyone here know how to build an Android app?
there's somebody called roomowners here...
@BetaDecay I am a noob at making Android apps
5:13 PM
Probably so they get pinged when someone puts @roomowners
@KritixiLithos Better than nothing :D
@EriktheOutgolfer programmer5000's chatbot
well chatbots don't go in TNB normally...or should I say at all
@EriktheOutgolfer What about New Main Posts?
that's actually SE chat feeds masqueraded as a bot
@MDXF Those votes, assuming they were indeed cast by the same user, would probably get reversed automatically.
5:17 PM
@Dennis Even if I deleted most of them?
you shouldn't delete just because of serial downvoting
19 mins ago, by Beta Decay
Antineutrinos travel backwards in time
please don't star link to message star original message, because it doesn't appear correctly on the starboard (also don't abuse...)
@MDXF No clue.
well, if antineutrinos go back in time, does that mean time traveling is possible???
at least going backwards only
In physics, special relativity (SR, also known as the special theory of relativity or STR) is the generally accepted and experimentally well-confirmed physical theory regarding the relationship between space and time. In Albert Einstein's original pedagogical treatment, it is based on two postulates: The laws of physics are invariant (i.e. identical) in all inertial systems (non-accelerating frames of reference). The speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of the motion of the light source. It was originally proposed in 1905 by Albert Einstein in the paper "On t...
Is that what you are looking for?
Nope: when I say antineutrinos go backwards in time, what I really mean is that an antineutrino is the normal neutrino going backwards. If normal matter goes backwards, it becomes antimatter
5:20 PM
Q: PPCG-specific Android App

Beta DecayThis is probably off-topic, but it would be very handy, so I'll just put this here. Basically, I was wondering if anyone could develop an Android app which would serve as a browser for PPCG. Maybe something along the lines of the pre-existing SE for Android app. However, this would be specific t...

Causality cannot be violated
@EriktheOutgolfer I'm making some (1, 2) chatbots, ignore them.
@programmer5000 What's with those names?
@NewMetaPosts kotlin!
5:22 PM
I mean... We can make it in kotlin
The language
@BetaDecay well then we could have ourselves go back in time by creating a couple converters converting us to anti-matter, put ourselves into the smaller one, put the smaller one into the bigger one, then use the bigger one to convert the smaller one (and thus ourselves) to anti-matter...wait that doesn't work
It's quite nice actually
@EriktheOutgolfer FYI I'm not in the intellectual position to have an extended discussion about this... You'll have to wait until I've finished reading my book on relativity
@DJMcMayhem btw can you please clear the stars from my onebox?
they certainly don't belong there
thanks :)
5:26 PM
:shurg: sure.
I also starred the original
what is a shurg?
a typo
:shrug: ?
It's a shurg
@DJMcMayhem albeit a very subtle one
5:27 PM
What else could it be :P
wait nvm neutrino oscillation is with different flavors
Q: AlTeRnAtE tHe CaSe

DJMcMayhemFor today's challenge, you must write a program or function that alternates the case of a string. However, you must ignore non-alphabetic characters. This means that every alphabetic character must have a different case than the preceding and following alphabetic character. This is slightly more ...

@NewMainPosts Why did that get starred?
Somebody liked the challenge?
5:35 PM
They could've upvoted, though
Or the bot is just getting general appreciation
It hasn't been getting a lot of it the past few days
serial downvoting
@KuanHulio Yep
Waiting for the system to reverse it
Now I'm afraid to post more quines (of my own)
Hm, those quines doesn't looks very golfed
5:41 PM
Some of them are satirical, some are as golfed as the language allows
Some are in languages where it's pretty impossible to write 'golfed' code, such as the two assembly quines
Meh, someone made a mandelbrot in a x86 binary in 50 bytes IIRC
@TuxCopter That's incredibly impressive, you should link so I can upvote
idk the question
Assembly is extremely hard to golf in...
But it's fun to see what's possible
A: Generate a mandelbrot fractal?

Sir_LagsalotAssuming machine code counts, I wrote a prod a while back that generates a 320x200 color Mandelbrot in 64 bytes - http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=53287 Screenshot http://www.pouet.net/screenshots/53287.png Here is the code: ; "Microbrot" by Sir_Lagsalot org 100h mov al,13h int 10h les ax...

64 bytes, close enouh
5:45 PM
@MDXF you have 14 answers on that quine challenge... wow
@MistahFiggins I love quines, but some of them are from the RosettaCode quine page (and they're marked as being so)
it's just that they make up 20% of your answers
@MistahFiggins :shrug:
@MDXF reversed?
only the three others are -1 now
@EriktheOutgolfer Nope, someone upvoted four of them
5:52 PM
there's the sandbox if you wanna test
@EriktheOutgolfer There's a Sandbox room?!?
yeah and you post whatever nonsense you like there
@EriktheOutgolfer So it could be renamed Ninja and nothing would change? :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

carusocomputingInDeEval (In-dee-val!) - The newest ASCII-Based 3-char langauge. Given a language L that is defined by three operations: increment, decrement and evaluate... Implement L such that: There is 1 register in the language L. The register is initialized at 32 (ASCII for , the lowest char). There ar...

5:56 PM
@DJMcMayhem spoopy=so spooky that you poop yourself?
@MDXF -1 not golfy enough :P
5:58 PM
either s/op/ok or s/py/ky is golfier
Or just s/p/k since there should be no P's in 2spooky4me
then it would be 2skooky4me
Okay whoever upvoted all my downvoted quines is gonna get reversed just like the serial downvoter :O
@EriktheOutgolfer ...duh
my bad
actually 2skoopy4me since there's no /g...

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