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4:01 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh good, I'm not the only one that does that.
Q: What are the differences between the races in multiplayer?

Bryson Duda(Alternate title: How can I float like a turian and sting like a drell)? I know that each race has different abilities available to it (eg. a human adept has different abilities than an asari adept), what other differences exist between races?

Q: Are robes considered light armor?

spencerWill my light armor skills go up wearing robes? I don't see the "light armor" tag on them. I have been wearing robes my whole game and have very low armor skills in every tree.

@fredley nothing like having actual, statistically significant experience :)
@fredley What do you want the steam event for your map to be called?
@RonanForman Gaming.SE Race For Wool?
Argh. Am playing Solatorobo, which is a really fun game, but seriously, did you need to insert a really random "oh crap I need a shower" scene in order to find out that one of the characters is not a boy, but OMG a girl? Does that really add anything to the plot?
4:07 PM
Pre-ja vu of what trying to ask any questions will be like when I finally get ME3: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/53642/…
@fredley as I commented, I think this is going to get way, way worse very, very soon :) somehow we managed to survive Skyrim though.
@agent86 That's true. We've got a pretty strong community, we should be able to stay on top of this. :)
I have ME3 ignored already.
Half the page is faded out :(
@StrixVaria I need to think of some original questions to ask when mine does arrive though - problem
@fredley This is the same problem I have, and I'm getting the game today
4:12 PM
@fredley nah, there's always mission-specific stuff to ask, or game mechanics, or boss strategy... we've got a small percentage of the early questions covered.
they're going to be popular questions, no doubt. the easy ones to ask are "romance" "respec" and "save carryover"
but this is going to be a large game
Yeah, there's a whole -game-. I am sure later missions, or bosses, or little fiddly details will give lots of questions. :)
I love some of the question titles on new release day. The aforementioned "I broke my quarian" for instance
Although, it does make me glad I play a lot of things that are old (so that no one asked about them because they were pre-gaming) or really not what a lot of people here play/ask about. :)
> M90 Indra Sniper Rifle
> The Indra's low-powered scope leaves it most effective at medium range, but many soldiers believe this limitation is offset by the gun's rapid rate of fire. The Indra is the first military-grade, fully automatic sniper rifle. It has an extremely efficient heat-sink system that allows a surprisingly large number of shots to be fired before the weapon ejects its thermal clip.
there's a giveaway for this sniper here --> alienwarearena.com/giveaway/mass-effect-3-giveaway
just incase you need 'em.
@Sathya Is this just for PC, or available for all platforms?
4:19 PM
@MBraedley requires Origin, so I assume it's PC?
> **Please note this M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle key will only work on the PC version of the game.
there were ~7k keys available when I picked it up few minutes ago
@TimStone Thanks :P
@TimStone shucks
> Stupor Tuesday
Oooh, the creator of sugar cube wants us to make a video of the full version, they'll even give us a copy.
4:29 PM
Q: Is there a good synopsis of the plot of Mass Effect 1 & 2?

fredleyBefore I play Mass Effect 3, I'd like to learn about the events of Mass Effect 1 & 2 (which I haven't played). I basically know nothing about the Mass Effect universe at all. Is there a place where I can read a synopsis, or something similar, of what happened in those games and in the run up ...

Q: In what ways does the outcome of Samara's loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2 affect Mass Effect 3?

FallenAngelEyesI did my best to keep the title spoiler-free, as this is a major story decision, but the rest of it will obviously have to have spoilers in it. At the end of Samara's loyalty mission, if you have enough Paragon/Renegade points at the end of it, you can fight Morinth's sway over you. You then ge...

Q: If I haven't completed ME2 can I still import my saved game to ME3?

RESPAWNI've been working my way through ME2 with the goal of finishing it before ME3 came out. I've now failed that goal due to life, work, and an EVE Online addiction. Unfortunately, right now I'm like a child on Christmas and I really, really, really want to play with my new toy (ME3). If I just ca...

@RonanForman Seriously? Nifty!
So who wants to do this? I wasn't that much of a fan of the game when I played the demo.
Is there a limit on the number of delete votes I can cast in a day?
What is the game about?
@StrixVaria Yes
It doesn't show me like it does with flags or close votes.
4:31 PM
@AshleyNunn You suggested me the game in the first place, maybe you should do it.
If you want to of course.
@RonanForman laughs I suggested it because I wanted to see how it went when someone could actually not suck at it, like I was XD
@Jin Oh, that's -pretty-.
we're all gonna die!
@agent86 we wil, but not you. since you don't play ME :)
oh wait, that was someone else.
4:53 PM
@StrixVaria mothership lazers stay.
@Jin That is the best news I have heard all day. :D
@Jin Some good has come from ME3 after all!
Jesus Christ, what happened to the website buttons...
And why...
@Jin Oh, sweet, that means I am safe and not-dead for another day...or lots of days. XD
4:54 PM
@GnomeSlice Hover over the ship.
@GnomeSlice Because lazers.
I dare you not to like it.
@RonanForman I did... it's a little much, don't you think?
see, what you guys don't know is the backstory
4:55 PM
> Hi, my name is Sun Park of indie dev. team Turtle Cream. I found your play movie of our past project, Sugar Cube. Thanks a lot! :D Now we released full version of it. Would you try and doing video review for it? Please send me a message if you interested. I'll provide a review copy for you. My e-mail address is 'sun@turtle-cream.com'. Thanks.
the mothership isn't evil. it's been doing a joint exercise with earthling in preparation of the Reapers invasion
it couldn't find its lasers because it needed to conserve its energy...
@Jin Oh, wow... I like it!
Q: Does Mass Effect 3 require Origin?

AeoI am not particularly trusting of EA's Origin platform, with some going so far as to call it spyware. I don't care at this point about multiplayer in Mass Effect 3. I know that, more than likely, I will need Origin to play this game online, but I'm only interested in Single Player campaign at thi...

Q: Mass Effect 3: Missions on Gaming.SE

Seth RogersBioWare recently released the third installment in the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect 3 continues the battle against the prehistoric alien race- Reapers - who are destroying Earth and the Galaxy as we know it. Deeply engaging action, story and an immersive experience make this game one of the mo...

@RonanForman Hey neat!
@Jin Of course! How could we have been so blind?
4:57 PM
Also, why do the double laser buttons animate faster than the single laser buttons?
This almost makes me sad that I am not playing ME3. Almost.
@Jin I love you
@Jin did you do that one too? ^
@Jin <3
4:58 PM
but seriously, my apologies for taking sooooo long on the mothership lasers..
@GnomeSlice nope.. i'm not that good :) it was by steeljoe.deviantart.com
@Jin I was wondering if that was you or not. =]
i found it on deviant art, and asked him for permission to use it for the ME3 promo and he said yes
we also gave him attribution in the site footer
@Jin Dude, they're fantastic, and totally worth waiting for.
@Jin so I saw.
4:59 PM
@RonanForman i'll fix
@Jin The site seems to load slower, but that might be unavoidable
@murgatroid99 hmm loads the same speed for me. cc @balpha
@Jin Actually the speed problems seem to have gone away. It might have just been the initial load of the new images
Who wants to get wasted and watch Sailor Moon.
5:06 PM
Is there a non-manual way to determine my Gaming.SE ME3 mission progress?
@agent86 How can you repeat something you haven't said yet?
@Sterno Your profile? (I am not sure what you mean by non-manual)
oh, hey, look at that!
Not sure who to notify about this, but the rules don't match the missions
> The Missions are cumulative; for example, the 15 votes you cast and the 2 posts for Mission 2 count towards the total for Mission 3.
@AshleyNunn Thanks. I hadn't looked there.
5:07 PM
That doesn't match what is actually in mission 2
@Sterno No problem. I just happened to notice it. :)
there are fractional prizes?
How does one "share" a post?
> 100 for Mission 3, 50 for Mission 4, 25 for Mission 5, and 10 for Mission 6.
5:08 PM
@Sterno use the "link" button next to a post to generate a link that you can share
If I used the twitter button to share one of my answers, does it count?
it has your user ID at the end of it, so don't copy/paste someone else's
and if so, how long before the mission page catches up?
@AshleyNunn probably. you need 5 clicks on the link before it counts
But share where?
5:09 PM
@agent86 Oh. That does explain a lot. Welp, that ain't gonna happen.
twitter? Facebook? Google+? Email my mom?
@Sterno Errwhere.
@Sterno wherever you think 5 people might click it :)
Ah, so it's the clicks that matter. Gotcha
@Sterno you can share to any of those places, you just have to have 5 people click each link to a unique post you share
5:09 PM
Can you share it here?
@GnomeSlice last time I checked, clicks inside the network didn't count
ie, you can't share it in chat or from another SE site
okay, if ME3 doesn't get here soon I'm going to have no chance at any of this lol
I'm curious about this question
Q: Is there a good synopsis of the plot of Mass Effect 1 & 2?

fredleyBefore I play Mass Effect 3, I'd like to learn about the events of Mass Effect 1 & 2 (which I haven't played). I basically know nothing about the Mass Effect universe at all. Is there a place where I can read a synopsis, or something similar, of what happened in those games and in the run up ...

It basically says "give me a link to elsewhere". Often we try to bring that info to our site because links rot
@Sterno did you read my answer, I linked + gave a synopsis.
@Sterno plus, you're a sneaky bastard since that's got your user id in it :)
Yeah. I don't have a problem with this question specifically
@agent86 That shouldn't count, should it? Plus, it's not ME3 tagged
5:14 PM
@Sterno I was just picking on you :P
My broader question is, let's say your answer was just a link to elsewhere
@Sterno Like mine, for example. Because I answered what he asked "is there a place", not "i want a synopsis".
Is that a good question at that point, or too localized?
@GnomeSlice clearly the QA line was added by developers, the sizes and fonts are all wrong
@Sterno I don't know about too localized (that close reason confuses the crap out of me, tbh) but I agree, it's not a super great question at that point.
5:16 PM
@AshleyNunn Yeah. And again, I'm not trying to focus specifically on this question, but more this category of question.
@Sterno I know. :)
Wow. Gaming.SE is throwing some serious money into those prizes
also @Jin you didn't fix the font size :(
@Sterno For serious.
5:19 PM
@Sterno Part of the problem is that the ME universe isn't totally encapsulated by the games. There is so much beyond the games that isn't in the answers, and that someone who only plays the games may not realize is there.
Lol, @Jin this revamp is awesome
@Sterno I think asking specifically for a link is probably bad form on the whole, but this question specifically is answerable.
Q: Are there any important points of no return?

ShinraiVery often in a game like this, you hit certain landmarks in the plot beyond which a large portion of the content becomes locked out. In Mass Effect 1, there was a sort of dual one when unlocking the Ilos mission (being unable to access the Citadel) and actually going to Ilos (being unable to ...

I think that deserves some reopen votes
@Sterno would if I could, sounds very important and answerable
@Sterno I think the original close was a bit hasty.
5:23 PM
Q: What to do about seed questions?

Nick TIsn't a question asking for a seed just yet another ....-rec question? While there is certainly an objective answer (one that minimally meets the specified criteria), there are also near-as-makes-no-difference an infinite amount of answers and judging which is the best (ostensibly the point of v...

Q: I find myself with lots of money. What can I spend it on?

Ashley NunnI keep getting money for completing missions. Loads of it. Problem is, the only thing I have found to spend it on is upgrades for my Dahak. What's the problem with that, you may ask? I am lacking the slots to put the upgrades in, because finding the P Crystals I need to unlock slots is rather sl...

@Ktash fixed, thanks. We forgot to update the example when we changed the rules
adds mass effect to ignored tags
5:40 PM
@Sterno I feel it shouldn't have been closed. It is a list question, but it's an exhaustive list. Although that list may need to be broken into categories (romance, main story, side quests).
Seth Rogers on March 06, 2012

BioWare recently released the third installment in the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect 3 continues the battle against the prehistoric alien race- Reapers – who are destroying Earth and the Galaxy as we know it. Deeply engaging action, story and an immersive experience make this game one of the most anticipated releases this season. To celebrate, we’re giving away some awesome ME 3 and gaming gear for new and seasoned users of Gaming Stack Exchange who complete a series of missions on the site. …

@ThomasMcDonald Are you joining the awesome club of those of us not planning to get the game?
So I had just reached the point in ME1 where I rode the Mako through the relay into the Citadel. How far do I have until the end?
@GraceNote Yes, I am indeed
@ThomasMcDonald Excellent. Our numbers increase with every new member that joins our fold!
5:42 PM
@bwarner You're all but done. You have a bunch of geth to fight through, than the Big Bad Battle.
@GraceNote Although the prizes are such that they are almost an argument to get the game.
@GraceNote You should have a counter contest where you complete to see who can get the most upvotes on a non-ME3 answer.
@ThomasMcDonald They are pretty spiffy.
@AshleyNunn They're spiffy to the point of ridiculous, yes.
@MBraedley I'm trying to decide whether I should actually try to play through before starting 3. I have this terrible habit of never finishing games.
5:44 PM
I'm just happy that there's a chance for more people to win. I think the messenger bag is totally doable.
@ThomasMcDonald You'd still be late to all the questions and answers?
I'm late to every question, regardless of if I can answer it or not.
However I shall note we have lasers.
@agent86 Oh, totally. :) I think it is cool for ME3 players - most active people should be able to swing something. I think the hardest will be getting the sharing part of the missions.
@bwarner You can do a speed run of ME2 in several hours, but I wouldn't recommend it for a save import.
5:45 PM
@MBraedley If it's anything like ME1 and ME2, it will be a very short list.
But the contrast between the background and site hurts my eyes somewhat.
wow I am not getting any work done today
curse you, stack exchange contests!
I shall go back to playing with LLVM.
curse your damage to my productivity
and Tomscript.
5:46 PM
@MBraedley I don't own 2 at all, so I don't have to worry about carrying over. I considered doing the download a save game thing, but figured I would instead be one of the few people playing a non-imported game. Maybe that will help me generate some unique questions.
my EXP has gone back up a hundred odd points
@ThomasMcDonald they recalc'ed the recalc so you can recalc while you're recalc'ing
Shog9 on March 05, 2012

If you’ve been around Meta Stack Overflow the past few days, you’ve seen a fair bit of conversation sparked by the recent changes to how reputation is calculated:

To be clear: reputation values are not changing, every action in the system is still worth the same amount. Here’s what will be different:

Your reputation will be correct at all times

Deletions will have a much more immediate effect on reputation, not waiting on a recalc (but reputation sync takes up to 5 minutes on a delete/undelete action; as to not block the user’s response thread, it’s offloaded to a background queue) …

5:49 PM
For the record: "Historical Artifact" is not an option on Gaming (not currently at any rate)
@bwarner You might be able to import from 1 directly to 3. If you can, I'd consider doing that. There are some important choices in 1 that didn't do much if anything in 2, but will supposedly have bigger impact in 3.
Oh, neat, me3missions.com shows who has completed each mission!
@MBraedley I was curious about that, but someone had said earlier they didn't think that was possible. I didn't want to officially ask it because it seemed there was already a confusing mess of questions around carryover into ME3.
Q: Will playing Mass Effect 3 first spoil the previous games in the series?

Ben BrockaI haven't played Mass Effect 1 or 2 yet, am I going to ruin the previous games' stories by playing Mass Effect 3 first? I know the games let you continue the plot basically between games but I'm wondering if the major surprises/plot points are ruined if I play Mass Effect 3 first.

Q: Does Mass Effect 3 have "DRM Servers"?

Ben BrockaI plan to play Mass Effect 3 on PS3. I've heard horror stories of EA's DRM that requires communication with their servers, but I never had to connect to EA to play Dead Space 1 or 2 on PS3. Will I have to connect to DRM servers in order to play Mass Effect 3? Will I be able to play locally if EA...

5:50 PM
So I guess the only way to find out would be to get through that last bit of ME1.
@bwarner Might be worth posting the question.
@bwarner you really only have about an hour to hour and a half left
We've got lazers!!!! :D
@John isn't it awesome?
@AshleyNunn Yes! :D
5:53 PM
@John They've been up since yesterday.
@Wipqozn When yesterday? The site appeared normal at 11 last night...
@Wipqozn No they haven't
@GraceNote My word. You just have to ruin my fun.
@Wipqozn Generally speaking with good probability.
@Jin making the Ask A Question clickable area larger was probably a good idea too to aid in discovery (in addition to the, ahem, on hover effect)
5:56 PM
The fact that the 'x questions with new activity' also updates the title of the page is annoying.
I thought the thing on the bottom was a jet for flight or something though.
Since it mimics the chat exactly.
@ThomasMcDonald it's intended to draw attention...but I don't find it as useful as it is in chat. Chat's supposed to be live
@GabeWillard Yah, I'm the kind of person that tries to avoid spoilers. But I'm sure it is only a matter of hours before we get a question with the title of "What do I do after <MASSIVE SPOILER> occurs?" or something like that.
6:00 PM
<sigh> back to work
yeah, i've already seen too much lol. might block the me3 tag for now. its doubly bad for me since i dont buy new games lol
@OrigamiRobot Shouldn't that be a Rare?
@Wipqozn I didn't make it. Blame @Oak
@Oak Shouldn't that be a rare?
6:02 PM
just wanted to pop in and say congrats to @tiddy for being first to complete mission 1
@LessPopMoreFizz has finished it too!
Can it have a second effect to fire lazers?
turns out Intel HD Graphics 3000 > nVidia 9200M :|
As expected, any question which I can come up with for ME3 so far has already been asked...
@disinter This. There's a clear typo there.
Actually i beleive there is a mtg card that lets you activate abilities on cards under another player's control, which would allow another player to fire lasors.
6:15 PM
@GabeWillard if you get some rep on G.SE, you should join the gaming grant :) It's the only way I play new release games :)
Alternatively, any card that lets you use one type of mana to pay any cost, like that white card, glorius dawn or whatever
@Ullallulloo now with circles and stuff!
and, uh, melons humping by bananas
and that one that lets you use colorless, the artifact one that like everything is an artifacte and whatnot.
6:17 PM
At any rate The Sims 3 is "just" €15!
instead of €45!
for a game from three years ago! BARGAIN!
Q: Are there any gameplay differences between the male and female Shepard?

Steve the MakerI finished Mass Effect 2 on the hardest setting with both a male and female Shepard and I'm not sure which one I want to import first. Are there any differences for male and female Shepard in Mass Effect 3 BESIDES possible love interests? Any pros/cons?

Q: Will I miss out on anything by not playing Mass Effect 3's multiplayer?

GAThrawnFollowing on from Does the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer component has any effect on the Single Player component and vice-versa? If I choose not to play the multi-player aspect of Mass Effect 3 and stick to the main single-player story, will I miss out on any single-player content? Will there be an ...

Q: Can I use a keyboard/mouse with Mass Effect 3 on PS3?

Ben BrockaI've got a bluetooth mouse/keyboard set I use on my PS3. I know some (very few) games support keyboard/mouse use, and it seems like Mass Effect 2 did not support Keyboard/mouse on PS3. Can I use a mouse and keyboard to play Mass Effect 3 on PS3?

Q: What does it mean to "promote a multiplayer character"

Bryson DudaOne of the ways to acquire the "Battle Scarred" achievement is to "Promote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War". What does this mean?

Q: Is there a major gameplay disadvantage if I don't import saves?

Juan ManuelI lost my saves from Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. I'm aware that there is a site that has several, but they just wouldn't feel as mine. What would I miss beside continuity in my actions? Is it "game breaking" if I start fresh?

@badp Or $10 US.
Lasors @origamirobot yes thats the one. If only we could rise a celestial dawn on se we could finally fire
@Ullallulloo rofl, that's like €7
@disinter Or @Oak could just update the card :P
6:24 PM
sneak peak at SE-internal chat:
user image
me3missions is life.
@balpha Assuming direct control.
I need to know if Tali and/or Legion are romance options
@OrigamiRobot Would you really want to make Tali sick? Again?!
@OrigamiRobot Legion...? what if he gives you a virus?
@Jin obviously freudian
6:29 PM
Alright, everyone can relax now, the UPS guy finally came. Whew.
@balpha well, me3m has been my life recently.. and yours too.
@Jin I am willing to risk it.
@Aeo What are you implying?
@OrigamiRobot If I remember right, the very act of removing Tali's face-guard-suit-thing in ME2 gave her a laundry list of illness... And now you wish to make her sick in ME3 again? :P
@Aeo Who said anything about removing the suit?
@OrigamiRobot No, no... The piece of plastic. I don't know the technical terms! :P The thing she looks through... goes Googling
6:38 PM
@Aeo Right, who said anything about removing any of that?
@Aeo visor ?
@OrigamiRobot you can just interface with her suit, right? being robotic and all.
you guys probably have cyber-relations
@agent86 Maybe I just want to have a meaningful relationship with her. Such inappropriate minds...
@DavidB That's probably the correct term. Thanks
Q: What modes of multiplayer are present in Mass Effect 3?

AeoReading through some of the questions popping up on this site, I'm starting to question if maybe there is more to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer than I originally thought. I had been under the impression that the multiplayer was simply storyline co-op play. Is this not the case? What are the differ...

Q: Does paragon affect the storyline or available missions?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftWill focusing primarily on paragon or renegade (or neutral) affect the storyline in any major way (IIRC, in previous games it was mostly just dialogue options)? Will I miss out on anything, such as items or missions, if I do this?

6:45 PM
If we're talking cyber-relations... what about EDI romance option?
you could bond over a mutual annoyance for Joker :)
@OrigamiRobot meaning... full relate-ion-ship? what language are you even speaking?
relation-ship... if you will
@agent86 I don't expect a mere human to comprehend.
this is Captain Kirk-style space diplomacy. weird colored skin and odd appendages? I'll see you in my quarters.
Wait, the internet suggests that Legion is not even a squadmate in ME3...
6:49 PM
I knew I shouldn't trust the GETH!!! argh!!
7:12 PM
Q: How do you know the VITA is charging?

Edgar TorrasMine seems not to charge. I have tried with the charger in different plugs and do not see any indication that it is charging. Same thing when connected via USB.

Q: Where are the terminals for the Hanar Diplomat mission?

JustinI'm currently doing the Hanar Diplomat mission. I have spoken to the Salarian Spectre and activated the necessary overrides in Spectre control, but I cannot find any of the terminals. Every time I think I have found one it just turns out to be an inert object.

Q: What are all the ways to increase readiness?

yx.What are all the ways to increase the readiness factor for the war with the Reapers?

@StrixVaria Joke ruined... I am not good at humor.
You already had it typed in the screenshot...
Ugh with all the ME3 questions ~_~
Oh I get it now.
I am ashamed.
7:18 PM
@BrianColvin It's a brand new game with a killer promo here. ) You could ignore the tag? (although Lazers cant be silenced.)
@AshleyNunn Yeah, he can.
@Ullallulloo Oh?
@AshleyNunn Click his name and click "hide posts"
@Ullallulloo Well, yeah, but that will hide everything, not just ME3.
@AshleyNunn True.
I have a feeling that almost everything will be ME3 for the next week or two though. :P
7:21 PM
Just wait until Diablo 3 launches.
Well as long as the questions get answered I suppose its for the best
I fully expect Diablo 3 to have more questions than Skyrim.
April 17th!
Did Blizzard give a date?
Oh, was a release date set for Diablo 3?
7:22 PM
Some bliz guy in italy slipped the 17th
lemme find the article
That's barely over a month away.
@BrianColvin he's swimming with the fishes now
It would be fairly amusing if BLizzard pushed the date back out of spite
How much notice did Blizzard officially give before the SC2 release?
I know it was short, but was it "barely over a month away" short?
@StrixVaria I believe about a month
7:24 PM
@StrixVaria I fully expect to answer ALL the Diablo 3 questions.
I'm going to get so much more rep from D3 than I did from Skyrim.
Because Skyrim was pretty neat, but D3 is going to be my entire life.
well just google search the news and "Diablo 3 April 17th" apparently it was an amazon thing, blizzard neither confirms or denys heh
@StrixVaria This. I might lose my job.
@OrigamiRobot I'm taking a week off when it launches so that I can get the initial rush over with. Then I will just play it the other 15 hours of the day that I'm not at work.
I'm really trying not to get my hopes too high about April 17th being the date, though.
I got my hopes high that it would be out before Christmas, and then that it would be out in January.
I can't take that again.
Are questions about significant console differences in a specific game on topic?
7:29 PM
@BenBrocka yes
I remember at least one about Lego Harry Potter.
@BenBrocka I see no reason why they would be off topic.
What were the gfx reqs for Diablo 3?
Nevermind the fact that given my average roguelike exploits I don't really stand much of a chance
K, Should I tag the platforms? Seems excessive, unless there's like a single [console-comparison] tag. This is my Q:
Q: Are there significant differences between console versions of Mass Effect 3?

Ben BrockaAre there any significant gameplay differences between the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 versions of Mass Effect 3? I don't mean things like button configurations, graphics settings for PC or minor graphics settings that are present in all cross-platform games, but actual changes in gameplay (moved/removed e...

7:37 PM
@Wipqozn thanks
The one annoying thing about Win8 is maths: 1366x768 > 1280x1024
Q: Will Legion be a playable character?

OrigamiRobotI know Legion will be present in Mass Effect 3, provided he survived in the case of an imported save, but will he be a part of my squad or will he be reduced to a supporting character?

Q: Are there significant differences between console versions of Mass Effect 3?

Ben BrockaAre there any significant gameplay differences between the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 versions of Mass Effect 3? I don't mean things like button configurations, graphics settings for PC or minor graphics differences that are present in all cross-platform games, but actual changes in gameplay (moved/remove...

so I can't snap apps on my external monitor
and I'm back to just the desktop
7:56 PM
Hasn't that been his founding trait for a while? He's too fast even for himself.
Oh hey guys
Battlefield 3.
He closed an off topic question less than 30 seconds after it was asked.
7:57 PM
It has a 3 in it.
Does that count?
ah crap
my gpu driver just asploded

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