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12:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek friend of yours?
Probably could make friends fast, as both are likely dogs ;)
12:36 AM
...this is interesting.
Tethering from a ZTE ZMAX PRO on MetroPCS (T-Mobile MVNO), to an Xbox One.
Latency was problematic at times, but is acceptable for games that aren't particularly latency-sensitive.
@bwDraco I think @allquixotic does that a good chunk of the time ;p
High latency (up to 120 ms) was noted on Rainbow Six Siege, but was otherwise playable. Naruto Storm 4 was unplayable due to excessive lag. Battlefield 4 was generally playable. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition had occasional pauses but was still playable.
Ping tests from my phone give me 70-110ms on T-Mobile LTE.
@bwDraco I guess its depends all on cell reception, where the game servers are, etc. A LOT of people in my area have to use satellite/LTE for their internet, no land lines
12:52 AM
(for comparison, my home connection, Spectrum/TWC 100/10 through a NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S, gives me 20-30 ms most of the time)
All ping tests from my end are on my phone to Google Public DNS.
Conclusion: You can use an LTE connection for console-class multiplayer gaming under typical conditions, but it isn't ideal and may not be acceptable for some games.
I used to have horrendous latency problems, most often in busier parts of Manhattan, while I was on AT&T. Their network suffers from really bad congestion problems in the densest population centers. T-Mobile is generally free of these issues.
Then again, newer phone = better LTE modem (went from Snapdragon X10 to X12) = better performance.
@JourneymanGeek Looks like you are having lots of fun in the other chat :P
@SimonSheehan lol
Realized I had it favourited still... and the blog editor room. Makes me sad to see that one closed :( lol
@SimonSheehan blogs are dead, networkwide
SE's own blog's apparently run elsewhere too
@JourneymanGeek I'm semi-not surprised. Ours was dormant for quite a long time. I did like the serverfault blog a lot though when they used to post cool stuff, like migrating our site and such
1:05 AM
@SimonSheehan That got borged into the main one
@JourneymanGeek Makes sense.
still a thing
its an official blog tho
Oh good. I need to catch up on a few years worth of their posts ;)
@SimonSheehan that conversation was mildly frustrating, but good mental exercise
@JourneymanGeek I enjoyed watching it actually. Good answers and very calmly done
1:08 AM
@SimonSheehan well, this is why they gave me 2 T shirts and a hat ;p
@JourneymanGeek Very true :P I should get a good t-shirt again...
@SimonSheehan hah. I just got a white t shirt this year, a mug and the old style nalgene waterbottle for hitting 100k
@JourneymanGeek I won one a few years ago in a contest but never claimed it if i recall aha
1:15 AM
at this point I have 6-7 T shirts from SE, a hoodie, a small notebook, 2 waterbottles a mug and a ... SSD
oooh SSD's
Windows 8 contest :p
I vaguely recall that one, but awesome prize
Hm, one of my drives is full... might be time to just take it out, label and shelve it..
The real question is... which drive is it in this stack..
I have 3x 1TB WD blue or green drives, one is full... but unsure which one it is in my tower
random guessing ftw!
1:39 AM
Might have to be a thing :P and next time it shall be labeled...
137Kb/s from Aus zo/
so fasttttt
oh ffs wtf
i can't connect to two systems via this thing at once
it's just canceled all mah transfers -_-
God; this laptop is so slow, lol
vista era equipment...
struggling to say the least
struggles to install and transfer a file :-$
Well it's great in a pinch
@Ramhound The word vista makes me cringe
1:46 AM
otherwise I would be on my SP3 but on a Wireless connection
Vista wasn't that bad, mostly, misunderstood OS ever
Tech Media wasn't fair to it. Blamed device manufacturers for problems caused by bad drivers.
Sort of like the misinformation about Windows 10 Spying....
anyone see the circle?
why on earht is windows 7 'windows' folder..... 21Gb?!
@djsmiley2k what even. Windirstat time to break down the big stuff?
2:05 AM
I've moving the users OST files to the other disk, because yey
then I'm gonna have a look @SimonSheehan but unsure what I can safely delete... it looks like thousands of update install files
A bit of a phone question.
@djsmiley2k Cringe. I actually never installed any updates on w7... Strictly used for gaming and video editing so it was fairly barebones for me..
My little SSD is almost full now :( 120GB goes by fast
@SimonSheehan Tell me about it. I need at least 400 GB.
I'm fairly satisfied with my 250GB Samsung EVO I threw into my Macbook
Let's say that I have two SIMs in my dual-SIM phone. SIM 1 is for my primary carrier (T-Mobile), but I'm in an area where I would be roaming with the data restrictions this brings (200 MB/month), so I have a regional carrier's SIM in the second slot.
If SIM 1 is set to be preferred and is roaming, would the phone automatically fall back to SIM 2?
(if this is relevant: OnePlus 3T running latest LineageOS build.)
Obviously, this is assuming that there is service from the regional carrier where the primary carrier is roaming.
2:15 AM
Hmm. I don't think so.
(this would also apply in Canada, where I get to roam like at home but at greatly reduced data speeds)
I don't think it would work sadly.
I think you'd have to go into settings and pick your network manually if anything
2:48 AM
@djsmiley2k because it contains winsxs which uses symlinks and also it contains the required files to reset/Refresh
ah k
i doubt they'd ever do that, sigh
these are PoS systems
dont use windows explorer to determine the size of that folder
Well winsxs exists unless you remove it..
Would need more information to give Better explanation
3:00 AM
(Limited edition; PCMag's review unit is 010/300.)
This is what happens when you have a gaming laptop designed without regard to cost.
@bwDraco 1. I don't have anything else other than LTE, so I use it for 100% of my gaming. I do plenty of FPS gaming. 2. 120 ms isn't "high" by any stretch. You have to be sitting on a Tier 1 backbone in a datacenter to be of the opinion that anything under 200 ms is high. Sure, 120 ms is somewhat high to your first hop, or to the nearest major city, but it's perfectly suitable for gaming.
Depends on the game as well.
120 ms RTT means around 8 updates per second exchanging your position and other players' positions. You can just barely perceive ticking off 8 clicks in your head per second, and it sounds like the sound of a bicycle chain while pedaling.
I used to laughably play Q3 with 300-400ms lag
Also, LTE tends to have a fairly direct link to the Tier 1 after it hits the cell tower, so going long distances only tends to add "the minimum latency the backbone adds" (very little, unless it's like, USA to Japan or USA to Germany, a few extremely punishing / saturated links at certain times of day)
With some cable providers, they take a fairly suboptimal route to the Tier 1, going through many Tier 2 and 3s, so US East to US West can easily be 300+ ms. On LTE it's the nominal 80 - 100 ms cellular first hop, plus around 50 to 100 ms, so 200-ish.
3:17 AM
Did a traceroute on my cable Internet connection. Takes me six hops to get to a Tier 1 router (, XO Communications), going through some four ISP-level hops, on my way to 12 hops (including the home router) were needed.
@allquixotic flurf. probably not free today until ~10 hours from now.
@Bob k, gives me time to sleep :D
Actually, 5 ISP hops.
@bwDraco wow, I needed 17... two within my network edge (router and jetpack, <1ms each), 7 within Verizon's 66/8 and 69/8 nets, then to XO's, then another 7 hops to
3:25 AM
:37044111n00bQ: what exactly is a traceroute?
Tethering from my phone:

Tracing route to google-public-dns-b.google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     2 ms     2 ms     3 ms
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  4     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  6    76 ms    32 ms   123 ms
  7    76 ms    36 ms    30 ms
  8   156 ms    38 ms    41 ms
Once I'm past all these 10/8 LAN addresses, the next one is within Google's own network (, Google).
Not too sure why, but this suggests T-Mobile is itself Tier 1 and peers directly with Google.
@bwDraco I thought Verizon peered directly with Google too; Google's strategy for ridiculously fast searches is part algorithms, part having datacenters everywhere and getting "into" ISPs' networks
like, you could tell me "There are Google servers in Verizon routing hubs" and I'd go "Yep, that makes total sense"
heh, 19 hops to my dedi in northeastern Canada
@Nick You need a space after the message ID to reply.
Also, lol at "n00bQ"
14 hops to "google.com" (resolves to
12 hops to my server at fierydragonlord.com over the cable connection.
IPv6, took eight hops to get to a Tier 1 router (2001:470:0:2bd::1, Hurricane Electric).
3:37 AM
@bwDraco Eh, but you get my qeustion. What is a traceroute?
@bwDraco What is a hop?
When you communicate with a server on the Internet, packets (at OSI layer 3) pass through a series of routers. Typically, you have one or two at the local network edge (typically your home router or gateway), several from your ISP, and several from a Tier 1 network(s). The packet then goes through the other side's ISP (which in many cases is said Tier 1 network) before it reaches the server.
  3    15 ms    14 ms    15 ms
  4    15 ms    14 ms    15 ms  syd-gls-har-agr11-be-12.tpgi.com.au []
  5    18 ms    15 ms    15 ms  203-221-3-6.tpgi.com.au []
  6    15 ms    14 ms    14 ms  203-219-106-250.tpgi.com.au []
  7    17 ms    15 ms    15 ms
  8    15 ms    14 ms    15 ms
  9    15 ms    15 ms    15 ms  google-public-dns-a.google.com []
That first hop is the PPP endpoint :P
@Bob are those SP4s?
  1   157 ms    15 ms    92 ms
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  4     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  5    36 ms     *       38 ms
  6    33 ms    46 ms    32 ms
  7    64 ms    41 ms    38 ms
  8     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  9    45 ms    33 ms    39 ms
 10     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 11    79 ms    38 ms    39 ms
@allquixotic They look like surface books... no kickstand
@bwDraco Have you tried glue yet? That was a serious suggestion.
No reason it won't work.
If you do glue it, remember, the glue goes on the outside. Not between the heatsink and CPU.
Inside the screw post would do fine.
3:55 AM
I've put my laptop on Current Branch for Business via Group Policy because of this laptop's CPU cooler issues and don't want to deal with an upgrade when this machine is so close to retirement.
@Bob I might look into this but not within these few weeks.
Feature updates deferred for 180 days.
@bwDraco CBB ~= "Defer Upgrades" IIRC
I did that too, want to give CU a couple months before I install it
@Bob ...which is why I went to Group Policy.
@bwDraco ?
@Bob You need to set a GPO to do this.
Sorry, I mean "Defer feature updates"
Might still be CB without feature updates? *shrug*
4:00 AM
The "defer feature updates" box is grayed out if the GPO is set.
Yes, but... why would I set the GPO when I can just tick that box for the same effect?
This is one of the worst security questions I’ve seen. http://t.co/iBm3kdaFDc
A security question on a website I was just on: “What is the name of your grandmother’s dog?” The fuck.
I will have to leave early tomorrow for my next photo assignment, so I must go to bed soon.
4:08 AM
i'm still alive :/
@djsmiley2k 🎵 This was a triumph 🎵
4:21 AM
So on the night shift, there's a number of tasks to complete
this one.... is added by the transitions team
for new customers
Copy these files from these machines, daily.
Fine, cept each machine takes ~12 minutes, and there's 12 machines
4:45 AM
@Bob .... I'd wonder which one
My granma's had.... 7-8 dogs in the human's lifetime ;p
each at set times etc.
4:57 AM
5:13 AM
logs copied, now the time for sleep
5:55 AM
- Rahul2, 2017.
1 hour later…
7:48 AM
> If this Question is off-topic write me pls the right section :D
@JourneymanGeek Three guesses which country and the first two don't count? :P
actually. Not India
I'd be mildly offended if I hadn't assumed the same thing
actually the grammar kiiiiinda reminds me of Chinese
7:51 AM
8:12 AM
superuser.com/a/69832/10165 I was wondering who this snarky chap was...
8:32 AM
*wail* I want my girlfriend...
@JourneymanGeek no idea, but I like his style :P
@JourneymanGeek You're going through ancient posts?
@Rahul2001 trickle editing tags
@JourneymanGeek oooh. Anything I can help with? I have a couple of hours at hand, and am bored to death
@Rahul2001 ugh. I could do this faster if I didn't want to flood the front page ;p
8:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek Heh, get someone to edit new posts at the same time, so that the front page isn't flooded with old posts #genius :P
that's cheating
Not if the edits are actually useful and productive
pity they took away our ability to ninja edit
ironically cause people were abusing "self delete, edit, undelete"
@JourneymanGeek huh?
@Rahul2001 until a point, edits on deleted posts didn't bump
apparently they do now
8:45 AM
Ah. But, only the high-rep users can see the deleted posts anyway, right?
ah, but I'd undelete them
but they get bumped so that dosen't work
Hm. Right.
Well, back to my original idea! ;P
Well, I'm also trying to find gold badge criteria.
(trying to get one on MSE ;p)
3 hours later…
11:22 AM
> If spilled on clothing glue can never be removed.
Gee, thanks Daiso.
daiso warnings best warnings.
12:32 PM
so I just dropped my phone onto tile with a terrifyingly loud noise
dented a corner but the glass is fine, phew
note to self: the pockets on this jacket are terrible
Man, I do not get people at all. Don't say something and mean something else and then expect me to magically interpret the real meaning
@Rahul2001 that's people for you
12:51 PM
@JourneymanGeek Hm, I thought they took that away years ago to prevent front page spam... oh well...
Lol. I'll live
1:08 PM
Looks like today is one those good days that i.stack.imgur.com works okay.
Did I say good day? It certainly isn't. ajax.aspnetcdn.com isn't responding.
1:41 PM
Silence fills the empty grave now that I have gone...
I was noms.
2:07 PM
hi im having some issues with cpu usage i have a dedicated server and 16GB ram but php-cgi is getting high cpu usage due to that my server crashes every time. serverfault.com/questions/847342/…
wakin up early from night shift is the worst...
@NoorQureshi Its considered bad chat etiquette to pop into random chatrooms to get attention to your questions.
And that question is pretty terrible
You need to remember your readers only have the information you give. And there's nearly nothing useful there.
@JourneymanGeek because i got nothing else to share! i just check logs and it show's that my domain is taking alot php-cgi and the traffic isn't high to shutdown the server! thats what im trying to figure it out what should be the problem or what should i need to check?
Lets see. What webserver? Why is it set up like that? where are you getting the usage stats from....
Can you rule out whatever you're running isn't a badly written piece of garbage?
2:17 PM
no it's just wordpress and the server settings are default! can i share a domain here?
There's no such thing as default server settings
whm default settings?
and there's no such thing as a wordpress instance that hasn't been hacked
erf. Hosting platforms are terrible
it is hostgator
2:18 PM
they almost hired me :P
but yeah, whmcs is shit
I'm not going to tell you why your server's not working
but I can try to equip you with a bit of basic skills ;p
1) htop and top are handy for realtime processor usage
just can you tell me what to search for a direction to figure out the issue?
2) don't use those crappy hosting consoles.
2:19 PM
@NoorQureshi I'd start with htop and top
I really need the !!hv
Q: The Help Vampire problem

Barry KellyWhat is Stack Overflow's long-term solution for the Help Vampire problem? Quote from article follows: Identifying Help Vampires can be tricky, because they look like any ordinary person (or Internet user, whichever is lesser). But by closely observing an individual's behavior using this hand...

htop is easier. top catches shit htop dosen't, like malfunctioning ethernet cards causing lots of server loads.
> Can you tell they really aren't interested in having their question answered, so much as getting someone else to do their work?
but but
If you don't know these things
You shouldn't be running stuff off a dedi
in fact, unless you're ready to build your whole setup from the ground up...
TOP Shows php-cgi is taking 70% CPU
2:20 PM
you shouldn't be running a dedi
ok. what the hell is php-cgi?
and what's your web server?
ewwwwwwwwwww is what it is
php-cgi sounds like an antiquated predecessor to php-fpm
everything else is normal... php-cgi is a trouble for me. my server gets down twice a day due to that..
@NoorQureshi why are you using it then?
also. We are not going any further until you can tell me why you're using it, and what your webserver is
I mean, I will quite literally blow your mind.
But I need to know what your web server is, and why that
T-Mobile is shutting down 3G UMTS (HSPA) service on the PCS band – if you cannot get LTE service, you will get 2G GSM/EDGE service instead (which is being retained until 2020 for M2M users).
2:23 PM
@bwDraco that's lulzy. We totally killed off 2G here
my webserver centos 6 with whm/cpanel 16gb ram etc..
@JourneymanGeek AT&T shut down GSM service a while back.
Mar 9 at 1:22, by bwDraco
@TOWMN AT&T has already shut down 2G service here. If I set my phone to 2G only mode, I get no service at all, not even the ability to make voice calls.
i dont know about php-cgi why it's there?
His web server is CentOS 6
AT&T shut down GSM service in January 2017.
2:25 PM
@NoorQureshi If I may be frank...
you really need to get someone who knows what's going on to look at your server
@bwDraco that is so weird. we went with dropping 2G and keeping 3G
i contacted hostgator they told me everythings fine on our side! there's no issue with our hardware!
with this little knowledge of how to run a server you should really just get a "managed" server where they'll take care of any problems you have
if you're paying for an unmanaged server, don't expect detailed help when it's your software that's messed up
I just spent 19 minutes asking you something basic.
managed server is dame expensive 100$ extra per month :/ wish i can afford it...
2:27 PM
@NoorQureshi or shared hosting. its good enough for wordpress. Or even a hosted wordpress instance so securing it is someone elses problem
if you're with hostgator
...they advertise their dedis as "fully managed"
this is what using a cpu usage: opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/bin/php-cgi
(of course, hostgator is absolutely terrible anyway, but there it is)
@NoorQureshi ok... the whole point of a unmanaged dedi is being able to set stuff up yourself...
what have you done on it?
i was using cloud hosting from hostgator they literally blackmail me to upgrade to dedicated :p they suspended my cloudhosting to upgrade to dedicated lol :D
2:30 PM
you realize if you're not getting a managed server then you're grossly overpaying for your hardware, right?
there are other hosts that are ridiculously cheaper
and competitors who provide better service for similar prices
The hostgator dedicated server with 16 GB of RAM is $374.00/month
2:34 PM
Are you seriously paying that much?
Because... if you are... yea, get support from them, or if they refuse then leave them.
(Root access. Telling you not what you want to know, but what you need to know)
"blackmail me to upgrade" ==> just leave them. go somewhere else.
@Bob from what he said, he should leave them anyway
What you should be doing is backing up your wordpress instances ;p
can you suggest me where to get a dedicated server? i don't want too expensive
2:36 PM
@NoorQureshi what's your budget?
tbh? you don't need a dedi for wordpress
they just asked my root password!
not unless you're getting thousands of visits per hour
and even then wordpress will probably fail
@NoorQureshi ...yeaaaa, when you want someone to manage your server, you kinda need to give them access to it
i have some other stuff going on a server as well... that's why i need a dedicated... and my budget is 200$ now... i can't afford more
2:37 PM
@JourneymanGeek good luck; Bob and I are going back to gaming
@NoorQureshi @allquixotic's server is well under that
how can i be sure they didn't backdoor my server or did backup of my sites :D
You can't
but they don't need it anyway
they're your hosting company; your server runs in their datacenter; if they wanted to take your data they could already do that because they have physical access to it
if you don't trust them you shouldn't be doing business with them
2:38 PM
yup... thanks guys anyway!
but which company should i go for next? i wanna leave hostagtor they are expensive and i don't like them what they did to me previously
HostGator is owned by EIG, which has a reputation for poor service. It looks like EIG's policy is to try to hide this fact from most obvious avenues that people access services through.
@NoorQureshi read up
hetzner is ok, but really, you should probably spend a little time learning how to admin your server first.
If you're on a limited budget: Linode or DigitalOcean. If you have a $60+/month budget and are willing to sacrifice the dynamic scalability of virtual/cloud servers: get a dedicated server.
grab any crappy hardware you can, throw linux on it, set up a webserver/db stack on it....
make sure you set up root with a login key...
and/or disable ssh as root.
2:42 PM
Even set stuff up in a VM, learn there, then deploy :)
You should not be running a dedi if you don't have the skills to build your whole stack from scratch
I'm on Linode with two servers, costing me no more than about $25-30 depending on how I use it.
I had a dedi years ago when I knew literally nothing about security, and neither did the other owner/user. Worst thing ever aha
I spend about 30 euros a month on hosting.
Linode and DigitalOcean both provide good, inexpensive ($5/month) where you can try things out and run a simple website, with enough capacity to serve several hundred thousand to a few million visitors a day (depending on the complexity of your pages, your CMS if any, etc.).
2:44 PM
I believe it was called "learning the hard way"
@SimonSheehan I did get hacked on my VPS :p
You learned the extra hard way then :p
@JourneymanGeek Fortunately never had a security breach, but that's because I've been savvy enough to make sure my servers use public-key authentication right from the start.
@bwDraco I didn't really bother that much there
It "never happens" until it does
now my dedi has key based auth, (then I lost the key ... oops. found it again ;p)
3:05 PM
I miss old ars technica
this is not the quality reporting of the old days
@JourneymanGeek Not gonna lie, that hurt to read a bit...
Ars, what has happened to you..
They went a little too corporate
3:28 PM
@allquixotic That's like saying "there is no Windows PC that has not been infected with malware".
@JourneymanGeek Man, that's one ugly layout.
That's an... interesting post. By the way, I have this password-enabled server that I need to check, just a sec +_+"
3:56 PM
@JourneymanGeek Oh, and why do you have "index.php" on your URLs? Your redirect rules seems misconfigured.
Q: Connecting 14 monitors to one PC/server/workstation

Anmar Mashatso i have been searching about that i want to connect 14 monitors in one pc with 4K that will be for Weather monitoring in every screen will be another layer of the weather and so on so i found Matrox but is it good or there is something better what card do i need to be apply to run that ? thi...

I know with Mac's you can daisy chain 6 thunderbolt displays... Wonder what the real maximum you could do with beefier hardware :P
4:51 PM
@SimonSheehan A pair of NVIDIA NVS 810 cards, 1024 CUDA cores in 2x Maxwell GM107 with 4 of 5 SMMs each) would do the trick. These cards cost about $630 a pop.
@SimonSheehan Well, I know for a fact there are about 24 screens on a single computer creating a big display wall on a network operations center where I work.
I have no idea how do they built it, but about 90% of what they have there (that is, except for the proper networking equipment) is apparently consumer-grade stuff.
I have once asked a coworker about the setup of the display, but I forgot what he told me
Was thinking about the concept of day-fines, where fines are adjusted to the person's income. Several European countries have used this with great success. Here in the US, an experiment was run in Staten Island, New York some thirty years ago (day-fine units from $3 to $200, with penalties ranging from 5 to 180 units). I'm wondering if they could try this again, perhaps with a higher unit value range (perhaps $5 to $1000)...
> this will be runing from 2xE5 workstaction/server
Dual-socket server.
5:19 PM
Q: What’s the difference between Austrian and German keyboard layout?

idmeanI just changed the keyboard layout on a Mac to match my German keyboard, and realised for the first time that macOS offers an Austrian and a German keyboard layout. However, I’ve no clue what could be difference between a German and and an Austrian keyboard layout. According to my experience th...

Think he might have to ask Apple about their choice of keyboard offerings, lol
@bwDraco that's actually not unreasonable pricing for that
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by rlemon
@PomeGranate Is it possible to upgrade my ADHD to AD4K?
5:35 PM
@SimonSheehan Considering that we're talking about $400 UHDTVs, and 14 of them...
That is not a bad deal.
This is precisely the sort of thing where you would want to use NVS cards.
6:29 PM
Q: Difference between order of specifying permit any in Cisco ASA

samurdhilbkWhat's the difference between the two approches below when specifying access-control in Cisco ASA? ciscoasa(config)# access-list out2in extended permit ip any any ciscoasa(config)# access-list out2in extended deny tcp any host eq http ciscoasa(config)# access-group out2in in inter...

Author needs help to merge accounts or something
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