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12:01 AM
...Is it just me, or does the station in Genesis Rising look a bit like a gigantic penis...
Q: Is there a height limit on bookshelves enhancing an enchantment table?

fireDude67I have built up bookshelves around my enchanting temple like this: As you can see, there is a bookshelf four layers up. I am planning to add more, will bookshelves on layers above three still enhance the enchantment table?

@GnomeSlice I think you need to see a doctor about that...
@GnomeSlice With the Alien from Alien coming out of it.
@GnomeSlice that game any good?
12:04 AM
@Tristan Still in the tutorial, but it's... interesting.
The organic ship thing is a weird concept.
Hmm.. Noted.
@Tristan The secret project misses you.
@OrigamiRobot I miss the secret project...
@murgatroid99 edited :)
Updated my answer to be more general, let me know if you find any issues with it or if you don't think it is general enough: gaming.stackexchange.com/a/53086/15643
12:09 AM
@Tristan When are you getting real internet?
Very nice.
@StrixVaria LIAR
@OrigamiRobot Huh?
I was supposed to be hanging out with my girlfriend tonight but we had a slight argument.
I'll live.
Time to start looking through pro-ITG stuff and figuring out their strongest points so I can murder them.
12:11 AM
@OrigamiRobot I half expected this to be pointing at Strix having an arguement.
In my outline, I have "reasons" that ITG is bad, and "arguments" that it is good :P
the Milan subway has 3G
take that, other subways!
@badp are you Sicilian?
@RavenDreamer yes
12:14 AM
post it anyway :P
Ha. No. Not an anti-Sicilian joke.
I'm Sicilian also, you see. (1/4)
raises eyebrow
oh. grandparent.
My grandfather is a Salvatore.
Yeah, a lot of people fled Italy in the 40s and the such
@StrixVaria I'm trying to help, but some of these pro-ITG arguments hurt me right in my logic.
12:16 AM
@OrigamiRobot I can't actually find any real pro-ITG arguments in Oak's post. It's all just "It's not that bad!"
If I had your gmail I could add you to the gdoc I made, but I don't know of a secure way to share that information.
Are you on steam?
I am
Let's be friends!
@StrixVaria "Third, pish tosh. I've seen ITGs closed as dupes."
Italy =
@badp @RavenDreamer Can someone close the meta ME3 promo thread now that it's over and unsticky the post about it?
12:17 AM
@StrixVaria fdisk7mbr
yay italy.
@badp yeah, so my family visited Militello last time we went abroad.
@DaveMcClelland Yes. We can.
Metro broke
Italians that don't drive Ferraris or Lambos aren't real Italians
@RavenDreamer Is this like in middle school, when I had to ask if I may use the restroom instead of if I can?
12:19 AM
@DaveMcClelland You're also 5 hours early.
I think folks have until midnight.
Despite the highly senseless use of "12:00 PM".
@RavenDreamer Nope, it was noon today. I was already notified I won
okay, this is unexpected. Metro is unbreaking itself
Well then.
Metro successfully unbroke itself.
That's... good.
@RavenDreamer Actually, I got the email at 11:37 am eastern, so I don't know what they were doing
12:21 AM
@badp How did it break and how did it unbreak?
@Ktash Something crashed. Behind the crashed and stuck windows, a window appeared about an error report being submitted. Then the thing was restarted and things fixed themselves.
@DaveMcClelland grats
Going through all these pro-ITG posts, they're really just anti-anti-ITG. Is there anywhere that someone has written why they're good?
@badp Thanks! I love all free things, especially when they're awesome games
@badp interesting
All I can find is people saying "They're not that bad."
12:23 AM
@badp Metro 2033?
@James Windows 8's Metro.
@badp Oh.
@DaveMcClelland I get to remain Origin-free for free so it's cool :P
@badp I was talking with @RavenDreamer about origin's horribleness, and I've come up with a solution
@DaveMcClelland does it involve ?
12:24 AM
@StrixVaria I have a feeling that there are other categories of questions that are not necessarily good but are also not bad enough to get rid of.
@murgatroid99 Fair enough.
@StrixVaria Not that I think that is the case with ITG
Instead of buying a game for $50 on Origin, I'm considering mailing a check for $100 to the developers in exchange for a non-Origin build of the game
I'm pretty sure BioWare would totally go for that
But it is a valid argument for keeping the category open
@murgatroid99 I'm attempting to compile all arguments one way or the other so that I can write a definitive anti-ITG argument.
Not that it will 100% get them banned, but it will be a good single source for all the reasons why they should be banned.
12:27 AM
@DaveMcClelland They don't even need to package a build just for you,
@badp Or I could just pirate it and send bioware the money. I just hate giving EA money and supporting a digital service that's shittier than buying physical copies of games
Q: Configuration of the radio on urban terror?

maniat1kI want to change the voice commands on my charater's radio... but I lost the page where shows me where to edit... Actually I found it once but now I want to edit it again: bind F1 "vote yes" bind F2 "vote no" bind F3 "ut_radio 9 9" bind F4 "ut_radio 9 1" bind F5 "ut_radio 3 3 Requesting medic. ...

@DaveMcClelland ... Technically, assuming normal game development flow.. Bioware has already been paid by EA for its game. They will now see no more money from that game unless it hits certain sales targets in which case it may start to see some measure of royalties, usually in some form of a tiered layout.
@StrixVaria I would have said that Matthew Read's post has the pro-ITG arguments, but I read it and I realized that it's mostly just counter-arguments to arguments I wouldn't make anyway.
@murgatroid99 I'm trying to be complete and shoot down all the known arguments before they can be made in opposition to what I'm writing.
So I have to counter them even if they're for arguments I'm not making in the first place.
12:35 AM
How do I invite someone into a chat room?
@StrixVaria Well, I would try to help if you have trouble with any of the arguments
@murgatroid99 I don't see any arguments that don't defeat themselves after using some common sense yet.
@murgatroid99 And saying "I've seen ITGs closed as dupes." as a counter to "It is hard to identify dupes." is a logical fallacy.
@OrigamiRobot I didn't notice that part. I was too busy reading the argument that ITG is good subjective even though it doesn't meet most of the criteria for good subjective questions
Ok, Ive made a room, how do I invite someone into it?
12:39 AM
@James Ask them to come here with a link, assuming they have 20 rep.
@Ullallulloo Thanks, typed an @ to em in the room. Ill see how it goes from there :)
They have 101 rep on the site in question :D
@James If they haven't been there, then I don't think that will work unless you're a mod.
You'll probably either have to give them the link somewhere or have a mod go there and ping them.
@Ullallulloo They wont get a message in their inbox?
@James I don't think so. Not unless you're a mod or they were there recently
They'll get one on their chat inbox, but that's hard to see.
if they go to chat.stackexchange.com, they'll a (1) near the top.
12:46 AM
@James If it's relevant to a question, you could ping them with a comment to that question
@murgatroid99 I am just trying to avoid turning a comment section of a question into a discussion :)
@James What I said seems to me like a good way to do that.
I have 1300 words in my outline for anti-ITG.
I really need to find out about if there's a word limit for meta posts :P
Hmm.. Just had it pop up 3 message notifications for old messages... Something odd is going on.
And there are all three of them again :D
@James @GnomeSlice has had that happen to him too.
12:52 AM
@StrixVaria Yeah, I recall.. This is the first time I have been sitting in more than one room.. Wonder if that has something to do with it..
I always leave the bridge open on my home computer and I also sign in at work and haven't ever had that happen.
Oops! Your answer couldn't be submitted because:

body is limited to 30000 characters; you entered 352947
@Ullallulloo Thanks!
Hopefully I can get in under 30,000 characters.
Unrelated cat video:
@Ullallulloo Haha, I remember @badp mentioning there is a cap, just not what it was :D
@StrixVaria If you want someone to read it over and edit it down I would be happy to help :D
12:54 AM
The outline is about 6200, so I should be safe.
I wrote most of the outline in complete sentences, so the writing is going to be a lot of just reordering things in a logical way.
@Wipqozn I used to work for a man whose cat loved to drink out of the tap. He (the cat) often ended up in a similar situation. Then he would whip his head around to get it dry. This happened a lot while I was doing dishes. XD
Q: How Do I Quickly Reflector, Then Up Smash?

KevinIn this video (language NSFW), at 0:15, the Fox labeled "Tang" performs what appears to be a reflector followed by an up smash. The reflector animation only plays for about a frame, before the up smash comes out. When I attempt to perform these moves in sequence, with down+b followed by up+a, th...

@AshleyNunn The cat I live with actually is trained to drink from the tap.. Annoying as all can be as you usually have to wrestle her out of the sink if you want to use it :)
@James Haha, this cat was similar - every time you turned a tap on, he would magically appear. XD
Ok now I'm really disappearing for the night. Later again all!
12:57 AM
@StrixVaria Goodnight!
@AshleyNunn Haha, Nice!
Ok, after watching the video I will say she actually tilts her head to drink from the faucet, she does not do that whole 'drink the water dripping from my head after I dunk myself' sort of thing :D
@James She sounds a bit more refined than the cat in the video XD
Oh @James I have a few things for you in RotMG. I have no vault space for them and didn't want them to go to waste, so I figured I'd see if you wanted them.
@John I can store them for you if you want at the least. Only problem is I would have to get them back out for you as well :) But yeah, Definitely happy to take a look over them :)
My vault's chests are pretty much filled with gear to start new characters with when I die :)
@AshleyNunn She does get that same look of "you are going to pay later for making me do this" that that one has on its face towards the end of the video though :)
@James Use them as you see fit. :) If I die and start a character that could use them, I may ask for something though. :P I've got 4 assorted rings, a robe of the conjurer (worse than the robe you gave me, but still too good to pass up), and some bearskin armor.
1:04 AM
What server do you all play on?
@Wipqozn USSouth
@Wipqozn Which ever one everyone is on. Your characters are not limited to a specific server (any more) it seems.
@James Set up a small container with an aquarium pump in it to mimic a tap. Cats love it.
@Wipqozn I'm in the Nexus on USSouth now. What's your name?
@OrigamiRobot This cat is like a snow monkey, she loves to dunk her food in her water before she eats it.. We have tried some of those continuously running water things, she just clogs them up daily :)
1:06 AM
@John Wipqozn I guess
@Wipqozn Ok
@James Yea I could see that being problematic. They also get really gross on the inside of the pump if you don't clean it regularly. When I lived with the pugsleys, our cat would turn over any water container that he could.
Tell me when you reach the nexus. I'm JohnGreen.
@John I'm in the nexus there as well
I just went outside the main area where it's not as crowded
@Wipqozn No player Wipqozn.
1:09 AM
@OrigamiRobot Sounds like a challenge! Make an untippable water dish :)
@Wipqozn Type "/teleport JohnGreen"
I can store the stuff for you @John, I have like a chest empty.. But I have 2 more of those dark robes and 4 or so suits of leather :)
@James We just made a flowing water dish and he stopped (only because it was too heavy). He tries to dig whenever he drinks water.
@James Ok. :)
@John so how do I change it?
1:11 AM
@Wipqozn I was leading you to the place when you left.
@John I thought I found it
I'm nex tto you now
@Wipqozn Choose wisely.
You can only change it once for free.
@John Wipqozn
What else?
@Wipqozn I see
Shall we play for a bit?
1:13 AM
@Wipqozn Yes. Flayer good? (@James)
@John No. It's full.
@John @James Djinn?
@Wipqozn Fine by me.
@Wipqozn Sure
1:26 AM
@John @Wipqozn @Ullallulloo I need to drive on home, Ill BB in about 30min or so depending on traffic.
(Yes I spent the last 15min of my work day playing RotMG)
@James @Wipqozn @Ullallulloo I told my brother we'd continue LOTR now, but if you guys are still there in a hour or so, I will be back. :)
@John wI'm done actually
This game is okay, but not good enough to hold my attentionf ro along.
Also, @Ullallulloo, I left, in case you didn't notice.
@Wipqozn Yes, i did
2:05 AM
Wait, Bukkit is now Mojang? Why was I not informed?
@OrigamiRobot What? How did you hear about this?
So that means Mojang is maintaining two server versions for the same game...
@John No it means they are integrating Bukkit as an official API
@OrigamiRobot Oh! Good!
It really is the best idea for everyone.
@Wipqozn @John @Ullallulloo Anyone in RotMG still?
2:12 AM
@James I am, but I'm not sure how long I still will be.
I'm back again :(
I hate lying like this over and over.
Where are we?
@Ullallulloo Realm Of The Mad God.
@John I meant the world. :P
2:23 AM
@Ullallulloo Nexus, healing.
I am in Djinn
2:35 AM
@StrixVaria I'll never be able to trust anything you ever say again.
@Wipqozn :'(
@StrixVaria I can't even trust you're crying.
Oh, and this also means I can't trust anything @OrigamiRobot says again either.
@Wipqozn Don't deny your true self.
Q: Windows: Set Minecraft offline mode Player name and also pass Parameters into Jar?

SphinxI know how to set the minecraft offline mode Player name: via Java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -cp "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft "MyName" but how do I pass more parameters to the minecraft jar file? For instance, i wou...

Q: What are the shards for?

Ashley NunnDuring various fights with enemies, I pick up shards - so far I have picked up Lucid shards, and Mythril shards, but I have no idea what to do with them. What are they used for?

3:08 AM
@James Turns out I can't come back tonight. :( Sorry
@John What time were we playing tomorrow?
Q: Where is the last piece of evidence?

Ashley NunnI talked to the Cheshire Cat, and he mentioned that there are 4 pieces of evidence I can have to prove Alice is innocent. I have the Footprints, the Stench, and the Antenna, but for the life of me, I cannot find a fourth thing. Was the Cheshire Cat lying to me? Is there a fourth piece of evidenc...

@OrigamiRobot I was thinking around 10:30-11ish.
To start
Oh, @AshleyNunn is playing through Kingdom Hearts?
Odd, I thought you would have played through that ages ago.
Seems like the kind of game you would enjoy.
S'ok @John, I think I just crashed trying to kill the crystal :D
3:15 AM
KH1 a PS1 game?
@NickT PS2
same with KH2?
@NickT I think so.
I've never played the games, so I'm not 100% certain.
another group of games that kinda make me wish I did some console gaming
@Wipqozn yes
3:17 AM
That reminds me, I haven't played my 3DS in awhile.
Is grip always better than drifting even with poor traction (rain/snow/gravel) and/or tight corners?
I think I'm going to ask a question just to spite everyone here.
@James NO
3:34 AM
@GnomeSlice I thought you were trying to become a respectable member of the community?
Clearly that isn't going anywhere.
@James And now I miss Oryx's Castle, too...
I can't even play Genesis Rising.
Everything just looks too phallic.
3:38 AM
@GnomeSlice stop posting that
@GnomeSlice Fine, fine.
@Wipqozn You want me to flag that?
@Wipqozn as of late
@GnomeSlice do you want me to flag your pic?
@GnomeSlice uh, why would that be flaggable?
3:39 AM
@Ullallulloo I doubt it would be approved, since it's a shot from a real-time strategy space game.
@Wipqozn It's offensive.
@GnomeSlice In what way?
@Wipqozn It offends me...
@GnomeSlice Wasn't meant to offend you, just an observation.
That 'station' just screams "I am a gigantic living penis" at me. It's... ugh.
@James I'm in a guild now! :D
3:41 AM
@John I died, hehe, stupid castle! :)
@GnomeSlice I think that's because it's obviously intended to be one.
Look at the message above it.
What are guilds good for?
@Wipqozn It's really not.
@James :(
@James I have no idea! :D
@Wipqozn That's the tutorial. You apply genes to your ships to mutate them and give htem new abilities.
3:42 AM
@GnomeSlice Look at the message at the top of the screen.
@Wipqozn I have over 10,000 characters of anti-ITG propaganda written already.
This is just the first draft.
@StrixVaria Excellent!
@Wipqozn The station generates blood, not genes.
And I'm not done.
pats @StrixVaria and @OrigamiRobot on the back
3:42 AM
@Wipqozn i liek catz
so I've been discussing ME3 with a steam friend, he hadn't seen the Reinstated trailer. Am I the only one that thinks her last line is pure awesome?
@MBraedley Yes.
@Wipqozn I am actually helping :P
Where are you planning it post it @StrixVaria? In a new meta, or one of the already existing ones?
@Wipqozn Probably in the "Do we still like ITG" one.
I haven't decided yet, though.
I'm going to have to write a tl;dr for my tl;dr
3:44 AM
@StrixVaria lolol
I honestly don't understand why people support ITG. I honestly don't.
@GnomeSlice, you support it, what is your stance on them?
Enlighten me.
I don't, actually. Sort of.
Oh, comments you've made suggested to me that you did.
I find them very interesting to read, but I don't really think they're all that great for the site.
@Wipqozn I said a while ago "The fact that so much can be written on this subject says a lot in itself."
I like them.
3:46 AM
@Wipqozn Because they have some value.
@John Oi! Hectic!!! I think I might be done for a while :D
@James Haha ok
@Ullallulloo Go on.
@John Do some quiet mine crafting :)
@James :) I like quiet mine crafting. :)
3:47 AM
Preemptive apology: I'm sure this has already been asked, but search has failed me. The ME3 gaming grant says selected entrants will be notified "promptly". What does that usually mean?
Updating my server to 1.2.2 right now, and wiping the world out :)
@SteveV I think it means you'll get an e-mail once they decide who wins.
As for how long that will take it's hard to say.
@James Too bad 1.2.3 is the latest :P
@OrigamiRobot ZOMG a release followed by a release!?? That never happens :D
Surprised its only at .3, hehe
Is it the server version as well???
3:49 AM
Yes it is, hmm wonder if they have that version yet :)
@Wipqozn People ask questions, people search for said question, we attract visitors.
@Wipqozn - Yeah, that's what I was wondering, the "how long" part.
Perhaps not as much as some other questions, but enough to be of value.
@Ullallulloo The problem with allowing any question that will attract visitors is that then we would be Yahoo answers.
@Ullallulloo Knowing which SCV character had the most revealing outfit was valuable to @GnomeSlice and people would have searched for it.
3:50 AM
@OrigamiRobot Just, let it go.
@Wipqozn I think the difference would be, our answers are useful? :)
@SteveV Can you link to the Gaming Grant question?
@OrigamiRobot I'm not sure that should have been closed.
Q: Games Giveaway Round 2- Don't fear the reapers!

Seth RogersWelcome to the New Gaming Promotional Grant Round 2! Have fun while helping us create a wonderful database of information here for Mass Effect 3. All users with at least 300 reputation are eligible to receive Mass Effect 3. The catch? Simple - ask 8 questions about your new game within the fir...

3:51 AM
@Wipqozn These still have correct answers, and very few if they're good.
@GnomeSlice I'm not attacking you personally. It is an example of how small value and appeal aren't the only things that matter
@Ullallulloo They might, but in the end whether or not a question attracts visitors doesn't mean anything.
@OrigamiRobot I didn't think you were, just saying that bringing it up again won't get anyone anywhere.
Which was my point by comparing it to yahoo answers. IF we start allowing questions just to increase our view count we sacrifice the integrity of the site, which makes us no better than yahoo answers.
@GnomeSlice It really is the perfect example. The only reason I ping you when I bring it up is because then I don't have to type your name out. :P
3:53 AM
First draft done: 2833 words, 12790 characters
15512 characters.
Not sure why I wasn't counting spaces before.
@GnomeSlice That took longer to be flagged than I expected.
I really want to find a better place than that old question to post this diatribe.
I'm afraid it'll get lost behind the walls of text that are already on that page.
So, if the flag counter says 4, is it possible that it's counting 4 flags on one post separately?
Cause it only showed me @GnomeSlice's post.
@John I think so, yes.
3:55 AM
@John That's exactly what it did.
That's always been my assumption.
It said "This post was flagged by 4 users."
Good to know, thanks.
@OrigamiRobot Oh I missed that part.
I read it and cast my vote.
Then it went away.
There, updated to 1.2.3 :)
May zombies burn as they should :D
@SteveV thanks. Wow, 1 hour, that was cutting it close
3:59 AM
I don't want to be a downer, but "12 pm est" usually means "noon" to me
@StrixVaria True, but, if you post it there I promise to up vote it.

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