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5:00 PM
I am saved!
Q: Why is this answer considered non-competitive?

Mike BufardeciA few weeks ago I posted this answer on a challenge. Yesterday it was deleted because "it isn't a serious contender for the winning criteria" despite getting the second best score in the challenge. Seeing as I had faced some criticism when I posted the answer I must not understand the policy. Why...

5:17 PM
Q: Generalization of Eight Queen Puzzle

pushpen.paulHere's one generalized version of the famous Eight Queen's Puzzle: Given an n × n chess board, and an integer m (≤ n). Find all possible ways to put nm Queen such that there are m Queens at each row there are m Queens at each column (note that we do not impose any restrictio...

5:29 PM
> Preferred Language: Python 2.7, Julia
homework? :P
That also doesn't look much like the eight queen puzzle at all
at least it isn't fastest code for the actual N queens puzzle, which is probably a NP-hard problem.
This might be a weird question, but does anyone have pictures that would annoy computer nerds? For example, someone putting on way too much thermal paste, or putting a CPU cooler on a router (yes this is a real picture I've seen)
I like sending those to a friend of mine cause it drives him crazy :)
@DJMcMayhem /r/techsupportgore
Q: Change the Code, Change the Sequence: Cops

AdmBorkBorkThis is a cops-and-robbers challenge. For the robbers thread, go here. This challenge involves two OEIS sequences chosen by the cops -- S1, S2 -- and how well those sequences can be golfed and obfuscated. The Cops' Challenge Your challenge as a cop is to pick a freely available language, and t...

Q: Change the Code, Change the Sequence: Robbers

AdmBorkBorkThis is a cops-and-robbers challenge. For the cops thread, go here. This challenge involves two OEIS sequences chosen by the cops -- S1, S2 -- and how well those sequences can be golfed and obfuscated. The cops are constructing code A that produces S1 and giving a number X that they claim is th...

@Pavel Oh perfect!
5:46 PM
Did you know that toothpaste is a cheap substitute for thermal paste?
It even works the other way around!
[citation needed]
CMC: Given an int array and an index:
A=the element at that index. B=the element to the right of A. C=the element to the left of A.
If A>B&&A>C return index.
Else if B>A return index+1.
Else return index-1.
You may assume that the index will always be within the bounds of the array, but B and C may be a null/IndexOutOfBoundsException, in which case they are considered less than A.
@Pavel You basically wrote the code for us
You will notice that the code is not golfed.
The task is trivial; which is why it's a CMC. The challenge comes in making it as short as possible.
@NewMainPosts can we A000012 and A000004? :D
@betseg I mean, if you want to, sure.
And the first submission is in Brain-Flak. I'm so sorry, everyone.
6:01 PM
@Pavel what if they are equal
@AdmBorkBork I just realized it is actually 2 indexed. Is that ok if both this and the solution are 2 indexed? — Wheat Wizard 1 min ago
Is that common in Brain-Flak?
@LliwTelracs Sorry, B>A should be B>=A
Given an array and an index within the bounds of the array, if the element at that index is greater than those adjacent, return the index. If the element to right is greater than or equal to the first element, return the index+1. Otherwise return index-1.
What is the deal with serial voting? What should I do if I suspect that someone is serially voting me?
6:07 PM
@WheatWizard Ping the mods with many elevens.
Wait. It will be overturned the next day
@WheatWizard Let the system take care of it. If after a day or so the (suspected) serial votes don't go away, raise a custom mod flag.
Ok thansk
@Pavel No, harassing the mods over something the system can take care of is unnecessary and annoying
You should only harass the mods with actual problems, like the fact that an inanimate object has infiltrated their ranks and nobody seems to care
6:09 PM
@Pavel (i,a)=>{return!a[i+1]||a[i]>a[i+1]?!a[i-1]||a[i]>a[i-1]?i:i-1:i+1} (javascript)
@WheatWizard BTW, nice cop answer! Doubly triangular numbers are a fantastic sequence for bflack, and I have no idea how you got the second one
@Mego Community?
Doorknob, I think.
Or doorknob?
Doorknob :P
6:10 PM
Oh crap we just said his name 3 times, now he's gonna appear
I was almost going to say 'Penguin robot', but then I remembered Mego isn't a mod yet.
The "yet" worries me a bit
We'll inevitably need more mods at some point, and I recall you ran in the last election?
Don't worry. Replacing you with a robot is completely painless.
Feb 1 at 5:22, by Mego
@DJMcMayhem Penguin robot.
Mego is canonically a robot.
6:14 PM
I have edited my aesthetically pleasing divisor tree answer with a longer explanation, if anyone's interested in how it works and why it took so long to write. Link: codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/109802/47581
@Sherlock9 May I interest you in codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/108798/…?
@Pavel Are we sure that Mego hadn't already been replaced?
@LliwTelracs I don't know JS, but can you do i=>a=>{ ... } instead of (i,a)=>{ ... }
@Pavel Oh no, a penguin robot with cannons??? What's next, laser shark zombies??
@Pavel I did, but so did DJ (and several others)
6:18 PM
@LliwTelracs beep noot
@Sherlock9 I tried clicking the upvote button again but it didn't work this time
@Mego Nope. I thought about it, but at that point I had like 1.5k ish rep and I wasn't super active so I decided not to
@Mego Considering the margin by which you won the RO election, I'd say you would do just fine.
@Pavel I have had enough of pyramids for a while, I think, but I'll consider it
That's actually one of the things that motivated me to use the site more
6:20 PM
@Pavel Just tried it and it didn't work
@Mego XD Thanks, Mego
@DJMcMayhem Oh wait, I'm thinking of Digital Trauma
Yeah, that sounds right. Quartata did too
I guess that just shows off my bad habit of frequently not actually looking beyond the first letter of a username
Is Digital Trauma still around? Even before I disappeared this semester, I haven't seen them in a while
6:21 PM
Yeah, me neither.
@DJMcMayhem quartata dropped out of the election at some point
The final candidates were Doorknob, Dennis, Phi, Martin, El'endia, DT, Alex, and myself
Phi, Elendia, Martin, doorknob, SuperJedi, Mego, Quartata, Digital Trauma, Zach Gates, Dennis, and Alex A.
SuperJedi and Zach Gates I haven't seen ever.
Q: Create the [error] tag

VoteToCloseWe already asked this question on a tag for misbehaviors, but the tag misbehaviors would only apply to popularity contests where the misbehavior wasn't easily seen (see: underhanded). However, there are quite a few contests that are involving errors as the full purpose of the challenge, not just ...

6:23 PM
Digital Trauma
chat user since 2014-03-15
last message 17d ago
last seen 7d ago
Ah, fair enough
Yep, you can't even ping him.
I know that if we did have an election again, I'd run in a heartbeat
@Pavel SuperJedi got less active in chat after he was frequently reprimanded for disrupting conversations with his personal minecraft chatter (he was very often just talking to himself). He still occasionally posts on the main site.
Didn't do well in the election, I'm guessing?
6:24 PM
And getting up to a run in the space of a heartbeat is a lot of acceleration
That's a good point actually. It would probably be painful
@Pavel He withdrew presumably after seeing the predominantly negative feedback in the primary
I haven't seen Zach in chat or on the main site in a while
Remind me, what is Alex busy doing and when will he be back?
6:25 PM
@Sherlock9 Grad school, end of the universe
Yikes, and double yikes. Godspeed, birdman
How many seconds until my answer gets cracked?
If only I knew Pyke
@Sherlock9 that's the point :D
@Sherlock9 You probably don't need to, its only 3 bytes
6:27 PM
He's been around occasionally, but not very visibly. He's been spotted in chat recently, and I'm assuming he's doing invisible moderator action stuff because his profile says he's recently been active on the main site
Just try the other 5 combinations
but if you look through the documentation, it should be fairly easy to see what needs changing
@muddyfish I think your link is wrong...
@MistahFiggins changed - just noticed
@muddyfish how many 1 character commands do you have
6:31 PM
Oh wait, shoot. That's not what the challenge is :/
because there will be exactly 4* that many possible programs
I thought it was more like this one...
@LliwTelracs 92
@LliwTelracs Wouldn't it be 3 + 3(n-1) + 4n?
Because you can delete (3), change (3(n-1)), and add (4n) characters
congrats on cracking it, whoever did it
6:42 PM
@muddyfish Jonathan Allan
@MistahFiggins I made a mistake and yes you are correct. so it would be 7n possibilities
@muddyfish Your cop submission is already cracked?
@KritixiLithos it was of distance 1 so it's not unexpected
So there were 644 possibilities for your submission. Wow im bad at math
number of possible robber submissions for any golfing language is binomial coefficient (((2*length-1)*number of single character commands), Levenshtein distance) for if you just want to crack it by running through every possibility
How many are there for the brain-flak?
6:50 PM
@LliwTelracs 3 + 3(n - 1) + 4n = 3 + 3n - 3 + 4n = 7n and n = 92, so 92 * 7 = 644 possibilities
@DJMcMayhem It would be more complicated because they have to be balanced
Yeah I know, that's why I asked.
CMC: how many potential bflack programs would you have to brute-force to find the right one on the C&R?
@DJMcMayhem, well if you don't care about it being balanced there are 1777947990 possible pieces of code
Technically, brain-flak has 8 single-byte commands, just a lot of the possible sequences are invalid programs
Or in other words, how many valid bflack programs have a levenshtein distance of 4 from a particular 28-byte program
When your code passes your own comprehension, you know you've built enterprise software.
6:52 PM
Could just brute force them all
@LliwTelracs does that include the levenshtein distance?
@DJMcMayhem yes
@DJMcMayhem I think it not only depends on the length of the program to start with but also the spanning tree.
Ignoring levenshtein distance, there are 717,914,520,944,640 valid 28-byte brain-flak programs.
Just as a note: the number of valid programs of length 2n is 4^n catalan(n). — Leaky Nun Aug 13 '16 at 17:34
Q: Should [tag:Brain-Flak] apply to other languages?

Wheat WizardCurrently brain-flak, according to the usage guidelines, only applies to Brain-Flak language. However as Brain-Flak has grown in popularity a number of smaller very closely related languages have sprung up. So far the inventory of Brain-Flak inspired languages is: Brain-Flak Miniflak Flakcats...

7:09 PM
Second one posted. Should be slightly harder to spot
@DJMcMayhem would you mind if someone changed your CMC into a real challenge?/would you like to do so yourself? I think it is quite interesting.
@ChristopherPeart That has been fixed. If you encounter bugs, please feel free to report them to me. Unless I happen to see it by coincidence, complaining about them in The Nineteenth Byte accomplishes nothing.
I'm not sure why I'm doing this to myself, but IE 11 is supported.
@WheatWizard Sure, that sounds awesome. Go for it!
@Dennis Yay!
7:31 PM
IE 10 and below seem helpless though.
Yeah, fair enough.
So you're saying if I dug out my old Windows 98 computer and punched up IE 4, it wouldn't work?
Not even the HTTPS connection would work. :P
Not even for IE 8, for some reason...
@DJMcMayhem Done
Q: Find a balanced Neighborhood

Wheat Wizard Inspired by this CMC and this answer Your task will be to take a balanced-string and a integer representing a Levenshtein distance (the number of characters that have to be inserted, deleted or changed to make one string into another) and you must find the number of balanced strings with tha...

7:42 PM
Nice! Do you think it would be appropriate to tag with [tag: brain-flak]?
@NewMainPosts Oh I forgot you were a thing.
@DJMcMayhem I don't think so. Its really a balanced string problem
@WheatWizard The blockquote at the top of the challenge looks just like the message when a challenge is closed as a duplicate
@KritixiLithos Ok thanks. I'll fix that
@Separatrix - hehe, you've just given me a mental image of sneaking through the undergrowth to hunt down a herd of shrimp. — Simba 10 hours ago
8:07 PM
@KritixiLithos ;-;
@betseg But also your distance was more than the submission's one
> and is Y character changes away from A (with Y <= X)
should've read the challange
@KritixiLithos so apparently there were 2 ways to do it
probably more
I had it by double recursion
8:11 PM
btw, chrome added position: sticky; back
Is that an alternate for position: static?
demo: developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/CSS/… (if you're using firefox or chrome)
I'm guessing it borks on IE?
8:15 PM
What doesn't bork on IE is the real question
Such a convenient feature, but one which we cannot use thanks to MS.
use chrome?
I will, you will, but will the end user?
even my grandma installed chrome when she got a new computer
also, according to StatCounter, ie+edge is about 6%
My dad uses Edge. He works at MS, so it makes sense, but I wish that when I showed him a page and something is borked he didn't tell my to try it in Edge.
Also, what is UC Browser and why haven't I heard of it?
8:22 PM
afaik chinese phones etc use it and it uses android webview, so its about 5 mb
@Pavel It's apparently developed by Alibaba, which would mean it's primarily the Chinese market.
^^ chrome and firefox are about 50 mb each
Got it
New favorite Mathematica builtin(s): WordCloud@WikipediaData. Example useage: WordCloud@WikipediaData@"frog"
misogynistic wikipedia: male but no female /s
female is in there
8:30 PM
Mathematica ಠ_ಠ
it's the the right of Frogs
@Poke misogynistic wikipeida: male is bigger than female /s
> Wikipeida
I accidentally go to wikipeida.org way too often
8:33 PM
upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/… why is opera used so much in africa?
@betseg Please tell me blue on that map isn't IE
But... Japan and Korea...
I thought they would know better
The wikipedia page for Opera lists the word Africa only once.
I parsed it in Mathematica, then realized I could have used ctrl+f
@Pavel Thinking like a true programmer
8:38 PM
WikipediaData is so fun tho ;-;
curl https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opera_(web_browser) | grep -i africa
TIL Greenland likes Safari ಠ_ಠ
I feel like I should be able to just sort a string, but I can't find the builtin...
@WheatWizard Your challenge is much harder than I thought it would be. I'm probably gonna spend the next week thinking it over in my head :)
Which challenge?
8:47 PM
@DJMcMayhem I have no idea how to solve it myself
@Dennis How could I better specify the golfing requirement? It's tagged and the last bullet point explicitly calls that out.
@Pavel balanced neighborhood
@WheatWizard There's got to be a simpler solution, but I'm worried the only easy solution will be brute forcing
Oh, that one is intresting.
@AdmBorkBork But it's not regular code golf. Superfluous code actually serves a purpose here, as it can make the answer more competitive.
A sub-question I have is "How many strings are within LD n for a given string s"
8:50 PM
remember the hackintosh thing
I'm in school right now, take a look at this
@Dennis But if the cop winner is the shortest A, that would seem to preclude superfluous code.
@Pavel this is cool
Are the images not loading because school or because Mac borked?
school blocks *.imgur because adult content
@wat wow that's rough
8:52 PM
@AdmBorkBork The shortest uncracked A is the winner, so augmenting the length can make the answer more competitive if it makes it more difficult to crack.
@wat Are the rest cached or something?
also, I literally JUST got sound working
@AdmBorkBork Anyway, does this apply only to A or to B as well?
B's length isn't part of the score, so I'm guessing no.
@Pavel no idea. Probably hosted on gravatar or something instead of imgur
I wouldn't see any reason that B needs to be golfed. It's limited by the golfiness of A and the LD.
8:53 PM
Sort of, yes.
Why would SE host the images on different sites >_>
If you want to prevent unnecessary code in A, you have the usual dilemma of . What is unnecessary?
also @Downgoat I don't know what you are complaining about, Mac loads dk0.us and inexpensivecomputers.net perfectly
Both of those are blocked at my school.
But adding superfluous code doesn't accomplish anything. For example, using a five-letter variable name instead of a one-letter name just either 1) means that B must also use that same five-letter name, or 2) the X is large enough that golfing out four of those letters to something else gives a different way to crack it.
Same for comments or extraneous whitespace.
8:56 PM
@Downgoat the hat season is over! How do you still have the hat :P
@AdmBorkBork What if B is larger than A, so you include a section of B in a comment?
That would seem to make it easier to crack, imho.
I feel, @Dennis, given how you're arguing this, that I'm missing something obvious.

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