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2:57 AM
@TheDestroyer yes, I had heard that story...
@TheDestroyer @SreeCharan I think Ramayana breaks as रामायण = राम + आयन
2 hours later…
4:49 AM
Ok, @Tezz I need English translation of following verses of Mahabharata: /cc @TheDestroyer
> आर्ष एष भवेद्धर्मः प्राजापत्योऽथ वासुरः |
यदेतत्सहधर्मेति पूर्वमुक्तं महर्षिभिः ||२||
> धर्मः श्रुतिसमुत्कर्षो धर्मसेतुरनामयः |
आर्षो वै शाश्वतो नित्यमव्ययोऽयं मया श्रुतः ||४८||
You can find it (Sanskrit Verses) on Sanskrit Documents
They're from 13. Anushasan Parva
5:10 AM
BORI Critical Edition
@Pandya shall i mail you bibek debroy ebooks?
@Tezz yeah. can we break it to Raamaa + Aayana
@TheDestroyer Will I find the English translation for above mentioned verse in it?
@Pandya Mailed you Bibek Debroy's books in epub format.
@TheDestroyer ok. Thanks I'll check soon.
@Pandya yes. but you need to search for them.
5:23 AM
@Tezz i think it is wrong as आ + आ = आ is not savarana deerga sandhi.
@SreeCharan If you are on Windows, Win key + space bar is best way to change input language.
5:49 AM
Anu Aadhara Upanishad

Om ! O Devas, may we hear with our ears what is auspicious;
May we see with our eyes what is auspicious, O ye worthy of worship !
May we enjoy the term of life allotted by the Devas,
Praising them with our body and limbs steady !
May the glorious Indra bless us !
May the all-knowing Sun bless us !
May Garuda, the thunderbolt for evil, bless us !
May Brihaspati grant us well-being !
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !
@KeshavSrinivasan @Pandya @TheDestroyer @sv. @SreeCharan @SwiftPushkar Read above Upanishad...^^^
@Tezz Is it listed in 108 Upanishad in Muktika canon?
@TheDestroyer It's not working. If I do so, desktop is showing up. Alt+shift is the shortcut I use.
@Tezz Electron-Proton and neutron?
@Tezz But good conclusion. Consciousness is base of everything. aNu Aadhara Upanishad.
@SreeCharan It works on Win 10.
@TheDestroyer OK. I am on PC. Windows 7ultimate.
@Tezz But Vedanta says dead body which is made of those "three" has no consciousness. Only Sat not chit.
@Tezz Are there explicit Vedic verses which talk about those "three" instead of Upanishads?
6:05 AM
@TheDestroyer @Pandya You both check your email...
@Tezz Haha Prajnanam Brahman!
@TheDestroyer btw "Prajnam Brahman" or "Consciousness is Brahman." is one of the Mahavakya.. It's from Aitreya Upanishad...
@TheDestroyer it says "and this is these five elements, viz. earth, air,
space, water, fire; and this is all these (big creatures), together with
the small ones, that are the procreators of others and referable in pairs
– to wit, those that are born of eggs, of wombs, of moisture of the
earth, viz. horses, cattle, men, elephants, and all the creatures that
there are which move or fly and those which do not move. All these
have Consciousness as the giver of their reality; all these are impelled
by Consciousness; the universe has Consciousness as its eye and
@Pandya yeah. I know. But does Chit exist in unmanifest state?
How to understand dead body?
@TheDestroyer Dead body is being seen by you which is Consciousness
@TheDestroyer as Upanishad says "III-i-3: This One is Brahman; this is Indra, this is Prajapati;
this is all these gods; and this is these five elements, viz. earth, air,
space, water, fire; and this is all these (big creatures), together with
the small ones, that are the procreators of others and referable in pairs
– to wit, those that are born of eggs, of wombs, of moisture of the
earth, viz. horses, cattle, men, elephants, and all the creatures that
there are which move or fly and those which do not move. All these
Read the every words there...
6:16 AM
@Tezz @TheDestroyer I've been concluding for about a year that You're in the center/base of whole the universe. If there is no existence of yourself, then there is no Universe!! How about it?
It also says 'This is these five elements viz. Earth, Air, Space... ' These are non-living...
I mean there will be no Drashya if there is no Drashta. @TheDestroyer
@Pandya Yes, that is true... but what I think is "There is not a time when you are not."
@Tezz Which Upanishad?
@TheDestroyer it is from Aitreya Upanishad...
6:20 AM
@Pandya Yes. In reality only Sat chid ananda is present.
@TheDestroyer in Sanskrit it is:
एष ब्रह्मैष इन्द्र एष प्रजापतिरेते सर्वे देवा इमानि च
पञ्चमहाभूतानि पृथिवी वायुराकाश आपो
ज्योतींषीत्येतानीमानि च क्षुद्रमिश्राणीव ।
बीजानीतराणि चेतराणि चाण्डजानि च जारुजानि च स्वेदजानि चोद्भिज्जानि
चाश्वा गावः पुरुषा हस्तिनो यत्किञ्चेदं प्राणि जङ्गमं च पतत्रि
च यच्च स्थावरं सर्वं तत्प्रज्ञानेत्रं प्रज्ञाने प्रतिष्ठितं
प्रज्ञानेत्रो लोकः प्रज्ञा प्रतिष्ठा प्रज्ञानं ब्रह्म ॥ ३॥
@Tezz What is consciousness? It make us to move. If there is consciousness, why aren't they moving? Are non moving entities just unrealized of their Chit?
@Tezz By the way, do you know any Upanishad (or may be other text) directly declares Sat Chita and Ananda as Swarupa of Brahman? (in a single verse or conclude in a chapter)
I think Brihadaranyaka may be.
@TheDestroyer what I think is when there is name form a certain thing then there is consciousness of that... it's like the blood inside your body is living... it still lives when in another body also... but it is not related to your consciousness...
@Pandya I just found in the Jabala darshan Upanishad "Then continue to do Dhyana of him who is
beyond the reach of meditation, who is the personification of Sachidananda Brahman and
who is soul in person as “I am He” for attaining salvation."
In the Mandala Brahmana Upanishad: "Taraka is Brahman which being in the middle of the two
eyebrows, is of the nature of the spiritual effulgence of
Sachchidananda. The (spiritual) seeing through the three Lakshyas (or
the three kinds of introvision) is the means to It (Brahman)."
In the Muktika Upanishad " ‘O Rama, you are the supreme being, of the nature of Sat,
Chid and Ananda. I desire to know your nature truly for liberation."
Yes, Ok.
6:29 AM
@Pandya and so on...
Actually I was looking for something similar in Mukhya Upanishads....
@Tezz ok. You say how we precieve things depends on our consciousness. That is ok. but still not clear. I will post question on that.
@Pandya yes, I was also searching for the same...
@Pandya I think Mukhya Upanishads do not mention it explicitly...
@TheDestroyer According to u, what is consciousness? consciousness of Brahman or any other?
@TheDestroyer Understanding Consciousness is difficult as Consciousness is Brahman.. and Brahman is to be understood by Negation "Neti Neti"... so it's difficult... also "Brahman Veda Brahmaiva Bhavati"... "One who knows Brahman becomes (realizes himself) Brahman....
6:33 AM
@Tezz I've just found from Wikipedia,
> The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (c. 800–600 BCE) is among the earliest Hindu texts which links and then discusses Atman (soul), Brahman (ultimate reality), awareness, joy and bliss such as in sections 2.4, 3.9 and 4.3
As I've not read Brhidaranyaka yet, don't know much...
@SreeCharan in general what is consciousness? and how it differs from cosciousness of dead body and living?
@Tezz "Chit veda chiteva bhavati".
@Pandya Oh... it says Tejobindu Upanishad is earlier Upanishad...
@TheDestroyer Brahma Veda Brahmaiva Bhavati is from Mundaka Upanishad...
@Tezz ok. I replaced Brahman with Chit.
@TheDestroyer haha... as Brahman = Chit.. 😀😀
Is Chit + eva = Chiteva? is it gramatically correct?
6:38 AM
@TheDestroyer I think its Chittaiva चित्तैव
@Tezz Yeah. Even I had doubt between Chiteva and Chittaiva.
@Tezz Delete this
A: What is the significance of Murthi pooja (idol worship)?

indianworshipWe can know pooja details and you can book pooja on sivaratri through the follow link Maha Mrityunjaya Yagna puja

@Pandya I think this also should be popular Mahavakya... It is purely and purely Advaitic... from BrihadAranyaka Upanishad:
II-iv-14: Because when there is duality, as it were, then one smells
something, one sees something, one hears something, one speaks
something, one thinks something, one knows something. (But) when to
the knower of Brahman everything has become the self, then what
should one smell and through what, what should one see and through
what, what should one hear and through what, what should one speak
and through what, what should one think and through what, what
should one know and through what ? Through what should one know
@TheDestroyer Ok... I just cited delete vote...
6:51 AM
@Pandya How will you copy paste from Wikipedia? It looks like we have permalinked a message or a comment. How?
@SreeCharan What do you mean by copying from wiki?
23 mins ago, by Pandya
> The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (c. 800–600 BCE) is among the earliest Hindu texts which links and then discusses Atman (soul), Brahman (ultimate reality), awareness, joy and bliss such as in sections 2.4, 3.9 and 4.3
@TheDestroyer See a series of dots are displayed at the left side. He is quoting from Wikipedia.
Now, I am going to permalink a message. See,
2 mins ago, by The Destroyer
@SreeCharan What do you mean by copying from wiki?
@Tezz Yes.
And it is the same dots at the left side. It doesn't look like that when I paste from Wiki or questions. @Pandya also selects a specific part from question and pastes in the chat room. I am not able to do it. I have to post total question here.
@SreeCharan It is quoted by ">" . So, it's also showing with dotted lines.
@SreeCharan Are you asking how to quote text as chat-message?
7:01 AM
@SreeCharan @Pandya is professional. :P
@Pandya Yes.
@SreeCharan Just type ">" and put one space at the starting like: "> Sree Charan" will be shown as:
> Shree Charan
> Got it.
@SreeCharan ok. It is used when you're quoting something.
@Pandya Blockquotes. Yes I know it.
7:05 AM
@SreeCharan Btw, you may find following room (of @SwiftPushkar) fulll of quoting:

 Quotes from Hindu scriptures - Subhas

Quotes from scriptures , Subhasitam & info.about Books related...
It looks everyone has gone for Lunch! Haha
I'm also.........
1 hour later…
8:15 AM
Q: Why we never tried our hand in Community promotion ads?

Ankit SharmaCommunity Promotion ad give us chance to advertise on graduate sites, so we can attract users from there. It can also be done with Area 51 page but that looks too weak for a public beta site. Why didn't we try to make one for us? For example, refer any graduate site's meta post tagged with commu...

@all ^^^
2017 community promotion are out
@AnkitSharma how does that work... ?..
@Tezz propose a ad in related site in meta answer and it got approve after 6 upvote
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 2017

Grace NoteIt is a bit late into this new year, being that we're already in the second month, but we are now cycling the Community Promotion Ads for 2017! What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, in the right sidebar....

like this ^^
8:41 AM
@AnkitSharma Yes, I participated for Community Promotion Ads on 3 to 4 meta sites in 2016. And recently posted on on meta.unix.SE 2017.
@AnkitSharma I think the important thing is to find related or suitable graduated sites.
9:09 AM
@Pandya we can try on Christianity with tagline like "want to know about world's third largest religion "
@AnkitSharma ok. Though I've not joined that community yet, I'll try.
@AnkitSharma Will the ad display on the right side of that community like the featured?
@AnkitSharma Btw, do you know what is the general meaning of gospel? I think it is related to Christianity
How about "Want to know the Gospel of Hinduism? Join Hinduism.SE" ?
9:25 AM
A gospel is an account describing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The most widely known examples are the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John which are included in the New Testament, but the term can also used to refer to apocryphal, non-canonical, Jewish–Christian and gnostic gospels. Christianity places a high value on the four canonical gospels, which it considers to be revelations from God and central to its belief system. Christianity traditionally teaches that the four canonical gospels are an accurate and authoritative representation of the life...
@Pandya ^^
General meaning of Gospel is which describes best about a life/death of christ. It is now related to life/death or an incident related to an enlightened person. E.g: Gospel of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.
Q: Why do Hindus remove their footwear before entering temples?

Mr. AlienWhy is it that people don't wear shoes and sandals when they visit a temple? Sometimes they remove them outside of temple premises and sometimes outside of the temple steps... It's a common practice amongst Hindu people whenever they visit a dharmik sthal/temple, so what's the reason behind remo...

@AnkitSharma We can use questions such as "Is there free will", Questions related to "Consciousness or chaitanya", "How was universe created" "cyclic nature of time"... As answers to these questions are close to modern Physics. We get more views.
How about this? ^^^ @AnkitSharma
we can use tagline "want to realize the Supreme Truth".
We should use a tagline which doesn't offend other religious sites.
Want to know your "true self". We are unique among all religions or Dharma.
@SreeCharan Yes.
9:32 AM
I wish this discussion takes place in the main chat room who are with me?
9:46 AM
@SreeCharan yes
@Pandya no idea
@AnkitSharma We can display ads on mythology, philosophy sites.
in The Upper Room, 6 mins ago, by curiousdannii
@Pandya "good message"
@Pandya OK
@Pandya @AnkitSharma First I didn't get the meaning "The upper room". WE should also think of a good name for our primary room also. Don't know why are some people against Sanatana dharma. The meaning will be given in the description.
10:08 AM
@SreeCharan only graduate sites
11:06 AM
@AnkitSharma ^^
hmm, maybe submit it as answer to our meta too with Christianity link
@AnkitSharma Isn't Your post a suggestion to try to promote our site by means of community promotion ads? or it also want answers?
@Pandya both
@AnkitSharma Then mention it like post your suggestions in your question.
It was to inspire, gather ideas and to show what you really did
@Pandya done
11:27 AM
@AnkitSharma ^^
@AnkitSharma ok. Done!
A: Why we never tried our hand in Community promotion ads?

PandyaFirst of all it is important to find the ground for the promotion i.e related and suitable site. I've tried to promote our community by means of Community Promotion Ads 2017 on couple of sites: Christianity Physics:

11:48 AM
@Pandya physics one look bit clumsy
@AnkitSharma You can suggest me better color for font or background
@Pandya I think Christianity looks fine and Hindism.se will looks better then full name
And light blue working quite good with logo
@AnkitSharma I think as you've experience with Movies and TV you can predict more.... we need your suggestion in designing.
Anyway how you extracted the favicon
@Pandya I am not good with design and stuff but can share my user experience
I believe your experience would be valuable :)
11:55 AM
Christianity have better coloring ( suiting favicon more) and Hinduism.SE in Christianity ad looks more clean then Hinduism stackexchnage in physics ad which is touching both the corners and not looking clean. — Ankit Sharma ♦ 5 mins ago
@AnkitSharma from our tour page.
@AnkitSharma ok. Let me improve (make like that of Christianity)....
@Pandya I wanted it for chat bot user in main chatroom but how to get the meta one
@AnkitSharma Thanks for pointing out. Just updated. — Pandya 36 secs ago
@AnkitSharma Btw, planning to promote Hinduism.SE on Movies.SE!! How about:
12:57 PM
looks fine to me but is not better if you can add some mythology character in background
special if the character images belongs to the TV show itself
@Tezz you can answer this question which may be useful for ads on Chemistry Stack Exchange.
Q: What do our scriptures say about Parmanu and Maharshi Kanad?

user5155835As question, what all our scriptures say about Parmanu and Maharshi Kanad?

Vaisheshika Sutras
@Pandya Gravity, free will can also be added to Physics SE! Can we put more than one ad?
1:14 PM
@AnkitSharma ok. You can suggest an image. I am not sure whether I can use (may be copyright issue) image of TV serial.
@Pandya that's why I am confused about it too
@TheDestroyer haha maybe we can make Anuadharapanisat viral as propounded by Maharsi Kanada...😀😀haha.. @Pandya
@AnkitSharma Btw, How about posting this ad by you on behalf of me? As I don't have account on Movies.SE. I can make a simple jpg according to your requirement and send to you.
Why is @SwiftPushkar absent these days... ?...
@Tezz haha.
1:17 PM
@TheDestroyer Yes, we can put more than one.
@TheDestroyer Yes, I was also thinking the same.
@Tezz He is in Teertha yatra.
@Tezz Hehe
Maharshi Tejonanda :P
@Pandya you can create account and post it and I can upvote it ;)
ek teer do shikaar
@Tezz By using historical analysis, Keshav (as a wide range reader) and TheDestroyer (identifying the nature of Sanskrit) will declare that the original author is Tezzananda and I may have to open that mail in public! Hahahaha
1:27 PM
@Pandya Hara Hara Tejonanda, like Hara Hara Shankara. :P
@AnkitSharma Yes, but I think you should post one such ad on Movies.SE as a regular user of both site and also concern about promoting Hinduism.SE.
@Pandya How about leaving specific question under comments on respective Sites?
@TheDestroyer ? I didn't get.
@Pandya On Physics SE, We can give link for question, "How was universe created"?
@TheDestroyer Haven't you find that link on image?
1:32 PM
@Pandya k
@TheDestroyer I mean just click on the image.
@Pandya k send it to me
or just post it in our meta, will sue it from there
@AnkitSharma ok. Have some work, will post soon when I'll on PC.
in The Screening Room, 37 mins ago, by Napoleon Wilson
Well, it looks reasonable. Proper antialiased fonts, proper centering (although, I'm not sure the bottom line is perfectly centered).
1:52 PM
@Pandya Ok. I didn't notice.
2 hours later…
3:39 PM
@AnkitSharma Just included it in my post. You can just paste the following text as an answer post on Movies.SE:
> [![image](https://i.stack.imgur.com/ykPd3.jpg)](https://hinduism.stackexchange.‌​com/users/join)
oh! forgot to add boarder ^^ (298x248). Use the following code instead:
@AnkitSharma ^^
correct the link
I just copy pasted yours
let me check

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