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10:12 AM
Hello everyone
Does anyone have something for "A Heroic Narrative of two"?
Not yet
I'm half working, half creating a puzzle, half looking at it
Wait, that's too many halves
@Bungicasse Did you upvote this fantastic answer :-P (just need a Guru badge)
Consider it done
Daaamn! Thank you very much, Sir :-)
@Bungicasse I didn't see OP added clues
10:21 AM
I was thinking it could be something like Westworld. But I haven't seen any of it, so I actually got no idea..
@Bungicasse Mmmh, I'm thinking about Harry Potter
But can't find the other one
I think they are two different heroes
They knew of eachother tho
We need another wizard
These people don't know of eachother
"I didn't know him, he didn't know me
A verse different we turn out to be"
@Bungicasse Yes, indeed. That makes my point I think. I believe he's talking about the two heroes, not hero/nemesis
So I think we're looking for two heroes from different fictional universes
10:24 AM
"Do guess our name" that probably means they share name
otherwise he would write "names"
Maybe a typo, I just asked OP in comment
Yes, it was a typo
Hos abort the avengers
There are the tags movie and literature
That's a big hint I think, but can't find it
@Volatility Hello
A wild @Emrakul pops in! Hello!
10:42 AM
Hello hello!
That is so satisfying i.imgur.com/LZg4kkU.gifv
I spent at least 10 minutes watching
11:02 AM
OK, I was right for the Harry Potter part
Now, I have to find the other one or I'll be ninja'd by Gareth again
11:18 AM
Hello @AnubhavTripathi
Cool riddle, I'm still struggling to find the one fulfilling all the conditions
Q: You probably mistake me to be your bank. Who am I?

Sarath Kumar You probably mistake me to be your bank. Take me wherever somewhere and I'd love. Night time? not so much. I go mad on holidays still, you won't leave me. Who/What am I?

Gareth answer is pretty much right about Harry potter.
I should clarify about mark though. He marked me is for harry
the other bit, thats for our first hero
When you see I, both heroes are talking
Yeah, I understood this
No need to clarify I think
It can't be Naruto, right?
11:29 AM
12:08 PM
Q: Solve this clue

JRodDynamite I cannot wait for anyone, If I do, I can kill someone. I should not walk so fast, If I do, I will kill at last. You have me in you, Still I am coming for you. If needed, will add a hint after sometime.

12:41 PM
There was a question who was just deleted: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/47066/…. Is it the OP or a mod who deleted it?
@IAmInPLS It was the asker, you can tell from the displaed page
'voluntarily removed by author' vs. 'removed for reasons of moderation'
@Sconibulus Oh, I didn't pay attention, thanks
I think this was going to end bad anyway
1:09 PM
Q: Split the Pentominoes

Engineer ToastThe image below shows a solved pentomino puzzle in a $6\times10$ grid. Your challenge is to divide the rectangle along the black lines only to make two pieces that can be rearranged and fit together again to make the $7\times9$ rectangle below with three holes in it.

1:31 PM
How is "confident dependence" NOT rely?
I ask you THAT
Remissly was the answer to the CCCC
Why are you giving the answer away?
Yes, why?
1:50 PM
Because Rubio already guessed it?
7 hours ago, by Rubio
@Jim REMISSLY: Carelessly (def.) young lady (MISS); confident dependence (RELY); interrupting: RE(MISS)LY.
I missed that, my bad
Yeah that's why :)
Did he gave a new one?
Sorry if I wasn't On mobile I'd have quoted back to it
Ah ok, Rubio got it. No answer given away. @Jim you should really use Reply when you do something like that lol
8 hours ago, by Rubio
@Jim REMISSLY: Carelessly (def.) young lady (MISS); confident dependence (RELY); interrupting: RE(MISS)LY.
1:53 PM
agrees @dcfyj
Well that's interesting, between the time it took @Displayname and myself to post the same link (a few minutes apart) an hour passed?
Yes, because mine was posted +7.28 hours and yours +7.3x hours afterwards.
Rounding for the win.
.3 = 1? interesting Math.ceiling function
I don't have the correct notation in mind, sorry. I of course mean 7 hours and e.g 32 minutes.
Not 7.32 hours
ah ok, 7.5 then
normal rounding
2:03 PM
I guess +7:32 would've been less confusing, lol.
@Jim dependence is a noun, but rely is a verb; the words don't quite agree
I'm not in @Rubio's or @Volatility's heads, but I'd assume that was the point they were making :)
@Will did I need to change dependence to dependency ? I was very careful about making remissly the correct type of word and forgot about the rest
That's still a noun :P
It looks like the entire CCCC was definition :)
How's that for meta?;)
So I needed to say "depend on" which is what I was trying to avoid
My fault
2:20 PM
That would ruin the surface reading, though; "interrupting confident depend on" doesn't make sense...
That was my issue
Welcome to cryptics, where the surface reading is a pain to maintain sometimes :P
Q: A test of English for some

IAmInPLS At first, you will not object That I am the case, matter and subject Change my third and I become Noxious, venomous, even lethal to some Change my third again then the bars and inns of the city Are the place where you'll find me, very likely. What am I?

Riddle solved before the Sphinx posts it here
I'm not even mad, that's amazing
I'll come back later to give the tick, have to go right now
cya all
Screenshot of the day! :D
2:47 PM
WTF is that @Techidiot, from a different Stack I guess?
It's surely not a HTML edit ;)
3:15 PM
@Techidiot surely not!
1 hour later…
4:16 PM
Made the big hint slightly bigger for the music.
5:00 PM
Q: Superb Undeniably Awesome Legend!

Techidiot Never try to ignore, b'lieve in the pentagonal head of mine. It gives you my first three, out of nine. As a rightful person, look and say to my face. Thrice more, completes your half a race. Rammle all you find and get the squares off my back. Earn three more and you hav...

@Sconibulus when I'm done being in a car for the next four days I'm looking forward to attempting your puzzle. I have no ability to read music but I get the feeling that's not the main skill here.
I'm about to be in the car for quite a while as well.
I think that's probably a large portion of the global population :)
Stego is probably my favorite thing. I just knew I couldn't devote the right amount of time until next week.
Honestly I assumed the puzzle would last a couple days, and figuring out the message would only take an hour or so
It was supposed to just be a minor part
Oh ok cool
5:25 PM
@Sconibulus Half that transcription needs to be redone before we can make any progress I'm assuming?
If you want to work from a transcription rather than the music sheet, yeah
5:45 PM
@Sconibulus My ideas keep falling flat. :(
You're a sharp cookie, you'll get there
Music's not really my forte to begin with.
Th puns... >.<
Please don't pitch a fit
Or you'll get in trebel?
5:57 PM
Q: What is a Final Word™?

GlorfindelIn the spirit of the What is a Word™/Phrase™ series started by JLee, a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. 2016 is almost over, so here is an appropriate 'What is a Word' puzzle. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a Final Word™. Use the following examples below to find the...

Q: When ratio can be reversed?

user64814The following problem seems somehow critical to me. The answer of the following question is 10.8 and 8.8. Two liquids are mixed in the ratio 3:2 and the vendor gains 10% by selling the mixture at 11 USD (US Dollar) per liter. If the first liquid costs 2 USD more than the second, find the cost ...

I just love puns way too much to refrain
This reminds me of a family guy episode where they are talking to Peters doctor
"Please no more schtick"
Hmmm why EG GB
6:29 PM
Remember its an imgur maze
So either only letters or combo of letters plus a number will be good
+ the more I look at the the more I'm wondering if octave # is also possibly important given the apparent distinction between A3-G2 and A2-G2
I hope you have considered it already
Note tells us to look at the beginnings
@Techidiot Legend, as in? Historical stuff?
But knowing history doesnt matter here
@Techidiot this isn't as valid as you think
What you are looking for in the message is not an imgur-type string
6:38 PM
Ahh okay thanks
There is no cipher tag.. Interesting.
6:56 PM
I see @Jim did confirm REMISSLY, so CCCC goes to me
sorry for the delay of game. ;)
I've been wondering when you were going to get on :P
Had stuff to do this morning. hehe
How dare you :P
6:58 PM
so I'm trying to decide between a prettier surface reading for a (I think) much easier cc, or a little worse one for a harder cc.
The 1st one, please..
Very well.
CCCC: Taking notice of an X in the notice. (9)
Lol, redundant
Can you pin your own message?
(actually wondering)
I can't, no
er. Or can I
now to unpin the old
7:01 PM
Yeah I'm silly. I can pin my own.
>.< fail
I'd say taking notice is the likeliest definition
@dcfyj- I thought you answered with "reductant" ;)
haha, no
I'm presently Doing Stuff™ so please @ping me if you have an answer.
I think you should ™ the @Ping Me™ too :P
7:08 PM
Doing Stuff TM C R
C R?
Copyright and Registered(trademark)
© ®
I don't think yeah that^
On mobile dashing through the snow
As a passenger
I'm presently Doing Stuff™ so please @PingMe™®©2016 me if you have an answer.
7:10 PM
There you go, much better
We aim to please. :)
You better! :P
Thank you for coevering all the bases
@Rubio Observing? No idea about the explanation- Just a guess...
@Rubio- I think its ___ACROSS
Please fill in the blanks :p
7:13 PM
Per usual, I won't comment on anything that isn't a full attempt to solve :)
Look Across fits but its 10 and two of them
@Rubio where does carbonless ice diamonds play into this one?
It's there at the end. Because in this case, as we know, diamonds are entirely carbon, so a carbonless diamond clearly is nothing. So, see it? There, after the period?
The (9)?
No, before the (9).
7:19 PM
How many people are confused raise your hand
I understand now after what rubio said, but I didn't right off.
Not sure why ice though
because notice is not ice
ah ok
I'm probably wasting my time trying to get ATTENTION to fit but it's so close
We were looking at synonyms for diamond last niggt
Or shall I say 13hrs ago
ICE came up as one
7:23 PM
Yeah, it's a nickname for it
@Jim So, you are in the States...
Indeed. Rubio was not privy to that slang
I clued "rock" with "diamond maybe" - same idea though.
I am. specifically Minneosta
Oh hey me too
7:24 PM
@Sid He could be in South or Central America, or Canada :P
(and I am quite aware of ice=diamond; I just missed where you guys were talking about that)
Or Greenland for that matter
Could have been Canada, I agree.. Not South or Central America though..
Why not?
See the Name, Quite clearly, either his nickname or an original name. Not a made-up one for online activities. I doubt, many people in South America have "Jim" as a name(They might have..). Or better yet, call it my instinct.
7:28 PM
@Will you are in MN?
I am :)
Oh okay. I'm just outside Minneapolis.
I'm ~10mi from Minneapolis :P
There are plenty of Americans living in Costa Rica, which is Central America and has a Central timezone. I'm sure the same is true of at least one of the other Central American countries.
@Sid made excellent deductiona
@Sid made excellent deductions
7:31 PM
@jim You know there's an edit function right?
@Will we shall dominate the demographic numbers game
@dcfyj yup just hit the button twice thanks to a roadbump
I hope you're not driving
@Jim Not good enough, though. I was watching Sherlock. So, went for something,there...
I'm so excited for 1/1
BBC Sherlock? or one of the films?
YEEESSS me too
cannot wait
7:33 PM
BBC Sherlock. Season 3 last episode..
He won't say anything other than BBC
That episode!
I stopped watching BBC Sherlock after S3... which I suppose means I've not missed much
One of my favorites ever
Don't plan on watching S4 though
Netflix only has so much
7:33 PM
That's where we sit @will
Wasn't there that Abominable Bride thing or w/e though?
BBC has the formula right for TV. I don't enjoy American 12-30 episode seasons for 15 years of the same charactera
Felt like the bride one was in the hiatus between 2 & 3
That was in this Jan, this year.
@Sid I stand corrected
I enjoyed the olde tyme feel on that one
7:42 PM
Yeah, it was a complete redo of the backstory from S1/E1, right?
Not really.
Just the opening sequence was the same minus the wink.
does the CCCC require rotating/flipping a letter because if so I've got it
Right right
@Will- What you got? Integrate?
7:47 PM
@Will let's hear it!
I'm still trying ATTENTION :P
I thought "Ot(f) an X" gives tan X :p
Which is Sin x/Cos x. There, you get 9 characters.. :P
Very mathy
I'm not that mathy. hehe
7:50 PM
what things can X be? literal X, TEN, CHI, CROSS, what else?
@Will Variable?
No, that should be a small x
And thanks to you all, I'm now watching The Abominable Bride again. hehe
I was about to watch something and then I got back and there was a new CCCC
7:53 PM
It has ICE @Rubio
@Techidiot lol.
I'm going to make an effort to work ICE in to my cryptics from now on, just for you lot.
Which is even better, as it wasn't even IN that cryptic :)
Oh but that sounded so nice :p
@Rubio is that it?
Per usual, I won't comment on anything that isn't a full attempt to solve :)
Notice(Check) X is a mark Checkmark
Checkmark is again noticable.
7:58 PM
Ddef I guess..
I'm sure this one is right. :)
I got to rest my eyes now.. Goodbye.. It's close to 2 AM here..
"Taking" is not gratuitous. There's no ddef.
Sorry, not correct.
Its 1.30 @Sid
That's close to 2. :P
Where are you Sid?
8:01 PM
See my profile..
So I see. :) Kinda cool that you're exactly 12 hours and half a world away from me.
@Rubio were you the one in Chicago?
@Rubio- Next attempt will be ANONYMOUS. Nothing much to explain though :(
8:09 PM
@Techidiot I don't see how you get ANONYMOUS.
Yeah. Skip that one.
Checkmark and attention are closest and yes Tictactoe :)
...How do you get ATTENTION or TIC-TAC-TOE?
I wanted it to be CROSSCHECK
Tic tac toe had ICE and X is one of the sign used for playing it
But again it doesnt fir completely
At-(X)ten-tion was another.. @Will may supply his observations on that though
I don't think Attion is a word, let alone one that means notice
8:18 PM
Q: Pairs of Pairs of Pentominoes

DeusoviSplit the 12 pentominoes into three sets of four. Can you pair up pentominoes so that each set makes two of the same shape? For instance, one of your three sets could look like this: That uses the L, P, F, and U pentominoes, meaning you'd no longer be able to use those in any other sets.

Nice puzzle @Deusovi
I know nothing of pentiminoes
Tetris pieces basically
Well, close. They have to have 5 segments
Ah ok, got it
That's where the "pento-" prefix comes in
8:30 PM
Now you're just being crazy
Next your gonna tell me integration is the opposite of differentiation
You know, if I hadn't taken calculus I'd be confused there lol
I like math stuffs but was awful at math stuffs when taught it. They don't teach it correctly in school.
Attending/Statement are more options. Check if anyone can get something out of it
@Jim Depends I suppose I learned it fine when they taught it. I find Common Core to be a ridiculous method, but to each his own.
Can X be considered as counter? We can have anX(Encounter) but rest of the part doesnt fit
8:42 PM
@Rubio Thanks! Came up with it a few years back and only just remembered it when Engineer Toast's puzzles prompted it.
@dcfyj if you naturally grasp the concepts and like memorization I think that helps
@dcfyj I think common core is the most natural way to teach math, personally. Have you looked at it a lot?
@dcfyj If you actually look at the common core standards themselves, they're perfectly reasonable. The issue is with awful textbooks from Pearson (who basically have a monopoly), not the standards themselves.
@Deusovi I haven't encountered the text books yet but I will soon enough
I have my times table up to 12X12 memorized (maybe a little more here and there), my squares memorized up to 16, my cubes memorized memorized up to at least 11. Memorization isn't a problem :P
Oh and powers of 2 up to 16
I'm pretty sure that one's from a Pearson text.
8:46 PM
Math memorization came easy to me, which is why I'm a programmer now and also why I tutored some while I was in college.
Onto correspondence? never heard that term before
You're really not making yourself clearer lol
"One-to-one" means injection, "onto" means surjection. It's bad terminology.
@Deusovi I've never seen that word before in my life.
One-to-one I know from graphing, not something I'd apply to a line of numbers though.
8:48 PM
Neither had I. Interesting.
Ah, alright. Injections are functions where everything in the domain gets a unique element of the range. Surjections are functions where everything in the range is mapped to by something.
Oddly enough, I don't recall encountering those
Their "explanation" doesn't actually rule out "onto", does it.
They should appear in any linear algebra course.
@Rubio Their "explanation" is wrong. They only rule out one possible candidate - in fact, one does exist.
I've never heard either term
8:51 PM
I took a single Linear Algebra, and I couldn't understand the teacher. Spoke clearly, made no sense.
I think they're more likely to pop up in a discrete course
@dcfyj that was my calc 2 exoerience
Calc 2 was most of my problem:)
lol, My calc 2 was somewhat similar, just not as bad. I started procrastinating a lot at that time.
I just couldn't follow anything to do with trig or polar coordinates.
Personally, I think I wasn't mature enough for college when I went the first time. Which wasn't helped by the fact that I breezed through highschool.
College went far better after I waited a few years.
8:55 PM
Not an uncommon story
Yup, the sad part is I only noticed in hindsight, would've been nice to notice earlier.
Anyhow, I'm off. I probably won't be getting on (like most folks I'm sure) So "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good current time of day!" (paraphrased of course :P)
I'm a college student - things are going great for me so far. Then again, I'm not much of a partier. The closest thing I do is board game night (which usually lasts until around 3-4AM).
@dcfyj See ya!
I fondly remember those college nights spent playing games until 4am. Nothing wrong with preferring that over parties. :)
@Deusovi you're doing it the right way. So many challenges at that stage of life. Learning and friends is what it's all about
@Will games until 4am would be awesome right now :)
9:10 PM
My brain usually stops working right before 4
I'm occasionally playing magic that late, but my decisions start getting noticeably worse after about midnight
Out of curiosity (and if you don't mind telling), what are you studying @Deusovi?
9:30 PM
Isn't technically a meta tag?
@Rubio Mathematics and computer science!
@Displayname Yeah, but I'm not sure if there's any better option.
@Deusovi cool. My math isn't all that strong. My school's computer science coursework was available under Math, Engineering, or Liberal Arts schools; I opted for the Engineering angle, a bit more up my alley.
9:49 PM
I didn't realize SE crowdsources chat moderation beyond actual mods o__O
Q: We are one, single, far different from the rest

IMustBeSomeoneWe are one, not single, far different from the rest We can regenerate from battles in a sort of nest We can adapt, assimilate, use it for the best; We live in this galaxy, but in a quadrant, far far away So can you guess this place I stay? And what I am that I say? Extra: If you're so smart...

@Will what do you mean?
@Jim You know where that yellow number pops up when people ping you? A bit ago I got a blue 1 down there asking me whether a chat message (from a room I'm not it) was flagged appropriately.
Ah ok
Were you all like "what do I know?"
10:14 PM
Yeah, that's once you get to 10k I think
But it counts all thesites
10:39 PM
Q: A special someone

IMustBeSomeoneI have a fan, to keep me cool. I can sometimes explode, but that's very rare. I can show you what you want to see, when you want to see it. Some say I am magical, some say I'm just science. What am I?

1 hour later…
11:40 PM
@GarethMcCaughan I think you're a special someone.
Why, thank you!
Do you own a fan?
Can you turn on a TV for me?
And I have been known to show people things they want to see.
11:41 PM
Have you ever been known to have an explosive temper?
I'm not sure anyone has ever actually called me magic, though.
You're able to send your words and images to thousands of people across vast distances almost instantaneously. I'm not sure if that's magical, or science, but either way, it's damned cool.
See, it's all you.
When this riddle is marked for closure as too broad, I expect a link to this chat to be part of the reason given :)
Actually, I believe Brent Hackers is the answer to all PSE riddles.
Taking notice of an x in notice... quixotic?
No, wait that fails
I can't explain the o
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