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2:45 AM
Q: Opinion based question

mrsuttonsaiditfirstThis question is entirely about opinion and cannot have any one definite answer. Why has it not been closed? Subjects to discuss while on break with older colleagues

3:20 AM
@DoritoStyle GIYF Pew Research center
4:19 AM
Alright, if that's the way you want to be.
4 hours later…
8:02 AM
@RicharU they are been recount because the number of votes don't match the total of the vote counted afterwards. From what I red until now, this hasn't been showned/proved on the other states YET.
5 hours later…
1:08 PM
@Walfrat no, not the case. Jill Stein is pulling a fast one
1:23 PM
IMO, this conversation had lost any semblance of objectivity and productivity. I'll go find us some workplace Q/A to discuss.
1:40 PM
Well nevermind actually; things are surprisingly slow on Workplace right now :)
2:39 PM
@DoritoStyle to do your own research and not just take as proof a series of links? That is absolutely the way I want it.
1 hour later…
4:03 PM
Better idea: If you want valid discussion, then don't make claims you can't source.
4:15 PM
In any case, @RichardU, at this point I am asking you to read back over your recent message to me and consider they they might have been needlessly hostile considering I was speaking to MaskedMan and ESPECIALLY considering our history. Please.
1 hour later…
5:23 PM
Q: Are facility management questions on topic?

LilienthalAs I see it, facility management in the context of a workplace concerns itself with creating, operating and maintaining commercial environments and infrastructure. In an office context I believe the term "building management" is largely synonymous. So are questions about this topic considered s...

Hello everyone
I think this question boils to the following:

While asking how to deal with existing policies is definitely off-topic, what about asking what kind of new policies to implement?

I personally think there is a lot of good, specific and useful advice to be given on those topics.
@DoritoStyle Actually I have this existing policy how do I deal with it, is on topic
Even if that deal with it is I want to change it to X.
What policy should I implement is the off topic part, really falls into the What should I do, or specific business categories
@DeplorableNumber9035768 ehh, i don't think so, unless I am misunderstanding you.

"What questions are off topic here?

Questions seeking advice on company-specific regulations, agreements, or policies"
Advice is the word you are having problems with
5:32 PM
Advice being what should I do for my business ness
not how should I deal with this policy as an employee
Or just what should I do in general
Or what can I do to change it
OK, fair enough. What about a question like, "What are some resources for Best Practices in facilities management?"

Although that sort of question implies enough forethought to work within the policy, so maybe it's a moot point.
I disagree. A simple answer could be something like "Read 'How to make great stuff' by Some Dude.'" or "Check out this acme.com, it is full of good info on this topic"
Since the question asks for resources and not advice?
However, we have this situation, are there any established common business practices that address this issue would be on topic
Actually that would fall into the list question category that is a SE nono
Q: Why are "shopping list" questions bad?

PëkkaMy question was closed for being a "shopping list question", even though it was absolutely on topic and programming related. Why?

However my boss has asked me to find a good resource on Facilities management for him. What is the best option and why? might fly
I think its clearly on topic, might get nailed by the opinion based opponents
Sometimes asking questions here is hard :p
5:42 PM
That's a good point! Even if my example question were on-topic it's basically asking for a list. Oops!
That might change my opinion on the whole matter... I'll have to chew on that for a bit.
6:03 PM
A: Are facility management questions on topic?

DoritoStyleEdit: After some discussion, the best answer seems to be to decide on a case-by case basis whether or not something veers too close to "Questions seeking advice on company-specific regulations, agreements, or policies". As IDrinkAndIKnowThings points out in their answer and in chat: Even if a qu...

I've edited my answer, maybe it will get a better reception now (Today has been a bad day for me and down-votes)
Meta Downvotes are different than downvotes on the regular site
on meta it means I disagree not that it is necessarily a bad answer
6:38 PM
@DoritoStyle you are mistaking brevity for hostility. I cited the Pew research center and encouraged you to check the data yourself so that you can see for yourself. I'm not out to convince you but to encourage you to rely on your own abilities. You shouldn't take my word for it, or accept a list of links as fact, you should investigate for yourself.
Q: Request to reopen the "threatened to resign, called a bully question"

mrsuttonsaiditfirstI would like this question to be re-opened. Threatened to resign, accused of being a bully Multiple users answered the question with varying degrees of commentary. It does contain a question. The story was necessary to give the context in which the question was asked. If I need to reword it,...

Heh, I've got a small-scale serial downvoter :D
7:08 PM
I just read one of those long articles where they say "run, don't walk" if your employer has any of these policies in place. A previous employer (the one I had a stroke from all the stress) had every last one.
7:23 PM
@RichardU "mistaking brevity for hostility" Those two aren't really the same, and in this case I don't think that is what you have done. Thanks for responding and considering my point, but I don't consider that little back and forth we just had to be constructive or pleasant. Your move about how it goes next time.
Regarding your other point, you "cited" a company and not a study. In what sort of debate does that count as a source? :)

If you're not willing to provide sources when making claims, then you aren't really giving a good faith effort to civil productive discussion here. Maybe that was never your intent, but it was my assumption that you wanted to discuss a point, not that you were ranting.
7:40 PM
@DoritoStyle I have no animosity towards you. Assume good intent. The Pew research center put out a detailed report on serious flaws in the voter roles, a simple Google search on Pew and two million registered dead voters will give you all the information you need. I'm not putting in any effort to discuss this because I am not interested in proving anything. You can see for yourself, and you should.
I assumed good intent when I assumed you wanted a discussion.

You assumed bad intent when you accused me of Appeal To Ignorance. Do you disagree there?
I do not want a discussion at this point, it's getting old and I've seen friends of mine tear each other apart over misinformation.
Because of that, I simply encourage everyone, not just you, to seek their own truth.
Telling me to go find it myself when I made a good faith effort to discuss came across as insulting.
Can you see that?
@DoritoStyle appeal to ignorance is basically saying that simply saying that you don't know is not an argument
I know the definition.
7:43 PM
@DoritoStyle If I came across as insulting, I apoliogize
OK, sorry I made a whole thing about it. There's always next time.
Young people are being fed garbage constantly. My telling you to find out for yourself was intended to not to try to manipulate you.
@DoritoStyle You're very intillegent, but a bit brash. I was worse at your age
this is why people initially thought you were a troll.
When I saw you were simply young, I reassessed that.
I'll admit to being brash, but the policy says to assume good intent first, and educate second :)
@DoritoStyle When I was young, I was an outright ass, and I fell for everything. My attitude towards you is in an effort to help you avoid some of the same mistakes.
I also realize that clinging to policy is a bit off-putting, but growing up in the age of reddit has led me to believe that enforcing boundaries is the only thing that ensures a community remains in-check and useful.
7:49 PM
@DoritoStyle The way I grew up was that you settled it amongst yourselves and never contacted authorities unless it was serious.
Hmm, I'm more prone to rely on community & debate than mods or authority. Idealistic maybe, but I think there's a useful balance that can be achieved between our two methods.

Stack Exchange has, so far, offered me a refuge in a sea of crap on the internet, so I'm pretty motivated to defending the existing parts I value so much.
@RichardU what you are describing is a very good motivation, but I must admit that your track record of remembering those goals in the heat of the moment has left me a bit bemused. You have often resorted to criticizing my character or putting words in my mouth. For all the times you've quoted a logical fallacy at me, I feel you offered your own in return.

I genuinely hope we can move past those issues (I also realize that your medical condition provides extra challenge here) . Bickering brings me nothing but stress.
@DoritoStyle I will moderate my tone in the future. If I have been unkind to you, I apologize
Thanks, I mean it. I don't really want you to moderate your tone by the way, I have thicker skin than that at least. It's only your tactics that sometimes "get my goat" so to speak.
Lord knows my tone isn't always angelic, but I try to let logic constrain my methods when I can remember to.
Anyway, thanks for hearing me out there.
@DoritoStyle same to you. You keep this place interesting. :D
2 hours later…
9:34 PM
Looks like another spate of "ERMAGERD, LEGAL!" closures in the hopper. I wish people would read what that actually means.
10:08 PM
Maybe we need clarification in the description..... nah, people will STILL VTC
10:33 PM
Yeah, seems like that does need some kind of clarification.
10:56 PM
The keys are "is it specific to my company as a matter of policy" and "is this advice I should get from a lawyer?"

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