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10:50 AM
I tried a Q&A again - recommendations on how to do this better are appreciated. Ideally, here.
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12:16 PM
Seems like it is a "please-do-my-homework-for-me" day today...
Q: what command is used to search all the files in the working directory with names containing one character extension

danWrite a shell command to search all the files in the working directory with names containing one character extension for the lines that does not start with a character A or character B. I tried using ls | grep they do not seem to pull out anything any suggestions?

Q: How can use find to create one shell command to search for a file named foo starting from root directory,

Zain RafiHow can use find to create one shell command to search for a file named foo starting from root directory, and send the output to a file called fooResult and the errors to /dev/null?

Q: I want a script which will delete all the files in the directory except the last days files

Ronit Asraniex: files come on 9th and 10th and 11th, we do not know the number of files coming each day. i want to just keep the files of 11th and delete the ones of 9th and 10th

12:32 PM
yes it certainly does. But it helped me wonder around and learn, among other things, that down votes on questions are 'painless' aka reputation free.
quick question: about 'what to do if...'
yesterday i 'reacted' to an incorrect answer (that was either later deleted or edited). As I could not comment (yesterday) I added an answer that corrected the bad answer - but did not literally answer the question. Now I learned to pay more attention to ANSWERING THE QUESTION - so all is okay, but - is it fair-play to edit "my" answer and invalidate the comment?
@MichaelFelt not sure I understand — could you point out the answer you're thinking of editing?
hmm - the question has gone to -4 :) unix.stackexchange.com/questions/325462/…
and I am not soo concerned about this Q&A, more about etiquette
and thanks for the enlightment on debian "set -e"
@MichaelFelt you're welcome — as it is your answer doesn't actually explain why || true is useful ;-)
(a script without set -e runs indifferently to exit codes)
anyway, as far as etiquette goes
editing your own answer is always fair game
it's up to you to decide whether an edit is "betraying" the existing votes or not
I thought "mask" the status value was an explanation - but not being a regualt shell scripter am (read was) unaware of the power of -e - I shall use it for script debugging.
@MichaelFelt that explains what || true does, right, but it doesn't explain why it's useful
if you write a script without set -e, it's useless
12:46 PM
back to not being a regular shell programmer - I use exit status of previous commands - a lot - and having an easy way to mask something that is going to return an error status (now is okay) but not in the future - I could see some potential for the 'development phase'. That said, I would prefer to not see it used in production.
Something I learned over 30 years ago from someone who trained me to take over his role of packaging. (in that case not to use wildcards to add/remove files - aka do not let globals give you a feeling that all is okay. Be specific.)
that's a good lesson
or principle even
set -e is the culmination of that
(applied to exit codes at least)
Welcome to Unix.SE BTW
It's especially nice to have an AIX expert, there aren't many of those around here...
I am fairly new here too, but... welcome @MichaelFelt!
thanks - I seem to be on a roll today. +140 and counting (knock on wood...)
I can't run wifi in kali-linux so I've to use mobile chat
@MichaelFelt nice, a mortarboard early on is pretty impressive
12:51 PM
@StephenKitt Which is not surprising given the cost of AIX!
@MichaelFelt a bronze badge you get for reaching the daily cap (200 points)
@maulinglawns from the hobbyist perspective yes, but you still find AIX in lots of large companies
Ah, well still a long way off, but much better than yesterday.
@StephenKitt Yes, of course, you're right.
does anyone know why I get error "make 1: no rule to make target 'deconfig-wifi' .stop.
12:52 PM
What I consider sad re: AIX and 'hobby' is that they closed fix-central for getting patches.
I'm trying to install backports to enable wifi
@user334283 If you have a question, please post it as a question instead.
the obvious answer is that there is not a line: ^deconfig-wifi: in the makefile you are reading
are you typing that, or is it an error after typing 'make deconfig'
SE unix&linux is not made to discuss user end problems so I'm looking for a solution in chat..I'll get downvoted if I upload the question there
@mauliglaw - if you do not know make will be very hard to ask a coherent question - imho
12:56 PM
@user334283 user end problems are very much welcomed in UnixSE, it is ServerFault and Networking that do not look kindly upon user end problems.
:) but not 'homework' questions
@user334283 so if you formulate your question well, show what you have tried, what configs you have, what you expect to happen, then you might even get an upvote on your question.
@MichaelFelt There is nothing wron with posting homework questions, provided you have actually made an effort to solve it yourself first.
...or at least show some kind of effort!
@ojs - the tricky part: IF - if you formulate your question WELL. I find it very hard to formulate a question, if I do not know some basics, at a minumum.
Well I was downvoted with -2 when I uploaded in unix&linux and the answer I received didn't work
1:00 PM
@MichaelFelt true, it is tricky
@user334283 Does not Kali Linux have its own forum? Maybe it is easier getting help there?
@maulinglawns - i would also 'prefer' the honesty that it is homework. But perhaps, over time one learns to recognize a Q as homework.
@MichaelFelt Yes, I too prefer if you are up front with it being homework. And like I said, I don't mind helping out with homework - quite the opposite - but you have to show something first.
...not that I always can help with homework!
yesterday the answer was THIS space will be open indefinitely . What was posted that yesterday and today people are concerned it is closing?
@maulinglawns yup it would be easy in kali linux forums if threads posted by new users were not approved by moderators when they are not itself very active
1:04 PM
well, today (and yesterday) I was helping to learn the interface here.
@user334283 I don't know why you were downvoted. Your question seems perfectly reasonable. One thing that would improve it is if you didn't post images of text. But apart from that and a bit of formatting I don't see why you would have been downvoted.
@user334283 - something terdon mentioned yesterday - once you have XXX points on one forum you start with 200 points on new SE forums.
A lot of people here hate Kali questions because they are often very very bad with no research and asked by people who think they want Kali because Kali is cool and don't really understand what it is for.
Yours, however, is not one of those.
@MichaelFelt 100 points actually, once you have 200 points anywhere.
@terdon I believe my question is not formulated in good manner so a down vote is reasonable
1:08 PM
No, bad formatting is not a valid reason to downvote. Especially not for a low-rep user who probably just doesn't know.
should have used YYY - I am getting old enough to understand why new tricks are hard
For future reference, see unix.stackexchange.com/help/formatting
Use 4 spaces for code, not <br/> tags or >. Also, please don't post images of text. They are harder to read, heavier to load and just a pain.
Finally, @user334283. I suggest you start your question from the beginning. Explain what the issue with your interface is. You are starting by explaining the solution you think you need, but that might be wrong. This is a typical XY problem.
@MichaelFelt you're up to 150 now, and the US is waking up — you'll probably it the cap today!
If you fix all that, I'm pretty sure someone will be able to help you.
yeah I'm visiting most of the questions of this site to learn how questions should be posted though I've good knowledge of posting and answering on other SE sites
1:13 PM
@user334283 There isn't much difference. The same rules apply pretty much everywhere.
@user334283 re: your make issue. my guess is that the sources are not fully portable. try make V=1 xxx to get more verbose output (such as what flags are defined). Also, in the source that is not compiling, examine what "include" files it is loading and/or if there is a marco used to add a non-standard struct/union member.
But first make sure what you are trying to do is even relevant.
another hint: try make -i to let that finish as much as it can regardless (ignore mode), then run make V=1 -i to get all the errors in verbose mode. Otherwise it can be quite time consuming to find and correct all errors - especially working in a Q&A method
I'm going to edit that question and remove the screenshot..that screenshot is actually incorrect
ouch - aka "junk in -> junk out"
The {} in the menu are my (code blocking) friends.
code block formatted - friends
1:20 PM
I would copy/paste text from terminal if I was on laptop but that's the problem wifi adapter drivers are missing..hard to type outputs on mobile
good point!
I didn't install generic linux-headers till yet..do u think that could become a problem with functionality?
1:34 PM
@user334283 Ah, that's fair enough. If you do need to post an image for that sort of reason, it might help if you mention it ("Posting a screenshot because I can't copy/paste from this machine") or something.
1 hour later…
2:44 PM
nice surprise: once you reach 200 you get a bonus 100 on all sites you are registered on.
Yep. And wow, that was quick! Well done!
I think you got the bug. . .
3:03 PM
i have had the bug for 20 years, if not longer. Just not here. my portal was once upon a time "important" aka first AIX portal - I changed the URL for the forums and google dropped me - never recovered.
c'est la vie. not my job, so not to worry.
@MichaelFelt The Stack Echange bug, I meant.
nods - writers bug is what I meant, or showoff my "I know it", or just - I like to help people learn how to achieve.
3:27 PM
and I got my 'day award' - do not expect to have the silver one soon though - "Earn at least 200 reputation (the daily maximum) in a single day" - so I feel rewarded and the "bug is well fed"
@MichaelFelt well done! The silver one is indeed a bit harder to get, the gold one even more so...
3:40 PM
@MichaelFelt the description that you give in your user page on unix has a typo in one of the urls, www/rootvg.net instead of www.rootvg.net (and the last link does not work either, dl.aixtools.net)
and good job on the bronze medal :-)
my bad - will fix right now. (why I typed dl rather than www is a mystery)
fixed - thx for the wakeup and for my 'achievement'
much better, always sad to see broken links :-)
3:55 PM
still do not know why i even bothered with the download link. must have been thinking 'low-level'
4:25 PM
what about when someone changes the question - and, imho, the answer becomes less accurate. the original question was "help me with diff" with incident 'what does ! mean". Because my answer does not try to explain the meaning of !, instead I went through the purpose of some of the different diff options, noteable diff -u
Now my answer looks like I cannot read the question.
@terdon - my keyboards are so old - they are what CODE says they are brionging back!
I think I probably had one with an old x86 but it must be long lost by now.
soem even still have PS2 connectors - but those are in the basement I think.
my favorite is my IBM3151 console though. Not used it in quite awhile though.
real text, real greenscreen :p
er, amber for my model though
5:29 PM
p.s. - for those applicable - Happy Thanksgiving!
5:45 PM
Any help with this question, I edited it: unix.stackexchange.com/q/324731/192349.
6:03 PM
I think I'll be able to reach 200 reputation in Information security SE
I often ask logical questions there

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