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1:19 AM
@Deusovi Not too bad ta; still full of painkillers though.
10 hours later…
11:27 AM
[back but probably not for long]
11:41 AM
Just to be more explicit about something I said earlier:
@LukasRotter I think Mushroom Bang Boom is: Arka Karmarkar / Arbitrary Kangaroo. [Those two are the same person, unless I am awfully confused.]
12:00 PM
@GarethMcCaughan You're hereby the first one who's eligible of winning the +500 for guessing correctly.
"The experiment will be over when I would get 1k reputation." - I guess we'll have to serially upvote if we don't want it to last too long :P
What if the guy is just messing with us and just gets us to upvote his post on this scam?
Their last puzzle seems to be pretty "normal", too... Not sure what the experiment is at this point.
2 hours later…
1:52 PM
Okay,this is a strange question to ask here, if anyone knows about Logic gates(As in electrical circuits, not in computers), if I connect two switches in parallel with each other as well as with a bulb, doesn't it constitute a NOR gate?
2:04 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Stop mentioning my real name (A4 K9) repeatedly. If you mention it next time, I will flag for mod.
@ArbitraryKangaroo But you your real name even is on your profile...
Okay, edited, done.
Wasn't that what you had a few months back?
If you are really that concerned about privacy, you shouldn't have had it in your profile...
2:14 PM
I don't think it's a rule violation to use the real name of someone if they publicly presented it on the SE network before... Sure, you can ask someone to not use it anymore, but flagging it for mod seems wrong to me IMHO.
@GarethMcCaughan: Read only the first sentence of this comment.
2:32 PM
mee, n bw huuhldr ydtf pcxp cwvkejfg cn ifl tvyin'r huai ! gx'v imneeyq, ohb'c he, re oql eov ngz kcmawpsh ddrld qv czdlklo tqxb hgm zykk ri smp lxzfmx kyca dn u bxujaf dpqp nawin ntwe bgwaemd a ui qo k'l'.
@LukasRotter Is there stego in the "Anti Dolphin" stuff ?
@ArbitraryKangaroo Nope
What is the purpose of posting encrypted messages again?
Ah, okay nothing, just checking if anybody could crack a (max) 11 letter long keyed Vignere. (No joke)
@LukasRotter "Guessing correctly" ?
4:04 PM
@ArbitraryKangaroo OK, noted; my apologies. I hadn't realised you were hoping for an entirely clean break. As Lukas and Sid say, it seems a bit odd to be complaining quite so vigorously at the same time as having the name in question in your profile. In any case, I shall refrain from calling you by that name in the future unless you return to it yourself.
@Sid It will indeed behave like a NOR gate, but your power source may not take kindly to being shorted out :-).
@ArbitraryKangaroo Lukas means I am the only person for whom the following is true: If that person has correctly guessed the identity of Mushroom Bang Boom, then that person is entitled to 500 rep points from Lukas on account of his earlier promise. He isn't claiming that I have in fact guessed correctly.
@BeastlyGerbil Sorry, couldn't reply sooner. Your answer is right, but the explanation is...well..incomplete, but nice job anyways! :)
@GarethMcCaughan Well, everything is fair in the name of science.. :P
@Randal'Thor You inspired me to make another cryptic:
Fake video about American puzzler (7)
4:20 PM
@Ankoganit Is "fake" one of those words used to clue anagrams?
Yep: US video = @Deusovi.
tut, indirect anagrams. Deusovi would disapprove. (As do I.)
Well, we can't all be cryptic crossword connoisseurs :-P
I'm enough of a crossword dilettante not to be too picky about clues working exactly 'right' (though perhaps that will change when I get more practice with them...)
I had thought of one yesterday and embarrassingly, I have forgotten what it was...
Hey @Deusovi, when you reach a new rep threshold while already a mod (congrats on 25k, btw!), do you get that inbox notification to tell you about your new privileges even though you actually had all the privs already?
@Alconja How is it going with the grid?
4:36 PM
aqua sole mix nothing Maths, silence. (4)
Be kind, it's my first cryptic clue
@GarethMcCaughan nothing indirect there, it's anagrammed video =DEOVI around US.
> These are our forests. We are not kind.
That's legit, right?
Sorry, I can never resist a quote :-P
@Ankoganit I think he means indirect in the sense that you need to change "American" to "US" before anagramming.
Which makes me doubt, you are Mushroom Bang boom...
@LukasRotter I think Mushroom Bang Boom is Rand al'Thor.
4:39 PM
US isn't anagrammed, anagrammed video is put about it
@Sid Wait, you doubt I'm MBB or you think I'm MBB?
also, hello
(I'm not, btw.)
@Sid K, you're also eligible now.
My sock is (of course) called Lews Therin Telamon.
But not the same Lews Therin who once engaged in a hilarious comment conversation with me here on Puzzling.
4:43 PM
@Randal'Thor LTT has the same format as MBB. Just saying :P (incredible evidence)
@LukasRotter You rotter :-P
Anybody else looking at this one?
@Ankoganit That clue looks fine to me! You're only anagramming VIDEO, not VIDEO+US.
Homophones are allowed in cryptic clues without explicit mention,I suppose?
@Sid No, there should be a "sound" or something in there to indicate homophones, I believe.
4:50 PM
oops, of course everyone is right that US isn't part of the anagram, and I retract my complaint.
@GarethMcCaughan The confusion is my fault, because I anagrammed "US video" without realising that "about" meant wrapping one word around another rather than just anagramming.
Good clue, @Ankoganit :-)
Some clue like "to the ear", "we heard", "over the phone", "overheard", "to the audience" usually indicates homophones.
And yeah, I liked the clue too - very nice surface reading!
(Of course, I may be a bit biased... :P )
Well, I guess my clue breaks the norm.
Did anyone ever solve mine?
(I didn't think it was terribly difficult.)
4:54 PM
Hm? Which one? (I just got here.)
@GarethMcCaughan Link please?
19 hours ago, by Gareth McCaughan
CCCC: A state I've reached: turned on (6)
@Deusovi look above...
^^ that one?
yeah, that one
4:55 PM
Nope! Not yet.
@GarethMcCaughan You mentioned that one of them was redundant in its meaning...
Not quite how I put it, but yeah, something like that.
Good luck to anyone who is solving it, I am out....
auf wiedersehen Sid
5:18 PM
Yes!! My second conspiracy theory is complete.
Gareth McCaughan- You are a sock puppet of M Oehm(Or vice versa). See the similarities- Both of these users haven't posted a single question but have over a hundred answers and they also give pretty high quality answers. And now, Gareth fumbles and writes in German. Yes!! I was right.... (No offence to any of the two subjects, but you are caught now...) :P
Weekends are slow :-(
On a normal day, this riddle would have been solved much quicker, and the answer would probably have got more votes.
5:55 PM
@Sid Better that than being accused of being a rogue AI, I guess. I am flattered by the comparison -- M Oehm is super-sharp -- but no, I am not M Oehm, nor do I have any other identities here. Sorry! :-)
6:45 PM
@BeastlyGerbil Sorry! OP requested deletion.
(Speaking of which, how is it being able to see deleted questions? :D )
@Deusovi oh ok then, thast ok. And yes it is fun to see some of the weird things posted here :P
@Deusovi Speaking of rep thresholds, did you get the "you just gained a new privilege" notification when you hit 25k today, even though you had full privs already?
(I asked earlier, but you must have missed the ping :-) )
Nope, didn't get anything. (And yeah, I meant to answer that, but I'm very forgetful.)
Oh @Deusovi you got 25k? Congrats!
Thanks! :D
6:48 PM
@Randal'Thor, @Deusovi is coming for you! :P
Nah, I doubt I'm gonna pass up Rand anytime soon.
Unless he decides to give me dozens of bounties for no reason, but I'm pretty sure that would be against site policy.
Who needs rep when you've got a diamond?
You might having a look at the curve in his rep recently
@Randal'Thor, that line has come to an almost standstill, get posting again!
@BeastlyGerbil I posted a couple of answers today.
I saw, I'm kicking myself over the proof one
6:51 PM
Heh, you can almost see the exact day when my rep suddenly started to level out on both SFF and here.
And I completely agree that the proof of the pudding is the eating
And now that stupid Lifehacks answer has catapulted me up the rep leagues there and got more votes than any of my hundreds of answers here :-(
@BeastlyGerbil Any more thoughts on @IAmInPLS's one?
Which one? (To the answer and I am In Pls)
@BeastlyGerbil This one:
A: Travelling the world

rand al'thorPartial answer The text message is very short and yet contains a steganographically hidden message, so presumably the solution involves manipulation of individual letters rather than words. But I had to make it through security Not one nor two, but eighteen times! I tell you, it's you who'll...

My initial thoughts were that the first line when converted into numbers (letters per word) would relate to letters in the riddle, but didn't get anywhere with that
The first line is very suspicious
6:56 PM
The hint suggests that all the steganographic message is in the first line and the riddle only tells us what to do to find it.
Ah didn't see the hint
You may think that travelling is easy - may relate to 'trip' in the first sentence
'Concentrate on the list you'll find'
"Don't focus on the rhymes, they're not so deep"
So the end words aren't important
I interpreted this to mean that a lot of the riddle is stylistic and not really important to the solution.
I've noticed something interesting. It seems like there is a word in each line which relates to a word in the sentence
7:21 PM
A: Travelling the world

Beastly GerbilIt seems to me So

@BeastlyGerbil How does primes ~ best?
@Randal'Thor google.co.uk/…
Prime can mean the best
Prime candidate - best candidate
Hmm, I suppose so ...
It's a bit tenuous though IMO, especially since you've only found links for half the lines.
Of course, I could be wrong and it means prime numbers
7:58 PM
So when do we get hats...?
@Mithrandir you're back!
looks over shoulder
You can't be talking to me.
I'm not here....
I have a puzzle ready, it's in the new question tab and everything...
It'll be posted soon.
Tonight, tomorrow, or Monday.
So thats where you've been all this time
8:01 PM
I was on the ground.
I lost my wings.
Yo @Mithrandir!
I've been wondering where you'd got to.
I suggest you don't post on Monday, all the metapuzzles are being posted then
@Randal'Thor I still don't exist.
First you abandoned SFF, then you abandoned Puzzling soon after I came back.
Is it me you're avoiding?
I lost my wings. both times.
8:02 PM
sniffs under arms
It actually took a minute for me to get that. O_o
@Mithrandir I'll be frantically clicking the reload button for the next few hours until you post :P
@BeastlyGerbil I appreciate the devotion :P
...Surely not because it has a link to your puzzle.
8:05 PM
@Mithrandir Are you still doing that puzzle sequence (whose name escapes me for the moment)?
The Clues?
Another one inspired from that :p
@Mithrandir Yes.
I might continue.
I have to come up with other puzzle ideas, though...
@Mithrandir you may be interested to know that I am making another 'imgur maze' for the metapuzzle and will be posted on Monday. Its based on Indiana Jones, or Indinana Bones as he is in my puzzle
8:07 PM
I'll check it out after you post it
...Because, you know, I can't see it before you post it.
Well here is the front cover:
@BeastlyGerbil Speaking of Indiana Jones ...
Q: Who am I, if not Lewisoff?

rand al'thorI'll help you get across a river. Once unrecognised in Fischer's song, Later I found fame alone And also as a US state. Who am I? Hint 1: Hint 2: To be accepted, an answer must explain all lines including the title. But any serious attempt at a solution will get an upvote from me.

Nice animation.
It took ages to reduce to less than 2MB. Thats why its a bit fuzzy
@BeastlyGerbil Oooh.
8:09 PM
Thats just the front cover, I put a lot more effort into the graphics and logic of the actual puzzle
I was told for this similar one by GPR that it would be hard to follow that logic, so I've tried harder in this one
What took so long is that I tried to make sure that there were no bugs
I hope I succeeded
How long until you post? Do you need to do anything else or is it all ready
It all ready.
It'll go up tomorrow.
Damn! I'm out most of tommorow
I have to wait.
8:17 PM
What timezone are you in?
Dunno. O_o
It's currently 10:17 PM.
Which is why I'm on. It's after dark here.
Okay 8:17pm here
8:18pm here.
Not much difference but I'll be able to look at it around middayish time, or just after for you. Maybe post it then ;)
I can't post it now, because it's still Shabbat in some places, and if someone Jewish is on the site because of my puzzle, it could be a problem.
1 hour later…
9:38 PM
I just had a good idea for a puzzle, so here it is
10:30 PM
MathJax is evil. Even if it's inside a link (e.g. a title here on PSE) it displays the MathJax context dialog instead of the browser-specific one after clicking the right mouse button ;_;
@BeastlyGerbil Oh great! Now all we need is a Geobitsian answer.
10:42 PM
I have an awesome idea to annoy people :P: I'll make a script that, when I post an answer/question/whatever (maybe I'll do it in chat first) makes a link out of every common word that redirects to the wikipedia/dictionary page of that word, while not doing the same for uncommon words. E.g. [Hello], my [name] is [Lukas] and I like [apples] and neoprimitivism
@Alenanno sorry for the tardiness. Life and all that... I've updated that spreadsheet. Bottom right shows two possible valid solutions (assuming they don't have errors).
Given how much guessing was required, I'm confident there's more. e.g. these two are only different in one corner, but that just happened to be the last corner I was guessing in, if I had've started there and moved other ways I think there'd be equivalent ambiguous regions elsewhere.
11:23 PM
@Beastly @Lukas I couldn't resist:
A: A valentine's code

rand al'thorLukas Rotter's answer is the intended one, but in the spirit of Geobits SetBigO, I can't resist adding an alternative, more convoluted solution. The card is from Since the card includes a picture of a phone with a keypad, it's clear that Harry should Given this string, he needs to Applyi...

Flagged as too broad :P
I'm tempted to go and find Geobits to show him :-P
That answer of his was what first drew me to PSE.
11:38 PM
Just a test to see if you need links to have a http(s)://prefix to work in chat (they apparently do in normal questions): Don't click here 1 - [Don't click here 2](www.shayesaintjohn.net/), - [Don't click here 3](shayesaintjohn.net/)
that answers my question....
11:58 PM
@LukasRotter That is a terrible idea.

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