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12:12 AM
@Alenanno: Are you talking about things like this?
@Deusovi No and I can't find a valid picture for it. I'll let you know when I post the new puzzle. I'll let other users, or you, tag that part appropriately if I don't find a suitable tag.
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1:25 AM
Q: RIDDÅL - another unfinished flat-pack puzzle

boboquackThis is an entry to the 19th Fortnightly topic challenge Yesterday I got a package in the mail. Attached to its top was a letter: Dear Alconja, That's strange, I thought... Must have gone to the wrong user. As a result of your excellent choice in purchasing a REJBÄS puzzle, you have be...

1:48 AM
Q: Homer's Riddle Understanding

R3DI recently heard the riddle that Homer, reportedly, died trying to solve. Homer approaches some fisherman and they say to him, "What we caught, we threw away, what we didn't catch, we kept. I know the answer is [Lice] as the book I found this in tells the answer. I just don't understand the logic...

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3:20 AM
Q: A Simple Chess Rebus

SilenusHere is a relatively simple chess rebus:

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4:33 AM
Q: Yet Another Simple Chess Rebus

AeJeyThis is an entry to the 19th Fortnightly Topic Challenge Here is a relatively simple chess rebus: Hope it will be answered soon. If not, will add hints. :)

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5:36 AM
Woot. 2k rep :)
Q: Interesting 3x3 table, with some unique prime numbers

Jamal Senjaya 151 131 359 131 151 \ ^ ^ ^ / 131 < 1 3 1 > 131 353 < 3 5 3 > 353 191 < 1 9 1 > 191 / V V V \ 151 131 953 131 151 This 3x3 table have an interesting properties. Every direction (up,down, Right, Left, 45°,135°,225°,315°) of 3 cell form prime nu...

2 hours later…
7:17 AM
Yay 100 bronze badges
@BeastlyGerbil Dang dude. Grats :)
I've been stuck on 99 all week :P
7:39 AM
Nice one @BeastlyGerbil
8:02 AM
@BeastlyGerbil Yay! Get a few more and you can melt 'em down and cast them into a church bell :)
Q: Semantic Circles

SilenusRotate the annuli to align the letters of related words. The first puzzle: The second puzzle:

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9:23 AM
@BeastlyGerbil wow, you're way ahead of me. (83b + 42s.)
9:39 AM
@BeastlyGerbil I hit 100 this week too
9:55 AM
@GarethMcCaughan Wow. That's an impressive silver:bronze ratio.
10:12 AM
I'm not sure how this revision is needed; it pretty much mars the pun that the OP intended.
Yeah - I didn't want to reject it but at the same time I didn't see the point of making it. I figured I'd let more senior folks make that call.
I actually rejected it, but I see it has been rolled back already
10:31 AM
@RosieF One can put a positive spin on anything :-).
11:14 AM
Q: This song sounds awful

jmoriartyYour friend Alice has made a recording of her favourite song for you. She sent the audio to you in an email, but when you opened the link, it sounded terrible! You ask her what's wrong with the file, but she just tells you to listen more carefully. What is Alice's favourite song?

11:26 AM
Q: Everything is gone, but the hearts remain

AnkoganitI have a story to tell. Don't be surprised if the story sounds incomplete; actually I omitted a part of it. There was some cash, but not mine. Some stupid persons had to be removed from the networks. The boss of the metalworkers didn't get a wash. A mixture of sulfur and urea was brought, but...

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1:43 PM
Q: 5 people each have 5 equal cards

Mike.C.FordA competent logician is playing cards with four of his friends, so that there are a total of 5 people sat around the table. Each player has the same 5 cards, showing A, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (Ace being low). Each player then has to choose a single card from their hand. The objective of the game is to c...

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3:04 PM
Q: What is it? Simple but fun riddle

Tristan de Jager The one who makes it, sells it. The one who buys it, never uses it. The one that uses it, never knows he's using it. Source: An anonymous guy I met online. Knowing all of you guys, you will solve it in a minute or less. I thought it was a fun riddle though.

3:38 PM
Ok, everyone. This puzzle has been around forever, and I'm sure is largely forgotten, but it keeps intriguing me. There must be someone here who can come up with a good solution...
Q: Names of Physicists Problem

Jacob CroftsThis problem has been vexing me all day. It comes from an old IQ test. Note that while the test says not to discuss the problems on it in order to maintain its integrity, the test itself closed years ago so this shouldn't matter now. I have managed to narrow it down decisively to 4 possible solut...

That's an oldie haha
4:18 PM
@GentlePurpleRain Feynman? Isn't it ∞?
@Sconibulus Good guess by the way, hadn't even thought about that.
Yeah, I didn't think it was right, it just fit too well not to post
Sounds to me like water cycle or something... Only because That's the only cycle I can think of.
Wow, was not expecting @techidiot's answer lol
"Endless cycles of life and death" 'Self Explanatory'
4:21 PM
Yeah, that part wasn't very well explained
I humbly disagree, how are Airplanes cycles of life?
no idea
Q: Rhyme of the century!

Techidiot I won't be found next if you deeply Observe, Moil, won't help to form a parabola curve. I keep my five best friends close, I even have a fantastic car for the ones who hoes. You can skip me, I never have to be seen, I am magician who can easily make "A Housed Tin"! I guess my story...

Q: The Cycle Continues

dcfyj First, it starts like infant's first scream, Then, it grows as though in a dream. Next, it dims as the end draws near, Last, it ends as gone's all that's dear. Then, anew recurs its first breath, Endless cycles of life and death. What cycle is this talking about?

I am sort of disappointed my cipher has not got enough attention. Probably because it is too tough. :-(
Other than 'Infant's First Scream' bit... Coral Reef kinda fits
4:24 PM
@Sid There is a limited subset of people here who like solving ciphers. My attitude is usually, "Meh, another cipher. Let's find something interesting instead."
My thought on ciphers is, oh look something I can't figure out how to solve :(
@GentlePurpleRain I sort of agree with that as I too dislike ciphers. But in this case, I had provided all the hints as to how to solve it, albeit not very clearly... But yeah, should try something else next time...
Which one are you talking about?
@Sid Put "weird" in the title next time. That always works.
oh right, I suck at cryptic clues, That's why I ignored that one
@LukasRotter Or put some unnecessary visual representation. People always fall for that..
@Sid A Chessboard doesn't work.
Is the rhyme tag really useful? I feel it is sort of an addition to the riddle tag without any independent use...
@Sid And then make some mistakes that make the puzzle unsolvable. This way people will think it's harder than it actually is.
4:31 PM
@Sid True, make a meta question!
You could have without
@LukasRotter Like using a non-standard rubik's cube?
@Sconibulus and without
@dcfyj Perhaps.
@Sconibulus As in? Just for artistic pleasure?
An enciphered poem might include as a hint
4:32 PM
@GentlePurpleRain Your thoughts on the rhyme tag? Since, you are the mod here....
seems like it could be useful too, for a fill-in-the-blank type thing
Q: Which word wasn't with Wednesday's ...crossword

David StarkeyAn entry in the 19th fortnightly challenge... You sit down to breakfast this morning and open the paper. You had done the crossword from last Wednesday and the answers are supposed to be in here somewhere. You remember that the crossword was in a grid with a width of 9 and height of 8 and yo...

@Sid Not sure what thoughts you're looking for. I recently used without to hint that the solution was a rhyme.
4:49 PM
Too fast gpr :P
Well done @GentlePurpleRain! Id only got as far as 'lunchtime' has to be across...
I had this:
frail d
o n s r
k o o s
s merits
o e i i
n bed n
g s g
...that did not end up working as intended
Considerably harder to read when the formatting is lacking lol
I'd basically decided folksong was wrong and was trying to figure out how when I saw gpr's answer
@Sconibulus It looks like you were on the right track. Just FOLKSONG was wrong. I started out that way too.
I just added an explanation of how I solved to my answer.
5:01 PM
Ahh, yeah, I was a diagram short on the same logic train :)
didn't notice Urge meeting Income yet though
Q: The New Apprentice

TSLF An apprentice went to a new building to measure the CHB wall area to be painted. He is equipped with Laser Distance Meter that measure the distance from that device to a wall (by means of reflected beam). The doors are of standard dimension while the ceilings are of same height. He started taki...

@dcfyj Any luck? (On my answer, that is..)
5:28 PM
Sorry, I was afk
1 hour later…
6:48 PM
@Sid you were on the right track, you just didn't go big enough
7:23 PM
Q: Secret Reception

KeithN I think I just came upon a secret reception. I was just about to go in when a guard stopped me and asked for my number. I wasn't sure how the system worked but I was able to see the checklist of attendants. One code number was missing and I used it. Basically the checklist was like this; ...

1 hour later…
8:32 PM
Q: It's my friend.. again

hannahYet again, my friend is back at it! Just today, I asked him for something, and he sent me a blank image, though I have a certain feeling it's not blank. You guys helped the last time, but can you help me again? Here's the image. See? Entirely blank. Direct link for those interested: https://i...

8:45 PM
Does anyone else feel like "Sphinx" is hampering conversation here by posting every new puzzle that comes along? It seems like there's less conversation since we started feeding new puzzles.
Maybe it's just that everyone is busy trying to solve them...
@GentlePurpleRain personally I'm not a fan. I think it fills up space and breaks up conversation, is quite annoying as there are quite a few questions posted per day and doesn't really help
I think the minimal value it might have—letting one sit in chat without missing new puzzle submissions—is greatly diminished by how long it takes for them to show up in here. If the idea was to have a single pane that let you keep tabs on both chat and the latest puzzle submissions, from that perspective it somewhat fails; if you need that real-time feed of new puzzles, you have to go elsewhere to get it anyway because of the latency.
Also, MAN those bot posts take a lot of screen real estate...
9:37 PM
Nash Equillibria are only a thing for repeated games, right?
Or wait... is it that repeated games can break equillibria...
10:20 PM
Q: Do we want all new questions to show up in The Sphinx's Lair?

GentlePurpleRainUntil recently, there were feeds that did the following in The Sphinx's Lair: Post every new question posted on Meta Post every question that had a bounty placed on it. This resulted in maybe a maximum of five posts per day. Recently, a new feed has been added to The Sphinx's Lair that posts...

10:45 PM
Q: N pirates on ship

mikei have a question quite similar to the 5 pirates 100 coins game but mine is slightly different hopefully you can help me understand because this question is a doozie. N pirates on a ship 3 pieces of gold preferences; life > gold > watching a pirate walk on a plank > nothing Imagine the Nth ...

1 hour later…
11:46 PM
Q: What on earth is she saying to me?

ministic2001Today, I wanted to ask my crush out to eat. So, I told her this(Note that my language is usually informal. So the language is VERY slang): *Nigerió, only friend. Can you go to canteen with me? Needing to kill some time there. I understand I like you which I am sorry for. Don't worry, we **omn...


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