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1:08 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh ho ho! They said that in the video! Hah!
Hey there!
Aww crap, I have to go!
Good luck
see you
I need luck to catch a bus? Is it really that hard?
what is 416 rep nominee???
@RonanForman idk what you're goign to do
but good luck is never a bad thing :P
1:12 PM
You mean ronnie?
I mean ronnie
Reminder: If you want to participate in this round's Gaming Grant, you only have until 12pm EST today (Feb. 3rd) to sign up! That's about 4 hours from now.
oh the limit is actually 300
What is the number of nominee maximum?
Cause IIRC, when limit is reach, lowest rep is casted out
1:15 PM
That's a bit silly, isn't reducing the number what the primaries ar for?
(or is it to cast, cast, cast?)
@Mvy would be "cast out"
@RonanForman Yes, but if you have too many in the primaries, it is difficult for people to make judgments
I think SO reached the limit on the last election
So we have a limit of 30 by rep at the nomination stage. This really shouldn't be a problem here or on any SE 2.0 site
@Mvy You mean the one prior
1:16 PM
Well, depends when was the last one?
The last SO election we introduced a new metric in the form of badge requirements.
Or maybe I'm just mistaken
We didn't get 30 applicants
Eeeeek, I'm outdated
I don't have enough rep to participate. :(
1:18 PM
@GraceNote If you look at the applicants of the last last SO election, I'm quite sure the 30 that made it to the Primary all met the current requirements
Q: Will the werewolf's Howl of Terror ability still be useful at higher levels?

kenonoI enjoy using the Beast Form ability to run into places like bandit dens and mauling all the bandits. When I do this, I continually use the Howl of Terror to make all hostiles cower, which makes it much easier for my werewolf to maul them all. My question is will this strategy still work as my c...

@YiJiang Would be better to actually look, neh? ♪
@ArdaXi How's the snow by you?
Jochem's on his way home from work early due to the weather
1:33 PM
@Mana You did finish and complete your assignment from yesterday, neh?
Hey that reminds me about how I have to go get breakfast bye
@GraceNote I doubt it.
That... uh... huh.
Told you. :P
@Mana well played
1:36 PM
That was not the reaction I expected
Mana is all about unexpected reactions
#FF @GnomeSlice @GraficAndMedia @victorogalla @MarioPurisic @AppVolt @eamejia @ranfirefly @Carlos_Viloria @userdiegomonzon @Folksnet
Someone thinks I'm worth following.
Time For Another Bundle, Obviously: Bundle In A Box http://bit.ly/zTm3fj
@OrigamiRobot Hopefully Mana is also about bringing us back bacon from breakfast.
@GraceNote Have you tried the new Nitrome game yet? I just read about it.
Q: Proper way to micro Warp Prism and Sentries?

F.S.Lately I really like to load a Warp Prism with 2 Sentries and 2 Zealots in PvZ. I fly into the Zergs main when his army is not there and unload my units, force-fielding the ramp and doing terrible terrible damage. I also want to warp in some more Zealots asap. I wonder how to micro this properly...

I'll have to check it out later.
Eeee, I've got an interview after class today that I don't feel ready for.
CHECKMATE: Playing Starcraft 2, not chess, can make you a better thinker. http://tmblr.co/ZyUagxFpjrE3
@GraceNote This most recent avatar of yours is so faint. I always think I am going blind or my computer is broken.
Heh, sorry
2:01 PM
Does GLaDOS meet the requirements for your avatar selection process?
@OrigamiRobot Not unless she's anime.
@GnomeSlice That... isn't in the requirements
@GraceNote It's... not?
I mean, I imagined the whole "Originates in a video game" part was very explicit about not having to do with anime
Q: How should we use the Beta tag?

SternoI asked two questions about Diablo 3 yesterday. One user, in the comments, felt I should throw the beta tag on them since Diablo 3 is still in beta. I'd considered it when writing the questions, but wasn't sure it would be necessary since the questions were about gameplay elements I felt had a ve...

2:07 PM
@Gnome Are you using your ALT on the election page?
Q: How do you survive the plague?

NicolaiIn The Guild 2, how on earth do I survive the plague? As soon as it hits town, All my family members seem to get it. Before I know it, my entire dynasty has been wiped out.

Q: Does the "wife" mode cooperative mechanic exist outside of Super Mario Galaxy 2?

Brandon LintonForgive the potentially offensive name, but my wife lovingly dubbed the cooperative style of play in Super Mario Galaxy 2 "wife mode" for the following reasons: The secondary character cannot die The secondary character is genuinely useful, and can help the main character by paralyzing enemies ...

@badp, I've played a couple dozen hours of quake live, and over the years I've played hundreds of hours of quake CTF in q2/q3 era... I mean, it's the game that I started out on the internet with. I shared my personal experience dealing with railwhores, although I didn't have a specific strategy for those maps, and I shared tips for dealing with people who you don't think are contributing to the team play. did it not contribute at all to the question?
> your answer is useful and correct in the general case and addresses the question as it was asked
I don't think it's fair for other people to be judging wether or not I have the "expertise" to post an answer on a question or not. people have started judging me, and I don't like it. I'm trying to contribute in what I believe is a valid way to the site.
I wish Powerlord would start that meta thread about it so it could get aired out.
2:17 PM
I dunno, it might have been Powerlord's "accusations" that are coloring my perspective, but when I read your answer I had the kind of feeling that you didn't really play the game, and just kept on something that was valid in all games.
And I'm not judging you, I'm judging your post
@badp I've played quake live. Not as extensively as I have q2, but I've played it.
It's nothing personal. I just felt quite underwhelmed by your post.
@agent86 Fine. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions.
Please accept my apologies
and that's fine, I'm probably more than a little touchy about this subject. I apologize if I jumped on you unfairly
No, I totally see where you're coming from
@Sterno I too wish that this would get over with already.
2:19 PM
Well we'll have to go through it to get over it I'm afraid
so I guess this is a step forward, yes? :P
No harm in sticking with the most traditional of depictions, right?
That looks nowhere like Glados...
@badp indeed. if that's all that comes out of my nomination for mod, that we pass through this, I'd be happy with that.
I'll take a well-written, accurate Googled answer over a poorly-written expert answer any day. :)
Works better amidst the context of all the rest of the full library but I don't particularly care for all the hanging imagery
2:21 PM
@GraceNote Well, then you probably don't care for the character. Glados is hanging.
@GraceNote somehow you managed to find a depiction of glados appropriate for your avatar.... fascinating.
@agent86 "Somehow"?
@badp I'm aware, that's technically why I haven't picked a Portal avatar
@GraceNote incorrect word choice? :P
@agent86 There's depictions of everything in that style of art
@agent86 You implied there was difficulty
2:21 PM
not something I was expecting to exist I guess, heh
@GraceNote If you don't care for her hanging you could just take any hanging picture and flip it upside down.
I... er... okay that's not the best idea.
@badp It's more accurate to say, "I don't care for the particular set of images I can find that are of her hanging"
There's strangely a large lack of mixture between the twintail depiction and the suspension depiction. Least, not with any imagery that I've found tasteful.
@Grace I actually did finish the assignment though.
Well it doesn't help that Glados really has three cores. At least in the first game.
@badp I thought she had 4
2:25 PM
Hm... neurotoxin, anger, curiosity..?
oh, and the cake recipe one.
I guess the neurotoxin one doesn't really count though.
You have to destroy 3 after she starts flooding the room with a deadly neurotoxin
The standard twintail depictions alternate between "Her eyes are two of the cores, and 2 baubles are the other two", and "All four cores are baubles"
I see.
There is more artwork of GlaDoS in her normal form, though. And it's actually cuter in many instances anyway
I wonder, have you taken anything from Final Fantasy * yet?
2:28 PM
(I don't have suggestions, just idle curiosity.)
@Mana That's good
I could technically move my current FF avatar to a different site that could be seen as even more thematically fitting
@GraceNote nods It was a bit of a close call but the proof I needed came to me while I was thinking about things that my girlfriend said
@GraceNote : do you created one email per account ???
@Mvy i was just about to ask that exact thing
I don't know if gravatar makes a distinction, but I know gmail will let you put periods wherever you want in your email address and they're ignored
2:31 PM
@Mvy Gmail lets you have emails like "mana+english@gmail.com" which still point to mana@gmail.com
ie, agent.86.whatever@gmail.com is the same address as agent86whatever
@Mana this too
that too, but Grace I remember uses the way I mentioned.
2:31 PM
@agent86 yes it does. All gravatar should see is your email hash
@Mvy Yes
this is true but then you still have to go tell gravatar all EIGHTY emails
Well you do it one at a time.
@GraceNote wait what
2:32 PM
Oh look, programmers' elections
@Mana I have to set it up each time. It's not a new account being created each time, but the process is still making one slot per site
okay, if I'd like to have my say on the things powerlord has brought up, would it be terrible if I went and posted it to meta myself? he doesn't have site access during the day and it's been a couple of days.
@GraceNote Right.
That's actually an old image from back when I had @stackoverflow instead of @stackexchange.
@GraceNote wow, way too much work for me. I'm fine with boring ol' cthulu-scotty everywhere :)
2:34 PM
Q: What are the differences between the two game modes in Pandemic 2?

Juan ManuelWhen you start a new game, you can either play it casually or realistic What are the differences between these two game modes? What does it mean that not all traits are available in relaxed mode? Why are games much shorter?

@agent86 The main site is blocked from his workplace, which prevents him from logging in to the Meta site
@GraceNote isn't your email address "public"? Why the black(white) out?
@GraceNote Ahahah, SharePoint is pain? :P
@TimStone No, old image that used to be Programmers
Ah ha
2:35 PM
@JuanManuel Not technically, actually.
@GraceNote I was mentioning it mainly because I didn't figure in the next 8-10 hours it would pop up, and it's been a few evenings with no progress.
@GraceNote At this point I just think he isn't going to be posting it.
@JuanManuel Whatever I thought it was can't be it, as it can't fit in that small box.
@GraceNote do you have gracenote@stackexchange.com as an alias/forward? you should.
@TimStone But since I switched to this image, I changed the email address for Programmers
@AbbyTMiller I would infinitely prefer it, yes
shog has shog@, doesn't he? it's only fair!
2:36 PM
That's entirely the logic behind my thoughts, too
@TimStone Oh, for a moment I thought we had a BDSM stackexchange Grace was active on and I had been missing out all along.
Shog is the coolest guy
I still sign all my emails, even internally, as \\Grace Note, after all
@badp The sex site fell to pieces
@GraceNote I'm aware. The API did show quite a sorry situation.
@Mana this is correct
2:37 PM
@badp I know what it is (well, I think I know now), but I can't remember how... perhaps it was through an actual email and not a public place... anyway
@badp Don't make me going looking on Area 51, because I'm sure I can find a proposal.
@TimStone LOL
@badp It should be precisely what you think, actually
Oh BTW @TimStone the chatmodification update for Opera is working really great :P
>_> <_<
2:39 PM
@TimStone What are we, @RebeccaChernoff now? :D
Aren't we all?
No, we're Hitler.
@TimStone Well, yes, but... ah, you get my point
backwardsmile.info is still running
2:42 PM
Hey, what is the black icon on her flair?
@Mvy Her 84 diamonds?
Moderate ALL THE SITES (of which there are now many)!
@badp If there was, I would've been there
2:44 PM
She's got more diamonds than the Queen of France
Well, so do I, but, eh...
@FallenAngelEyes So why didn't you commit to that SE? (I don't remember seeing posts of yours through the creeper API hole.)
@YiJiang which is not really difficult, because France has no Queen anymore
@badp I think human sexuality is too nuanced a subject to fit well in the SE engine.
@FallenAngelEyes Oh, fair 'nuff.
Coming in on the tail end of a conversation here is often disturbing
2:47 PM
@badp I did think consider it for a while though
@Wipqozn Holy wow that's a lot of Megaman!
Q: Does the "wife" mode cooperative mechanic exist outside of Super Mario Galaxy 2?

Brandon LintonForgive the potentially offensive name, but my wife lovingly dubbed the cooperative style of play in Super Mario Galaxy 2 "wife mode" for the following reasons: The secondary character cannot die The secondary character is genuinely useful, and can help the main character by paralyzing enemies ...

Neat question.
@badp i believe it could work eventually, but to have it be productive, useful, and inclusive, it needs a) a MUCH more diverse user base and b) actual experts and not just SE users flailing around
@Mana yeah, definitely
i've never seen that mechanic in any other game i can think of
@Aeo I know. It's amazing.
@Mana: Want to vote to re-open it now?
I had it opened before he made the edit
so I voted to close
2:56 PM
@Wipqozn Done
Q: Is the Guild Tribute Chest a safe storage

MikeI know that The Skyrim manual states: WARNING! Do not leave things in containers you do not own! They may not be there when you come back for them. Buying a house is one way of own containers. After the thieves guild quest, and side quests, to become guild master I have a key to the tribute...

@Lazers I have played this game, and I feel like I could take a pretty good swing at answering this, but I'm afraid to answer questions at this point. If this were an AC game, I'd need to go bribe a herald to reduce my notoriety... :)
@agent86 Answer it.
@agent86 nah, kill an official
3:03 PM
@AbbyTMiller I don't think I could sneak up on @GraceNote. She's feisty and has badgers.
@agent86 My experience with AC games is to just lock on with enough missiles.
@GraceNote i usually just do a barrel roll
Tends to get rid of a lot of problems
@Mana I thought we were leaning towards fewer style questions
@AbbyTMiller I bet we're talking about two different AC games, too, natch ♪
3:04 PM
i moved on from AC a long time ago :)
by a long time i mean about forty seconds
@FallenAngelEyes Sure, but I think one now and then doesn't hurt too much, does it?
Ah, well, I don't actually know if a barrel roll is even helpful in Ace Combat. I watched my roommate play Unsung War through, but never got a hand at it myself
@FallenAngelEyes I reckon we just don't want to see tons, but without establishing some sort of blockade, we can't really do anything about ones that do arrive, though, neh?
Q: How do we feel towards specific questions about the history of a certain game mechanic?

ZsubCould not find this on here, sorry if it is. As a specific example, this question about the earliest game with a major escort component. OP even doubts if it fits here, however, the question seems to have a well defined scope and the potential answers, though they might be less specific than som...

Also, @Agent, I had for the longest time always assumed your image was a Sinistar reference
That's the most recent discussion we have and the highest voted answer was to vote NARQ
3:07 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Okay, I can agree with that reasoning then.
Don't flipflop your mod vote hastily, just as a warning. It gets terribly confusing to people.
@GraceNote Oh, I wasn't going to.
I agree with the reasoning, but...I still wanna get a bit more of a judge on how the community feels about this particular instance. It's clear that 1. the author's willing to work with us and 2. some members of the community are in favor of this particular one.
@GraceNote nope, the original image was ScoTTy, my first clan's mascot-slash-logo. The current one is Sean G.'s rendition of him as some sort of cthulu or mutated sunflower :)
So I won't be flipping my modvote back the other way.
If we're going to allow them, then we need to be clear in the policy, but that was the most recent and most visible discussion we had, and my takeaway from it was that we weren't really allowing them anymore. If I've misinterpreted that, that's cool, but if our policy is unclear, I think it's probably something we should look at.
3:10 PM
@GraceNote Now I can't unsee this. Thanks
@FallenAngelEyes We aren't clear - the linked question in that meta question is still open. Thus closing this one and leaving the old one open sends mixed messages.
@JasonBerkan Agreed, and mixed messages are bad, hence why I think we need to look at our policy regarding it, what the community thinks, and whether or not we're enforcing consistently.
@FallenAngelEyes I agree with this statement.
Personally, I don't mind trivia questions. I think "what was the first" questions are dumb, but general trivia questions on gaming are OK.
I see, I see
3:14 PM
I think one of the most challenging things about this site is that so many of the decisions are subjective and also subject to whoever's around at the time it's made, y'know? policy is really hard for that reason.
@OrigamiRobot I've pretty much ceased to unsee it, too
I'd never played sinistar before, just had to look it up to get the reference.
...you don't know your roots! That's it, I have to make sure @Oak knows what Sinistar is.
@GraceNote doh! another vote lost :( yesterday I called tristan awesome and that was another one down the drain.
3:17 PM
@agent86 Haha
@OrigamiRobot Oh god, you live.
@OrigamiRobot launches sinibomb
@agent86 I HUNGER, COWARD!
Q: Do the codex pages give you XP, like they did in DA:O?

Trinity3SixtyIn Dragon Age:Origins, whenever you found a codex page you would get XP. You knew this because the amount you earned would appear in the corner of the screen, much like it does when you disarm a trap or open a chest in DA2. My question is, even though you don't see any XP shown when you find a pa...

Q: Should a Barbarian ever use a normal attack?

Raven DreamerI've been playing a Barbarian in the Diablo III beta, and despite the disturbing lack of pants, he's been crackin' skulls and takin' names. I'm wondering, however, if there would be any reason to not use Bash / Cleave / some other Fury generator. What's the advantage of using a normal attack?

have we deemed the "wife mode" question safe to answer?
3:24 PM
I wouldn't, but I'm busy being distracted figuring whether @Mana is up to testing
@GraceNote mmm, okay. commented instead.
@OrigamiRobot Haha
I'm saddened by the lack of flavor text, though
I know. It isn't one of mine.
3:28 PM
My version would have activated abilities that require the player to scream.
ah, I'd wondered where I'd heard those yells before. Apparently some of the heavy's dialog is references to that game.
@Lazers Oh yeah, that reminds me, I should ask that other question
...now I want to re-watch the live action 101 Dalmations...
@GraceNote dear lord why
3:34 PM
@FallenAngelEyes To see the early careers of prominent actors. Also because of that image which has made a couple rounds already.
@GraceNote I hope Hugh Laurie goes on to do some cool stuff after House wraps up this season. He's a good actor but I'm kind of tired of that show.
@GraceNote What's the proper etiquette for bumping an old discussion that hasn't been resolved on Meta, like the game mechanic trivia one? New answer, or...?
@FallenAngelEyes New answer if you want to revitalize, new question if you're bringing something revolutionary to the table
@FallenAngelEyes Introduce typos and grammatical errors in the question!
You could also kick @badp in the shins. This may not have the desired results, but I find it to be a possible course of action.
3:38 PM
@GraceNote If you'd suggested that a couple months ago, I could've actually done that!
There's nothing that ample amounts of rabid wolverines can't do to solve the distance problem.
@GraceNote wolverines? have you upgraded from badgers?
is scared
Who sticks with just one minion class?
If I stuck with badgers, it'd be like if Batman had a bat-badger-repellant - I'd be hosed.
@RonanForman What?
I don't have an alt...
Q: Why are users able to upvote/downvote closed questions?

IsaacWhat benefit does this add? User1: Here's my (bad) question. {User1 posts the question against better judgement} Moderator: That's a bad question. {Moderator closes the question for X reason} Next_n_users: Hey, that question is closed, let's kick it while it's down and downvote it! If it is c...

3:44 PM
@agent86 Agreed on both points. The show should have ended a few seasons ago.
I'm not really interested in House any more, now that 'House' is basically the only character left.
Q: Is Better X% Chance of Finding Magical Items party-wide?

FallenAngelEyesIf I have an item with a % increased chance to Finding Magical Items (3% in this case), does this apply only to me, or does that bonus apply to my party members as well? Could you end up stacking this with your teammates to provide a decent chance of better items overall?

Pineapple Smash Crew looks Awesome!
@GraceNote where are you going to go after honey badgers?
Bumped the old question:
A: How do we feel towards specific questions about the history of a certain game mechanic?

FallenAngelEyesWe apparently never came to a consensus on this question. Personally, I agree with Strixvaria's answer, which also received the most upvotes here. I'd been running on an assumption since this discussion that we were leaning towards disallowing trivia-style questions due to reasons he and @TheQ st...

3:50 PM
@Lazers @FallenAngelEyes I think you should expand this to include items used by followers
@OrigamiRobot Sounds like a good addendum, I'll throw that in there.
And I can't remember my Steam login.
@FallenAngelEyes considering in D2 followers used your MF + their MF but you only used your MF
Say, this looks interesting:
@OrigamiRobot Hrm, is my question broad enough to include that without creeping into "should be another question" territory?
3:53 PM
> Pitman is a boardgame-style roguelike.
Pitman is a name that's already got a game, argh!
@OrigamiRobot Probably something that cares about massacre
@OrigamiRobot I think I'll adjust my title to a broader "How does it work," which would allow me to include that, as my previous title would fall under that as well.
okay, opinions everyone
A: Is Better X% Chance of Finding Magical Items party-wide?

SamjusIn all my years of diablo I am pretty sure this Magic Find only stacks up against you and isn't party wide. Everytime i've played online people always get the person with the most MF to loot the bodies, chests, etc. I couldn't find any sources on this exactly but i'll keep on looking but I am a...

Am I correct in what I said, that my -1 was justified?
I don't see how I'm not
but curious if perhaps there is some angle I'm not looking at this
Take note to look at the post before the edit
> @Wipqozn Its funny how I actually find some sources and weird I was 100% correct. Thanks for acting like a child about this :)
I'm just going to ignore him
I'm going to flag that comment
it fits the first flag reason, rude and offensive.
and it does offend / piss me off
You missed the even more offensive comment he had prior, then, I s'pose
I must have
ah I see, I see part of it in my inbox
> @Wipqozn By the sounds of it you were an only <cut off here>
oh, only child I'm guessing
4:02 PM
Well, in anycase. Comment flagged. Not responding to this guy, obviously not going to lead anywhere good.
@FallenAngelEyes Yes, I would just make the question all encompassing.
Q: How does X% Chance of Finding Magical Items work for a party?

FallenAngelEyesIf I have an item with a X% increased chance to Finding Magical Items (3% in this case), does this apply only to me, or does that bonus apply to my party members as well? Could you end up stacking this with your teammates or your followers to provide a decent chance of better items overall? If I...

@FallenAngelEyes Retracting my downvote
(spoiler alert) I didn't really downvote.
@GraceNote Terminator Honey Badger
I guess robots are able to retract downvotes they didn't cast. It's not fair. They're robots!
4:09 PM
I must say, I'm surprised to see Tom ran again, after all the drama from last time.
Samjus self-deleted
@GraceNote We already know the site accepts me as one of its own.
Q: Is there a keyboard shortcut to target my companion in SW:TOR?

TZHXIn SWTOR, I often find myself playing a healer to my companion tanking, especially against Elite-level mobs. Currently, I am pressing F1 twice in order to target my companion. Sometimes, though, I don't quite make it and poor Khem Val dies. Is there a single shortcut I can use to avoid this?

Q: Will I only gain/lose companion affection if that companion is present for the conversation?

TZHXI notice that if I don't have a companion with me, I don't tend to gain any affection for them. For example, I've never gained/lost any affection from my ship droid, because I've never had him with me outside the ship. But will the same apply if I send my current companion away on a crew task an...

Q: Does the Warzone queue pop with uneven teams?

AdanionI am growing pretty tired of getting into a match with uneven teams and having little to no hope of winning. Does the Warzone queue pop with uneven teams? I am just getting unlucky and getting paired with people that don't actually "Join" the Warzone?

Q: Smithing Enchant Not Working?

R3DCL0UDI have Smithing to level 100, but only up to Arcane in perks. I have four pieces of +25% smithing enchanted gear. I noticed sometimes the enchant doesn't show up so I have to re-equip and then it appears under active effects. While wearing all four pieces I could only improve a daedric bow to 51...

Sorry, @Origami, I couldn't hear you over the sound of all the @Lazers.
@GraceNote @Lazers is just trying to protect the conspiracy.
4:12 PM
@FallenAngelEyes sterno did too
@Wipqozn Looks like he self-converted to comment
@FallenAngelEyes ah, yes he did.
Yeah, I'd already been on the fence about making it an answer. Once you added the companion bit that I couldn't answer, seemed smarter to make it a comment
I'm not sure that question is currently answerable
@Sterno It may not be without extensive testing.
@Wipqozn yeah, which I think will be hard to do with the low levels of MF you can find in the beta
4:17 PM
@Sterno I've seen items with up to 5%. A full set of gear of 5% would make it doable.
I agree it would be hard, but it would still be possible.
Either way, I think it's premature to call it unanswerable.
I didn't mean to close it. I didn't flag it as such or anything.
You're just going to need one heck of a dedicated person to answer it :)
(or find a Blizzard post somewhere)
@Sterno We do get those sometimes!
@Sterno ah okay. I thought you meant it should be closed.
4:24 PM
Not sure how to comment or even if I should on the comment Samjust just left on my question.
> I'm with Sterno on this one. I tried to give you an answer but everyone started attacking me. | Samjus
I was hoping he deleted his answer since he realized what we were trying to say
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I thought about leaving a comment to explain we were not trying to attack him, but I don't think it would help.
He seems like the person who takes everything as a personal attack against him.
@Wipqozn I think perhaps either a mod should or at least ah, not you, as you seemed to be the subject of his ire before.
Talking about that here isn't really going to do much about that situation
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I agree. The fact it was me is part of the reason I didn't.
I just want to help this guy understand we're not trying to attack him :/
I wonder if @mana is around...
4:31 PM
He hasn't been around since I wanted to challenge him to testing
Q: What is the best place to grind experience?

YuckWhat locations are the best to farm for experience? I'm looking for those only after starting the World of Ruin and before end-game boss fights.

Q: How can you hotkey items in DotA 2?

NorlaI'd like to be able to activate items (ideally) with the keyboard numbers, but 1-6 are reserved for unit groups, correct? I assume those cannot be assigned to items.

Q: Best End-Game Guns and Character Setup?

YuckWhat is the ideal character setup and which weapons should each character use before end game of the first play through? I figure with multiple times through the game you can probably just amass a full compliment of golden guns, but I'm probably only going through the game a single time...

Q: How do you zoom out?

NorlaIs there any way to zoom out the camera in DotA 2? I've found my ideal aspect ratio - and holy crap, is the resolution terrible if you're not on the right one! Even with the right ratio, I feel like I can't quite see enough of the screen, especially in the vertical direction. Any tips?

Q: Attack Vs Triage Adrenals; (Force Power + Debuff vs Raw Power)

GruffTech When looking at questions like Power vs. Force Power and What effect do the lesser character stats have? , everyone seems to indicate that Power and Force Power have the exact same effect; If thats true, Why does one have a 50% damage dealt reduction, and one does not. Doesn't that make the ...

GAH! MOAR LAZERZ! ducks so he's not blasted again
@FallenAngelEyes - There. You made me participate in meta again. shudders ;)
4:59 PM
Q: Where Can I Find and Tame Kichu?

YuckI've read that the Kichu monster type makes one of the best COM classes in the game. Where are they located so that I can tame them? And about what level do I need to be to stand a chance of taking them out with 4 or 5 stars?


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