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7:39 AM
Do we need a technical question and an answer for what a pixel is
8:07 AM
@joojaa don't we already have that somewhere?
Q: What exactly is a "Pixel"?

Ahmed"Pixel" always confuses me whenever I do web banner work. I use CorelDraw x5 for my work. I usually prefer to use inches rather than pixels as inches are much intuitive for me. But when I do an "Inch to Pixel" conversion, i get confused. In CorelDraw: 1 inch = 300px. At AuctionRepair.com: 1 i...

Q: Point vs Pixel: What is the difference?

Atif Mohammed AmeenuddinWhat is the difference between points and pixels?

Q: What is the difference between DPI (dots per inch) and PPI (pixels per inch)?

e100There are lots of other questions on Graphic Design which partly cover this, e.g. What DPI should be used for what situations?. However, I have become frustrated at the number of questions and answers which confuse the two terms. I think understanding the difference is important. So here's a pl...

Q: Can the size of a pixel and a dot be changed?

John[Before anyone points it out, I've already read the answer to this question, and it was only after I read that, that I wonderd about my current question. So it's not a duplicate!] I'm trying to understand the difference between PPI, DPI, Pixels, Dots and resolution. And so far, I've got a massiv...

8:34 AM
But in this chaotic existential void that we call "reality" who can really say what a pixel is? Or pose a question that can truly be answered, at all? @joojaa @PieBie
you've been reading @Wittgenstein @johnp?
that's how stackexchange makes me feel in general
all these questions, QUESTIONS!
and yet...there are no answers
there should be a furrowed brow emoji...I might design one
@johnp a pixel is a color sample
it is not anything else, but people think it is much more.
I know, I was just being melodramatic
In case it wasn't obvious xD
its worth saying many times
im off to buy a fire extinguisher. Still a few minites to waste though
8:42 AM
ha nice!
8:55 AM
lol nice
i think that was made with nintendo gameboy samples
you ever make any chiptune songs @joojaa
2 hours later…
11:12 AM
im back
@johnp Yes back in 1989 on my amiga i made some stuff with trackers
I'm going to get so many downvotes on Photography.SE, I bet there's flags too
11:46 AM
Q: Arousment as photographer during boudoir shots

sharkyenergyBeing totally professional, sexual toughts should be far away from a photographer during photoshoots. But it happens every now and then, either because the model is particularly sexy, or because the model herself knows she is sexy and like to tease the photographer (happens only with unprofession...

hah 3 downvotes for speaking the truth
12:20 PM
@joojaa any recordings from it?
oh that's a horrible question @Ryan
i mean...take away the context of a shoot and replace it with another one...say a doctor or something else...it's just not acceptable
on another note im about to call up that guy about the job ;( scared, dunno what ill even say
12:50 PM
hello works usually
I was too slow because of that stupid photography question and just got around to posting my photo for today. Not sure how well it'll perform, I usually try to post between 8:00-8:15 my time. Its 8:50 here now
lol waiting for a call back but i have to go soon...he sounds so stressed on the phone!
1:27 PM
hooray new less harsh answer, more downvotes!
I should keep deleting and reposting answers o that question, see if I can get a negative rep value
1:48 PM
@johnp dunno might be on a disk/casette tape somewhere ate home
2:08 PM
Now I'm getting downvotes by a guy that posted its a serious issue as he was getting aroused by bridesmaids before and tries to solve to issue be wearing something to cover his erection hahahahahaha
@Ryan lol
It would be funny if it weren't serious lol
nah I'm just kidding, its still funny
it's painful is what it is
hi @PieBie
did you read his comments? Am I crazy and actually wrong? You can tell me if I am
2:26 PM
@Ryan tbh, I don't know what Russel is on about or if it's even relevant
his comment in the question is easier to decipher than the gibberish he wrote on my answer
I still don't see how your answer is a Stack-level response. It's just judgement that leaves me wondering why you're writing an 'answer' instead of flagging the question.
his argument is basically: "the harder you try not to do something, the sooner you're going to do it, because your brain is a douche"
What would I flag it as? @BESW
Whether Russell is right or wrong, crazy or not, he could take his comments and provide an actionable solution based on real experience with similar situations.
@Ryan Like I said at the very beginning, "opinion-based" would be a decent close reason. And you say you find the question offensive, which is a flag reason.
I'm not touching on the content at all, just on how the Stack operates, what sorts of things make for good answers, and what kinds of responses other than answers are provided for citizens who find a question worrisome.
2:31 PM
Its that it makes me worrisome that a proper response needs to be given IMO. The solution and what is bizarre to me about Russells' comments is to show maturity and restraint
Russell in his weird comments even says this. "I have found that age and experience have made this a non-issue." - Russell
How do you do that? What are some strategies? This is stuff that my 200-level life drawing class touched on with practical actionable suggestions more than you are.
And that class was seriously flakey.
I don't see how chastising someone for asking for help with a problem that really does need to be addressed is helping.
In my original I was harsh. In the new one I don't see how I'm chastising anyone
Would telling you to be more mature and have better control over your rhetoric help you know what I see as a problem in the answer?
Or would it just be infuriatingly condescending?
I don't find that at all condescending.
You're telling the guy he's got a problem. He knows he's got a problem, or he wouldn't be asking. So you're starting out by lecturing him on stuff he already knows.
2:39 PM
As for helpful, I see your point now as far as my answer and will look at better way to word it with something more useful
Then you quote another answer's solution and comment on how it's useful.
Then you go off with a series of rhetorical questions on a topic that is really for the meta page and has no place in a mainsite answer.
And you conclude by saying the question itself is concerning.
Not the subject of the question, the challenge the querent is facing, but the question--which is hard to read, especially in light of everything coming before it, in any way except as a chastisement of the querent for asking the question.
It is deeply concerning to me. I would not want to put any female I know near him and especially not near Russell. But the question is on topic.
Okay, it concerns you. How is "This is concerning to me" an answer?
Telling them to work in a field that doesn't interact with the opposite sex until they learn restraint is my answer
So it's a frame challenge?
Those are tricky to write.
2:43 PM
They said in comment on my answer that perhaps its worded poorly and I suggested they edit it. So far they haven't
I think it's also useful to note that if "work in a field that doesn't interact with the opposite sex until they learn restraint" is your answer, you don't actually say it.
They seem to be more interested in if the model is coming on to them. If they reword it to say that the answer would also be obvious, "Excuse yourself from the situation if the model is making you uncomfortable"
@BESW "You need to grow up and possibly change professions until then."
Yes. That's not the same thing. It's worded vaguely and tentatively, and the rest of the answer is tangential to it.
If it's your answer, make your answer about it.
Why is the bulk of the answer talking about how it'll be just as problematic in other professions?
What are the strategies you refer to? Those would be lovely actionable additions to the answer which relate directly to your main suggestion.
All this amounts to is "Go away and think about what you've done."
@BESW thanks, after this conversation I'm deleting my answer and flagging it for migration to medical
off-topic not related to photography
That sounds like it's closer to your intent with the answer, yes, so flagging is a more productive channel to use.
2:53 PM
thanks @BESW for being the lurking voice of reason :)
...maybe I should change my avatar back to the Nøkken.
Thank you for being open to criticism.
So many of the Stack's guidelines on what makes for good questions and answers seem kinda draconian at first but they're derived from hard-won experience. I've found that about 80% of the time when a post is fraught with drama because of its topic, applying generic Stack Q&A guidelines helps drill down to what the problem is in general terms that don't need to deal with the specific topic in question.
Well my concern is Photo.SE is very lax to what is on topic regarding photography IMO and that question concerns me enough about women's safety that it needed to be said.
You're right my answer isn't really helpful though and more doing what I just said in chat --- telling the person to stay away from women.
I hope they close it but I honestly doubt they will
In this case, it sounds like the person is asking an artificially broad question (arousal during model photography) rather than asking about the specific problem they're facing (difficulty dealing with flirty models).
If thats the case as I said in comment of the now deleted answer they should edit the question
3:04 PM
and the answer then is easy - excuse yourself from it if the model or anyone else is making you feel uncomfortable and telling them didn't change their behavior.
One of the hard-won learnings of the Stack is that artificially broad questions get vague answers that are useless to everyone, while good answers to extremely specific questions are often useful to people in many similar situations.
coming in like a wrecking ball... sup dudes!
Hey hey, Vincent says hi
@Ryan are you two with each other now?
drink a beer for me, only at 11:30, you know.. beer:30, lol
3:13 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ nah he just dropped me a message yesterday. Was asking for the address of a rooftop in San Diego I was able to get on
@Ryan awesome
hope he likes the US, I hope he has pics, I haven't checked his IG account lately
he isn't posting anything until he gets back
1 hour later…
4:39 PM
yay my cheapo brush nib hack for my markers works >:)
so i have a copic sketch collection with brush tips for <120 euro lol
1 hour later…
5:58 PM
sorry got carried away there :3
myeah they're nice...i may do a portrait after my anatomy study later...
I just want my tubes already. Today is my off day from gym so would be really nice if they're home waiting for me
if it makes you feel any better my dr. suggested i was trying to impress him today ¬_¬
made me so annoyed
what the hell does that even mean lol
6:18 PM
@Ryan what kind did you get?
@johnp he's obviously just jealous
lol seriously im very annoyed....given the context of the session and what we discussed...to then suggest that I was shallow or something really upset me :(
Fotodiox. $9.00 after shipping and handling
I got an email asking me to change my Amazon password but I never trust those things aren't phishing scams. It seems legit because its not letting me login to Amazon now
That's the brand I have but apparently there's a $6 Canon tax on mine
Nah I got a deal, now its 14.09 but when I ordered there was link, "6 more at $6.00" or something like that so I ordered from that. Looks like that price is gone now.
ah nice
6:25 PM
Are they working well for you?
yeah they're fun, you need lots of light though
1.6 Aperture. I got that!
that oughta help
or maybe eventually a ring flash if you like shooting macro enough
its deep down on my list of things to get but its on there
I almost ordered filters yesterday but they won't arrive in time for what I wanted anyways so waiting until until probably November to order those
of course a big reasn for even ordering those is a trip I have to Northern cali coming up that I now don't know if I should really do. :| Wish I knew someone out there to stay with, looks like AirBNB will be around $500 if I want to stay after the conference
6:36 PM
I have anoher conference in Texas the following week so was hoping to stay in Nortern Cali until hen instead of crossing back home first but would have to be able to afford 5 nights. Maybe can get company to pay for 2 but that still leaves me with 4 :(
6:48 PM
rent a van :P @Ryan
oooh thats not a bad idea!
haha could be fun actually, camper van
I joined CouchSurfing but not sure if I'll get anywhere without any reputation
is that a thing! lol
i wonder if there's one here
its worldwide
6:51 PM
just joined....
I joined a long time ago but never ended up using it. Its not as popular now because so many jumped ship at the chance to rent their place on AirBNB instead but its still used. I hear there's other communities that have come up for couchsurfing now as well basically keeping the concept and community alive even if couchsurfing.com doesn't have their best interests at heart
do you pay to stay?
sounds like couchsurfing.com changed interfaces or something to upset some members as well. I don't know much about it though not being active at all
no its free
this sounds so dodgy xD
wake up somewhere without a kidney
7:51 PM
prob wont see you guys for a few days ;(
new job :D
my friends going away party is on and I'm squeezing the life out of them before they go
haha more than likely but I'm still waiting for a ccall
the boss used to love my sister so I guess that's in my favour xD
lol since i started studying facial anatomy i keep zoning out of boring conversations and staring at people's noses and facial muscles...

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