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9:12 AM
Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Got to get ready for the weekend, weekend.
9:50 AM
@Vikas I remember having some problems with the Enlgish in this movie, as well. Might be because I watched it without subtitles.
@PieBie Shut your ugly trap Rebecca, and have a good Friday.
@Vincent I watched with subtitles, but English (especially humour dialogues) seemed advanced.
Yeah it's also very full of all kinds of references and in-jokes
@Vikas Oh yes, I remember. In Deadpool there's a lot of plays with words, subtle references, double entendres (soooo many double entendres)
Hm, I now remember that I watched that movie together with the Dark Dictatrix of GDSE Yisela
@Vincent My colleagues say Hindi is much better (maybe because they used our native jokes in instead of original ones, to relate with Indians)
9:53 AM
I also keep on watching Anime in English dubs, because I know I'll relate better. Unless I happen to know the dub is only so-so
Miyazakis are a big exception
@Vikas Hmmm, there are a lot of sexual references in that movie that the Hindi version will probably leave out/change. On the other hand, if it enables you to appreciate it more, why not?
thinking face Hm, so is Steins;Gate
Uh yeah, Deadpool is rated R for a reason
Deadpool: [to the audience] I know right? You're probably thinking, "Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my very own movie"? I can't tell you his name, but it rhymes with "Polverine."

[In an Australian accent]

Deadpool: And let me tell you, he's got a nice pair of smooth criminals down under.
@PieBie Of course :D they always do and that is funny 😂 They convert sexual jokes to non sexual jokes and abuses to non serious/local abuses. But still it remains funny
9:55 AM
^I mean, this is a sex reference, an X-Men reference, a Wolverine reference, a Hugh Jackman reference and a Ryan Reynolds reference, ALL IN ONE
Oh, I forgot the Michael Jackson reference!
I missed a couple of those and even then I found it funny
Add to that the blatant breaking of the Fourth Wall
Exactly. And this goes on for two hours, non-stop. Of course you won't get all the jokes... 😁
And tbh, I don't see how you can transfer all of this to another language without losing at least some jokes.
Lost in Translation
I didn't understand that old lady's role at all. Could someone explain a bit?
(also a fabulous movie btw)
9:59 AM
@PieBie true.
@Vincent nods vigorously
@Vikas It's been very long ago that I saw it, so I honestly don't remember
@PieBie GASPS! It only has a 7.7 at IMDb so @Vikas will never watch it o_O
@Vincent I might, someday. But chances are less as I didn't fully enjoy 1st part.
@Vincent 7.5 I would say is limit. But again, depends on type of movie. If it's good action/war movie, even 7.0 can work.
It is a very slow movie. But I love that about it--for me this was one of the first slow movies that I absolutely adored
@Vikas Ooof, there's a lot to unpack about that one. She's kind of his surrogate mother, keeping Deadpool grounded a bit? But in the actual comics, their relationship is much weirder and unhinged.
10:04 AM
@Vincent I thought it's fast.
But it helps that I was already a ScarJo fan when I saw it, and I loved Bill Murray playing off-type. And as I consider Tokyo my home away from home, nothing could go wrong there
@Vikas Vin is talking about the movie Lost in translation, not Deadpool2
@PieBie I just assumed that he just spent some time at her home for a shelter.
@Vikas I'm talking about Lost in Translation, not Deadpool anymore :)
@PieBie Oh :P
10:06 AM
I'll shut up now
The slowest movie I liked is Prisoners (2013)
10:17 AM
@PieBie @Vincent sometimes Metacritic/IMDb are misleading I think. For example, everyone I've heard from says Fight Club is great movie. But see the scores: 8.8 IMDb | 66 Metascore.

Metascore is too less I think.
@Vikas No, it's correct. There's a few critics out there who really hate that movie. So that drags down the score. Audience score on Metacritic is 9.0
@Vikas That's quite the difference
@PieBie I understand the negative critic part. But still.
@Vincent Tbh, I almost never mention I think the movie is only so and so, because of the immediate backlash of its fans. It's one of those movies that consensus thinks you have to like.
@PieBie Tom Cruise's American Made has 65. So according to Metascritic both are same, which isn't true.
10:22 AM
So to be honest, I think the audience score is too high because a lot of people are just jumping the band wagon
That's why I feel, sometimes, metacritic can be misleading!
@Vikas The problem with aggregated scores is it tells you nothing about consensus or spread. So click through on those scores and see for yourself.
@PieBie which scores?
There are a lot of moies with 65-66 Metascritic score, but at the same time they have less than 7 ratings on IMDb.
@PieBie Funny. I am of the same opinion
I can see why Fight Club was an influential movie.
@vikas: For example:
One movie can have 100 reviews, all in the area of 60-70. The metacritic score will be 65.
Another movie also has 100 reviews, but the scores go from 15 at the lowest to a few solid 100's. The average is also 65.

Are those two movies comparable?
No. The first is probably an OK movie that nobody hates, but nobody really thinks is great either.
The second is a you love it or you hate it affair, with lots of fans and haters.
10:26 AM
@PieBie Oh maybe
That also means I should follow the critic who has reviewed movies of my interest?
@Vikas Don't just rely on average scores to decide if a movie is good or bad. Read actual reviews to see if it's your kind of thing, what people disliked about it.
@Vikas that's also a valid strategy
@PieBie Well, most of the times IMDb ratings work for me :D
@PieBie But after seeing it twice, it is also a stupid testosterone overdose that glorifies toxic masculinity
@Vincent fightclub is one of those movies that broadcasts a stupid enlightment idea that sounds really cool
10:42 AM
I'mma log off, gotta go teach
see ya folks
mee too
2 hours later…
12:58 PM
Halftone patterns...
1:25 PM
Will I stay behind everyone if I don't know about Bitcoins and don't buy one? I kind of find it to hard to understand this thing, including stock market. But recently I'm seeing lot of people are talking about it and lot of apps are promoting to buy it.
Sunday is official imperial to metric day
@Vikas yes offcourse they need you to buy in order to profit. You need to evaluate wether or not your far enough in the pyramid to profit or not
@joojaa I don't have enough money right now. I mean I can earn for living and eating only.
Also take into account that bitcoin is slurping an insane amount of energy. Iirc, its consumption is now equalt to that of Mnotenegro and it's only growing
so it is unbelievably bad for global warming
well, it is good for the warming effect, but that would be bad :P
andm imho, Bitcoin is just a ponzi scheme that nly the ones on top of the pyramid will get rich off
2:00 PM
@joojaa "Environmental Organization Web Directory"?!?
@Vikas My intuition says: Stay out of crypto currency and watch the suckers go down at some point.
2:16 PM
@Wolff End Of Work Day
@Wolff crypto currency is related to stock market?
@joojaa 10 points to joojaa
@joojaa 😂
@Vikas Well it's not stocks ... not sure what you mean?
@Wolff Oh. I asked that only.
@joojaa That 1-bit question really got the regular users going. 😁
@Wolff I misread your word suckers as stocks
2:21 PM
@Vikas Haha. You are a stock then.
4 hours later…
6:18 PM
@Vikas Bitcoin is still very much a niche thing, despite dominating the media. You will not be 'left behind'.
@PieBie Good for me

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