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12:11 AM
@TheBitByte You're gonna have to count #!/usr/bin/python3 /home/سعادة/أتيت/pyth.py or whatever it is, haha.
In retrospect I probably should have started it with some default vocabulary... :P
I think the idea has potential though.
12:39 AM
Um... am I the only one who's primary group on Steam suddenly changed and can't be changed back?
@quartata changed to what?
Just a random group I was in.
When I left that it changed to another one
But I can't change it to what I actually want it to be
mine is the PPCG one
1:22 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Steven H.Pitchers and Rivers Credit for the idea for this challenge goes to Dan Garcia of UC Berkeley. Many of you may have heard of any number of variations on the pitcher problem. For those who haven't, or need a refresher, the generalized form of the pitcher problem is as follows: Given a list o...

Geez, even the bots are using carets now.
@Geobits Next thing you know they'll be using carrots!
And carats?
Is it spelled with a 'c' or with a 'k'?
1:28 AM
Should be c, though I think I've seen it with k, and the abbreviation is (often) kt
Ooooh, right, that's it. There are both Carat and Karat, which are different things both used in jewelry.
What a dumb idea that was.
Wait what, they're different? Bah.
As bad as having both dry and fluid "cups".
Yeah, carat is mass (200mg), and karat is a measure of purity/fineness.
Ah, interesting.
And dumb :P
@DJMcMayhem how do I print vim?
like to an actual printer
i want to print what my vim says/shows
1:34 AM
Most likely some obscure key combination only found three days deep in the docs.
But that's kinda the answer for any "how do I X in vim" question, so not very helpful.
my teacher is amazed at my ability to generate random pieces of ASCII art... :P
or just you
I want to make a challenge based on Bayesian hyperpriors (prior distributions to prior distributions).
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ no like textbook says "generate this ASCII art..."
Hmm... What would one call the object defined by 1 / x + 1 / y = 1?
1:43 AM
@Downgoat ?
textbook is PPCG challenge confirmed
:O I think Helka may of written my CS textbook :P
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ Wolfram Alpha claims hyperbola. It's just not a normal one because it's rotated relative to the x/y axes.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ question in textbook is "Write Java program to convert input to following ASCII text art"
1:45 AM
@Downgoat you are probably the most qualified :p
@Downgoat lol
@Downgoat why?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ because of all the challenges they are :P
@PhiNotPi LegionMammal's formulation isn't the normal one?
@ConorO'Brien well in the challenges part :P In terms of age and Java experience I am lowest in class >_>
1:50 AM
@Downgoat well, that's okay
@El'endiaStarman I mean... it's not "abnormal" in any mathematical way, just in my experience hyperbolas are more common in the form x^2 - y^2 = 1.
you'll learn :D
@Downgoat s/of/have :P
@ConorO'Brien :D hopefully I do before my hand gets RSI from all the "public static void main"s I'll have to write by hand
@DJMcMayhem :|
@Downgoat Did you try Google? I know you can but don't remember how
1:52 AM
@Downgoat just have it on your clipboard? :P
@ConorO'Brien no I mean literally on pencil and paper
@PhiNotPi Oh, right, that makes sense.
@Downgoat oh my goodness
I never got why comp sci classes made you write code w/ pencil and paper
1:55 AM
@ConorO'Brien If they want to make it a challenge they should just force everyone to use Notepad.
@HelkaHomba true but GUIs also tend to be more limited. I can't do git fetch origin && git rebase origin/develop from a GUI. Try doing find src -name ".js" -exec wc -l {} + from windows explorer
@PhiNotPi true!
terminals are faster than GUI generally
@PhiNotPi ono ;_; y u giv dem eivl idea
I'd use notepad over pencil and paper any day.
I think a prereq for being a comp sci teacher should be being a progammer :P
@Downgoat This is ironic coming from someone who was just asking how to print. In basically any GUI, it would just be in the file menu, along with Ctrl+P as a shortcut. Of course, if it wasn't in the usual spot, you could easily skim the menu to find it.
1:57 AM
@ConorO'Brien Are you in HS?
@ConorO'Brien yes
@ETHproductions yes
@ETHproductions yes I am. my comp sci teacher just learned about anything remotely computer science this summer :P
ah cool
@ConorO'Brien This makes me think of the saying "Those who can't do, teach.", which was mostly originally meant to refer to law and business. Doesn't apply to mathematics, since math professors typically also do research. But from what I've heard of computer science teachers, that saying may be at least partially true.
@El'endiaStarman that is a deep saying ._.
2:00 AM
@Geobits *cmd+P for us on a sane OS :P and in Vim is turns out to be :hardcopy Vim is text based GUI++ since it has your beloved mouse support and all. I see people fumbling in GUIs doing shift+left arrow while people in vim just go yyp and done
@El'endiaStarman also applies to my current french teacher :P
I've always had nice french teachers who could speak french :/
ur very lucky then
which grade of french?
@El'endiaStarman I'd agree with that. My prof told me many times "Don't ever use vector in C++, always use an array instead"
@Downgoat My point is that while terminals and such have their uses (I'd never disagree there), discoverability is definitely not one of them, and it makes some things take longer than you'd otherwise need.
2:01 AM
My original french teacher got fired from first school because everyone went to administration to complain. but in next school she was only french teacher ;_;
@DJMcMayhem wat
@Geobits learning curve is there but once you've overcome that I find myself doing most of my work through it except web browsing
ok im wasting too much time here. bai
@ConorO'Brien Idk. Writing things down and working through them on paper has always been a much easier way for me to learn than via computer, even for programming. Probably the case for plenty of others. (Also, Alan Turing didn't need computers to invent them ;))
@Downgoat y u flame war?
@HelkaHomba I suppose that's true. Though I learned on the computer :P
@El'endiaStarman That's kinda unfair. Many people want to be teachers because they enjoy it. They might not care about being a developer at a big company.
Well, until recently I wouldn't think were enough people qualified to teach the subject that wanted to do it. With the constant demand on educational facilities to pump out "computer people", it's no wonder not every teacher is amazing.
2:07 AM
I think that might change a bit as the current crop of fully-comp-literate students gets into the work force.
Hopefully, anyway.
quick question: are primitives objects in java?
@HelkaHomba That certainly could be the case. On the other hand, I distinctly remember a CS professor at my alma mater telling me that my 7 or 8 years of experience with Python (at the time) meant that I knew more Python than all the CS professors at that college. I think Geobits probably brought up the main reason for this: it takes time for students to grow up and enter the work force.
@Downgoat no
@DJMcMayhem ;_; ono gaot did not mean dis
@Geobits ok, cool, thanks :D
2:10 AM
They're more like Java's concession to reality :P
@El'endiaStarman Also, unlike social sciences and math (and perhaps some sciences?) the tech industry has grown and changed so much recently it's hard for even a skilled "I coded with Steve Jobs in the 1970s" professor to keep up
It could also be that today's kids are just terrible and no sane person wants to interact with them at all :P
2:26 AM
O_____O USB drives have gotten cheap since I last check. 64GB for $15....
omfg 1TB usb this is crazy
halp above image borked my brain
You can't see the dots?
There are 18 of them, evenly spread.
> 500 Internal Server Error. Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.
Thanks YouTube >.>
2:41 AM
question: what's a noun to describe a large closed area?
@HelkaHomba I was looking for something that would describe an area closed off my large stone walls
walled region
What size area are we talking about? A yard? A town? Half of China?
what's an adjective to describe a "finished dropping"
I'm trying to describe a leaf that has already finished dropping
2:45 AM
Also, why am I suddenly suspicious that I'm doing homework?
@Geobits idk I need to describe my school for HW
so average size of campus?
Oh that's why.
Because it's homework :/
1) find thesaurus 2) look up region or area 3) skim list of results
@Geobits i tri but thesaurus suck for giving anything a little more specific than original word
I dunno, I find they come in handy for this sort of thing.
Surely one of these can work for you.
2:53 AM
Totally off topic, but the attendance policy for my biomedical engineering lab section is spooky strict: "Unexcused absence of any of the labs will automatically result in a grade of 0 for the current lab session as well as a 50% grade
deduction for all future labs."
I wonder if the 50% is cumulative.
Maybe, I don't know and don't want to find out.
Well, I suppose it's a good way to teach people to either come to class or forge better excuses.
Either way they're learning a useful life skill.
> Failed saving monetization options. Unable to finish saving thumbnail.
YouTube is borked :(
(oh god, I'm speaking like a goat :I)
@HelkaHomba ಠ_ಠ
;_; y u haet gaot's speech
3:02 AM
What's a simple snack (not sushi) that you can make with cold white rice?
@HelkaHomba btw ur not talking like goat. Id say ";_; @youtube y u do dis"
@HelkaHomba Rice balls would work.
@HelkaHomba burrito or salad
No tortillas :/
3:13 AM
;_; what about pitas?
@Downgoat No. I have flour but then it becomes baking :o
@HelkaHomba if you are hungry you can always eat some delicious cheese
Rice is already a simple snack. Just add whatever else you have to hand and eat it...
Egg fried rice?
> add whatever else
i.e. make a salad? :P
3:24 AM
Yes salad was an excellent suggestion. But even just soy sauce would do
@trichoplax Pretty much what I ended up with :P
Given enough rice and enough time you could make a goat, but I assumed you wanted a quick snack...
what's something that moves quickly and suddenly?
I'm trying to make a simile for a hummingbird's movements
I suppose they move a bit like hover flies
This is The Nineteenth Byte, not Downgoat Homework Help. :P
3:28 AM
You can tell it's homework time - I didn't even get a frown for my goat comment ;)
do i need to create Goat Homework Help room? :P
@trichoplax yu do dis ;-;
there's your frown :P
can someone read this and make sure it's as vauge as possible: pastebin.com/CuS7effb
10/10 very vauge
3:30 AM
ive learned over school years vauge essay = bigger words = longer essay = better grade
@Dennis :D \o/ \o/ brb submitting
What's vauge?
A misspelling of vague like rouge instead of rogue?
> I can and do follow the syntax rules and programming convention
if you can't do that you can't even program ._.
why is this test prep question >_>
@Downgoat According to the reputable source of Urban Dictionary, that word doesn't mean what you think it means.
3:36 AM
It has a meaning??
@trichoplax I don't really think so, Urban Dictionary might be making it up.
Oh. @Downgoat I'm pretty sure you mean vague...
FFS— damn spelling
@mod pls eleven in correct spelling so i dont look like idiot goat to someone glancing over transcript >_>
That would require editing the surrounding conversation and making up meaningful replies to replace the existing ones...
I think most teachers grade essays by ticking off requirements, so if you tick all the boxes you should be able to get a high grade with a very short essay
Are you looking for spelling feedback on your essay?
4:04 AM
@trichoplax he has a minimum size requirement
@trichoplax :|I know that will never be correct
@Downgoat Ah - you'll need to waffle then... :)
@trichoplax In my experience, this is like calling popcons objective because vote totals assign a numerical score.
You mean teachers make it up as they go along?
question: what else could I add to the above scene
A goat's face in the sun.
Serious answer: either a bowl of fruit or two more legs on the table.
4:15 AM
@PhiNotPi too difficult ;_;
i would love too though
@PhiNotPi bowl of fruit is good idea
assuming square apples are a thing :P
Does anyone else write certain lowercase letters really weirdly/badly?
Like, looking at this diagram of the letter "d" I just wrote it with stroke #2 first and then stroke #1 in the opposite direction.
i handwriting is bad so all my letters are bad :P
@PhiNotPi I can't see that link, but my handwriting is terrible
4:31 AM
@DJMcMayhem There ^
@PhiNotPi so kinda like an upsidedown 9?
@Downgoat no, not based on the way I write 9s. I do d as one continuous curve, leaving out the "terminal" (bottom-right "foot" of the letter)
ok i see what you mean
Which brings me to the issues of writing 9s as two disjoint strokes, which makes them look kinda like 4s with the "joined"/triangle top, but I write my 4s with the "unjoined"/square top, so it works out okay.
I like it when it's quiet in The Nineteenth Byte, since now I can talk about pretty much whatever I want without feeling like I'm annoying people.
4:54 AM
@PhiNotPi funnily enough that won't load either
5:52 AM
Oh, it's loading now!
@HelkaHomba But commandline still has its uses, e.g. since I usually work alone on a project I don't need enough of the commands that a graphical git client is more convenient, plus terminals have history for easy redoing commands
Can I conscript a view more volunteers for testing some Ishihara plates for my Sandboxed challenge?
@Mego Testing?

 Ishihara Plates

Testing custom-made Ishihara Plates for meta.codegolf.stackexc...
I'm going to post some images of Ishihara plates to chat, and I want people to tell me what they see
5:57 AM
I already read your question
And I can barely see plate #14 (not colorblind though - it's slightly lighter for me)
I'm custom-generating some plates, and I need to make sure that they work before I use them (or, at least, the method I'm using to make them) for the challenge
The 5 in #14 is barely visible to color-deficient individuals, and some people who are borderline color-deficient can see it
@Mego Probably best to link to avoid spamming oneboxes (small images would work as well)
Join the room if you want to help - I'm not going to spam this room with images :P
The images are small
5:59 AM
Oh, for some reason I didn't realize that room link was a room link
@Mego I see (in order)
@DJMcMayhem That's what it says below the image
Plus those are originals not generated plates
Then I guess I don't have colorblindness
I guess I misunderstood the request
6:28 AM
85 rep to go...
Almost 1000 rep
7:12 AM
how much stuff will Xcode-select --install will download to my mac ?
anyone plz i'm broken without binutils
@GLASSIC Between 0 and 100 TB
@MitchSchwartz what's the etiquette on anarchy when you have a solution that passes all test cases, but only because they don't cover every nuance of the problem? post it anyway? post it with some suffix on the user name? don't post it?
@MartinEnder I think they usually use a suffix?
How much stuff Xcode-select --install will download ? ANSWER: nearly 100MB
@ASCII-only that one (and the other ones I've usually seen) use the suffix because they abuse the interpreter
(particularly, in the case of Brainfuck it's possible to move the tape head into the source code due to the memory layout of the interpreter)
7:27 AM
@MartinEnder Yeah, I'd assume you should use a suffix though because you're basically abusing the spec IMO
8:06 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

FatalizePrint all integers Write a program or function which prints integers forever in the following order: 0, 1, -1, 2, -2, 3, -3, 4, -4, … Each integer must be separated from the next using any separator that is not a digit. The separator must not change at any point. The separator can consist o...

8:30 AM
yay i have civic duty
A: There can be only 1!

Beta DecayPython 3 Primary Score: 69720516 Secondary Score: 09:30 14/09/2016 def genNum(num): dic = { 6: "(1+1+1)!", 24: "(1+1+1+1)!", 120: "((1+1+1)!-1)!", 720: "((1+1+1)!)!", 5040: "((1+1+1)!+1)!", 40320: "((1+1+1)!+1+1)!", 362880: "(11-1-1)...

I had no idea multiplication would make such a difference
OMG stop changing your pic
it's the klingon flag
Okay I'll stop
But Beyond was ages ago
Do you guys remember the Wikipedia entry for Star Trek Into Darkness (and the capitalisation war)?
8:38 AM
yay i cant use my terminal for 1 hour now
it's upgrading ._.
@Qwerp-Derp Yeah. That was stupid
Should I still wait for solutions on my challenge?
What's your challenge?
Oh, hey, a new guy! Hey!
@BetaDecay "There can be only 1"
Of which you have a solution
I see
Has it been a week?
8:44 AM
It's only 2 days
But no one's really doing anything
I'd wait
Just in case
9:00 AM
Q: Do the auto-super-logarithm

Luis MendoGiven a positive integer n and a number a, the n-th tetration of a is defined as a^(a^(a^(...^a))), where ^ denotes exponentiation (or power) and the expression contains the number a exactly n times. In other words, tetration is right-associative iterated exponentiation. For n=4 and a=1.6 the te...

Q: Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

Joe Z.Here is a theoretical question - one that doesn't afford an easy answer in any case, not even the trivial one. In Conway's Game of Life, there exist constructs such as the metapixel which allow the Game of Life to simulate any other Game-of-Life rule system as well. In addition, it is known that...

^ one more vote
it'll be the first unanswered question to get 100 votes in PPCG's history :D
@JoeZ. You mean it is?
whoever did that, thanks :P
»  runhaskell src/main.hs src/Zeta/Parser.hs

src\main.hs:1:1: error:
    Failed to load interface for `Zeta.Parser'
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
Elie@elie-asus — /d/Zeta
»  runhaskell src/Zeta/Parser.hs

src\Zeta\Parser.hs:0:53: error:
    * Variable not in scope: main :: IO a0
    * Perhaps you meant `min' (imported from Prelude)
Elie@elie-asus — /d/Zeta
»  runhaskell src/Zeta/Parser.hs src/main.hs

src\Zeta\Parser.hs:0:66: error:
    * Variable not in scope: main :: IO a0
9:24 AM
What's wrong?
everything is borked
@BetaDecay ρλεασε στορ ςηαηγιηγ γονρ αναταρ
@TùxCräftîñg Please stop using greek letters for english words
@TùxCräftîñg Because it's hard to read
9:33 AM
first, we're not.
Because it's scarring to read words like "αναταρ"
@BetaDecay nice avatar
Also, "Avatap"?
@TùxCräftîñg pls I'm serious
@StevenH. Avatar
9:34 AM
That's not a p, that's a r (rho)
γρεεκ ισ ςοολ
νσε ιτ
@TùxCräftîñg no way
@betseg use
9:35 AM
It looks like "yea", it acts like "yea", it talks like "yea", it must be "yes"
ιτσ γεs
@Dennis @MartinEnder @Doorknob (apparently Alex has abandoned chat; I can't ping him): request for the chatiquette: under the courtesy section, add something along the lines of "because this is an English-based site, to avoid excluding other chatters, please limit your conversations to English only".
haskell is weird
@Mego Any particular reason this was brought up, out of curiosity?
Is Alex A still active on PPCG? I haven't seen him for ages
9:44 AM
@Dennis @MartinEnder @Doorknob Can we get an update as to whether Alex A. is still active as a mod or not? His latest answer is in July, he often does not log on multiple days in a row, and he seems to not come in chat anymore. He obviously isn't forced to participate if he doesn't want/can't, but I would rather have 4 active mods than 3.1
@Sp3000 The conversation about writing English words in Greek reminded me of a few circumstances where conversations have been held in non-English languages, which excluded quite a few chatters who otherwise might have wanted to participate. It's a good rule to have in general, given that English is the primary language of the site.
9:57 AM
> I'm really busy these days (often unpredictably so).
That's what he wrote me anyway.
He's much more active on Github than here it seems
I don't want to make any assumption on whether that's part of his work or not, but the fact remains that he doesn't seem active enough right now to do the job of mod properly
Or maybe the other 3 mods might say that it's not a problem, in which case one might wonder why we need 4 mods in the first place
@TùxCräftîñg Please stop deleting your messages. Every time I come into TNB, there's always one of your messages saying (removed)
my message was i cant use json for my universe destruction protocol ;_;
Why'd you delete that? :|
10:55 AM
And the reason is deleted as well. I don't know what I expected.
11:11 AM
In my new hex fantasy world, I found a town called Truthy XD
Okay, I ran donjon.bin.sh fantasy world generator (the one that makes hexes) will all the defaults, seed 1.
The town Truthy is a small distance from the Stronghold of Shattered Souls, somewhere on the shore, surrounded by fower tree hexes.
Distantly related: is anyone here playing tabletop RPGs?
I'm twenty two steps away from my badge. :3
Hmm, I didn't think ^^ will make the starboard.
11:30 AM
You'd think that after being repeatedly called out for sub-optimal behaviour in chat, one would try to reflect and improve. But somehow that doesn't seem to apply to a few members here.
Me excluded. :{
TuxCrafting, however, included.
Well, that's a bit arrogant.
While logging into Bitbucket, with Google, when I clicked the button, I was kicked out of Bitbucket. What a welcome sight. :I
Another attempt failed with the same consequence. Thanks. :{
I didn't think ^ will make the starboard.
What's with Bitbucket today? :\
11:43 AM
@betseg /r/hmmm
11:55 AM
Ahh, I'm so much awaiting my writing to be golfed...
And I don't get it golfed...
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

zyabin101Output an upside-down tent tags: code-golf ascii-art Given two inputs, both integers, output an upside-down tent. The first input determines the size of the tent. The second input determines whether the entrance is on the left side (negative numbers) or the right side (positive numbers). I...

@Mego That's pretty much the general rule for chat already, except for foreign-language sites or for dedicated chatrooms. (meta.stackexchange.com/q/136259/180276)
Okay, and for Alex A?

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