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3:05 PM
The fastest proposal I have ever seen head into commitment: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/101710/sitecore
2 hours later…
5:34 PM
@Mithrandir I bet it's gonna have the same problem a bunch of other A51 sites do...
Great promotion, not enough existing Stack Exchange user base.
5:46 PM
I really suck at writing up queries on data.stackexchange.com Is there anybody online (now) who'd be willing to help me out a bit? (I'd potentially open a new chat for that.)

 Discussing Data Queries for PuzzlingSE

Discussion / Help on writing some queries on data.stackexchang...
2 hours later…
7:26 PM
So, I can't comment yet, but I have a comment to make
Q: “Tell Your Friends” - a mysterious e-mail that landed in my inbox [Part 3 of ???]

Kaz WolfeFollowing your solution of part 2 and the Editor screwing up beyond belief, I present to you... PART 3! You send the answer back to our Mysterious Host. Within a blink of an eye, a new puzzle appears for you to solve: Playing for Stavation 0-439-02348-3 9-4-1 188-1-14 59-3-59 189-2-27 317-3-2...

The PDF that @MiquelColl linked to is okay, but the page numbers are off.
It's from what I believe is a different edition than the one I originally used for the puzzle, and you need to subtract 1 from each of his page numbers, or add 1 to each of the page numbers in the cipher
@CasperTheFriendlyCode Oh, are you the creator of noreallyitis.me? Welcome to Puzzling! I've enjoyed it so far, even though it's been a bit simple c;
7:42 PM
@Deusovi I didn't want to make the first month too difficult :P
Thank you, though!
3 hours later…
11:00 PM
Q: "Expert rating" for puzzles

Artur KirkoryanI haven't been very active on Puzzling generally, but recently wanted to collect some nice little puzzles for my website, and noticed how unreliable the voting system is. There are people on PSE which consistently put lots of effort in creating smart, different, well presented puzzles and deserve...


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