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2:01 PM
Hey, I have a quick question. Someone posted this at base camp a little while ago, so I wanted to confirm something.
In D&D and so on, how many possibilities are there for non-mage characters to learn spell type stuff? Say I was a rogue, how likely would it be that I could begin casting magic? And would it require particularly specialised leveling and/or point allocating?
@Matt In D&D there are ways to learn magic if you're a non-spellcasting class, though most of them involve leveling in a spellcasting class or taking a Prestige (specialisation-ish) class with spells.
The post you mention is fairly in that spellcasting is tied to a specific ability - Wizards use Intelligence, Bards and Sorcerers use Charisma, Clerics, Druids etc. use Wisdom
A character with low (9 or less) Intelligence will not be able to cast any Wizard (or other Int-based) spells but can possibly learn Charisma or Wisdom based spells
The spell mentioned 'Sacred Create Water' sounds like a cleric spell which would go off of Wisdom
Cheers guys ^_^
2:16 PM
no worries
@BESW I was imagining it like a tiny tiny sourcebook, with a few points on “further reading” or “sources of imagination”
2:40 PM
@Baskakov_Dmitriy I see you got a reply from someone else already. I'm glad! For questions like that though, asking on Role-playing Games Meta is probably the faster way to get good information, since everyone sees that, while only a few people see questions asked in chat, and only 1 (me) got a notification about the question here.
3:09 PM
has anyone seen @Magician recently?
Perhaps @Magician himself?
3:25 PM
@SevenSidedDie [mild "grr..."] I was mid-comment on the post you just deleted... =)
@nitsua60 How's life?
@SevenSidedDie My comment would have been along the lines of "are you trying to make the case that 'speaking mildly'!='poorly playing a noble'? In which case this is a frame challenge" and link to frame challenge meta.
@nitsua60 Frame challenge is advanced answering; what they were doing is “this is a discussion forum, right? I will discussion forum here.”
@SevenSidedDie p'raps. Anyway, no biggie....
@eimyr Good. Gonna LARP my 8yo's birthday in a few weekends, so've been doing some brainstorming on that front. You?
a LARP birthday?
No too bad, another sesh in a couple hours
what's the LARP you're planning about?
3:45 PM
@eimyr sorry--gotta run before the cafeteria closes. Back in a bit, then love to tell you a bit about the birthday!
Won't be here though, but if you tag me I guarantee I'll read it!
3:57 PM
@eimyr Where did you last leave him? Maybe he rolled under the couch?
Dunno. I was hoping he's fixing botch blog.
I... got somewhat swamped with renovations at home, so have no idea what's been happening with that. Last time, we had 5 posts ready to go, a few drafts, and BESW was working on graphical bits.
A bunch of people had expressed interest in participating, but didn't, so far. Has something changed?
@BESW finished playing with his bits recently.
(har har har)
I think we still have those 5 posts. I'd be happy to continue from time to time when it goes live.
Cool. I'm not usually reading the chat right now, but I leave it open, so I can be reached. Maybe we can launch come Monday?
A: RPG General Chat: vote for your feeds!

eimyrhttps://rpgtheorist.wordpress.com/ I've just started a blog. The contents are to be primarily theoretical pieces about RPG construction and its implications, GMing tips, away-from-the-table resources for players and GMs and last but not least, an outlet for my own RPG designs.

So, would anyone like my blog on the ticker?
4:36 PM
@Magician Wohoo! Looking forward to reading it.
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6:16 PM
Assuming you're still interested.

Most needed skill was outdoorsman, which was used for straight up survival (spend one point, to find some water) at the discression of the players. Otherwise it was used to relay information as needed.
They find a body. Someone with forensics could identify the probable cause of death (or in fact LACK of such info, which is also info).
6:35 PM
Someone want to help me not leave Do you have any references to back up your assertion, or is this just "take my word for it"? as a comment on this answer. Is there a better way to word it? Or will it always be snarky, coming from a "competitor"?
7:01 PM
(Nvm--others massaged it into shape.)
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9:14 PM
BESW has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
9:35 PM
@eimyr Added.
10:32 PM
#Sharkcano http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/blogs/sharks-found-living-inside-active-volcano~
link seems borked
Take the tilde off the end.
ah perfecto
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