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7:03 PM
Ugh now I have to do even more tedious and boring stuff by hand
come do my job, I'm just waiting on users
I get to reverse engineer an advanced search thing to get a != working, it's goign to be great
come do my job, I'm just waiting on users
I'm waiting for them to leave for the day so I can upgrade their machines
7:06 PM
they're still on OSX 10.8.5, and now a ton of software is becoming too good for it, so I have to update them
oh no
so I managed to figure out what the person did to break the api, even though they only provided a partial stack trace and no reproduction scenario or devlog entries for it
damn fine work @Dragonrage
I'm going to have to find another way to do this I think
This is approaching lifehacks
7:08 PM
if they had provided reproduction scenario, they couldve saved me like 5 hours of work
it was an extremely edge case scenario which will never happen in production, but can happen in the test enviroment
Never underestimate the user
When considering possible software conditions, can and will are very similar
@Ash thankfully that first happened a few days ago and I did try typing in
well friends, the day just got better
and it didn't work, and I remembered that my password has ! and esc, ", tab and 1 keys on my stock laptop keyboard is broken
ticket comes in, user's macbook died, refuses to boot. and what's even better, it's one of those old white macbooks. and what's even better better, we don't have any spares
7:11 PM
@Unionhawk it happened because instead of using the api to create a payment method, the dev added it into the db with sql and then tried to use it.
Someone will try to do that in production
No matter how ridiculous something is, it will be someone's preferred workflow
@Dragonrage Well that isn't a can then
@arda is this the same one that is missing the w key?
Q: Hwabi, ilbi, steelies throwing star farming

user158836Where can I get these? I heard lycanthropes and spirit vikings yield ilbi's, but I am not entirely if the information is entirely up to date since I followed a recommendation to farm steelies from dark drakes to no avail. Does anyone have any reliable info?

Q: City State Empire?

Adrian LarsonI was wondering what conditions cause a City State to puppet a conquered city instead of burning it down. I know sometimes it happens when they capture a city that cannot be razed, but that's not the only reason.

Q: Diablo 2 speedrunning strategies and explanations

JBeurerI ran into Diablo 2 speedrunning on twitch the other day. Unfortunately everything is done very quickly and often the choices are not explained at all. I've made a couple of observations though - which i do not fully understand, for example: All stats generally seem to be put into vitality (wh...

I'm starting to hate vagrant. It was really nice when I discovered it first, but on Windows it just breaks in new ways with each release, and none of the recent ones work out of the box at all for me.
7:18 PM
Guess what guys. Pokémon GO servers are dead again.
given that it has been out for 22 days, you would think they would've figured out how to manage the traffic by now.
potatoes connected by rj45 cables, @Dragonrage
there's only so many potatoes you can add
@Ash yes. W ones are normally broken, but sometimes work. Those 4 just stopped working
@arda Are you able to get a replacement keyboard?
@Kaizerwolf ~300 million metric tons of them
Will order a new one
@Ash unlikely. Have completely unscrewed pc before. Also installed ssd
7:23 PM
sometime soon a rival company is going to come out with a stable version of something super similar, like the game but with gen 2 pokemon, and PoGo will tank
Likely to get my claim revoked as user fault too
people only play it (i'm guilty too) because there's no alternative, despite being riddled with bugs and server glitches
@Kaizerwolf uhm, and be sued out of existence by nintendo
or Nintendo was behind it the whole time...
Nah, Nintendo doesn't take legal action against people
That's not a thing
7:25 PM
cough cough PROJECT M cough cough
That said, I'll try removing and installing the keyboard again. Maybe I connwcted it wrong last time
@KevinvanderVelden you're paranoid
@Unionhawk nope. Nintendo does sue alot
@Unionhawk cc @fredley
7:27 PM

Proposed Q&A site for local fish store owners, aquarium service professionals, aquaculture and mariculture specialists, fish breeders, coral propagators, marine biologists, hydroponics companys, aquarium manufacturers

Currently in definition.

plot twist: Nintendo release the real Pokémon GO (which is stable) and sues Niantic for ripping them off.
Project M is a fantastic mod, and yet as soon as it took off in the competitive scene, Nintendo started threatening to shut down YouTube channels and streams that played Project M content, and garnered ad revenue
not a lawsuit, but the threat of one was very real
Q: Does training increase Pokemon stats

Jeremy FrenchIf you train at a gym (one on the same team) you can gain xp and prestege. But does training help the CP of the Pokemon who was battling? It would seem to make sense but I haven't seen evidence of it happening.

string.Format("{0:(###) ###-####}", mobile_number);
@Dragonrage dies a little inside
7:29 PM
is that correct syntax, and if so, does mobile_number need to be an int, or can it be a string?
if you're including the - , it may have to be a string
@Dragonrage try with ideone
and then you could parse it to an int? I dunno, sorry :\
i want to store the masked number but currently i have it as a raw number in string format
i can convert the raw string to an int64
then try and format it
yep you're getting much farther past my coding experience, sorry
7:34 PM
@Dragonrage It'd need to be an int or double, but yeah that'll work
So you could do like, Integer.Parse pretty trivially, assuming it's a clean "8009998819" to begin with
@Dragonrage I'm just getting into this party. What language?
Q: Fastest way to format a phone number in C#?

Michael KniskernWhat is the fastest way to format a string using the US phone format [(XXX) XXX-XXXX] using c#? My source format is a string.

@Unionhawk we have a custom parser for strings to ints
If it is a possible programming question, it exists on SO
@Dragonrage Well, whatever and/or ew
7:38 PM
It's kind of comical how many duplicate questions exist on SO.
@Dragonrage if mobile_number is a double, that will work, but I would probably punch an intern that did that.
@KutuluMike why?
int might work to, i always forget how many digits you can squeeze
Max int is 2.14 billion.
7:39 PM
@Dragonrage it's really abusing the concept of "numeric format". a phone number is not a number. it's a string of digits.
@Unionhawk that's almost how many duplicate questions as we have for
I mean, you can do substring if you really want to
@Unionhawk What's actually really comical, which I wasn't clear about, is how many duplicate questions there are that are not marked as duplicates.
if you just want to display it on-screen correctly, use a masked editor.
I blame the volume that SO sees.
7:41 PM
if you really need it in memory formatted, I'd probably use string.substring or string.insert
@KutuluMike we want to store the masked number in the database, so i have to mask it if it isn't masked
Why store it in the database like that? Formatting should be for whatever your view is. Otherwise, store it raw so it's easy to manipulate/update/etc.
well, FYI: I've found that storing formatted leads to many problems later on.
i haven't finished the code for checking if it is masked yet, started working on masking it
7:42 PM
@KutuluMike Exactly.
well, it isn't my call, so meh?
it's generally easier to store a raw, easily-searched, easily-indexed form in the DB and format on display
the big problem I see with using string formatting to format a number as a phone-number is ensuring you have exactly the right number of digits.
Q: Pokemon go I have to restart at scratch

Brennan RichardsonHi I have fell into a problem with my Pokemon go , basically I was playing normally and my Pokemon go was taking a while to login the option was try again or sign in with different account and I accidentally clicked sign in with different account so I typed my account again and I login and I have...

I was assigned a case that says hey, phone numbers aren't being masked when they are stored in the db, they fix this, so here I am.
right, nothing you can do about it.
7:44 PM
@Dragonrage Is there any way to push back and say that should be the responsibility of the web page/web service/application/whatever that the user is using to view phone numbers with?
@Dragonrage can you guarantee that every unformatted value you get is going to have 10 digits, nothing else?
if you get too many or too few digits, your area code will be messed up.
otherwise, that code "will work".
@Ellesedil possibly? i'm not sure. it would make more sense that way
@KutuluMike no, i can't really, I would have to basically parse it and make sure it is correct then format it and store it. which is kind of a pain
What do you do with values that fail your validation?
well, if for example you got too many digits you'd get:
string.Format("{0:(###) ###-####}", 99999999999) = (9999) 999-9999
do you also need to support international phone numbers?
7:48 PM
So many questions
currently we only support USA phone #s but in the future we might need to support international
Particularly since we don't know what the requirements are, or the context for the change.
string.format("{0:(###) ###-####}", 01189998819991197253) = (0118999881999) 119-7253
right now, it is just taking whatever is entered into the field and storing it in the db as a string
and performing 0 validation
7:49 PM
mobile_number.PadLeft(10, '0').Substring(0, 10).Insert(6, "-").Insert(3, ") ").Insert(0, "(")
^-- that will give you a "correctly formatted" number every time... but if the input is bad, you'll obviously get bad results.
I think you'll be much happier treating your string as a string, not as a number.
@KutuluMike I agree.
yea, because strings aren't numbers. that is probably a better way of doing it.
validating phone numbers is not simple. And you're likely to get it wrong and exclude some kinds of phone numbers that don't look like the typical US number
i suppose i could also parse the string and strip anything that isnt a number
mobile_number = input.Replace("(", string.Empty).Replace(")".string.Empty).Replace("-", string.Empty);
if (!new Regex("[0-9]{10}").Match(mobile_number).Success) throw;
of course, if you include things like extensions, it gets worse :)
7:53 PM
@KutuluMike phone numbers can contain a + which also has meaning, so you can't strip it
and leading zeros have meaning as well
phone numbers are hard to deal with
@MadScientist I was assuming that his earlier string format was a business rule.
but yes, they're a mess.
we should standardize everything. then it would be simpler
7:54 PM
if you're lucky, you just treat them as free-form text, but that makes searching dififcult.
insert relevant xkcd
I wonder if @spugsley knows about the photography stack exchange yet
i think @Ellesedil's idea of saying that the place it is coming from should validate that it is correct format instead of trying to fix it before storing it
I treat formatting strings like that as view logic. It should happen on whatever view your application has. You want to keep the data in the database as simple as possible.
8:01 PM
Getting so close to done with this awful thing
Well this is probably a lifehack
8:13 PM
I managed to hold the gym by my house for almost a day and a half. I also managed to catch a 667 CP Eevee... and I'm 3 for 5 on the Rainer nickname.
It's still alternating for me... so far.
Leveling up blows right now, though. 125k xp.
Q: Switched app store versions and account has disappeared completely, just forces start as new user

Chris LewisMy girlfriend has had this issue all day, she originally downloaded the app from the US app store as we used this before the game was released in the UK, I went to buy some pokecoins a week or so ago and it told me I couldn't do it as my account was logged in via the US store, so I deleted the ap...

@fredley Did he write it, or just sing it?
8:26 PM
He also recorded a Ron Paul version for the 2012 election
@twobugs that is amazing
@fredley I introduced my 4 year old daughter to Indigo League on Netflix since she's really into Pokemon Go when I play it. She can now perform the theme, and my 2 year old also tries with whatever words he has access to.
Q: 2 different decal command questions (signs on maps / black explosive marks)

Chocolate DaddyDoes anybody know the command for all the signs and stuff around the map, for example the jimie jams, and the warning signs? and the black explosive marks on the ground when a soldier shoots the ground stay there forever, what's the command to make it shorter or go away completely?

8:48 PM
> Words such as '2016', 'effort' and 'Olympian' - or even a picture of a medal - cannot be used by non-approved sponsors in any sort of advertising.
> Words such as '2016'
> 2016
God damnit 2016
Who would want to use 2016 though?
Except maybe in an ad about avoiding 2016
@fredley That entire thing is just ridiculously unenforceable
@fredley Didn't London do that, too?
@murgatroid99 Yes
@SaintWacko Yes
London did that, and look what happened to London
@fredley Good luck with that.
8:52 PM
inb4 Brazexit
@fredley Haha
@fredley Too late!
I would like to announce my "Go for First Win" campaign while the "international collection of athletes" is going on.
I just got Yearling #6 on Arqade
9:04 PM
@murgatroid99 i haven't even got Yearling #1 :(
9:26 PM
i know i should be tweeting but I'm too busy watching my show.
Pokéthon Heroes is LIVE NOW raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | Stream | Schedule | Donate
cc @Ash
@GraceNote So, Pokemon?
@murgatroid99 Yes
Hold on
I guess... I'll allow it since the trend began based on this new thing?
But, gotta be SPIFFY. Gotta call them "Pokemon Go characters"
9:45 PM
@GraceNote It gets more clicks. That makes it more correct
Man, the unfortunate thing about pokethon is Abra isn't a partner, so the only playback option is source...
Apparently Roselia as a name gained the most popularity
That's actually a pretty nice name
But it's not even in Pokemon GO
"Shay" is also included in the list
> Mankey and Muk are said to be less popular.
9:53 PM
@Unionhawk Sweet. :D I know what I am watching tonight then
That list is weird because I'd not consider all of those "Pokemon" names
I don't know where Star and Shay come from, but Ivy is one of the professors from the anime
The only question that matters is... how many kids ended up being named Pikachu.
@Unionhawk dammit, am off city, but will watch in Ankara (you said that it ends on 2Aug right?)
10:02 PM
@Unionhawk I can't imagine how much those 3 sets of parents must hate their child to name their kid Pikachu.
@murgatroid99 star maybe a shortened version of staymie or staryu
and shay short for shaymin
@Dragonrage I think it's more likely just mistakenly included on the list
also possible
Well I heard kids being named Luke to say "Luke, I'm your father" but pikachu is just evil.
GradeA made a good video on that
What would be the worst Pokemon name to give to a kid?
10:06 PM
@murgatroid99 Weedle
youtu.be/DgX-oVZDS44 (warning: GradeAundera video. Expect excessive language usage)
Jigglypuff/wigglytuff would be pretty bad
Or any of the *saurs.
10:08 PM
Hitmonchan (pick this name if you like TSA scans)
Hmm meowth as a name is pretty bad too.
10:09 PM
Nosepass wins
Or lickylicky if you evolve
10:16 PM
Q: Will a soft ban be lifted while trying to capturing a Pokemon?

WondercricketThe other day, I had a situation where I was playing Pokemon Go while riding as a passenger in a vehicle. A Pokemon that I had not caught before popped up, so I went in for the catch; unfortunately the Pokemon break free immediately and escaped. I was more sad than Brock every time he got rejecte...

Pff, the pomer Houndoom
Hmm, any good articles about population density, the cost of living, etc etc? Working on an algorithm for city making
10:37 PM
Who ever was dropping the lures at my work for the first couple weeks has stopped. Not a single lure all week so far.
Q: What is the number by the Treasure Cave

Batophobia My Treasure Cave has a little number next to it. When the post office has that, it means there's letters for me to get. What does the number mean on the Treasure Cave?

Q: What exactly does Focus Energy do?

Shadow Z.In Pokemon, there is a move called Focus Energy. The move describes: The user takes a deep breath and focuses so that critical hits land more easily. But what exactly does this mean? How much easier is it for critical hits to land?

Q: Pokemon go log-in problem and internet connection problem

Ladislav VamberskýHi i have sometimes problem with log- in into the game. When i trying it at home with wifi and mobile data, everything is ok, but when i go out and try it with mobile data i sometimes cant log-in. My second problem is when 3G internet is up, a the game stop working until the internet change. Have...

when mobile chat takes 3 minutes to load
@Dragonrage: Are you buying incubators or extra inventory slots?
Q: Pokemon go evolution question

Mathew TurnquestWhat does it mean when I have a lower CP Pokemon but a higher star dust requirement to power up then another Pokemon of the same species? Does it mean that it's going to evolve to be a higher CP Pokemon then the other one?

Q: Can you use Ingress equipment at a lower level?

Shawn V. WilsonWhen I was Level 2, I had acquired quite a few Level 3 bursters and things. I would have liked to have used them, even if they'd been treated as only Level 2 items. Is there a way to do that?

Q: Sync Controls Across PC Games And Other PCs

Paul R RogersIs there any way to sync preferred controls across both games and devices? IIRC, PlayStation Network can do the latter. I'm interested in doing both in PC, at least for similar games. For example, setting up FPS games to all use right-click to move forward and shift to crouch or look invert on ...

inventory slots
10:53 PM
That's what I was leaning towards. I've got 300 coins. Should take me about 3-5 days to get another 100.
What do you need more than 350 inventory slots for?
@murgatroid99 So I don't run out of items if I'm near Pokemon or gyms, but not Pokestops.
There's a lot of animated grass by my house.
And 4 gyms near my house. Not enough pokestops to sustain those activities, though.
You wouldn't want to be caught unprepared by the broom gym
Since I work in the city, though, I end up refilling my items.
10:55 PM
broomlax, sweepdude and cleantrax await
I've definitely run out of pokeballs over weekends, though.
your run-of-the-mill xenial pokeman has quad weekness (or, monthlitude) to dust attacks
goes straight into the fans and clogs 'em up real bad
0/10 would not recommend
@badp, if you ever want to change your avatar, I found a good Pokémon representation of you
my personal brandâ„¢ is too stronk
well, you could use this one instead
11:02 PM
I have no idea what kind of abomination the former is supposed to be
@badp the first one is a modified metapod
is it the ghost of megachristmas past
@Dragonrage I know some of those words.
Metapod + Tangela
Okay, now I know none of those words.
but it sounds like I get to close it as Not A Real Pokeman
Best call(s) ever - Family member 1 calls, says famiyl member 2 is with you, I live on the same property, how can I get your service. I spend a half hour talking to him about it. Hang up, and Family member 2 calls, saying "I'm with you, Family member 1 lives on the same property, how can they get your service".
11:04 PM
It's a real fake Pokemon.
the second is eevee + tentacruel
@Ash interesting.
@Dragonrage that sounds like a pretty intense sex thing
it is a sex thing, isn't it
@Dragonrage I was like "I just talked to the other person" and they were like "well give me the info too in case they forget"
@badp it is cell fusion
So it took a while, but hey, if I can swing a sale out of it, I will
11:07 PM
sounds like you have a pretty good service then.
or maybe they just think you are a great rep
@Ash at this point I'd be surprised if the family count didn't hit 6
I think FM2 simply thinks FM1 is getting senile and doesn't trust them
@badp That was my guess too :P
I mean I'm the only one here 6-8pm so of course they both get me, but it amused me nonetheless
Unrelated but I am playing a clicker game on my phone about chickens and my chickens are now producing rocket fuel eggs
That has got to be a disaster waiting to happen
11:10 PM
@Ash hmm, rocket fuel omelette au fromage
@badp Forget a jetpack, eat that and you can be your own jetpack
Q: Change in Arc Position as Trainer Gains Levels

KadimaI trained a Pidgeot to nearly full completion of its arc (~90%) and then stopped training for a while due to a lack of stardust and the game saying my trainer level wasn't high enough. While collecting more dust, I gained at least four levels (the minimum four were due to a powerleveling push wit...

imagine egging a house with those
@Dragonrage Imagine hitting an exposed wire with one of those and going to jail for arson.
11:15 PM
could one of you mods explain when a merging of questions should be done? or just about merging in general? I know it is a thing that only mods can do, but I can't really find any info describing when it is needed.
That reminds me, I need to get back on the wall puncher bandwagon
@Ellesedil yes, that would be bad.
@Ash in my dreams, I am the jetpack, it is me.
@badp That's a good dream to have
@Ellesedil wait, fuel is conductive? I thought it just burned really well
@Dragonrage when two questions are really alike and they both have answers
11:19 PM
@badp I assume a spark would be easy enough to generate.
@Ellesedil in which case it would... burn... the plastic off the wires... the plastic that wasn't there to begin with since the wire was exposed?
I think you might have bigger problems to deal with
like the fact that you're being egged with glorified combustible lemons
@badp Well, the accelerant (rocket fuel) would ignite, and the flames would spread to whatever is actually flammable pretty quickly. I'm not really following where you're going with this.
@Ellesedil probably to jail for destruction of property
Just crafted a Sunstone Panther
And put it up on the auction house
@SaintWacko WoW?
11:29 PM
@Ellesedil Yep
One of the mats is one of those that can only be bought from a vendor somewhere
Cost me 20k -.-
The rest of them were only a couple thousand more on the auction house
It's been a couple years now since I last played WoW.
Got heroric Garrosh at level 90 and called it.
If someone buys it in the next couple days, I'll make about 8k off it, otherwise I'll use it myself
inc 17 question question
Q: Pokemon Go Battle Dynamics

user3308258I've been getting requests to help people with choosing Pokemon for the Go mobile game but I myself don't have it. I have only played Pokemon games on the Nintendo handhelds consoles. I can't give good recommendations without knowing these things first. So if anyone could answer these questions I...

11:35 PM
The gym outside my work keeps going up and down with a different team claiming it. It's been all 3 colors multiple times for the last hour+.
I took my son to the park earlier, and while we were there I noticed the gym nearby was taken down and claimed for my team
Looked around and found the people I believed to be responsible, went over to see, and discovered it was a couple friends of mine :D
Ha, nice.
I've been going to a lot more parks with my kids, lately :p
Haha, yeah, me too
One park we were at, a few other kids took a gym before I could get to it. Not my team, so I had to immediately crush them.
And I've been biking every morning
11:38 PM
I think there was a bug with my game. A gym turned yellow for a minute. It's blue again, so it must've fixed itself though
I've been going on a walk which loops around 4 gyms in the evenings. Haven't gone every evening, but I tend to go every other evening or so. I've managed to claim 4 gyms for my daily bonus a few times now.
It's a bit below 2km round trip.
most i can get without walking over 3 miles is 3 gyms
There's 2 gyms visible on the map from my house. Just barely off-screen is a train station with 2 gyms right next to each other. So if I'm quick and there isn't a lot of people at the restaurant where the first gym is, I can hold all 4 for enough time to claim them.
I can reasonably expect to claim at least 3 gyms, though.
there is nothing visible on the map from my house
The 4th gym is right next to my house after a very short walk, and it's a fountain at an intersection with not a whole lot of foot traffic, so it usually stays mine for quite some time.
11:41 PM
i have to walk like half a mile just for stuff to start showing up
I think I've figured out why PoGo doesn't work for me - I am bad at walking without having a destination, and the virtual stuff isn't enough oomph for me to get up and move. (Checking on the ducks at the park, though, that's another story.)
@Ash What about checking on the psyducks at the park?
Psyducks need food and love too!
@Ellesedil I can't feed those or "race" them (I stand on one side of the bridge, pick a duck from a group, then wait to see if my duck gets under the bridge to the other side first. Like Poohsticks, but ducks instead of sticks.)
(aka I am a strange bean who makes her own fun)
@Ash Not that strange. Every single person has probably contrived of a game like that before.
11:48 PM
@Ellesedil Yeah, true. I just get odd looks sometimes when I go back and forth on the bridge. :P
(Although I have taught various neighbourhood children about bridge duck races)
so half of my first post reviews have been done this month
ORMLite isn't as intuitive as Entity Framework :(
I don't really expect anyone to understand that.
But it's bugging me.

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