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12:12 AM
Waddaya think of Cheddar's online REPL UI: jsfiddle.net/evg4o59q/11
@Upgoat I'm getting no output for anything I type.
@Upgoat the up button doesn't work
yeah me and quill are trying to get the damn cheese ported to browser so it can actually do somethign
@Maltysen ._.
@Maltysen I noticed that too. :P
ok wil do
12:24 AM
I used a runtime eval hack to get the window from node ;-;
what is it ?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

atlasologistTitle TBD - Generate Emoticons :) code-golf kolmogov-complexity Your task is to create a program that generates the most emoticons using the least amount of code. Rules The only valid emoticons are listed on Wikipedia, under the heading Western/horizontal emoticons: List of emoticons page (v...

@HelkaHomba hi
I have no words left to describe my pain...
These kids...
what that indentation and brackets, he should be sent back to kinder garden
12:33 AM
Is that supposed to be "invisible" or "invincible"
I think invincible
I didn't actually know the "forever" keyword existed, and I use java a lot
so, at least I learned something
It obviously doesn't exist
keywords are highlighted in magenta and variables are highlighted in italic blue
Hi all, I have a small problem, I was trying to root my nexus 5 device running latest marshmallow and I forgot to take backup. I've tried to recover data but failed badly, any ideas how this can be done?
oh. :(
12:38 AM
The creators of the program aliased forever to true to make it "easier for kids to understand"

 Android Enthusiasts

Welcome to the main chat room for android.stackexchange.com! H...
Do you teach high school?
@quartata so, you don't answer these types of questions here?
@GeeK More like you're more likely to get an answer there than here.
No, sorry. This is the discussion room for Code Golf SE, a site for programming challenges
You're far more likely to get a good answer in the Android room
12:41 AM
thank you
This summer camp I'm working at is painful to the programmer inside me. It hurts to watch them do this
Also I have to use Java
I've been using Java for over a year now at my job, but I can't say I'm an enthusiast.
at least in a summer camp, I assume the kids are interested in programming
what camp?
maybe someone will notice me if I make a brexit joke...
I assume the majority of this chat is against brexit, so I won't bother asking
1:00 AM
i noticed you, but i don't know what camp
Oh NVM i thought you were at the camp...
1:31 AM
Mini-challenge: List some real but uncommon English words. i.e. show off your vocabulary!
Here's some: churl, iamb, jabot, malaprop, teetotalism
what are they for
Nothing. Just vocab building for fun :P
1:37 AM
I have written a javascript word game, if you're interested in that. It's "finished", but I will probably revise it in a month before I make it public
@Quill ono
@HelkaHomba Of those I can only say I know iamb (all that Shakespeare you do in high school) and I'm guessing malaprop is something to do with malapropism?
@HelkaHomba European Union..... you did say English
@Quill Hm? I wouldn't say "European Union" is uncommon
or is that a joke that it will become uncommon?
> You've read your limit of free articles for this month.
Thanks Washington Post :/
@Quill fixed
it's still double printing btw
no one is implicit output other is result of print
the link in help in borked btw: cheddar.vihan.org/gs.html
1:53 AM
I changed it just now >_>
get hyped!
okay implicit output should now be highlighted green
@PhiNotPi ಠ__________________ಠ
i hope you are trolling
@Upgoat It was a really dumb move and I hope they regret it.
I didn't know magenta was green
it was building >_>
clear your cache and try now
Also try like: Math.fib
1:57 AM
you need shift enter for multiple line blocks
yeah I was planning on that soon
@Quill done
@Upgoat I still say the "intro" to cheddar.vihan.org is painfully slow (so, too the scroll down animation). I'd also prefer a front page with numerous informative links, not a few vague ones. (e.g. Ruby has a nice, informative, non-flashy main page.)
I've probably missed the big "UK citizens/residents what do you think" discussion.
2:00 AM
@Upgoat up-arrow/down-arrow takes two presses to work for me
@HelkaHomba but.. but.. prettiness :P (on a more serious note, yeah I'll try but idk exactly how to speed it up). I'll add more links up top soon
@Upgoat By the way, do classes actually work in Cheddar?
@Maltysen wat really fixing...
@quartata yes
@Upgoat its also super buggy in other ways
(internal classes at least)
2:01 AM
I meant the class syntax
@Maltysen idk. If you can make it better just ojin the C9
i.e what's featured on the front page
@quartata nope
@Upgoat what c9?
@quartata parsing works but it isn't passed to the interpreter atm
2:02 AM
cheddar> Math.fib(10000)
 too much recursion
also there isn't any implicit output in Math.fib calls @Upgoat
also obj. tries to parse as a number
@Quill ?
@Upgoat print is returning the value that you pass in
yeah, that's supposed to happen
e.g. (print 2) + 1
@Quill wait wat
@Upgoat it doesn't happen for math.fib calls
2:03 AM
@Upgoat Frankly I dislike the whole-page-scroll-down design idea. It's like you're trying to feed viewers the content piecemeal, not trusting that they can handle it all at once. It's pretty but kinda disorienting since not many sites are like that. But these are just my opinions so have a 🍮
@everyone please report all cheddar bugs here: github.com/cheddar-lang/Cheddar/issues/new
@Upgoat it shouldn't: print print "hello"
@Maltysen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ with great power comes great responsibility
cheddar> obj.
or var x=print "hello"
2:04 AM
@Quill shit
@Maltysen Yeah, I like that. It's better for golfing that way
@Upgoat but that's not powerful, that's just stupid. it should return null. there is no reason not to
though then again cheddar is by no means a golfing language
@Upgoat ._.
@Maltysen ಠ_ಠ
@Upgoat is print a statement?
2:06 AM
print is an operator. I chose to not make it a statement because idk I thought it would be better. I'll change it in next release
@Upgoat oh, its a unary operator?
cheddar> var x = 2
cheddar> x x
I'm confused how this is meant to work
@Maltysen fixed
@Sp3000 the parser is not anchored so it'll parse where it find a match. I have a fix already for that but haven't committed (it'll come in v0.3). It only really parsed the first x
@Maltysen I think print returning the value passed (perhaps as a string?) is very reasonable (even if unorthodox). If print must return something that seems to make more sense than returning null
cheddar> Math.123
^^ then how does that one work?
2:08 AM
@Upgoat if I do too many down-arrows, it gives me "undefined"
@Maltysen :/
@Sp3000 see above it'll only parse the .123 part
@Upgoat is the number system js's?
It doesn't parse Math as a thing?
yeah, LegionMammal978 made a rational class which will be a replacement along side a arbitrary-prescision class I'll be putting in soon
@Sp3000 no not really
@Upgoat A print function and statement would be nice. I always wish python 3 had that. Maybe say for one or the other
2:10 AM
What would having a statement and function help with?
@HelkaHomba print statement will be IO.printf (which will also do formatting)
@Upgoat wait why would that be a statement? do you mean function?
@Sp3000 Me forgetting parentheses in print calls in Python 3 >_>
@Upgoat You should have just plain IO.print also for security reasons
@Upgoat also, printf traditionally doesn't add a newline at the end, which would be weird having it as the default
2:12 AM
Uncontrolled format string is a type of software vulnerability discovered around 1989 that can be used in security exploits. Previously thought harmless, format string exploits can be used to crash a program or to execute harmful code. The problem stems from the use of unchecked user input as the format string parameter in certain C functions that perform formatting, such as printf(). A malicious user may use the %s and %x format tokens, among others, to print data from the call stack or possibly other locations in memory. One may also write arbitrary data to arbitrary locations using the %n format...
@HelkaHomba ... having two options is just confusing (and prone to introducing inconsistencies) :P
@Sp3000 the statement keyword could be state and it might be a little less confusing :p
... :/
@Upgoat see above wikipedia article
state 'Hello, World!'
2:13 AM
@Upgoat i can't define a function, "Attempted to access undefined variable func"
don't ever use printf with strings you got from the user
unless you're using %s
Does JS even have format string vulns? I can't imagine it'd have, say, %n
@Upgoat undefined variable nil
@Sp3000 js has formatted strings
Yeah, but I mean does an uncontrolled format string mess up the stack in the same way it would in C? I'm curious about that
2:17 AM
@Maltysen but there will also be the print statement
oh, k
@Sp3000 nope. JS formatting is only a little part of printf
Use the constructor
cheddar> 1 == 1 == 1
How to confuse the heck out of Python programmers
cheddar> 1 == (1 == 1) == 1

 `==` has no behavior for types `Number` and `Boolean`
@Upgoat, can you avoid printing empty lines pretty pls
I think we've overloaded Upgoat
@Sp3000 but, wait what, True==1 gives false?
@Upgoat fixit ^
2:46 AM
Upgoat == -Downgoat gives false!
cheddar> 1 == true
 `==` has no behavior for types `Number` and `Boolean`
cheddar> true == 1
@Maltysen It's actually more fun than that
i guess he forgot to define them backwards
@Upgoat are you defining them with dispatch, or just having the interpreter do it?
I thought this was a neat TED Talk about desire paths.
@Sp3000 challenge idea: resolve a comparison chain (no eval allowed if you're python)
1<3<4 --> true
1==2<3 --> false
there are so many people with their private keys on Github
2:50 AM
@Maltysen wat?
@Doorknob I don't think you should post that here then....
@Doorknob ....welp.
@Sp3000 y u break == ;_;
@Maltysen You'd have to define how the chain works
cheddar> 1 > 2 == 3 > 4
4 mins ago, by Maltysen
@Upgoat are you defining them with dispatch, or just having the interpreter do it?
2:52 AM
(I thought it'd be left associative, but does > bind stronger than ==?)
@Upgoat are you dispatching the operator to the int class when you have, say 1==true or does the interpreter just eval that
@Sp3000 are you talking about the precedence?
@Upgoat Replace Doge with yourself.
@Maltysen idk who handles that. I'll have to check
2:53 AM
@Upgoat first of all, is int a class?
yeah, of course
oh it is
@Upgoat well, wherever its defined, you forgot to define like half of them
@Maltysen ?
@Upgoat "as"==1 -> false, 1=="as" no behavior defined
2:55 AM
Also the interpreter runs the master branch ATM IIRC, so any changes won't reflect until the v0.3 release
@Upgoat Yeah - do <, > and == have different precedence?
@Sp3000 uh lemme check
@Maltysen I must of overridden == on number then
@Upgoat arrays don't work
17 mins ago, by Quill
I think we've overloaded Upgoat
please report all issues to Github before I run out of RAM: github.com/cheddar-lang/Cheddar/issues
I could throw a bunch more in, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt that you haven't actually implemented most of the docs yet :P
2:58 AM
@Upgoat, how do I babel?
@Quill `wait wat
ComputerName:Folder Quill$ babel --plugins transform-async-to-generator src/index.es6
SyntaxError: src/index.es6: Unexpected token (27:19)
  25 | });
  26 | client.quit();
> 27 | var result = await fetchOnce({
     |                    ^
  28 |     url: 'https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/sites',
  29 |     method: 'GET'
  30 | });
@HelkaHomba yes
@Quill add --presets es2015
and make sure to install it too
npm install --save-dev babel-preset-es2015
I have that
3:00 AM
@Quill oh wait, is your await in a async function?
okay, so what bugs am i supposed to fix
I've put the == on Github, but the rest will have to wait until you anchor your parser
I honestly don't know which things are intended to be working and which aren't though
> series of economic shocks that analysts say will only worsen before they improve
No shit, :D
Breaking News: Experts find people are generally asleep before they wake up.
@Upgoat You should get cracking on functions so I can do a proper benchmarking vs Pytek ;)
3:16 AM
@quartata do you mean internal functions or function syntax? Functions and classes are alike, they both work and you can use them, you just can't declare them in Cheddar.
well there isn't much point if you cannot declare them :P
:S yeah. Will be available by v0.4 though
I do hope you get the class syntax because I like the way it looks
@Upgoat the github issues thing is too much overhead for the many, many bugs i want to report, can you make like a google forms or something?
No Github account?
3:27 AM
He has one. I think he means he has so many he can't bothered to click new issue for each one and wait while Github churns away
@quartata plus, he has a bunch of requirements set up: github.com/cheddar-lang/Cheddar/issues/new
the issues i'm reporting can easily be reported in a sentence
If it's that easy to describe you could just drop the irrelevant template parts :P
3:45 AM
@Maltysen >_> you only need to enter two things idk how much less I can out without an empty form and and s submit button
@Upgoat fine
Are Booleans intended to autocast in Cheddar?
(Dunno how strict your typing is)
just basing my guess off of js, since this is written in js
Fair enough :P
@Sp3000 no
3:51 AM
@Upgoat oh, you can close that one, then
already done :P
Lemme get this clear: what in the docs is unimplemented?
only things that are unimplemented is: whiles, function creation, and class creation
@Upgoat and arrays
Might have to add more when I get home then
3:55 AM
@Maltysen arrays work they are just borked
From memory, binary or something literals didn't work
Oh, and comments
Jun 15 at 20:10, by Upgoat
;_; @MᴀʀsUʟᴛᴏʀ halp, comment in cheddar is borked D: D: D: D: D: ;_;_;_; ;;;;{:-;_::-:_:()**&#R@$*(%&
idk what happens the end, i was having like a mental breakdown
nvm mental breakdown does not mean what I thought it means
@Quill did you get your babel working?
@Upgoat yeah
I'll share the repo later with you if you like, and you can see my cool new project :D
Until then, shh, secretz
@Quill :D
@Quill :D
@Quill okay
Speaking of faulty operators, << and >>
4:05 AM
oh god so many bugs why
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ @DrGreenEggsandIronMan @EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ ಠ_ಠ why did you not find all these bugs
(fyi I'm actually out atm and this is all bugs from an hour or two ago)
I'll have to check, but I think I also had stuff like 1_ needs a better error message
They do all have nice fancy error messages, just not in the browser REPL >_>
@Upgoat what does @ do?
@Maltysen @" you mean?
no @
like 3@5
4:11 AM
probably something and I forgot >_>
gives 5
that's the anchoring bug
Yeah, anchoring bug is fun :P )()
Can't upload the fix yet or something?
@Upgoat is this also the same bug?: 4234[123] gives 123
4:16 AM
Whats a word for a website with click-baity, flashy practices? i.e. "x.com puts ___ far above usability and many users are annoyed"
@HelkaHomba annoying af
@HelkaHomba ad revenues?
I'd go with ad revenue if that was the intended meaning, yeah
@Maltysen it's not necessary about ads, i.e. many sites autoplay their own video content with sound
@HelkaHomba commercialism
4:19 AM
@HelkaHomba advertising?
maybe post on ELU
^ getting closer
"self-promotion and advertising" to cover both bases I guess
> x.com puts themselves far above usability and many users annoyed
I guess I'm looking for a synonym to "captivate by force"
4:21 AM
Hmm not quite
no, that's good :)
"Attention-grabbing" is another possibility.
Yeah, I think intrusiveness fits pretty well.
@Upgoat because I haven't cheddared in several days.
y u haet ches
@Helka Speaking of words, re:weird vocab from earlier... not that uncommon a word but I just remembered one of my favourites: schadenfreude
4:26 AM
I just legit verbed a noun.
hav u ben green egging instead ;_;
@Sp3000 Let's continue the uncommon alphabet! T for tort
U for unprepossessing
V for veld
W for wiles
4:41 AM
X is for... xi?
RIP everyone watching Cheddar
4:53 AM
@Quill halp chedr tests are borked
Y for yeoman
@Upgoat what'd you do?
i didnt touch anything i promise
it fails when I run the tests but when I manually try it it works fine
@HelkaHomba "Captivate by force" could be "bewitch" or "entrance"
I just saw your message above that giving context, so NM
5:10 AM
116 emails from the cheddar repo.....
@Quill >_> sorry
;_; @mocha y u no werk
it aint mocha
anyway, you can use new lines in es6 templating strings
`var a = 1; print a + 1`
can have newlines inside the string:
`var a = 1;
print a + 1`
but it still odesn't werk ;_;
5:14 AM
I know, somethin is borked
but it isn't mocha, mocha just calls your cheddar code
nothing is being printed apparently
;______; its just bug after bug and i still have like 15 more bugs to fix ;____;
brb rage quitting
34 mins ago, by Upgoat
RIP everyone watching Cheddar
why can't this shit just work the first time ;_;
oh god i have no life
@Upgoat btw was string formatting "#{2+2}" meant to work?
@Upgoat are you slacking? I just gave you four new issues, get back to work. ;P
i rage quitted
5:54 AM
@Upgoat Look, another goat! Because we didn't see enough.
@Bálint I'm sorry, was there something else you wanted to see?
@Upgoat Not really, I just see the signal:noise ratio dropping down to the ground
@Bálint well chat is dead ATM so I can shitpost a couple goats
@Upgoat Then go ahead
6:42 AM
7:12 AM
@Upgoat I love your Cheddar Gource.
7:56 AM
1 hour later…
9:11 AM
@Fatalize Merveilleux.
@Fatalize Why is $ both e and 1000?
Because I failed
wait a sec
@LeakyNun Fixed
@Fatalize How do I check if a number is prime?
@LeakyNun $pl1 is the shortest
ok, thanks
9:15 AM
@LeakyNun 2;1<I<?'(:I%0) is the shortest I have with no built-in
@Fatalize Voudrais-tu le lier dans cette page?
@LeakyNun Kind of
Can't display PDFs, too lazy to export to jpg
@Dr.ZOMBOOS Welcome.
You haven't even joined ppcg.SE
9:24 AM
I'm on the beach! :D
and you go to PPCG... :/
sad what this chat does to people
TIL about a third bot sandbox:

 RoboSanta's Playground

Room to test RoboSanta's features
9:51 AM
Q: Solve the chromatic puzzle

sanchisesOver at our friends at [Puzzling.SE], the following puzzle was posted: Is this chromatic puzzle always solvable? by Edgar G. You can play it here. Puzzle explanation Given a m x n grid with tiles of three different colours, you may select any two adjacent tiles, if their colours are different. ...

10:51 AM
Q: Falling ASCII balls

JacajackInput You are given 2D map with balls and ground in it. It looks like that: 1 5 2 3 4 __________________________ Each number is a ball, and the _ is ground level. _ character is not allowed in any other line than ground level line. Balls can have num...

1 hour later…
11:51 AM
:/ Chat is dead
/me does a backflip
:D It's not dead!
Thanks for reviving it this time, @Quill :D
I've been writing some really awesome code in the last little while
I've been taking the time to implement the most bleedingist edgist stuff JS has to offer

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