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12:04 AM
@AshleyNunn Okay, cool
I'm not sure if you know more about these modems (or at least enough to know the names of them) but I'm using a SurfboardSB6141
@twobugs that does not sounds like it should be a name for a modem, but people have strange names for everything
Something something marketing
@Dragonrage motorola surfboard seems to be the one used by all the ISPs i have worked with... except for ATT which had this monster thing
@GodEmperorDune it just seems strange to name something electronic after something that is used in the water.
Going by the stated specs the newer models wouldn't even benefit me anyway
This one supports up to 400Mb down
12:09 AM
@Dragonrage it looks like a surfboard though
My service, the best in my area, is 100Mb down
@twobugs my condolences
I have even worse news
My mom just got laid off :(
oh that sucks
is she going to go for early retirement or try to get something else?
Try and get something else
12:23 AM
cool, good luck to her
or good skill
Q: Can I donate dark spells while my dark spell factory is upgrading?

DragonrageI tend to be one of the highest donators in my clan, and one of the few people who regularly donate dark spells. Because of the update, there is now a new dark spell available at my level, so I started upgrading it, and I am without dark spells for quite sometime. Is there a way to donate them st...

12:42 AM
Q: Are some blueprints' "random bonus" limited to a subset?

David HarknessI recently purchased the item level 32 Stamina and Firearms Gear Mod blueprints and crafted four of one and three of the other. All seven were Prototypes and had either Skill Haste or Exotic Damage Resistance for their random bonus, but I really need Armor. I've gotten several Advanced versions ...

we have a crafting tag? really?
Newly created, and not anymore
thanks @uni
12:55 AM
Today is last day of 10th grade
so hype
@ardaozkal thanks for making me feel @sternold
@GodEmperorDune no worries, everyone deserves to feel like @sternold
interesting, i will be having a birthday in the digit sum of my new age amount of days
So in 3 days you'll be 12? Congrats!
@twobugs yea, I graduated college at the age of 11 :)
1:01 AM
@Dragonrage congrats, you earned the achievement "sternold" for being 2039.
Q: Went to the Nether, got lost, and lost my castle! (Minecraft Pocket Edition)

Curtis DuncanI made a castle on Minecraft Pocket Edition that was far away from the place that I spawned. Once I had made my castle, I went to the Nether and got lost. I made a new Nether portal, went through, and ended up at a completely different portal than the one I made at the castle. Now I'm lost. I hav...

@Lazers2.0 mcpe has nether now?
Back in my day we had nether core
< sternold
512K of RAM, baby!
1:10 AM
@GnomeSlice was looking for something to test my ambilight server's speed with. perfect, thanks
Q: Why can't I update minecraft pocket edition to 0.15.0? I have an Ipod touch 4th generation. Please help me ASAP

TigerI have an Ipod touch 4th generation. I didn't try anything yet and am probably wasting your time, but please tell me what's wrong.

.@Pokemon has been around in Canada since 1998! Which Pokemon do you think is the most Canadian? #PokemonSunMoon https://t.co/yfC0HHisF1
.@Canada @Pokemon canada is the digimon of countries
PHP devs here, please reply here in ~14 hours if you have any conserns as I'll put that code live if I don't get any replies
(it matters as it is mario marathon ad, with kinda better code)
1:28 AM
@Dragonrage Clown college
Cc @wip clownzn on that sick burn
2:05 AM
Guys, my awesome axolotl print came today!
My quest to fill my house with awesome art continues apace :D
2:21 AM
I cant tell how serious of a question this is:
Q: What's the best SIM card for a dog?

Hack-RI am trying to select a mobile plan for my dog. I got her one of those GPS trackers that clip on the collar so that I can check her location on my phone and she can text me automatically if she gets lost. From what I understand it mostly uses the data plan and it needs a GSM compatible SIM. I ...

@AshleyNunn I think the question is serious, but the title isn't great
@SaintWacko Yeah, when I read it, I was like okay that kinda makes sense as a thing
just the title threw me at first
@twobugs no. I graduated from clown college at the age of 5
2:34 AM
@Fluttershy you've played Waking Mars, right?
2:56 AM
@GnomeSlice Yeah. Some, at least.
Also, @GnomeSlice:
3:08 AM
@Fluttershy Initially looked like a standard fighting game, but I guess that's not the case?
Is it like Let It Die?
3:24 AM
4:06 AM
Q: Does the phase of the moon affect my butterflies?

Ashley NunnI noticed when I was selecting flowers that it tells me the current phase of the moon. Does that change anything about the flowers or the butterflies I get?

4:22 AM
Q: Inviting my friend to my mc pc singleplayer world

katari13My friend uses minecraft pe while I use minecraft pc. Is it possible to invite my friend to my singleplayer world? and how?

Thanks Microsoft for making minecraft pe 0.15.0 so buggy that I'm now closer to 1k review badge for closing
4:43 AM
Q: How does the structure block works?

ForcelydatedSo, recently, Minecraft 1.10.0 had released. And I saw a new block called structure block. I am wondering how the structure block works, I right-clicked it and see something called "data" and there is 3 more other modes rather than data, its something like save and etc.(I totally forgot). So, how...

5:16 AM
Q: Which pieces of equipment have special uses (e.g. as crafting components)?

kotekzotI was able to use the Kaer Morhen Armor to craft a Warrior's Leather Jacket, and I'm wondering if any other pieces of equipment that I would otherwise sell or disassemble could serve a similar purpose or be useful in other ways.

5:43 AM
Q: How to testfor player holding a a certain amount of specified item

ForcelydatedIs there anyway that I can testfor a player holding a stick and run a command through a clock? If the player is not holding a stick(meaning if the player holding 2 or more sticks) the clock will not be activated. Is there anything wrong with this command?: /testfor @p {SelectedItem:{id:minec...

Q: How do you calm down startled animals so they can be killed?

NelsonSince animals all run faster than you, and at Legendary difficulty, have tons of health, I really don't have a chance at killing one unless I double dagger sneak attack them. However, once they are startled by something, they fly off and I lose a delicious soul and some hides. How do I calm dow...

Q: Super Mutant Behemoth, Anyone?

tjeloepI have level-50 max-SPECIAL-stat character occupied with Minuteman Uniform and Focused Gatling Laser and still don't stand a chance against Super Mutant Behemoth. Anyone --with successful story against SMH-- care to share their story?

Q: What are the prizes for crafting steam summer sale 2016 badges?

John DemetriouWhat are the prizes for crafting steam summer sale 2016 badges? I can already collect trading cards by crafting other badges, but what are the prizes for crafting this one?

API Exchange

Proposed Q&A site for developers working on different APIs

Currently in definition.

6:32 AM
Q: GTA IV Lags And Runs Slowly On A Low end PC

TikendraI Play GTA 4 But Its Runs Slowly ,Its Get Only 7-10 Fps. Please Help me.I Am Also istall Latest Patch But Not Working.My System Specs are- Widows 7 Ultimate Inte duo core processer 2.10 GHZ 2GB Ram 829 MB Graphic card Intel Mobile Express chipset family

6:42 AM
Q: CSGO MM Official Servers Periodicaly HIGH Delay

hedgehogThe last two weeks I have been playing CSGO MM in Official Servers every one or two days, it happened on ALL matches (maybe with an exception of 1 or 2) that on whole game or most part of the game, most or all players had really high ping making the game unplayable (due to high delay and lag), it...

@badp r0rr?
Q: When is Overwatch set?

donutI was wondering when the various events of the Overwatch timeline happen. Like the omnic crisis and the Overwatch recall. I have searched around a bit but I can't find anything.

Q: Is there a table showing Dwarf Fortress vegetation properties?

Mark RipleyWhen I embark in a new location, I may see tree types I am unfamiliar with, or wild plants I haven't seen before. Trees provide wood, and some of them fruit, but only Olive tree fruit can be pressed for oil. Some plants can be used to make dye, some oil, some thread/fiber some are brewable, and s...

7:47 AM
Q: expeditionary force problem

JochernI had a small problem when playing as the UK. US send me 3 divisions in an Expeditionary force and when I went to the province they arrived at, they were under French control. It happened three other times with smaller exp-forces, didn't think much of it at first. But when I sent ten divisions i...

Our infocomm development agency is looking for a new Kenneth. Does any of you know of any Kenneth's fit for the job?
Q: Why can't I join my Friend in his MCPE world?

ShashaBoth of us updated to the MCPE version 15.0 but the both of us just can't seem to connect To each other's worlds. We are connected to the same wifi server btw. How do I join my friends world?

8:35 AM
Q: How do I block all but one item type from chests?

ThorsalWhen using the Logistics network it happens often that my robots put unusable items in chests that exist only to feed a specific assembling machine. In train wagons you can add a filter to each inventory slot so only items of that type can be put in that wagon by placing at least a single item i...

8:52 AM
@PrivatePansy inf
> I don't even know what a "Tim Hortons" is. I suppose I'm going to be disappointed when it isn't some form of institutionalised Canadian cannabalism, aren't I?
@PrivatePansy *Canadabalism
Timmie's is great
Q: Minecraft LAN connecting to server for long time

TheVenatorWhenever I try to play with my frined on LAN we get 2 problems. THe first being that if I open an LAN world it doesnt even shop up on his server list, The second is when HE opens a world, It shows up but when I try to log in, It displays the message "Connecting to server" for around 20 seconds, ...

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10:30 AM
Q: Can I Toggle Grass

Jamie EltringhamI used to play rust loads during the legacy days and have just recently got back into playing this updated version of the game I remember being able to toggle the grass in the old game and this was useful to help stop lagging but the command doesn't work in the new version Is there a way I can ...

Q: Can I customize the XP bar?

hyperviper11I'm making a custom map, and I want the XP bar to display the numbers I want it to, instead of the amount of experience the player has, like for countdowns and stuff like that. So: can I customize the numbers displayed there or is it not possible? I'm using Minecraft 1.10.

Q: Super smash bros 3ds, good in single or online?

LucaI would like to know how good is Super smash bros 3ds in solo or online. Is it easy to find opponents? Is it possible to play the dungeon mode with 3 cpu players? Do the Internet multiplayer works well?

Q: Are cacti more likely to regrow than to appear?

Tomáš ZatoI'm farming cacti in terraria because I like to use them for building: Currently, I leave the cacti "stumps" and only cut when they grow 2 tiles high. Is it good strategy? Are the one tile high cacti more likely to grow than spawn anew?

10:48 AM
Legally graduated from 10th grade 🎓
We have 100+ pages of summer homework to do. (feeling sternold already?)
Currently sitting in Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal :/
11:03 AM
@GodEmperorDune fun fact!
@GodEmperorFancyPants you can do this and still ping people, last time I checked.
Does @wipqold work?
@ardaozkal No, but you did it wrong.
@GnomeSlice Man, it really does sound like the name of a Pokemon.
11:23 AM
@Wipqozn Someone should make an ironic Brexit Pokémon card
Cats are liquid updated
30 new levels
@fredley I was hoping someone would
I feel like it would be a fighting pokemon
@Wipqozn Fighting type
@Wipqozn As a mod, you can now view post history!
11:29 AM
@fredley I could do that anyways as a regular user. Also as room owner on deleted messages.
@Wipqozn :(
The key thing is I can edit my message no matter how old they are
#alwayswait2minutes IS DEAD
I don't even know what RO's can do, I was never trusted as an RO before I became a mod for some reason
@fredley Porkchops can't own property
@Wipqozn :(
11:31 AM
wait, so @Wipqozn has become a mod? damn, now i can no longer tease them
@fredley Couldn't you associate your chat account with a non-mod parent site, and then experiment?
@Nzall Yes
@Wipqozn Or use a sock
@fredley SCIENCE! will find answers either way
@Wipqozn btw, you should totally make a sock account
11:33 AM
Maybe @fredley should make a secret sock puppet, make it part of the site community until we eventually give it RO status so he can feel validated and loved
@Wipqozn Maybe I already have
@fredley Oh snap
I'm going to be seeing socks everywhere now
Was that really that much out of line, that comment?
@fredley So I can perform SCIENCE! if required?
@Nzall Yes
11:34 AM
@Nzall please adjust your perception of where the line is accordingly
Okay. thanks for informing me in such a clear manner
@Wipqozn of all people should have a sock account.
Still trying to figure out what goes in some rooms and what doesn't
@InvaderSkoodge ikr
oh right, @evilfredley
@InvaderSkoodge I was waiting for that joke
I feel like what my avatar and name should be is obvious
11:37 AM
An epileptic tree?
oops, thought this was the dice roller test chat, sorry
I guess I should probably go for a move obvious sock name.
@InvaderSkoodge StrixVariant?
@InvaderSkoodge Isn't Omega your sock?
@fredley Clever, but I went in a different direction.
Chat is so slow to update.
@StrixVaria force refresh
11:45 AM
Yeah, I just remembered I'm a mod and can do that.
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
Forgetting you're a mod #modProblems
I'm glad my profile image on that account scales down so well :|
@StrixVaria Looks ok to me, but I've got quite a lot of pixels in this screen
For me the bottom half of the image is just gray.
11:51 AM
@StrixVaria That's probably cacheing
I can never tell people to stop making this joke now, but it was worth it:
So what exactly is a socks account?
Q: What are the penalties for leaving games and when do you get them?

DarthPizzaI've heard that there's a penalty for leaving games. I have some questions regarding this: Under what conditions are you penalized for leaving games? What are the penalties, and how long do they last? Regarding the conditions, does it matter when during the match you leave? For example, if I ...

@StrixOcellata Your avatar still shows grey from about where the name starts
looks fine for me.
12:02 PM
I've already cleared my and hard refreshed the page
Restarting my browser does not help
It's a thumbnail issue. Compare A and B. Basically if you don't have high enough dpi you're a second-class citizen
Happens both in IE and Chrome
@Nzall Yeah, the 16px version of the image is bad. The 32px is fine. Which is loaded depends on your dpi.
12:04 PM
The avatar in the popup appears properly
10 secs ago, by fredley
@Nzall Yeah, the 16px version of the image is bad. The 32px is fine. Which is loaded depends on your dpi.
my DPI? where can I find and/or set that? you mean the DPI from my screen?
@Nzall If you have an Apple device with a Retina® screen then you'll get the @2x assets, no idea how Windows does DPI
@fredley I got a 1080p HP Elitedisplay E232
@Nzall Probably not high-dpi then
(high-dpi implying more than one physical pixel for each logical one)
Does this image look ok to you?
12:12 PM
@fredley nope, tiny icon in the corner
@fredley How was this not even Friday related
We should impeach you
Now that you mention it, does anyone have a Rebecca black warner script I may use?
@fredley TIL 1080p displays are considered low DPI
@Chippies Well it depends how big they are
My phone is 1080p, but high dpi
I guess I'm just used to my tiny monitors
12:14 PM
I might move MM ad to Azure.
Current server is too slow
@Chippies I have a 1080p that's 27", which is actually quite low dpi
(5mbps up. My azure vms have 200mbps up min)
Q: Porkchat: A Chrome extension with lots of chat tweaks!

fredley Install Install from the Chrome Web Store About Porkchat is a Chrome extension that bundles together a lot of scripts I have written for Stack Exchange chat over the years. It is fully configurable - each individual script can be enabled/disabled from the options page. Included Scripts ...

@Nzall not warning, but live time blocking gist.github.com/ardaozkal/9caa68fc1155a953472a
@fredley I haven't had the chance to use a 27" 1080p as my daily driver, but I've played around on one at my friends house and it seemed okay. I think low dpi is kinda subjective, but I've heard a lot that 1080p at 27" is too low of a resolution
12:16 PM
@Chippies It looks terrible next to this one, which is 13", 2560x1600
also, that whole avatar issue with gray bars on it, it shows like that to me as well
Q: Bypass dice poker quest in Witcher 2?

RexIs there a way to bypass the stupid 'play dice with dwarf to 'win' a required quest item' in Witcher 2? I hate chance based mini games and it's ridiculous that the game designer would force you to play one to progress a main quest. I'm looking for something similar to the Elder Scrolls series wh...

@Chippies "too low of a resolution" = low dpi
and I got a 2560x1080 25" (about the vertical size of a 21" 16:9)
@ardaozkal thanks, Cpt. Obvious
@Chippies same
12:17 PM
> You need at least 10 reputation to post more than 2 links
If you troll in main, people might question your diamond
wait... was @fredley just a regular porkchop before he became a mod?!
@Chippies Golden
The Juno orbiter reaches Jupiter in just 2 weeks and change!
I had to make my answer worse, but it's there
12:21 PM
@fredley weren't you just a regular minecraft porkchop?
The harsh reality of what it’s like to be a developer https://t.co/UVtlxqt5tS
Hm, Comcast offers up to 150Mbps in my area now
Maybe I should upgrade
Honestly though, 100Mbps suits my needs so far
Perforce is kinda goofy
12:37 PM
@twobugs do you need more than 100Mbps? Is the price difference so minor that it wouldn't matter?
imho, unless you're downloading stuff all the time, 100Mbps is perfectly fine
It's confusing because their website is total ass but I don't see the package I have (100Mbps) listed anymore, just 150Mbps
So maybe I already have it?
But I don't get that speed
@twobugs run speed test, you may have it
I know my package used to be 50/30, then it got upgraded to 75/30 and then 100/30 as they upgraded infrastructure or whatever
My package used to be 50, then 75, then 100, then 150 and now 200
I actually get 130/30, even though there's only a 100/30 and 150/30 packages
And my ISP is currently busy on a 5 year plan to go even faster
12:40 PM
oh, apparently it's been upgraded to 100/50 now
I just bought a new modem but it apparently is the same model as my previous one
Comcast has recommended I get a new one because it's at End of Life support
that's not even any of the available plans
I just don't know if buying a newer modem would be worth it
The specs don't make it look like there would be a difference
if you don't need support, you're probably fine with the one you have
Well, various documents and articles are claiming different things
Apparently DOCSIS3.1 is a thing and my device isn't compliant
Or maybe it is? Conflicting info
12:46 PM
ah, well idk about that then
I was talking with @AshleyNunn about it which was helpful but I assume a lot of this has to deal with the providers themselves
www2.telenet.be/nl/alles-in-een/whop-whoppa I got the 77 EUR package (dutch)
This Is A Real Thing
@twobugs I want it!
I don't care what it does, I want it!
@twobugs Spider router, spider router
12:50 PM
It's only $400!
eh, I'm fine with my ISP provided router/modem
at least it's not 400$
Okay so... Arris, this highly rated company which makes my modem (the surfboard) says several of their products are DOCSIS 3.1 compliant
But only advertises them as 3.0
And only lists specs as 3.0
This is stupid and I hate it. Google, just give me fiber. Thanks.
In other news, Batman Arkham Knight is fun. I wonder why I stopped playing this before. I probably just got busy
@twobugs are you playing it on console or PC?
PS4. I wonder if they ever fixed the PC stuff?
Q: How to breed Double rainbow dragon

FaithIf your trying to breed a double rainbow dragon, I bred one with my friends antarian dragon and a level eight moss on the first try.

1:02 PM
@twobugs partially
They fixed many of the framerate issues, but the game still struggles unless you got more than 8 GB of RAM
I just figure since for the Batman games they tend to make Playstation the lead platform there's not much point to get it for others
Only problem I have is the load times kinda suck
The solution to that is just don't die, but it's kind of hard when I haven't played the game in a year and don't remember how stuff works
@twobugs I just figure since my PC is more powerful than a PS4, it can compensate for not being the lead platform, and if it can't, there's always modding
@twobugs I have something that looks like it.
unless you got cases like Batman where they outsourced the PC version to a company that mainly makes console games
1:05 PM
@Nzall That won't make up for the Sony exclusive content, though
Which they always do
@Yuuki Ahahahahaha
@Sterno Man, I was so excited to see that movie too.
That just looks like a bunch of gas pedals
@twobugs Sony exclusive content is never more than some skins and maybe a sidequest which I'll likely skip anyway
yep, as I thought. 3 skins and nightmare missions
The nightmare missions are cool, though
1:08 PM
@Sterno Why is that warning me twice about Rebecca black? Is that because I added Rick Astley in as well?
1:18 PM
At least Astley's music is good
@GnomeSlice function over quality. Rarely do people link Astley because it's a good song
Man, tempted to play through Resident Evil this weekend. The gamecube one.
Assuming I can find the box it's buried in
I should download the demo for Resident e7
I'm going to call it that in protest of it being referred to as "Resident eVII" by Capcom
Man, September is going to be a HUGE month for releases
FF15, DQ7 3ds, Destiny...
I'm sure there are more
@twobugs yeah same
Q: Is there any reason not to use the shopkeepers from my Tavern?

two bugsPretty early on you unlock the ability to bring your shopkeepers along on your dungeon exploits. These blokes have some powerful abilities and high stats... is there any reason for me take the generic classes over them? In particular, the Wizard seems like a more powerful conjurer.

Q: Most efficient way to unlock all cards for decks

ChaseCI was trying to beat the fire trainer over and over again with the basic water deck but only my first win counted for unlocking cards in the deck. Am I only allowed one win per trainer per deck? What other ways are available for unlocking all of the cards in the decks that you can buy?

1:44 PM
Time for interview! I hate wearing a tie.
@Frank Go with a bowtie instead
@WipqoznsSocks That's even tighter.
@Frank Neither are tight, unless your collar is also too tight
@fredley They mock me every night.
1:55 PM
@Wipqozn *sock
@fredley I lol'd
I'm going to ignore those messages on my sock until I log into it again for some reason so I can reply to messages that are super old.

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