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8:00 PM
Also why isn't there a meta chat?
@TimmyD I'm trying to avoid the term "rules" because it makes it seem like a strict, black-and-white kind of thing.
@Maltysen If rules are incorporated into SE text, they become formal rules. We intentionally wanted these to be informal.
@Doorknob s/rules/guidelines
8:02 PM
^ trap
Did something specific happen that caused the mods to begin gathering feedback from the community about what acceptable chat behavior is, or was this just a "something we have been hearing a lot about lately" kind of thing?
@Rainbolt Yeah, check the pinned message
Or do you mean, why did we announce Chatiquette just now?
@Doorknob That answered my question. "Something we've been seeing lately"
@wizzwizz4 @AlexA. Uh, what?
@Geobits No idea
8:04 PM
@Geobits Explain @Meanbits. @AlexA. wanted to know.
@Rainbolt Yeah, we (the mods)'d been working on it for a while, especially after that meta post I linked.
@wizzwizz4 It would be easier to explain if I knew what you were talking about.
@muddyfish This reminds me of the oh-sable programming language pronunciation.
@AlexA. well they could be incorporated into SE text and called "guidelines"
@Maltysen Perhaps. I think it's a tradeoff: on SE => overly formal, not on SE => overly informal.
8:06 PM
@Geobits Come on, somebody remembers @Meanbits, don't they?
@Maltysen We were thinking of putting it in the room description.
@Doorknob oh, perfect
@Doorknob I like this idea. A lot, actually.
No rule about starring stupid things though?
8:07 PM
@Upgoat I was trying to keep it low key until the diamond was applied <_<
and I didn't think you were a cool time traveller, you got me hyped for nothing
@Doorknob wait isn't the description the really small text that we currently have a quote from Phi in? how will this fit? or is the description something else?
@Maltysen Yeah, it's that thing above the list of users
@Quill Oh hey, congrats, that's great! Well deserved.
@Maltysen The description gets bigger if you put more things in it.
@wizzwizz4 does it like scroll or something?
8:09 PM
@Maltysen I assumed we'd be replacing the quote.,
It just pushes the starboard down :(
@AlexA. thanks :)
@Quill Quill ♦? Yeah, it's about time. :P
@Maltysen You can fit considerably more text in the description without it getting cut off or anything.
8:09 PM
@Quill I didn't know low key was posting it on MSO and LL chat :P
@Upgoat yeah, well, it reached one person on MSE and one person on LL (besides you)
@El'endiaStarman oic
cool then
@Upgoat Nobody on TNB reads any other chatrooms. Except bots, goats, birds, bits, diamonds, fish, knobs, cats...
@Doorknob is the "e" in the "chat etiquette" not supposed to be bold or is it just me?
8:12 PM
Q: Approximation of e

user3502615We all know that the Euler's constant, denoted by e, to the power of some variable x, can be approximated by using the Laurent Series expansion: Challenge Write a program in any language which approximates the exponential function (base e) by taking in a positive integer N as input and calcul...

@Doorknob I just hope I don't enter TL and everybody groans
@wizzwizz4 that's like half the people active in here?
@Upgoat I think it's trying to reference why it's called chatiquette
@Upgoat It's a preparation for the New Main Posts - too late.
@Upgoat it's not just you
8:12 PM
@Quill What is TL?
@Rainbolt Nothing.
It doesn't exist.
@Rainbolt A chat room that totally doesn't exist. >_>
@TimmyD ohk, I thought it was a typo
Where's my delete hammer?
8:13 PM
@wizzwizz4 what are you elevening?
@Rainbolt Teacher's Lounge: a mod-only room for every moderator on the SE network. Note that each site can have their own mod room/s as well as TL
Shhhhhh >_>
I think the ID was like 17 or 12 IIRC
@Quill That doesn't exist.
@Quill TL is 4
@Quill Only if it's manually created.
8:14 PM
Stop it!
@Upgoat Timmy's right, yeah.
@wizzwizz4 it's already on MSE <_<
@Doorknob damn, I always guess wrong
@Quill random question: can you set up a chat relay from chatroom #4 to TNB :P
Yes, the Teacher's Lounge is a very not-kept-at-all secret.
@Upgoat Stop it. That doesn't exist.
8:15 PM
it's not a secret
@Upgoat no, that would be major abuse
@ArtOfCode Back me up here!
@Upgoat Ha ha no. Nothing (should) ever be copy-pasted out of the room in any way.
There is; my old school had one
8:15 PM
@wizzwizz4 hm?
> The room you are attempting to access is private.
imagine asking NSA workers to set up a relay from HQ to Twitter.... oh wait
TL? The unicorn factory? Yeah, ten miles west.
@Quill I was joking :P
@ArtOfCode They're talking about this non-existent chatroom that doesn't exist.
They call it the "Teacher's Room" or something.
8:16 PM
31 secs ago, by ArtOfCode
TL? The unicorn factory? Yeah, ten miles west.
5 hours ago, by Eᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏ Iʀᴋ
TL is like the Institute from Fallout 4
@quartata why not?
now the 8 most recent people in this room are all mods except me and muddyfish ;-;
@Quill Full of synths?
8:17 PM
@Geobits ;-)
@Upgoat And Easterly Irk.
@Upgoat No
Oh, and Quill doesn't count because his name isn't blue yet.
@Geobits well it was when I started writing that message
@Geobits <_<
Just sayin :P
8:19 PM
@Upgoat hai
@Geobits but he'll receive his elevening powers soon
You said "now" :/
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ hello
i! looks cool
@Adnan is said Hello to.
8:20 PM
A weird note, the first email said "was wondering if you would like to be considered for the position" and then the email reply to my "yes, pls" email was like "I'll be in touch and let you know when we are about to activate your moderator access."
@Quill That first email means "you're a mod unless you say no."
I guess it didn't take much considering lol
@Doorknob Oh. I thought it meant "you're not a mod unless you say \"Yes\"".
8:21 PM
"OK, I'll consider it ... OK, I've considered it."
now gimme teh modneess
> ... conversation (^, ಠ_ಠ, rofl, etc.)
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ don't forget the goat too
> ಠ_ಠ
Found a problem with that new guideline.
@Upgoat yes
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ That isn't a problem. It's a solution >_>
8:23 PM
anyway, @Doorknob, are you gonna write up a meta post about the new guidelines
@Geobits .....
@Quill No. We're planning to keep it entirely contained in chat.
(And cats too)
8:24 PM
@Upgoat Oh no...
Don't keep doing that, you will... what?
May 29 oneboxes Yesterday?!?
@Doorknob okay, fair enough
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ i can't carrot that message so I'll just star it
@Doorknob: I wonder if it might also be good/useful to have a bullet point against excessive repetition of memes (or certain phrases, maybe), whether short term or long term?
As much as I like avocad, that would be nessecary.
8:26 PM
It would go in the signal:noise section.
Nevermind that's horribly wrong.
@El'endiaStarman cough avocad cough
wtf, I forgot about the game for several minutes and it's suddenly 1-1 ?????
@El'endiaStarman Avocados, alex-is-wrong, etc...
@aditsu the football game?
8:27 PM
@El'endiaStarman We really really wanted to do that, but thought maybe there would be too much backlash and couldn't think of a good way to word it
it was 0-0 before
@El'endiaStarman though I don't think we should start moderating what jokes are acceptable in what quantity unless they are rude or offensive
No matter what you do, someone is going to get tired of a meme before everyone else does.
most of the "memes" that flow through chat are so overused they're not funny any more.
Maybe we can somehow use the expressions of annoyances by others as the metric? Not just one other person though.
8:29 PM
Just let them weed themselves. Eventually people will stop laughing
maybe a bullet point that says "don't be lame and post old jokes. come up with something fresh"
@wizzwizz4 It doesn't recursively update the links each time. When the May 29th post happened, the May 27th was "yesterday" and so that's what's shown.
@TimmyD So, we can trick new TNBers into thinking we can time travel... That would be so cool.
@Quill freesshhh avocadddoo
I had to.
@wizzwizz4 ...
@Rainbolt I'm not sure that that method is quite that effective. For one, you kinda only need two people to carry on using a meme (Yeah, I'm looking at you two! [You know who you are.]), and two, some people don't realize and/or don't care that people aren't laughing.
8:31 PM
Can we stop with time travel?
I've heard it at least 5 times today.
hey @HelkaHomba
maybe you should travel back in time to erase them
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Okay, fine, Michael J Fox Easterly Irk
@Quill ಠ_ಠ
@ArtOfCode see above
I've been avoiding calling specific people out for the past few weeks on things I found unfunny, just because I don't like being harsh to specific people. If I could express my annoyances privately, I might, but this is public, so...
8:32 PM
Ugh. It was already super hot and muggy outside, and then this line of thunderstorms rolled through, and now it's even more muggy out.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ did you just ಠ_ಠ me?
off with his head
@Quill @Fatalize could help with that, I'm sure! (Is joke.)
@ArtOfCode yes, and more ಠ_ಠ
8:35 PM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ how very well dare you
... "especially regarding signal:noise and such" - absolute failure so far
@El'endiaStarman should there be like a list of not-funny jokes/memes? e.g. avocad, cheddar puns, alex-is-wrong?
@aditsu #avocad4ever
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ we should take this to the cheddar room where we have eleven powers
8:36 PM
but he is mod
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ we out-elevened Zizouz that time though?
oh yeah
@aditsu yep
@aditsu I think there are a few especially notable offenders though.
@aditsu If we weren't in the "feedback stage," my trout would have seen a lot more use by now
8:37 PM
@Doorknob ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Are we attempting to break every chat guideline?
^^^ avocad juic avocad juic avocad juic im so funee hahahahha
@aditsu hahaha nice
8:40 PM
bye guys!
so I opened a cute gif of a bird taking shower, can't figure out where it was linked from
btw, can some people visit my website so i can see if google analytics is working. my site is as SEO unfriendly as it gets so I'm not getting any traffic from google ;_;
I'd be delighted if anyone checked out the first video of my new Minecraft 1.10 Let's Play series :)
@aditsu De GOOG img serCH
8:44 PM
@aditsu I think it was linked earlier today in here.
@wizzwizz4 no, I have the imgur link, I thought it was linked from this chat but I can't find it
oh ok
@HelkaHomba :DDDDD
@aditsu De GOOG serCH
A: The state of chat

Helka HombaNo, there is not too much off-topic chatter "General discussion" means general discussion. A few off topic tangents or unnecessary messages still fall into that category. Unless there is outright spamming, nothing needs to be done. People can always make other chatrooms for a more focused disc...

6 hours ago, by Eᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏ Iʀᴋ
8:44 PM
@HelkaHomba you have a odd voice.
Doesn't sound like a fox at all???
@HelkaHomba It's not loading for me :/ is it like processing or something?
@TimmyD I actually did a search for GygUc1b, no results
@Upgoat No. It's been up for a while. Works fine for me
@aditsu For some reason, I remembered the "stranger danger" comment immediately after it.
8:45 PM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Sorry to dissapoint
@HelkaHomba ._. all other videos work fine. @Comcast get your shit together
@HelkaHomba you have nice youtube voice
i'd love to see/hear more of you
@Optimizer Thanks :) Episode 2 should be out later today
8:46 PM
@wizzwizz4 you don't need to escape that last -
although, i must say. I don't like your name
and is -e-m-a-tregex-golf supposed to be valid?
perhaps you meant /(meta-)*regex-golf/?
@wizzwizz4 Parens, not square brackets, around meta-
@TimmyD I know. :-)
8:49 PM
Wow, that was the strangest sensation ... me, offering advice on regex syntax ...
@HelkaHomba soo... you cut the whole trunk of tree and leaves still stay?
btw, any response on:
18 hours ago, by Upgoat
Should functions be interpreted as primitive literals (as in should they be constructed as a literal class), or should they be interpreted as a primitive (like with classes).
@Optimizer The leaves decay eventually.
stil. gravity.
@Optimizer who needs gravity when you're a fox
8:51 PM
well.. then the grapes wont fall ever
@Upgoat Or a gaot.
Gravity is ... selective ... in Minecraft.
@TimmyD Selective may be the best word for it.
did you guys know what goat really means?
8:53 PM
I have a strong feeling that I don't want to click that.
unusually for that site, it's SFW
@aditsu of course, Downgoat is the goat here
Suuuuuure it is ;)
@Upgoat I prefer Upgoat
8:54 PM
hahaha cute
10/10 best definition urbandictionary.com/…
@Quill I think 0/0 is shorter to make NaN
8:57 PM
@Upgoat But then it doesn't line up.
@Upgoat why not 0/0?
@aditsu ...
@Upgoat Yup.
it's not 1/0
@aditsu waddya mean, that's what I wrote... :P
-{} is NaN too.
But of course, ~{} is –1.
8:58 PM
type casting abuse eleven
`${[0,1].map(e=>[0/[]+[]][0][e]).join``.repeat(2<<2)} ${380557655..toString(2<<2<<2).toUpperCase()}!`
@Lynn {} == i
also the originals were the same length
@Quill I was going to say that!
@wizzwizz4 false
8:59 PM
wow, I watched at least 60% of the game and managed to miss all 3 goals
@El'endiaStarman yes
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ i is the imaginary number... Never mind.
no such thing in vanilla js
@wizzwizz4 mmregex-golf
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ It's so golfy, that it matches that.
@HelkaHomba I haven't experimented with new minecraft much, but most of the worlds seem to have islands.
The first 6 i tried did.
@Lynn And !{} is false obviously.
@Upgoat functions should be interpreted in cheddar by eating them with bacon and tomato and lettuce, on bread
and []+[] is empty string but []-[] is zero
27 mins ago, by Upgoat
@El'endiaStarman should there be like a list of not-funny jokes/memes? e.g. avocad, cheddar puns, alex-is-wrong?
> cheddar puns
9:03 PM
cheddar in general should be a banned conversation topic
@Upgoat no, I'm using the normal meaning, the language is a pun
@Quill y u haet cheez
The normal meaning of cheddar has functions? No wonder I became a programmer...
@Upgoat it was a joke
thanks to the one person who voted on the poll rather than make a cheddar pun
9:05 PM
@Rainbolt Cheddar definitely has at least one function. Mac and cheese just isn't the same without it.
Do you mean Kraft, or mac and cheese in general?
Kraft is only for lazy days :P
But I'm pretty sure whatever they use, it ain't cheddar.
Kraft beats every other mac and cheese I have ever eaten, and I have had lots of mac and cheeses
Apple are looking at buying modems from Intel now as well as Qualcomm
@Rainbolt Meh. To each his own. I like making it from scratch when I have the time.
9:07 PM
@Upgoat You're welcome :)
@Geobits Do you follow an online recipe that you are willing to share?
Are other types of cheese puns gouda?
Chat mini challenge: create an obfuscated identity function for numbers.
@Rainbolt I followed a recipe the first time, but that was ages ago so I don't know where it is. It's basically the same as making a béchamel sauce, but with a bunch of cheese melted into it.
function(x) { return x*x; }
9:09 PM
Do you know how to make gravy?
Leaves a cell unmodified. Oh, it’s Brainfuck.
@Lynn ...clever. Verrry clever...
what if my BF interpreter is fully compatible with javascript
9:10 PM
@Geobits I've never made béchamel but I have made dark roux (and gravy) so it looks achievable.
I can't come up with some good cheese puns, so I'll let this guy do it:
@Rainbolt Yea, getting the proportions right is the tricky part. It only takes a time or two to get it right, and even if you mess it up, it's still pretty damn good :P
@aditsu Until you read #5, that is.
@Dennis well... yeah, not much to do about that, it's UD after all :p but in general, it's safe
9:16 PM
@HelkaHomba do post the link here
@Optimizer: Do you like this stuff? imgur.com/gallery/wphjF
yes. I like kicking them to the grounds
@El'endiaStarman using Spanish pronunciation :)
Q: Stack Exchange Vote Counter

DendrobiumWrite a program/function that returns the vote count of its own Stack Exchange answer at the time of its execution. Your program/function may access this (codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/82609) page off the internet, however: Your program/function may not accept any user input Your program...

@NewMainPosts Is posting 0 and locking my answer a standard loophole?
9:22 PM
@Dennis How would you lock an answer?
@Adnan Mods can lock specific answers as well as a question (which locks all answers too).
My answer is the best
Oh, I didn't know that
So many placeholder answers... -_-
@Adnan mod abuse eleven
9:25 PM
I suck at SE api, so I'll just parse HTML with regex
@Adnan very tempted to post an answer that breaks your regex after that :)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ function noParamsPlease(){return +arguments[+[]]}
9:27 PM
@aditsu Hmm, there has to be a way to only get the html of my answer (hopefully).
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ oh
@Poke That's hardly obfuscated. I can read that perfectly.
@Adnan there is, but it doesn't include the score
you didn't define obfuscated
@aditsu oh, that's a shame
@Poke Do I care? :P It's not obfuscated
9:27 PM
well i guess it's back to the drawing board :[
it's weird that people are trying to get their answer id before they have the code to use it
@aditsu Yeah, it'd be an easy thing to edit in.
It's to test things out
λ node get.js
�eQF00:I§�bS��<�K� ��&����{��☼(KzgwԢ�Nգ���g�$¶�Wz▼SW☼.ֶK�?��▼qo�G�f����f��"�[u�Fu��7�n��_¾ [2��3Xj[am���↓ϺQ���{P���b▼��#����w§���,�u9s���ôé�?h����'ç��M��¢À<�練�}G�(�ݔeNv↑�W�Sg►�4��↔v�♀�→D��n?�QA��☺
This is why we test things
That doesn't look good
9:37 PM
I literally have no idea what went wrong
you can test things with another answer
@Adnan node js
What is node?
javascript that runs outside of the browser
9:40 PM
Oh, like a console
Kinda sorta. You can run javascript files as node <file>.js
Oh, nice
To everyone else who's trying and failing to use the API: It serves the response gzip encoded, even if the client does not support it. — Dennis ♦ 28 secs ago
that's why
That means I'm fucked
Byte count + 1000
Oh, @Dennis and I posted nearly the same thing!
9:46 PM
…I broke my own answer by editing it.
@HelkaHomba how do you stand the really small GUI on minecraft?
there's codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/28184/body to get the post body, I thought there should be something similar for score but I can't find anything
there's a /votes but it just returns []
@Lynn Well, I was too slow to get a working version. Your answer still needs to account for negative votes counts though.
Idea: I make an answer that prints 0, but make a bot that edits the answer to satisfy the rules every time it is voted on
old idea: write jquery code that you have to run in the console on the page with the answer

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