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4:00 AM
@Cyoce :D
@R.Kap did I just get funk-rolled?
@R.Kap mars is the new astley?
@Downgoat nooo you were my target
@Downgoat No...astmars is the new leybruno
4:01 AM
@AlexA. yeah sorry I was going for downgoat, he has been a very mean goat recently. Kicking fighter planes and not eating his cans.
@R.Kap oh ok
@AshwinGupta ಠ_ಠ
I never kicked any fighter planes
I saw it happen
@AshwinGupta smh, spreading propganda
@AlexA. I have a witness.
@AlexA. lies ;_;
4:02 AM
Gotta love the american trial system :D
@Downgoat I'm assuming this is about my JS range function? That's (somewhat ironically) the only language in which I have gotten into optimization.
why didn't my new profile pic save?
@Cyoce No, you got fu-rolnked
@Cyoce yup
@AshwinGupta ask a mod to refresh it
@AshwinGupta Is this true? If so, I know a bot that will take care of the problem.
4:04 AM
these are the only two things I've said about fighter jets:
1 hour ago, by Downgoat
@AshwinGupta fighter planes don't feel emotion -_-
1 hour ago, by Downgoat
@AshwinGupta makes sense, dogs can easily break fighter jets
Both of those also apply to goats.
@AshwinGupta I refreshed your chat profile. It shows up for me now.
@Geobits true
@AshwinGupta No, you gotta love the nacirema lairt metsys
4:07 AM
12 votes 0 answers? Wait until Sp proves it's trivial please.
If it makes you feel better, I haven't voted on it yet.
@HelkaHomba I really must ask, suppose the following function is defined in Python:
def r():
` print('hi')`
> You can only counterflag messages that have been flagged
It got unflagged
It means the flags were cleared
4:09 AM
It means you're slow, that's all ;)
@R.Kap Pro tip: You can make multiline messages by beginning them with a single line break. Get fixed font by indenting with four spaces. No markdown or replies are recognized in multiline messages.
def r():
@R.Kap Defining a function is fine (though multiline is not, remember). You just need to make sure all the arrangements are still runnable Python programs
@HelkaHomba If a function is defined, suppose named function, will the program be executed through the function, or will the entire function and everything in it be expected to output the correct response?
@AlexA. -1. should be def r():print'hi'
4:12 AM
I will accept this downvote.
@R.Kap If the function is only defined and not called then it would be a valid program, but it wouldn't output anything, so wouldn't work anyway
e.g. def r(): print('hi') is a valid python program but running it outputs nothing
@AlexA. How do I start the message with a single line break? I press ENTER, but nothing happens...
@AlexA. Thanks! :)
@R.Kap #noob
4:15 AM
@Cyoce At least I'm not the one with a cartoon platypus as my profile picture.
@R.Kap at least I don't have the default profile picture
@HelkaHomba So, for instance, the function would be executed like:


that would be a valid program assuming n, o, i, t, c, n, u, f are defined and n is callable
@Cyoce Oh...I've been roasted...
4:18 AM
The entire program string is arranged into one of the clock faces, then run as is. No adding parens or anything
@Downgoat YW too ;)
4:23 AM
@R.Kap whats that lol?
@AshwinGupta What's what? Hombas?
4:26 AM
"nacirema lairt metsys"
system trial american
Alright then
30 mins ago, by Downgoat
Why does "No" have so many stars O_o
^ found in an ISO/IEC standard document
4:29 AM
There was a whole page of that stuff in our technical orders in the military.
@AshwinGupta k=' '.join([i[::-1]for i in"nacirema lairt metsys".split()])
Bye everybody. Gotta run.
how reflective should Cheddar be?
@R.Kap ??
@Downgoat Usually it's what I'd call matte at best.
I meant this type of reflection:
In computer science, reflection is the ability of a computer program to examine, introspect, and modify its own structure and behavior at runtime. == Historical background == The earliest computers were programmed in their native assembly language, which were inherently reflective as these original architectures could be programmed by defining instructions as data and using self-modifying code. As programming moved to higher-level languages such as C, this reflective ability disappeared (outside of malware) until programming languages with reflection built into their type systems appeared. Brian...
Yes, I knew what you meant.
4:32 AM
I changed my picture again
@Downgoat very reflective would be fun...
@AshwinGupta I liked your mars avatar the best, you should use that
@Downgoat yeah maybe so.
@AshwinGupta fun? how would it be fun?
Super shiny cheese is bad cheese.
that is true
4:34 AM
@Geobits not always, how about grilled cheese sandwiches? When they melt the cheese gets shiny
@AshwinGupta It's a bit glossier than normal, but not super shiny.
yum ^
wait wtf.
Look at this one:
@AshwinGupta damn you, now I'm hungry ;_;
4:36 AM
@Downgoat that was the intention of course, the second one will spoil your appetite hopefully.
@AshwinGupta partially
but remember goats eat (almost) anything
oh yeah I forgot
@Downgoat Even your carets point to typos o_O
@Geobits [tag:blame-ho— nevermind....
@Geobits carrots :D
4:38 AM
Those are pointing at me though, not a typo.
@Geobits you're a typo
yesterday, by QPaysTaxes
@Downgoat You're a typo
@Downgoat :D
@Downgoat See, this is what I mean about creativity :P
ok bye, I'ma watch tv.
4:39 AM
@Geobits :|
@Geobits I was the first active goat on PPCG
@Geobits (with rep)
none of these came before you ^^?
@Downgoat 385 rep is rep, last I checked...
4:41 AM
@Downgoat fine
@AshwinGupta I tried to link this but query not part of url :/
@Geobits updated -_-
also, he is stuck in the machine. I am not
Unfortunately :P
@HelkaHomba I took a screeshot lol
4:42 AM
is still cuter
@HelkaHomba @AlexA. Didn't see this comment :P But s/Sp/Dennis/
@HelkaHomba is that ur cat?
@HelkaHomba cute is subjective. VTC unclear
@Downgoat jeez, thats just creep dude.
4:43 AM
@AshwinGupta No, it's our lord and savior, Catgoat.
@AlexA. K I need to find new internet friends.
@AlexA. you're missing an h
@Downgoat Not in this case. I don't even like cats and that thing's cuter.
you better go with it
Most fucks aren't really what I'd call "cute".
4:44 AM
@Geobits ....
@Geobits =/
@Geobits that is a different type of fuck.......... ಠ_ಠ
^^ pls...
Well, you should teach your babies not to curse.
just fyi, goats can't curse...
4:45 AM
@Geobits not all goats are my babies...
Meanwhile, Minibits swears like a sailor.
Other funny animal username:
@AlexA. Ha, you'd think that, but he's really good at censoring himself now that he's learned a few words :)
this annoys me so much
4:46 AM
Huh? It won't onebox else
@Downgoat platypi
@HelkaHomba I think he means that user links to their own profile in their profile
It doesn't go to the same page, though :/
It goes to the SO profile.
@Cyoce oh, sorry
4:48 AM
goat ^?
To think that is a goat would be udderly ridiculous.
@AshwinGupta ..... why tf are you posting goat udders ,,,,,,,
"udderly ridiculous"
4:49 AM
@Sp3000 Explain code? :) (not everyone knows by heart what the g in fish does...)
flags as inappropriate
@Downgoat because
@Geobits Hahahaaaaaa kill me
@HelkaHomba It's like when people tell me how to pronounce something by giving me the IPA...
@Downgoat Flags the "cute as fuck" baby goat as inappropriate
4:49 AM
@HelkaHomba Fine :P But I'm assuming reading a bit of self source code is okay?
@AshwinGupta @Downgoat You're both liars. Flag them or don't :P
@Sp3000 Yeah
@Downgoat truce? No flags.
@AshwinGupta you didn't finish your sentence
4:50 AM
@Downgoat Because.
Hey guess what? Don't abuse flags. ಠ_ಠ
@AshwinGupta of course! flags should never be played around with
@AlexA. I for one never flagged anything sir.
they alert every 10K user on chat
4:51 AM
@Downgoat A better question is: Why don't you know what goat udders look like?
Mini challenge: Write a meaningful English sentence using only SE usernames
@Geobits this is true ^, you must be the worst goat every. You don't even remember your mama goat's udder.
@HelkaHomba Hell yeah.
@Geobits because I haven't been in a very... intimate relationship?
4:53 AM
@HelkaHomba Hmm. So far, verbing is hard :(
@AshwinGupta It's more a preemptive disapproval face. :P
101 1
@AlexA. ok, I'll remember that.
Oh shit, sentient Chatgoat is now making sock Stack Overflow accounts now O_O
4:54 AM
"Iam the goat overlord"
Isn't that the image you used for the upgoat/downgoat image challenge?
thats mines
@AlexA. it's one of them, yes
@HelkaHomba Nice, the last guy even includes the punctuation!
Well I couldn't search for just it
4:55 AM
@AlexA. though it's not a sentence so puncuation isn't neede
You are what?
Thats a full one btw, there is a subject and predicate.
its a full sentence.
I don't need the predicate noun, the linking verb is fine alone.
@HelkaHomba Needs additional restriction: >1k rep
Cheddar:T_REPL> alex
━━ Implicit Output ━━
4:58 AM
@Downgoat It is a sentence. The subject is "you," the verb is "did." That makes it a complete sentence; the additions of "hell yeah" and "it" aren't necessary but give it (a bit) more meaning.
@Geobits Ooh, nice, all PPCG users!
I thought that was a bit classier ;)
@Downgoat T_T
@Sp3000 Cookie bonus 🍪
@AshwinGupta nice try rickrolling
@HelkaHomba All of mine have 1k+ network rep. Cookie please.
TIL I'm able to detect rickrolls just by seeing the URL.
@AshwinGupta That's not nice.
@AlexA. ok I probably should memorize it huh?
@AlexA. fine =/
@Geobits 🍆
5:02 AM
@HelkaHomba uhhhhhh
I have to install fonts to get my cookie? :(
Hell yeah, I'd take an eggplant over a cookie anyday.
@AlexA. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Uh, okay
Yea.... I've actually heard cookie used as slang that way... and obvious eggplant is obvious.
5:03 AM
Cookie ^^
Warm, soft, chewy, oozy, melt in your mouth.
Chocolate chip cookie
@Geobits Fine, here
@HelkaHomba who's that?
Not the right Cookie, that's who.
5:04 AM
oh shit goats are stupid
We've been trying to tell you that...
@Downgoat that's what I've been trying to say all this time.
@Geobits yup.
@AshwinGupta Cookie Roberts (almost)
@HelkaHomba lol ok
ooh good
my avatar changed
@AshwinGupta at least goats have brains unlike police boxes ;)
5:05 AM
@Downgoat excuse me, this isn't a telephone box.
Its a TARDIS, time and relative dimension in space
its a HIGHLY intelligent, sentient being.
@AshwinGupta oh, so it's even more empty space :P
In unicode food rice cracker = 🍘 and rice ball = 🍙. Am I the only one who has never seen rice looking like this?
Give me an image and I'll tell you :P
first result on google images for "rice ball"
@Downgoat interesting, I'd expect something else from that search.
5:07 AM
Oh, if it's that, then yes. I've had them like that a lot, and they're delicious.
I found
should empty arrays be falsey values?
@Downgoat null values
@HelkaHomba You should visit Uwajimaya the next time you're up here.
5:07 AM
@Downgoat I can't think of a good reason for them to be truthy.
@HelkaHomba oh, sorry, I meant falsey. I am really tired...
@AlexA. I've been there, usually to stock up on white rabbits
White rabbits...?
@HelkaHomba Are you a magician?
I didn't realize they sold rabbits
5:08 AM
milk candy
And you haven't seen rice like that at Uwajimaya??
They may have changed the name, I forget
@AlexA. maybe, I don't remember
@HelkaHomba If you don't mind, I'd rather ignore you said that and concentrate on the fact that you're a stage magician.
> fact
Alright then
I mean, he does juggle, right?
Umm, well, uh... it's falsifiable, right? So it's not an opinion.
5:13 AM
Time to make myself disappear
I knew it!
@AlexA. can moderators flag stuff for other moderators?
Moderator flags apply immediately
Ah so you don't have that feature
ok I see
If I flag something as spam or offensive, the person whose post got flagged gets an automatic 30 minute suspension.
5:21 AM
Oh, I guess I could do a moderator attention flag.
dooooo iiiiiiit
except not to me
I've never done that though because, well, I am a moderator...
to downgoat
@AlexA. see this is why half the community could never be a moderator, me and geo would show no restraint.
5:22 AM
Nah, I'd show too much most likely. Talk is cheap when you don't have the power to do it ;)
well lol thats you
Remember, I'm an immature kid who likes clicking buttons :D
Oh, I'm not sure how I'd forget that.
@Geobits good.
this Kylo-Ren concept is crazy.
@AshwinGupta no need to start being impolite to the goat
5:35 AM
@HelkaHomba "ace, Doorknob ceased to turn clockwis!" "copy, TNT phase." "SomeKittens st0le TNT!" "YOU overactor, Mark cardboard_box, cat Snack phase. TheNumberOne Cruncher." "swish, Nabb TNT... Shebang?" "copy, Shebang. PleaseStand. manatwork."
...those are meaningful English sentences? :P
Granted, I do love "copy, Shebang. PleaseStand. manatwork."
Close enough :P there's an awful lack of verbs in 1k+
@Sp3000 brb changing username to verb
my username should be a verb now...
D: wtf is Downgoating
I am going to go downgoating posts on PPCG
6:06 AM
I have just created a new delicious drink. Hawaiian Punch + vodka + tequila. I call it "Alcoholism"
How is everyone?
@Mego Scotch + Vodka + Tequila = Blackout of '77
@Sherlock9 I don't have any scotch, unfortunately. I have whiskey though...
Not sure what a NY drink would look like
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

msh210Is it a Jordan curve? code-golf geometry Input An expression in t (or θ or ϑ if you prefer instead of t) of the form a+bf(ct) where a, b, and c are integers and f is sin or cos. (The + sign is of course absent if b is negative. If b = 0, you may assume the second term is not omitted, or is omi...

6:46 AM
@AshwinGupta Sadly, Type 40s are not sentient
7:43 AM
8:30 AM
8:44 AM
It's always so satisfying to push a huge bugfix commit
@Dennis Pull Actually please?
> Pull Actually
FTFY Actually pull please?
Next I get to apply a significant portion of those bugfixes to Seriously
8:45 AM
Significant portion?
Hi Cyoce
@Mego Are you still supporting Seriously with all these bug fixes?
@Mego I've read an article yesterday that despite their cute appearances, penguins can be quite the killers
@Bas :O Link?
@Bas noot noot
8:55 AM
@MarsUltor A lot of the bugs that the latest commit fixed are also present in Seriously, and thus the fixes need to be backported
@zyabin101 Hold on, i'll try to find it
@zyabin101 link, killers is probably the wrong word to describe them though
Penguins will ruin your day if they're hungry and you look sufficiently fish-like
9:17 AM
Hey @Bas, you wouldn't happen to be also known as Bazzlo, would you?
9:29 AM
Q: Unnamed Functions in Code Golf

isaacgFor many code golf questions, we allow functions as answers. What exactly does it mean for some code to be a valid submission as a function? This question came up during a discussion on built-ins, but is a separate discussion from that one. Here are some examples in Python, where I'm not sure w...

9:39 AM
@Sherlock9 Afraid not
is it bad that I rejected this edit?
sure the edit is helpful, but it goes against my intent of making a joke
I consider the added value of showing what S does in this context to be very little
@orlp I'm with you on that one
I also would have rejected it
9:57 AM
Q: Bijection between ℤ² and the positive integers

Ewan DelanoyIt is well-known that there are bijections between ℤ² and the positive integers. Your task is to write code defining such a bijection in your programming language of choice, plus a correctness check (see below) with the smallest number of characters for the function definitions. The solution mu...

@Bas Ah, alright. Thanks anyway
10:51 AM
@Mego Same @orlp
1 hour later…
12:06 PM
\o/ Ubuntu Xerus is out
1 hour later…
1:10 PM
I feel better upvoting that answer than the butt's one! — Öskå 20 hours ago
Ouch @Martin
Q: Calculate the Kronecker sum of two matrices

Stewie GriffinIn the examples below, A and B will be 2-by-2 matrices, and the matrices are one-indexed. A Kronecker product has the following properties: A⊗B = A(1,1)*B A(1,2)*B A(2,1)*B A(2,2)*B = A(1,1)*B(1,1) A(1,1)*B(1,2) A(1,2)*B(1,1) A(1,2)*B(1,2) A(1,1)*B(2,1) A(1,...

@HelkaHomba How nice :)
Rule is 2^64-1 because I was forced to deny standard loopholes. — Έρικ Κωνσταντόπουλος 5 hours ago
what is this I don't even

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