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12:59 AM
@PauloCereda Shouldn't that be (somuch(miss(lisp,I))))?
8 hours later…
9:17 AM
@AlanMunn It can be, I'm not sure about the function signature. :) There is no comma, usually it goes like (functionname param1 param2 ...), e.g, (+ 12 8). :)
@StefanKottwitz Yay! :)
@MarcoDaniel: I think I finally got a proper Makefile working, thanks to @AndreyVihrov. :) Here it is:
COMMAND = pdflatex -interaction=nonstopmode

all: mytarget

	$(COMMAND) test.tex &> /dev/null; if [ $$? -eq '0' ]; then echo "Your file was compiled successfully!"; else more test.log; fi

9:38 AM
@PauloCereda Thanks for the comment! The issue of nesting tikzpictures comes up often enough that it's tempting to do a blog post about it. Maybe when the semester is in full swing and I have a little more time.
@AndrewStacey IMHO your answer is already amongst the fine gems we can find here. It's very didatic and intuitive. And the blog post is a great idea. :)
@TorbjørnT Noooo, they copied my idea! I have a presentation and one of the experiments was a group with 1000 individuals. I drew a thousand stick figures. :P
If I go to Europe, I need to visit a lot of places for you guys to sign my TeXbook.
10:32 AM
ARG! The IEEEtrans template is killing me. Some of the macros and environments are implemented in funny ways. I really shouldn't look at the code!
10:44 AM
They do things like \def\@somebox{\begin{minipage}.. \includegraphics[..]{..} .. \end{minipage}} and then \settowidth\somelength{\@somebox} and later \raisebox{...}{\@somebox}.
No wonder that all my images are read twice. They should use a box register instead.
Nice that they do call it @somebox eventhough it's just a macro
11:07 AM
@wh1t3 Yeah
@wh1t3 Are you questioning my TikZ-sense??? (tex.stackexchange.com/q/40234/86) There's only one answer to that: a duel! Choose your weapons.
@AndrewStacey and @wh1t3 must now duel to the death.
@AndrewStacey: Challenge accepted!
11:22 AM
Paulo hands @AndrewStacey a \newcommand and @wh1t3 a \newcommand*
@PauloCereda No favouritism, please. One of those is \longer than the other.
@AndrewStacey /Deja-vu
The other time Paulo favored me by handing me \newcommand, which everybody knows is \long.
@egreg oops. :)
Darn! I got past 55555; not like Martin who had exactly 55555. :(
@egreg Unfortunately, I can never remember which is which so I'm in a quantum state. I know that one is longer than the other, but I don't know which. (tex.stackexchange.com/questions/1050)
11:29 AM
@AndrewStacey: just give it an empty argument to have the compiler collapse the wave-function
@AndrewStacey You have the longer one! Hit!
I'm off for lunch so we will have to postpone. @AndrewStacey: Enjoy these final moments :)
Imperial march playing in the background.
Right, so that gives me the lunch break to write down all my mathematical theories ...
It's not a lake. It's a wall. :)
11:43 AM
Big snowstorm outside right now. Visibility about 100 yards.
Is this a question?
Q: A naive idea about forward-inverse search

user565739I got a naive idea and I don't know if this is practical, but I would like to hearing from the people here. When Tex compile the .tex file, add additional information after each word. For example: This(1)is(2)an(3)Example(4). Here (1) (2) (3) (4) is the additional information that are added. ...

@egreg I have no idea what the OP wants to achieve. :)
@PauloCereda There is already SyncTeX.
12:00 PM
@egreg Indeed.
12:11 PM
@MartinScharrer Another entry for my "ignored" tags list, then.
@PauloCereda Hi. I was on work. I will test it. Thanks in advance.
@MarcoDaniel There's an interesting question about mdframed and verbatim.
I don't think it's really possible to accomplish, though.
@egreg I read this. The example of wht13 works. I wrote a comment ;-)
@egreg Base on the example of BeforeEnvirnoment I can create a new mdframed command to simplify the algorithm. I have the same idea for theorems which uses the new frametitle-option of the beta-package.
12:44 PM
@MarcoDaniel Hope it works. :)
@MarcoDaniel and @egreg: I had misunderstood the question, edited it to incorporate Marco's comment :)
1:45 PM
@lockstep Well, it's not a bad template. I mean, it would be a pain to get IEEE style without it, but it really needs a code review.
@MartinScharrer And therefore people versed in LaTeX, but not in TeX should concentrate on patching well-written packages. :-)
I love the part of the template where you put your bio.
Q: cursor jumps in search form, garbles input while typing

elderingLately I was searching on tex.sx from the search form at the top of the page. After a first search, I positioned the cursor somewhere halfway in my previous search terms and started to type additional keywords. Upon automatic expansion of the search form, the cursor was placed at the end of my in...

Can we propose a migration to somewhere?
meta.SO, I guess.
@PauloCereda I tried your example with the following result:
You see the log will be printed.
@lockstep I converted to a comment after all. Since I don't know enough of the definitions I shouldn't try to answer.
@MarcoDaniel Hm I guess I put a & in the > /dev/null. Could you remove it and check if it works?
Hm on a second thought, the else part seems to be executed. Ouch.
2:01 PM
@NN How about closing it as a duplicate of this one:
Q: Where do I find out how a command/environment is defined?

SeamusSay I want to redefine the itemize environment, or make a modified version of it. I want to know how it is currently defined. Where do I find this information? If it's some particular package command, I can just look at the .sty file for that package, but if it's something more basic, I don't kno...

@lockstep They are similar. However, the OP also asks for how to learn about commands and not only how to look them up.
@lockstep but yeah, a question should be 1 question per posted question so it makes sense to close it
@PauloCereda I tried it without the &. But it seems to work only with nonstopmode. I don't like nonstopmode ;-) . In my test file I tried the undefined command \foo to produce an error. If I have an error the log-file will be printed in the terminal. But without nonstopmode the log-file hasn't finished at this time. Do you understand my intention?
@MarcoDaniel Ah I see. :) I'll see what I can come up with. :P
@PauloCereda It belongs rather on meta.stackoverflow, but would be quickly (and I mean, really quickly) closed as a duplicate.
2:20 PM
@lockstep Agreed. :(
@PauloCereda BTW, my "Unanswered question color" feature request has vanished from the front page and is at a score of 8 right now. Let's see how it fares.
@PauloCereda Thanks for your time
@MarcoDaniel We will find an answer, don't worry. :)
2 hours later…
4:04 PM
Info For the moment I guess I'm done. The last section will need material but during the next days I'm certainly not able to provide it -- so if anybody feels like fixing my English ... please go ahead. It might be also a good approach to collect here references to other questions addressing specific topics. Info End
4:27 PM
@PauloCereda I have a new idea. run pdflatex. If the compilation detect the first error break compilation and type out Error during compilation. Have a look at the log-file.
2 hours later…
6:51 PM
Last night I did a "recalc" of my reputation and it dropped by 42... Wow, crazy, right?! :) I know this is due to answer/question deletion. Are the other reasons for this? Why does this happen in the first place? What would be the difference if I never recalc my reputation, keeping all those "lost" rep with me like My Precious... :) Should I ask a general question like this on meta?
@Werner Don't tell me! I lost 500+ rep in one occasion. No, that's independent on your own recalculation, as it's performed periodically also by the system.
@egreg Strange that it only happened, in my 7-month tenure here, that it dropped. So it just seemed strange... almost like I initiated it. Are you saying that you would have lost 500+ rep anyway?
@Werner Yes, it was by some obscure system algorithm that checks for bogus upvotes. :(
Q: Disappearing reputation

egregYesterday I was very happy because my total rep was over 40000. This morning I was stunned seeing it had dropped to 39693. Does anybody know what happened?

@Werner I also see that I have 5 votes missing. even though everyday I hit the vote cap. So probably SE engine thought that we are pulling tricks to get more reps. I have no conclusion that I shouldn't vote you up, no worries. I will do it anyway even though the system is taking them back :)
You and @egreg has the danger continuosly since your answers are most often worth of upvote but you simply have too many answers ! :P
7:16 PM
A busy day: another presentation of our 'LaTeX for Beginners' course :-) Now to plan the next course!
@JosephWright Congratulations. Now we have more users ;-) (or persons on the right path)
@percusse Thanks! I was wondering whether my "forced recalc" caused (or initiated) the drop. First I thought it "cost" something to do a recalc... But 42? Here's a question in that regard...
...so if I have an single up-voted answer (10 rep) and delete it and do a recalc, my rep will drop by 10 points. Right? If I have a single down-voted answer (-2 rep) and delete it and do a recalc, does my rep increase by 2 points?
@MarcoDaniel I gave out my TeX.sx business cards :-)
@Werner Ah, I wish I knew. But I deleted my own answer upvoted twice yet I didn't get any rep drops. But you never know, these systems are updated daily and I don't keep up at all.
7:28 PM
@percusse I dare you to attempt a recalc and see what happens. :)
As promised. Typographic hell.
@Werner I don't want to offend you but I don't even know how to do it :)
@percusse You haven't earned the "Disciplined" badge yet, so here's a tip: When a situation arises that an answer of yours gets 3 upvotes, but another answer (perhaps from @egreg) basically says the same things, but much better, delete your answer. You won't notice a sudden rep drop, but if you recalc your rep, it will drop by 30. (You'll earn a shiny badge, at least.)
@percusse Go to tex.stackexchange.com/reputation - I only learned how to do it yesterday myself. You may also have to click on the "Force recalc" button at the bottom of the run.
@lockstep I am pretty bad about keeping an eye on those. To be honest I have 3000 extra reps than I actually need. :)
@Werner Wow, thanks. But I don't get any difference. Maybe I did something wrong.
7:34 PM
@percusse Did you click the "SteaL My PReCiouS" button at the bottom of the run? Also called "Force recalc"?
@percusse There's a "Trigger Reputation Recalc" Button at the bottom.
Yep, I did and I am looking for some negative numbers right?
** rep from bonuses: 100 what the hell is that? Hilarious.
The powers that be gave me raise on my salary.
@percusse I think those are bounties?
@Werner Ah, that makes sense.
@lockstep You mean it's not called "SteaL My PReCious"? Okay, enough of that LoTR reference.
7:37 PM
@percusse That's the "initial" rep if you're already registered at another SE site and associate your accounts.
@Werner Nope, bounties are part of the list.
@lockstep I did the same on Math.SE and I got +2 points ! Hoeray
I wish I knew what happened.
@percusse That makes me wonder about my earlier question. Did you perhaps delete a question that was down-voted once?
@Werner You are probably right. I really don't know how the engine computes the rep points. But I clearly remember that I deleted my upvoted question on math.se let me check. I am not active there anymore so it might be easier to find.
@percusse I'm specifically referring to a question that has a down vote, which you deleted... since you rep jumped up by 2.
@Werner But an upvoted and deleted answer should cause a 10 drop if I understand you correctly.
7:44 PM
@percusse Yes.
That's the only answer I have deleted so far (as far as I remember). Hmm, I have also deleted a question since nothing happened for a long time but I don't remember if that was ever upvoted.
@percusse It may well be that a user cast a downvote on one of your questions/answers, and then the user account was deleted (which also deletes its votes).
@lockstep Quite possible. Happens a lot on other SE sites. People are ruthlessly downvoting there :)
Hi there
@percusse I agree... know some of those
@percusse usually the same suspects every time :)
@CountZero hi ! Yes, they have associated their very existence with SE accounts, quite weird atmosphere that you get from those.
8:00 PM
@percusse Even happened that one of the other users pointed out to him it was excessive
@percusse The guy in question seems to have had 'Question off topic' permanently in his clipboard and pasting it to every other question. :)
@CountZero Hahaha! What is also very surprising is to get angry on many things like writing with capital letter implies shouting etc. but can't complain anyway.
The whole online persona phenomenon is quite perplexing.
@percusse yup :) how about a SE site on 'online persona'? :)
@CountZero ...with an arbitrary option to up-vote or down-vote, but not both. It depends on when you're landing on that particular question. Almost like your computer has a voting mood swing.
@Werner Haha! I dare to say that it would be much fairer (is that a word?) than some SE sites.
@Werner Why not upvote and downvote @ the same time? could be a nice case of schizoid online persona... or Schroedinger's online cat persona :D
8:14 PM
@CountZero I think Schrödinger version requires that the votes are invisible to you but known to system itself. :)
@percusse should be an extra feature of the site! :)
@MarcoDaniel: Yes, let's stop the guessing... classic!
@Werner Sorry I know it isn't very friendly.
@MarcoDaniel It's true though, since the use of algorithm rather than algorithmic makes you wonder what's going on. Also, just wrapping it in an \fbox without separation doesn't work or help.
@Werner You are so right. It is also very confusing because fbox doesn’t work in this contents.
8:45 PM
@Werner He provided an example. I don't know where to start with the errors.
@MarcoDaniel I see...
Next time I use my own example ;-)
@MarcoDaniel Right on!
Deleting a config file fixed this problem (see chat). Too localized?
Q: Kile structure view wrongly displays argument of \enquote as argument of \input or \include

chandraThis is strictly not a TeX question but rather a kile question. So, please show me to the right forum if I am asking it in the wrong place here. I have kile set up to display structure and specifically: Kile Settings -> LaTeX -> Structure View -> check Show input files Then, when I have a wor...

@Werner I' m writing
8:49 PM
@MarcoDaniel Do you want to fix his problem by updating your solution? Add \setlength{\leftskip}{-1.2em} just after \begin{algorithmic}[0]...
@TorbjørnT Indeed. Voted to close.
@Werner This is the easiest method. First I start with the error 0.5\linewidth+\quad+.5\linewidth>\textwidth
Joseph Wright has added an event to this room's schedule.
@AlanMunn Lord have mercy.
@MarcoDaniel Cool! :)
@JosephWright How nice! How many users?
@PauloCereda 22 book, 19 came (three ill)
Next is an intermediate course, probably in April
8:54 PM
@MarcoDaniel I think so, since the list is already setup at that point, so there's no use modifying something like \labelsep and \labelwidth. You could patch it with etoolbox - there's a condition in algorithmicx.sty which selects \labelwidth as 0.5em if the option to algorithmic is 0, or 1.2em otherwise. Not sure its working properly...
@PauloCereda The church itself is also kind of scary.
@JosephWright In São Paulo, I hope. :)
@AlanMunn Really?
@PauloCereda :-)
@JosephWright I won't be able to make it to tomorrow's "Answer the Unanswered" session.
@lockstep Shame, but you can't do everything :-)
8:55 PM
@Werner I found it too and didn't tried it. After I finished my list, I will test it ;-)
@JosephWright Dancing at a ball takes priority. :-)
@AlanMunn At least they didn't use ComicSans. ;-) It's not very clear why the 00 after 9 is white.
@PauloCereda You can take a look at its Statement of Faith, and the writings of some of its main pastor.
@lockstep Have fun
@egreg I think it's pasted on top of the original time (which probably said 9:30).
8:58 PM
@AlanMunn They had ended the blue paint.
@JosephWright Certainly. :-) And in anticipation of your session, here's a question I think should be closed -- have a look at my last comment:
Q: problem when an editor is also an author in jurabib

Simon BrownI'm using jurabib to do the bibliography for my dissertation (I'm having to do the MHRA style and jurabib does this quite well). The problem I have is as follows: I have some books by author A and edited by person B. I also have a book that is by person B. I am using bibformat=ibidem which, i...

@MarcoDaniel I was able to compile his example without problem, it was just the little gap in the left margin.
@lockstep Agreed: closed
@Werner But be carefull. space of the first comment makes problems.
I checked algorithmicx.sty, and the left margin is actually 1em, not 1.2em. He's got an extra space in there after \fbox{ which needs a %.
@MarcoDaniel Space of the first comment?
9:02 PM
I suggest the following:
@AlanMunn Oh my! I watched one of his videos. There's definitely some aerobics going on.
The first indention must be fixed too
And this is the definition I checked out
We now have our own category in the TUG interview corner: tug.org/interviews/#others
@egreg It's actually green, but obviously they didn't match it very well. I'm most impressed with the the fact that there appear to be 4 distinct fonts plus the mix of serif and san serif.
@MarcoDaniel What "first indentation" are you referring to?
9:09 PM
@AlanMunn Assuming that the boldface "CHURCH" is in the same sans serif font.
@egreg I was assuming it was different. (The "R"s look quite different). So did I miss one?
@Werner pachtcmd doesn't work.
@AlanMunn Ah, yes, four. I could stand for "University" in a different font, but the bottom line is really awful.
9:26 PM
@MarcoDaniel Yes, if you set \tracingpatches and then do \ifpatchable{\algorithmic}{\ALG@beginalgorithmic}{}{} the .log shows:
[debug] tracing \ifpatchable on input line 17
[debug] analyzing \algorithmic
[debug] ++ control sequence is defined
[debug] ++ control sequence is a macro
[debug] -- macro cannot be retokenized cleanly
@MarcoDaniel How about, instead of setting things the way you've done in your updated answer, to have \labelsep0pt\labelwidth0pt in the condition for #1=0. That way the updated algorithmic environment will still work if he/she uses it with numbered lines.
Some of the other sites are definitely odd. I was looking at a profile on Gaming.SX, and saw the 'hat rack'
So I followed the hats to hatdash.com
One vote left to close:
A: Getting to a command definition

N.N.You can use texdef too look up the definitions as described in http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/31123/5701.

@NN DOne
@Werner You are right. I will change it
\algorithmic has an optional argument, so it's not patchable in that way.
`\expandafter\patchcmd\csname\string\algorithmic\endcsname{...}{...}{}{}` should work.
9:40 PM
@JosephWright You look nice as a pirate:
@egreg I will try
Anyone else noticed this glitch?
Q: The suggested edits review tab resets the date range preference

lunboksAs a result of me discovering this new review feature, I've been using that tool a whole lot more recently. While I was reviewing some posts in the week/month date ranges, some edits were suggested as well. I noticed that each time I switched to the suggested edits tab, the date range would rese...

It works: `\expandafter\patchcmd\csname\string\algorithmic\endcsname%
{\labelwidth 0.5em}{\labelwidth0pt\labelsep0pt}{}{}`
@egreg So the optional argument caused this problem?
Is there mention of this in the etoolbox documentation?
Is this the case in general for patching commands with optional arguments?
@Werner No, it simply mentions that such commands are not patchable, IIRC. There should be some answer about this. I'll try a search.
9:46 PM
@egreg I will link to this question too if you find .
@MarcoDaniel Here it is
A: How can I use `\patchcmd` with commands with optional arguments?

Martin ScharrerYou can get \\foo@ using \csname\string\foo@\endcsname. The space shown behind it with \show is not part of the macro name (but could be added using a \space before \endcsname). So you can use: \expandafter\patchcmd\csname\string\foo@\endcsname{hook}{\label{#1}hook}{success}{failure} Full exam...

@egreg Obvious title, but I didn't know it existed...
...it deserves an up-vote!
I tried an extended definition of \patchcmd, but it's not as general as I wished.
@JosephWright: Are moderators able to merge accounts across networks? That is, if we request via the "...and make sure that both accounts are associated with each other..." text block and they don't, would it be recommended that this be done?
I'm sure some people would find it beneficial to not have things sync-ed, giving rise to this "option" in the first place.
@egreg Added ;-)
9:55 PM
oops, offline
@NN @MarcoDaniel, you broke it!
@NN Never mind! I hit rep cap hours ago. :)
Must... access... TeX.sx...
@PauloCereda Be courageous.
@egreg I'll try. :)
10:02 PM
It's back up!
well, SO at least...
@PauloCereda Back on line! Time for an answer!
@Werner Nope
@egreg Yay! :)
10:23 PM
@Werner What?
@MarcoDaniel TeX.SX was down just after you edited your question. Don't worry, it wasn't your fault. @PauloCereda took the blame. ;)
@Werner My wife was taking to me and I couldn't recognize this.
@Werner Yes. :) Oh wait.
11:03 PM
is this question too localized?
Q: A plot using tikz is giving very odd results

AlasdairI'm trying to include a plot of tan(x) in some student notes. Here is my input (using ConTeXt): \usemodule[newmat,tikz,pgfmath] \usetikzlibrary[arrows] \starttext \starttikzpicture[scale=0.65] \draw[-angle 60] (-9,0) -- (14,0) node[right] {$x$}; \draw[-angle 60] (0,-6) -- (0,6) nod...

@percusse Given the OP has not provided additional information for three weeks, I'd say yes.
@lockstep Thanks! Voted...
@percusse Voted too. :)
@PauloCereda Thank you too ! :D

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