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1:49 AM
If you guys want to you can follow a Poetry proposal I just started.

Proposed Q&A site for poets and poetry enthusiasts.

Currently in definition.

10 hours later…
11:47 AM
Q: Are questions about english learning on-topic?

sepidehI've seen the following question: Are questions about individual languages on-topic? And the most up-voted answer suggests that questions about a specific language are on-topic as long as they involve with learning that specific language. So this can be applied to questions about English-learning...

Hi folks
Because it is my first commitment to a new site
I am getting confused
I am studying the help page to find out what's the problem of my question
And edit it
Q: Will having a part time or freelancing translation job affect my effort of thinking in second language?

sepidehI'm a native Persian speaker and I've been learning English since I was 11. Of course in the first years of learning, I actually had a lot of mistakes in choosing methods that I will never repeat in learning a third. One of these mistake is that I didn't start to learn English through an L2 t...

I think edition to these early questions should be done and they shouldn't remain closed or unhold
so tell me about the specific problem to edit it
By this question I want to point out an issue
As you know the goal of learning a new language is to think and understand in that language
But translation (especially if it's not oral) involves with exact description of your English understanding in your native language
so it maybe affect your practice of thinking in L2
by describing a lot about myself in that question
I wanted to present a real situation
12:09 PM
@sepideh You're worried that translating papers from Persian to English will weaken your English skills?
Yes, I'm trying to practice and automatically think in English
and regarding the weak methods that I've used in the beginning, I'm still fairly poor in that
Maybe you can understand it from my writing if you are a native speaker or if your English is very good
Most of my teachers tell me to think in English and also my friends who live overseas
Do you think in English now?
@Hatchet in fact I don't think so. or if I do think in Persian, it doesn't affect my speed alot
because I don't notice it my self
but most of other people understand it
and I don't understand how
do they know that i'm thinking in persian?
@sepideh I wouldn't worry about your skills weakening; in fact, I think translating will help your skills, not harm them.
yes that will be a good option for vocabulary mastering of course
but we had a discussion about it in a persian forum
I will link it but probably you don't know persian to read it
12:20 PM
I can use a translator.
I am generally telling that the question is somehow an important concern among some language learners who live in countries like Iran and don't start English with good learning methods
this is still common in Iranian schools to speak persian and maybe that old teacher can't even speak with a native herself
So you see iranian high school students that just have learned in school
can't communicate with anyone speaking English let alone a native speaker
@Hatchet ok, I'll link as soon as I find it
12:42 PM
ok this is part of a thread in an iranian forum in which I had a discussion about this issue with a bunch of iranian english learners
For me as a native persian learning English this problem is most significant when I encounter with words like would
@sepideh Translator isn't much help... I'm getting the gist of the conversation, but no more. Oh, well.
which have different roles in English but there is no structure in persian that is equal to them
@Hatchet ok do you need translation?
OK, I didn't remind Google Translate
@sepideh It looks like you're discussing how it is difficult to convert Persian into English because of the radical differences between the two (Persian has more abstract ideas/words). Also, there's a problem with thinking in Persian unconsciously. Correct?
@sepideh Ah. Google translate isn't so bad after all.
12:56 PM
as you see I have said that when watching Reign series despite of the effort to think in English, sometimes I noticed that I'm still thinking in persian inadvertantly
@Hatchet no, it's good. for german, french, english, etc
it's precise
but not for persian
@sepideh Agreed. How long have you known English well?
in fact I've been learning for 14 years
but not in an active way
It can be 5 years or alittle more that I have indulged myself in english
By active learning, I mean that I was never a regular learner
Stuff like Anki don't attract me
Now, during a normal day, do you speak English more, or Persian?
I speak Persian more but I read nd write in English
because I'm studying in front of my laptop
you know there are not a lot of options to find good people to chat with
most of the natives don't need learning and so they're just wasting time during chat
and so not more options to speak but I watch movies a lot but not daily. I can say that in a normal day most of the times I am practicing reading and writing in advertantly
Speaking a language is one of the best ways to attain a higher level of fluency. Speaking in English can especially help your "thinking in English" skills.
@sepideh I added an answer to your question: languagelearning.stackexchange.com/a/417/85
1:09 PM
@Hatchet yes, i'm studying it
@Hatchet do you know of any particular way for someone like me?
@sepideh A particular way to do what?
@Hatchet In a normal day, I don't meet an English speaker and the people around me don't know english alot to be interested in speaking
so with whom should I speak?
With whom do yourself speak to learn a new language?
@sepideh In this other answer of mine, I kinda addressed that: languagelearning.stackexchange.com/a/135/85 Basically, speak to yourself!
ok, something as repeating the thoughts aloud
thanks for your consideration
have a nice time
@sepideh Okay, have a great day! Good luck with your endeavors in English. :)
1:35 PM
just one more question. how much time will the site remain in private beta? I want to see if I have enough time to fulfill my commitment? You know I don't want to ask multiple languages in a day because they may get down-voted and I may get blocked of asking
@sepideh According to @Gilles, private beta usually lasts 3 weeks. chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/29051572#29051572
2 hours later…
3:23 PM
@SMSvonderTann Please do not promote your proposals or anything from Area 51
8 hours later…
11:06 PM
@Hatchet Wow... one rep lead... lol
@Hatchet is @Gilles really the most reliable source of information? Generally, private beta lasts for about two weeks before we enter public beta.
11:26 PM
@fi12 it was one week by default for years, but now it's three weeks
A: How long does it take to open public beta?

Robert CartainoWe've extended the private betas to last about three weeks total. In actuality, if you call the initial launch "week one", the evaluations and discussion happen near the end of week three. We extended the private beta another week because the logistics of launching a private beta and getting ever...

@fi12 Well Giles is a very trustworthy user... he has tons of rep and is a moderator. Not the most reliable, but very reliable
A: Concern over the effects of 3-week private betas

Robert Cartaino My concern is that at the end of week 3, there will be even less activity. This could potentially lead to the SE team seeing this and saying "oh, this beta isn't very active - better close it". Usually new communities are concerned that we didn't give them enough time. Either way, there's r...

@PythonMaster I can make mistakes, but I usually know when I know and when I'm not sure
The site is slowing down a bit from the opening of the private beta
Hopefully it's okay to pass into public beta :)
By the time someone gets mod tools (1k rep), hopefully some of the stats are posted to see our progress
Just 42 more rep...
@PythonMaster those stats aren't interesting over the course of a few weeks
and the reason the stats require rep is so people don't obsess over them, so obsessing over them even before you can see them isn't a good thing
11:32 PM
I suppose so... :(
The site currently has 127 questions, out of which 105 are open. It's a bit low to go public now, but should be ok in another week (I think the expected ballpark is 150–200 questions). But that's only one of the criteria.
The most important criteria are: Does this site have a community who by and large knows what they want? Check. Is this site producing useful content? Check.
Q: What should we do questions that asking for really specific studies/references?

fi12For example, look at these three questions. All tagged reference-request, and all have no answers. That's a major problem. These extremely specific questions can't really be answered unless there's a study that addresses the question, which is pretty unlikely. What should we do about these questi...


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