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12:00 AM
@Wipqozn trys to work out what the joke is
> Wit test failed
I need help coming up with a Legacy Name in SWOTR. :/
That's a shitty last name
Legacies are like character last names. Shared across any char I make.
(Can also be displayed as The _______ Legacy - a guildmate is The Reagan Legacy)
12:05 AM
Officer Snuggles.
@LessPop_MoreFizz And you can't use your real last name because?
No one would know it's your real name.
@John Ummmm... no thanks. Not in an MMO.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well when you put in like that...
12:06 AM
Mr. Fizzles
Nah, too much like yoda.
How about: dawwwww!
I think Snuggles is the best one.
You're not taking these ideas seriously are you. :(
@RonanForman Why would he? They're from- shudders -the internet!
I should try to work in a lab where they use cocaine :P
or at least rotate through one
Wooo 5 people online
12:12 AM
@GnomeSlice Where?
Metal Drift
@GnomeSlice Ah.
I noticed that you invited me to that group.
Is the demo any good?
I got a lot a games from people, so I don't feel like spending $10 on another one ATM.
Hm. How can I upgrade Wine to 1.3.19? The latest version in the repos is 1.3.15.
Wow... You can "play" the Steam Sales... reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/nzu69/…
@WilliamHilsum That's....essentially what I did, on a much smaller scale.
Q: Are the Necromancer's Golems of any use whatsoever in Diablo 2?

Marty WallaceThe class I play most commonly in Diablo 2 is the Necromancer. I've always run the same build (below), but now I want to start trying some alternative builds to mix it up a bit and add some extra interest to my next playthrough. I generally have stuck to this or similar: Raise Skeleton (20) Sk...

12:21 AM
(As in, my operation was not that expansive)
People wanted coal, I traded coal. I got games.
Or rather, I wanted games, and people were willing to accept coal. :)
@John give details! How much did you spend, and what did you walk away with?
Just added up my purchases... I spent so much more than I thought I did :/ and... I didn't even buy any expensive games, just many! ... I wouldn't of thought of this, but, I am out of touch with games, don't really know what is popular/what people would want
@WilliamHilsum I spent nothing, and I ended up with Hacker Evolution from Mordi, Terraria from Ian, Frozen Synapse from LessPop, DoD and DoD:S from Dave. Come to think of it, all but one of those were flat out gifts. SE has a lot of very nice people. :)
But yeah, I'm happy.
Q: Steam item giveaway/trading thread

Dave McClellandWith Steam now giving away games as part of the Holiday Sale, a lot of us are bound to end up with extra copies of games. Instead of letting them sit around our Steam Inventories, let's spread them out among other Gaming members. Add an answer with the games you're trying to trade, the games yo...

@WilliamHilsum And in case you missed it, this question has totally been the place to be for the past couple weeks.
Just updated Wine. Really hope it doesn't break anything.
@John That's for sure... @ArdaXi gifted CS:S
Thanks, haven't seen that
Ohh... thanks for that... hopefully I am not to late!
Well, this bites. :(
@RavenDreamer ???
12:34 AM
First world problems: I can't call the bank to tell them to let me use paypal with my debit card so I can buy FRAPs until TOMORROW!!!
@RavenDreamer Do you need it that urgently?
FRAPS is... really overpriced.
@Ullallulloo I don't need it urgently, but I was hoping I could do some recording tonight.
@ArdaXi Compared to what?
Just... being itself.
Compared to the freeware it competes with definitely.
What freeware does it compete with?
Because if you have a suggestion, I'm all ears.
12:36 AM
@RavenDreamer Itself? :P
> Expect Failure
@RavenDreamer Hiiiiiiiiii
Blargh how do I quote stuff again?
Most games have better recording tools included anyway.
@Ullallulloo But what if I want to record something LONGER THAN 30 SECONDS?!
12:37 AM
@John A space after the >
@ArdaXi No. No most games do not.
@ArdaXi Ah thanks.
@RavenDreamer Most games, not all games.
@ArdaXi Anyway? Don't change the topic, what freeware were you talking about :(
@Mana Hi. I'm getting dragged into an argument with @ArdaXi. What about you?
12:37 AM
@RavenDreamer It's hardly an argument.
@RavenDreamer I know, I was joking mostly. I have seen people edit multiple 30 second vids together though.
> Latest stable version is 0.7.6 (from June.22,2006 )
Latest stable version is 0.7.6 (from June.22,2006 )
@RavenDreamer Just finished drumming for an hour, now I'm working on my video game.
@RavenDreamer Err, so?
@Mana I wanted to be making a recording of my game, but I can't buy Fraps until tomorrow at least. :(
Though... actually...
I bet I could beat my game in <30 seconds.
@ArdaXi His point is that he thinks not being worked on lately means that it's no good.
@RavenDreamer I beat your game in around 35 seconds during my best run
@John Err...
let me try to speedrun it again
12:40 AM
It has been worked on lately.
Most recent build was late 2010.
@Mana So everyone's seen it except me? :(
@John More like, it not being worked on means if something goes wrong, I'm not likely to be able to troubleshoot it.
@John I gave it to @FallenAngelEyes and @Mana
@ArdaXi Still 2 years ago, and still not a stable version.
I have no problems giving it to you too
FRAPS has no problem selling instable versions.
12:41 AM
@RavenDreamer I don't know freeware that can compete (hopefully steamworks will do something soon in line with their screenshot tool!) ... but, You can always run the game in windowed mode, then use any number of tools such as Fast Stone Capture - faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm - not free, but, I find it the most useful tool on my machine.. and has a fully working trial
Do you have the XNA framework installed?
@RavenDreamer Probably somewhere. I have access to several machines running varying versions of different OSes.
If you want to pay $35 for what you can get for free, be my guest, but for what it does, it is definitely over-priced.
If it were more in the range of $10 or something I might actually buy it.
@RavenDreamer I lied, one minute 30 seconds is more realistic.
@RavenDreamer More likely, seeing as Taksi is open-source.
12:46 AM
@ArdaXi I mean, I could get it for free, if money was the issue.
Hey all!
Hey, it's the guy I gave the stuff for the thing!
/waves back
@RedriderX Hi
@RavenDreamer Hey do you have a copy of Magika?
12:48 AM
@RedriderX A spare copy, or do I own it? (I own it, I do not have a spare copy)
I have a coupon for it... that's about all I have.
No worries!
I was just wondering if someone wanted it. I don't plan on using it.
Browsing my Downloads folder, I find "RainbowSpaceDonkeyEscape". Wut.
12:49 AM
@John I wish I could take credit. :P
@John Wow, you should really screen your downloads.
@RavenDreamer I already know that's not your game. :P
@Mana >Position Subsystem:
-	Add in velocity
-	Add in “positionMap” array that keeps a record of where important features are (floors for checkGround, ladders for ifLadder, doors for ifDoor, etc.).
-	Super Meat Boy invisible ceiling jumping (set upwards velocity to 0.0f when jump key released)
Collision Subsystem:
-	Disable gravity on collision with ground.
-	Re-enable gravity on movement or jumping
Menu Subsystem:
-	Extract from graphics subsystem, make its own service
Graphics Subsystem:
-	Add in support for two-color sprites (adjust sprite sheet to have a white square for pos(0,0) and ti
@RedriderX The weird part is, I think I downloaded that on purpose...
See, @Mana? First bullet point, even!
12:50 AM
@Ullallulloo You beat me to showing the weirdness!
@RavenDreamer :( Don't fix midair jumping, it's the speedrunning trick
Some of the dialog in TOR is amazing.
@Ullallulloo What was I thinking?!?
@Mana That's a separate issue. I list it under "Design Better Levels"
12:51 AM
This Alderaanian noble gives this long speech about how his society is crumbling at it's foundation. There are vermin, insects rooting about underfoot, that must be squashed, etc. etc.
I'm expecting a quest to weed out some kind of corruption...
nope. Actual insects.
@RavenDreamer FYI, your game does not currently run under Wine.
@LessPop_MoreFizz SOUNDS FUN
Shucks, I realize @GnomeSlice isn't here. I wanted to complain to him about something.
@Mana IT IS.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Iiiiiit's Reeeeaaaal
12:52 AM
@John To be expected, I suppose.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Crushing bugs with a lightsaber?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think I want to make mine: "Sabrewraith"
@RedriderX Sniper Rifle for him!
@arda Taksi is perhaps a good argument FOR paying money for Fraps. That thing is definitely not a joy to use.
@RavenDreamer Keep in mind, 1) Playing an Agent now, and 2) it's going to have to be used on all of your characters.
@RedriderX Vibroknife in my case! Imperial Agent. Stabby Stabby.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, but you can hide it! !!
12:54 AM
@RavenDreamer Wow
I mean, once you do lock it onto a game it works mostly fine.
I also have a rifle, in theory, but it only gets used for pistolwhipping.
@RavenDreamer Okay my best speedrun is 51 seconds. Optimal is probably ~42
@RavenDreamer But where's the fun in that?
btw scifi.se has a real nice set of fonts. I'm now envious :D
12:55 AM
@Mana I admire your dedication.
@RavenDreamer www.kongregate.com/games/BGamesSite/insectonator?referrer=Ullallulloo
I still maintain that I need better levels.
@LessPopMoreFizz Damn it, I have all these Real Estate songs stuck in my head.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is Energy very different than Heat/ammo? From what I understand, they're basically the same (regen faster the more you have, etc)
@RavenDreamer Yeah, Energy is more granular
12:56 AM
@John But yeah. Does XNA in general work under wine?
But it works pretty similarly
Actually, I guess it'd have to, if you're playing Terraria atm.
@RavenDreamer I'm attempting to make it work for Terraria.... apparently it's hit or miss.
@Mana Right now I have johnJacobJingleHiemer stuck in my head.
Aha! Well, maybe if you get Terraria working, my game will also work!
12:57 AM
@RavenDreamer I'm not actually playing Terraria yet.
Apparently there's a pretty significant Empire bias, in terms of relative faction population.
@RavenDreamer Maybe...no worries though, I've already got the VM fired up.
@LessPopMoreFizz ?
@John Please don't expect much.
@RavenDreamer Heheh ok.
12:59 AM
@raven if you're using xna you might as well see how much work would be reqd to port to mono... I dunno tbh, but you could easily bake something native for ALL the platfroms if it wasn't too complicated.
@RavenDreamer Energy tends to use a lot of smaller numbers. Things will regen 2 or 3 energy at a time. and cost 8 energy. Heat/Ammo tend to be bigger chunks IIRC
@RavenDreamer it's only hard because your character doesn't friggin' jump all the way if he collides into the ground while in mid-air
@badp I'm not familiar with what mono is.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ah. Actually, that '?' was wondering if you had heard about the population imbalance, but thanks for more detail!
Foss implementatiin of c#
@RavenDreamer Aaah, Yeah, that's what I'm hearing/seeing. Part of the reason I'm glad on Veela.
1:01 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz What's special about Veela? (Aside from all the Harry Potter references)
and the ms il thingadongdong in general
@badp Hm. As is, I'm using a lot of XNA. Services, Components, and the Spritebatch, mostly.
Also, why must the Jedi Consular's "Project" suck so much compared to "Shock"? I don't think it should be classified as an "instant" if you can't do anything during the 3 sec animation.
@RavenDreamer Starfleet Dental is the goon megaguild, and it's republic side on veela.
I think I'm going to go level my Sith Sorc for awhile (I'm on Powerlord's server, but have never run into him).
@LessPop_MoreFizz So you are protected by a fleet of dentists?
1:07 AM
@RedriderX No, he's fighting a fleet of dentists.
@RavenDreamer What server is that?
@RavenDreamer Oops, I'm not that up on Star Wars, sorry.
@LessPop_MoreFizz We're on Space Slug
Well, now that I've revealed my deep, dark secret, I've got to go, bye all.
@RedriderX bye
1:21 AM
oh my god, they expand into images now?
Awww, The Chewbacca Legacy is taken. :(
Q: Can I play 4 on 4 games on the Xbox 360 with System Link?

Bradley AllenWe used to play 4 people against 4 people against 4 people on 3 Xbox consoles (not 360) playing Halo back in the day and it was a riot. I just tried to set up two Xbox 360's with 2 people against 2 people playing black ops and I couldn't. Am I missing something or is this a regression on a more...

@Mana Interesting, when did they start doing that?
@YiJiang I know it did that when the scifi site launched.
1:37 AM
Went with L'Emmerdeur.
1:49 AM
Q: Silly Question About Mage-Assassin

Marcello Grechi LinsI've been doing some "research" about how to perform a good build of a mage-assassin. I've Looked this post, and it is preety good,indeed. There is a preety useful video that shows a good MageAssassin build, but there is a Lack of "Action" showing how to actually use the Destruction spells when ...

Oh, my coal's gone.
2:14 AM
That is neato.
And unreadable.
meh, that's not too bad, I guess
@John I have a feature request for the API to return a background color field
They haven't implemented it I think
2:40 AM
Why are we discussing logos?
@GnomeSlice New chat feature
typing in a site name shows you the site logo.
What do you know, it works.
gaming . stackexchange . com
remove the periods
you fumb duck
You suck.
2:43 AM
Feeds beat you all to the punch weeks ago:
2:43 AM
oh, cool.
> Failed to find steam.
We need a rating plugin for the blog. So we can all see how much better my posts are than everyone else's.
@GnomeSlice (negative)
But seriously I was impressed by your post man. Keep it up.
gnomeslice on January 02, 2012

Out of games to play?  Looking for a deal?  Me too!

This is the first in a continuing set of (hopefully) weekly posts by me, where I’ll introduce you all to some great indie games for as cheap as possible.

This week’s game: Octopede

Octopede is a reinvention of the basic principles of the classic Snake with a neat digital twist.  The player can move in eight directions around the play area, collecting data that is used to lengthen the Octopede’s tail.  Every eight segments of tail can be ‘cached’, which increases the score multiplier, but means that those tail pieces …

Wait, shit, I'm not supposed to praise you. damn.
You make it sound like you were expecting me to make a fool of myself.
...Leave it at that, please.
When I try to run Flatout 2 it says 'failed to find steam' and opens a web browser page on store.steampowered.com.
2:52 AM
@GnomeSlice sounds like the game's problem
contact the devs
post it on Gaming.SE
start a rebellion on Reddit
"EA Sucks"
@Mana want to play Metal Drift/Greed Corp?
2:53 AM
@GnomeSlice No, I want to watch this Day[9] Daily
@GnomeSlice He gives Starcraft tips and he's hilarious and charismatic!
Oh, go and boil your head.
@GnomeSlice Heh heh heh. I'm sure then your game would be able to find Steam.
Gah, I already have so many games I want to post. I need to wait a week to do the next one now.
@Mana That joke must have gone over my head.
A: The carriage won't take me even when I'm naked, what do I need to do?

joseph dragonbornif you are using the code tgm (god mode) turn it off drop all the items untill you have your wight limit and it should work also god mode is for people who cant play games. also never cheat in skyrim its a good game

2:57 AM
@GnomeSlice mumbles steam happens when you boil stuff
@Mana OH.
@GnomeSlice yeah...not one of my best.
> if you are using the code tgm (god mode) turn it off drop all the items untill you have your wight limit and it should work also god mode is for people who cant play games. also never cheat in skyrim its a good game
Yes, I just posted and liked my own blog post on the facebook page.
@GnomeSlice wow.
Does TF2 support a gamepad?
3:04 AM
@GnomeSlice ...probably?
I can't see why you would ever want to play with one though.
Because. I like it.
I like being able to sit back in my Papasan chair and hold a thing in my hands that I can play with
@Mana ^this, you're doing FPSs wrong.
Oh god, please don't star that.
I can't think of any way to edit it.
3:05 AM
@GnomeSlice Wow. That is just so tempting.
@Mana Don't do it, you're better than this.
You know what I meant, okay.
@Ullallulloo I KNOW DAMN IT. But Wipqozn will see it and star it anyways.
or someone else
@Mana Not if we just spam a bunch.
3:07 AM
@GnomeSlice that doesn't make sense
@Mana It's a popular expression.
@GnomeSlice Yes, it's a rather obvious choice under the "mouse" tab of the options.
We need Urban Dictionary onebox support.
I think the FS tournament has kind of died.
@GnomeSlice You let him it die. You jerk.
You're welcome to host the next one.
@Mana Play Greed Corp.
3:16 AM
Q: What does 'Pitch Correction" do in Rock Band 3?

auujayI just started playing Rock Band 3 and I noticed that there is an option for vocals called "Pitch Correction". What does this actually do? Does it change the scoring at all?

Doy! I was installing Terraria's dependencies into a different Wineprefix!
3:40 AM
Q: How can I tell if I'm in a rest area?

David FullertonI must be missing something obvious, but I can't figure out how to tell if I'm actually in a rest area or not. Is there some buff or tooltip I'm missing?

4:01 AM
Q: How do I beat the Taspan Ambush space combat mission?

LessPop_MoreFizzI have Blue (crafted) Grade 2 Upgrades in every slot. I have the Power Conversion module, and I'm using it to increase my firepower, since my own ship isn't taking any damage on this run. I cannot keep this damned escort alive. Every single time, around the two minute mark, just as he clears the...

4:23 AM
Q: Backup/Restore a city from SimCity4

Luc MI want to take a backup of my city of SimCity4. In directory Documents\Simcity4\Regions\ of Librairies (Window 7), I have a directory with the name of my city. Do I need to take something else in backup if I want to restore my city from a fresh installation of Simcity4 ?

Q: Is there any benefit to attacking enemies from different angles?

Anna LearGiven enough movement points to adjust the position of my units, I can attack my enemies from different angles. It looks like each enemy unit just turns to face me anyway, so is there really any point in positioning my troops to attack from different angles?

> This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 2 hours 56 minutes.
4:47 AM
Q: Help identify old SNES kids game

LuchogI remember an old SNES side-scroller game with cake levels and candy, maybe even clowns? It was like Mario I think, beating the time killing enemies on the way to the end. I recall the one level with cake background and you had to jump over it. I know this is very vague but any help would be a...

Q: SNES kids troll game

LuchogI want to know the name of an old SNES game where you could choose between trolls as a character; you started in a bedroom where all the trolls slept and went out a door to different levels.

@YiJiang That's... a long ban.
5:09 AM
So... I don't think I have any luck finding guilds in SWTOR
finishes group quest with two people who are in a guild
"Heeey, you guys are pretty chill. Are you recruiting?"
"Yes, but we're a BDSM and alternative lifestyle guild"
Me: O.o backs away slowly
@RavenDreamer You're a giant red shark smoking a pipe in a Darth Vader helmet, corrupt with mod power. Doesn't that count as an alternative lifestyle?
@TimStone And a monocle. Can't forget that.
Ah, yes. Keeping it classy, very important.
5:30 AM
@RavenDreamer This is why I am happy to have Jerks to play with.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Elitist Jerks?
@RavenDreamer Yeah.
<Revenge of the Jerks> to be precise.
Tryin' to avoid a PvP server, I think.
Bad experience in the past.
@RavenDreamer It hasn't been too bad on Veela. Instancing of more difficult quest mobs helps a ton
Kind of torn, want to make a sith sorcerer next, but there's such a tank shortage.
and Juggs are all terrible.
It's like a Retard Card.
The only bigger one is Marauders. RUUUUUN from Marauders.
5:47 AM
I have a Sith Sorcerer, and so I promised myself I'd make a Jedi Shadow so I wasn't doubled up on the same class, but the fact of the matter is, force lightning having instant animations compared to the jedi "hurl rocks"' animation time, I can't justify making one.
Though from my experience, healers are harder to find.
Everyone wants to be a sith warrior / jedi knight.
Q: How can I rename my town in Animal Crossing?

Jon EricsonI got my son Animal Crossing for the DS for Christmas and he thought it might be fun to name his town after a fish: We didn't notice until he'd invested some time in his new character. After a good laugh, I tried to help him rename his town and rebuilding seemed to be the only option: He's ...

6:14 AM
Q: What time do the daily quests reset?

Nick TWhat time do daily quests reset? Is it the same time per server (going by server time), per region, or is it a timer per person?

6:32 AM
Q: Is any one else really dissatisfied with all the go-nowhere plot threads in Deus-Ex Human Revolution?

Dr.DredelI'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, so, feel free to close it if it doesn't belong here, but I just wanted to share a bit of disappointment and see if I'm being too picky. I just finished Human Revolution and feel that while I really want to heap all the praise it got from...

7:05 AM
Q: An accurate evaluation function for Snakes and Ladders game

muntooInstructions Given the following board, , determine the percentage chance that a player will win. Rules of the game Players can kill each other. (Not literally of course.) 'Dying' results in a player having to restart at the beginning. If the player rolls a number which would cause his pie...

2 hours later…
8:48 AM
Q: Why won't Enthir sell me anything?

Trinity3SixtyI was playing through yesterday and managed to approach Enthir at the mage's College in Winterhold. He told me he could sell me hard to get items, and sure enough he did. I bought several Daedra hearts from him (which he restocks at 2 every 48 hours), and went off to build myself some new armour....

9:09 AM
Q: How does switching characters effect how they earn experience?

DMA57361I'm fairly new to Dungeon Defenders and have realised that having a mix of characters is pretty useful (somewhat unsurprisingly). So, when I'm playing solo I have got in to the habit of switching between the Squire (for building spike walls), Apprentice (for building towers) and Huntress (for the...

Q: Screen expands after starting a game

ajantrikI installed the Extreme Tux Racer game in Ubuntu 11.10 from Software Center. But my screen expands abnormally when I start the game. Here are screen shots Before starting the game http://i.imgur.com/3f3pZ.png After starting the game http://i.imgur.com/MAS5u.png Please help me to solve the p...

9:34 AM
Q: How can I prevent my civilian dwarves from drinking/eating from the military stockpiles?

SaintWackoI have a military training room which is off a corridor which branches off near the entrance to my base. To maximize training time, I have tables in the room, with food and drink stockpiles next to them. The problem is, because my main food/drink stockpiles and tables are much deeper in the mount...

10:15 AM
I was standing talking on the phone in a common area at work, joking about if I could borrow a time machine and right as an elderly co-worker walked by I said "then you need plutonium, that is so troublesome" - He looked at me kinda strange, I wonder what he thinks I was talking about
Q: Why does updating my MTGO always comes up with protocol errors?

GoogooboyyDoes anyone plays MTGO? It stands for Magic: The Gathering Online. Anyways, if you do, do you ever experience any "protocol errors" while updating? Well, i do, and everytime it's a different number. It's as if, the server gets interrupted during updates or the location on the server is invalid,...

@Blem You still around?
10:32 AM
@Tristan yea got the bridge running in the background while im at work :)
@Blem Oh, cool. I'm trying to find someone who knows a thing or two about building computers... Do you?
it has been a while since i build mine, what do you want to know?
The answer to your question is: No, it's not supposed to smell like burning.
Well, I've got a pretty good idea of what I want. Even put all the items into a cart on Newegg... But I'm not 100% everything will be compatible/lead to a functioning PC
It's the first time I've ever tried a custom build, so I'm hoping I can get some advice before I make the purchase.
got to the motherboard producers site and try to find a Qualified Vendor's List (QVL) and make sure your other parts are on it
10:37 AM
Q: Crysis 2 activation on Steam

soulBitI'm thinking about picking up a copy of Crysis 2 on PC, and saw it for £8 in my local supermarket (a lot cheaper than on Origin) - I would love to use this on Steam instead, so can I activate the disk copy on my Steam account, or will I need to add this as a "non steam game" and therefore lose ou...

@Blem I'll check that out. Thank you.
@Tristan you should at least be able to find one for ram
I found one for hardware and ram
When I made my first computer i did not do that and bought some expensive ram where the numbers matched what i needed, after about ½ a year my computer was very unstable and i found out my ram was not on the QVL, I bought some cheap once that where and it fixed my problem, that being said just because some hardware is not on the list does not mean it wont work, just that if it is on the list they have tested it
They have similar items but not the exact one I selected... So I guess if I was too worried about it, I could swap
10:50 AM
You could also mail the hardware producer if they might know if it is compatible even though its not on the QVL
well time to get some lunch, talk to you later
Thanks for the help.
11:50 AM
@RavenDreamer Hey, there's nothing wrong with that!
1 hour later…
12:53 PM
Q: Getting started with StarCraft II

OddCoreI loved StarCraft I and I have played a portion of the Campaign in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. I suck bigtime in it, as it requires more than strategical thinking (macro's, reflexes, map knowledge etc.) I want to get started with StarCraft II Multiplayer properly (I played some, I am in Bron...

1:41 PM
Q: Is there an easy way to identify rest areas in swtor?

NickIt seems like in other MMOs the rest areas are very easy to find - usually the 'inns' or the entirety of a large friendly city. In SWTOR I have been having trouble identifying such areas and have been wondering if there is an easy way to identify where they are, or find them in general. For exam...

I'd like to play these games but I don't seem to know what to do .. I downloaded one of them, it's a .zip file . there are two txt files and two .zzt files in it. Anyone knows how it works?
(Hello @all)
it looks like you need to get the game autofish.net/video_games/creation/zzt/zutil.html
@Gigili You need the original game.
ZZT is an ANSI character-based video game, created in 1991 by Tim Sweeney of Epic Games (then Potomac Computer Systems which became Epic Megagames in 1992), who later designed Unreal. It remains a popular DOS game creation system. ZZT itself is not an acronym for anything; its title was simply chosen so it would always appear at the very bottom of newsgroup listings. However, it was later jokingly mentioned by Sweeney as being short for Zoo of Zero Tolerance, which has mistakenly become a popular belief. ZZTs graphics were obsolete before it was even created; it used the same style of...
@ArdaXi Aha, thank you. Wow, DOS.. Means impossible to play on Linux, right?
@Gigili There are plenty of engines that are cross-platform, see the Other programs section.

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