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10:00 AM
Suggest you take another look at the question.
He editted the code several times
The revisions are weird in general
it got opened and then closed again...?
@Kaz You bet. It's excellent.
Anyway, I think that question should get reopened, I don't see anything broken with it
@Pimgd Did you test it and did it work as expected?
Hmm, I didn't actually run the code on a computer, instead spending about 5-10 minutes running it on my brain VM
The original was broken, I'm not sure about the other revisions.
I closed it once and it got closed 2 times. That's enough reason for me not to look at it. BCdotWEB and @Jamal closed it last time, ask them.
Making something that isn't thread safe into something that is, is a feature request. It's not a request for a review. If it's not a request for a review, it's not on-topic here. Please take a look at the help center. — Mast 21 secs ago
10:26 AM
for the parts where I care
might have funky side effects (somehow not that I see any, but you never know?) but sure looks like it works
I have a lot of faith in brain VM, though
Q: Improvement in working code for Form Validation in PHP

UnbreakableGiven the following input values from a form, create a method or methods to validate the input based on their requirements. Throw an exception if any data is invalid. 1.1 name: is required 1.2 must be first name AND last name 2.1 email is required 2.2 is a valid email address 3.1 twitter is ...

it's very good at Java
@Pimgd It runs, but does it work?
reeead the codeee
it tests several things
yes they're not unit tests
but look at it
10:32 AM
pop empty throws exception: passed
peek empty throws exception: passed
push doesn't throw: passed
push, then pop gives value: passed
push, then pop, then pop throws exception because empty: passed
push 1, push 2, push 3, then pop pop pop gives 3 2 1: passed
push 1, push 2, pop 2, push 3, peek equals 3, pop 3, pop 1: passed
it works
I see, voted to re-open.
and if it doesn't work then I'd like to see how
@Quill You may want to re-consider as well.
push 1, push 1, then pop 1, pop 1: passed
so it handles duplicate entries too
all that crap is handled
plot twist
CAL.DURATION is actually a price
10:45 AM
yes but wat
today I get to dig through intentionally obfuscated code.... which is doing things it shouldn't.
I wish I had lifelines like on "who wants to be a millionaire"
"What does this code do?" "ask the audience please"
You get the 50:50, where you get to point at one class, name a functionality, and we'll grey out half the functions which are definitely not related
50% of people say: Absolutely nothing useful at all
10:54 AM
You get the help of the audience, ... which will just devolve into WTF
And you get to call the original author
but they won't pick up.
the question is: Is there a way to preserve code review entries? or merge it with successful change set — profesor79 41 secs ago
That, or they'll say something like "yeaahhhh that was a looooong time ago..."
and then your 30 secs are up
     * Insert the method's description here.
     * Creation date: (7/26/2001 16:50:03)
     * @return java.lang.Object
    public static Object
@Mast so it works, or it doesn't?
@Quill Definitely looks like it works.
@Pimgd wow
10:57 AM
okay. I'll add my vote toward reopening
I think I can one-up that
/// <summary>
/// The email service
/// </summary>
private IMembershipService membershipService;
Q: Java Stack Implementation with Generics

j.castilloI've written an implementation of a Stack data structure using a linked list. Stack.java import java.util.EmptyStackException; public class Stack<T> { private class Node { private T data; private Node prev, next; public Node() { } public Node(T d...

It's open again, just needs more votes
It needed to be re-opened, not upvotes.
The initial quality of the post was dramatic.
eh, -3 is still overkill
I gave it the answer I wanted to give
11:04 AM
throwIfEmpty(), is that how you do exception handling in Java?
I prefer that method
it looks ehhh right now
you could also not do it, so to say
but I prefer doing that and keeping it consistent
because for more complex crap, I might have to check if you have rights to do what you want to do
and then it's more than a single check
Ah well, it works.
I'm not sure which parts are intentionally obfuscated and which parts are unintentionally obfuscated
(it all looks like crap)
@Quill LMFAO
11:21 AM
your answer lies in your question ! Go to CodeReviewVucko 56 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is a code review question — André Stannek 1 min ago
@Duga Meh, as it currently stands it's a lousy question on both.
11:59 AM
@Mat'sMug Already contacted Community Moderators, so it's out of my hands at this point.
That post is so flagged that it could practically run a small shop.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on Code Review, not on Stack Overflow. It's about refactoring. — Reinderien 26 secs ago
there's flag shops. for flags? wow.
Are there any problems with your code? You should post this on code review, if that's what your looking for. codereview.stackexchange.comGER 46 secs ago
@Donald.McLean At least he now learned not to mention his age on the internet.
2 days ago, by Dan Pantry
> Yes, I am 18, and I have been since I was 12
It's not a bad question though.
Too bad the law requires us to remove well-intending people without giving means to kill trolls.
Q: I am 12 years old. i am writing a java program and i cannot find a way to check the result

PRADYUMN SHUKLApackage game; import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class main extends JFrame { private JButton button; private JButton button2; private JButton button3; private JButton button4; private JButton button5; private JButton button6; priv...

i am 12 and what is this?
12:07 PM
It's broken code.
@Quill does your memer work?
not the next.user.js but user.js does
should probably change the link in the readme....
I will do that.....give me a second
yeah, sounds good
I made a few commits today as well
I saw that. I haven't looked at them yet.
I need to get back into that once I get back on track with all my school work
12:16 PM
@Mast discrimination on age here?
I was wondering why I kept getting that error on my work machine...lol
@chillworld COPPA
@Malachi I just added a few memes and a few users. fixed a broken regex. nothing major
@chillworld it's in the EULA, but no one reads it
I don't think there's much more to fix in that repo
12:17 PM
there are 7 issues...
the question itself was a real "newcomer" question, off topic and better suited on stackoverflow itself
but if I look at the code, it can be a nice question later when it works
Let's hope user is either 13 or claiming to be 13 by the time it works.
That CR question wasn't a good question though.
nice one of his code => public class event implements ActionListener
The Astronomy one wasn't too bad.
Q: How to check a static class and its members are thread safe or not?

Balaganesan RavichandranI'm new to parallel programming concepts. I'm trying to implement fire-and-forgot kind of method in my project. Somebody please evaluate the below code & let me whether the below is thread safe or not. Thanks in Advance. //Controller public ActionResult AddMail(Guid userId) { ...

12:19 PM
luckily he didn't use camelcasing ^^
@Quill, something to look forward to is that there is the possibility of running user scripts while the page isn't even open, that it going to make my reveiwQueue script awesome.
You can open a WS connection like SE does to do that, I suppose
service/web workers yo
@DanPantry Web Workers are pure magic
Harry Potter weeps in the presence of a web worker
12:26 PM
Moldyfort does as well
Q: Stale socket connection leak

Michael-OI am currently reviewing Oracle's examples how to manually follow referrals (case throw) in Java/JNDI returned from a directory server via LDAP. The example source code in question can be downloaded here. The code in question: // Set up environment for creating initial context Hashtable env = n...

12:43 PM
This is a strange question. Why would you post working code and ask whether it works? Did you mean to request a sanity check from Code Review perhaps? — BarryTheHatchet 12 secs ago
bounty getttt
I'm still not convinced to each of your point. However, you show very precisely a lot of weak points in my ideas and I gave me a very good food for thought. Therefore the bounty is yours :) — Piotr Aleksander Chmielowski 41 mins ago
bounty { get; }
get bounty() {}
UPDATE Users SET Reputation = Reputation + @Bounty WHERE DisplayName = 'Pimgd';
Slow day I see ;0
12:57 PM
Great, gotta plow through 1200 LoC report query to find a bug
(I don't even like those)
Q: Graph pandas dataframe in matplotlib

LeBruceWayneMy goal is to graph (with lines or even candlesticks, but I've succedeed with scatters here) those informations. First, I needed to convert the 'Date' column into datetime. A Typeerror raises though. I didn't get the reason behind it. And then, I try to plot the graph with the 'Date', the 'Clos...

Copy-Pasta SQL queries, fun.
I clicked something and then I got here
on one hand, I don't want this installed because TYPOS MUST BE FIXED
on the other hand, it'd be nice not to see all them typos
1:14 PM
> It also looks at articles that contain flags like (sp?), which is the author telling us that he or she failed high school English
@Pimgd +1, coconut, ew
A: Graph pandas dataframe in matplotlib

LeBruceWayneIt would be an awesome world if someone could explain me the reason why I cannot graph that simple as f*** csv when it would literally took me only two mouse click in Excel to do so. Instead, people are downvoting that query. At least let others answer it. It might be simple for you but not for ...

can we somehow figure out a way to give this guy a pointer first and then slam him down because I think raising NAA/offensive flags on this is the eventually correct result, but is not gonna help the situation
1:31 PM
@Pimgd I'll get it
oh my goodness...
sometimes I wonder wtf people are thinking
they thinking "wtf why is making this work so hard"
just get them to yahoo answers or quora
they're obviously not in any mental state to receive constructive criticism or a no as answer
just walk away
@LeBruceWayne We encourage you to not take offense at down-votes or votes to close. As it stands, your question is off-topic for this site as the code is not working as intended yet. See What topics can I ask about here?. If you have a specific programming problem, Stack Overflow would be a better place to post your question. Once your code works as intended, you are welcome to ask a new question here with your working code included and we will be happy to help you improve it. — Pin Crash 32 secs ago
1:35 PM
@Vogel612 downvote and walk away...
@pimgd RBA
The bass on my headphones are so loud my ears are vibrating. I love it.
I was like "VBA but with an R makes people crazy... but what could the R stand for"
but it was Removed By Asker
@Pimgd Removed By Author
1:38 PM
@DanPantry You can also just make it a link: WUB WUB
@PinCrash oh.. yeah...
1:54 PM
As a general rule of thumb -- questions which are concerned with improving working code belong on the Code Review stack exchange site. — John Coleman 48 secs ago
I sense a headache coming lol.
Now say it 5 times, quickly, out loud!
that reads like the swedish chef..
ArPeeTeeRekArPeeTeePeeVee underscore ArPeeTeeRekArPeeTeePihd
They couldn't just stick with the usual (crappy) prefix standard (which would have been RRRPV_RRRPID) no they had to come up with a whole different scheme for reporting as they do for everything else
1:57 PM
so swedish chef vs pirate speak
Pirates ftw
yo-ho-no and a sql query of fun
If the pirates are let loose, the RUM usage goes up
I like the part of VS where
When a project in a solution is running
I can add files to a project that is not running
but I cannot remove, or rename, files in the project that is not running
2:00 PM
hello @BernardMeurer
Thoughts on the MEAN stack?
it's okay except for the 3rd letter.
personal preferences aside, it works well for web apps.
I was just trying to mess with you hahaha
Got an email about that and as soon as I saw then 'A' I knew it
2:05 PM
Q: Is there a more efficient way of deleting rows in Excel?

Richard UI am deleting rows based on a date. I am loading the entire sheet into an array and doing the evaluation and building a string containing the rows I want to delete. For ictr = LBound(Da_Array) To UBound(Da_Array) - 1 If ictr > i_FirstRow And Da_Array(ictr, 42) = Da_Array(ictr + 1, 42) And Da_Ar...

@CaptainObvious you could always delete the file the rows are contained in
@CaptainObvious Split(Da_Array) sounds like it should be a song or something
those are not songs
@PinCrash a new song by 50C ent
that sounded funnier in my head :(
2:14 PM
I laughed
@Mat'sMug is it common practice to store in a DB table the report parameters of all SSRS requests made against a database?
No idea :-)
random comment: // expose package scope class through interfaces only. Wish java had friend classes for this.
from 2008
I don't quite get why you'd want friend classes in java
@Pimgd so you can be less lonely
assert typesValid() : TO + leftOperand + OB + leftOperand.getValueType() + BAND + rightOperand + OB + rightOperand.getValueType() + DF;
what it mean?
2:24 PM
was my reaction
TO = type of
OB = (
BAND = ) and
DF = ) differ
when string constants go too far
I don't know
it's un intentionally obfuscated!
Q: Improving performance of an assignment algorithm in C

oligiloAs a post processing step of a similarity matrix computation that leads to the non-negative matrix mt4_ in gpu, I am performing an assignment step to determine which element in rows/columns is most similar to which element in columns/rows. So this is more like a first-come-first-serve algorithm i...

(formatting is hard)
2:26 PM
@Pimgd WTF who writes code like that
@PinCrash people who want job security
because no one else can understand a damn thing
people in 2000
legacy code!
intentionally obfuscated because client-side license validation!
"legacy" is only 6 letters away from "kill me"
2:29 PM
ARM assembly legacy maintenance is a bliss
how come
No just kidding it makes me want to be gang raped by black bears
@BernardMeurer could you not make a comparison involving sexual assault? :p
but suicide is okay...?
2:30 PM
@DanPantry I'm brazilian, It's my birth right to make everything sexual
Well, the web scraping is done, now to actually clean the data :|
And comparing to Javascript is fine as well?
without wanting to make things too off-topic, suicide is a choice.. being sexually assaulted is not and is traumatic. and also probably counter to most code of conducts
Botched norms
In fact you're oppressing me
2:31 PM
@Kaz Next round, we'll be pitting the remaining 5007 contestants against each other in battles to the death!
Alright alright, that was over the line
@Pimgd Hunger Games style?
> Inappropriate language or attention. Avoid vulgar terms and anything sexually suggestive. Also, this is not a dating site.
2:32 PM
@DanPantry not relevant here, I'd say
@DanPantry but hot programmers near you
The bear thing isn't as bad as legacy Assembly, I was being unfair to nature
@Pimgd Hot programmers near you in lower earth orbit
or so goes the XKCD
probably a bad example, but I am pretty sure that kind of comment is not permitted in SO rules
sorry, I just feel very strongly about that sort of comparison
Alright, I am sorry
2:33 PM
is cool, you're not a mind reader :)
good. now that that's finished...
so those hot programmers
Use $('yourquery') instead of document.querySelector('yourquery'). This question is offtopic on this site (you should post it on codereview.stackexchange.com). — Luis Masuelli 41 secs ago
There's a programmer next to me but he's not hot
'Meet hot young singles in your mom's basement today'? Man, screw you, GeoIP.
2:34 PM
there is a hot programmer in this office
nvm it is a jquery question
@Vogel612 lmao
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackoverflow.com — freedomn-m just now
@Duga that's not how it works
2:36 PM
@webDev please post this exact question in codereview.stackexchange.com. It is a good question, but in that site. — Luis Masuelli 21 secs ago
@Duga Because saying it once already is not enough
@freedomn-m why is not an option to migrate the question to codereview.SE among the listed options in the close dialog? — Luis Masuelli just now
@Pimgd we should make it so that it doesn't work
@Vogel612 it already doesn't, right
gives you error
This is not a code review issue. This code won't work as OP intends it to — charlietfl 29 secs ago
2:38 PM
@Duga interesting...?
@freedomn-m why is not an option to migrate the question to codereview.SE among the listed options in the close dialog? — Luis Masuelli 1 min ago
@LuisMasuelli <pedant hat> because SO users tend to get it wrong, like they have in this case </pedant hat>Dan Pantry 12 secs ago
@Pimgd Suspiciously close to what would happen if I did pit them against each other in single combat.
2369 contestants remain!
Well, combat is tough, sometimes both competitors die
The Excel World demands Excellence
Since you have recorded the whole working step I am going to take a shot in the dark and say you are new to VBA? If so I do recommend looking at some VBA guides/courses [homeandlearn.org/] is a good site to start at, also on this site code review will be good as it is for good that already works but you are wanting to improve it(NOTE - only for working code use code review), as you improve I ope you will help others on this site and other sites! — Mr.Burns 51 secs ago
2:40 PM
you think my excel puns were bad, just wait until easter when they will become eggcellent.
(Stealing dan's puns, lol)
monking @AlienHerbNite
sadly I can't seem to find a group playing go in my vicinity
wow, the chat transcript is... interesting
2:42 PM
@Vogel612 I've been looking to playing it as well, but my brain turns to mush when i read the rules
I've just started on chess
@AlienHerbNite concentrate on the starwall
but I suck balls so hard I'm almost giving up
@DanPantry there's only a handful of actually relevant rules
it's like... 3 rules
@charlietfl "The following code works" - it does work exactly as OP intends it to, but they want it refactored (ie code reviewed) to be more efficient. — freedomn-m 14 secs ago
2:44 PM
Chess is pretty easy
I didn't try go yet
@Pimgd fite me
kk but not right now cuz I'm at work
1. After one turn, the other party has their turn
2. Groups get removed from the field when they have no liberties
3. No instant-recapture of Ko and no Suicides
Well, all the low and mid-hanging fruit is now gone. All that's left is to go through all ~2000 remaining names and manually merge the remaining duplicates.
2:45 PM
@Pimgd ur gon loze
I'm home and ready in 5 hours
@DanPantry I ventured there
and came back
And you lived to tell the tale??
@Pimgd chess.com & chill?
2:46 PM
this is an ai
tail *
there are lions. FTFY.
the real ethan is dead
@BernardMeurer yes
This is actually a great date idea IMO
I'll write it down
@BernardMeurer your mileage may definitely vary
2:47 PM
somewhere between 10 and 35 MPG
@DanPantry I got a quantum physics pickup line to work once
This will work
quantum physics is cool because no one understands it and you sound smart.
chess reminds people of a 40 year old man who is balding and wears a sweater
and I play chess.
@BernardMeurer wait the results were observable?
2:48 PM
but you don't wear sweaters so it's okay
@Vogel612 LOL
schrodingers date
@Vogel612 When I looked at her she was no longer there
Q: How to use whenever gem to run a task at 7 am AND 7 pm?

Luis Masuelliplease retag this question with a new tag: whenever, if consider appropriate, and delete this line when done Currently I run this code: every 1.day, at: '2am' do rake 'data:load_direct_monitoring_statistics' end if @environment == 'production' every 1.day, at: '2pm' do rake 'data:load_direc...

@BernardMeurer yet the two of you were still entangled
2:49 PM
Looking at the transcript, I think if the conversation continues along these lines it should go to Nth
+1 @PinCrash
I'll be happy to move it there if you like, just say the word
(or to physics.SE)
Is there any actual site business going on ATM?
The h-bar people don't like QM jokes
2:50 PM
@Kaz as far as I can tell, no
@BernardMeurer mostly because their state collapses unpredictably
okay enough ..
@Vogel612 S A V A G E
@CaptainObvious this one could need an edit
@CaptainObvious I ... uh... wat? Does this look off-topic to anyone?
but I'm not sure about the discrepancy
@PinCrash on the first look, yes. but look again
2:52 PM
> please retag this question with a new tag: whenever, if consider appropriate, and delete this line when done
yes, wtf
actually the idea is
ah yes
@Vogel612 Can you or predicates in Ruby? every 1.day, at: '2am' "OR" at: '2pm' do
neither nor exists on CR though
@PinCrash that wouldn't work
every 1.day, at: '2am' do
2:55 PM
it's not an if-condition (or predicate) you have there
This expansd to
but a named argument from what I can see
every(1.day, { at: '2am' })
a: b in ruby expands to a hash, so at: '2am' becomes { at: '2am' }
so you wouldn't be able to say at is 2am OR 2pm there
Would be appropriate?
I doubt it
2:56 PM
(seems only tangentially related)
I don't think it needs tags
The first line should be nuked, though
I think it needs to be on SO, as it's a "specific programming question"
well, at any rate, I don't think OP is asking for a review
he's asking to replace X tech with Y tech
I think Vogel nailed the edit though.
2:57 PM
I would have laughed so hard if he had created the tag.
I flagged it for migration to SO, we'll see how it goes
I don't think it is on-topic on CR but yeah maybe it would fit on SO
Somebody should put a comment on it.
2:58 PM
@Mast on it
I think this is one of the reasons why SO -> CR migrations are almost always bad and CR -> so migrations are usually okay (and rare)
we actually discuss whether or not to migrate...
@DanPantry that's mostly because of the sheer scale of SO though
@Vogel612 yes, that is true
with lots of users you can expect lots of dumb migration requests
Every damn time I want to migrate something on SO it doesn't let me migrate to where it should go
2:59 PM
voted to migrate because you lot voted to migrate and tbh I don't see it answered here anytime soon
like earlier today with me trying to migrate something to software rec
if it stays here it will probably be zombied at best or hammered at worst

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